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I OT NC EN? ATTOAPT (IMC c?""i"e f V. arCRrl! t, stone Qua. :
1 Mi, asjfsxs SsSrte-isFS1" ccni 1 MUnlHLI rAl null 3bU,UUU.UU
fl'nla N.-rcw l.umbvr I'nrrirr, CohIIiiu
f i:i.1,iHHt, in ll I it 1 It In M Month
In iiionthu tho Ht. Holoim
, 1i t, u 1 1 ii i ii : Company Is to turn out
, lumlxv carrier for llio California
. dri'i:wii Lumber Company, of
iu.iklnx. Ciil., Unit will bo con
mirtetl ulting tlio lino of a stotun
IMUHT rxrep' thut tho motive pnw
r ill ln two llollndor engine of
i)lnirn'i'"'r i'iii'Ii, driving twin
'I'li vowel h to cost nlmiit
' 1 3b,ooo mill will Imvo a lumber
.qaclty i( u'.o.iMiO foul, ituys Ilia
TI11 I tt tn I -r concern Intends uhIuk
.0 tpan'l bclwoo:i llrnokliiKH, whirl)
unr Cri'ii nil City, nml H.in Krati
m, uiul tin nirryltiK cupaclty given
. Iiatiil mi fir lilinlii'r. Hho will ho
D Uvl iiM-r all, with t bourn of
:d feet ami ill-pi ll of Ii ol il of 1 6
!. (llh.T I It a ll her machinery, tllH
ssfl Hill differ from tldllTK of t lie
, hIkI built anil uuili'r way on th
.ht In lh:it she will lianillo luiiitinr
i unlit of almut 3,000 fiut uul'Ii,
'ins piilli iin'il In tiiut ri-Hpoct liiruit
i itiir tlm f. A Smtth Lumber
imi:uty' vi'nn'U, tlm toainir
tnn Smith ami Ailt-llno Sinllli.
inch lutiil In la ii it n at tlio MarNli
"iil plnnt f,,r tlm Han I'raiiilHio
Erncit llntu;i. a Han KranrUco
'rliti nn lilliTt, Iihh ii tiu t oil n new
rlR vv Ii U-Ii ri-.ulri' that Htuel
'Hinn l,p uki iI, ami tlio niur arruiiKO
il ililfi rr from ttmt utllUoil now
i iHmiii m lhiomrH. A veHnl of the
'iietal Iv in- of tlm olio roll trail imI
r Iijt Hit. ;;t llflfim IntoroHtM In on
ie MtockH on Cruyt llarlior for tlio
K. Wtiml l.tiinlior Company, alio
"Ins Holm, It. r riiKlnot;, but tlmrn
'onuotlii.ru llkn tlinin on tlio Coiml.
Ttnti..nn Hchtim-ru brnlR liullt for
"(liurlfs l( MfCormlck Company
t Anturhi, at Wllmn Ilros.' yurd.
"unilfr way. ihoro hfliiR 25 framci
' Urn fir-it vtvuol In pluco and tlio
f tlio i ,1( 01111 IIUH llKll llllll.
f !ial ,lrll niiitlw a iiidhi favorahlo
'rt in K-tiliiK niatorlal toKotlior,
"J the work r uHtiomliliiiK It has
lUfiitly i.(. rapid. At tint Me-:
"Ik-tii yard, on Vounis'a liny, Ai
"l,tlnt first inotoritlilp of auxiliary
'""iiifr Ims liitcii MtnrttNl, nnd ll In
'idorsto.nl iiHhth will follow.
At tlm si. iiidtMM ynrd a lnrK
"fi Is vitry Imny flnluliliiK tlio City
I'ortlnnd, niHliInu work on tlio
" ' St. ilfimia and RtiirtliiK ft
!llr'l niolnn,l,,, for t,8 McCormlck
f'lo IntorPHti-..
