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Lawronceville, Fairview and Mon
roe Group: The summer season has
been one of revival In tilts group. Be
ginning June 19, a ten days' meeting
was held at Monroe with Rev. J. E.
Hemphill, superintendent-evangelist,
of Atlanta Presbytery, doing the
preaching. The services were held in
the building of the Christian church
and were largely attended and a great
deal of interest was shown. As a re
sult of this meeting, a Presbyterian
church was organized at Monroe with
seventeen members on the second
Sunday in July by a commission from
i lie Atlanta Presbytery, of which Rev.
J. S. Lyons, D. D., was chairman.
Beginning with the first Sunday in
July, a meeting was held at the Law
renceville church, in which the pastor
was assisted by Rev. W. S. Wilson, D.
D., of the West End church, Atlanta,
who preached in a most earnest
heart-searching and convincing man
ner. The church was greatly revived
and eight members added to its rolls.
On the first Sunday in August the
Fairview meeting was held with the
pastor, Rev. J. G. Patton, Jr., preach
ing. The meeting lasted one week.
Ten members were received into
the church and five infants baptized.
This church celebrated its ninety
ninth birthday during this meeting
and seems today to be in a most pros
perous condition looking forward to
the best work of its career.
The music in all three of these
meetings was lead by Mr. O. J. Alli
son of Winston-Salem, N. C. His cap
able leadership and beautiful and
soul-stirring solo work was in no lit
tle degree responsible for the good
work that was accomplished. He
won a place in the hearts of our
people and has revived in our midst
the service of song.
Union: Rev. W. A. Hopkins and
Mr. Thomas B. Tabbot recently held
a one-day Sabbath School Institute
at this place, and we feel that it was
a profitable day for our school in
many ways. Our people greatly en
joyed the witty talks made by Mr.
Talbot, in which he pressed the im
portance of the Sabbath school work
upon the church. Mr. Hopkins presented
some very helpful thoughts along the
line of his special work for the Sab
bath school and the young people's
work in the church and school. The
ladies of the church served a very de
lightful dinner, which was greatly en
joyed by all.
The pastor of this church, Rev. W.
T. Spears, was recently assisted in a
week's meeting by Rev. W. P. Vance
of Covington, and ohr people were
much pleased with his preaching.
There was one profession of faith.
Red River Presbytery will meet in
Mansfield, La., October 10, 1922, at
7:30 P. M.
J. F. Naylor, S. C.
Choudrant: The Alabama church
recently enjoyed a week's revival ser
vice, in which Rev. W. A? Zeigler did
the preaching. There were seven ac
cessions to the church. Mr. Mark
Wingerd of Princeton Seminary ren
dered valuable aid as choir leader.
Meridian Mr?t Church: On the
Sabbath, August 13, it was the pleas
ure and privilege of this congregation
to hear two of our able ministers. At
the morning service the pulpit was
filled by Rev. W. H. Hill of Jackson,
who not only made an earnest appeal
in the nlterest of the five schools con
trolled by the Synod of Mississippi,
hut gave a sincere gospel message. In
the evening, Rev. George W. Cheek,
pastor of the Alabama Avenue church,
in Selma, Ala., gave a very forceful
presentation of the necessity of the be
liever being in Christ, impressing
every one fortunate enough to hear
Meridian: The pastor of the J. E.
Jones Memorial church was recently
ass'sted in a meeting by Rev. M. S.
Smith, D. D., of Newton. The atend
ance was good. The preaching was
very simple, earnest and helpful, and
we believe good was done. There were
five children received into the church
upon profession.
McDonald Church: This church is
three miles from Collins. It is one
of Rev. W. A. Hall's afternoon ap
pointments. He began a meeting here
the first Sunday in August. He did
the preaching and Rev. J. M. Lewis,
pastor of the Methodist church of Col
lins, did the singing. The house could
never hold the congregations at night.
Nine joined the church and eight chil
dren were dedicated to God in bap
tism. Mr. Hall heard his Catechism
class one night in the presence of the
congregation. Only one answer was
missed. We have large crowds here
every Thursday night at prayer meet
ing and the study class.
