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V: rA: a ft, ,N
No. 27
J; T M f I
1 1 r t
M. S:ixo swears win waiium
f-r II. Morgiu
rii Arreted, '"' I iWwiitM.
hy CHy Altiiritoy mill Defend
od ly Mnyor
One Young Man Caught Fin
ed $25 ami CoiU
One Saloon Still DoipfEusi
ness While Others Cior.c
4'ounly Attorney Dillinl HerveH n
NVimihiK Nut Ice in (iimie
ClmrK"'! with tt vltltUt of tho
....... I -tn ir flrA tirnfif llllllll-
oriliniime '"i
Iuku wllliln certain HmltB of llio city.
Cmimilliniin II. Morgan, m iirrcsieu
today ly the City Marshal on u war
rant Ihkik'U liy the City Recorder on
a complaint sworn to by Councilman
M. 8nxmi. Mr. Morgus Is putting up
an niMUWin l" bis botol building on
rlitiiili Street nml Hit) construc
tion In of lumber whin lint ordinance
Dinmed )- tlio Council wimn mont li;
igtt require certain klinU of mater
ial which l Urn proof ou Columbia
Str't. Councilman Morguti clnlini
Hint he l not putting up a now build
Ini! ut nil hut only repairing llio old
one nml t lint loss limn 35 per cent
of the building I being repaired
r,)iiii-llnin Snxon rliiliim tlmt tho
orniilnii of u building, or nny pr
lion of It out of lumber or wooil, U
a violation of tlio ordinance, o tlio
question will h tried out. City At
torney J. V. Day will represent the
City In Hie niMf nml we understand
Mayor Mueller will bo tlio altornoy
for Councilman Morgus.
It seems to bn a sort of a fnnilly
row with ni'iirly nil tho city oftlclnlH
tnkliiK no one hlilo or tho other. If
Ciiiiiii'llniiin Ijiraben nml Griilinm
with Treasurer Wiitklns could ' lie
driiKKiil Into It thoro would sure bn
some fun.
I in Cramer will TckI Viilhllty of te
CHy Ordinance ( IonIiir
Reports from vnrloui pnrln of tlio
ouiity tho punt f'w weeks nro Hint
uny deer are being killed out of
iiKon. Several game wunlnim urt'
iw ncourliiK tlio comity aii'l iiln-iuly
HUllldi'iit evliloiire Iuib- boon nocuroil
to cuuho pcoplo coiiplilrrnblo troublo
YoHtnrduy a younx mun of a pronui
mint fitmlly of tho NH'.nlm count r
ppoarotl boforu JiihIIco Wntklim iinil
ontorml a plon of Riillty nml wan fin
oil $25 and cohU. Ho wim Infortni'd
Hint hereafter I nut end of the mint
mum fl no tlio Court would Inflict the
muxlnium Ann nod tlmt proHeciitloni
were kIok to 1o niudo on nil olTend
erii. Mr. Dllliird, county uttorney.
uy bo In Ruing to tulio every deei
n ii t In k ciiho mid Rm vlolntlnn he
fore the Rrand Jury n ml Hint he will
InHlxt upon a trial and In cnno of con
viction will urRO upon tho Court Hint
heavy fine and Jnll Honlencea bo Ini
poHi'd. He Buyg tlmt people have be
Run to regnrd tho Riuno lnwa us a
oke nnd tlmt mimn of the profnBHlon-
al hunters nre wIUIdr to pny a mini
um fine ooc.inlonnlly for tho prlvl-
oro of bunlliiR. That kind of prac
tice will be Htopped and Mr. Dlllnrd
Riven a public wamlnR Hint hereafter
Rame violator will bo proHocntod to
the limit and that a conviction will
mean somethltiR.
ItAlMKH, Juno 25, 1914. (Speclnl)
l.nBt nlRht at 1 o'clock fl vo of the
bIx HnliKiiiH of Hnlnler cloned their
hIiiiir of nn ordinance punned by the
City Council hint month. Tho Bixth
niiloon owned by Fred Cramer, wtis
hkhIii opened HiIh moruliiR, ('rumor
linvliiR Becured a roKtrulnhiR order
from JudRO Giitens of I'ortlnnd re
NtruinliiR the Council and Mtimlial
from InterferlnR wlih hint until the
further order of the Court. T!ij
Injunction suit will probably be
hoard by Judge Eukln nt St. Unions
next week, and tho determination of
HiIb nn It will probably Hetilo the
queHtion of BuloonB In Hainler.
