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T II K M I H T I'U II li 1 Hi! I N V O M V A N Y
M. K. Mlllor, IklUor
Ku lured tocond clam niatlor, January 10th, J 91 2
t tlio l't Olllce a tHuliit llotun, Or-irfc.n, uii'Jnr Uie
Aot of March 3rd, 187b
One Your 91.C0
tux Months 75
Advertising ratei made known on application
Logul notices 26 conU per line.
Charge of incompetency, inefficiency, ex
travagance and carlessness have been made
at various times and from various quarters
against the State Highway Engineer's de
partment. Especially is this so in Columbia
County. Tapers in different parts of the state
have taken up the charges and the people all
over the state are fairly well conversant with
the facts. In all these charges and insinua
tions the work in Columbia County is pointed
to as the most marked example of incompe
tence and extravagance of any other although
some of the other counties have the same
complaint to make. In a recent issue of the
Tax Liberator, a magazine published at Kose
burg by the Oregon Rational Tax Reform
Association, something of a detailed state
ment i affairs in this county as relating to the
State Highway Engineer's office was pub
lished. The statements in that paper were
reprinted in other papers and were read by
thousands of people all over the state. The
editor of that paper while in St. Helens recent
ly made the statement that Major Kovvlby,
State Highway Engineer, had said that he
could refute every statement contained in
the Liberator, and that he, the editor, had in
vited the Major to make denials of the
charges. So far as can be ascertained no de
nials have been made to anybody and it must
therefore be taken as confessed as true that
what the Tax Liberator said about the work
in this county was the real state of affairs.
I!ut in order to further saitsfy the people of
the state at large and of this county, a
special committee of taxpayers of Columbia
County was appointed to examine the records
of the work of the State Highway Engineer
and to report their findings, whatever they
may be. T his committee has met and exam
ined the reports of Major Howlby and his first
assistant, Mr. Griswold and that report shows
that it would be a rather hard job for Major
1'owlby to convince the people that he had not
made a bad blunder and bunglcsome job of
his work in this county. The report of the
committee has been made and that report has
been taken from the records. The members
of that committee arc among the most hon
orable and upright citizens of the State of
Oregon. Each one is a taxpayer and went
into the work of investigation with an open
mind, determined to ascertain the truth of
the matter, and they have performed their
work well. . '
Under al the circumstances and in face of
the charges against Major Howlby which re
main unanswered by him, in the face of the
records of this county as shown by the report
of a committee of taxpayers, it would certain
ly seem that the State Highway Commission
should select another man for the position of
State Highway Engineer.
One of the Multnomah County Legislators
proposes to introduce a bill at the coming ses
sion of the Legislature providing for a general
reduction of 20 per cent in the salaries of all
state'and county officers. All of which goes
to show that this particular legislator is mak
ing a play to the grandstand instead of trying
to make lan earnest effort to economize where
econbmy is needed. His bill to reduce all sal
aries will perhaps get as far as the clerk's desk.
The salaries of officers of the various coun
ties in Oregon are based on anything but
scientific principles. In some of the smaller
counties, sparcely settled and with limited
assessable valuation, the officers receive more
salary than in some of the larger counties.
Heretofore in thg fixing of the salaries of
county officers, politics has been the ruling
factor and until such time as there is a system
adopted making the salaries uniform all over
the state, based on some scientific principles,
such as population, assessed valuation, etc., the
salaries will not be reduced very generally. As
a matter of fact it would be most unwise to
a&cmpt to make a general reduction of a par
ticular percentage because it would work a
hardship on the officers in some of the coun
ties while in others it would he just about
The principal objection to the scheme is
however, that such a course would only re
sult in more politics and would not definitely
fix anything. There would be more inconsis
tencies than at present, and each year would
some 'g rolling at the legislative session
whereby undesirable and expensive legisla
tion would be enacted at the expense of the
If the Multnomah legislator would perform
a real service he would introduce and pass a
law making the salaries all over the state uni
form, based on something other than politics.
A real service is being performed by Mrs.
Mildred Watts, of Scappoosc, in her endeav
ors to set before the people of the county, the
exact relations between the State Highway
Commission and Columbia County. Last
'week she published a letter from State Treas
urer Kay, which has opened the eyes of a con
siderable number of the taxpayers of the
county. This week she sends in a letter from
Major Bowlby which is even more interesting
than was the Kay letter. Analysis of the
letter from Major IJowlby only proves what
has been often said before, that the promises
made by the State Highway Commission,
through its highway engineer, are not to be
relied upon in any particular. Promises are
easily made by the Major when he desires to
have bis own way about a particular matter,
and those same promises arc more easily for
gotten by him aftcn he gets what he wants.
So many promises have been made to the peo
ple of Columbia County by the State High
way Engineer and his assistant Griswold,
that have not been kept, that there no longer
abides in the minds of the people any faith
in any of them. Mrs. Watts is absolutely
correct when she says it was the principal
argument during the campaign for road bonds
and also for the recall of the county court,
that as soon as the county graded the roads
the State would take them over, hard surface
and maintain them. Now see what Major
Bowlby says about it. "The only assurance
that I have given the people of Columbia
County relative to this matter has been that
they could expect to be treated the same as
Jackson County and Clatsop County when
the County Court fulfills its obligations and
promises." This statement coming from a
man occupying the position of State Highway
Engineer who has under his authority the
expenditure, or expects to have, millions of
dollars of the taxpayers hard earned money,
should be sufficient to condemn him for all
time as unworthy the confidence of the people.
The idea of Major Bowlby making a state-'
ment that lie has not said on many occasions
and to hundreds of people that when the
county finished grading the roads the state
would take them over, hard surface and main
tain them. It needs only to be called to the
attention of the people to place that state
ment where it properly belongs.
Then he says the people of Columbia Coun
ty could expect to be treated the same as Jack
son and Clatsop counties. We do not know
what promises were made to the people of
those counties by him, but if the reports that
the only hard surfacing received by Clatsop
County from, the State was paid for by the
funds which the State Commission promised
to repay the county for the expense of survey
ing, ate true, then all the hard surfacing wc
may expect will be paid for by the $18,000
which the State Highway Commission owes
us for paying for the useless and extravagant
surveys made under the direction of Major
Bowlby. If this be true then,hc is perhaps
correct when he says that if Columbia Coun
ty receives the same treatment that has been
accorded Clatsop County he will take the
$18,000 rightfully due us from the State and
hardsurfaee three or four miles the coming
year. When that is done it will be good night.
A reading of the letter from the Major, which
is published in another column of this paper,
cannot fail to disclose the fact that Major
Bowlby is dealing with the people of this
county as he would with a flock of simpletons
and fools. He will probably find out before
many months have passed that his opinion of
Columbia County folks will have changed con
siderably. '
There is no denying the fact that business
has been on the decline for some months but
for all that the conditions in St. Helens are
fairly satisfactory. Our mills and factories have
been running continuously and the products
have found ready sale both at home andjn
other portions of the country. With the
coming spring, indications are that conditions
generally will change for the better. The
financiers say so, and the big papers are say
ing so and some of the big manufacturers are
saying so. But in all their predictions there is
a chorus of uncertainty and there will be un
certainty so long as the present Democratic
policies are continued. It takes a real optimist
nowadays to predict good times and believe
what he says, but optimism at this stage has
considerable to do with conditions. Let us
all be optimists.
Letters remaining in the St. Hel
ens, Oregon postofflce for the week
ending December 19, 1914.
Mrg. George Harvey.
V. H. Mathewson.
P. Tetenion.
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