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V4 rtj
No. 33
rcr.nn.1 Who Have -Paid No
Taxes Vet, Rcmiired to .
Pay Interest
('utility Treasurer lint tun Inn bon.i
lniructod liy tlm District M . irnoy
mill On ii l y Juili;n (lint tlio lu'v ah
Inte-preicd l.y lilclior n it!u t itn
lnil. I that no Intercut will tin roipilr
cl on the luxt liuir iiivniiilH ii
tuM" under tlio new law. Accord Iiir
ly Mr. Italian Im iihiKIiii; out rlim-Kit
for 1 1: r interest Hint bus nlr-ndy
ho .i palil mi tlio FO.'oiul linif nny
nirntH. 'I'h iwnonnl lo hp rolni nod
Ii only Miiill beliiR lo.is th:.:i SI 40
On nil iiayiiii'iitu of tn"in !l, it nro
mad'i l.efuro Hopteuih'ir IM. where
no half iniynutiil wa m.ulo pfrr
April, the Intercut w'.ll Im charged
lilll lliom portions' who paid oilP
linlf of tliolr Inxo bofiuu April tsl
ri:i ea.ipo having lo a ir.'.i.-r.wt.
- t
Mr. nnd.Mrs. w. 11. Dllhrd enter
tained nlioiii thirty-five friends nt n
dunning party at their homo ln8t.
'.Helens IiibI WotliM'Hilay evening. Thy
' Ungo dining room wna converted In
to n ilanrttifc parlor and waa artlHll
r.mlly ilneorntod with Mountain Anil
"lll.iMoiim nnd, ftoil AiftorH. Itacorn
1 linns In tho pnrlor consisted of YoJ
I'lmv (;olilo:ioiow. In (ho llhriiry a
.i'uiidi Howl was bunked with I'lnk
fiiFrnnoo ItiittPH nnd.IIlun llydrnn
, tj?, .nt"whlpi Mr. nillunl prt'Bldml
'VTlid merry-. party dnnrod until 12
oVU'k.wliPii Mr. Dlllnrd uhhIhIoiI by
V. ....... . . ........
r.uin , ltUKHa BITVIMI a I1UIIUI
I lA1.? I... I I I
to. lii'rf delivery wiiRon and horfiii
iftlw .wairirn li onn of tho latot
dpllvory wnKoiiH nml V'
ii(loinnl)pnlntfd fth lilo lj:n on
thirrtiyor." fr. Pel onion wnnts to
rtyfanfp t li nt ho In roiuly to mako
t' lh;-h( procorleH nod novcltUw
- an .rtTonof th city on tho
.hiirt'iijpsiiiio notice. Uo In put
in .Bp of novoiiloH and imtlonr
v'tooini fldo f thp InrKo Hioro rftojn
"eiipl by ldrn. On tho otlior uldo
t will liif.ftiinu oiin of tho.liOHt Rrocery
Jine.Anr-,(Rhf'to St. llolona.
ll:irkor .prPKlilod ovor a
t'oi-y laulofullv
, 7nrf'MlH W'ls wJfldo of liulnlor
iThtirfclayet Win liomo of hor un
.iiyii ltpftaj.
1L. " M Hcniinjo.tuwiiK youow,
d covom ,r,.ro. )lldifoii MIbm I.oU
XX r V tamipr, .Mi(. iiIh nihino,
MWlliy ' Johu' LtfllUr. MIhs
i llni-vl M....I.I.. i ..' . . -
. MIw Klhhlpmd-Jlijit Jlnrkor px
lwluilnl niii'lS?'! tho Mn-
nnn irgliaiMuml, J'rtltyil. this
h-' 'Mr. nmf Mrs. Wi- fihorrood havo
VM.'fJiolr'Tnrm Fn nimKelor' Flat
J1? tl,e;-..I',n!ionheln''rfrotiqfs'br to
tJittfs of rort-
Will ot UiHt FrirtaJ titr..wllh
i ""Ko.ii. niT(i want rot vn ovcr
M , Jmirnoy Tft Idiili-fmiid ' from
ti,rtUO Wlefmiln". Thoy will Wop
f t'wjutor' iiv Idana'antl In tub,
. vrrjlJ;;iiiHtl'lrf foVltKcUie, Wlscon-I
; ln ij ,rtt tiT-ixpY V,, td,,ako
1W tuliiro'homb; "; f- Vf
Alifi a '. Jaj..r,iin farm implements of all
- v, i.(iKe rcuiTlieu 1BI V Dun."-
W the t.bsjStal . in Portland
vorlnArHnn 0porao'A.
