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Primary election paged without un
due excitement. Evidently some of
the candidates think that the post
office department and tho printer are
all that were benefitted by their can
didacy. Tis better to hold the job
we have than to aspiro to things too
great. It's cheering though, to re
member that ho who runs and gets
left, may live to run agaiu. The
Hughes microbe got his work in at
West St. Helens as well as other parts
of the state. In fact it was almost
epidemic here. The recall seems to
have carried. Among the successful
ones here are Judge Eakin, Sheriff
Stanwood, Mr. Metsker, Coroner
White; while, tho Methodist minister
got one vote for constable, but just
think of It it was on a Democratic
Earl Bennett was obliged to house
up again with bronchitis for a week.
He returned to the city Monday, but
suffered a relapse Tuesday and re
turned home.
Rev. Snyder was called to Goble
for a funeral service on Wednesday.
A young man, L. Daniels, died sud
denly. Coroner T. S. White had
Rev. R. H. Allen of Toledo, with
his wife and daughter, made a short
visit at the home of Rev. and Mrs.
Snyder Mrs. Allen's father and
mother in West St. Helens. Rev.
Allen has been transferred to Red
mond, In Crook county. Mrs. Allen's
health Is not good. They are In hope
that the higher altitude may be bene
ficial to her.
Rev. J. N. Wood, the F. M. pastor
lately appointed to Forest Grove and
Hillsboro, left with Ills family on
Saturday. They spent Sunday at
Portland with their daughter, Mrs.
Stines, and Monday went to their new
home. The best wishes of their many
friends will follow them.
Messrs. C. Chambers and A. T.
Kiblin motored to Portland Sunday.
The road was very slippery and the
chauffeur sueceedea In turning clear
around once in an endeavor to keep
the road. Kiblin thinks that he pre
fers his little black to a gasoline
An amusing affair occurred on our
streets Sunday. George Chambers,
who has not yet fully mastered the
art of properly guiding and turning
the motor wagon, attempted to back
up and turn around. After two or
three attempts, only succeeding in
killing his engine, he finally called
out: "Somebody come and take this
thing by tho tail and pull it around."
Keep at it, George. If at first you
don't succeed, try, try again.
Uncle Rich Kelly Is very sick at
the home of Aaron Kelly. Dr. L. G.
Roes is in attendance.
Memorial services wil be held in
the M. E. church (Iloulton) on Sun
day next at 11 a. m. Sermon by the
scorns to bo "walking in dry (wet) !
places seeking rest und finding none." I
Tho professor says hint "ho hates to! Mrs. ('. Kelly loft Monday for Al
uuit work." From all appearances i bauy, having boon called there by
there are a number in tho cily Just; tho death of her grandmother.
like him all except tho little word
Tho school entertainment at tho Tab
ernacle last Thursday night was an
excellent exhibition of talent on the
part of tho pupils. Tho Tabernacle
was filled to its capacity. Tho coun
ty superintendent, in his usual man
ner, addressed the graduating class.
Miss West favored the audience with
11. A. Andrews, assistant station
agent, left last Saturday for New
York, where ho has a position.
Owing lu the cold and Inclement
wether, the Uouo Show committee
has decided to postpone this annual
event from the dato announced, May
;!, to Juno 17. Full particulars of
rules und regulations In next Issue.
A silver modal contest under tho
a beautiful solo, with .Miss Kiblin as ! auspices of the V. C. T. V. will be
pianist. Several recitations wore
given. Mr. Lake's boys gave nn ex
cellent drill and u rousing yell:
"Hottltou! Iloulton! We are tho best
In all the west! We don't swear;
we don't cuss; what's the matter with
us!" '
hold al the Columbia theater on Fi i
day, Jutio 3. itesidc tho contest
there will bo special music. Keep
thiii date open and watch for full do
tails next week.
Dr. J. I.. Wooden reports two acci
dents of a similar nature sustained
Certificates of award wero given ! by Cecil Armilago and John Wti In
to students receiving tho highest
standing In each grade, Edna Ppttor
witmig the award in
Klmer Dahlgren relumed last week
from southern Oregon, where he at
tended the mooting of the statu
The members of tho Woodmen and
li.dmeu lodges en'crtulncd I heir fam
ilies with an ice cream social Satur
day evening. A very enjoyable eve
ning was spent.
Mlr.s Hannah Sunds'mm has re
turned from Washington.
