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The office ot the Columbia Herald
moved into new quarters Friday of
last week and now occupy the
Schoonover building. Larger and
better accommodations for the plant
have thus been secured.
Mr. Chas. White shipped another
carload of cattle to Portland on Sat
urday last. To the uniuitiated it
seems queer that the fat cattle and
hogs are shipped from this part of
the county to the Portland market
and then our retail meat men buy
from Portland wholesale men and re
ship the same or other meat back to
this city and retail to patrons. Per
haps it is done to give the poor rail
road corporation some business. Why
cannot our retail men buy direct
from producers and thus save two
freight charges and a middleman's
commission, which is in the end paid
by the patrons of our home markets?
The minister of the M. E. church
enjoyed a fine auto trip on Thurs
day, when he accompanied N. A.
Perry to Portland in his fine Cadil
lac. They left Houlton about 10 a.
m., went by the way of Bachelor
Flat, crossing the river at Linnton
and taking the winding road up river
to the city, thus getting a beautiful
view of river, city and the Jefferson
High School, which is one of the
finest educational plants in the state.
G. Chambers, who lately returned
from North Carolina, has moved into
the house recently vacated by E.
Payne, and is again in partnership
with his brother, George, in the retail
meat busness.
Wm. Goodman arrived in Houlton
from Northern Michigan on Wednes
day of last week. He reports his
father as no better. Mr. Goodman,
senior, has now been confined to bed
for over fifteen months with inflam
matory rheumatism.
Prof. Brehaut, accompanied by
Mrs. Brehaut and Miss Weist, one of
I ho grade teachers in the Houlton
school, spent Saturday ami Sunday
with friends in Portland, returning
on Sunday evening's train.
The L. A. S. will hold their semi
monthly sale of pure home baked
food on Saturday afternoon. The
proceeds are to apply on the church
The M. E. Sunday school is prepar
ing an Easter program, to be given
on Easter in the M. E. church. Miss
Nettie A. Snyder has charge of the
arrangements and training of the
littlo ones.
A novel way for the collection of
delayed accounts has been discovered
by a party in this city. Persons in
terested may learn the particulars by
applying to the firm of W. and ,
Houlton, Oregon.
E. Payne has greatly Improved the
property recently purchased of N. A.
Perry, by underpinning the house,
grubbing out the brush and other
wise fixing up, making a very pleas
ant home for his family
Mrs. C. II. Moosman of Portland,
spent last week with her mother,
Mrs. Couch.
('.minima linker went to St. Hel
ens last week and is visiting her
daughter. Mrs. J. I'rlo. Crandma
Mrs. Eva Smith and Miss Ethel ! nlUMi.l.Ml church Sunday, the find
Smith of St. Helens, Sunduyed with
the Gillotto family.
L. Uoin and daughter May, came
up from St. Helens to visit friends
time since last fall
Mr. and Mrs. Manns and Hay mo
tored to Portland Monday. The
Misses Zolla and Abhy lleniluro nc-
and attend our Sunday school and j eompunled them.
Uov. Axel Anderson, a iiiismhmu"
of Seattle, was here Tuesday and held
a meeting at Mr. Newman's.
Mr. and Mrs. (). W. Huberts of
Portland, visited here Sunday with
Mi. Loom is.
Tho school hoys' baseball team
played their llrsl game Sunday at
church services.
Miss Ellaree Butler and Bob Hu
bert motored down from Portland
to spend Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
M. J. Butler.
H. West goes to Now York city next
week to attend the annual meeting
of the American Jersey Cuttle Club,
being sent as a delegato by the l)re-j leer Island and won the game wiiu
gon Jersey Cattle Club. n swre of 13 to 10. Bay Harms took
Some people living hero a few them down in hh auto,
years ago will remember John Izer.l H"l ''' Kvu Miles came from
(father of Mrs. S. Wlnslow), who j Portland Friday evening to visit their
lived for Borne timo with the Wins- mother, Mrs. Pu.cy. Kva re-
low family here. Word has been re- turned Sunday to attend school,
eelved that he died March 31 in! Mrs. Harlow Anderson of SI. Ilel-
An example: Missouri and was buried at Liberty, lens, spent Saturday Willi Mrs
that might well be followed by sev
eral others in the city.
