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an. Jacob Oorgo lnt Friday Id
. -illmrt I TfllMll.ill Ul vurrtjn,
, I. (own Tuesday.
,j, ulim visited In Portland
liv" - , u. 1
"diii'i"1 1,10 "'
I.., . u K. (ieorgn attended the
EShow nt Portlum! (Ilia week.
, Don Richardson and Mrs
' . ...... - ..--A,..-..
i i null" of Yanklon, waa In Bt
.WiiiiI made a iihort visit iit The
A olllc.
Ur iid Mrs. Jiio Allen apent the
.w il w ih Dr. 11. l. jonoou in
Tl V"-
i T Tarbnll was In from Warren
bit er Tunmluy trailing with our
n. Mid Mrs. Km cut Q. Coan are
..i home In Hi" Mrs. Flora Owen
irt l. W. Kork, after a week's
l3ilon In Portland, returned to her
se Tufdy-
II. John, who li now located at
Lito, Wash., has rumored hla fara-
1 that plare.
Un. L. I'BulHtm liui returned from
iiirlt, wlii'rt) ho hu been visiting
1, ieral days.
Cm. W. Vuki, a hustling realty
Liter of Rainier, wan a caller at the
nljr wat Friday.
Un. Shannon of Koroat drove,
Ul III week end with her daugh-
lln. 0. H. Metigor.
I H. ItullMirfiird, on of 8t. Hel-
, llo booBtiTB. wan In Italnlor Sat
!ir trtniwetlim business.
KM Mrlu Paulsen haa returned
lirookfleld. Wash., whore ahe
ki bwn vlaltlng relatives.
lpitir Hlicrirr Ilrown made an
Uii viilt to gulncy, In the lower
in oi uio CUUIU7 ouiuruay.
in. T. It. Karri and children of
rrillli. worn the guests at the W.
Xiickls liunin Uio punt week.
Main. E. J. Mllla and C. V. Ea
ton of the Vernonla country, were
ilnm visitors lo Ht. Helena Mon-
ilu Arllno M. Ilotsford apont the
wk end In Portland vlaltlng with
iitltee end u jojriiia; the Itoae fos-
Ihi . Hull, who has been vlaltlng
it Ui brother, Itooso Hall, return-
to his huino nt llollliighum, Wnh.,
Jidm lliinl. who line boon aaalat-
k la tlio county treasurer's olllce, J
i iwung wiiu noiiio tolas at Wost-
Mtthll KIH'k.
C. II. Dirndl from Carlton, Oregon
n be with Mr. Iliilght, who haa re
'ill? taken over the Ht. Helona Ab
't Company.
fmt Veailo mailo The Mlat offlw
tkaiant cull I ho first of the woeli
M Incidentally hud hla aubaorlptlou
m ap a notch.
I. II. I'riro loft Tueaday for Ban
uiclwo. Mr. I'rlce will take In
Malr ami vlnit other polnta of In
Ft. Ho oximi lH In tin irnnn lnnl
""era. lien Terklne, D. C. Maa-
dydo Hutlmrlund anil f! E
. doimrtt'd yeaterday for the
Mi of tlio Nuhulem vallov for a few
)' outlnK unil fishing.
C. T. Mcl'lioraon. naatnr oi
kethoiliHt church at Clutakanlo
london'd hla roalgnatlon, to tak
' July Ut, Bml wl ent0. thr
Nmnto buHliiKua In Portland.
"Hiure. J. (J. Walla an.l n M
'th'bura. boil, ivo tiualnnsa men ol
nelRhborliiK town, . ScaDDOoae
rln tlio county soul tha tnt of tin
M attouding t0 buHlnoaa mattera
ti. Dunoilt. wlin warn taVan tr
r ho",lt'l t Tortland a few dayi
Mo (o unihireo an ODeratlnn. la Im
fr0Y'n l'i'llly and will be able tc
pra lo hor home in another week
'l0 8l)IIBt Allllnlln rii.K I...
"'"d til Umnilt Invllallnn o ..
rlr Ollnntrcl at Rrannno.. in thr
'7 ,u,uro' Tbo boye It aoema, not
"J made a local, but a world-wide
L Tarlmll t . it..
all nh a8BocllHon, attendod a
"""'ni of tlio Warren Orange al
U"J" R"rt I'o atatea tlio people of
' .,"rlct ro very enthualaatlc
the flomlng fafri
Wdla Wn,i. .i u. .
Itttl - uuuu ii now oun
uonery Btore 8aturday morning
' ""linos, in tho old office bulld
l of th, 8l. jl(Jl9ni Lumber Com.
Which ha. I, A .
W hall until recently.
