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Miss Olga Marek is again assisting
In the post office.
J. O. Watts was doing business in
St. Helens on Tuesday.
Miss Maud Puncan has cons to
Portland for a few weeks
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Sandstrom were
Portland visitors last Saturday.
Dr. FljTan of Portland, was a bus
iness visitor here last Thursday.
A ' pound boy was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Floyd Grewell last Friday night
Lloyd Price is home again, trying
to shake oS another attack of poison
Mrs, Edgar Stereos has been quite
ill for a few days, but is improving
Miss Ardath Hagcy entertained
Miss Eva Garreson at her home over
Mr. Hilts, clerk at Watts & Price
store, Sundayed with his family at
Miss Ethel Smith of Portland,
spent the week end with her old
friends here.
The Price family took an auto
trip up the highway last Sunday and
report some rain.
Albert Leonard and wife were
guests at the parental home a couple
of days last week.
Miss Merrill of Portland, spent a
tew days last week with her sister,
Mrs. Geo. Rhodes.
Mrs. Kilpack and eon, Gilbert, of
Portland, are spending a few days as
guests of Mrs. J. G. Watts.
The new Clontnger building is now
retting its coat of stint and will soon
be ready for its occupants.
M. J. Boiler is confined to his bed
with a lame back, with prospects of
several days' rest from work.
Chas. Duncan of Portland, a real
estate dealer, was in our vicinity
Tuesday looking after farm land.
Gus Hegele has been ill at his
nephew's sanitarium in Portland.
Glad to see him able to return home.
Emmet Stevens has lumber to
build a new garage. He is advised
to build it in a re proof spot this
We are all glad to get the latest
report from Tom Cloninger. He is
much better and now recognizes his
Mrs. Emma Smith came down from
Portland Wednesday to attend Poca
hontas lodge and returned to Port
land Thursday.
The children are all preparing for
Hallowe'en. A party is being planned
to te given in the W. fc P. hall by
the Endeavorers.
R. Snyder moved 5S hives of bees
from the Daagerneld place to his
farm, where be will keep them for
John Rusk, who has bought them.
Robbers entered Milloy's pool room
Sunday night and helped themselves
to some canned goods and a few other
articles, but the loss was not very
Oh, yes; lest we forget! Here'
good advice. Put a good, strong pad
lock on your hen bouse and get a
good dog and gun. Something doing
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Roy of LaCen
ter, spent last Wednesday with Mrs,
Elizabeth Adams. Mr. and Mrs. Roy
are moving to Portland as well as
their mother and will be close together.
Mrs. J. C. Johnston, w ho has been
visiting her daughter at Rogue River,
returned home Tuesday, bringing
ier daughter and baby with her for a
visit. There is great rejoicing at the
Johnston home.
Mr. Schsnk, who lived here about
five years ago, and after becoming
very ill was taken East by friends,
has returned to visit old friends. He
is stopping at the Sandstrom home
at present.
The report we received from H.
West's Jersey nerd at the Panama
Padfic exposition is at follows:
Seven first prises, four second prizes,
two Junior champions, first oh calf
herd, first on young herd, first on
graded herd, first on dam, first on get
of sire, third oa get of sire. Several
thirds and fourths, grand champion,
which gave him a large silver cup
worth $208. The cup is placed on a
stand made of fancy wood and it al
together stands three feet high. Mr. '
West can point with pride now to'
thirteen silver cape.
High fidtnol Sosee.
Fridays are current event days in
'nistory class.
Guy Beaver has returned to school.
He is in the eighth grade.
""Exam Week" so tar everyone has
eome out with a smiling face.
The B class of the third year sew
ing class are working on woolens.
( The board have ordered gasoline
Irons and ironing boards tor the sew
lug classes.
Lenore and Mary Metcalf and
Kboda West spent Monday night with
Gladys Pays and partook of a dock
t This week seemed to be visiting
.week. Those visiting different rooms
were: Mrs. Bert West, Mrs. 1. Brown,
Mrs. TJ-' W. W, Mrs. JC Z.' John-'
son and Mrs. Mildred Watts. We like
to have the parents come.
We are sorry to say that the Adams
children have left us. Addie entered
Washington High on last Monday
and Bea entered one of the public
Mr. Fowler, in physical geography
Mrs. Alio Moetk. formerly of this
place, but now of St. Helena, came
down Saturday night and visited over
Sunday at the heme of her mother,
Mrs. C. C. Wilson.
Mrs. H. Frk-k arrived tnu wws
- - . . . . , A
class: -What can you do to a swamp: from The Dalles, w acre sue u ep--
it tor cultivst- lug the winter lor ner ueaun. --
Frick is very much improved in
health and says that she likes the
climate of the upper Columbia
Oscar Evermaa left last Friday
for his old home in Kentucky, where
be expect spend some time with
in order to prepare
ion?" A tresman immediately ans
wered: "Irrigate it."