The nutos from Portland and other
points were passing through Colum
bia City all day Sunday. Some of
them were loosing no time.
C. L. Smith arrived In St. Helens
from Florida, a few days ago. Ha
made a flying trip.
A noisy crowd passed through this
place Saturday night. They let
Nebraska, by the side of his wife. ! i.oonn.:.
An 8-pound baby girl was born to j Mr. "! Mrs. N I,;,1"'r '"'
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McFarland, April j James, motored over to Washington
6. Mother and child doing well. Sunday and visited Mrs. Baker's
A carload of West's lino Jerseys ; father and brothers, J. H. McQueen
were shinned Tuesday to Mr. Held at land Hobert, near Vancouver, and
McMinnville,, where ho has a line
dairy of Jerseys.
Lloyd Price and Miss Gipsy John
ston attended the Da inrush concert
Monday evening
near at the Grand Theatre next
1V...I....U.IUV under the title numo
The Heart of a Painted Woman
In a live-reel II I in and for tho popu
lar nrlces of 5 and 10 cents.
IIiuih tilt, who resided for tho lust
7 ears among ti snow covered
mountains of North Ktistorn Oregon
has moved his family and belongings
here and bids farewell lo the sag"
i,ri,..h mid lackrnbhlts. and will In
the future he domiciled on farm
u'liii'li tin mirrliuacd back of this
place. lievlew.
John McQueen and family, who live
near Camas, Wash.
.Mr:-. Kat" Bar. in spent Sunday i
with her duughter, Mrs. McKay al
tho hospital in Portland. Mrs. Mc-
Our lady school teachers spent; Kay Is Improving and expects to go
Saturday at tho Blntchford home. j homo in a few days.
Mr. Johnston will lecture nt the' Miss Mary Thomas spent (he week
everygody know they were coming church Wednesday night on the! end with her parents at Golde.
before they got in sight.
Miss Libbie Fowler made a trip to
Columbia City to visit relatives and
see the changes in tho place, yester
day. We see several new fences going
up in Columbia City. We hope to
see, all new ones soon.
Harold Bumgardner and one of his
"Tragedy of Lifo." All are Invited, j Miss Inez Klrenhagen and her
D. W. Price was a business visitor j brother Zack, left Wednesday lifter
to the metropolis Monday. j noon to visit relatives In California,
Mr. Shephard has put on a new bus' after having visited their uncle, Mr
to accommodate the people from St. j Spalding and family, for two weeks.
Helens to Portland. He is carrying; Mrs. Huth Sweet of Portland, vls
a great many passengers, the cars 'led her daughter, Mrs. Puzey. last
usually being loaded to tho limit.
Frank Tompkins Is one of our un
friends were down here a few days ; fortunates. While pulling stumps
ago on a visit. They had a nice time with a stump puller he received 1 1 1 -
Hazel Ewlng and Violet Smith of
The Peer Island baseball team wm
defeated Sunday by Warren, 13 to
10, the second time In their new mil
forms. The uniform seem to bring
I hem bad luck.
The Deer Island school Is In need
nf a new Hag, as the one now on Hie
school house Is ill bad shape.
!'. and J Keelan are visiting their
father mid mother.
Miss Buckley of Portland, Is visit
ing her friends in Deer Island.
The farmers are nil glad to see
the good weather.
James (ialtens was n Portland vis
Itur last Saturday.
The dame was a groat success.
('. W. Corey has a largo business
worked up.
Ti e 7:15 train was delayed on ac
count of u hot box.
Miss DogNin is working for Mrs
Butler's ham burnt down Saturday
Unci, Kay and Mrs II. (inlttona
were in St Helens Saturday.
Mr and .Mrs. Brown huvu a hunch
of little chickens, All ready this
The roads nre getting dry and
Some people would like to see the
butcher In this town again.
