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Industrial Re
view of State
Last week ended the time f?.- Sl
ing the arguments for or against In
ula t-d measures. It Is noticeable
that nearly all the arguments are
filed against these propositions.
A. D. Helms, Medford, has bought
the Lebanon planing mill property
and vlll convert the same Into a
Hubbard Congregational Church
will be remodeled.
The Independent Telephone Com
panies ot Corrallis and Florence ask
that rates be advanced to meet In
creased cost of operation. .
August 1st Springfield celebrates
opening of the new Booth-Kelly
mill. ,
The Attorney-general holds that a
wood h sidling company that hires
men only, for it -day comes under the
Workingmens Compensation Act
A $25,000 hotel and a $10,000
operating Co. organixed at Bandon-
The Union Furniture Co. of Albany
has been reorganized with larger
capital and will be operated on a
larger scale.
Marshfield offers 163 acres cut up
into acre tracts for factory sites free
to industrial enterprises.
General opposition continues a
mong farmers and fruit growers
against the universal eight hour law
- A representative of Libby, Me
Niel t Libby, Chicago, is making a
surrey of The Dalles district to locate
a $76,000 cannery there.
Three damage suits agregatlng
$35,000 were filed the past week at
Portland aainst employers in the face
of the Workingmens Compensation
The S. P. Co. is putting 600 cars
of gravel ballast on its Coos Bay line.
Latter Day Saints. (Morman), plan
a $35,000 church in East Portland.
Gresham fruit growers begin ere
ction of a cannery Sept. 1st.
Fravel, gets a state bank with
capital of 315.000.
An ore find on Sugar Creek, Jose
phine County, runs $2500 to the ton.
The second dredger of the Hodson
Co. of Portland is being installed in
the Sumpter Mining district.
County Assesor Strain of Cmatilla
County, an expert on taxation mat
ters calls the 31500 exemption class
A saw mill will be Built at Joler
station on the Willamette Pacific,
Thirty men are employed laying a
pipeline for the new Baker water
works. Astoria has a $60,000 apartment
house under construction.
The recall is a nww and active in
dustry in Curry county.
The North Bank railroad Willi con
struct a 100 foot does at Portland.
Roseburg is projecting a $100,000
high school.
A second sawmill is being located
at Wheeler by the Bailey Lumber Co.
The Oregon Supreme court has
just held that the freak law making
it unlawful to use the word co-operative
in a firm name is unconstitution
al. The clam canning industry at War
renton will have a larger plant.
South Coos Bay River will erect a
$10,000 school house.
Portland has ordered $200,000 ot
paving and sewer work.
S. A. Buck will erect a box factory
at Eugene to employ 12 hands.
The Cascade Contract Co. is build
ing houses and installing a crushing
plant for rock ballasting SO miles
of the S. P. main line at Marion.
The Standard Oil Co. will erect
a distributing plant at Gresham.
Bay City will erect a fish cannery
and a cold storage plant.
The direct primary election in
May will cost Linn county about
$4,250 and all the bills are not in
Construction has been started on
the west Umatilla irrigation project
A concrete pipe manufacturing
establishment is a new industry at
The holdover senators from Mult
nomah county are preparing a bill to
consolidate about thirty com missions
under five heads and save about half
a million taxes annually.
The new bridge over the Sandy
river will cost $20,849.
Port Orford will promote the agate
polishing industry with a carnival.
Gold and copper deposits have
been found five miles from Cottage
Willamette valley editors at D .lias
last week renewed their warfare on
the abuse of the initiative an l refer
endum and declared opposition to
more freak legislation.
A big Industry at Roseburg is t he
distribution of carloads of mail order
house catalogues.
It Is estimated that the $1330 ex
emption if enacted will take over
fifteen 'million dollars property off
the assessment rolls.
Prof. Young, the State University
economist, denies that he has entered
a combination to plover program
for the unemployed.
Swallows Due to Migrate About Aug
ust 2, Then Typhoid Pests Have
Their Innings
University of Oregon, Eugene.