At iii it,. ,,r ,in t.mii,.iu 8,P
"'ding; ( t, , v'u i,l,ml II,.. ,l,..l
fwlutln luiti i,u1im..d dlifirlnir for lltn
0II uu km, ii lm ti,fl cuniiitlon of
'"II IHTiniiH, wnyB will Ito oroctod.
' 10 '""'no Wllliiimttto Is KxtthiK
""'' 'Gorily with tho fill for
:'" n,, l"-l HlilplmiidltiK plum d
'"""IK that of ti. M..-.I . u...t
miP'iy, nntl tho proaprcto nro that
ii'l httr lahor thoro thin
n " ""'xt I'roJoctH oro In the Mr,
"of tlm latent ritpnrtH IioIiik that
"o m iy ho uoltietod at Coliimhlu
y for a yunl; n0 tliut liiqulrloa
" "' Id hn rncolvnd from thoHO
'"""" tO -Illllrnt ..- l.l..
L." 11,0 '""'Imohh now in lBlit, the
'l mtauiii. i.. .. ... . .
,(1 --risn 10 oe tno iiiibi-
1110 rlv,.r hits oxporluncpj.
J'10 Mccormick HtoaniBlilp Line
"ihucI u V(,ry nllraclvo foUr
"'"S titii-i I....,..-.. .. .
1-.. "itiiii oi inoir vervive.
" Hoki.ii Ib -Hufoty an,, Comfort
' Mtilit.v l-i. .....
lcturi.B r , i r "u
f ... oiLiornoiiiii, uining na
l'e lmll 0,c" ,ln1 Kvo
""M of tho piiHB()iiKnr Btoumors.
1,0 rntnu - ...
, , "" rriim i'ortlnnd and
"Iiiih am;
I'MrBt flncond
0 San p , f'lsiBa. ClnB.
ou fc.-.Ml.oo $ 7.00
o 8n 1 ' r'0'1 -00 12.00
",!" 20.00 14.00
'ftl ,'rMmm""K,,r "out Ib compoBnd
V.J!,o '.Wl"K ",0ntorB: Klanmlh.
M. J'. 8l0tBOn' W"-
3iB i,, """""o, Witpnmn. and
.Mr. Ulilii-'u HUi... i'. i , .
IK'Itl rrlwimv HovituI MoniliK.
no par..,it or Martin Whl.it, to-1
.i t .,u. ...m. fi.ii.iri.i., .....tlfd ln(l,.K(;ai,.thKlrkpatrlck. who ooou
'-")' mow i iiiiin ttiiiniy).;
, ,n may or ti.al
vnur Ilia f,1t..H 1
' " -i' " iioiiiiii;iii
ciuiiu oi ion u.rim una ulo n pro
cinpiioii riaim or lbU UL-rcH.
Ihinr iicaroxt mtlKlihor wan Hfvi-n :
in I Ifn dlHtant, who loratftl thorn at
about tint Hiuntt tlini'. Tho niMrvnt
i...ui..rr, i.,,t. , ,
,wniii nun r,,n s rffll, now I lytllt,
25 nilli'H (llHtant. Thoy bad to no to
Dyers' mill, a dUlance of "5 uillos,
wboro tint town of Waltfrvlllo, In
Mamhnl! rotinty, Ib now locatod.
