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Keasey P. 0. the Home o! Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Sitts
Surrounded on all sides by giant
fir and cedar trees with a stream
of pure mountain water flowing
tli rough the center of a clearing is
located the picturesque farm home
of Mr. and Mrs. G. II. Sitts on Hook
Creek about 9 miles westerly from
Vornonla In Columbia County. This
is the end of the road. It is as far
as the road Is cut out, so when
travelers get this far they must stop
or go further only by walking over
mountain trails, through dense tim
ber and underbrush. Nearly twenty-two
years ago Mr. ' Sitts wended
his way up Rock Creek looking for
a place where he could locate a
homestead with enough good level
land from which he could make a
living and a home. When he had
gone aa far as he could he decided
that this would be an ideal place for
such purposes. Accordingly he sur
veyed out what he wanted and then
going to the Land Office homestead
ed 140 acres'.
Ho built a houso out of shakes and
timbers which he cut out of the for
est with his axe and saw. He began
to clear some land and to plant n
few fruit trees. He planted some
seed for hay. From that time on,
every year he has kept on adding
improvements until now he has a
most delightful place . to livo, well
improved, but stilt with the old
houso he first built, producing suf
ficient crops to meet his demands
and raising fruit enough for a dozen
On this place Mr. and Mrs. Sitts
now live, a happy, contented family,
or all that Is left of a family, their
children having married and moved
away. And here in this home is
the highest type of hospitality dis
played that exists today. No trav
eller or stranger ever enters the
Mi toc
gate leading up to this farm home
in the mountains without a realiza
tion that he has visited some of the
best people on earth. Nothing is
too good for a stranger who hap
pens to travel that way. Mrs. Sitts
prides herself in good old fash
ioned farm cooking and when she
has set a meal before a hungry per
son it is such a one as will he rel
ished for months afterward. She
keeps in her cellar a supply of fresh
milk and butter and when a tired,
hungry hunter or fisherman wanders
around to her kitchen door seeking
something refreshing he is rewarded
with a glass of pure, cold milk and
some bread and butter that cannot
be equalled in the most fashion
able hotel or eating house In the
On all sides of this picturesque
old house are located flower beds
of roses, dahlias, sweet peas, soldier
buttons and many other varieties
which give to the place a charming
Here also is located the post office
for the neighborhood mail and peo
ple for miles around got their mail
through this office. The original of
fice of Keasey was located several
miles down the creek but about
12 years ago Mr. Sitts was ap
pointed Post Master and moved the
office to his present home where It
still remains.
Altogether it is a delightful place
for any person to visit. In Rock
Creek there is good fishing and in
tho mountains there Is game to
hunt. During tho summer months
many people visit Keasey, tho home
of the Sitts' and no one ever regrets
the trip.
ll.ltt;.lS IX HEAL KSTATK.
The St. Helen Improvement Co.
herewith pi-esenf a list of bargain'
in Columbia County that for price
anil terms cannot he equalled. The)
have secure! these properties on
Much condition that they run make
the payments so easy that any per
son desiring a farm or city home car
afford to buy. IjuiiIc litem over!
72-aere farm This place has 40
acres in cultivation and the balance
In pasture, easily cleared. It 1h on
the main Portland road, on n milk
route, rural delivery, and telephone.
Less than one mile from a depot and
about a halfmlle from a first class
high school. An excellent op per
tunlty for a dairy farm, there being
sufficient pasture and farm lauds
to handle 30 cows. This place can
he bought for $125 per acre on easy
terms, and 7 per cent interest on
deferred payments.
The greatest opportunity ever of
fered In Columbia County in the way
of a dairy farm S97 acres of the
famous Snuvies Island, on the Wil
lamette Slough between St. Helens
and Portland, where the Steamer
America and Iruldu goes every day
In the week laden with cream and
milk to tho Portland markets. Willi
the place goes 40 betid of due dairy
cows, 2 horses, all farm implements,
in fact, everything to enter right in
to the business. House, barns and
outbuildings, all complete for $40.
000, with one-third cash and the bal
ance at 7 per cent on long lime
terms. This is positively one of the
host dairy farms in the Slate of Ore
gon and at a price that can not be
1,000 acres of logged off land ot
MS nn acre. Pacific Highway runs
through this tract and It is only one
mile from tho railroad nnd Colum
bia river. This tract is near Coble
In Columbia county, and nearly nil
of it will muko first class farm and
orchard land. Easily cleared and
well watered.
Also 160-acre tract near Yankton,
$30 per sere, near good school and
on good road.