I lie bicycles uiid antes make it
and also visited the school. '
Portland, came down Friday evening ! fee,,, like summer
and visited the Miller and l.oomls! New people are coming into this
Juries to both hands and one wrist. families and Hazel's aunt, Mrs. Kills,! town ami leaving almost us fast as
The Scappoose nightingales are returning Sunday. they come.
busy preparing a musical program' Mrs. Maraccl, who was taken to ii .
for Easter evening. The program In' hospital in Portland last week, Is ini-i IJACIIELOK FLAT
the day will be Sunday school and proving. j
church services combined.
with their nek
: Is returning home
Columbia River Canning ami produce Co. In now ready to
make contracts for liean raising. We need ulx.ut 00 acres of
Kentucky Wonder Beans.
Cull at the cannery and get a contract.
Everybody Is getting ready to at-needed practice
tend the concert which will be given ; Houlton team.
by the church society at Watts &
Price hall, April 28. The young folks
are all getting tuned up and expect
to give us our money's worth. None
of us are eating quite so much candy
lately as we hope to save up enough
I nickels and dimes to bo ublo to get
in at tho appointed time.
Prof. C. E. Barker, who is the prin
cipal of the Aloha-Huber school in
Washington county, made a flying
trip to visit Dr. and Mrs. Hatfield
Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Barker has
charge of tho primary room In the
same school.
H. West's Jersey sale was attended
by about 300 Deoule. His lurire nn.
vilion was filled to overflowing. The1"1 Kisnnuwk Sunday by
The local ball team got seme much j Miss I Ilium Morten has returned
Sunday with
(Ii home after a few days' visit with Mrs
, N. I''. Baker of Warren.
.Newell Sherwood and family
! moved t st Helens last week.
... ,. j Mr ' Mrs. l.ee Iteynolds of
o.iiien nun .urs. ieni icii: l,,ril ,,,,, ..i.i,...i ,,
,111.-1, nun llllgll
yesterday for rerndale In company ; ,,,,, ,, ,, .
.mifs ina inisli, wiin! ip p.,. ., ... ,, ... ,
".-"-'v. '"piiiuHi, ii.tn received
er hlieiiiiiiiir , , ,.. ,.,,, ..
,,, ., ,. .. , .. I ' 1 "mining mo new
... o" iM .mu.r. , f,., around thn school ground!
(lareiidi Kvenson met wiili i.n ...
i.cdite,,, I,.., i . ! """ Mr l.llch Of
i; ., : , : . . -i '". here ,i
Don't wait until the lnxt minute (o order your Spring suit.
Come in and make your selections NOW. We havo Just received a
special line of Spring and Slimmer woolens. They are the very
latest, from the world's bent looms und we are itosltive you will
find wliut you want here.
St. Helens Oregon
Wo run refer you to hundreds of well dressed men in our city
who come to us season after season, becuuse ;ur garment arc
bidding was spirited. The 40 head
averaged $187.30. Tho 13 cows
brought an avoraga of $221.64, and
tho 25 heifers an averego of $173.00.
Our community was shocked last
Thursday at the report of tho terri
ble accident at the Scappoose boom,
when a log struck Raymond C. Weist,
knocking him down and rolling over
him, crushing out his life instantly.
Mr. Weist had moved his household
goods the day before and had started
to work that morning, only working
a few hours. Mr. Weist lived here
a few years ago with his parents, and
had many friends here who regret
the crushing out of his young life.
Deceased was aged 27 years, 6 mo.,
10 days. He leaves a wife, father, E.
W. Weist, brother, Roy B., and sis
ter, Ada of Portland and brother
William of Salom, and sister Kate E
Weist of Monmouth. Funeral serv
ices were held at Holman's funeral
parlors on Monday at 2 p. m. Inter
ment at Rose City cemetery.
being broken just above (lie wrist.
W. A. Hall went over to Mist
Friday with Mr. (iray, tl
of the cheese factory at that pi
which started up Monday.
