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Something New I
M8H at Iti:l' i:i vhh'KH
' DoCOfil 'c - AtM "l"l,l"t0 J'"" Hlwk of Dry I
DduUUl U ('"'"KCNhlnu.H.UnndCui J
IWmiU Mint Hl.oe, j
Of AY) A 'Furniture, Woven, a.,,1 limiwitrei !
KvprytlihiK for Kverylxxly at Price I
1 IN HOULTON Thnt "fy inititi..n T
' A Call Will Convince Vou. I
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1 I vv,:
! F1M
SI. tnd
GEO. B.McCLELLAN, District Manager
McKay Bldg., " Portland, Oregon
Typewriter Gives .
Business Standing
The small town merchant, the rural business man or the farmer
who uses a typewriter has the advantage over the man who does not.
The typewriter not only saves time in writing letters and making
out bills, but it adds prestige and reputation to the user.
The L. G. Smith & Bros. Typewriter
is especially adapted to use in rural districts because it will stand
more wear and does not require an expert operator. By following
the instructions we will give you, you will have no trouble learning.
Mail This Coupon Today
Please send me your free book
O I do not use a typewriter at present.
O I am using a typewriter and would like to learn about your special offer to
exchange it for a new one.
Name :
P.O. ;
To the L. C. Smith & Bros. Typewriter Co.
800 OAK BTKKKT, Portland, Ore."
:iid Salary
There U a direct and easy way for you
iu ucip youriHMi 10 a (lesinii)io poituion
and good pay in the trado or profes
sion that bent suit your tuKte and
Hinuiuun. aii ini wunout leaving
home; without losing an hour of
work, or a dollar of pay. Such
benefit is made possible by a world
renowned institution that has had
10 yean of successful experience to
ruining mousanus 01 ambitious
wntfe earners for advancement.
This Institution now offers VOU
an opportunity, In the coupon
below, to better your earnings and
position, no matter how scant
your time, money, or education
may be. The first step in helping
yourself to a good salary lies in
marking and mailing the coupon.
To do this puts you under no
obligation. Do It NOW. .
International Correspondence Sohoola
aapltlK, wllfcftvt lartkvr oittigJtloR om my part, how I
TaUphon Knvlnoor
XlM. -Lighting Supt.
KMtaanlotl JtiiglaMr
SiMlonorr KotfnMr
Civil Bnglnoor
Building Contractor
Arehnooiurol Droflc
A rohltvol
etnioturml VnginMr
Uridga Mngmoor
ForornM Plombor
Mining Bnglncor
AdvarttMuicnl Writer
Mhow-Cftrtf Wrllar
Window Trim mr
M Bohkn I m1 IirBrumaB
Ornonvntol 0mur
Civil BorTla ,
T.illl. Mill SupC
Natlco Is hereby given that the
County Superintendent of Columbia
County, Oregon, will hold the reg
ulur examination of applicants for
State Certificates at St. Helens, ar
Commencing Wednesday, Decem
her 16, 1914, at 9 o'clock a. m., and
continuing until Saturday, December
19, 1914, at 4 o'clock p. m.
WednoMluy Forenoon.
Writing, U. S. History, Physiology.
WeduoMluy Afternoon.
Physical Geography, Heading
Composition, Methods in Reading
Methods In Arithmetic.
Thursday Forenoon.
Arithmetic, History of Education,
Psycho'ogy, Methods in Geography.
Thursday Afternoon.
Grammar, Geography, Amerlrar
Lltorature, Physics, Methods In Lin
gunge. TIiobIs for Primary Cerllfl
Friday Forenoon.
Theory and Practice, Orthography
English Literature, Cliemlstry.
Friday Afternoon.
School Law, Geology, Algebra
Civil Government
Saturday Forenoon.
Goomotry, Botany.
Saturday Afternoon.
Goneral History, Bookkeeptug.
County Supertutendor.l
The operations of the Holix dlv
slon of the Farmers' Union resulted
In an actual saving ot an average oi
1109 to each of its 100 members Cuv
log the past season. This saving vaj
accomplished by economy in the pur
chase of gralu bugs, binder tvin
and other supplies. At its Helix
warehouseo the association handled
271,501 sacks of wheat.
Agriculture, including Agronomy,
Animal Husbandry, Dairying, Horti
culture, Poultry Husbandry, Insects,
Plant and Animal Diseases, Cream
ery Management, Marketing, etc.
