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No. 31
urn. h. h.
Ctcct inj Gear Refuses to Work
ai iLOccupants of Car Pin
ned Umlcr it Until Re
lief Comes
The steering pear of a bin touvlnR
rur n funed to work while being
ilrlvi'ii along tho road between Deer
1:1, mil iiml CoMi) I'lal Tuesday ovm,
Iiik iiml it Juiiiii'il off tho urudiv re
mi II I ii ft III Kix-liiiiN Injury to onu per
mm nml slight Injuries to several
other. The enr wit occupied by
Mr. II. II. Emmons, Mm. Emmons,
Mi'h. Crnituu and Miss KumiiiHky nil
uf Portland. It foil nliuut 20 font
low i) tlm nnilMiihvnent anil luiuWtil
nil Mr. Kliiliioni who was pinned
between the car and a log, tlm enr !
Iiik across liU chest. Ho wan rend
ered unconscious liy tlio full anil the
r ill Ikth of tlio piirly wurn under the
rur hut loon extricated themselves.
MIhh KuniliiBky proved herself a
heroine by taking liwr hunda and dlg
K In k away portions of tho rotten 1k
on which Mr. Kmmona wan llug
until he wu olilo to breathe. The
Chauffeur run for assistance to the
camp of workmen on the road and a
telephone wai no nt to Bt. Helens for
medical nld. Deputy Sheriff Ijike
secured a car and In company with
Dr. Pool was noon at the scene of the
accident. After workliiR for iiulte
a whl In with Mr. Kmmona he won so
fur revived that lie waa alilo to
trnvel and waa put Into Hoy Cope
lund' car and rushed to rortlnnd.
It wan fnarnd Uiut the Injure would
prove futut to him but lutit reports
from the hoHpllul am that tie Is re
covering nltliough Ilia Injurlna uro so
r.evoro that he will be confined to
It In bed for many wneka. Rover;'. 1 of
IiIh rllm wre broken, ono ef the
broken mil peuetrallnK tho lun.'t
Tlui Injuries to tho other peoplu were
Same Old Story of Victory for
St. Helens
The local team took n trip ovor to
Itliltfi'lti'lil IiihI Sunday nud engaged
In a Utile lilttliiR and Imttlng pruc
tlon nt tho oxpnuso of what Hint town
culls a bull team, triikmnn pitched
with a loir he could hardly crawl
tiro n ml with and Flngg hunRod up a
finger In tho 2nd and could hardly
ma tho ball back to the pitcher, hut
If tho hoys had all been on crutches
they would not have had much trou
ble wlnnliiR as they were liittlnK
thnm far enough bo that they could
walk down to drat iman and mill be
"nfo. Tlio hits wore aa follow:
Hull 4 ,1)111 1, McDonald 4, Brukko
1, FIiirr 2, Ilulngh 2, Htelinrdnon 2,
1'oterHon 1, Elkman 1.
Elk man pitched a Rood Rnmo con
sidering tho way bo was crippled up.
IHII' pulled off tho Star floldinR
stunt of the day when ho grabbed a
Hnnr hot off tho bat of Mneker and
doubled Fleming at aecond, It waa
all he could do to roach It with one
Peter Ilrakko played a good flold
Iiir gamel n center flohl,
Illchnrdnon la picking up In hU
lilttliiR and when this kid la hitting
ho Is hard to boat.
The band waa there strong and tt
Is probable that thoy will go to
Woodland with us next Sunday.
The rootera aura turnod out good
and strong and we would like to see
ME 100
Court Rejects Bid on Coluir.bh
City-Warren Roid
Court Busy Adjuring ItMiU
of Way IMxputeit
At a morning of the County Court
held lust week for the purpose of
opening bids for tho construction of
tho Columbia Clty-Wurren road the
bid of Jeffrey & Ilufton was tho only
una received. Tho Court duly con
sidered the mutter and decided that
tho bid wus too hli:h and promptly
rejected It and imulo an order direct
ing that the work be done by th'i
County Court and the County ltond
During this week Judge Harris,
Commissioners Farr mid Fluhroi
hnvo been busy Willi the people
throiiKh whot'.o lands new roads are
being built In an effort to settle right
of way differences So fur everything
seems to bo progressing nicely, there
being on apparent disposition on part
of tlm property owners and the C urt
to reusoaubly settlo the illlllcultleg
regarding rights of way.