Tlmi'B wcru hard nml about all 1 1 1 1 y
had to llv on wuii i-orn bread and
liuttiii, but oti'iultiiiHlly they killed a
buffalo for freuh meat. It Beeiin
KtraiiKO that nllhoiiKh niarauilliiK
hamlrf of Indiana fi'ettieiitly inailu iu
roaiU on tho Ht'tlltTH, tho only firo
ariiiB in tho hoiiHehold v.uh a double
barreletl BhotKlin. Tho necesHlty for
nrnin will develop Inter. Seven hunt
ortt wero killed by the IndliuiB only
uovdii nillee ditttaiit the day they
settled on their claim. They had
been there only a few weekH until
the milium Btolo a team of their
AukuhI 14, IKfiS, Mr. White, Sr.,
mill three of bin bon, liicluillliK Mar
tin, went to tho overflow land of the
Itepubllran river, a dlittaiice of aix
m Mer, to riiilxh BtHrkliiK day. It wan
a dry khuboii ami hay could be secured
only nloiiK the low nml overflow
While ciiKnKed I t work they w
four ImliaiiB mako a rnitl on their
river rump nml cut tlio larietx and
turned four head of horse looae, and
tho Indiana wboopiiiK after them
Mr. Whltu, Sr.. Kt;;rted to heatl them
ofr. untl tho boya ran to tho river
to get help from a party of men o;
tho other bIiIk of the river, who were
iiIho puttliiK up hay. Martin While,
with li Ih 1 III lo brother on tho horBc
behind hi in', nml hla older brother
vero headliiK for tho river followed
by a biK buck Indian, llo Btruck
Martin with a Ioiik hamlletl apear
on tho liPiul back of tho ear nntl
knecked him off tho homs and blazed
away nt him with a revolver. 'The
Intllun'a pony wbb uolng ut bucIi
Hpeed thai bo wont tiilto a dlBtaiice
paat boforo bo could bo checked. The
cylinder In IiIh old-fanhloned revolver
caUKhl Olid bo hud to let K the
brldlo roln to ndJUHt tho cylinder.
Thin kiivo the boys tlnio to reach the
l iver bunk. The men acroi a the
Ivoi", bmirliiK tho BhootliiK. coni-
moiiced to yell, and tho Indian then
undo truckH to Join tlio other mem
bora of tho bund. Tho men acrosi
tho river Joined tho boys n soon us
thoy could ford tho river, ami sent
llio boya on over for Hiifety.
A allot wiiii heard while tho men
woro fording tho river, and they
jtartod In iieurcli of Mr. White, Sr.
There wiih considerable brush along
tho river but they soon found Mr.
White, about 400 yards distant,
broalliliifj hl last. Tlio only words
ho uttered was to Inqulro of the
safety of tho boya. llo was shot in
tlio back bh ho was running toward
tho river.
Tho boys went down tho river to
Join other haymakers, while two of
the men Blurted for tho White home
to boo If all wbb woll with them.
Thoy Und only Kono a short distance
when thoy mot Mrs. While """1 tliru
children, who Informed thorn that
Vir.ih, Martin's 18 mr old Bister,,
Imtl boon taken prisoner by tno In
dians. A part of tho hand had been
it tho homo first und took every
thing they could pack on a horse.
lothliiK. bedding, etc. While thoy
wore thus cngagod. Mrs. White and
the children nmdo their oacapo Into
(ho noiirhy "timber, with the Indians
after them, but they only succeeded
in eiilcblnir Sarah.
Neighbors from far and m'nr gath
orod to tho number of 40. untl fol
lowed tho Indium for flvo days, bu
ST. HELENS. ORF.OOM PPmAv titmi? o
"""miiiu i.uino (ioii to ViNltom
I Hiimluy
I,, tl1(!y C()IltHsl(!d anU Ilt(,ruat
p s.tcoml placo In tho Intr-Clty
i.o.ikuo, di'fuBtd MaiiaKnr llallaKh
... n
mil! hox ny a nt'oro or 4 to a. l)on-
altlwin wUh on tha rirliiK lino for St
II-Ioiib an, I wa oppomtd hy .lab art-
llaknr ror tho vlBilorB. Ht.
!loleiiH drew rirat blood In tho rirt,
imttliiK urrowB a run by SU'Vimih' hit,
u.l.l..,. ....... . ... . m .. .