Dry Creek Church: This church is
in Meridian Presbytery and is sup
plied by Rev. W. A., Hall, who
preaches to large congregations twice
on third Sundays, dinner on ground.
Rev. R. W. Hardy of Leakesvllle,
Miss., was with us for a meeting be
ginning on third Sunday in July. He
has lived here and did some good
preaching. The congregations were
large and ten were received into the
membership of the church and one
child baptized.
Hopewell Church: This church is
in the Meridian Presbytery. Rev. W.
A. Hall of Collins is the pastor. He
began a meeting here the fourth Sun
day in July, doing the preaching him
self. Twenty-one were received into
the membership of the church, and
seventeen of these twenty-one received
baptism. The work here is encourag
California: Following the resigna
tion of the pastor, Rev. H. R. Camp
bell, the pulpit of the Presbyterian
church is being filled on the fourth
Sunday by the Rev. T. H. Newkirk of
Corder. We wish to publicly express
our appreciation of the courtesy of
our brother in serving us so graciously
until such time as a permanent pastor
may be secured.
Mecklenburg Presbytery meets in
regular stated meeting in Walkers
ville church Tuesday, September 12,
1922, at 11 A. M.
C. C. Anderson, S. C.
York: Rev. J. W. Weathers was
Installed pastor of Mt. Pleasant and
Bullock's Creek churches near here
on Sunday, August 6, by a commis
sion consisting of Rev. J. B. Swann,
Rev. R. C. Wilson, Rev. Carl McCully
and Ruling Elder J. H. McClure.
A. D. V. B. School In a Country
Church: In old Bethesda church,
York county, of wonderful memories
and blessed history and conservatism;
a church right oul in tho country and
practically every one of its 230 resi
dent members living on the farm, we
have had a D. V. B. School of two
weeks which was a great success. The
enrollment the opening day was 160.
It climbed up to 320 before the close
The average daily attendance was 180.
The pastor, elders, deacons, Sunday
school. Christian Endeavor, Men's
Bible Class, Women's Auxiliary all
united to make it a suicess. Plans
were carefully worked out and the
community was fully canvassed. A11
the teachers and helpers needed were
secured from the church. A nursery
was arranged for the babies, a kinder
garten for the beginners, ant all ages
were provided for. The church has
no Sunday school building, so the
church auditorium was used, with the
younger classes meeting out under the
trees. All were very murh delighted,
and it is expected that this will be
a permanent institution of this coun
try church. \
Lancaster Church, during the pres
ent pastorate, slightly more than twc
years, has grown from 209 to 291 in
membership, the Sunday school from
149 to 251 in enrollment. During this
time 118 new members have been
added, of whom 60 were received on
profession of faith and 58 by letter;
the gifts to all causes totaled approxi
mately $20,000, a very large increase
over any previous record; also alt old
debts have been paid, the heating
plant has been remodeled, the organ
loft enlarged, the church repaired and
repainted within and without, a fine
piano purchased and paid for, a com
mittee appointed to install *a ventil
ating system, and another to consider,
examine and report on all matters
pertaining to the erection of a Sun
day school anex. The pastor, Rev. R.
W. Joplln, with his family, is spend
ing his vacation In Virginia.
Denmark: Meeting began in this
church July 31, with an attentive au
dience. Attendance was reasonably
good throughout. Interest was mani
fested by talk of erecting family al
tars, and one aged mother signed a
card Indicating her desire to become
a member of the Family Altar League.
Desire was expressed for the reorgani
zation of the Woman's Auxiliary. A
group of the young people of the con
gregation are loyally conducting mid
week prayer service. This people are
anxious for a pastor, and Rev. A. L.
Rhea of Somerville has expressed his
willingness to serve this people if
Port Worth Presbytery held a called
meeting In the Broadway church, Ft.
Worth. Licentiate B. C. Boney was
received from the Presbytery of Wil
mington and was ordained. The call
to North Port Worth church having
henn accepted by him, a commission
was anpolnted tc Install him. Licen
tiate R. E. Hooker was ordained to
work in the Haskell (fro up of churches
and be was granted evangelistic pow
ers for that field. Candidate Roy K.