Tlie erniliL.ti . . . ,.
o.. . uxoroiaea oi uooie
niatrlet No. 20, were
"'""Jay night. ju mh a
"wram wag
lu- . Fioimreu ior me occaH-
J. '""owing received dlplc,maa:
' "ittlllllior. Jonnle lflna-1 Mil
' I Atflfann -V
Oh,i..i uraoe fearlf ana
M..' .ow,er- MB Anne lketol
i. and Mra. E. H. Maid
"W a Vnrv . .... : . 1
uuBBiui acnooi yqar,
n. a. imrriHon wna In
- ... , u iiiino
Tuoailay apreadlng the boiwti-r Ht.lrll
over the city.
Mra. Alien roturned to l'ortland
Tueaday after apendlng a fow duya
with Mra. Charlea lllukuHly.
('hlldren'a Day exnrciMt win k
hold at the Motlioiiut church durln
the 1) o'clock hour Biimlny.
Ul.. i
"rtt raiiiann, who lm
oeon loaclilng achool ut llrookfluld
ma yum y(,r, u rotjirncd to
iiuniu iur i no aunimnr.
Meaara.-U C. Cliuao. M. C. Morton
John 1'hlllp, II. J. Bouthnrd i..t i
T. Tabor attondod a mooting 0f the
Maaonio lodgo In Portland Friday
IJ l ... ... . .
mm. r.mo l orkini arrlvod Intro
Sunday from Bun KranclHw., whro
ane naa Imioii for the pnat yeiir tuk
Ing a courao In one of the largo hoe-
puaia of that city
Mr. and Mra. E. A. Kom und Mr
m A If . .
..u mra. a. i,. mono lllotoriMl to
Waahougal Hundny, wliwro tlioy vla
Ited with Mr. and Mra. Hulloy, rolu-
nvea of Mr. Stone.-
air. and Mra. J. J. lvianoy of
mikoiio, woro the gunHtH of tho 11. K
mcvormicK Homo Sunday. Mr. Ihi-
lanoy I auporlntondont of tho Wll
htnmtte Pacltlo rallroud at Kugoiio.
Mr. and Mra. John M. Philip and
baby arrived In the city from Kun
r'ranclaco Tueaday onroule lo Indiix,
Waah., and apunt a couplo of day
vlaltlng with hla futhur, Mr. John
Philip and family.
u. v. v iiiinma, well known to
many of our people, who haa been at
tondlng the O. A. C. at Corvallla the
paat year, returnod lo hla homo at
Newburg aflor apundlng a fow duya
with h. C. Slanwood and family.
uuaiave Bclincllnr, who, with hla
wife, realrtod two nitloa west of Bcap
pooao, dlml of paralyela at hla homo
few day ago, and waa burled In
Pair Vlow winelory at I'ortlund. Hp
leavna a wife and two arown oona.
J. II. Price loft Wedneaduy for Ban
I'ranclaco via tlio Northern Pacific
Btoamahlp roulo for a fow week'
vlalt with hla wifo and baby. Mr.
Prlco la chief architect In the ship
building ditpurlmeut of the ahlp yard
Clifford Ilrumlile of VBt Bt. Hel-
en, loft Buturday for Eaatorn Ore
gon, whore ho haa a runch. It Ib the
Intention of Mr. Iiramble to make
hi future home on the cunt Hide and
will end for hla family In a few
Jacob George, proprietor of the Bt.
llolnna hotol, nttondod tho mcotlng
of the Srottlah Kite Muaona hold at
Portland the luttor purt of hint week,
returning homo MonJ.iy. He reports
It one of the beat and moat IntoreHt
Ing muotlnga of Ita kind ever hold.
Theodore Wegener of Aberdeen,
louth Dakota, apont aeveral daya the
,iaat weok vlaltlng hla uncle, S. L.
foioraon. . Mr. WagRner hold a po
11 lou aa cashier of the First National
Hunk at Aberdeen. Ho Informs us
.hat the times In that part of tho
country ara bettor this year than for
i ho punt sixteen years.
An engineer of tho S. P. & 8. was
n Warronton tho past weok making
ho survey for the new railroad
irldge across the Bklpunon. It will bo
l steel struct uro and work will be
begun aa soon aa possible after the
plana hnvo received the approval of
.he United Stutoa War department.
B. ('. Knighton haa purchased n
harbor shop at Houlton and Is now In
charge Mr. Knighton Is one of St.
Helens' old "timers." Ills father In
in early day took up tho land which
tho town alto now covors, and Mr.
Knighton waa born In a little log
ittbln on the alto whore the court
house now stands.
Bomo thirty school children who
missed taking the eighth grade ex
ilntnntlona In their various districts,
were graded Thursday and Friday by
bounty Superintendent Allen, who
iud made apodal arrangements for
ihem. A passing grado on the exami
nations entitle the pupils to enter
Ihe high achool course.
