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No. 26
Fresh Secures Injunction
Against Contractors
f, lliiwn Orders Workmen frm
Premise" nml Order M
Vori In Sower District No. 6 rin.e
. . - ....... .1.1 t, u Iw.t. fcf
,hccurcu an Injunction restrain'
ike contractors from going on hlii
-u to work, until dunianes
paid as lie asked for. The
tnon passed orouiul Mr. Fresh'
pert? tin! went on to the property
II. F. Hitr.cn to work thero when
lhzen came out anil order!
n off and they immediately de-
4. Mr. Huzen then rocolved
diiut Hie men would again go on
premises to work uud ho took out
trusty old shot gun and stood
urd all day yesterday lut no one
inl up. it la understood now
the contractors will withdraw
i the work and the crew of men
two laid off. It appears tlr.U
right of way waa scoured by tlio
through theso premises und after
lurvey was made tlio owner
In t claim for damaKoa for such
:tof way which waa turned
i br the council. Then the ron-
k.non went on to work any way
i the result that they were stop-
on the Fresh premises by the
iff with a restraining order from
Court and were stopped on the
po frerniiiea i,y a restraining orJ-
J the shape of a douhlo barrelled'
p (uu.
it Time in 40 Years Judson
Weed MaKcs Trip
i.'idson Weed came over from Ver-
: Monday and Hpent Tuesday In
Hwtfli. Mr. Weed left on the
strain for Portland where lie met
Mother and together thev will
h tram Portland this week on a
to their old homo In Ohio.
'Wtlng In Ohio for several
"they will visit oilier relative
Viaeouri and Nebraska" and will
W extend the visit for about
' months. This will lift thA Aral
F Mr. Weed has made to his old
'or forty years nn)1 W
Prove to ho a most enjoyable
Ready for Opening of
Columbia Highway
l Vount Of Itntnl,... l.l.l.
1,, .., .i i uniuciit.
Columbia f'ounty Good Roads
' ". anu one of the most
lc boostera. Mr
"ii, came to St n,.i i.i.. ,.
8. P. A o ,, ..... ...,..
f .."til uiiu wiiiiu
,P uchitad a bran new Ford In
"uouiof town and down
,M""la wr Highway to his
"nof Ilalnl.., r ...
,, , " wunm lie
W follow tlm
.,, ""'"'S that ha v ill be
10 do no iu.r,.,n ..
r. ... . ""in nionuis
K ROSS Verv 17, i.i t
rfwith Rogue River
h .;," ?w,n Bterday
Ktlon r , . " I,anker
fckiier vT, 0r"' Mr Uo8"
Lu MKMy of the treatment
h:r the
Bon,. , ""i'os anu says
- .utot vulle, las lmprov.
"'win, , y las lmProv-
kl ",rc" P'-"- cent HtnS his
il. v, lr cent i
,l,ere wmo yearg aR0
'"oadquartersforflrew rkS.
Everything in Readiness Ttr the
Big Celebration
l.lterury, MunIi-hI mid KMrt PriiKrain
Ui Ite nn Iiiterei t.
liiU One
Evorthlng la arranged f r tlio Colo-
hration on the Fourth of July and
the Committee on arrangement hnH
reported a program for tlio tiay
wmen takes up the entire tlmo
The program la as follows;
Onleern of tlio uy
W. A. Carter Orator
Martin White . . .Chief Marshal
Sunrise Salute.
9 a. in. Fnrado Formation
9 to 10:30 Parade.
Martial airs by City Jland
17 pieces.
4., 10:30 Vocal Selections at Cltv
Direction of Mrs. a. n. Motsker
invocation Iter. F. J. Myors
S. 10:45 Orntlon. Mrs. It. C. Will
6. 10:45 Oration ,
Hon. W. A. Carter
Reading of Declaration of Inde
pendence . . . Mrs. A. C. Williams
6. 11:15 to 11:30 Vocal Selec
tions. '
7. 11:30 to 12:00 Patriotic Airs
by City Hand.
12:00 to 1:00 Refreshment.
1:00 to 3:00 Races and Sports at
St. Helens Cinder Path for liberal
1st and 2nd pr'ies.
1. 220 yd dash, free for all.
2. Fat mens 100 yd dash, 200 lbs.
or over.
8. Ladles free for all 100 yd dash.
Sack race, CO yds.
3 legged race, 100 yds.
Girls under 16, 60 yds.
Roys under 15, 100 yds
Rlcycle race, 400 yds.
100 yds non-proresslonnl.
Tug of War. 6 on a stdo.