(Juito an excitement was caused
l tire at the
homo of W. F. Jones. Fortunately
It was discovered before much harm
School Program ut ScapiMHise
On Friday evening, April 9, 1916,
the Scappoose school gave a program
In the Watts & Price hall. This en
tertainment was given for the pur
pose of paying off tho debt on the
playshed. The program consisted of
numbers both from the grammar
graaes ana High School. A largo
crowd was present and the proceeds
netted $45.05. This was realized
both from the door and candy booth,
which alone took In $7. The pro
gram follows as read:
Chorus, "The Spring Song," High
School; farce, "The Frat Initiation,"
Loonore Metcalf, Loren JohnBon and
Raymond Holland; solo, "June
Hoses," Helen Watts, accompanied
by Watts Price (violin), and Lorlel
Blatchford (piano); exercise, "Come,
Pretty Fairy," Miss Manny's room;'
solo, "Winter Lullaby," Miss Tay
lor; drill, "Red, White and Blue,"
Miss Anderson's girls; trio, "Tlio
Kentucky Babe," Vera Price. Carrie
jSatvIn and Waldo Eiichoblek; mln
istrol show, Mr. Fowler, manager,
.Lester Adams, Armond Duncan
j WattB Prlco, Bud White, Lylo Jol,en'
and Loren Johnson; chorus, "The
I Whlney Crow," High Scliool.
was done, tho roof sustaining
most damage.
The new cheese Industry at Mist
started out in good shape Monday,
which speaks well for the future
Between 1.100 and icon pounds of
milk being furnished the first day
With tho hearty co-operation mi the
part of all, there seems no reason
why thla part of Ne,,.m va,.y
miouiii not ne a second Tillamook in
the matter of cheese production.
Ueorgo Sutherland came from
Seattle the last of the week to .spend
a few days with his fa y before
leaving for Alaska. He returned on
Sunday. Ed ,im A,,rt (.lvf)y m)
Clarence Blackford of this place, and
Kenneth Kent, Elmer and How..,,i
Colvln, Mr. 1-earl and Walter War
ren or marshland, till left lh(,
same day for Sea. tie, sailing f,
Alaska on Tuesday with the i.n.i.y
McNeill ft UM.y tannery company'
I-esllo Hlatt and Leo King left
Wednesday will! another company
with their sou cUy l.llllch for a few
days last week. They are returning
nome from Cortland where Mri I II
le manager :ich was operated on for appendicitis
Messrs, Steffen and Walter Nagle
returned from Southern California
last week mid will spend the summer
with ibelr parents, Mr. nd Mrs
Frank Nagle.
Mr. Wagner' wholves south of
town was unexpectedly ,lrrlt;d
oe lay last week, when his
whom ho had not seen fr thirty
years, returned for a visit with ,
Mr. and Mrs. F. Sidney took ad
vantage of tho beaming UI1H,llllf.
last Sunday, and tandemed to Mult
'nah Falls, In their three-wheel
buggy, and asldo from a few jlH
report a very pleanunt outing
Mr and Mrs. Fred Trow W, .
a ned a few f Mr. Tr()w,8
rlends at dinner last Tuesday eve,,
wmc Katnos and ,,,,,.
were Indulged in. Tll0H0 vr,:J
port a most pleasant time
J'rank Reynolds has li'tled up ,
real estate office In the annex to ih!
Orand Hotel, where ho I! ' '
Ho renortu i
Ing some very clinic
B farms and city
property for snlo.
O. Anderson ,UH dosed arrange
mnf for the new Metro Zun
,Um an1 1110 ""I of these w, "I,
Hi" April apportionment will bo
"'it Just as soon as the funds are
available. We are anxiously waiting
and ready to Hend t
The Columbia county schools will
"i'd an xhil.lt to the State Fair this
.vear. They will ,uv loo( Mm
f't, mid will eny compete with
'll"-r ri""'tlt' '" lirst prhe. We
'" "'ready beKUII preparations fr
"ie county a, ,, ,. ,tlr
"virym,,, to boost." Columbia
"'' ty will nenil two prlzowlunlng
" !. .Slate Fair for three
lays, all expenses i,,
We want our boys m kUU , ,)(,
fr something. Wo want
indent science, arts, bus
'", the thre,, It'H," tl, fur "H-,
l,l;ov,, " "y"u all, we want
; '!,"uwa'" w,,,c" M
'i "nlslied I,r""''t. P'clnll,.cd in
ne specinc wurk wllweln
hZ , US,,'",ully l0
I'ing worth while and ,l i,
' ',,,ir and bo a
' 7 " 10 "'"'"lv,.. their country
' ' " '-""". imlustrla. edu a
Hon Is progressing rapl.lty, UII(J ,
"ni tUk,"B 11 "''and geK
fee lessons from tl. O A P In
-k an tl,,, lMUMy Hlll((irllli
Doko to about loon , I,.. .... .