Home Economic, Including Cook
ing, Home Nursing, Sanitation. Sew
ing. Dressmaking and Millinery.
Commerce, Including Business Man
agement, Rural Economics, Business
Law, Office Training, Farm Account
ing, etc. Engineering, Including
Shopwork and Roadbuilding.
A general clearing house session of
fix days for the exchange of dynamic
ideas on the most pressing problems
of the times. Lectures by leading
authorities. State conferences.
Offers lectures, movable schools, In
stitutes and numerous correspondence
courses on request.
MUSIC tv Piano, String, Band, Voice.
No tuition. Reduced rates on all rail
roads. For further Informs Inn address,
The Oreron Agricultural Collate,
(tw-M-l-to-M) COKVALU5, OKEOON
Pruning Knife In General Use
Throughout State.
Onorul Demand s Widespread fr
lt'li f From OppreHNive
Altogether tho tax tota'ls In Mult
nomah county will bo nearly two
million dollara less than for the pre
ceding year.
The fight to loosen the burdens of
'axntlon must bo made !f tho state
is to got on to the prosperity basis
tnd Btny there.
In one public ownorshlD city taxes
have been raised over the preceding
year, and the same Is true of a few
school districts.
In 1914 tho people of Oregon
paid about $24,000,000 In taxes, or
about one-third of the gross Income
from the farms.
In nearly every county In the state
lower tax levies have been made and
In almost every city tho samo plan
has been followed.
Altogether the census shows an In
crease In ten years of only about
4 8,000 populaton added to the state
outside of tho cities.
No stato can prosper under such
conditions, and the record for the
past few years boars this out, that
few ;.eopo ocme hero. .
A campaign is on to cut out halt
a million dollars In the running ex
penses of tho stato, and compel all
officials to turn in fees.
Tho statement of President Gil
niun is that twelve per cent of the
gross receipts of the Hill system are
eaten up this year in taxes.
Is it any wonder that :t lu vciy dif
ficult to get money for development
of railroad cnterprues in a state so
The tax burdens must bo lessened
if capital is to come to Oregon in
large amounts, and even Oregon
banks suffar from high taxes.
Butter business conditions are
coml.ig about by the pooplo jutting
The first step to wealth is always the hard
est. It is taken when you open a savings ac
count at the bank.
Any young man or woman who is employed
can save a little each week, and when this is
banked it becomes an inspiration to you. You
watch is grow and accumulate until time and
the habit of saving have placed you in com
fortable financial circumstances. Your future
is then assured and dates from the day you
made your first deposit.
One Dollar will start a savings account in this Bank
Do it today. Tomorrow never comes
Columbia County Abstract
Abstracts Real Estate, Insurance,
Loans, Conveyancing.
an end of radicalism In legislation.
o'.i.ib taxes nave gon3 up inordin
ately in states liko Wisconsin and
Oregon, where the most progressive
legislation has been enacted.-
In both states taxes have nearly
doubled ur.dcr the regime of expe.--imentalism,
and the Oregonlon corn
menu on this as follows: -
The state of Wisconsin, long the
home cf LaFollettelsm and the prov
ing g.ound of legislative and :.dmln
Istrnfve experimentation, has de
feated the LaFolletto amendments
to tho Constitution, Including a plan
for t.-ie Inltai'vo and referendum on
state life insurance and homo rule
for cities (giving them powor to own
and oporato public utilities.) No
amendment was adop.jd.
The slate oi Missouri by a vote of
two io jnc on a referendum, rejected
a full-crew train bill.
The pi tple of Oregor, through the
Initiative and referendum, rejected
.wenty-five (perhaps twenty-s.ix)
measures out of a total of tventy
nino, including a couflbc.tlng tax
bill, and a bill to divest prlvat" own
ers of waterfront properties.
But new piopositions to be un
loaded on the taxpayers are being
hntched and fastened liko tha public
defender act, and stato employment
The Btern rule muot be eutorced
on the legislature that rnalteic of an
oxparimuntal character that have
been rejected by tho peopl9 shall not
be taken up in the General Assembly.
Oregon Apples at the Fair.
As a portion of Oregon's display
at the Panama-Pacific Exposition
next year, ten carloads of products
of this state will be shipped south
within a few days under the auspices
of the Willamette Valley Exposi
tion Association. Already 164 boxes
of apples havo been forwarded and
will be promptly Installed In the Oie
gon building.
Cannot Condemn Property.
