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Yourself and Others Wise and Otherwise
Mrs. Quata spent Thursday in
Steam baths are becoming quite
popular in St. Helens.
A. S. Harlson was a business vis
itor In Portland Wednesday.
Virgil Powell, of Vernonia, was a
St. Helens visitor last Tuesday.
Mr. Mace, of LaCenter, is visiting
his son Archie Mace of this city.
Mrs. Chas. Mann was a Portland
visitor on Thursday of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Keller were
Portland visitors during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Baker, of War
ren, visited in St. Helens Thursday.
Mrs. A. J. Peel visited friends In
Portland several days during the
week. v .
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tarbell, of
Yankton, were shopping in St. Hel
ens Monday.
Mayor T. J. FVppin, of Rainier,
was a business visitor in St. Helens
Mr. and Mrs. Frank George and
Miss Ketel motored to Portland
Mrs. J. H. Collins and Joy Har
riet Bpent the week's end with Mr.
Collins in Rainier.
Mr. R. A. Llllich. of Quincy, is
visiting with her sister, Mrs. Martin
White of thlsc ity.
Born on November 15th, 1914 to
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Powell, in Port
land, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Galichlo, of Port
land, visited- friends in St. Helens
a few days this week.
The M. W. A. lodge of St. Hel
ens gave a very enjoyable dance at
the City Hall last Saturday night.
, The Ladies Aid Society of the
Methodist church will meet with
Mrs. Wm. Ross, Tuesday, Nov. 24.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Harris went
to Portland Tuesday, where they
will spend several days with friends.
Mrs. A. W. Mueller and Mrs. Mary
Pendergast went to Portland today
where they will visit for several
Nels Carlson, the efficient night
policeman of Rainier, was a visitor
in St. Helens Wednesday and Thurs
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd, of Portland,
were guests of Mrs. Geo. and Arthur
Adams in St. Helens a few days last
H. Morgus went to Portland Wed
nesday to stock up on Christmas
goods. Look for his announcement
next week.
Mrs. C. C. Cassatt went to Port
land Wednesday, where she visited
her sister, Mrs Younger, for a
couple of days.
Judge W. H. Cooper, the well
known attorney of Rainier, was
lookiifg after business matters in St.
Helens Tuesday.
Mrs. John Sten went to Portland
Wednesday to take her son, John, to
the eye specialist who has been treat
ing him for some time.
Cal Rotger has been suffering
with an attack of rheumatism dur
ing the past week. He is at his
store again this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Blakesley
motored to Portland Thursday ac
companied by Mrs. Zipperer and
Mrs. J. W. Allen and Mrs. T. S
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Chase, having
disposed of their business Interests
in St. Helens, left this week for Lan
sing, Mich., where they will make
their home.
Mrs. Wilbur Muckle, Mrs. E. A.
Rotger and Miss Amy George at
tended a luncheon given by Mrs. F.
N. Fenton, at her home In Portland,
last Tuesday.
At the regular monthly meeting of
the Guild Ladies last Tuesday, Mrs.
A. H. George served tea to the
ladies and a very delightful after
noon was spent.
Mr. and Mrs. Morton accompanied
by Mrs. Deming and Miss Eugenia
Deming, motored to Portland last
Saturday and spent the day with
friends in the city.
The members of the Christian En
deavor Society of the Congregational
church were entertained by George
Pringle, the president of the society
at his home last night. Knute BJor
kman assisted George, and the boys
proved themselves to be royal enter
tainers. A Jolly good time is reported.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Walter Williams
entertained a few friends at their
home in St. Helens on Friday night.
Miss Gladys ABhby and her moth
er, Mrs. N. A. Ashby, returned to
St. Helens this week to make this
their home, after an absence of
about two years.
Mrs. J. L. Venable returned from
Cathlamet yesterday accompanied
by her baby. Mr. Venable looked
real fatherly carrying the little fel
low, although a little awkward.
Among the visitors In St. Helens
Wednesday to witness the boxing
exhibition, was Bud Anderson, the
famous light welgbt pugilist. He
spent the day here visiting old
Word was received here this week
that Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Everson,
formerly residents of St. Helens,
have moved from Sacramento to San
Francisco, where they will make
their home.
Mrs. T. Isbister entertained the
ladies of the Congregational Aid at
her home Thursday afternoon. The
afternoon was spent m sewing ap
rons for the bazaar which will be
held soon. Mrs. Isbister served re
Rev. Meyer, and his boy scout.
had another interesting meeting lust
night in Guild Hall, when Dr. L. G.
Ross lectured to the boys on stimu
lants and narcotics. These meetings
are becoming very interesting to the
young fellows and much good In
struction is being given them.
A number of friends and rela
tives of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Garrison.
of Warren, gathered at their home
last Sunday, in honor of their elev
enth wedding anniversary. Grand
pa and Grandma Tinkham, grand
parents of Mrs. Garrison, were hon
ored guests. A very excellent din
ner was served and a good time en-
Joyed by all.