W.;ck ,! ...,..,... . l,,u PM
and r I '-"'k "t.,e,
itHHisi . '.yu'",K Ple to
w "KI"K "P the work
wo observe ..i
oral l, ""coo. room doc-
MP If (
oggs taken from bulb,
Willi Ijln.rn Hi
at $1.60 and $2.00 pr 1
White leghorn okuh t. .?
or $7.00 per 100. Tim,,
eollent Hock ami carofuli,
pen.. Youri for better
M. Williams, 8t. Hel, o
Ij)l for h!a In la,.-,.
... ,MU (, j. . .
34. 4? R4 SK .-.I o, . . . ' 'M
... ... , ( irQB.,
$300. on easy terms. Ai1.w
(lodfrey, 716 Oregon Ian bid J
luinl. Or. 'N
For Salo
or TruduJ.
room house ana two i, (n
ens. for horses, cam, or itJ
Address Lock llox 350, 8t. uj
Bale Twomtedl!j
nearly new. II. J. Soutlurd, J
For 8ulc (lood borne. hireTZj
I'uggy; cliflsp. Dm tn, 8. J
For a food Job of
plastering, write L. K. (Julkw
nler or Warren.
Storage Wsnted Ali kitj
flirnltlipM anjl f.ll.,..
able rates. II. W. Cade. jl
ror nato Keglstered iio1mJ
bull. 4 years old Auguat II. cD
For Kent Comfortubl, vJj
bungalow. All modern nvwiJ
Apply to M. Raxon.
For Sale Eighteen hundred. J
silo lumber at Warren. l'rlot
ren. $30.00. A big br.ln. J
Dolan, llox 82. Houlton, Or
For Salo House and let tfotj
also choice building hit,. Wa
For Bale Heventeen foot BtwJ
modol launch. Rood rutiDlni ortr!
speed 8 miles; $40 cs,h. IU
)len, Columbia CUy, Ors. i
rur nuio u. i, rooitor; w
strain; $1.60. Mrs. J. W. Allts.
Throe Toulouse Ceene u4
gander. $1.60 each. Kggs 20e sc
six for $1.00. I N. AluiquliLIi
run. Ore. ,
Found A piece of money.
lulro at this office.
Found A rln of key, In ktirti
grounds. Enquire at this of (let
ror Bale Cheap Five-horns
glue, 6-liorso boiler with wood s
attachment and truck; slst bar
cumul bsck express wagon will In
wsgon able to carry 2600 It
tf. M. F. IIAZa
For Bale Toulouse geese m
from prise stock; 10 rents esch t
V. 8. Huhl, P. O. llox Hi, St. HM
For Rale Elghtocn acres of ItrS'
land, located just outside city lis:
of 81. Helens on the Columbia M
way; walking distance of St. lata
postofflce and High Brhoul; 1 1
building site, with some bearat
fruit troes, walnut trix-s, smsll tnt
a good water plant on place cobiU
Ing of well, windmill, a large Oil
and pipe; price reasonabla. Ad4n
owner, P. O. llox 464, 81. Ilcleni,
;oon ick
Leslie Watters
Phone your order to WatkltJ
IMione JiH
"lentloned Inter
coming moro and
''ay apparatus is
"'cm Into promln-
('"ce, and I.. ii promin
No. 20 . "K rrt,'T District
No. , !),... ' , 'y ,H"(l8' LiHtrlct
jW. ALLKN, Co. Supt.
W. II. UltOWKR, I'ropr-
I'hone 03
Next to Central Market
) When you' InsUll a iliM 11 j
5 your iHmse, you are in lnU'J
nimmunlniliiii with our
j sulMN-rlhers. In adtllUon U) U"1
you may talk with your Me"0"
In any Wmtern HUte. No
le (a better than ours. M1"
your appliration for a Vl

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