"VoVy.m5rh, prvfmvH hwit
Shipment of Creosote From
Germany on English Vessel
SI. Il Ipiim Plant PpjtpmlliiK on Hufp
Arrival of Foreign t'urno
A tank Hlotinmr with a carco of
ono million RnlloiH of croowito oil
for tho 81. Melon Croowito rom
pany Ih known to ho In Moxlcan
wntnrH. Tho vphroI aIIh under tho
HrlllHli fliiB and tlio cnrRO wna
loadnd at Cermun. It Ih thouKlit
Hint tho hhlp will arrive horn all
rlRht n h It Iihb puHHod out of tho
daimor conn. If lhH vokhoI ahouid
ho enpturod and fall to arrlvo hro
It would ho only a short tlino un
til tho work at tho ('p-ohoIIiik plant
would coiiHO. They huvo (nifflelonl
oil on hand lo contlnuo operation
for only a few wrekit and mo dp
Ii.'nilliiR on thin oirtfo to pnirttnuc
Ux'uIn Win InlerevtliiK Cnmo From
l!ir lliililmul (.'lants
Our old frloiiilH tho colored Clnnti
woro hero hint Sunday and tho lo
::ila took hwoet rr-voncn for tho for
mer defeat at Hip Ii uiiIh of tho color
oil Koiitlouion. Tho IociiIh Htnrtod oft
with a niHli hy rcoi-Iiir four runa In
tho very flrnt Innliiit on lilts hy -M-Donald,'
Kail, I'orry and Flat!!!, and
by tho way Frank FlagR knocked o
homo run In tlila InnlnK. the (I rut one
during tlio many years he had heen
playlnR tlio Kreat Kaiuu. In the
third tlio IociiIh Bcored two more
wiillo ilurlnR thin tliuo the colored
(font lenieu hud not Bent a man a
croBB tho rulilier. Hut Htartinft in
tho fourth InnliiR tho vIhUofh lii-Kim
to do tliliiRB bo that the score al
the end of the nevenlll Btood 9 to 6 In
favor of the cooiih. In tho last half
of tho olKlitli tho ImBei wore IiuIrIiir
with locals trylnR to Rot around
when Heen Hall stopped up to the
pinto, looked carefully over ono of
tho iliirkont Imlls the Iilack pitcher
had, bo that wlien the next hull came
milling ovor tho center of the plate
UtcoH bwiiiir and hit It ho hard that
throo rung had roclBtpred heforo It
waa roiHivered. After that the loculc
BPrPd thrno more runs thorohy in ,k
liiK tlTo final score utand 12 tn !).
Next Sunday tho Stiletto tonni
from Portland will BRiiln tacklo Hip
hurd-hlttlng llallaKh youngHtPrB In
an nndeavor to repeat their former
Blunt by defontliiR ub. It will be a
rattling pood Riune and everybody b
oordlnlly Invited to ntlend. Tlio nt
tondaiico Ih vity much deHlred uml
Iho two l.ltn . I.i badly noPded, bo
come out and help!
Justice Weals Out Kpvpip PuiiInIihiciiI
to Off. ntlcr
A mnn named Hansen vns
brought to St. Helens lint v.'ppV
from Clatskanlo by Cnnstabln Jack
Campbell to commenco sorvln? hh
Bontonco of six months in tho conn
ty Jail. The JudRinont was pro
nounced by Judgn lliirnoa and thr
crime for wbioh tho mnn will ntny
with the shorlff f t r bIx lonn mcnihi
was pealing potatoes. Tho f.triuerF
In tho Dolta Oardea community li'.v
bnpn having considerable tmtblp
with tills sort of thlovory 'or boiiip
time and Justice Itarnes niado thr
Montonce In this r:iso ovcr eno uh
to make It an object lesson to any
other persons contemplating mnklnR
r.ildx on tho farmer's poatoe
Tho Muckte Hardware Co. lias
v I opnnod a branch store In the Mn
K--" Jsonlo Jmlldlng, where thoy will ban
, .lnl,V
;Tbey re Increasing tl olr stock
tht .may bo made upon
- H'om for farm Implements.