The Congregational Ladles' Aid
will hold their Thanksgiving Cooked
Food Sale at Noah's Ark Saturday,
where they will have on sale home
made plum puddings, suet puddings,
mince meats, mince pies and several
other things which are good enough,
to eat. Remember the place Noah's
Ark, Saturday afternoon.
When the steamer Multnomah
leaves here early next week, Mr. and
Mrs. IT. S. Dspaln will be on boad .
for San Diego. They will take their
Ford along and after arriving at
San Diego will take the car and
motor from that place through
Southern California up to San Fran
cisco. They will be gone about four
District Attorney DUlard was an
interested spectator and was busily
engaged, a part of the time, with
Blackstone to decide Just what was
the dlfforenco between a boxing
match and a prize fight.
Fire Chief Allen was referee at an
exhibition of the manly art on the
street last Wednesday. The princi
pals were a couple of smull boys.
Chief says It was a good exhibition
and that honors were even.
Jack Despaln, after road working
for some years, and who tendered
his resignation when the recall Court
took office, will take his Ford In his
hand and depart this week for Sou
thern California. Some people have
Bald his Ford was secured as a pre
mium, but it la big enough to ride
The manly art of boxing must t
contagious. Since the boutj were
pulled off in St. Helens this week,
several real bouts without gloves or
even without the formality of wak
ing hands have taken place. In
each case the decision has l.nen a
draw but further developments are
Among his other qualifications fir
a successful preacher, Rev F. J.
Meyer Is possessed of a very btrong
arm. This week he picked uo a
glass Jar of fruit, and holding It in
his hands, gave a squeeze re iuUIng
In a broken Jar and a badly cut fin
ger. Mr. Meyer mudt have hem in
training bn the quiet.
Completely taken by surprise was
the City Council last Monday night
when the door of the council cham
ber was suddenly thrown open and
a delegation of women entered.
Thoughts of suffragettes and their
methods ran quickly through the
minds of the sedate mayor and coun
cllmen. But It was just a demand
by the women to stop the prize
rights in the city hall. Henry
Morgus was won over.
Jack Taber, he who pilots the big
Noahs Ark on Columbia street, ac
companied by II. S. Mason, he who
serves waffles, hot cocoa and or
anges to school mams, went for a
boat ride. The engine stopped. A
paddle was put In use and the boat
ran on the sand a bare 30 feet from
shore. Tabor packed Mason to
shore and a walk of about 2 miles
brought them back to the good ship
Noahs Ark. Mason says, "Never
Prominent Men From Various
.. A . t
Localities to Advise wim
Tho County Court has appointed
nn Ailvlxr.rv Hoard. tonslh.lliE of
repre.sentutlve men from several of
tho communities ot the county, who,
If tliev accent, will advise with the
Court on all mutters of Intercut to
the county. The following letter
from the Court to the Individuals
will explain the matter fully:
St. Helens, Ore., Nov. 17. 1914
Dear Sir: In fultllliuent of a
promise made before election I ho
County Court have appointed an ad
visory board composed of the fol
lowing members. Nick Nlckerson,
Vernonia; D. W. Freeman, Mist;
N'ormun Morrill, Clutskanle; J. A.
Schunesou, Raluior; Dr. Edwin
Ross, St. Helens; Hurry West, Soup
poose, and P. II. Lund. Wurren.
We consider this a representative
body of men, each of whom Is prom
inent In the business life of tl.itr
several communities and have shown
by their past activities a deep sense
of public responsibility.
While the duties of this body are
entirely advisory, and wholly with
out compensation. The peoplo of
the County will no doubt give you
full credit for the services you way
render them by your council and
advise. While the County Court
will greatly approclute your efforts
to help them In their endeavor to
manage the affairs of the County
In a wise and economical manner.
' Trusting that you will find It pos
stole and convenient to becoo a
f member of this Board, and ti;at you
will notify us of your acceptance at
your earliest convenience, We are
Respectfully Yours,
The County Court.
L. CLARK, Judge.
J. KEELAN, Commissioner
E. Harvey, Commissioner.
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Doar Sir: As a member of the
Advisory Board you are requested
to meet with the County Court at
1 p. m., December 1st, In the Judges
office at St. Helens. At which time
matters of great Importance to the
County will be discussed.
You are urged to attend and nro
sent to the Board your views .on any
subject pertaining to tho general
welfare of the County. ,
A. L. CLARK, County Judge.
Rag Carpet and Rug Weaving.
The Ladles' Aid of the Congrega
tional church will hold Its annual
Christmas Sale of fine needlework.
aprons, pillows, towels, pillow slips,
bags, rugs, etc., at Guild Hall on
Wednesday, December 16th. Sale to
begin at 3 p. m. Supper will be ser
ved from 5 to 8 p, m. An effort will
be made to make all prices as low
as possible.