Tho son of Frank Farming, who
waa accidentally hurt Inat week, Is
recovering rapidly. The accident
happened by the tennis racquet In
the hand of another boy, by a back
ward swing, striking him Just above
Lhe oye, cutting quite a gash. It was
not considered a aorlous Injury, but
very painful at the time.
P. J. Olson of Warren, waa in 8t.
Holona the last of the woek. Mr. Ol
son was Just recovering from an un
fortunate accldont when he waa the
recipient of a dislocated shoulder
While working with hla cattle he was
nullod against the comer of a build
Ing and waa rendered unconscious for
couple of houre and hla Bhoutdor
thrown out of place and himself
shook uo In general. Nothing more
aertoua hnpponod from the accident.
J. F. Loyd, one of Columbia
counly'a progressive farmers and
atockrnlBera, was a St. Holona visitor
Saturday, and while In town made
Tho Mist office a pleasant call. He
Is vory much enthused over the pros
pects for a good crop year in mo
Door Island community. Potato and
.rain crops are flir above the avor
" '; this mo of season. Mr.
"y Is an old member of Tho Mist
f-n ly and looks forward for the
"kly edition of Qiunty Hat
This Horn Is not of Interest to Ore
tt'""uns, ,ut ,nny , of t)l0
Mlat KO "way bBck CUHti. ,, tj
hose readers It will be 0f tfirei)t to
' r" potato bugs In
panied by cash, a bidder's bond made
iauie to Columbia County, or a
cortlfliid check made payable to the
t-lerk of Columbia County, for an
amount equal to at least five per cent
of the amount of the aald bid, and
no bid shall be considered unless
such cash, bond, or check Is en
closod therewith. Such bidder's
"' nau De conditioned that If said
bid la accented, the nrn-tv hiiiiinr in
duly enter Into and execute the con-
iraci. .Mlinlllrl th. fm.AAa..l I.I.U
, . ' in i -- " "uvvwodiui UlUuur
Oregon, and In fet vory f(!W p,,,, of i to whom the contract 1 awarded
while on
sign of
" ,url" products. In the
..m mo ,-Uri groen sprinkler Is
ready nlmoat as soon as the potato
pushes out of the ground, to light off
mn uiiks and slugs,
coust thore Is never i
Hurtmiin A. HJorn, whoso untimely
deuth so unfortunately occurred
about ton days ago, was a former res
ident of Michigan, where he hud lfi
with his family about throe months
ugo and come to Oregon. His father
and mother ore nutlvcs of Denmark,
where they still reside. Two brothers
ulso live In Denmark, and two other
brothers and two sisters are In Mich
iKnn. There are other relativea of
tho family In Seattle. Mra. U. H.
l-ewls of Seattle, a relative, waa pres
ent at tho funeral. Mrs. HJorn will
remain with friends at Wurren for a
K. 0. Jonos of Coble, was In the
city Monday trading with our merch
ants. Mr. Jones Is mm nt lha "..1,1
timers" In Columbia county, having
been a resident about thirty years.
Lust year It will bo remembered, he
suffered the loss by fire of hla
large sawmill and about a month
later his homo was destroyed by
the flume, a loss of wore than $8000.
Ho stutes that everything Is moving
ulong very nicely In his community
and that hla crops are good. Mr.
Jones tickled tho editor's pocket
book and made himself secure for 1
nnothor year with Tho Mist.
Measrs. O. L. Smith and It. D.
Snider have dissolved partnership in
their large dairy business, near Scap
pnosa, tho deal being consummated
the hitter part of the woek, Mr. Sni
der tuking over the Interest of his
pnrlner. These gentlemen have con
ducted one of the largest dairy farms
in the county, milking some fifty
cows, and selling on the Portland
markets an averuge of one hundred
and forty gallons of milk dally. Mr.
Smith Is to become a St. Helens citi
zen und has already begun tho erec
tion of a modern home In our little
D. M. Hobiuotte of Yankton, was
in tho city Saturday trading with our
merchants. Mr. Hoblnette is a loyal
booster fur his county and after
seven years residence in the state he
would not be willing to return to his
nutlve state of Michigan to reside.
I.Ike many others he says that Co
lumbia county has the best citizen
ship that can be found, and aa for
the climate and resources they can
not bo excelled. Mr. Hoblnette la In
ono of the best and fust growing sec
tions of tho county, where the farms
aro stocked with fine blooded duiry
cows, money makers to any farmer.