Charges Contained in Them Show
Wanton Disregard for Truth
So Apparent is the Motive Behind the Movement
That It Does Not Seem Probable Enough
Signatures Will be Obtained
As stated oxcluslvoly In the Mint
last week, recall petitions nro In cir
culation for tho recall of County
Judge Ilurrls, CommlsslonprB John
Karr and Louis Fluhrcr and County
Attorney Dlllard. The petitions
emanated from Houlton and wore
drawn up by a Portlnnd attorney
and sot forth some of tho most In
consistent, untruthful and ludlcrour
statements imaginable. After hav
ing loarnod whnt the contents of the
petitions were and tho charges made
In thorn an Investigation was made
from records at the Court House,,
which cuunot hut brand the whole
recall proposition as a piece of spite
work or revengo or an attempt to
gain notoriety, for it surely cannot
he poRslhle that men of any standing
in the community would make such
Btiitementa if they knew whut they
were talking about. As a mattor of
fact tho lnstlgutors of the recall and
the frnmers of the petitions do not
know what has been and Is being
done by the County Court in tho way
of handling the affairs of the county.
It Is simply a broad statement made
up by people who did not take the
pains or trouble to ascertain the
facts but Just took a long shot at
some .imaginary misconduct on the
part of the Court and officers. And
the aforesaid shot goes so wide from
the mark and is so far removed from
(lie truth of the situation thatlt does
not seem probable or possible that
472 good citizens and voters of the
county will attach their names to
such a paper without making an In
vestigation. If the various granges,
commercial clubs, tax payers leagues,
or other bodies or any Individual
would take a half day off and go
to the Court House and look into the
affairs and sco whnt the Court Is do
ing for the tnxpnyors, there would
not bo enough signers on the petl
Hons to put the county to the added
oxpense of a recall election just for
the purpose of giving some dls-satts-flcd
people a chance for soma re
vengo for a wronR existing solely In
Mio Imagination.
There can be no question but that
some of the people who will sign the
petitions Will do so with an honest
Intent, thinking that wrongs have
boon done and that the officers have
been unfaithful to their trusts, but
those peoplo should make an Investi
gation boforo doing so. Head over
Lhe charges made In the petitions and
ludge for yourself whother or not
thoy nro of such magnitude ns would
warrant a recall election at the ex
pense of tho taxpayers. Hero is one
of them:
"The said W. A. HlTrrls lias, in the
conduct of his ofllce ns County Judge
boon sotfish and extravagant In tho
management of the county business.
In proof of which we cite the fol
lowing facts:
1. That a road has been ordered
to be' built between the city of St.
Helons and Columbia City, known nr
tho "Columbia City and Warren
Highway" at a cost of about thirty
thousand dollars, which road when
wmplntod will be of no practical
bailout to the public, and la boing
built parnllol to the presont county
rond for a dlstanco of about three
2. For the purchase of nn auto
mobile truck at a cost of $4,076.00
without advertising bofore purchis
lng same.
a That W. A. Harris has not
lompllod with sections 0278 nnfl
12"ft ns' amended In Session Laws
of 191a."