July 22 On or about August 2, a
week from next Mon'ay, the swal
low will leave Oregon. Then look
out for flies. This is the prediction
of Dr. C. K. Hodge, the naturalist at
the University of Oregon, who has
spent more than a year in the state
studying biological conditons and
their effect upon living conditions in
Dr. Hodge's students are this
week conducting a fly census or sur
vey of the city of Eugene, which is
the only place in the state In which
an anti-fly sanitation campaign has
been conducted for more than one
year. In this, the second summer
of Dr. Hodge's work. Eugene has
been so nearly flyless that the city
health officer felt able to state that
there was scarcely enough brieding
stock left to supply Eugene with
flies next year. This Dr. Hodge be
lieves is too strong a statement.
He says preventive work has been
good enough to have considerable
effect with the help of the swallows,
which are the busiest fly catchers,
but that August 2 there has got ta
be a more thorough cleaning up or
old time fly conditions will be re
peated. Nineteen other cities started anti
fly work this year but none of them
has approached success so closely as
tugene. Dr. Dodge believes, how
ever, that the educational work lias
oeen sufficient to furnish a good
basis for satisfactory elimination
next year.
Portland. Ore.. July 31 -Soveral
hundred forest fires successfully
handled with practically no loss of
sreen timber Is tho Pacific northwest
record for the driest July since 1910,
according to bulletins received from
a number ot states by the Western
Forestry Conservation Association.
Fires for the most part have been In
old slashings or burns, and while
Riling the country with smoke and
in places severely taxing the patrol
forces, prompt action has robld
them of the usual toll of green tim
ber or logging equipment. The
woods are now extremely dry, and
although the full patrol force Is on
duty, the utmost vigilance will have
to be exercised to prevent disastrous
fires. The worst of the fire season
is still to be passed through.
Washington bad 75 fires during
July, nearly all of them being slash
ing fires. A few Iocs were burned
as well as some camp equipment, and
the improvement of one settler. Ac
curate figures on losses are not avail
able but the amount Is small taking
into account the number of fires oc
currlug. Donkey engines, ln.-omotlv-es,
berry pickers, and lightning are
given as the causes of the fires
About 100 men are on patrol duty
for the Washington Forest Flro As
sociation, while the State Fire W'urd
en lias on some 70 men.
Idaho in common with other stntes
has experienced high temperatures
and practically no fain during July
A numler of fires have started but
prompt discovery has practically pre
vented loss. A small amount of
green timber lias been Ore-killed.
Campers, lightning and brush-burning
are responsible for nearly nil
ores which nave orcured In the state.
The full patrol force Is on duty.
Montana has experienced no severe
fires. The State and Forest S-rvire
are cooperating in an egort properly
to cover the timbered sections adja
cent to the National Forests.
Oregon reports about lno fires
for the month, the most severe ones
being In old slashings. An Inconsid
erable amount ot green timber 1ms
been fire-killed. The State Forester
has 90 men on patrol paid by State
and Weeks law funds and private
owners are employing 300 wardens.
Telephone service which has been
greatly Improved the past year Is
proving a. marked factor in protec
tion work. High winds, hot weather
and practically no precipitation have
put the woods In dangerous condition.
Id-ports from portions of Californ
ia Indicate more favorable conditions
than last season, whllo contrary l
true elsewhere In the northwest.
Throughout tho northwest the pre
parations iimdo early In the season to
meet a bud year are proving extre
mely helpful. Never before has
such close working cooperation Misl
ed between tho Government, Slates,
and private patrols, and to this can
bo largely attributed the success of
tho work up to the present time.
From now on hunters and campers
will bo going Into tho mountains,
ami their cooperation Is needed to
prevent fires. Loggers, road builders
and ranchers should be doubly caro
ful with fire. Only through such
caro will serious fires be averted.
It was the same old story over a
tnin at Woodland last Sunday and
this time the score was 12 to 6.