All tryouts for the debating squads
will be on Thursday. Those enter
ing are Helen Watts. Laurie! Blatch
ford, Hasel Wikstrom. Marjorie Hol
aday, Valdes White, Ray Holland.
Pis Holaday, Lyle Jobin. Dewey Clon
inger and Kenneth Ackley. For the .
tryout the question will be: "Re-J
Surveying for St. Helens Houlton
Sidewalk New Walks Ordered.
Council met MonJay evening with
all members present.
The County Surveyor stated thatl
he had surveyed the line from the
west line of Knighton P. L. C. to;
east line of right of way of 8. P. A 8.
for the proposed sidewalk to be con-,
structed along the south line of the I
county road and suggested that mon
uments bs erected and the county
be line be determined. j
solved, thst the United States should
t,i. iwirf Mr Everman will
rrant missed hi hi many friend ( The attorney for Htllsboro Nation
..o.. 11 Rank discussed with
IU luuuin .
. . . 'w.L.'mrMioa of Interest now due
Some Mg tmprc-vemrois c-t , -
council the
. - T Iran nmier iu
Tv,nrd tre ConrreraUonal , wr -""- -
have compulsory military training. Ajcliupc!l ,.ork u done! vlsetuent to be taken up Wednesday
full account will be given nt week. . th &u oerrisiou of Win. Keid.l evening.
r,i ill aid rreatiy to future social Councilman Uallsgh reported the
St. Helens Improvement Company
See us before investing. We
will treat you right. We are
home people and work for the
best interests of St. Helens and
Columbia county.
Handle Real Estate, Fire Insurance and RenUb
events held there.
Mrs. Clinton Scott was a Portland ) The Parent-Teachers' association
visitor last week. j met for the trst time Friday evening.
Glen Burnett has started to High: October la, and elorted Miss Allen
School at St. Helens. president and Mrs M. Sheeim secre-
Frank Kelley and wife were Port-' tary. A short program was rendered,
land visitors Saturday. I bnt the greater part of the evening
Mrs. Jack Cooper of Warren was I tu taken up in formulating plan
a Houlton visitor Tuesday. , for the organization to work along
A. T. Kihlan and daughter. Helen, tae coming year.
as re-
went to Portland last Wednesday.
George Tuft is passing around
C. C Chambers spent a few daysj clf.fcrs lha ., the
in the big city the first of the week. is-pound boy. who ar-
Mtss wonita uroiies oi isnsTou.
is visiting Miss Juanlta Moffett of this
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Thompson have,
gone to Portland to reside this win-)
is here to visit her sister. Miss Lulu J Wash. Later in life Mr. Smith :
for a few days. j moved his family to this place, where
John McQueen went to Portland ; be entered the mercantile and hotel
Saturday for a few days. He return-'business until the voar 1SS9. at which
ed on Monday evening. ! time he disposed of his business and
ter. i
Jarvis Davis, who has been very HI
at his home near Yankton, is oat
again. '
Mr. and Mrs. J. Negro and little1
object is a
rived Saturday night.
J. C. Smith, one time resident and
merchant and first depot agent in
this city and father ot Mrs. Jack
Stacy of thts plane, died at his home
in Portland last Saturday evening
after a lingering illness of cancer oi
the stomach. Deceased was horn in
Polk county. Oregon. September CD,
daughter spent the day in Portland j US, where lie lived with his lam-
Charlie White left Tuesday after
noon tor another hunting trip ot a
few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lake visited
friends and relatives in Portland
over Sunday.
Miss Hazel Razey ot Deer Island,
ily. It was in Polk county that he
entered his first business career, that
of the stock business. He was mar
ried to Miss Mlllls R. Evans, to which
union seven children were horn, tlx
of whom are living to mourn their
loss. There also remains his mother,
Mrs. Nat Webb, at Walla Walla.
Sheldon dock had been fixed
The recorder reported that he had ,
mailed letters notifying property
owners of their indebtedness on
Chaa. Msrkle asVed council to Im
prove street cros tg near hi resi
dence. Eeierred to street and alley
Councilman Southard reported that
newer between Winter and Oak ,
streets was dogg- d up and overflow- j
leg. Referred to Southard to have !
same remedied.
Councilman Southard also reported
sidewalk along Willamette street op
posite Block IS. in need of repair;
also that brush over many portion
of the sidewalk slang Hemlock
street Marshal was Instructed to
notify owners to construct sn Moot
walk. He was also instructed to see
that tlie brush along the sidewalk on '
Hemlock street was removed
Complete Line of DUPONT
Have them during
the whole meal
give a wholesome, delicious piquancy.
Perfectly at home at the most elaborate
banquet or the simplest meal.
