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The Presbyterian of the South
Published weekly by the Presbyterian Co., Inc.
Richmond, Va.
Meridian. Mis*.
Address?' Th? Presbyterian of the South, Room
307 Old Dominion Trust Building, Oth and Main
Sta., Richmond, Va.
Entered as second-class matter June 15. 1910,
at the post-office at Richmond, Va., under the act
of March 3. 1879.
Terms of Subscription
Price. ? Two dollars and fifty cents a yesr in ad
vance. If payment is delayed three months, $3.00.
Foreign countries, one dollar additional.
Receipts. ? The label on the wrapper is a receipt
or payment. If label is not changed within two
weeks after your remittance please notify us.
Discontinuances. ? We find that a large majority
of our subscribers prefer not to have their subscrip
tions interrupted and their files broken in case they
fail to remit before expiration. It is therefore
aaaumed. unless notification to discontinue is re
reived, that the subscriber wishes no interuption in
his series. Notification to discontinue can be sent
i n at any time during the year, provided all arrearage
is- paid. If you wish the paper stopped, write us
yourself ? don't ssk the postmaster to ao it.
Change of Address. ? Give the old as well as the
new address, snd full address in all correspondence.
Remittance*. ? Make all remittances to "The
Presbyterisn of the South."
Obituaries. ? Notices of death, limited to fifty
words, are published free. Obituary notices and
resolutions of respect of Sessions, Societies, etc., are
charged for st the rate of one cent a word. Cor
respondents should see that all name* ar*
written distinctly.
Synod of Virginiu: Rev. J. M. Har
ris has been appointed by the acting
moderator to prepare a memorial to
be presented to Synod of Rev. R. E.
Synod's Educational Committee:
The Synod of Virgina at Its last meet
ing, referred to the Committee on the
General Educational Work of the Sy
nod all propositions relative to the
establishment of a Woman's College,
with instructions to inspect and in
vestigate such sites for proposed edu
cational institutions as seem worthy of
consideration, and make thorough and
detailed report to the next meeting
of Synod. The committee was fur
ther instructed to prepare and have
printed their report at least sixty days
before the opening of the next ses
sion of Synod and mail promptly a
copy of said report to the pastor and
clerk of the session of each church
within the bounds of the Virginia Sy
nod, with the request that it be care
fully and prayerfully considered by
each session before the meeting of
the next Synod.
The committee has had severat
meetings at different places and has
earnestly endeavored to comply with
the Synod's instructions, but, while
it has made progress with its task,
it has proved to be impossible to pre
pare and publish a final report within
the time indicated; and this card is
published to explain why the report
was not printed and sent to pastors
and, sessions sixty days before the
meeting of Synod, as directed. It will
be remembered that Synod meets this
year on September 19, much earlier
than heretofore. The committee is
to have another meeting before that
time, and will then report their prog
W. W. Moore, Convener.
Crowe: At our recent communion
service the pastor read the names of
four new members received Into the
church. One of these was Master
John Hill Fitzgerald, Jr. He is only
eight years of age, but Is an unueual
child, and three months ago, with a
largo class of young men and ladles,
he received both the Testament and
Bible for perfect work on both of
the Catechisms of our Church. Six
of the young ladles from our church
societies attended the Young People's
Conference at Massanetta Springs.
They returned filled with enthusiasm
and Information for the work. We
are glad that three of these young
In volunteered for home work.
Winchester Presbytery will meet in
the Presbyterian church, Front Royal,
Va., on Tuesday, October 3, 1922, at
8 P. M.
J. A. McMurray, S. C.
Waynesboro : The pastor, Rev. D.
K. Walthall, D. D., has recently held
two meetings in both of which there
has been manifest evidence of the
Spirit's presence and blessing. The
first of these meetings was held at
the Massies Mill church, Va., where
Dr. Walthall assisted the eflicent and
faithful pastor. Rev. W. Graham
Wood. Although there was consider
able interruption by rain, the con
gregations were always good at the
evening services and at times there
were more than the building could
hold. Christians seemed greatly re
freshed and upbuilded and, as a vis
ible result, there were twenty-two pro
fessons of faith in Christ. Mr. Wood
and his consecrated and efficient co
laborer, Mrs. Wood, are doing a splen
did work in this portion of the Lord's
In addition to the above meeting.