George Konopka Disposes of
Business to St Helens
Harry and Uuy Dennett huvo pur
chased tho milk route and creamery
fixtures of Uoorgo Konopka who has
been operating hern for some years.
Dennett Dros. have a line five acre
tract of land near t'-ie Houlton bridge
In the city upon which they are hav
ing built a modern, sanitary cream-
cry and separating room. Every
thing. will be clean and cool. They
announce that they will be able to
supply their customers with tlio very
best milk and that ono of tho strong
features of their business will be
cleanliness. They will take charge
on August 1st and Guy will run the
Mr. fleorgo Dnllumy, an old gentle
man about 80 eyars of uge, died at
the homo of his Bon Edward Dellamv
near Deer Island on tho 1 Cm of July.
Funeral sorvlees were held at the
homo on Sunday morning, tho so: vic
es being by ftev. F. J. Meyers
of St. Helena Congregational Church..
Mr. Dellnniy has been a resl In t of
this county for about a y.ir and
leaves a widow and two sons In this
county and two sons in the east.
Miss Huxen Watts will present In
flcantmose. Friday, July 31 an unpub
lished children oratorio "The Snow
Fairy". The foundation story in
Huns Christian Anderson" Fairy
Tale, but the entlro music and adap
tation. Is the composition of Miss
Watts a part of her music study at
Weinisley College. A large local
cast is now rehearsing and a great
troat Is In store for all lovera of good
Miss Ardath Hngoy will appear a
tho prlncos and Dlx Holuday In the
role of the prince.
The object Is to try out the work
Ing of the play so a to make It prac
tical In staging, after which it will
bo published.
Admission 10 and 15c only.
Having bought Mr. Ellerson1 in
torest In the Central Market I wish
to announce to my many patrons
that I have secured the service of
a butcher of thirty years experience
and till with tho fact than snon
keep only the best of meats and the
greatost variety. I nope to still
gorve all of my old customers and
many new ones.
Stormy Meeting of City Council is
Tests Made Show That Pipe Joint Are Not Cemented and
Property Owner
Charges and counter charges, re
partee and sarcastic wit prevailed at
tho Council meeting last Monday
night when that ( body convened In
extraordinary session to listen to
the complaints of the property own
er in Sewer District No. 3 over the
construction of the sewer and the
assessments against the property to
pay for the sume. The property
owners were there in force too. as
wero the contractors and attorneys.
Mr. T. II. Lott, one of tho lurgest
property owners in the district ex
plained how he had poured barrels
of water Into the sewer at his place
and that a guard at the first man
holo about 100 feet distance report
ed that no water appeared there.
Juke Dill had made a like experi
ment with the same results. Others
in the district gave similar testimony.
Others told of having watched the
progress of the work on the sewer
and that In numbers of places no
cement had been used on tlio Joints
of the pipe and that the water would
run to these Joints and then disap
pear in the ground. Mr. Butts told
of his experience when water was
placed In the sewer at a point north
of his place and then would run
down the hill to his premises. where
It would not go any further on ac
count of the grade of the sewer
which took a raise from his place
toward the main trunk. During all
of this testimony and these state
ments much sarcastic repartee w..j
indulged In between various persorn
and the attorneys. Joined In occasi
onally by some member of the
During the recent fourth of Julyjtainlng his friend with auo ridea
ooinhroHnn Did Doe Yak a In the famous old car. Tho ab ive
pleasant visitor in St. Helens enter-'
Last Friday Mr. Richard Cox met
with an accident which has laid him
up and caused htm considerable
suffering. While stepping up on the
sidewalk in front of the drug store
Mr. Cox made a mis step some way
and his entire weight was thrown on
his lame ankle causing htm to fall
and sprain the ankle. He was taken
to his home where he has since been
but Is now fast recovering and will
soon be able to be out again.
