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ImmhiI livery l iiilny.lty
T I I' l I-1 Hil I (1 COMPANY
M. K. Mlll.ir, Cdltor
"VN7nriMl h second cIiihh nmtlor, Jmiuury lOlli, J912
. i'iik 1'unt Olllce n tSiiliit Iliil'int. Orison, under tho
' 1 Act of March 3rd, 1871
Onn Vnnr f'2
SH MiHiHlH 76
Ailvortliiitiie riitnn mndo known on application
l,wil notices M c,,,'", l",r ""
Tin re is perhaps iu oilier illy in Oregon
that lias tlcvcliicl mure nur increased more
in population and weal tit during the past live
or six years lliaii lias St. Helens. There is
nul another city in the state with such a favor
able location lor an industrial center as is St.
Helens. There is located in St. Helens some
of T1IK largest saw mills, TTIIC largest ship
building plant, Till', largest creosoting plant,
and several largest quarries, in Oregon.. There
is a business bustle and life here that is not
excelled by :y c'ly ' -'ll':i' size In the state.
The only reason these monster industries are
located here is hcause of the natural advanta
geous location for them. They came them
selves, without solicitation on the part of the
,riticus. It may be that other large concerns
many bear about St. Helens as a good place to
locate and it may be that some more may lo
cate here.
.So far as the people here, business men
cspccialy, are concerned, new industries can
locate bete if they want to and if theyHon't
want to and don't have an opportunity of find
ing out about St. Helens, they can stay away.
'I here is an independence here among busi
ness men that amounts to selfishness. There
is absolutely no elTort put forth by the busi
ness or properly interests of the city to offer
inducements to manufacturing enterprises to
locate here, nor is there any attempt by any
person, linn or corporation, to advertise St.
Helens, except the St. Helens Mist which
carries sonic information about the city, for
which il gets nothing except an occasional
subscription to some people in other stales
who may have written to some real estate
linn for information. There is now no active
loinnieieial organization. T here is no place
where a stranger seeking a location may look
lor information except to talk to people on the
streets with whom they may chance to meet.
There is no concerted effort, nor any other
kind of effort, to let manufacturing concerns
know that there are same of the best deep
water sites in the world right here in St.. Hel
ens, both on the Columbia River and Wil
lamette Slough. If any outside linn gets hold
l such information it is without knowledge
( the business men of St. Helens.
Such a stale of alTairs is to be deplored.
The business men of St. Helens should throw
aidc individual selfishness and greed long
enough to get together and form some sort of
an intelligence bureau or commercial club to
assist in making of St. Helens what it should
lie, one of the leading manufacturing and ship
ping cities of the Columbia River. There is
n"t a business man or property owner in the
c" ''"I ran alToml to spend a half hour or so
nrc a month to talk over public matters and
endeavor to cover our Ixcellent factory sites
will plants employing many hundred more
I here is absolutely no valid reason why a
live organization is not in existence in St. Hel
ps all the time. It should be the aim of all
al citizens lo make a greater and better
although it must be admitted that wc
nave already what wc think is one of the best
"Hie cities in Oregon. There should be
"rc team work instead t.f iiuliviihi.il cat ha.il
There should be some one to look after
lie advertising of the city. There should be
snic one to sec that every time any new un
dertaking is carried out that St. Helens den't
P-'t the little end of it. The city needs a
S'lardian and no better or more practical way
PI securing one suggests inself than the organ
jzatiori f a ko,mi iivC( wj(cawakt; business
"rK''mizalii:ii backed by the entire business iu-h-'resls
of the city.
'c Jonathan liournc, George Chamberlain
.r ''ai'ry I.ane any belter or more able men.
u, were J. N. Dolph. John II. Mitchell, Jos
Simon or C. W. Fulton? Is A Walter
alferty any better or more able man than
J Maleom A. Moody, W. R. Ellis or J. N.
'Ilianison? Is y. c. Hawlcy any better or
're able man than was Thomas II. Tongue?
?. )-)w:il,l West any greater, better or more
"lo Uvcrnor than was Wm, V. Lord, Svlvc
iTl. ""n'or' z- l?- Moody or T. T. rfcer?