10 Acres 2 ncres cleared, all fenced,
all In pasture, good new bungalow
house, near good school, on good
road. All good soil and can sell you
this home for $150 cash, balance In
monthly payments of $10, 7 per cent.
Can you beat this for $1,300?
We have 10-acre tracts for $50
down and $10 per month, 6 per cent
Interest on deferred payments. All
level land and extra good soil and In
ono of the best neighhorhooods In
the county.
If you wants lots in St. Helens,
4 lois $100: no , juiijJiAlji;fl,iiitJiL.
loulh. 7 per cent
,o have them
down, $10 per in
Interest for the 4
Wo can sell you a good 0-rooni
.ilaslered house for $HhJ down, $15
per month, 7 per cent. Why pay
Do you know that we have cus
tomers that want to buy horses,
cows, pigs ""'I chickens. It u
have them for sale, tell us.
If you want to rent, buy or sell;
have your house, bam or auto In
4ii red, let us know.
A. T. Ijiws, Manager,
St. Helens, Oregon.
flilMILtir. I'AbD
rnwriMCi vrv.j
Conflict Results in Repulse of Invad
ing Austrian Army.
Paris. A dispatch from Nish, Ror
vla, to the Matin, says the Austrian
troops wero defented with heavy loss
In a battle ngalnst the Servians on
Sunday near Semendrla.
The regiments of Austrian Infantry,
comprising nearly 10,000 men, sup
ported by heavy artillery, advanced
against the Servians, but were repula- j
ed, leaving many of their number dead
and wounded on the field. A large
force of Austrian troops, aided by n.
flotilla of 20 monitors, tried for six
days to cross the river Save Into Sor-;
vlan territory, but did not Biieeeed in
3 m nr rtruM mil' a r r-MT? . C
I Ult-, V-Ul-n 1 1 hhli V.tM-.frvi
4 PHONE 135
ino-s-eUM. 4am' -woum -hcm. s.
SW'c ut'iil.l fill n couple of pages with t lie hundreds of
;, i lilies in I la id ware, which we have and you want. 't
arc ci mplelely slocked with puuls fur the 'farm, ilic
1 h. inc. tlie'j.'.arden, the shop, or the small hoy who wants
a pocket knife or fish ln.uk. All kinds all prices w'.
9 er thinj; you'll find them all here, strictly liioji Krn((l
i and warranted to live longer than you.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
Ucrlin. The burgomaster of Ant
werp has announced that the (lermani
bad Invaded Llmhurg, Holland, and
that the province had been placed un
der martial law, according to a mes
sage received here. The Holland au
thorities opened the dykes and threat
ened to flood the district. It was re
ported. Mmbtirg lias a population of
nearly 250,000.
The German border troops from
Lublinltz, Silesia, after a short skir
mish with Ilusslans, took possession
of Czentsochowa, Russian Poland.
Ilendzln and Kallsz. Uiissiau 1'nlaml,
ulso have been occupied by the tier
mans. It was officially stated In I'arls nnd
repeated hero that a Herman force
had Invaded France mar Clrey.
A battle was fought between the
German and Husslnii fleets off the
Aland Island, nnd result Pd In thn-Kus-
sinns being driven back. The Uusslau
war vessels took refuge lu the Cult
of Finland,
All Business Promptly Attended To
wm. h: DAVIES
' Prop,
by always asking for '
Mad in St. Ilclrni, Under Chan and Sanitary Conditions, hf Finl
Clnn Workm n who t !. Ilrra and fpml Tliair Wagci Iter.
A.M. ECKER, Manufacturer St. HeldlS
Patronize Our Advertises
J. W. McDonald
&NNLCT.ON St. Helens Mist
Will Give the Following:
1 Krantz Piano, mahogany or oak finish.
1 Certificate of Credit for one Krantz Tiano, when ac
companied with the sum of ninety dollars.
1 Certificate, as described above, when accompanied
with the Bum of ninety-five dollars.
1 Certificate, as described above, when accompanied with
the sum of one hundred dollars.
1 Certificate, as described above, when accompanied with
the gum of one hundred and five dollars.
1 Certificate, as described above, when accompanied with
the sum of one hundred and fifteen dollars.
1 Certificate, s described above, when accompanied with
the sum of one hundred and twenty-five dollars.
All certificates good for one year from date, t. o. b.
factory, and are transferable.
The above mentioned are the seven Grand Awards.
The goods listed below are weekly awards to be
given the leaders of tho campaign, as follows:
1 26 Tlece Set Silverware fird week
1 Mission Electric Lamp 4th week
1 Condement Set, Nickel Tray nth week
1 Nickle Casserole '. flth week
1 Nickel Plated Percolator 7th wook
3 Dozen Teaspoons.
Vt Dozen Orange Spoons 8th week
1 Large JSerry Spoon 9th week
1 Gravy Ladle loth week
1 Cold Meat Fork nth week
1 Sugar Shell and Uutter Knife 12th week
Vi Dozen Teaspoons to be given the leader of the follow
ing six weeks of the campaign.