Miss Claudie llerslund returned
front Washington to spend the Hiinr
mo. A large crowd attended tho clos
ing exorcises of the school, estimated
to he the largest crowd that has as
sembled for many a du. Ire cream
was on sale, for which $24.f.l was
ro.il'.'.od. This money will ho used
to defray the expenses of the enter
tainment. Tho following program
w a I observed :
Patriotic Selection Orchestra
Address W. I.. Huntiin
.non, both receiving injuries to the
left hand, tho former losing n finger
the seventh while the doctor is trying to save the
! index finger of tho latter.
Tho following successful students. Tho term of tho present Incumbent , ',, , , wiiiti uml ltluc
wero graduated front tho grammar1 of postoffice cxpi.-ing next August. j School
school and received their diplomas: j ileorgo I). Conyers is circulating pott-1 Itectlntioa Itainy Day ''"'u
lieatrico Jener, Gladys Jener, Ann- lions in behalf of his candidacy for (.u" J jJ,V J.('m 1' ai s .rowi
ette Payne, Wilbur l.arabeo, John tha office, lie is well known in pri-j M."ry' "t 'f.u'tiV Lamb'-."'-
Masten, Harvey Morris, Helen Wliite, v..te life and his ability in tho public j . Primary Girls
Theodore Nor'oeck and Archie How- . : t'i'airs of the town for tho last two! Play Little lied Riding Hood...
1Q. . ' years or so is a high recommendation y j,' 'J I'rl,,,"r-V l'"1'118
Mrs. Charles Graham, assisted by of his fitness1 for tho new office that j ''J '"kettle' Song ...........
J. McQueen, entertained at her home ha seeks.
with an afternoon tea on Tuesday of A fatal accident occurred at Kerry , Recitation Only . .
ti.io ,,-onb Ti,.i fii,u-itii. hilling a-uro nn Tinutiv uli.Mi V.i llivon who Is Dialogue How the
present: Mrs. H. J. Anderson, Mrs. employed as a brakeman on one of! ' ''''V,,
E. Payne, Mrs. Prof. Urehaut, Mrs. tho logging tralua, f 'll between H' Song Let I'm Arise .'
Prof. Lake, Mrs. Lake, Sr., Mrs. csrs, resultlm; in both of his legsj Eighth and Ninth Grades
Gensman, Mrs. Snyder and Miss Net- being cut off. Tho unfortunate man j Recitation We Didn't Tiling
tie Amelia Snyder. A very pleasant waa hurried to An: on a -". oi,;,;,,;.!! iu umi'Tl.ry
time was had. An excellent tea was but beforo arriving there ho passed Seven Pupils
served and Miss Snyder entertained beyond all earthly h:lp. Ed Is tho Duot Santa Lucia . Carrie and Esther
tho company with several selections son of Joo Di:con, of Kelso, and neph.-l Recitation The Star. Arnold Tarbell
ew to Dun Dixon, of Clatskania. The! lamgue I ne mat or rrng vting. .
acntion Mong
..Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades
Recitation A Fellow's Mother...
Primary Hoys
House Was
devices practiced In demonstration
.-lasses wore discussed at round table
talks, many of tho niinger teachers
l!ms i,ini; benefited by cporleneo
i.nd advl.o of the older members.
A study of "Educational Resources
of Rural aitd Ulago Communities."
with a general survey of resources or
th.t Nehalem vnllo.v brought forth
eal work from the members, and
made tho reading circle wink re
..Hired by the itale department u
real pleasure.
Thmnr.h the effort of iriornbe.H of
tho atsmlation, educational motion
picture. i were brought to tint coin
mnnlty. Further development of the
educational movies in connection
with the school work will undoubt
edly take place next term.
Tho local Institute held lit Vorno-
ula Inst winter through the efforts
of the association proved I flrhil
to patrons of schools as well as touch
ers. Co operation and professional fel
lowship have been Important factors
lu success of II. It lOMiclatlon, all the
members of which anticipate a belter
;ivi'on, ( o'ui'.'.l'la county and Nehu
iem valley.
Tho Cullender Navigation company
I hps locaieil the chain which was IohI
at Peacock spit when the M immonil
seagoing raft ur piling win wrecked
there about four years ago. So soon
as the weather conditions are favor
able the chain will be picked up. The
find Is u valuable one, as the chain
is worth in the neighborhood of III),-Olio.
For Halo or Ti-.T! !f---
room Iioiihu und two lot, n
ens. for horses, catll.