McCall was received from Dallas
Presbvtery and was licensed and or
dained and a nail to Ellasvllle being
accepted by him, a commission was
anpointed to Install him. Rev. Bryan
Blalock was received from the Church
o? the Disciples and was given per
mission to serve Broadway church as
pastor's assistant until the spring
meeting. Licentiate P. A. Lotterhos
was received from the Presbytery of
Benelcia, IT. 8. A., and was ordained
for wnr knnder the direction of the
Home Mission Committee, and was
nnsimed to the Gorman group of
chnrchos. The nastoral relation ex
fating between Rev. C. L. Altfather.
D D.. and the College Avenue church
was at bis reouest dissolved and he
was granted a letter to Dallas Presby
tery, Rev. J. M. Sedgwick was eleected
stated cleric to fill out the unoxnlred
term of Dr. Altfather. The Sunday
School Committee of the Presbytery
was granted permission to solicit
fnnda within our churches, Sundav
schools and Young People's societies
so far as may be necessary to carry
on the Young People s work under
the charge of Miss Stella Hovey.
J. M. Sedgwick, S. C.
Central Texas Presbytery will meet
September 19, 1922, 8 P. M., with the
Second Presbyterian church, Waco,
Stonewall J. McMurry, S. C.
Turiiersville: The pastor, Rev. S.
J. McMurry, conducted a meeting from
July 30 to August 6, preaching twice
each day to good congregations. There
were no conversions reported. Sev
eral members are expected soon as
fruits of this work.
McAllcn Church: The new pastor
of this church, Rev. W. H. Foster,
and his family have arrived in Mc
Allen, and the work which has been
carried on so well before is renewed.
A fine spirit or fellowship exists here
and the cordial reception given by
the people has been inspiring. The
manse has been refinished through
out with fresh paint and varnish, the
furniture unpacked, which arrived
first, and a plentiful supply of the
"mortal necessaries" were in the
house. The pastor and family were
also guests of the Valley Presbyterian
Ministers' Club, at Pliarr, in the home
of Rev. and Mrs. T. H. Pollard, Thurs
day evening.
Texas. Mexican Presbytery: Two
ninths of the amount assigned to the
churches of this Presbytery was col
lected and properly distributed dur
ing the first quarter, though the rural
congregations are not expected to pay
their appropriations until cotton
gathering time. Some of the more in
teresting items in the individual
churches are as follows:
Liaredo: Since the death of Rev.
G. Balderas in May, Candidate S. G.
Ramirez has been serving this church.
Rev. Catarine Lopez, formerly a mem
ber and lay worker In the Texasfield,
ha* been called to take charge, be
ginning October first. A meeting re
cently conducted here by Rev. E. Tre
ville resulted in a goodly number of
conversions and additions to the
church. The Texas-Mexican Presby
tery is to meet here in September.
Kingsville: This congregation is
greatly in need of a new house of
worship. It has grown more rapidly
than ever in recent mouths, so much
so that the little chapel which has
housed it since its organization is en
tirely inadequate to its present needs.
The day school begun here last; Oc
tober has proven an efficient and in
expensive missionary enterprise. Thir
ty-four children, in and out of the
church, are getting Christian educa
tion and training at a cost to the
Presbytery of only twenty-five dollars
per month. We expect a much larger
enrollment in September.
San Benito: The July report from
our mission school here shows an at
tendance of fifty-one, all of whom
study the Bible and the Catechism and
sing gospel songs each day, in addi
tion to the regular course of study.
Gonzales: On July the second, a
mission Sunday school was organized
seven miles from town among the
Mexican tenants of a large plantation
owned by a Presbyterian lady, and at
her request. The enrollment was
thirty-nine, a large percentage of
whom are from non-evangelical
Mackey: Rev. Isaac I). Herrera,
who was ordained in April, will have
full charge of this church and field.
He will also teach the public school,
as for several years past. Miss Sorey.
who has charge of the mission kinder
garten supported by the owners of the
plantation, will return in September
to begin her fourth year of a work
that has proven most successful.
Han Marcos: During the annual
camp meeting heje closing July 13,
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