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h i i i t l ii rr . i I
Wnt to arbitrate
im:tition with ounty
ti.i:mi:nt iv Amnions.
rki Attorney Preparing Answw,
klilrli Will Itmily li I'll" nt
Adjoin tied KcnnIoii Saturday.
tlcilnliiii will l reached tumor
hetweeu lh fount y uiul tlio Con
Coiitnirt Compimy mi to
I uctliiii will tin taken III arriving
xi'Ml'iin'iit for service perform-
i,y tint contract company on tlio
iiiimn iiikiiwu).
in Monday of till wi-k tlio con-
riiinpiuiy filed with tho County
ri a very voluminous petition In
Ii various representations urn
, miuvrnlng their performance
,t the contract with tlio county
MkIi way work, tlio gist of which
ri' pifxt to iirliltrutu tlio matter.
hiTc In no iiui'Htliiii ni to the right
ho state highway engineer to do-
I a cessation of operations, which
doini late hint full, owIiik to tlm
that there wu no money avull
wlth which to carry on tlio work,
that lime there lilts been lioth
ilune. In tlm final estimates on
work completed, a prepared by
lllKliway Engineer Ilowlby,
time ago, there I a specific
incut of iiinoiint duo t ho coii
i iliu work progressed lust your
nn'iit was hail with tlio contract
lull It i i ii 1 1 1 mi the basis of 80
Mil of the iiuioiint earned for tlio
ill. There In uh amount duo the
Jiliirs, hut the question Is what
nut. The contractors In tlielr pa
n ilo nut make all)' sped lie claim.
merely a k that a hourd of ar
iiim lie appointed und lliolr fliul
arvepled uh final.
hat the altitude of tilt) court will
t this tlinn conjectural. Ills
Attorney Cooper Is preparing a
to the petltlou, whicll will he
' fr pre itii Ion at tlio ndjourn-
'slou of court tomorrow.
llouwp mill Muiiilm-ry Ilclng Trans
ferred I rout I'ormxr u.
. ViKJ. lO
t i ' M ssssssss
Tho new hull for the (iovernnient
hlliigboiit Multnomah hits heeu com
plototl at tho plant of tho Ht. Helens
Shipbuilding Company and tlm work
of transferring tho Iioumo und mi
chlnery from tho old hull la now In
progress. It will take about thirty
days to complete thli work. Con
structlon on tho two law barges for
ino lolumlila Contract Cninpuny win.
began this week mill will be pushed
forward as rupltlly as uostlhlo. Ii
will probably require about two
mon ilia 1 1 mo to complet) ihi-Ho.
There Is ollmr work for th-t yards in
prospect, anil it is vory pcibthlo tht.t
thorn will ho Hteiuly iiperaioii ut ll,t
shipyards throtiKhout the ummer
und rail. The force of mechanics at
tho yards will ho Increased by about
zu men riKni nwuy.
Mi:it HWTH Wll.l, 8T M KI'OX
I . , a .i . . . ...
t oiuniitT ircnieii in Have t Iiiiikc
of iN-tiiils uml Hut'cmx ANHiiretl.
nty lln.wn DiMlcuvoriiiK to 'ol-
' I lipillll .XlllOlltllM.
in uliitrirV'u ..nt.... ..
-itn iMinu in cilllipillllK at
of ilellnqiiHitK who hnvo fulled'
iy pi-rsniiul taxes for tho years
f mid I 111 a. Deputy Sheriff
Ml In KemlluK out notices to the
'lueuiH ns ii,,, information is as
"nil from tho reenrds. Tlio total
oJliiialea fi2, and with Interest
I will be over $1000. The law
the Hherlffs to levy li and
iUlllth nt of tho nersoiuil nronnrtv
flinty tlm county's claim.
lint Kays "(J.nhI IteHiilU" Have
eiiie Itj UiikIihstIiik Hclence.
I'lirtls of Astorbi. nmlulilli.
Icln.il. lawyer, councllmnn, etc..
"I Ht. Helens IiihI flnl until v .in
ll I'llHlllKHS. Mr I'nrllM I..,. I,.l
I'lio experiences In public life
usually come to ono. spend Iiik
lietter pan f iif,i, t nll
"imilty. u,l i.i- i,.w.u.i...iu
llc "ffulrs Is very great. In uddl
'o those Mr. CnrlU .
Miliary which most people envy.
" iiiscushIiir tho hlKhway sltua
'' ClatHon count v utti. r. t..
10 "I this city, lllllde nnnm vurv
ri)llnK Htulements.