Address Lock lt.iv ... rrt
Or. m'
IW Kilt 'I'.t.. .
now. ii. j. MoUtinr,
For Hale Good . ......
buggy; rhoiip. ,)X 2S3, ,,1
i-or u kuiiii jiin 0r
plastering, write. 1.. K. Culk ,
il.ii. W ''A
I'nr U'il. II,,...... ... , .
vnwn.i, illuming loin,
I 'or Sale--Six tin,.,, h,lllM t(,
lots in Deer Island. I'rie, t(L
(Uile. Minor L. Olson, (i,,bl,
For Halo-White Leghorn ;
iiiciuiiiiiK our iireiMieru. Tli
laying,. Hook orders new to, J
miiciieii iiuoito iHliind Ited
chicks. Will have , UinM ,t.i
or luitcliliiK eggs ut reduced
after April 16. A. M. wwi
Helens, Ore.
or Eong.
funeral services will bo hold at Kelso.
Tho Chief.
No prospects of summer yet.
Mat George of Warren, spent the
day with Mr. and Mrs. Uumgardner
last week.
Miss Hellen Larson is homo for a
week's vacation.
Miss Madeline Thomas' father of
Goble, called on her last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilirrklread enter
tained some old friends at supper
last week. Those present wero Mr.
Paul C. Morton of Portland, p
Monday nigh, in R..'nier, tho guest i Recitation
of his friends, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
A number of Robert To.ler's
I Harry Cooper
Dialogue Flea Powder
John, Elmer und Tyru
! Song At Twilight Inez,
H 11.1 11 r. Lillle, Elvira, and Martha
Pat's Mistake
Frederic Marraccl
Dialogue Seeing the Ghost
Anna, Eva, and lllossoni
Quartet Tho Moonlight Sall.Kath-
L'l lend J walked in upon blur last Sun-1 reen, Anna, Walter, and Alpheirs
day to remind him of a birthday lie ! Recitation Whan the Minister
war, having. ! c ('"m"I8I l( TV; ' J,;l",", 1,;lk"r
, , . Song-Lii;ten W hile the Raindrops
1. W. Munyn, formerly owner of i stnR Eight Girls
tho Rainier bakery ut this nlace. ban ! Dialoiree Tim AiilIiI.Ii.iiq i.'itn.,r
and Mrs. Henry Uumgardner i)lircililsn(i a bakery at Roseburg. Ore-1 Theodore and Veriier
Mr. Ira Uumgardner of Clatskatrie. ' nml lul9 lrfl to lilke cllar(,e
Mrs. I. liumgardner and Mrs. llurk-
bead wero girlhood chums.
Mrs. Ed Watts left hero Sunday
morning for nn extended visit with
! Song Mother's Prayer
I Eric, Carl, and Myrtle
I Eighth Grade Graduation
Recitation If We Knew
... A tr it A nil i.i.,.i.
through tho flat last wopIj. ou bin nnd neighbors cavo her a farewell I ('lass Protlllol'V r.'.OIiitr f'.filirli. lu.,
F. M. Fowler of Rainier passed her parents in Idaho. Her friends!
way home from Portland with a new parly Friday afternoon.
Oakland car. lie called at the home,' Tho G. A. R. post will hold menr
of his daughter, Mrs. Guy Lillich, 1 orial ceremonies at tho K. P. ceme
and took her and the little grand- iery May no, in the afternoon, and in
daughter for a spin in the new car. 'their announcement they kindly in
Mr. Fowler was smiles all over. vite the assistance of tho ladles.
Well, election is over. Somo are Mrs. Artlrur Hryant gavo a dinner
all smiles and others are looking very last Sunday evening in honor of L.
forlorn. II. Marsh of Astoria, Oregon. Those
Several of the young folks from , who enjoyed the hospitality wero Mr.
here attended tho school exercises : and Mrs. Dellast, Miss Lucille Hobbs,
. pastor. The church will be suitably i at Warren last night and spokn very; W. F. Marsh of Rainier, L. R. Marsh,
decorated. Special music will be ren- j highly of it. There will also bo ex- Mr. Rover of Spokano and tiro host
dered. The public and old veterans ! ercises here beforo long. Announce- and hostess.
of the civil war especially invited. ment later on. lie watching for It
Since school closed Prof. Urehaut, for Miss Thomas is drilling tho chil
like a certain spirit of which we read, dren faithfully.
Freda Jones had quite an exciting
tirno with her car when taking out of
town ladies to their homes after tho
Uorstu meeting. It seems a vehicle
! obstructed tho way and in trying to
, get around rnmo tho car mired and
h'.id to l.o extricated, causing Miss
Jones considerable trouble. Review.