,i. nan luu IIUI lor llaKtir lO llllll-
tilt). Then Htuvo Btolo Becond and
acoiittl on Mooro's hIiikId. Tho Sox
adilttil unotlior In tho third wlutn Mc
Donaltl boat out a hit to short, went
to Boi-ond on a wild throw anil .cored
"" K'evo' I'll to rlnht. This mudu
it 2 to 0 in our fuvor. and it looked
hlK uh a house, for Alox was pitching
ulr tluhl bull. It went along tills
wuy until the lucky seventh (we mean
lucky for the other fellows), when
the KirkpatriekB fell on Alex for two
good blngluB in BUcceHHion. With
a tliio of orrorB by Moore and a
chance for a double play which was
mursed up. both runners scored; a
wild pitch und a bit let another run
ner cross tho plato, putting the vis
ors in the lead. In the ninth the
KirkpatriekB chalked up another
tally on Moore's error, a single and
a sacrifice fly. St. Helens tried
valiantly to overcome the lead in
their half of the Inst frame and hud
n good chance to do bo, but a lack
of head work resulted in chasing In
only ono run when we should have
had three.
Notes of tlio (iaiiie
Donaldson outpitched linker and
deserved to win, 'ml Moore had a
decidedly off day ami kept Alex In
the hole in several Innings.
C. Halter, catcher for the visitors,
has a brother who is playing with
tho Detroit team In the American
While's umpiring was good.
1'erry made a nice running catch
of I'arrott's fly in the sixth.
Peterson Ib showing n marked im
provement both In fielding and but
ting. '
Hall, McDonald ami Stevens all fat
tened their batting averages.
The box score:
St. lltrenn
Alt. H. ro. A. R.
Hall, rr 6
McDonald. 2b 5
Stevens, lb 4
Moore, as 4
Arnsprlger, c 4
l'orry, cf 4
Dill, 3b 4
retersoli, If 2
Donaldson, p 2
.35 11 27 12 5
Ilateman. rf 4 1 1
Mulkey, bh 5
C. linker, c 4
Nelson, If
l'arrotte, 2b 4
J. Dixon, cf
Sclierrett, 3b 4
C. Dixon, lb 4
T. linker, p
Totals 37 B 27 11 2
St. Helens 10100000 1 3
Hits 30220010 311
KirkpatriekB ...00000030 1 4
HUu 01000030 1 6
Left on buses St. Helens 9. Klrk-
patrlcka 8. Ktirnod runs tt. iioi
eiiB 3, KirkpatriekB 2. Hiibob on balls
Off Donaldson. 2; off T. Ilakor. 2.
Struck out Hy Donaldson, 5; by T.
linker, 5. Passed br.Ua Arneprlger
2, C. linker 1. Two-!oee hit Don
aldson. Stolen bnuos C. Ilakor 2,
Schorrott 1. T. Ilakor 2, Stevens 2,
M,,.m i Sacrifice hit Donaldson.
Time of game 1:45. Umpire
Inter-City Irf'ntsiio HtiidiiiK
W. L. ret.
llrad fords Jj
St. Helena
Montnvllla 3
Woodland -
(Continued on pugo 6)
Kt'wer AHMnxinent Approved I' ire
Company Oil It ers Itatilletl.
Council met in regular session
Monday evening with all members
proent except Councilman Muckle.
The condition of gutter near Cen
tral grocery In regard to connection
to sewer was referred back to com
mltloo. Council pussed resolution pro
hibiting firecrackers, etc. See reso
lution published elsewhere in this
Tlio report of election officers ol
St. Helens Volunteer Klro Company
wub received, which wub ratified by
tho council.
M. Suxton presented claim for four
loads of sawdust dumped in the
street. C. G. Handles hud agreed to
puy for two loads and recorder was
Instructed to scud bill to Handles for
Tho mutter of the assessment and
costs of sewer district No. 1, Sec. "1J,"
was discussed ut length. It was de
cided that tho objections were with
out merit us the UBsesBnients were
Just and equitable, and it was ordered
that an ordinance be drawn providing
for the assessment as proposed.
An ordluunce to regulate tlio accu
mulation of barnyard manure was
read tho second time.