A. M. Campbell of Trenholm, was
a plensant caller at The Mist office
Monday. Several yenrs ago Mr. and
Mrs. Campbell were forced to hunt
a now home on account of their
health, and after looking around they
purchased a smull tract of land near
Trenholm. A couplo of years have
passed away and their health have
been greatly Improved by the invig
orating Oregon ozone. Mr. Camp
bell is one of the tow heroes loft who
participated In the strife of our
Union a half century ago, but even
at his age he steps out and makes
many a young fellow stop lively to
koup paco. Mr. Campbell favored The
Mist with a renewal subscription.
A lotter from Rev. John Foster
tells us that he will begin his work
In St. Holena as minister of the Con
gregational church on Sunday, June
20th. He has chosen for his subjoct
at the 11 o'clock hour "The King's
Face," and In the evening he will
speak on "Privation' Price."
Hov. Foster was formerly a busi
ness man, but for the last eleven
years hag been preparing for hi per
ceived need of a constantly progres
sive mtnlBtry.
fall to execute the aamn within ton
days (not including Sunday) from the
date of the mailing of the notice
from the County Court to him, ac
cording to the address therewith
given, that the contract la ready for
signature, such cash, bond or certi
fied checks Bhall be forfeited to Co
lumbia County, and the same shall be
the property of the County. All other
cash, bonds, and certified check will
be returned to tho unsuccessful bid
ders who submitted the same.
A corporate surety bond will be re
quired for the faithful performance
of the contract in a aura equal to one
half of the total amount of the bid.
Plana may be seen and forma of
specifications and contract may be se
cured at the County Clerk's office.
Court House, St. Helens, Oregon.
The right la reserved to reject any
or all proposals or to accept the pro
posal or proposals deemed best for
Columbia County.
A. U CLARK. County Judge.
A. E. HARVEY, County Commis
sioner. JUDSON WEED, County Commis
sioner. A. F. BARNETT, County Clerk of
Columbia County.
St. Helens, Oregon, June 7th, 1916.
There la no joke about
our sale on fruit Jar rub
bers. We sure have the rub
bers and we sure have the
Six Dozen for
The sooner the people get
in the habit of trading with
us the sooner they will be
gin to save money.
We have 15c stockings
that are guaranteed.
Watch -ur Windows
. St Helens 5 and 10c Store
Noahs Ark
The mint makes It and under the
terms of the CONTINENTAL
secure it at 6 per cent for any
legal purpose on approved real
estate. Terms easy, tell us your
wants and we will co-operate with
613 Denham Bldg. Denver, Colo.
shod and work guaranteed sat
isfactory Interfering and forg
ing absolutely eliminated.
Robenoit's Shop
Which is prepared and equipped to turn
out First Class Work. This will save
you annoyance and expense afterwards.
Work Done at Less Than Portland Prices
The Only Complete Abstract System in
Columbia County, Oregon
ri u r . al i .
Oregon State Highway Commis
sion, Columbia County. Sealed pro
posals, addressed to the County
Court of Columbia County, Oregon,
and endorsed "Proposals for Con
structing a Steel Bridge In Columbia
County, Oregon, over the Clatskanle
river, noar the town of Clatskanle,
will bo received by the County Court
of Columbia County at Its office In the
Court Ilpuse, St. Helons, Oregon,
until 2 o'clock p. m. on the 26th day
of Juno,! 1915, and at that time and
place will be publicly opened and
All proposals must be made upon
blank form to be obtained from the
County Clork, at his office In the
Court House, St. Helena, Oregon;
must give the prlcos proposed, both
in writing and figures: and must be
Blgned by the bidder, with hla ad
dress. ...
Each bid is to be presented under
sealed cover, and shall ue accom
with your MONEY in buyiug
REAL ESTATE secure a
Complete Abstract
from the
Columbia County Abstract
Auto Troubles
respond quickly and inexpensively to our treatment.
If your car rattles, or does not run smoothly, or jars,
or makes too much noise, IT IS TIME TO BRING
IT TO US if you want it to last A dollar or two
spent on that car today may save you ten tomorrow,
and that is an INDISPUTABLE FACT.
Gaaolina 16 Cents. Marina Engine Repairing.
St. Helens.
Adds Comfort to Every Shave
Phone 100 ST. HELENS. ORE.
All Work Guaranteed.
Estimates Furnished.
St. Helens Oregon
although so moderate in price as to
make the act unnecessary. We are
proud of the reputation our matchless
Bread haa earned for purity and
wholesomeness and we are sure It
contributes greatly to the health and
happiness of the children and adults
who eat It regularly. It Is made of
the best and purest material in a
most cleanly manner.
St. Helena, Orebon. .
Fourth Annual
Columbia County Fair
SEPT. 22-23-24, 1915
Premium Lists will be sent on application to
G. L. Tarbell, Prest,, Yankton, or J. H. Southard,
Sec'y, St. Helens. '

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