Reading Getting Into a Rut, and
Getting Out Alpheirs Wellborn
Address to tho Class C. E. Lake
Class Roll Wilbur Alpheus Well
born, Walter II. Lund, Vomer E. In
lander, Agnes Matilda Anderson.
Esther II. Gahrlelson.
Presentation of Diplomas
W. L. Dunton
Good-by Song
Orchestra. Refreshments. '
Class motto Not at the top, but
Clai.! colors Whl!r and green.
( lass flower Wlilio carnation.
In competition with A I.I. OTHER M.Ol'P.S received the highest possible
uwurd, tiro ORAM) PRIZE at I'miiiin a-Pn; iiie Iiiteiiiutionnl Exposition
Use the best and you are always satisfied
Central Market
Phono an
Ii. I. I'Ll'.MMER, 1'iop.
Wo sell government inspected beef.
Result: trade Unit comes back again,
lilio Oliver Twist. They "Cull for
Don't wult until the lust minute to net your uit for the Fourth
of July. The difference between HL'VIXO a suit anil ORDKRI.N'O A
HCIT is the difference between itettinK an article RIGHT FROM
THE START und torrectiim a finished product. Take your sprintf
suit, shall it be a niuke-U.for-"anyl)ody" model, that MIGHT Imp.
pen to fit you, or shall It be Individually Tailored, Styled for yon,
rut for you garment? Answer. It should be VOl'K choice of hun
dreds of choice woolens, the pattern YOU 1,1 HE, the style YOU
WANT, the kind of tailoring YOU Mik'l), und fit you demand. The
price no more than you puy for a stock product. m
Kindly give us a cull and dictate your own tailoring instructions.
J. F. RYAN, Merchant Tailor '
St. Helens, Oregon
A parly r-.t Door Island was somo-
.-. nut t:ui prised a few days ago by
Kama and fish warden.
.us. j. rurrngard.ier or Salem, was
vh-il'iig iit Willis lluirrgardner's, at
Columbia City, one of her sons. She
!.:.(! been at Clatskanio and liaeholor
I Flat to visit her other two sons und
their families.
Mrs. J. S. liumgardner matin a trip
to visit relatives at thi.-i place. She
had not been hero for eight years.
She thought thero had been some Im
provement in tho pluco.
Itiron Caples just arrived at Col
umbia City, where ho was mliterl, to
visit Ills mother and other relatives.
Ills mother being very poorly lie was
anxious to eco her. She was a Mc
llrido, an old time pioneer and a sis
ter of T. A. Mcltrlde.
A few days ago thero was a young
cougar killed just above this place.
It had caught u small pig and carried
it across tho road. Tire animal got
the pig from Charles Kuhl'g place.
Tho cougar measured 5 feet, 7 Inches,
raid weighed about 50 pounds.
Chester Maxwell and wife nro visit
ing his mother at this place. Their
homo Is at Contralla, Wash.
Any person or persons who has a
nog or dogs that run through the
n-nnilu t.n.l I, i.O.,,H - . . .
...,,,., ,ij, KIimo nrriis or
gamo animals, nre hereby notified to
Uko tho said dog or dogs up and
, l:et;p them up, nnd if they do not the
isaid parties shall bo fined, and In
icaso nny gamo warden sees these dogs
j In tho woodii they may kill or destroy
, tho dogs al any linro.
Miss Verna Rice and Mr. Will Har
lan were (.uletly married In I'liiTtaiiil
Monday afternoon, anil returned to
Hammond to visit Mr. and Mrs. S. C.
Mortun Tuesday. They were sur
prised I y their maMy rrii'iil.s Tuesday
night by a charivari, after wM.-i,
everyone adjourned to tho school
hoiiso und danced until 12 o'clock
Mr. am! Mrs. Harlan will make their
home In Timber, wVero tltn groom is
emp.oyed at the McClure logging
camp as hook tender. We all Join In
wishing them good luck und happl-
'-' m inetr new home.
aim Mrs. S. C. Mortan attend
ed tho dedication of tho church nt
Helena lac.t Sunday.
M. Stover, a timber faler, was
injured i,y n f;liMB tlnil.or the first
or tno week.
Mr,, . ..
' ""K'i gamine and Mrs. V.
limes spent .Saturday in Rainier
The Hammond school children be-
mi next week practicing r
hearsal for the ,,y ..Mu(, ,)f
Silver Slipper,' which they will ,)r,..