When tho "old county court" mot
on Saturday, It. S. Hattan tendered
his resignation hb treasurer and the
Court appointed James Hunt to fill
the unexpired term. Mr. Hunt is
well equipped for this of"ice, as his
knowledge of the matters In the court
house will bo of much assistance to
him in t!:e conduct of tho of.'lcc. He
bus served In the sheriff's offico, the
offics of county clerk and also In
tho treisurer's office, and should be
thoroughly conversant with the du
ties which r.ro required of him.
II. K. Abry, the county roadmas-
ter, left Monday night for an Inspec
tion trip over the Columbia Highway.
Ho expected to be absent for several
days. Tha Kverman road, In the
vicinity of Hudson, is being graded
for a dlstnnco of one-halt mile, also
that portion of tho highway which is
the connecting link between Second
and Nordby streets, is to be looked
over. The contractors are now at
work finishing this. Mr. Abry states
that the work of clearing tho slides
between Gobio and Hninlcr is pro
gressing satisfactorily, considering
the weather, and he hopes to have
this road open for traffic soma time
during Mo coming week.
James Sheldon has becomo a rcai
golf onthuslcst and states ho wishes
to organize a club here. Ho has made
arrangements for a tract of land
lying near tha Columbia quarry,
which ho atatea is ideal for a nine
hole course. Quite a number pf local
pcoplo have Indicated their desire
to join such a club. It will not bo
a very expensive work to fix up the
course in good shape, and Mr, Shel
don thinks a nominal initiation fee.
say of $5 will bo all that is required.
If the club develops as other clubs
have, it Is possible that a neat club
hoiiEO may bo built. Mr. Sholdon
will be glad to give further particu
lars to any no Interested.
On Tuesday evening, Juno 6, fifty
little tots, under tho dlroctlon of Mrs.
A. P. H.imott and Miss Mr-.tthews.
will Dtngo a Kalry Operetta. The
ladlon nro training tho youngsters
thoroughly in their Bovoral parts und
an eiitortnlnlng porformiinco la as
sured. Tho proceeds will bo divided
botweon tho Methodist and Congrega
tional churches. A largo nudlonce
will no doubt ntiend tho performance.
n a nil - n y ' "
Itebition of a Live, Lnergetic Itody to
Development til u Comiiiuoily
What makes a town, anyway? Is
it tho wealth evidenced by the fine
homes, or its splendid store buildings
well supplied with merchandise?
These may show the stability and
thrift of certain people and their
ability to thrive In their various lines
but ono can certainly see that these
offer no great Inducement to com
mercal and moral progress. That is
a factor only. Tho sleepiest old ham
lets that dot the map most often
display this spirit in rank abund
imco. Ia it tlio lodges, education and
religious institutions? We trust
their number may ever increase, but
they don't make a town only cul
luro It. Ib It the geographical loca
tion, the shipping facilities, the natu
ral advantages?
We readiy admit any or all of these
are valuable acquisitions to any town
so possessed, but they are not actual
Well, whnt Is it makes a town any
way? Well, Just one thing the
unity of Its people; the existence of
a common bond which causes busi
ness and social enemies to cast aside
all petty differences when it comes
to boosting the town, and no place
ever made real progress to substan
tial success without the get-together
spirit to be fostered by all. This has
been tried several times in our beau
tiful little town by a few who en
deavored to show tho true spirit and
has been ruthlessly disregarded by
the vast majority, fearing to give fin
ancial and moral support to any or
ganization having in view the good
of St. Helens, first, last and all the
There will bo an election for offi
cers to man our commercial club af
fairs Friday night, June 9, 1916, In
tho club room at rear of the City
Hall, and it Is the duty of all who
have our Interests at heart to Tie
there and elect such men as are best
fitted for this work; assits them
not street-corner oratory, but place
your shoulder to the wheel. and with
your moral and financial support
aid honest, legitimate boosting, thus
aiding ourselves and our town.
At tho meeting of tho St. Helens
Volunteer Fire Department held on
May 27, the following officers were
elected :
Firo Chief Fred Watkins.
President J. H. McKie.
Secretary D. McDonald.
Treasurer Mat McKie.