"e vlHllor said that his county
"pit iioo.noi. f,. i
I .. ' iiiiv;iiiS uioi
piiiur rond work ti,
f ,r "unuiier tho eiutlneorH
.. enKi,,o,.rf) nm, tl0p u,)g rnn
1111 I. & S. train. f.. A.-l
'"'Hits iilonir the llltrliurnv nnrn
I niwciai Toad crows nntl ex
""' Nrlles to Inspect the highway
'"' "Hlinllttr" work; that
c,ty at pro,!llt hM lltt)f
K of Well built 1,1,1,... t.,...it..
i"o court house In Astoria to
Ln ..'n,1'1 ",e Hux'irth bulltlliiK,
,,.,, " "en accompllHhod nt
'iy tVA ot only o.oo'
nii.,,,1 "'winy siiouiti root en-
Ii rely posslhlo that Curtis Is
" acJ 1 '.I .lHll ovnr what 1ms
nmu " llB.,,WI 1,1 111
Iivlih,,,, " "'K'lwoy bulKlliitt, but.
c ' 'it Rlncerlty Is really, almoHt
ii ii . 0 . '"ri,"'lo one to look
kln luu"r llB I'" dooa. Curtis
l, . u" eX-nowHlll,lw,r mini
V til n ,, '
ItHUui """,nuro, account for IiIb
St. Helens is to liavo a roiiHiiiK
Tourth of July celebration If present
plans do not iiihiearry. Tho hiislmss
men of the city hope to enlist the sup
port of ull Rood citizens In the under
takliiK, und make the celebration this
year a more glorious alTalr than was
tho case lust year,. If that were pos
sible. Last year's celebration was the
blKKest and best ever htdd 111 the
county seat. This opinion is univer
sal. With this understanding the un
dertaking for this year will be carried
forward with the determination to
iKjBttl If not encel the previous effort,
which was so excellently maniiKcd b)
the local fire company.
ThorotiKhy imbued with the spirit
of the undertukliiK the St. llelenr
Merchants Credit Association, at Its
meelliiK on Friday of lust week tie
rlded to stand sponsor for this year's
celebration, and passed a resolU'.ion
asking the local volunteer firemen to
take charge of the details and make
of tho occasion one that will he a
credit to the city nntl themselves. The
merchants of the city will call upon
the citizens for aid In the uudertak
tn K. which, no doubt, will be freely
grunted. With the assurance that the
firemen will carry out tho details of
the celebration the community nitty
feel certain that a successful celebra
tion will be the result.
DrilKUixt, 4'oiiiirlliiiitli and Clerical
Ktei't do mi lishliiK Trip.
Throe prominent citizens of St.
Helena milllcd forth at un early hour
Tuesday morning In tiueat of moun
Lain trout, spending a long day in the
i!ds of the upper Milton creek coun
try. Councllmnn lliilhigh, with his
Kord cur, und Herorder Quick anil
A. J. Demlng, ns guests, each bear
ing an uiitllHputed reputation as the
threo crnck fishermen of the city,
waged an unrelenting warfare on the
ilnny tribe as long as daylight favor
jd them that day.
Up to tho time of goliiB to press It
has been Impossible to get a corrob
orating statement from either of
them us to how many llsh wero taken.
Their friends have some pretty well
defined notions that tho result of the
duy's crtiHitdo was a "skunk," hut In
dividually tho geiu-.omen claim to
hnve iniulo a record catch. Their
friendships nro pretty well cemented
mil their secrets soem to ho eiiually
as well sealed regarding tho result of
their outing.
U.......I ii liny With Nature to Mental
und Physical llenellt. I
Iliislinto, liilcreMs ami Commercial
liitsitaiico of C(y Icmaiiilli,K
linmi'iliate Action.
Hirong enort is to ho made
through tho medium of tlm city coun
ell to have hotter depot nccoinmoilu
lions provided. At tho meeting of
tlm city council Monday evening this
matter was discussed ut Borne length
and a strong resolution presented
and adopted. For a city of the com
mercial importance of Ft. Helens the
depot accommodations, building and
ull, nro Inudeiiunte. Through the In
strumentality of the business Inter
ests of the community th,!ru will he
a concerted effort, made to have con
ditions improved. Tho following
resolution was udopted:
Whereas, the city of Houlton has
tieen consoliiluted with St. Helens,
and the present building now in use
as a depot Is culled Houlton, and the
city of Houlton no longer exists, and
Whereas, the aforementioned
building is not In keeping with the
size anil importance of the city of B
Helens, therefore be it
Itesolvcd, that the mayor and city
council use every means In their pow
er to urge. tho S. I'. & S. Hallwny Co.
to erect a more commodious and
modern depot in our city, and that it
he named St. Helens.
