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! i
so Chairman of Revision of
Laws Committee Dealing
i With Law Questions.
Siilmn, Ore., Jan. (Special
th to all useless loglHlutlon that
nos before his Revision ot Law
Jimlttee la tlio slogan which has
in odopted by State Senator Mc
Id o. Tlilu Is one of the moat lin
rtunt committees In the Senate and
,Htvo8 a grout grist of bills.
'No bill will escape tlio dutches
thin committee that U uhiuIhs or
i lobulation. We lntenJ to con
;n all such moasuros to oblivion
tor to rlHo agulu."
Among other Important commit
to ot which Senator McUrldo Is a
imbor la that of the committee on
KOHKinnnt and Taxation ot which
hntor T. I.. Porklna, of Multno
ili County In chnlrmnn.
f'l find that the question of tax
ton is one of tlio grout big vital
ti'sllona with which tlio Legislature
is to copo. Thero has beon much
iHutlHfactlon expressed relative to
o present tax laws and thU year we
pe to enact such tax legislation as
ill meet the approval of the people
t geiioral and will work a lasting
Senator Mnllrlde has entered
kurlily Into the work of the assoss
.on I and taxation commlttoe despite
jo arduous duties which have de
rived on him with h'.a chairman
ilp of the revision of tho laws
1 1 lo declared that there Is no ques
on of greater Importance than can
riso for a legislator to consider than
at Involved In dovlslng waya and
leans to socure the amount ot taxes
aeossury to conduct the affairs of
An stuto and the various taxation
iHtrlcta and to secure It placing the
xiHt burden upon tho shoulders ot
ko taxpayers.
j Kvery effort 1b behig made to se
Ure a thorough consideration of all
Ration measures that arUe, and to
lng out ot the mass of them the
imt salutary features to.be Incor
porated Into a bill satisfactory, as
(fur as possible to tho needs of all
I "Our hope Is to secure a bill" stat
A Senator t Mcllrldo, "and If con
kclontloua investigation can bring
iuch a bill about we certainly will
lavo one.
A portion of Dowlby'a Columbia
The above picture shows the rail-
food track below Clatskanle covered
Jmh a portion of the Columbia
Jlighway early last week. The Co.
umbla Highway Ib built alone the
lde of the hill above the railroad
Irack at this point and dry masonry
jvaiis were erected which gave way
With thn flrnf
a huo nuu diiu uunu
(n tho track, The railroad company
r buh in me r euerai uoun
!to require the emmfv n ! itnwn
Business Men of City Make
Offers to Support.
Borne ot the business men of the
city thought they could pluy basket
bull and accordingly went out to the
new Sunset Athletto Club where they
mot the High School Basket Dall
team with the result that the boys
beat the mon by a small margin.
The visit by tho business mon did
result In an Interest In the new Club
; and Its building operations. Tenders
of support were made to the boys and
they wore commended for the pro-
groaulveness In putting up such a
tine building and placing an organi
zation in the city which will mean so
much for tho young people. It lias
been plannod to sot apart one or two
nights of the week tor the business
mon ot tho city so that they may en
'oy the club rooms. The members
of the Sunset Club are the firemen
of the city and they havo made a
luccess of tho fire company as well
is of the athletic organization.
They feel proud of their achieve
ment and appreclute the coidlal offer
of support from the business men.
Especially do the boys want to say
that they thr.nk Mr. Constuntln tor
the present of a hot water tank tor
'.ho sliowor buths which will be to
talled the coming week.
Tho public Is invited to go out to
'ho new building and see what the
'joys are doing. Any member of the
Club will bo glud to show you around
'.nd give you details ot the plana of
operation. ,
Last Tuesday evening S C. Moiton,
ujcompanled by Mrs. Moortcn, ac
iccompantod by Mrs. Morton, Rot. F.
T. Moyer, and Clydo Sutherland, mot
jred to Portland In Mr. Morton fine
Hud con car. While going down
Vldor street In tho city, and viillo
tear the curb on the proper side
f tho street, a drunken man In
i Ford pointed bis little car toward
.lorton's Hudson and ran straight
into It. Tho principal damage was
lone to the Ford, but Mr. Morton's
:ar was damagod sumo. Fortunate
ly no one was hurt. The drunken
nan was promptly arrested and
.akon to Jail, whore tho next niorn
ng the Judgo ot tho Munlclp.il Court
ilastorod a flno on him and he was
olonaod It Is quito probablo that
will also bo required to pay for
ho dumago dono to the Morton car.
"A church home for friends and
Illble School 10:00 a. m
Sermon and worship 11:00 a. m.
Young People's Service of C. E.
0:30 p. m.
Evening Service 7:35 p. m.
Mid-week . Service Wednesday
7 :30. p. m.
"Come thou with us and we will
do thoo good."
REV. F. J. MEYER, Paotor.
the remaining masonry walls along
this road to prevent a recurrence of
the slide. They have also asked for
damages In a sum exceeding $20,-1
000. The case will bo hoard In Fed-'
eral Court in Portland next Thurs
day. :. "...