Fcr Construction of Columbia
County Roads
Miss Edrie LaBare Wins the Citizen WritinS About Scho1
Tr. r.:. Makes a bttr
X' list X 1 liC
Wi rk on Xebiilcni 1'oiiiIn will l e
K(:ii-Lc1 ut Once If C.lds uro Several New Contestants Enter the
Batlsfactm v Kiice tills Week
Teachers of St. Helens Not the Ones
Article Is Intended
Tomorrow tho County Court will
open tho bids for work of construc
tion on tho ClatHkanie-Mlst rond and
a I ortion of tho Nehalem road. The
doors In compllnnco with the provl- I pn. neer t0 ,, ,n charg0 of th W0).U,
under tho State Highway Engineer
an 1 the County Court, Is already on
tho ground Retting things In readi-
ne s for the BucceHsful contractor to
go to work nt once. It Is expected
tho work on thote roads will all be
The beautiful and substantial set
of 26 pieces of silver given away this
week by J. W. McDonald and the
Mist was won by Miss Edrie IjiCare
who had more than 20,000 votes to
count at 11 o'clock Wednesday morn
ing. Several other of the contest
ants had a big list of votes but Miss
Edrie carried the silver home and she
was about the happiest young lady
In the land lust at that moment.
The article publlclied In the Mist
two weeks ago from a correspondent
egardlng schools and where the
writer took occasion to criticize tho.
methods ueed In one particular
school of the county, has cacFod con
siderable comment anC crltieixm.
Some people have been lr. our c "!:
who were In hearty accord wU!i tin
comments made in the article, while
others havj even gone so far as to
co. ipletc d before October. The work Thu wfiek geveral othef contestants severely condem the Mist for publish
on the Columbia Highway between
CI tsop County and Tide Creek Is bo
Inr: pushed with several large crewr
of men and work on tho road from
Dc-r Inlnnd to St. Helens and fro7r
St. Helens toward Mulmomah Count
will be started within a few days
Th.i survey of the Houlton-Pittsburjf
ro: d is nearly complete and bids for
coi structlon of same will prolnbl.
be advertised for within two weeks.
have begun to work hard and sub
scriptions are coming in to the Mist
odlce now at a very satisfactory rate
and Mr. McDonald says his business
is Increasing quite lively. Miss La-
Hare is alBO -working hard to cap-
Ing such an article. Perhaps the
letter would have been as well le'.tf
unpublished but the columns of the
newspaper are and should be open
to public discussion where the dis
cussion does not become personal.
Mm. Iliiriicll hns returned home
from the sheppncil Springe much I in
proved In heultli.
John llscnlilnlter hns n smllo that
don't riiine oft tho r en win Is ho salt!
a new hoy at his homo.
Mr. Unhurt was down Sunday took
In K lifter hunlnoHS.
Mm. IliiHlimnn has returned homo
from I'nrllund where she hns been
vIiiIIIiik the past week.
Hud tSattens visited with Harry
Smith Wi'iliuiHiluy.
Minn Until Dunciin has returned
to Monmouth, Oregon where she
ntliMiiling school after a few day
vIkII nt home here.
We nre nil glad to seo Hnel Watts i
uniiliiiR r:in with uii ngnln. - J
Ihuci h homo during vncjitlon.
Mury Set beam visited her parents
Mrs. lihndes' mother Mrs. Merrill
l sllll very low.
C. I.. Smith has gono to Seattle
fur a few days.
Mm. Andresn of Door Islund visit
ed nt the restaurant this week,
Wo learn there I n llttlo bnby
Klrl nt the homo of Harry Tompkins.
Mr. Ilnvllk hag gono to Alaska on
Mrs. Clinton Hoallo of Hlllsboro
l visiting her pnronts Mr. nnd Mrs.
Mrs. Mary Uoy hns returned to her
homo In California. She has been
"lulling her Bon bore since March.
W. II. Ilumgnrdner was seen on
our streets Sundny.
Mrs. StunlonV dnuBlttnr Amy Is
veiling her mother this week.
The two Knrnlm girls wero slink
Iiir Imnds good-bye bore as thoy will
upend their vacntlon In California
wltlt their brother nnd family.
Mr. nml Mrs. I). Prion Sundnyod In
I"nlo (illlotte visited at St. Hoi
en lust Tuesday,
Hnitorla Adams vlsllod tho Itose
"Hy Tuesday.