3:00 to 5:00 p. m.
Rase Dall Game at the new city
ball park.
St. Helens vs. Kelso. Prize for
winning team.
5:30 Log Rolling Contest for the
Championship of the Columbia
River. Open to all comers.
8:00 p. m. Fireworks from Uarges
on the Columbia River.
9:00 p.m. Dunce In the City Hall.
Interesting Method Adopted
to Purchase Church Organ
The members of the Congrega
tional Church have decided to pur
chase a new organ for 'he cltu.'ch
nd as a moans toward getting funds
with which to pay for It have adopt
ed a social plan which Is working
very fine. The ladles Interested In
securing these funds havo formed
an cndloss chain ol. Social Whirls to
bo held weekly, each lady Inviting
ten guests and each of the guests
so attending to Invite ten more to
another Whirl. At these social
events ten cents Is contributed oy
the visitors and refreshments are
served and pleasant afternoons spent.
By this means no r irson will be cal
led upon to contribute more than ten
cents and within a few weeks It is
expected to have enough mony rais
ed to pay for the organ. During the
week Mrs. J. W. Muckle, Mrs. L. C.
Chase and Mrs. J.W. Allen have been
hostesses at thier homes ana they
proved excollont entertainers witn
dainty refreshments and pleasant-entertainment.
T. n Hiilherford and U. S. Dspaln
were among the1 Columbia County
citizens who accepted the invitation
of the Multnomah Citizens to view
the Columbia Highway' from Port
land to Bonneville last Sunday. Mr.
Rutherford says that the road build
ing being carried on In that county
under the direction of J. B- Veon,
was a revelation to him and when
finished, will be pne of the scenic
County Court and State Commis
sion Agree on Details
From McBride Canyon to Warren, Road for the Present
W?I1 go Through St, Helens
The adjustment of the road nu t-' roi d starting at Johnson's Crosaliig
tors as published in tho Mint lust and coming this way us fur as tho
muvo uoon tienuuoly suty.-d ' funds will permit, ontlmuted
upon. Assistant Stato Highway Kn-'
glneer Grlswold was In St. Helens
Wednosduy In consultation with
Judge Harris and tho details of tho
agreement wore practically agre.'d
upon. Mr. Grlawold also delivered
to Judge Harris a vouchor for 17912
being the cost of the survey from tho
Clatsop County lino to Tide Creek
and which the County had puld and
which sum the Stato Highway Com
mission was re-paying to the county.
Mr. GriBwold also stated that tlio
money paid out by the County for the
other surveys would be paid back to
the county within a short tlmo. The
work from Tido Crock to tho Multno
mah County line will be pushed for
ward as rapidly as possible, that por
tion of the old road on the wont si lo
of tho track from Tide Creek to Mc-
Bride Canyon to he graded and fini
shed and tho old road from Mctlrldo
Canyon to Columbia City Improved.
Fro In Columbia City to St. Helens
a now road will be graded on the
river side of the railroad track and
from St. Helens to Warren the old
road will be stra'ghtenod out and
given a good mncadum and oil flnli.li.
From Warren to Scappooso the roud
will be on the west sldo of tho track.
The State Commission have also defi
nitely decided to hard surface tlio
to bo
nonrly 10 miles or to tho old road at
tlm Wnrron crossing. Ily adopting
thU method thoro will be a hard sur
face road from Multnomah county to
Wi.rron; from Warren to Tide Crook
a i;ood macadam and oil roud and
from Tide Crook to Clatsop county a
good graded roud ready for the hard
sui facing of the Btate next year so
tlu.t even this year with tho work
fln'shed us now laid out and for
which thoro in funds on hand to do
tht re will bo a roud through tho en
tiro county along Iho Columbia
Bids aro already called for on the
Noiialom rood and the road from
Chttskanle to Mist and the survey
from Houlton to Pittsburg Is almost
finished and work will be started on
tin t road as soon as tho Survey Is
completed. It Is now quite prohablo
thut tho main road as laid out
throughout the county will bo ready
for travel before next winter and In
sldo of a your the roads will all be In
fin t class condition.
So far as It cun be ascertained Just
no v the people of the county general
ly have accepted the adjustment of
the road matters as tho host possi
ble solution of tho problem und there
Is very little ltkllhood of any more
serious disturbances.