This Is one ot the plecos of road
which has caused much complulnt
to ' have been made against the en- J
gineerlng ability of State Highway
Engineer Bowlby.
Wapama is the Name of the Latest Addition to the
McCormick Fleet
New Boat Will Be Towed to
ery Will
Nearly one million foot of timber
was used In tho construction of the
big Bhtp launched at tho St. Hok-ns
Shipyards last Wednesday morning.
Promptly at 9:30 o'clock In tho
morning, Mr.cager J. II. Price gave
the words to "Lct'or Slide" and
Miss Mlldrad McBrldc, daughter of
Stato Senator Ceo. M. McBilde,
V. r f'.
Tlio Wp:ima After the I-uuncliIng.
iroko a bottle of champagno over
:he bow with the uiysuc words, "I
Jhrloten thee Wapama" and tho
throe million pounds of ship grace
fully s!ld down the ways Into the
deop waters of the Willamette
Slough. No hitch marred tlio lauu--dilng
In any particular. It was ono
at the moBt successful affaire ot the
kind In the Mstory of the yards at
this place. Quite a number of peo
ple vore on tho ship when It slid
down the ways and it waz a sensa
tional ride.
H "
7. Jt
1 j X
J. II. Price, Miss Mildred McBrUle and H. F. MuCorniick, Apparently
Sutlsflcd With Successful Ijaunclilng.
The new boat was christened Wa
pama, taken from tho namo ot. a
wator fall In Callfornln., This is In
kooplns with tho natnos of all tho
boats of tho McCormick Interests,
names being solootpd from well
known watoi falls or rivers. The
McCormick fleot Is now made up ot
tho Klamath, Willamette, Multno
mah, Celilo, Yosmlte and Wapama.
The Morced, also built In St. Helens
was wrecked oft the coast ot Cali
fornia last yoar.
San Francisco, Where Machin
Be Installed
Captain Edward Juhnsen, Master
of tho Klamath and the Commodoro
of tlio Fleet, was present to assist
Manager Price in the launching.
The Wapama haj boon under con
utructton for some months in St. Hel
ens, tho launching having been de
layed for some time until business
conditions wero moro promising,
The dimensions of the now boat are:
length over all 210 feet; beam 40
feet 6 Inches; moulded depth 17.6
feot. She will have a carrying cap
acity of 1,000,000 feet of lumber
and accommodations for 60 passen
gers. On the next trip of the Klam
ath to St. Helens the Wapama will
he taken in tow for San Francisco
where the machinery will be installed
and die will be put on the run "rom
hero to California ports about April
1, 1915, cariying Columbia County
lumber and other products.
r v a
Ik m S. " K .
-- 'J?
. Work has already starlod at tho
ship yards cn the construction of
the Montlcsllo, a boat for the Gov
ernment, to bo used In drodglng the
Cowlitx River in Washington and the
Clatskanle River in Oregon. It Is
planned to have this boat finished
ready for launching within a few
weeks. Manager Price and some of
his workmen are now in Portland
doing the work on the Satta Cata
llna, which was burnod in the river
near here last October.
I I - --, gl
'"'"" in iiinirMii'
New Correspondent for Mist
is All Right.
Last week Beth Perry was elected
high school reporter for the coming
Miss Duns remained in Portland
a week ago last Monday owing to
the Illness of her uncle.
Goldie Hattan presides at the
piano this week.
By request of the superintendent
of Clatskanle the debate between
Clatskanle and St. Helens high
schools, which was to have been on
the 28th of this month, has been
Indefinitely postponed. Scappoose
will be the first to debate with St.
The English IV class like poetry
so well they insist on learning at
least three poems from each author
they study. They study a new
author every day
Our orators, Cha3. Smith, Keturah
Dixon and Dale Perry aro capable
of throa things study debate, say
debate and think debate.
Lucille Holbs visited sciijol on
At tho end of the simister a large
mechanical drawing class was or
ganized and is under the instruc
tion of Mr. McNulty.
Last Friday Beth Peny conducted
examinations in the eighth grade.
Because of sickness, Keturah
Dixon was absent two days from
A student body meeting Tuesday
elected Lester Wellington cheer
leader to lead thee heerlng at the
cominy basket ball yames. A com
mittee consisting of Edrle Lebare,
Clarence Coin,, Edward Veazle and
Chas. Smith was appointed to assist
The high school has just finished
a three part song and will start in
on another one next week
P. A. Frakes, of Scap, loose, re
turned Thursday from Salem, where
he was an Interested attendant at
the semi-annual meeting of the Ore
gon Pure Bred Livestock Associa
tion. Mr. Frakes states that there
is some impending legislation at
tho capital, which, if enacted, would
be very detrimental to the live
stock and dairying Industry of the
state. The meeting was attended by
sixty breeders, who were addressed
by Governor Withycombe and Con
gressman McArthur. Mr. Frakes is
ono of the foremost breeders of the
stato, and Is vitally Interested in
all matters pertaining to that in
State Superintendent ot Publto In
struction Churchill, has issuod the
complete list of all porsens whose
work in the December teacher's ex
aminations qualified them to recelvo
state certificates. for Columbia
County the following persons were
granted certificates: Vlviia Cald
well, Houlton; Mary Thomas, Goble;
Merle Mo Kelvey, Clatskanle; Lewis
Edward Gulkor, Warren; Thomas H.