"Consistency, thou art a Jewel." If
the County Court had built about 8
mllos of new road which would
parallel another road upon which
more than One Hundred Thousand
Dollars in cash bestdea hundreds o"
days work by the tax payors under
the old law, had been expended, so
that all that money and work would
he thrown away and uu impassable
road constructed with the funds on
hand, there would have been no oc
casion for the recall. Hut because
the County Court, acting on the ad
vice of the State Highway Commis
sion and for tho purpose of doing
away with one grade crossing on a
curve of the railroad track and also
to prevent the building of an over
head bridge crossing, decided to
build one and a quarter miles of new
road, not three miles as stated in the
petition, then it is a crime of such
magnitude that the County Court br.s
heen selfish, xetravagant and unfaith
ful to their trust. The facts of
the new road between St. Helens and
Columbia City are that there la ac
tually one and one-quarter miles of
new road which will cost less than
$10,000 to grade and macadamise
So the statement in the petition;
ihat thoy have ordered a road be
tween St. Helens and Columbia 1 ity
for a distance of three miles at n
cost of about $30,000.00 Is about'
as near the truth as they could make
It, and is tn keeping with the other
statements contained In the petition
They have also been selfish and
extravagant in that they purchesed
an automobile truck without having
first advertised for bids for same
What a crime! Great Governor, why
will people elect officers who will
commit such heinous crimes? Wli
did not the County Court advertise
for bida for an automobile track
and take a Ford runabout at a cost
of $500 Instead of tuvestig.ti:-i rll
he automobile trucks th:tt would be
af service and then purolu.sln i.p
which vii uld be of some tiio ' the
lowest possible cost for such a truck?
Really this charge is so far removed
from good business judgment and
common horse sense that it clearly
demonstrates the extremes to which
the recallers went In order to find
some charge that would appeal to
the unthinking and unsuspecting
voter. Ludicrous, isn't It?
And now comes the most serious
charge. . "That W. A. Harris has not
complied with sections 0278 and 62-
79 aa amended in Session Laws of
1913." It may be that the attorney
who drew, up this petttton had a
different Session Law of 1913. Pos
sibly he purchased it from Dead-Eye
Dick Publishing Co., for the Session
Laws of 1913 aa published by the
Secretary of tho State of Oregon and
published as the official laws of Ore
gon doea not contain any amendment
to section 6278, bo if they found
any amendments to that section thoy
must have been roadng some alma-
nno or novel.
Hut tako. both of these sections,
amended or not, and see where any
?reut selfishness or extravagance has
been employed, whether or not the
Court complied with them.
It the people of Columbia County
would be fair to themselves, would
be fair to their neighbors, would dis
play enough Interest tn the affairs of
the county to look into these frivo
lous charges before signing any re
call petition and putting the county
to the expense of another election
there would not be a corporal's
guard loft to rally to the standard ot
the disgruntled "reoollers."
As to the petitions asking for the
Quiet Week Along the Water
front in St. Helens
However, Mills Continue to Operate
On Full Time
The Steamer Multnomah was a
first of the week "getaway," taking
a million feet of lumber and 60 pas
sengers for San Francisco.
'The Steamer Klamath, flagship of
the McCormlck fleet, completed her
load of over a million feet of lum
ber and piling and after taking on
CO passengers; left today bound for
San Pedro and San Diego.
The Steamer Willamette called In
Tuesday night to discharge a con
signment of redwood lumber which
was re-shipped on the steamer Qul
nault to Alaska. The Willamette al
so took on a partial cargo from the
Columbia County mill.
The Steamer Qulnault of the Poit-
land Steamship Co. called In Thurs
day to take on a consignment of lum
ber for delivery to one of the big
Alaska mines at Sheeps Creek, Alas
ka. The business between Portland
and Alaska is rapidly Increasing and
tlve Qulnault had a full cargo of
general freight for delivery at sev
eral Alaska points, also a full pas
senger list. The Lumber Co. have
several connections in Alaska and
hereafter St. Helens will be getting
hor share of the trade of Alaska.
Sends In Alarm Without Any Ap
parent Reason
Last Saturday morning about 10
o'clock the fire alarm from box 34
rang into the engine room at the
mill -and in a very short tin o aflor
the whistle blew the entire fire de
partment with the hose carts wero
out at the Hazen bill rei-l;- t fight
fire, but no fire could be found. . In
vestigation proved that tne alarm at
that place had, from some cause
that could not be ascertained, been
sprung, but Just how was myatony.