Ladies of Guild Hold Rose and
Strawberry Fcitivjl
KxhihllH of 1ornl Rone Very Fine
and the Dinner wntt
A local rtoso Show was held In tho
Guild Hull last Tuesday evening at
which time the Ladles of the Guild
entertained the pubi c at a dlunor
and residents of this city exhibited
somo choice roses. Tho display wus
truly beautiful and some of the exhi
bits, gathered on the wo days notice
would have been serious contenders
for prizes at a much larger exhibi
tion. Percy Harrison Bocurou tne
first prize for a general collodion of
roses gathered irom me oum
Plaza and his exhibit was really a
boautlful one. Mrs. E. E. Quick took
second prlzo. Mrs. E. A. Rotger for
the best Blngle exhibit with a bunch
of porfect Caroline Testouts. Mrs.
Martin White had the greatest num
ber of varletios and also the most
porfect rose, a DruskI, In the exhi
bition. The success of this llttlo
local exhibition was very grati
fying and it seemed to be the genoral
opinion that It would oocome on
annual event for St. Helens.
Mrs. Wm. Ross entertained a num
ber of relatives and Intimate friends
at a delightful dinner at her home
In this city June 18th, the occasion
being the birthday of Mr. Wm. Ross.
Mr. Rons had reached milestone 00
In his travel through life and his
relutlves and friends gathered to do
him honor and to wish hlni many
more birthdays.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Cary of Soattla,
Wash., are visiting In St. Helens thlB
weok at the home of their daughter
Mrs. Earl Douglas.
Whore 10 conts Is king.
Nouli's Ark
Mere Buildings Needed at the
County Fair Grounds
liidU'iition Point to ireutest Fuir
F.ver Held In the
President O. L. Tarboll of the Col
umbia County Fair Association start
od a crew of men this week on the
con itruction of another exhibit pavil
llon at the Washington Square Fair
Crounds. The building will bo a
duplication of the pavilllon already
In use there and will therefore afford
double tho exhibit rooms over that of
last year. This In.provemont waa
mndo nocesoury by the reports of the
lurte number of exhibitors who have
signified Intention of attending with
various kinds of products. The man
agement will also, within a short
tlmo, build sevoral more stock burns
as tho Indications are thut there will
not bo su (Helen t room for more than
half the stock that will be here un
less more stables are built. The
stale has made Its apportionment of
county fair funds so that Columbia
County receives $1006 from the
stale which, added to the county
and other revenues, will about double
the prizes of last year.
There will bo about $1600 In
premiums offered this year according
t'o the premium list as published In
the Mist lust week and many side
attractions are promised. The Col
um!)la County Fair for 1914 will
eclipse anything of the kind ever
held In the county.
The Fourth of July Committee of
the Firemen have secured tho servic
es of Hon. W. A. Carter of Portland
to deliver the Fourth of July Oration
at Ct. Helena. Mr. Carter is one of
the most widely known mon In the
state now, havin been one of the un
successful candidates for the Repu
blican nomination tor Governor and
Is rocognlzed as one of the loading
orators and attorneys.
Many Nominations Made to
Win the Piano
Ah Donald Tnido Roosting Campaign
Ih on and CoiiteNtiinU nre
d'etting Busy
Intoroat In the Trade Boosting
Contest being carried on by J. W. Mc
Donald and tho Mist is Increasing
each day. Next Wednosduy morning
at 1 1 o'clock the votes will be count
ed und the person having the highest
number of votes at thut time will be
uwurdod a full 20 piece Rogers Silver
sot. Euch Wednesday at 11 o'clock
A. M. the votos will be counted and
each week a beautiful and useful
prlzo will be given to the person
standing hlghost at that time. Can
didates are getting busy at the store
of Mr. McDonald and many now sub
scriptions are coming Into the Mist
ofTlce. After this week It behooves
each candldute to have all rotes
In before Wednesday morning in ord
er to compete for the weekly prizes,
liolow we give the standing of the
contestants at 11 o'clock last Wed
nesday morning.
Miss Edrlo LaUure 2666
Miss Beatrice Lako 2110
Mrs. A. M. Ecker . .". 2000
Miss Maud Harrlsoil . .
Miss Maud Richards n ..'