Which was a rather poor score for
the boys to run up on that bunch
over there, It had ought to have
been about 25 to 5. Those who took
the trip over had it nice time as far
as the trip was ronrerned, but as far
as the exhibition of the great nation
il game went the less said tho better.
The Woodland team has been beat
en so many times at the hands of
St. Helens that when they go Into a
game they arc beaten liefore the
"nine starts, and the St. Helens
plnyers regard It more or less of a
Joke to play them, and take no In
terest in the game whatever. The
game Sunday wna feu I tired by the
rag chewing and crabbing ot the
Woodland players and the only one
on that team who n.wmwl to have
any semblance to a good clean sport
and a gentleman was Hogget win
played first base.
It) Si -OOP, the terrible
hero next Sunday. Our old , '
Hubbard Giants (colore,) w ? '
for an engagement on ti, j,,,...
and If you have Kot nil). ,( ' '
blood in you at all you run t i ? a
in Us this.
Tho band will be ot to n..
next Sunday. c p
8iuoeo says Uml !,
roons get down that they ,1!"
that nn earthquake has hit "''
the gang and tho ten,,, Rro , '
together and when they are Uwy "
hard lo beat. Come out .n.
y KCt MM" Ag.,1,,.
Rov. J. B. Mowory will prn,,h
tun Yankton Baptist C liurrh a
Sunday. August 2. A ten ,( "
talk will be Riven to the rMMren
Alt parents are Invited to nt'eni
this service.
At llachelor Flat 2:30 p. m.
Rise Rill Notes
l'erry was the star with tho stick
Sunday, getting tour nits out of five
time:! up.
Micky Mclloiinlil had his mind on
sor.ie small town up the valley last
Sunday and was unable to locate
lirst base, but he sure ought to bu
there next Sunday, there's a reason.
Perry Is now leading the hatters.
I'etn Drakko pulled off some circus
fielding in center field.
Richardson. Flagg, and McDonald
ull had an off day with tho stick.
Well who do you think will bu
Plans for new School ,,am )8
District No. 39 cau be seen at U. y
Clark's residence or architect R g.
McClnran's office. Lumber Exchanj
lildg., Portland, for purposes 0t im.
erlng bids. All bids must Im oroffl.
panled by certified check of 10 J,
cent. The board reserves the rlitla
lo reject any and all bids.
Plans may le seen st residence 0f
U, W. Clark after Wednesday, jU,
29th, 1914.
1IUS W. OLIVER, Clcrit
I Pomona Grange will meet m
I Cedar drove on the 2nd Satur- I
I day In August, being the Stli j
j day of August. A good attend-
I ance Is des'red as there win
j speakers preoent. ('hangs of
j date by order of Executive
I Committee.
I II.. N. Ml V BLACK j
I Master of Pomona I
: .
i j all inn TIME !
llATHS j
St. Hricnft. Oregon
: - - ft
J. W. McDonald
ECTION St. Helens Mist
Will Give the Following:
1 Krantx Piano, mahogany or oak finish.
1 Certificate of Credit for one Krantx Piano, when ac
companied with the sum of ninety dollars.
1 Certificate, as described above, when accompanied
with the sum of ninety-fire dollars.
1 Certificate, as described above, when accompanied with
the sum of one hundred dollars.
1 Certificate, as described aboTe, when accompanied with
the sum of one hundred and five dollars.
1 Certificate, as described above, when accompanied with
the sum of one hundred and fifteen dollars.
1 Certificate, as described above, when accompanied with
the sum of one hundred and twenty-fire dollars.
All certificates good for one year from date, L o. b.
factory, and are transferable.
The above mentioned are the seven Grand Awards.
The goods listed below are weekly awards to be
given the leaders of the campaign, as follows:
1 28 Piece Set Silverware 3rd week
1 Mission Electric Lamp 4th week
1 Condement Set, Nickel Tray 5th week
1 Nickle Casserole 6th week
1 Nickel Plated Percolator 7th week
3 Dozen Teaspoons.
hi Dozen Orange Spoons 8th week
1 Large Berry Spoon 9th week
1 Gravy Ladle 10th week
1 Cold Meat Fork ..11th week
1 Sugar Shell and Butter Knife 12th week
Dozen Teaspoons to be given the leader of the follow
ing six weeks of the campaign.