The above silverware to bo Wm. Rogers & Sons, Prln
ston Pattern.
How to Get Votes
300 votes on each dollar paid on account.
100 votes on each cash purchase of $1.00.
2000 votes on oach five dollars merchandise due bill sold.
2000 votes on each Now Subscription to the St. Helens
1000 votes on each Old Subscription to the St. Helens
Write in name you want to nominate, clip out anil de
posit in Ilallot Iiox
Nomination Coupon
When used to nominate a new candidate.
I. VOTE FOH . , .
Great Trade Boost
ing Campaign
Seven G rand Awa ids
$1,805 Worth of Piano Awards
To the Seven Higheat at the Close of the Campaign
Ml. .. Ml umMKWi
,' III
ni i t t u rn mi hit urn 1
lilX ll
Piano on Exhibition nt J. W. McDonu Id's SU.re,
ll n il
Rules and Regulations
i:i i,i:s and iti:a lationh pdiitaimncj to tiik
11PLR 1. TIki merchants shall ,,mio votes as per fol
Iowiiik iicheduln, excepting nH hereafter may bo mention
ed :
100 for $ 1 CO on cash sales.
200 for $1.00 In merchandise pnld with dun bills
"00 for $1.00 on payments of old ncnouiils.
200 Tor $1.00 on duo bills paid.
200 for $1.00 on bargain or clonrenc.o sales.
And votes will be Klven nt tho time sales are nmdo
In refereneo to Issuing voles on old accounts, they may $
e hmued for the payment of old accounts, that we.o In- W
r ... . " "llB ,1Ul"- V,,tM Wl" "l 1,0 V"' '"' '"'W
i i .i . . . "n,,'HB particular account la paid
.1 ,. . i , f i,5H' w,"" vo,"s '""y t,n IxhuimI If tho li.er
cli.uit Is wiling uml ,:o orders.
lU'l.K 2. Votes will l,o Issued with n tlmo r.mlt of one
r , i ."'U,!t.,l,' '" l,: 1 Provided for thai
r- I Z U;U"" "!" "M-lrallon of tho tli.in limit. I!er..ie
cihiing Notes, make a record for your own Kul.lan.o.
?"!'"" !" f,"-""," votitiR you are riv:uo,;t(d to place
ii ! ."" ,,;,,v"'"l'" "'' "al It- I'loaso v rlie the
' "1 r votes tl.e envelope contains and tho nau.o or
. a I..U,o :ou do.,lro to vote for on ll, out;
in I. '..?! i l:"1,1""','. fl"ks and iielatlveii of tl.n
Vi'.i it ai.d nowsimpnr cannot purtlclpalo as candid itoti
1...111 ... i , ' lllilU 111 " lio'.tancjo Is-mi voles
1 1, . ,', '. V" "'' llav"k ",',,' lroie,ly clamped with their
mii i .u,,,.. ( ;uoniers should rofiisn them oIIioiwIh..
' 'ri;" ''"Helling of voles lu tlm merchant
ll-'i .! ' ' "'" r 0,1 l"',"l'" l PUOIIIIIITKD.
m .in ,'. '.,?,',,,. V,"lB tll,lt "'"'"-lie.l or marked In cny
I n , 'l 1,";iV"H 11,0 ""Client. "S Iu.ii.l4. 1.111,11 l.o
d.i'eswflL t!!.'S W'.'",,, f,",n 1,10 "P'-hl'Mt d.ilo, cindl
I ,' ' , I" I"' , !".. r1'"-"' '"HB by special arrange.
--- ,,,,,, Minn ,
l.il.-s All' ti '-w'-'y,,0',y U l'vlfl l" nomlnato cni.dl-
i v j.-r i 1 - it i 1"11,"""'"-y lH to s...d In tho nan f
to "0 o r., ;'. .?. ' "'" ':o""''"'"y. This will ontlllo her
candldat,! ' """"K V"U' H'0 will bo entered as a
it'm'p ! V"Um ar "ot tr,""1frl'l ftur holm; cunt,
tlin moreh,;i-BVK'lLnB "mt aro m,t properly stumped with
lii tl o '-ainni'iiL rii,."""Unn H"1'"'1 ly H'O merchants
Ul" week and rniu.n n... ,o,,i. ... n.n
J. W. McDonald and St. Helens Mist

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