.Vi-s Vii i.le Antone i 1
M:ss Noh. Walters
Mr Ohw d Doming
Mr. Lester Wellington 2025
Vis No. '-le Dunn 2105
Miss Hazel Lope ' ... 2145
Mis Ethel Drew '. .2060
Mrs. C. E. Wlnchell 2020
Mrs. Brought ...2040
Miss Ida Popojoy 2030
Mrs. E. Root 2000
Mr. Russell Stlrland 2000
Miss Murtha McCauloy ..' ... 3006
Miss Mona Adams 2000
Miss Lilian Marks 4065
Miss Alma Doucotte 2160
Alice Hall ' ... 8640
Mr. Roscoe Kellogg 2000
Mis Inez Barber 2090
Miss Margaret Prngle 2000
Miss Fay Lynch 2000
Mrs. Bert Ttmmons 2000
Miss Mable Colo 2005
Berlin Ycomans 2030
Fred Morgus 2000
Burba De Vory . . . 2800
Everett Harrison 2060
Goorge Peterson "..2010
Nora Adams .2030
Christ Muthleson .. 6020
Mary McKIo 2545
Margarot Hoffman 2000
Ed Veazle .2060
J. E. Qulnn 2060
Ethel Sten .2086
II. E. Veuzie 2000
Edna M. Harris 2010
T. E. Stanfleld 2000
Mrs. Thayer (Columbia City).. 2000
MIsb Hilda Muhr (Warren) . . . .2065
Miss Mary Adams (Scappoose) . 204 5
Miss Funnie Cooper (Warren) .2000
Miss Edith Clurk (Houlton) .
Miss Beth Perry (Houlton) ..
Mrs. Van Prltchord (Rainier).
First of a Series to be Given
During the Summer
Starting tonight, Friday, the St.
Helens Band under direction of Mr.
C. Klrkpatrick will give an open air
concert on the square In front of
Mucklo's store once a week. The
band is now progressing very nicely
under the direction of Mr. Klrkpat
rick and will give to the citizens new
music on each occasion. Concert
starts at 8 o'clock.
The program for this evening will
be as follows:
March VamooBO , .... Casey
March The Pennant Dow
Overture Living Pictures . . Dalbey
March T)ur director BIgelow
Waltz Sweot Vows Laurens
March Penrose Miller
4th of July decorations at
Noah's Ark
School Districts Refuse to Consolidate
Mooting at St Helena Largely At
tended and Important Matters
The voters of School District No.
2, St. Helens and West St. Helens,
met at the John Gumm School house
last Monday night and took a vote
on the consolidation of this district
with District No. 39, being that
portion of the old Houlton district
which Is outside the city limits. The '
vote here resulted almost unanimous
ly In favor of consolidation. At the
same time the voters of District No.
39 also voted on the question and
the vote there. was almost unanimous
the other way, so that there will be
no consolidation of the two districts
for the present. At the meeting
In St. Helens Mr. Charles Graham,
of the firm of Perry & Graham, was
elected Director to serve three years
and Miss Alice Quick was elected
district clerk for one year. The re
port of the clerk for the past Tear
was read and some other matter)
dlsoussed but no action taken.
DlBrlct No. 2 now employs 13
teachers and It Is thought by the
directors that at least one and per
haps two more will necessary when
school opens In September.
St. Helens Roses Win at
Clatskanie Show
At the Clatskanie Rose Show held
last "week Mrs. C. H. John of St Hel
ens won the Grand Prize for the best
exhibit of nine or more varltles of
roses. Mrs. John's display was pro
nounced to be one of the most boau
tlful ever exhibited In the county.
We have not learned who won the
other prizes but reports from those
who attended from here are that the
display was grand and the show a
very successful one.
Come Back Home After Long
Absence Entirely Recovered
Ed, Charles and Roy Laws return
ed home this week from Redlands
California, where Ed and Roy have,
been for about five months and.
where Charles has been for about a
month. Ed and Roy were down
there for their health and return
home fully recovered from all all- '
ments, ready to- make up for lost
time. It Is needless to say that Mr.
and Mrs. Laws are delighted to have
their boys back at home In perfect
good health.
A. T. Laws of the St. Helens ln-
provement Co., reports several land
sales during the past week. Blum
berg & McGoorty purchased the Will
Karth farm near Yankton and have
taken charge of same. Teddy Berg
has purchased one of the Mountain
View tracts. Zeug Bros, of Portland
also secured two of the Mountain
View tracts and will at once go to
work clearing same with the Inten
tion of making homes there. Guy
A. Boyd of Houlton bought a house
and lot In St. Helens.
Mrs. Edwin Ross, Mrs. H. B. La
Bare, Mrs. J. L. Zlpperer and Mrs. C.
H. John attended the Clatskanie Rose
Show last week in charge of the St.
Helens exhibits.
Remember the Base Ball Dau-e In
the City Hall Saturday night.
Mrs. W. B. Dlllard spent several
days In Portland last week. i
Mrs. Deming with Eugenia and
John were visitors in Portland dur
ing the Rose festivities last week.
Noalt'a Ark
roads of the world.

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