That private property cannot be
condemned for privato Irrigation or
watorpower purposes, was a decision
handed down by the circuit court at
Albany lact week, the court contend
ing that such action would be an in
fringement of the constitutional
rights of owners of prope-ty.
Consider the house that stands behind the
goods it sells.
There is so much deceptive hardware on the
market that no reliable dealer will ever
GUARANTEE any article until he KNOWS
it has QUALITY. -
and that is the best advertisement that we
"could ever write.
Governor's Pritate Secretary
Is Provided For.
Miss Fern Hobbs Gets 300 Job
as Member of Industrial
Salem, Ore., Dec. 8. (Spoclal.)
Governor West today appointed his
private secretary, Miss Fern Hobbs, a
membe of the State Industrie! Acci
dent Commission, to succeed C. D.
Bahcock, whose term will expire Jan
uary l. The term is fcr f jur years
and tho salary $3600 a year.
It hac been known for somo time
that Mr. Babcock would not bo re
appointed, although his friends say
It was generally undorstood at the
timo of hio appointment to the short
teim that he would bo named for a
full term. Piior to his appointment
as Commissioner he sorvod ua cor
poratlon cleik under the Secretary
of State, and before that was tho ed
itor of a newspaper which supported
Mr West when he was a candidate
for Governor.
Miss Hol;b3 was made private sec
retary to the Governor when Ralph
Watson was promoted from the pri
vate secretaryship to Corporation
Commissioner by Mr. West. The last
Legislature increased the sclt.ry of
the private ecretary to the Governor
from $1800 to $3000, and Miss
Hobbs was tho first one holding the
office to receive tho Increased salary.
8h) began work In the Governor's of
fice as a stenographer.
Soon after she was made private
secretary Governor West assigned
Miss Hobbs to investigation work in
cqiir.eci.lon with his moral crusades.
Her most spectacular assignment was
to Copperfield, when she, with B. K.
Lawaon, superintendent of tho State
Poa'tentry, and several members of
the National Guard, closed the sa
loonj there. Miss Hobbs road the
Governor's pioclamation placing the
town ur.dcr martial law, and Colonel
Lawson and tho troops took oharge
of the saloons.
It has been rumored for some time
that the Industrial Accident Commis
sion plum would go to the Governor's
private secreta y. It was the last
good pliice at his disposal to which
Bhe was eligable.
For a long time It was suggested
that Harold Clifford, brothor-in-law
of Claude McColloch, tho Governor's
lieutenant on the floor of the senate
at the last session of the Legislature,
had a chance of receiving the ap
pointment, but persons on the in
side put no faith in the rep rt. It
was even suggested that Mr. McCul
loch might gzl the place, but he was
found to be inelligiblo, tho law pro
viding that no person may hold a
position created by an act passed at
a session ot the Legislature of which
he was a member.
The other members of the Indus
trial Accident Commission are Har
vey Beckwith, chairman, and Wil
liam A. Marshall.
Portland, Ore., Dec. 8, 191.
(Special.) As a great many of the
farmers of Oregon find It Impossi
ble to attend the short sessions ot
the O. A. C, at Corvallis, school will
be loaded upon a special train and
taken over the state in order to dis
tribute important instruction almost
at the farmer's door. The first ses
sions of this traveling school will be
held at Molalla and Estacada, begin
ning December 8. Although the
complete schedule has not beu def
initely arranged, It has been decided
that there will be 24 sessions In 24
different parts of the state, each
session lasting five days, the school
term ending March 27.
Engineer Laurgaau, In charge ot
the Tumolo Irrigation project, has
announced that this project is now
completo and that applications for
the lands are being received in great
numbers. The entire project em
braces 22,600 acres ot Irrigable land,
about 6000 acres ot which has al
ready been contracted for. The lands
are being sold In 40 acre tracts at
$40 per acre, one-tenth of the price
to bo paid at once, the balance In ten
installments. The settler, by Irriga
ting one-thlid of the land each
year for three years, can detor the
annual payments for those three
years, enabling blm to apply the
money to tho Improvement of the
land. Storage of water in the big
reservoir commenced Decembor 6.
Sit members of the staff ot the
extension division ot 'he college
work will give upall their time to
this instruction, discussing all the
Important phases of production and
marketing, special attention being
given to local problems. Certain
subjects will bo treated on certain
days, makinb it posBlblo for a busy,
man to attend only on the day when
the bpoclal subjects In which he la
Interested are taken up.

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