Mlniilo HlRbmlllor who wnt opor
''(1 on for apondloltls Is gutting
"Inns nicely.
Well Known St. Helens Young
Teople Married
A wedding of unusual Interest to
St. Helens people was solemnized
at Drain, Oregon,' Wednesday even
ing, June 2 4 lb when Mr. H. V. He
Cormlnk was united In marriage ta
Miss Nolle 11. Perkins. The rere-
in ny wns held In the parlors of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs Leonard
.tl. Perkins, which was lavishly det
orated with ferns and Tostout roses.
Mr. S. M. Hnuptmiin or Sun Francis
co, Cal., wns best man, Miss Leona
PerkliiB, bridesmaid and Miss Amy
tleorge mold of honor. Rev Mr.
linker of Hoseberg, a former friend
and classmate of Mr. McCortnlck at
the University of Michigan, perform-
On page R this Issue will bo found I Pl (he ceremony uselng beautiful and
an ad or r. 1.. i-eiersun ",M i impressive ring servicu in mo .-.io-
open storo In the Wellington build- co,mi c hurch. Miss Eraa Hendor-
ing next Monday. His nd tells tlio hott of Kugune played Mendolsolin s
people of this vicinity what he win wedding March and Miss Ilesslo lien-
curry and what Ills business win ne. ,l,.rB,it sang "I Love ou iruiy .
Mr. Peterson conies to St. Helens Inuring the ceromony Miss llender-
frnm Lltchfleld. Minnesota, where lie Bi,ott ulnyed Traummerl
was enRaged In tho merchnntllo busl- Ti,0 nr,iu wns charmingly gowned
n,n ,t, ti,t wePk which Is a The article in question, as prin.-ul,
beautiful mission electric stand lamp. " not contain a date line bo that It
nn npvt Wednesday mornine the vot- Cla De Ior OI lne ,OCB"-
oo .ill n.,!n he counted and the Der- "es wlllcn lne Brl,:,B lu
o Imvln the highest number at 8trike. but as a maWer -f fact 11 wa8
that tinle will win the beautiful lamp written, not from St. Helens as some
.i ..ii i ho people guessed, but from another
tl II 11 UIO V ULC9 Will ttWU vwuut, s,isv
final score for the piano awards, locality in ine couniy.
Pniinwinir wns the standine of the Some of the teachers took the
Champion Colored Team will candidates at U o'clock last Wed- article as a direct slap at all the
Try to Beat St. Helens
Kiime Teams Two Years Ago Fought
I I lnnlniiH Ilcfore Kitber
Could Win
Eastern Man with Good Rcnu
tation Starts in St. Helens
ness for a number of ye irs anil wnere
ho gained a reputnton for business
nblllty. Ho asks for a share or tne
public patronage and thoro Is no
doubt bis getting It. Ilelow Is a cllp-
Ing from the Litchfield News Ledg
or of June 4th this year;
P L. Peterson and family, who
liavo been residents of this city for
ha past few yoars. departed Tuea-
ay for St. Helens, In tlio nonn-
westorn pnrt of Oregon, whero tney
will resldo. Mr. Petersen hnvlng eng-
nf in Hin merchant! Iso bitslnesn
In white sntln Chnrnieuso with
bridal veil nnd orange blossoms.
She carried a beautiful bouquet of
lirlilo's Hoses. Tho bridesmaids
Yellow Chtrfon and Char
meuse each carrying yellow rose
After the ceremony a wedding sup
per wns served in the lnrge dining
room of the Perkins Hotel which
wns In pink and green, the decora
tions being pink Carnations nnd
Maiden Hair Ferns, during which
n.nn iho Drain- Cornet Hnml uis-
nesday morning.
Standing of contestants up to Wedr
lesday, June 24, at 11:00 a. m.