Trustees Mace, Urown, Conway.
Mr. Watkins, tho new chief, buc
cecds L. E. Allen, who has been chief
for the paat several years and lias
dono much toward bringing the de
partment to its present high state
of efficiency. When he took charge
of tho department there was little
equipment, and little Interest, and
gradually ho has worked out mat
ters until now St. Helens has a volun
teer fire department of which it may
well feel proud. Much credit to Mr.
Allen and to those who served under
him. Mr. Watklua has been identi
fied with the department for some
timo and all who know him are
r.itlsfied ho wil make good in his
present responsible position.
Tho appointments were ratified by
tho city council ut its meeting Mon
day night.
Clntskanie's tenth annual rose show
will bo held at Miller's audttorlum
on Juno 17. The committee had
originally decided to hold tho show
on Juno 3, but owing to lack of warm
weather the dato waB changed. In
addition to the rose display, field
events and a baseball game will prob
ably bo featured. Entries aro ex
pected from all noarby towns.
Work at Standstill Until I'nderstantl
in Is Reached.
Rather than meet the demands of
tho Longshoremen's Union, owners
of Pacific Coast deep water craft
have decided, to tie up their crafts
until negotiations which aro now
pending with the union have come to
some definito understanding. This
strike affects St. Helens to a con
siderable extent, inasmuch a3 many
vessels load here and the output of
the two mills aro mostly water
borne shipments. The steamer Neha
lem arrived Wednesday night and the
longshoremen worked cargo until
midnight, but beforo working timo
Thursduy morning they had orders-
to work na moro cargo until further
orders. Consequently the twelve men
who were working on tho steamer
did not report for work. Cargo was
being taken aboard by tho sailors
and the vessel will probably leave
out Saturday night, one day behind
her schedule. The. strike of the
longshoremen reaches from Alaska
to San Diego, and thousands of men
are out. The longshoremen demand
a flat rate of 60 cents per hour for
working lumber and $1 nor hour
overtime. The former rates were 50
cents per hour and 75 cents per hour
overtime. They also do not favor
the open ports of Grays Harbor and
Raymond, where non-union men aro-
employed along with union men In
loading vessels. Two of the McCor-
mick boats r-re expected here In tho
next several days, and it is hoped the
matter will be settled before their
When Judge Robert S. Hattan took
the oath of office administered by
the county clerk on Saturday and
entered Into the discharge of his du
ties as judge, he took up a work with
which no man in Columbia county
is more familiar. Judge Hattan Is
55 years old, and Is woll known all
over the county. He was born In
Illinois in November, 1860, coming
to Oregon in tho spring of 1889.
teaching school in the coun'y until
coming to fit. Helens in 1896. Tho
following is Judge Hattan's official
record :
Deputy sheriff 1896 to 1904.
Sheriff 1900 to 1904.
County Judge 1904 to 1908.
Marshal of St. Helens 1909 to
Treasurer 1913 to 1916.
Now judge. Term will expire in
January, 1919.
Bishop Sumner of the Episcopal
diocei-e, delivered a very interesting
sermon at Christ's Episcopal church
Sunday evening. Tho Interior of the
church was nicely decorated and spe
cial music was provided for the occa
sion. The bishop, before delivering
his address, promised that he would
try to arrange matters so that Christ's
church would have a resident clergy
man in the near future. The sermon
was a masterly one and was listened
to with much interest. The bishop
spoke very highly of Oregon's two
educational institutions the State
University and Oregon Agricultural
College. He said the per cent of
high school graduates In Oregon who
entered college was much above many
of the old eastern states. We sin
cerely hope the bishop will again fa
vor us with a visit.'
The business men, at a meeting
Wednesday night, decided to have a
Fourth of July celebration. The fol
lowing executive committee was ap
pointed, who will meet tonight to
work out the details: L. B. Avery,
A. S. Harrison, Fred Watkins, M.
Saxon, A. F. Barnott and Harold
(Contlmii'd on pago 3)

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