! OMt I.'rl.l.. w
, ' -zoning, ftiuy 2li, The
play is give,, mi(1(,r tho ,rfi(;tl))n ()f
her, Miss A. Lucille Hobbs
The First Annual May Festival of
eiiniem valley tok place
o..ronia rTlilay, May 19. Mlu
Mav rillenn -m ...i ... .
other sports wero the onl,,- .., ., .
ly. with a well-attended rnstk,
in iou oventng.
'rii.. i, .
nii.iiuui BIICCenH liltmwll
" iivrui appropriately m.lrk.
the closing of tho first vonr'. ,..i..i...
iJon!!PI,rN,!,'Ulmn TvilKh';
This organization is comprised of
Km teachers, representing
ool9 and no
K't'llOOl, h
Onco a month during the ilMt
.l.ol term theKo teachers l,:,vo "
for the purpose 0f relf-advuncer,
r-.ofessionully. Molll0(, 1
( iiiigrcgatloiiiil ( bun h
The Coiigregailonal church will
not lime services Sunday lu the
morning or evening, but will hold
the regular Siinduy school service
and Chrlft'an Endeavor lu tlio eve
ning. M. E. ( biin li
11 a. m - Sermon. A inernorlal
-erinon irr honor of our soldier loi h
A special invitation i i given veterans
of all our wars to be present.
S p m. Sermon Theme, "What
Our General Conference Has Done."
Every member of our church should
hear this, and many others will want
to he ir it. Come.
!' N. SANDII'ER, Pastor
lor S:ll Cheap-- Plve-lwm
Kino, G-horsii boiler with
atlm-liineut and truck: n
camel back express WaKun w,
wagon aiilo to curry SfiOOlbi,
l'- M P. HAZt
Wanted Eresh row with
ono fresh noon, from Vni.
tiinkton. Wrlto partlculan
Vuh llullu, Chnpmun, Or.
I wuut to rent culllYiibblt
lllld IWIHturil laliil' r:ih pahi i
....... ..Hk ,
full description und price. Fiji
niiiitu, MiiHhmilro, .Ki.ippoiMt,
I Kor fluln-.Shudeliuid Cii
, Seed Outs, American Woodwi
, llurbank Seed potato; ml
loone; milk cows. C, J. Urtot
i 1016, Wnrren, Oro.
Plenty of money to loin n
rule. No delny. E. It. Illckia
Plttock block, Porthintl, Ore
St. Helens dairy wants your milk
and cream orders. Phone, 107.
They're Glad to Carry Hi
For Infanta and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears J? -
t I1C
Svnatuic of
i:'i t Mai hlnUt. I'.rltif; your
auto lionbles in Murine work
a specialty. Shop t SI. Helens
Phone 57
PUD ES AI.W.WH lll..SO.j,:
our miitchlesa Hre.id. llolliiJ
because they know they tut' I
and give satisfuctlim, lntlM '
lug up the count It ut Inns o( oi;
young. Wo wunt you to v
llroad once, nnd nrter that I
want It nt your table nil tlif III
line only tho bust nml purt '
und other Ingredient
St. Helens Bakol
SHEPIIARD Ultos, Props.
W'llEDl ,.;
A. M. p. M
l.v. St. Helens .... 7-:i0 i :lv
Warr" 7; I ', : ;
s'H'iok.i i:n:, 2.(l
Ar. I'ortland n:-jf) 3!.,J'J
''"rthind )o.(M) w
A'' t- Helens M.ri0
Hiiliirdiiys mill HiindaN
special trip leaving St. eo'H 0 p. m
I-eavn Portland 11 p. m.
l"'lng t.u.o h, palm tiniu. a full
I! no of the best ,mlltH ,, ,,
Mucklo Ilardwarn Company
Ht. lleleiiH, Oro,
ium:t wokk
ContTactor - Builder
N'.. at foot HI. I,.,(.H Hlr0,.t
I'hoim ,r wrllo
Steamer HooHol
OltKI.V NINTH Utl. Mo"
riii:ir;ini.(J, toui.vh i1
PiiKneiiger MrcinuiniMlsll111" '1
fit oople.
OihhI Service lU'iiminuI'lf IW"
I-euvo ('alls ut I'rcd
I'liono i!H.
a" str,,,,, ,rNt!;.;;,;;
N,'Xl " """W Market
W. II. IHtOW'EK. IT"'!-
ri3itno TOILET
I'liono OH
Next t Ontrid Murk"
in. i ii nlK
ni'ii yim iiiiwi" - j
your Ikiunp, yon re '"j
..nh our n
subHcrllKirs. In addlll' w "j
you may talk with 'J
In uny Wmlwn Hlato.
Ico I i belter than J
your npplliatlon fur '
5 ST.

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