Miss Edrie LaBare 20810
'.liss Beatrice Lake 3655
Miss Mnude Harrison 3577
Miss Maud Richardson ;.3545
Mrs. A. M. Ecker 2800
MUs Minnfe'Antone 2050
Miss' Nora Walters 3035
Mr. Oswald Deming 2040
Mr. Lester Wellington zu.it
Miss Nellie Dunn 3605
Miss Hazel L- pe .4630
Miss Ethel Drew 6195
Mrs. C. E. Winchell 8455
Mrs. Brought ....3645
Miss Ida Popejoy 3530
Mrs. E. lloot .2000
Mr. Russell Stirland 2000
Miss Martha McCauley 3265
Miss Mona Adams 3656
Miss Lillian Marks 6225
Miss Alma Doucette 3310
Mka AUc Hall ;...4900
BAND CONUliKlis M, Roscoe Kellogg . . 2009
ARE ENJOYED Miss Inez Barber 2C0'-
Miss Margaret Prlngle 'Ji
People of Vicinity Turn Out to Miss Fay Lynch .2090
ITeur S-.veet Music
Next Sunday, the 28th the Hub
bard Giants, champion colored bast
ball team of tho Northwest, will a
gain visit St. Helens for a game
wiili the locals. Two years ago thir
bunch of darkles visited St. Herons
and for fourteen innings neitlie
team was able to secure any advan
tace In the scoro. It was the host
gai io ever played In St. Helens and
the gnmo next Sunday promises to be
just as good. All loyal fans are urg
ed to uttend this game and lend
every encoiirngment in upholding the
white raco against mo colored".
there. Mr. Peterson has been ono of coursp,i appropriate music.
tho enterprising nnd prosperous busi
ness men of this city nml tne many
friends of tho family here regret to
have them leave Lltchfl'ild. I no peo
ple of St. Helens will find Mr. Peter
son to be a wide-awake, public-spirit
ed business man nnd himself mm
family most dnslrnblo citizens.
Immediately afterward a reception
was held on tho large veranda of tlio
hotel, which was also artlcticolly
decorated with Marguerites and
1,'nmu which lasted well Into the
Many beautiful nnd useful gifts
wero bostowed on tho happy couple
hv friends, somo of which wero
108 piece solid silver sot, sotiti suver
trnvs. solid silver bowls nml spoons,
vases, fern dishes, cako plates nnd
ulntters. Also a lnrge number of cut
class nieces,
When tho train arrived from Tort
land Mr. nnd Mrs. McrornucK siurv
Floyd McAboy who lias boon on
La Ornndo, Ore., Juno 2'.. i4
annrtni to MIsO At tho mooting
of tho Oregon llotnll Merchants As-
i.,.i,i t I.n : ramie, uri-unn
sociuuuii ui - - , " 7 i .1,.... ,m
!..,. S' and 23. the following omen (1 ror Hiin r rnncis
iie,i for the ensuing year: H1)mi ft week or two
J L. Stockton of Salem. President. tlly wm return to their home
.' J' .i..i, f lwtinnd. Secretary, at. Helens.
'. f nmil.cn. Oregon, m, McCortnlck is the General
' .'" Manager of tho St. Helens Lumber
There are 310 merchants of Ore- ,. Rt st. Helens and Is one of the
... j..., a. 8. Harrison ,.. known progressive buslnoss mon
gon in i" . ..,. n,l In rocoirnlzod as
. n. i tirta ururn inu i,ui n Linn u'hiuj "
from Columbia County. ono of the lending lumbermen of tho
tlnnd Oregon solected as VaMe cons. Mr J. a.
,i.,,r nlnen. heon a resident of St. Helens lor
U,o no g purchRBlnC agent
" . .... nnd auditor of tho same company,
Tho many friends ot mr. clrdfl of fr,pn(,R of ,)0th
'1'ho freo concort given by lUa St
He'.cns Bund on the street lusi crl
day evening ws appreciated by Hie
petiplo of the city nnd the bov per
formed very crediatbty. Eve:-y I' M
day evening during the summer the
boys will appear on the stroets will,
a program consisting of about 8 or
0 plocos and they want It distinct!