The glass on the inside of the. box
was broken but there w.i uo In
dication of bnybody having done it.
The fire boyp think that souu pies
tin agains the rlass fr.no the in-
de caused it to break tlw.ebv send
ing In the aiarm.
Mr. R. C. Merryman of Exeter, Cat
vice-president ot the St. Helens Lum
ber Co., spent the past week In St.
Helens looking after business affairs
connected with the company. Mr
Merryman at one time waa one of
the leading lumbermen of Wisconsin,
but of late years is engaged in fruit
raising on a large scale in California.
In conversation with htm a few days
ago he expressed himself as confident
that the war In Europe would not
last very long and that business in
this country would not be badly em-
bar assed.
recall of County Attorney Dlllard, we
are not Informed as to their contents
but Judging from the contents of the
other petitions It is safe to say that
this Is also a piece of personal dis
like or spite. Mr. Dlllard has been
a resident of Columbia county tor
many years. Ho has a long and
honorable record as an attorney and
a citizen of the county. His official
actions are open to publio Inspection
and if he has been so unfaithful to
the trust Imposed in him to warrant
his recall, the records at the Court
House fall to disclose it and the peo
ple who are here and thoroughly
familiar with the work done and the
work required of this offlcor do not
know it. This Is apparently anoth
er piece of work Inspired by some
body who has been personally dis
pleased at some action of the district
attorney and should not be coun
tenanced by the better class of oltl-
tens until something mora definite
Is discovered.
Georgiana Will Continue to
Carry Passengers at
the $1 Rate
The rate war on the Columbia
river did not last vmg. Just when
everybody waa beginning to take
notice of the low fares from Port
land to Astoria and to begin pre
parations for a trip, the two warring
transportation companies got to
gether and one bought the other out.
The owners of the Georglnla pur
chased the Undine and Lurllne and
pulled off the Undine as an excur
sion boat. The fare has been kept
at $1.00 and will not be reduced
again this Bummer. The new own
era will use the Lurllne -on Its regu
lar run aa a freight and passenger
boat between Portland and Astoria
while the Undine will be placed on
the dock to be used as an extra in
case of emergency. The Georglnla
will continue to run as an excursion
boat between Portland and Astoria
with Sunday trips to the mouth of
the river.
With the Skeletons Are Unearthed
Beads and Guns
Workmen on the Columbia High
way near Rainier have unearthed the
skeletons of three Indians together
with beads and gun. One ot the
graves produced, besides the skele
ton, a quart ot beada and a gun.
Of course the wood waa all gone
from the gun but the barrel and
hammers and other parts ot metal
were Intact. '
Misses Anne Ketel and Elsie Phil
ip, members of the Epworth League,
decided to clear the debt on the
chairs In the M. E. Church parlor
last week, and entertained the pub
licist an Ice Cream Social Friday ev
ening which netted sufficient funds
to attain the desired object. The
parlor waa filled with small tables
tastefully decorated with Dahlias and
the Epworth League girls served the
ice cream and cake.
Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, wife ot the
President ot the United States, died
at the White House late Wednesday
evening. Congress adjourned tor a
day ajid all business ot the govern
ment was at a standstill In honor ot
the first lady of the land. Funeral
will be at Rome, Georgia, the former
home of the Presdent.
Captain Pat Mullay, of the 14th
United States Infantry, la expected In
St. Helens within a tew daya tor a
visit with his uncle, John Dolan.
Captain Mullay has been ordered
with his regiment to the Philippines
and will sail September 6th.
The M. E. Sunday School will hold
a Basket Picnic In Godfrey Park ,St.
Helens on Friday, August 2 1st. Ev
eryone is cordially invited to attend.
Bring your basket and enjoy the day
at the park.
' E. A. Ross, Committee.
Dr. A. C. Tucker, the new den
tist, with offices In the Muckle build
ing, has added his professional card
to the list published In the Mist. Dr.
and Mrs. Tucker witn their children
are now comfortably located In the
Abbott realdence on St. Helens St.
1,800 feet of alio lumber for sale.
Lumber at Warren.
3tp John Dolan, St. Helens.

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