By the Folks of the Plymouth Congregational
Christian Endeavor Society
By a bare majority of 65 votes
capital punishment has been abolish
ed in Oregon, according to the latest
returns. According' to some of the
best attorneys in Portland this will
free L. H. Wilklns sentenced to hang
for the murder of Lou Winters In
Sunday School at 10 a. m. Preach
ing at 11 a. m.. Theme "The Prom
ise of Power." Epworth League
6:30. Evening service at 7:30 p.
m. The theme will be: "The Lamb's
Book of Life."
You will find this a pleasant
place to worship. Strangers feel at
home readily here.
St. Helens, Ore., Nov. 19, 1914.
To the Editor of the Mist:
We would like to ask the use of
your columns to put the people of
St. Helens right regarding tlte box
ing bouts held at the City Hall this
week and tho Fire Company having
anything to do "with it. Some people
of the city have accused us of having
promoted the bouts, but such Is not
thee ase. The St. Helens Fire Com
pany did not have anything to do
with this affair nor do we Intend to
promote any bouts, at any time.
L. E. ALLEN, Chief.
Yu Folks ar all axed to kum and have a gud time.
Every woman who kums must ware a kaliker dress and
apron or sumthin eaualv aDronerare. nH mnc i.. .u i
die dorg to hum. . .
Every gent must ware there old klose and kulered shurt
No gent with a biled shurt or a dude koller will be aloud to
kum, unless he pays a fine of 5 sents.
The man and woman havin the wnrct il.; : ...
- - .vum6 jig in lnc
rume kan okupy the 2 best seets in the hniice ,; .u. j
uf the tabel and ar entitled 2 a stick uv kandy a Pease.
No apron lc. Hat with flours or feathers 2 cts. Ear rings
(plate) lc. Ear rines (dimudl 2Sc Wi ,Wcc mj o .7.
" -t .woo i. tlS.
Wool dress (nue) 5 sents. Trimed anrnn ntc ri.i t ,
glasses 2 cts. Finger ring (gold) 1 c. (dimund) 10 cts. Bokase
5 cts. Beaus in hair 5 cts.
Oiled hare or waxed mustash lc. Pilaris u i c:
. ""vj Hi aigars
in pocit lc. fur each sigar. Watches not Ingersoll lc. Stove
pipe hat 5c. Chuin eum at meatin lc. 'Ttarr,,;.,
- - ... . jr a iychii 1C,
Stand up koller 2c. Pattent lether shuse 2c. Kurled mustash
4c. Button hole boka 5 c.
Our gude lookin girls and gude lookin wimin will hev gude
lookin refreshments. If you dont beleve it jest kum and sea.
8 o'clock P. M. inspecshun.
8:30 Program.
9:00 P. M. March to Dining Room. Rcfreshmets 10 Cents.
Toys, Toys, Xinus Joys
Nouli's Ark
Girls and Hoys.
(X)(iUK(J.TION.fi ClU'ltCII
(Tho Peoples' Church)
Regular services for next lord's
Bible School nt 10:00 a. m.
l'ulillo Worship nna sermon 1 1 u.
Chrlutlan Endeavor at 0:30 p. ra.
Song Sorvlfa and a brtof Inspiring
sormon by the pastor at 7:30 p. in.
A church homo Is herb for all.
strangers and friends.
"Come thou with us and we will
do thee good."
Tigs for Bull. k - .
Warren, Oro '
Belect your f,.,.- ... .
while tho ......... .'"'ri
Ark. ---"""""'IoHk
Subscribe and pa7fu77
Journnl at Nouh'g Ark.
lluy your Cabbuci .
Pound. II. W. Heiwam, " '
Dr. Lowa will h. .,.
Hotff 2, tmr ti c ; "
Uomuiubur the du.
I'utronUo Our AilvrrtUerx. It Vnyn,
IIUVOB good U,luril p,
Soule bankrupt .toes, lllal
bo sold at any price. Ak .
Itoulejulilur, at fit. HoiTO, hl
Columbia County Abstract
Abstracts, Real Estate, Insurance,
Loans, Conveyancing.
Williams & Hall Co
i Business is business when it is
; honest. When it is not honest it is
; robbery. The man who doesn't do
; a one price business is doing a dis-
honest business. . The man who
; thinks that "last week $20.00, this
; week $10.00," is good business is '
foolish. The merchant who doesn't
; believe that honesty is. the best
; policy will be a piker all his life tin- .
less he goes broke which is prob- )
1 able. Advertising is telling people
I where you are, who you arc, what
! you've got it isn't fake bargain
I sales.
Williams & Hall Company
Are you thank
ful you are not in
battle scarred Eu
rope? We are thankful
that we can sup
ply our customers
with goods at no
higher prices now.
than they were be
fore the war. Jas.
Muckle & Son
positively will not
advance any prices
on goods that were
advanced since war
was declared.
Something New
(iliAHH nt ilKlUCK riut KS
Alwi Complete Kjill Htork of M
CiooilN, flotlilnjr, HmU and 0li
limit and HIiim t
Furniture, Htovea, iind Iliirdtw'
Groceries Ktc.
Everything for Kverybody nt rr,rei
Tlmt Defy Coniietltl(n
A Call Will Convlme You.

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