Oh'ott any better or more able and
'ticnl Secretary of State than was II. R.
qT''v' V,e,".rsc W' McIlritlc or F- L nunbar?
tli'V bcttcr carc fr" thc fnn'ls f
e Mate of Oregon than did Thil Mctchan or
Charles Moore? Can it be said with any dc-
s.vv ... v.oirccincss mat any man now in any
"lliclal position i the State of Oregon, or in
any County of the state, is any better or more
capable than were the men of a few years ago?
i hesc questions answer themselves.
People who have lived in Oregon for any
number of years know as a fact that the class
of men, from the standpoint of ability and
fidelity to duty, now holding the official
positions in this state, with a possible excep
tion or two, are not to be classed in the rank
as were the officials in the days before the dir
ect primary law was enacted for the purpose
of disrupting political parties, and loading a
heavy burden of expense on the taxpayers of
the state and the several counties, with r.
attendant improvement in govermental affair
Compare the men who were nominated nd
elected under the old convention system, with
all its corruption and boss rule, with tin: n cr.
who have held the positions under the Direct
Primary law and decide wheh system pro ho
ed the more efficient and conscientious officers.
Compare the expense of the direct primary
elections with that of the convention system
and see whether or not many thousand s of
dollars of the taxpayers money could be saved
if the parties were left to nominate their o,-.n
candidates at their own expense.
It will be said by many people that the advo
cates of any change in the sacred jirinnry
laws are corrupt but if the taxpayers will stndy
the situation carefully from every attgle and
figure out the benefits derived from the pres
ent system over the old system, both as to
character of ollicers and burdens of taxation,
it cannot be agreed that the direct primary
law is due to become a still greater burden il
it remains as it is and that there should be
some very radical changes effected if it is to
"The people of Oregon are on trial, not I"
was published in t lie State voieis pi inphlct
two years ago by Jonathan Bourne then a
candidate for United States Scia'o. The
trial he spoke of resulted in a verdict for the
people. The people said that wherever :i ui.n
set himself up as infallible and that the wheels
of government would clog if he wa not elect
ed to some particular office, it was i'lite to get
rid of him. Mr. Bourne was defeated for the
nomination' and was again defeated aficr be
coming an independent candidate when he
failed to secure the nomination.
"If 1 am not re-elected to Congress, Oregon
will be the loser" is what A. Walter Lafferty
says to the people of Multnomah County. lie
was defeated for the Republican nomination
for Congressman and is now running indepen
dent. It is a parallel case with the one of two
years ago. The verdict will most likely result
in the elimination of another public' officer
whose importance and greatness exists only
in his own swelled head.
Somebody is discriminating against St. Hel
ens. Now that the city has attained sufficient
importance and population to support the
great American institution so dear to the
hearts of all patriots, the Circus, and wc get
our bill boards and barns plastered with liaring
red posters announcing a "One Ring Circus"
carrying a menagerie of dogs, ponies and mon
keys to be under one monster tent at Wash
ington Square park, along comes the railroad
company officials and refuse to haul the car
down here. There can be no valid reason for
such refusal except to discriminate against
us and prevent our children s fathers from cn-
joving a day at the Circus. It ain't fair.
A merchant opened up a general merchan
dise store in St. Helens about one month ago
in a choice location. He made no announce
ment to the public in any manner. He did not
solicit trade in any manner. lie overlooked
the advertising columns of the Mist 'entirely.
This week he packed his goods and shipped
them out of town. Just what he will say a
hout St. Helens as a business place h hard to
guess, hut it is not a guess to say that if he
had used freely printer's ink and let the people
know that he was ready for business and had
solicited business he would have been dr.iug
a good business yet. It pays to advertise.
Lawyers arc generally credited with posses
sing a reasonable amount of good judgment in
matters concerning themselves, but when one
of them will pay $100 for the privilege of going
up in a ballon, it is time to investigate.
It is fortunate that all people do not have
the same ideas of recreation, for if such was
the case and everybody was like, tho editor of
this paper, there would be no ballon races. ,
The Fourth of July comes but once a year
and in 1914 St. Helens people? wjll celebrate
in such a manner 'as to keep its memory fresh
until it comes around again.