I.. It. Rutherford was npponted a
committee yf one, to act in conjunc
tion with tho commercial club, and
present the matter to tho railroad
Tho council took up a number of
other Important mutters at its meet
ing Monday night, among them being
tho authorization of a light being
placed In Spring street, ns asked for
ut the previous meeting.
Tho members of the council and
the Mayor decided to make a personal
tour of inspection of the city by night
In order to ascertain the situation re
garding the condition of tho lights
throughout tho city.
A proposal to employ a street com
missioner was mndo by Muyor Mor
ton, such an ofllcer to have charge of
all street and sower work. Tho mat
ter was discussed at ItMigth, hut
action was postponed.
Dev. V. J. Mover and a bevy of his
Hoy ScoutH woro on a long hike last
Saturday, going as far as tho head
works of tho city water system, on
upper Milton crook. Mr. Meyer bus
been doing a splendid work for the
young hoys of the community slnco he
has boon hero. Tho training tho boys
have rncolvod has covered a broutl
rnngo, Including physical culture,
first aid to tho Injured, gymnasium
work and other athletic features,
whicll broaden them mentally and
physically. Tho Interest the reverend
gentleman bus manifested In tho boys
has boon duly npprclutod by tho pur
outs ln this community.
Three Hundred People Kn joyed an
i , i . . i ,,u
1 1 1 , I , , 1 1 , K i nigrum.
The public entertainment given by
tlm citizens of St. Helens lust Satur
day evening was, Indeed, a Bticcess
and a very much appreciated affair
by tho public generally. Mayor Mor
ton, in his opening announcement, di
rected bis remarks particularly to the
young people, reminding them of a
debt they owed In consideration of
what was being done In the way of
better school training facilities, the
young people were reminded forcibly
thut all that was being dono was in
their behnlf. An Interesting program
consisting of readings, vocttl music,
band selections, drills and other
features made up the entertainment.
There wero about 300 peo
ple present, a fitting testimonial to
their Interest In what the citizens
were endoavorlng to accomplish in
tlm way of additional facilities at the
fair grounds, especially in securing
funds for the installation of suitable
quarters for bousing the display of
school work of tho county. It being
the close of the last day for the Bale
of tags for that purpose the mayor
took occasion to announce that those
present would be given another op
portunlty to contribute further to the
building fund If they were so Inclln
ed. Several young ludios offered tags
for sale and disposed ot about lu
worth. Everybody ln the community
seemed Imbued with the Bplrit of the
occasion and Joined In making It a
Clat.skanlo ltesltlent Caught at Il
legally Tnkliitf I'lsh.
John Jarvl of Clatskanle, was ar
rested last Friday for fishing during
tho closed setiHon. Judge llarnes of
Cbttskanlo, sentenced tlio offontlor to
25 days In the county jail. He Is
boarding with Sheriff Hurlbut of
Multnomah county, haviiig been
taken up tbero last Monday by Shorlff
Itoatl Can lie Made Serviceable With
the Amount of Funds on Ifund.
Acting upon the recommendation!
of the county advisory board the
county court of Clatsop county has
ordered the Immediate resumption of
work on the Columbia highway be
tween Westport and ABtorla. Peter
Bon & Johnson, the contractors, how
ever, refused to act unless the county
guaranteed the payment of a claim
they have before the state highway
commission on the Uovniobn-Arnntii
contract. With assurance of State
Highway Engineer Cantine that the1
Columbia highway between Westport;
anu Asioria can tie maue serviceable
with the $69,495.28 available, the
county advisory board recommended
that the county court take steps to
secure the completion of the work.
coMMF.rwru., hodies should
Multnomah Authorities Might Be
Induced to Favor Local Product
In Their Paving Work.
Work Cunnot lie Completed TlUs Year
on Account of Lack of Funds.
Efforts Will Be Directed to General
Upbuilding of Industrial Mutters
The Merchants Credit Association,
which was formed in this city some
time ago, gives promise of being a
vory useful organization ln the com
munity ln many ways. Aside from tho
prime object which prompted Its for
mation, that of a mutual organization
in an endeavor to protect Us members
from loss through unscrupulous pur
chasers, the association will also have
as one of its cardinal objects the fur
therance of commercial and ' Indus
trial welfare ot the community.