It having come to my knowledge
that there are some people holding
tax receipts which are un-accounted
for In the records and which bear no
number. All persons holding such
receipts, are requested to communi
cate with the undersigned so that
proper receipts may be Issued and
the records cleared. All receipts
bearing no number have not been
accounted for.
C. H. JOHN, Sheriff
Refuse to Pay
Before the arguments wore over
for the evening it developed to be an
actual fact that in some place the
sewor pipes were bo laid that water
would have to run up hill and that
In many places the pipe was not ce
mented, while In other places the
pipe was cemented on the top but not
on the botom parts.
Whilo the remarks and arguments
were quite heated at times there was
a spirit of fairness manifested by
nearly everybody Interested and
when the Council made an order re
scinding Its forfer action in accept
ing the sewer and directing Engi
neer McQuinn to require the con
tractors to put the sewer In the con
dition as specified In the contract
the people Interested felt thnt such
action was all that coi.Id bi d ine in
tnc premise and good foaling pre
vu led. During :ln evening some
c i.e speaking li r the contractors
mcd a statement that (he City was
under obligations to the contractors
on the contract in districts 6 and 7
on which work bad been stopped by
li.-? Court, nnt many people took
these remarks to Indicate that the
Contracting Company would endeav-
or to hold the city to these contracts
or pay damages for failure to ccn
ply with It contract.
However the council made a de
termined stand that the work o.j
sewer In District No. S must be com-
plr-tcil In acordance with the speci
toutiuns und plans embodied In the
contract regardless of what happen
ed in districts 6 and 7
picture waa taken during the ptra-lo.
15 Youngsters March to Nehal-
em Under Command of
Rev Meyers ,
Monday morninb at 5 o'clock 15
brave boy scout under command of
Rer. F. J. Meyers, marched out of
St. Helena o nthe first lap of an out
ing trip to the Nehalem. Each boy
waa loaded with a knap sack well
filled with good things to eat furni
shed by a fond mother and each boy
waa Just starting on an xperlence In
j lite that he will not forget as long
as he lives. The first forenoon of
Monday the boys reached Trenholm
and after resting there -for some
time started on the afternoon walk
for the Dupont place at Valley. From
there they w lllgo to Pittsburg and
up the East Fork where they will
spend a week or ten daya fishing and
camping out.
HOUSE for rent. TENT fora ale.
J. Q. GAGE, St. Helena.
Mayor Mueller Appoints Fx-
Ofticers to Prepare Mew
Propose to Bond the City to Kefu id
Outstanding Indebtedness
Ex-Mayor Martin White of St.
Helens, Ex-Mayor James Dart of St.
Helens, Ex-Mayor N. A. Perry cf
Houlton, Ex-Councl'man B.C. Morton
of St. Helen and C. C. Casfcott of St.
Helen have been appointed by tne
Mayor and Council as a Charter
Commission to have' charge of the
drafting of several charter amend
ments or a new charter for the com
bined city. A Portland ,firm of
attorneys have the actual work of
getting the charter in shape but the
commission as named above will
represent the city in the matter and
it is the Intention to have charter
amendment ready to vote on within
few weeks. It is proposed to vote
on bonding the city to refund all out
standing debts at the same time so
that, outside of bonds the city will be
free from debt to start In with.
About $20,000 of debts are out
standing at the present time, not
including sewer debts.
Mr. E. M. Watta and daughter
Maud went to the Seaside this week.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lamberson have
gone to the Seaside during the hot
Chas. Osteen and Mary Sholtx
took In the Oaks at the Rose City
last Sunday.
Lee Hetrlck was up from St. Hel
en Sunday.
The Mlssea Hazel and Helen Watts
were at the Rose City this week.
We learn that Mr. Kyser Is very
sick at this writing.
Dr. Hatfield and wife visited at
Portland, Monday.
Mr. Joe Adam hu gone to the
Sheppard Spring for a couple of
We learn that Chapman Camp will
tart up again the 25th of this month
Mr. Stanton has returned home
from the hospital.