Hunter, Goble; Jennie Walker, Scap
poose; Mrc. JjcsIo Hastings McDon
ald, Scappooce; Mrs. Edna McCord,
Clatskanle; Margaret M. Thomas,
Goble; Willard. H. Hurley, St. Hel
Mr. and Mrs. H. F McCormick en-
teitained with an elaborate dinner
last Monday evening with plates laid
for ten, the occasion being tho birth
day of Mr. McCormick. Mrs. Mc
Cormick had planned the party
which was a complete surprise to
Mr. McCormick. The place cards were
unique and interesting being photos
of each guest mounted on a comlo
picture. After the dinner a very
pleasant evening was spent Those
present besides . Mr. and Mrs. Mc
Cormick, were Charles Muckle,
Washington Muckle, W. B. Dlllard,
J. W. Day, Dr. C. E. Wade, A. W.
Mueller, S. C. Morton, A. 3. Demlng
and M. E. Miller.
Two Subjects Taken Up for
Discussion With Much
Profit to Teachers.
Willis L. Dunton, Warren.
Forty-five Columbia County teach
ers attended the local meeting at
Clatskanle Saturday.
Superintendent Allen's opening
speech was very optimistic aa to the
future of tho profession and enthu
siastic in regard to presont prob
lems. He outlined the work of the var
ious clubs being organized among
school children corn clubs, potato
clubs, pig clubs, dairy clubs, etc.,
and announced that he had a large
quantity of garden seeds for distri
bution among pupils who would
plant them.
The subject of a county teachers'
organization was then outlined and
'Not the ler.st appreciated part ot
Principal Jesse McCord's welcoming
speech was the announcement of
dinner which was prepared by the
newly organized Parent-Teacher's
association, of Clatskanle. The aft
ernoon meeting was full of life,
Principal McCord led the discussion
on reading. Miss Snow emphasized
correct pronounciatlon and meaning '
of words In reading. Miss Lewlston
gave a class demonstration that was
highly appreciated.
H. E. Beck, of Rainier, gave a
technical discussion of geography
and showed that to teach the sub
ject the teacher must keep himself
fit to teach, by regular habits: must
koep children fit by proper ven
tilation, heating, eating, eta; must
bo prepared have a a definite plan
and motive tor each lesson, and
point out the facts In the assignment
of the lesson.
The work of the meeting proved
the wisdom of assigning only two
subjects for discussion. The fol
lowing teachers attended:
District 2, St. Helens, J. D. Bre
hant; District 3, Deer Island, Hel
en M. Buckley and Mary E. McGreg
or; District 6, Clatsk.nie, Jessie
McCord, Mrs. Edna McCord, Mrs.
Elizabeth Irwin, Mrs. Minnie Trap
zer, Misses Tillie Peterson, Bertha
Lowiston, Nan Snow, Merle I. Mc
Kelvey. District 7, Warren, W. L. Dunton,
C. E. Lake, Miss Mary Thomas;
District 9, Goble, Miss Madeline
Thomas; District 10, Marshland,
Mrs. Lillian Koeller; District IS,
Rainier, J. B. Wllkarson, Mrs. J.
B. Wilkerson, H. E. Beck, Misses
Myrtle Groshonv, Lettle A. Mc
Laughlin, Myra T. McCrae, Jennie
Hugglns, Mabel Rudesel, Lillie M.
Leith, Zlna G. Byers; District 15,
Catskanie, Misses Gladys Rlchey,
Stella Basford; District 20 Goble,
Miss Anne Ketel, Mrs E. E. Malla
bor; District 22, Mist, Miss Lora
McCook; District 24, Mist, A. M.
Winn; District 25. Inglis, Mrs. B.
B. Clark, Miss Emma Howard, Lyle
B. Chappell; District 26, Wm. Kelty;
District 30, A. B. Owen, Miss Lillian
B. Merrltt, Miss Anna Gallup; Dis
trict 34, Doer Island, Miss Helen
Hamlll; District 38, Aplaiy, Miss
Estella Hatfield; v District 42, Jt.,
Mist, R. G. Hulse; District 44, Ky
ser, Miss Mae Hatfield; District 62,
Mist, Mrs. Emma E. Morrison; Dls
tilct 7-Jt., Olga M. Moore, Myrtle
: , i
E. H. Flagg, formerly editor ot the
Mist, has undertaken another news
paper venture, this time at Warren
ton, Oregon. Mr. Flagg shipped his
plant to Warrenton on Tuesday ot
this week.

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