Some plan will be worked out by
the merchants whereby their united
support can be enlisted in the line of
work usually handled by a commer
cial club or chamber of commerce. In
such jwork there is a broad field tor
useful endeavor. Many 'matters . of
great importance to the community
are constantly coming up, requiring
the attention of some local commer
cial organization, and in this work
the local merchants association can
wield a great power. Their organiza
tion is steadily taking in members,
at the present time the membership
being 24. The next meeting will be
held Friday evening, April 30.
Property Owner Petitions Court to
Put Outlet Across Private Ijtnd.
The Donrd of County Road View
ers and County Surveyor L. J. Van
Orshoven on April 12 were at Qulncy
viewing out and locating a roadway
through the property of Jnfet Llnd
berg, as petitioned for by Joseph
I.umljnrvi. I.umijarvl represented in
his petition to the county court that
bo had no outlet from his property to
tlio main county road. The matter
is yet unsettled, as it has been ascer
tained by the surveyor that there is
an outlet from tho northwest corner
of Lumljarvl's property to an estab
lished road intersecting the county
School Hoard Has Chosen Head In
structors for Ensuing Year.
. At a recent meeting ot the local
school board, L. L. Baker, superin
tendent of the St. . Helens public
schools, and J. D. Brehaut, principal
of the Houlton school, were re-elected,
for another year's work In their pres
ent positions. Superintendent Baker
has rendered excellent service in the
conduct of school matters, as has also
been the case with Prof. Brehaut, in'
charge of the Houlton department. At I
the regular monthly meeting ot the
board to be held early in May, the
grade teachers will be chosen.
St. Helens, the home of the Bel
gian paving block, should forthwith'
present Its claim ln a forcible manner!
to the authorities having In charge
the work of paving the seventy miles'
of highway In Multnomah county asj
a prospective, meritorious and de
serving candidate as the supply
source for a great deal of the ma
terial to be consumed in that enor
mous volume of public work. This
claim would not have to be based
upon any sentimental assumption,
but upon the fact of genuine merit,
backed by dollar for dollar value.
There is no patent paving material
that is tn any manner whatever a
competitor of the Belgian block in
point of durability. A pavement laid
with the Idea of carrying heavy traf
fic, certainly should be laid with no
other material. This, of course, is
the foremost reason for presenting
the cause of the Belgian block to the
consideration of the prospective cus
tomer. However, Its claims for favor are
many. In the first place, the Belgian
block is strictly a home product. In
this respect, also, it has no competi
tor. And, further, too, being a strict
ly home product, all the expenditures
in its employment as a paving ma
terial would immediately flow back
into the channels of home commer
cialism. Furthermore, Belgian blocks
is the only paving material which has
no cost for the raw material. Nature's
lavish hand in placing this superior
basaltic formation at our disposal has
made it possible to utilize It at a
comparatively low cost.
A Belgian block pavement Is the
only one that can be guaranteed to
stand up under heavy traffic. It
makes no difference what other class
ot paving material is used or by
whom it is placed, the consumer can
not expect to have a guarantee of Its
durability. No contractor will guar
antee patent paving material at all.
With the Belgian block no guaran
tee would be necessary. Its durabil
ity has for many years been an un
disputed fact.
The portion of the highway from
the oil tanks, ln the vicinity of Linn-
ton, to Portland, is, no doubt, carry
ing the heaviest traffic of any seotion
ot road in the state. Approximately
100 ten-ton auto trucks make the
trip daily from the tanks to the city.
No patent paving can long witnstand
such a severe test. The distance
from the oil tanks to the city is ap
proximately two miles. It is pro
posed to surface that section of the
highway to a width of elghteeu feet.
For that work It would require
approximately 900,000 regulation
size Belgian blocks, and even though
the first cost of the improvement by
the use of stone blocks were greater,
the ultimate cost would be nominal.
as future cost of repair would be en
tirely eliminated.
Portland has sent into the coffers
of foreign institutious during the
last decade hundreds of thousands of
dollars for paving material. Vitrified
or Seattle brick has been extensively
used for paving the streets of the
Oregon metropolis. Tho money so
expended built up fore'gr. institutions
at the cost of the home product. Hie
test of time has demnstruted he fal
lacy of such business methods. Ti e
use ui lite wouuuu uioch, anomcr
strictly local product, and excelled
tor standing up under heavy traffic
only by the Belgian block, has been
Industriously avoided, greatly to the
discredit of the authorities and to
the financial loss of the community at
large. The merit of the Belgian
block should be presented to the
Multnomah county authorities tn the
most convincing manner possible by
business interests ot this community.