Dr. Walthall has just concluded an
other meeting in one of the outposts
of his own field. This meeting was
held in the Smyrna chapel, near
Dooms. Va. The attendance was fine
from the start and the interest con
tniuallv increasing. The work at this
point has probably not been in as
good shape as at present for many
years. The visible fruit of the meet
ing was seen in seventeen professions
of faith in Christ, of whom a good pro
portion will unite with the Presbyter
Ian church, but a number will go to
other denominations.
Huntsvllle First Chnroh: Rev. N.
G. Stevens of Louisville, Ky., has ac
cepted the call to this church and will
beg'n work here next month.
Palmyra: The meeting here closed
the second Sunday of this month.
Rev. J. W. Stork of Mt. Gilead, N. C..
the last pastor, doing the preaching.
Two were received on profession of
faith and two infants were bantized.
Pleasant View: Rev. J. W. Stork
of Mt. Gilead. N. C., former pastor,
p^nrtrrted his eighth annual meeting
here beginning the fifth Sunday of
July, the largest congregations known
here attending. Four were reooivid
into the church and Hughey D. Mc
Donald and Moses E. Bush were
elected, ordained and installed ruling
elders. Rev. E. L. Wilson, superin
tendent of East Alabama Presbytery
be'nsr also with us at the last service.
Pea River: From time immemorial
it has been the custom to hold an
annual meeting at this fine old church
beginning with the fourth Sunday in
July, only once in seventy years has
the time been changed. This is a
home-coming season and is the great
event of the year. Everybody keeps
open house and all visitors are lav
ishly entertained.
The visiting minister this year was
the Rev. William Duncan of Troy,
Ala., and seldom does one hear a finer
series of sermons than he preached.
Three young matrons connected them
selves with the church and two in
fants were baptized. Though the
congregations were large, most of
those present were at least nominal
Christians. This church is one of the
oldest religious organizations in Ala
bama and is the largest country
church of any denomination in the
State. She is the mother of Preshy
terianism In this section and expects
to celebrate her centennial next year.
The Rev. J. B. Reed, father of Dr.
R. C. Reed, moderator of tHe General
Assembly, was for many year* pastor
of thin church and his memory is still
cherished by many people In this sec
tion. The present pastor is Kev. R
M. Mann, who has recently returned
from a delightful vacation on the
coast of Maine.
Ashcvillc, X. C.: The Ministers'
Associations of Asheville, at its meet
ing on August 7, approved the plan
to hold a great Sabbath Field Day
in Asheville on Sunday, August 27.
This will be held under the auspices
of the Lord's Day Alliance, which will
supply the speakers. The details are
being worked out by a committee or
the Association and will doubtless in
clude a giant mass meeting either in
the afternoon or evening following
special servces in a number of the
churches at the morning service hour.
Drs. John H. Willey and H. L. Bowlby
of New York City and I. Cochrane
Hunt of Nabuville will be among the
Holstou Valley, Tenn.: Rev. W.
K. Keys, who has recently taken
charge of the Holston Valley group
of churches, will supply Weavers and
Paperville for the present. At Rooty
Branch the people have largely, tov
their own liberality and labor, built
a church worth $5,000, with only
$1,000 in money. One man gave the
timber and others cut, sawed and
hauled it and put it into the building.
Through the efforts of ail elder of the
Cold Spring church and his wife a
successful Sunday school is conducted
at Jacob's Creek school.
Pluintroc, N. C.: Rev. T. Walton
Clapp of Ansted, West Virginia, has
accepted the principalship of the
Plumtree School for Boys, subject to
the action of the Presbytery in dis
missing him to the Presbytery of Hol
ston. Should the way be clear foi
his taking this work, he will bring to
it a valuable experience in high school
work, having been principal of the
high school of Ansted, and a knowl
edge of the conditions, needs and pos
sibilities of the Plumtree School, hav.
ing labored there formerly and being
well acquainted in that section of the
North Carolina mountains. Mr. Clapp
is a graduate of the Virginia Polytech
nic Institute with the degree of B.