understood by the people chat v.o per
son Is authorized to tal:e rp nay d 1-
lec'tons or to collect money n iln:
manner from the public fur toic.'i con
certs.. They are given by ll o bni:d
nnd tho city so that the people o; the
entire community are Invited to
come out and enjoy them on each
Friday evening at 8 o'clock., Vml-v
the direction of Mr. Klrkpatrlclt the
St. . Helens band is becoming quite
proficient and is able to discourse
proper music for any and all oc
Mrs. Bert Tlmmons 2000
Miss Mable Cole 3075
Mr. Berline Yeomans .2030
Mr. Fred Morgus 2000
Miss Barba Deveroy 7040
Mr. Everett Harrison 2060
Mr. George Peterson 2010
Miss Nora Adams 3610
Christ Mathelson 15180
MIbs Mary McKlo 3545
Miss Ethel Sten 3585
Margaret Hoffman 3025
Mr. Ed Voazie 2050
Mr. J. E. Quinn zu"
Mrs. II . Veazte 3020
Miss Edna Harris 3010
Mr. T. E. Stanflehl 2000
John Pnnoe 2016
Alonso 2010
C. D. Golden zu
Miss Winnie Melllngor 2000
Mrs. Thayer, Col. City .......2000
Miss Hilda Muhr, Warren 2065
Miss Fannlo Cooper, Warren. . .2030
Miss Mary Adams, Scap 2045
Miss Edith Clark, Houl 2000
teachers but It was not so Intended
nor could it be very well taken that
way by any of them. The mistake
made by the Mist in not putting a
date line on the article was only one
which we feel called upon to explain -and
even that so-called mistake -could
not be taken seriously, if look
ed at In the proper light. Kveiy
teacher in the county knows whether
on not the criticisms contained in
that letter pertained to their parti
cular case and if It did not then
there was no harm done, for there
were no names mentioned, while If
it did and the shoe fit then It was a
case where the article had accompli
shed Its purpose. For the purpose of
setting the St. Helens teachers right
on the matter we have no heslti ey
In saying that the article did not nor
was it intended to apply to any one
of them. The teachers in St. Hefens
have no causo to take it to heart for .
we all know that such criticisms of
our teachers as were contained In
that letter could not possibly appljt
to them. We all know them and .
their work too well for that, and
while we do not attempt tp back up
the assertions contained in the arti
cle as applying to any other school,
we will say that the columns ot the
Mist are open to public discussion,
and the article was dealing with a
matter ot a public character so it was
published. If any one has anything
to say of a public nature either along
those lines or In answer to the parti
cular article, and will confine their
arguments to the public nature and
not personal, we are always ready
and willing to print It.
"in homestead In Douglas County tor Kyio will bo pleased to lonrn v I contrnctlllR pnrtlns In St. Holens
Hi" punt thren or four wooks roturn- ,o' ftnd her daughter htm r roturn t0 gnowor upn
mi t I......... i.i- . , io nt the r destination at , "" . , . ,..,. .., . 1
- iiuiinuim, nununy, aim una inn nrrivuu - imvinir them their iicsi " -"-,
nll Position In the
mill bundling Youngstown, Ohio, and aro "nvu,B j Krfttullltlong.
Children's Day was observed in
both tho Methodist nnd Congroga
tlonnl Churches In St. Helens liuit
Suml.iy. flnrviccs were held appro
priate to the occasion the children
of tho Sundny Schools taking part
while tlio Ministers preached short
sortuons on fitting subjects. The
Methodist Church was most beauti
fully decorated with flowers of all
kinds, roses predominating, and
fragrance from tho flowers wns
really Inspiring to tho children to do
their best. At the Congregational
Church the nltnr was a bower of ros.
os, artistically arranged nnd vory
J. Christensen came down from
Portland Monday in the interests of
the Western Cooperage Co.
Miss Lena Walker of Yankton Is
taking piano lessons of Mrs. Geo.
Wilson during her summer vaoatlon.
Wilbur Larabee of West St. Hel-
ens visited Max Wilson from Satur
day until Monday.
C. E. Lake ot St. Helena accom-
Mis Beth Perry. Houl 2030 panled an agent representing the
Mrs. Van Prltchard, Rain 2000 Smith Heating System to Trenholm
saiuraay ana me Bcnooi Doara is
talking ot installing one in the school
building which certainly needs. some
thing of the kind.
A most enjoyable time was had
Saturday afternoon when about 60
people congregated In the . school
house grove at a Sunday School pic-.,
nic. It being rather cloudy and cool
tables were set in the
Rev. F. J. Meyer of the Congrega
tional Church hns his Boy Scout
Company about recruited to Its full
strength nnd a prouder set ot young
sters never wore a uniform. Thurs
day afternoon the company in bran
now. scout uniforms appeared on the
BtrcctB and paraded about the city three long
finally winding up with a theatre
party ut the Arcade. The boys are
very enthusiastic and really make a
flno nppenranco. Regular drills will
tako place until proficiency Is attain
ed. It Ib planned to have a general
good tlmo during the summer on
hikes and camping trips.
school building and one ot the most
delicious repasts ever placed before
Trenholm people was partaken of by
those present. Ice cream and cake
were also served In the evening.
Several games were indulged 4n by
the children such as bean bag, foot
races, pole vaulting, etc.
tho tlmo oi iu"

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