Certainly, it does seem that out ot
the great volume of material to be
consumed in paving the 70 miles of
Multnomah county roads, such a
meritorious local material as Belgian
blocks should be given the consider
ation which is due it.
Athletic Club Memlterg Start on Re
hearsals for Minstrel Show.
The members of the Sunset Athlet
ic Club of St. Helens, and their
friends, have begun rehearsing tor a
minstrel entertainment which they
will favor the public with ln the very
near future. The young gentlemen
will give a creditable exhibition of
their talents. The athlotlc club Is
composed almost entirely of members
of the volunteer five company, and
.,...!.. 1 ,, 1.. MnH I .
mull kuuu nujn 111 mo cuilllliutlliy
deserves a substantial recognition.
Their entertainment should be liber-j
ally patronized.
County Roadmaster Is HotefuI of
. Having Smooth Road for Summer,
The St. Helens-Portland road from
Erickson's. hill, ln the vicinity of
Warren, south to Scappoose, has been
widened, scarified and put In good
condition for summer travel, accord
ing to Roudmaster l'ltus' stuteu.ent,
From Scappoose south to Johnson's
crossing a crew Is now at work plac
ing that section of the county road ln
good condition. Mr. Titus eays that
ln all probability that part of the
road will be covered with fine rock
and oiled. Near St. Helens there is
some good work bolng done on the
road, which will give a good thor
oughfare all the wa,y to Portland.
The Improvement of the highway
connecting this city and Houlton is
one of the much needed and substan
tial pieces of road work now ln prog
ress. It is unfortunate, however,
that It will be impossible to complete
the work this year, owing to lack of
funds. There was but 12500 avail
able for this work, and Roadmaster
Titus Informs The Mist that the
amount available will complete the
work only to a point a little more
than half the distance from Houlton
toward St. Helens. If it is possible
to effect a saving on some other work
during the season it may be possible
that the' St. Helens-Houlton improve
ment can be completed.
Organization That .Is Undertaking
Great Good for the Community.
The Women's Club of St. Helens
is an organization entitled to the
hearty support of every citizen and
business Institution here. The ladles
are undertaking to bring about many
betterments in civic and educational
conditions. One of the most com
mendable undertakings ot the club is
a plan to establish a rest room at
some convenient location in the city,
where visitors could find comforts
and conveniences that would be an
encouragement to visit the city
Such an Institution, properly
equipped and supplied with maga
zines and other periodicals would
provide quarters where ladies and
children from the surrounding coun
try would be glad to go. Their vis
its to the city would be more fre
quent and the business Institutions
of the town would be greatly bene
fited. While the establishment of a rest
room Is JuBt now one of the principal
objects of the club, there are other
very important matters the ladies are
endeavoring to work out. Among
them is the establishment of a' read
ing room and library, where young
men could find it both profitable and
convenient to spend their evenings.
This might be brought about ln con
junction with gymnasium work
which the athletic club Is institut
ing. The ladies are enthusiastic and
sincere in their work and should be
Their club work, covers a wide
range of useful endeavor. At their
bimonthly meetings they take up
child welfare, home economics, civ
ics, literature and current events.
The club has a membership of 25,
and meetings are held the second and
fourth Tuesdays of each month.
Next Sunday afternoon has been
proclaimed clean-up day for St. Hel
ens baseball fans. The Noah's Ark
Midgets and the Live Wires will pro
ceed to clean up the first and second
teams of Houlton ln a double header
Sunday afternoon, starting at 1:30.
Baseball tans can get a chance for
some real excitement at the St. Hel
ens school grounds.
Two Young Halfhreed Indians Visit
Chicken Roosts Near Rainier.
Last Monday morning two young
halfbreed Indians, giving the names
of Joe Rock and Frank Rock, aged
16 years and 18 years, were taken
Into custody by the constable of Rai
nier precinct, charged with stealing
The youngsters were traveling on a
tie pass, and seeing a flock ot well
groomed chickens at the ranch ot
Shared Rice, near Rainier, on Sunday
evening, they proceeded to help them
selves to five of the birds, taking
them to the river bank, where they
partook of hlyu muck-a-muck, after
which they contented themselves by
remaining all night in the vicinity of
their acts of deprepation.
They were arrested Monday morn
ing, given a trial before Judge Doan
ot Rainier, and sentenced to three
months ln the county Jail. Sheriff
Stanwodd took them to the Multno
mah county jail Wednesday morning.

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