Your dealer has tbero
Ask to se Um Kw family Tlo
Mrs. J. H. Schoonover has returned
to Forest Grove, after a week spent
here attending to business.
Sherman Saxtou was a Portland
visitor Tuesday of this week, return
ing on the afternoon train.
Mrs. Thompson White spent the
week end in Portland with friends,
returning Tuesday afternoon.
C C Chambers and family will
leave soon for North Carolina, where
they will make their future borne.
Grant Watts, the Scappoose mer
chant, was a business visitor in Houl
ton and St. Helens Tuesday between
Mrs. Merle Staines spent a few days
here at the home of E. 1. Staines and
wife Itst week, returning to her home
Thursday at Everett, Wash.
Mrs, Mary Morgan, Mrs. A. T.
Kihlan and daughters. Lavinia and
Rose, motored to Portland Thursday,
in Mrs. War pur' Overland car. j
Miss Naomi West, the new teacher
here, spent the week end in Portland
with her parents, returning fsunday
evening. Mis W. is boarding wilt
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Brehsut.
Rev. Snyder and Charlie White
returned from their bunting trip
engaged in the real estcte business at
Portland, in which business he was
engaged at the time of his death.
Carpmuers are at work finishing
the Interior of the north room la the
Masonic building fur the creamery.
A number of the director were in
town Wednesday to decide on the
machinery. They have quotation
from severul linuiw who furnish
creunmry supplies and mill select the
machinery Iwst suited for the plant
at this place.
Th creamery hot to have elec
tric power. Mr. McCormick stated
that if sufficient business could be
secured, he would 1 glad to furnish
twenty-four hour service.
lOtt I LAM, OH a. UN
Mrs. A. C. Palmer returned from
Portland Wednesday evening after
an absence of sevenU weeks looking
after business interests. On Mon
day she attended the funeral of heT ; The J. B. Stetson took oa T50.000
brother. Mr. Garland, an old Oregon ttx-l cf lumber for San Pedro, Call
pioneer, j iornia. and JS patnger.
! The steamer Klamath pulled out
j the first of the wek for San Pedro,
j California, with a million feet of
: lumber.
J. H. Boech accompanied Mr
Reefer, of the Delta gardens, on a
trip to Portland and Willamette Val
ley points during the week to test
out some cattle which the latter ei- Tv-i - ,
. . , Forest Home is still In the
pens to purchase in preparation fori ,..,, , . '
'kra undergoing repairs and will not
Sie opening of the cheese factorr. : . , '
- ! be ready for a cargo for a week yet
A clever little comedy, entitled gh. was condemned by the inspector
The Deestrick Skule." will lie pre-Jand wrUlin )ffiprovement. ordered
eeuted at tbe Columbia theatre on j which are being compiled with
Friday evening, Nov. 12. by the j . '
"Victory" and Ltve Wire" classes of
the Methodist Sunday school. The
proceeds will be devoted to tbe base-!
nieut fund. , Oregon, for the County of Columbia
J. J. Klcyoun and family cunt:"- B- Honon. plaintiff. v. Josetih I. ,
jScturday t-vening, having had a very; flown from Portland on the steamer Brnk and Viola A. Hrtnk. hi wife,
pleasant time, but little success with Beaver on Friday last, bringing their rti!- TV df,end- To ,
their rifms. , household goods with them and have name of tbe State of Orecon von .r! i
Tbe Jitney dance at the I. O. 0. F. u,ten up their residence in the apart- required to appear and answer '
ban Saturday evening, was a success ; menu ower tbe ji, Mr j complaint filed against you in the 1
Kinyoun is a blacksmith and ha. j UW toy oi lnZr im .
tablished himself in business in tbe the day fixed by order of this Court
Cravens livery barn. 'or you to appear and answer mil
being more than six week from the
oste of tbe first publication of this
summons, to-wit: more th.i. ...
tro? tbe Jth ot October.!
im: and if you fall to so appear I
and answer, tbe platntiiT will apply'
to the Court tor the relief demanded I
In his said complaint, io-wit: tor
Judgment upon a promissory note for
S (.. with 8 per cent interest :
thereon from the KOth dav of Novem
her. lfc: for 1168 0 attorney'
toes, and for tbe costs and dl.hurse
menu of tbu suiu and tor a decree
of foreclosure of tbe roortgace unon !
Iti ..15 1 . .. . '
iviiutn, QHrnMlll
in every way. There was a good
crowd, excellent music and a deli
cious cafeteria luncheon. Tbe pro
ceeds amounted to quite a sum.
His Lillian Cade will celebrate tbe
eleventh anniversary of her birth
with a Hallowe'en parry at her home
near Houlton, at the Lone Fir Dairy
farm, on Monday evening. A large
number of her young friends have
been bidden, end it win be an oc
casion of touch merriment.
Edward Bellamy has moved into
tbe Lotstrand building to assume his
new place of business, having pur-,
chased tbe hnsineas from T. Ambrose.