E. S. Itrown, Plaintiff,
Minerva J. Haxfjr. Nnltle Squires
and Harris Squirw., her husband,
Maria West, Comribi i Packing Com
pany, Jcilm h. GrulifT, as llecelver
of tlio Capltnl Lumbering Company,
Notlco is hereby givon that undi'i
md by virtue of an execution In fore
clomire and order of sale duly lim
ed out of tho above entiled Court In
the above named case, directed to
mo the Sboiiff of Columbia County,
Oregon; and dated Juno 8, 19i4,
upon a Judgement rendered and en
tered In na!d Hurt and cause on the
r.Hi d iy of Juno, 19L4, wherein the
ubovo named pilar! f recoveied
judgment against tho abovo named
defendants for tho sum of Five Hun
dred Sixty-two and 77-100 Dollars,
with Intorest thereon from the 5th
lay of Juno, 1914, at the rate of
8 per cent per nnnum, Fifty Dollars
ittoriioy's fee and the further Bum of
ovonteen and 60-100 costs, and
okIh of and upon this writ, comman
ding me to sell tho following dos
:rlbed real property, to-wit:
Tho west half of the Northeast
juartor of the Northwost quarter of
Section 12, In Township 4 North of
Itaiigo 3 West of tho Willamette
Meridian, and containing Twenty 20
acres moro or less, situated In Col
umbia County, Oregon.
I will, therefore, on Saturday tho.
18th day of July, 1914, at Court
Houso In St. Helens. Columbia
fount y, Oregon, sell at public auc
tion, subject to redemption, to the
highest bidder for cash, In lawful
money of tho U. S. all the right, title
and Interest of the witlin named de
fendants, or any one of them, in and
to the abovo described real property.
to satisfy said Judgment, interest,
osts and accruing costs.
Dated and first published Juna 19
Last publication July 17, 1914.
Sheriff of Columbia County, Oregon
George Tazwell, Atty. for riaintiff.
Notice is hereby given that sealed
bids will bo recoived by the County
Court of Columbia County, Oregon,
it tho Court House at St. Helens,
Oregon, until 2:00 P. M., July 6th,
1914, and then opened for the con
struction of a pile trestle across Deep
."reek on the County lload at the
mouth of Deop Creek in Sec. 30, Tp.
0 N., U. S W. W. M., Columbia
Count y, Oregon.
Pluis and specifications are on
ile ai.d may be examined in the office
of tlu County Clerk. Each bidder
shall deposit with his bid a certified
chock made payable to the County
Clerk for five per cent of the amount
of lil:-, bid, which shall be forfeited
to tho County in case the award is
made to him and he shall fail, neg
lect or refuse for a period of five
days after such award is made to en
ter ii.to a contract and file the re
quired bond.
The right Is reserved to reject any
and nil bids.
ir. i:. ijiit.iuc,
County Clerk
All Work Guaranteed. Estimate Furnished.
Plumbing and Heating
Sheet Metal Work
St. Helens
Columbia County Abstract
Abstracts, Real Estate, Insurance.
Loans, Conveyancing
St. Helens, Oregon
You Always Get the Best at
Blakesley Bldg.
Continued from last week
Mo must ho able to ao this and
more; when tho mystic words ore
spoken in tho deep guttural voice
required to impress the victim that
he wa.i the sucker, ho must be able
to emit a rasping cacklo to more
thoroughly cmphaslzo his meaning
and to arouse nil the fighting spirit
thero is loft after the victim realizes
that It Is the whole truth and noth
ing but tho thuth. Any person who
can tnge such an obligation and ro
port t'mt ho got away with It Is en
titled to become a member, and Is
Instructed nnd commanded to do his
full duty by calling tho attention of
the victim to such state of affairs
overy time ho meets one of them.
At tho regular meeting of the I-
told-you-so Club held this week a
conimUleo was appointed to make ar
rangements for the leasing of the
Court Houso stops as the regular
mooting place. This was the only
liuslncss transacted nt this time
with tho exception of receiving appli
cations for membership from several
prominent cltions who doclarod that
they' were able lo comply with the
roquiioments of the by-laws, some of
the applicants being John Trlnglo,
Ueorgv) Leinont and M. F. Hazen, E.
13. Quick has also signified his Inten
tion of prosenting his application as
liavo n fow more. It will bo Intorest
Ing to note next weok just how these
applicants fare when the ballot box
is pns ied around. On account of tho
lllnoss of the President no vote was
tnkon but full procedings wll bo giv
en noxt wok.
QfYVVWS B'5'5 B'd YS 5 B VTSTSTfVTf YBB B 8 ti 5 B B B t B BBOB 8 8 B B TP
,& u tarn
Mogenes fays-
for NYAL5
Sold in St Helens t
p, ' Bank Building St. Helens, Oregon
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