The above silverware to be Wm. Rogers & Sons, Prin
ston Pattern.
How to Get Votes
300 votes on each dollar paid on account.
108 votes on each cash purchase of 11.00.
2000 votes on each five dollars merchandise due bill sold.
2000 votes on each New Subscription to the St. Helens
1000 votes on each Old Subscription to the St. Helens
Write in name
you want to nominate, clip out and de
posit in Ballot Box
Nomination Coupon
When used to nominate a new candidate,
Great Trade Boost
ing Campaign
Seven Grand Awards
$1,805 Worth of Piano Awards
To the Seven Highest at the Clo.e of the Campaign
V m in "
-J h l. J UIJlllLlill i, Hi;, i,'ji.i::nAg-
Piano on Eshlbltlon at J. W. SIcDona Id's fit
Rules and Regulations
W HOM!. SAI I tf ( ., Tll tli: CAMPAKJX PLAN
1 U': .'' Tlln murcnl "a11 Issue votes as per fol
lowing schedule excepting as hereafter may bo mention-
100 for $1-00 on cash sales.
200 for $1.00 In merchandise paid with duo bills
100 for $1.00 on puyments of old accounts.
200 for $1.00 on duo bills paid.
200 for $1.00 on bargain or clearence sales.
Noilly' le K'Vtn Bl 1,10 lln", al" 6ro n'io
upUsuinTC !rn'! lKR"",K Vo," on oM cunl. Ihey may
(m ,.pji ' . P''ent of old accounts, that were lu-
H 1 ' .p ' r'lP' Vo,M ' "ot Rl 0 n"
w 'tl fn , r1 ttl,l,;M U,U Pwtlcular account Is paid
cl , t il ii l J""; vt may bo issued If tho inor
muni is wiling anil ho orders.
I u Ln ' IT, '" r"Kf "' ,ml1"1 hn- I'rovldod for that
x,,'l,1"" t time limit, lleforo
fasting votes. ,miko n rt(r1 ror your on gu)Uncfc
your vol In frli,,,,01 V"""K r re.,nestml to place
. mi her I", " ,,nv"!"l and se It. .,P:le wr; 18
e r d i ale Z, ?V,,"pB r"n,!1,n" ,,rt " 1,1
, ! "!'7P (' ''"''re to vote for on the ouUlde.
ill. rcliuni ,:m"1o"'. fl'Tka and pelativcs of the
HI-I K 4 M "w,!!'a',,,r not participate as candidates
mi isurl. v.... "V 8lm" 1,! no U.nce Issue voten
S?i 1 n"mi " ",V0 vr""ri sniped with their
m t ame, t ustomers should refuse thorn otherwise.
slo V.k ' ?,?'''? K,,,lll'111K f votes In the merchant. 'a
.J '" rf!""1 of r on premises Is PIIOHIIUTKI).
m,,, nor uftnr w Vil! 1m Brra" l""l r marked In any
" n n LrnV,'V'18 ,"w-'nt., Imnds. shall b
u K'S,,!, HIE1"" -..W -PPear that
''leHluilnolonlorVn ""'l ",0 Pfinln datB- "-
ll".,'lAntl.nV,irKy',y Uiny " immlnate candl-
to 500 0 fu VJ """'"""'"y. This will entitle her
candldnto! """atl"K V(,",s '! hI.o will bo entered as a
IIVIF f 0 Vv10" trMKtihi rter being cast,
the mernhiui't'H slgm,Urn nn roP"y damped with
Pfred will not l .cp,ed. ' V0U"' t,me n'
nm Xntn by tho merchants
""K with ho third week nn "1''? nch W",k' ,,0K,n
nowspiiper. k ftni1 rol,ort " results to the
J. W. McDonald and St. Helens Mist
2ut . I ?

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