Mr. Bellamy and his wife are hots
familiar with the shoe repair tauri
nes, and hope to ne kept busy at
their trade. j
Mr and Mra. Charles Graham re
turned home oa last Priady after-!
noon, after an absence ot several
weeks spent at Trout Lake, Wash,
where Mr. Graham goes tor his
health; he is very much improved by
his rest.
Rev. Santord Snyder went to Port
land Tuesday to see C K. Olson, who
i there at St. Vincent hoepital. Mr.
Olsen was injured a few weeks age by
tailing from a caSolding while at
work oa A.. T. Kiblsn'a new store, and
sustained a broken limb mat numer
eus bruises. He is getting en very
nicely now, nowever. and copes to be
out again as soon as his broken bones
Ted Preecott arrived in Houlton on
Wednesday morning from Montague.
Cl, near Mt, Shasta. Ted aays be
oame t Oregon again to get a good
wetting; there has been no rain tor
five months mt Montague. Mrs. Pres
oott is there, and win probably eome
to Houlton ta the sear TcTcra. -
Last Friday at the debating try
outs the lollowing candidates were
successful: Altna Kent. Tillie Pul
liam, Herbert Geary, Clarence Even
son, Nellie Geary and Jesse Lewis.
Tbe other two aspirants, Edward
Larson and Helena Faltlnot. will be'
held as substitute Is case of acci
dent to any of tbe team. The judge
were: Mrs. Con vers, Mrs. MeCord
and Mrs. Trafaer. Chief.
Manufacturers' and Land
Products Exposition
Portland. October 25-Nov. 13
2nd Annual Show of All-Oregon and Southern
Washington Agricultural Products and Manu
facturing Resources.
Round Trip Rates
Excursion Sale Dates from Houlton, October
25, 29; November 1, 5, 8, 12. Return Limit
Five Days After date of Sale.
J. O. DIVENS, Agent, Houlton.
baa been enter- : ' . 1 "s"ng var. south IS dec.
in the fit. Vincent ! ibenVnorVn T " L?L
lie tee; thenee north S4 deg. 14
"" ' iet; thence west t I
I '""! " Pt of beginning; to
! getter with the tenements beredlta
menu and appurtenances thereunto
Becinnine at
Miss Olive Hyde is visiting rela-! feet west of tbe point that is it ?g!
tlves in Idaho. ct north of the ouarter section cor-1
Mr. Hasting, is enjoying the vi.lt i "VTT' d ;. J-!
of relatives from Indiana, ! tollowinr: mneifr
1 r... V I niut Hia
Mrs. ber Brown
talntue flurtur the week a friend whn l.'.Z ,. feet; thence
is one of tbe nurses
Tbe scholars of tbe Yankton
school gave a basket social on last
Friday evening, which was well at
tended. Tbe baskets were donated j '"fring, or in anywise appertain
by tbe scholars, wed sold to tbe bigb-l rfv."? ,To'J n olB nd further
est bidder by Mr. Hastings, wbo was j and editable. m
auctioneer for tbe occasion. Tbe sale I This summon is published ft the
of baskets brought a little over lour-1 St len Mist, a weeklv newer ner
xeen oouara. 1 ne money will I . " ,"', ana ot reneral
nd tor game tor the mooi. S? By. Ore-:
rr... . T , "ortax aue
r.I. ' the Honor- j
able James A. Eakln. Judge of iBe
Orcuit Court of the State of
Ibe S-th day of October. 11S the'
Krst TUbllcaaon being October tth, j
Attomers Tor Plaintiff, st-n m0TJ
gan Euading, Portland, Ore. i.7;
PROTECT yourself against disease germs by ths ue of r
disinfectant. .j
KKU l)IKIN'r-ECTAVT U a shield agalnrt dl1
cause It will kill the germs that cause disease. ,
red in accordance with the direction In tbe booklet, ,
IIKI VFECTA KT will prevent MeahagHis and the equally d":(
disease. Taberrelosis. i KRKHO to aptwoved by your WW DVJ
Health, and Is used by thousand ot hospitals, phyldaM, rHi"
and health boards. Reed the booklets.
Hslf pint bottles at SOe will make U gallons of dllnleunt. '
1 pint bottles at lie wtll mak It gallons ot disinfectant
X quart can at 10c will make St gallons of dlslnfocunt
Half gallon can at 7le will make tO gallons of disinfectant.
OK KRt). nr. HKLKXH, 0BBW i
Oeo. W. Young, D. win srpeak
in tbe city ball Monday evening, No
vember S, at ?: p. m He is s note a
speaker and torcihle reasoner. Be
has been connected with the Anti
Saloon league tor a number of year
and baa devoted much time to tbe
causa of temperance. Admission tree.
. u ml iK
' RATES tl 00 AND UP

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