S.. and of the Union Theological Semi
nary at Richmond The trustees feel
that he has the very qualities and the
very experience necessary for success
in such a work as is done at Plum
Little Rock: Rev. R. K. Timmons,
I>. D.. dean of Arkansas College, Is
supplying the pulpit of the Second
church of this city during the month
of August while Dr. Hay Wats-sn
Smith, the pastor, is taking his vaca
Washington Central: At the com
munion service held Sunday, July 30.
one person was received on profes
sion of faith, and two made a re
affirmation of their faith. Since the
preceding communion fourteen were
added by letter. In the absence of
our pastor. Rev. Dr. James H. Tay
lor. on his August vacatio/, Rev. Dr.
J. S. Lyons, of Atlanta, has preached
for the first two Sundavs of this
month, morning and night. We wel
come him gladly, and are sorry when
he has to leave us.
A. H.
Monteverde: Tn the absence of the
pastor, Mr. Karl Lehman, vice-presi
dent of the Monteverde School, Is sup
plying the pulpit of this church dur
ing August.
At'anti Pre?hytery held a called
meeting in Smyrna church July 31.
Mr. Joseph Garrison of the Covington
church was received as a candidate
for the ministry. Rev. A. Sifton was
received from Mobile Presbytery. He
will supply Bethany church. Rev. T.
P. Burgess was received from Enoree
Presbytery and he will supply Ingle
side and Stone Mountain churches. A
commission appointed for this pur
pose reported the organization of
Monroe church in Waiton county with
Noah Webster and C. P. Clotfelter as
elders and F. H. Powers and R. Zeas
ler as deacons. A church was re
ported organized at Pine Grove in
Newton county with S. G. L#owe and
Grady Elliott as elders and W. Hitch
cock and Robert Robertson as dea
cons. Rev. A. H. McNair's request
for dissolution of pastoral relation
between him and the West Point
church was docketed and the church
was cited to appear before Presbytery
to show cause why the request should
not be granted.
Statesboro: Rev. Pritz Rauschen
berg, evangelist of ? the Savannah
Presbytery, held a meeting in this
church July 16-30. Prayer meetings
were held for a week before the meet
ing began and during the meeting
the Junior Christian Endeavorers held
a special prayer service to ask God's
blessing on the meeting. Mr. Rausch
enberg preached the Gospel of Christ
with power and clearness, and we feel
that the spiritual life of the church
and community have been greatly
strengthened by his preaching. Eight
new members were received into the
church, seven on profession of faith,
and one by letter. There were many
reconsecrations. We thank our Hea*
venly Father for sending His servant
to us that our faith might be strength
ened and that sinners might be born
into the Kingdom. At the close of
the meeting an offering of $-67.20 was
made for Presbyterian Home Mis
This church has been without a
pastor since April, 1921, when our
beloved pastor, Mr. E. J. Hertwig,
died. Since then it has been rather
a struggle to keep the work intact
and the fact that this has been done
in a remarkable mesaure is due to
the work of the Sunday school, the
Senior and Junior Christian Endeavor
societies, and the Woman's Auxiliary.
A new manse was finished in March
and a new churc 1 lot has been bought.
It is our prayer that an undershepheid
will be sent us ?w>on who v<i!l lead us
to do greater things for the Master.
Fellowship Church: The last of
July a week's meeting was held in
this church, Rev. W. E. Dozier assist
ing the pastor. There were forty or
fifty reconsecrations to the Lord's
work. This church is fortunate in
having Rev. McN. McKay, D. D., as
its pastor.
lioyd Church. Prom August 16 to
August 10th, Rev. T. P. Burgess as
sisted the pastor in a meeting,
preaching twice each day. The Holy
Spirit was present, and many recou
secrated themselves to the Lord and
llis work. There were two acc.^sioiis
to the church on profession of fai?h.
Greenville: Rev. R. E. Telford
gave up the work at Sebrinjc, Pla..
May 21 and took charge of the Green
ville-Manchester group of churches ?n
Atlanta Presbytery. One church of
the group is Friendship, in Pike
county. Special services were held in
this church August 6-11. Sickness
and rain interfered somewhat, but the
attendance was good. Mr. S. B. Hay.
a student of Columbia Seminary, did
most^Jf the preaching very acceptably.
Two splendid young ladies from a
family not conected with this church
hitherto were received on profession
of faith. We hope for further addi
tions at our next service in September,

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