We had Moving Picture here Sat
urday night and Sunday night, which
were well attended.
Wm. Anderson's smiling face waa
seen on our streets Saturday,. Coma
down oftener Billle, we all miss you.
Mrs. Joyce and Mrs. Smith were
St. Helena visitors Tuesday.
Mr. Skudder is getting along nice
ly at the hospital, and wll soon bo
Mlsa Restoria Adams visited at the
nose City tor a few days this week.
The usual Friday night band con
cert will be given at 8 o'clock this
evening on the Strand at which time
the following prog, am will be ren
dered. March, American Favorite .
March, The Avenger King
Walts, The Siren Cobb
Overture, The Boquet Laurendau
March, Triumph Blckford
Waltx. Love'a Way Hlldretb
March, Don Juan Laurendau
March, The Victor Young
Schottlche, Dance of the Imps King
Plans for new School House in
District No. 39 can be seen at U. W.
Clark' residence or architect E. E.
McClaran'a office. Lumber Exchange
Bldg., Portland, for purposes of tend
ering hlda. All bids must be accom
panied by certified check of 10 per
cent. The board reserve the right
to reject any and all bids.
Plana may be seen at residence of
U. W. Clark after Wednesday, July
29th, 1914
i, mi.-
Fire Starts in Log-gins: Camp
and Spreads to Adjoining
Farms Endangering
Much Property
Friday morning; In res ponce to
telephone messages for help from
Yankton, Fire Chief Allen of the St.
Helena Fire Department headed a
crowd of Are fighters from tola city
and they are now assisting the farm-
In staying the progress of the
Reports aa we go to press
are that the fighters are making good
progress and the fire is being check
The most severe forest and brnsh
fires known In many years are raging
In tho Yankton country. People are
fighting night and day to keep the
flames away from the buildings and
cropa. Large crew of men are
working hard to atop the rush of the
blaze and so far have aucceeded in !
saving several buildings which were
in the path of the fire. All the hack
portion of the H. O. Howard farm la
biasing and Mr. Howard with a crew
of men Is fighting hard to keep the
fire from hia buildings and orchards.
In the same vicinity the farms of Mr.
Roblnette, Mr,. Rice, Mr. Stevens and
others are threatened and only hero
ic work can save the building and
cropa. Around the Yankton atore
and in the neighborhood of the
Barger . place the men, women and
children are working heroically to
save their homes. Further up Nick
Brinn ha had a crew of men fighting
the flames for several daya and the
fire Is not yet under control.
It takes constant work by all the
men available to keep the fires from
his buildings. At Mr. Groshongs
place the fire has entered h's slash
ings and la burning furlsously. The
while comunlty is alive to the situ
ation and everybody la hard at work,
the men of the community who have
been away working have all been cal
led home and are fighting bravely to
save their homes.
The fires are spreading rapidly In
the direction of Snerman'a mill and F
towards the reservoir - of the city
water worka.
So far no houses have burned.
The lire started in the Peninsula
Lumber Company's camp and haa
been burning tor some time, but only
during the last few days haa it com
down in the farming settlements. A
fire earlier In the camp of the St.
Helen Lumber Co. has been extin
Bridge Painter Drowned at
Vancouver Picked Up at
St Helens
On July 13th Hans Paulsen a
n t n f at Amn1svul tn no In t In ar 1 Via Mir
k.tl.a aaw-..e tr.A PnltilvfMa f-
iaiiivau ui luga auuH inn v v u u uia
River at Vancouver, fell into the
river and was drowned. On the Ifth
H. W. Cade picked up the body float
ing down the river nar Sc.. Helena
and brought it to this city where
undertaker T. S. WTilt-s took it In
eharge and wired tho contractor on
the bridge. Mr. Dornay came down
and identied the body an I it waa
taken to the I. O. O. F. Cemetary at
Warren for burial. No relatlveu of
the dead man could be found.
O. M. Washburn, Cashier of the
Farmer State Bank at Szanpooae
wa a business visitor in St. Helens
them at Woodland noxt Sunday.

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