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Ih. , I
. L.'
L 1 1 W. -tO
(l St. lli'li'iiN Si IiimiIh Mnke GimmI
following Ih I'1" roll of honor of
he St. Helen schools lor too inoniii
mlliiK November 3, 1918:
II Uh Niliool
Frelimen Stella Harm's, Mulicl
; Davli'H, Gladys Jobber, ltulli llunt
r, Helen Walker, Helen White. Kd
uril liliiiurdsoii, IaiuIh WhIIIh, Klin
rlMu, Gladys HoIiIim, Alva lluds
th, Annette I'uyn", Opal H in It Ii ,
Albert Halts, Wultor I. Gage, Mux
SniiiioiiHTCH I'hyllU Hi-own, Nova
itrtnimi, Crura Howell, Lucllo Lym-
liurniT, Jnliii Doming, Muhiiii Dtllard,
11 IUuU I .ii Hare, Limtor l.uko, Frank
Heeler, Ivur Wulllnder, Gertrude
llruwii, Kthol Lynch, Anna Lurson
John Corslglin, Harold Decker, Jiiux-h
Dn-w, AIIiitI Faxon, Rex A. Miller,
itiy maiiwooii, juiui rv . mciey.
Juniors - Adoluldo AiIuimh, Klor-
ucii Larson, Madge Morrcll, llilma
Morten, Marlon Andreas, Wllllmn
I'erry, Dewey Hid it Ii . Marlon linker.
Kilo ll.il tun, Arllno I'aulHon, AriIu
Sti-ii, I .h ii r l Llnd, Kilwuril Miiliiiiu.
Senium Myrtlo Larson, Adcllo
Link, Lawrence Davltm. Kenneth
Howell, George C. Walker, Harry
Wilson, Kannlo Cooper, Lois I'ayne,
Marin Walker. Carl O. Muhr, Jacob
lllclianliicn, John Southard.
i'l rii n t of pupils on (he honor roll,
Frederick Knight, I'rlnclpal.
(inula School
Kliihth tirade Wttdo Rutherford,
Nomina Wllklnit, Chester North, llur-
lanil Johnson, LpwIh Knelling, Freda
t'roue, F.iinu Cnrtmiin, Melvu llat-
Un, tipal llcrglund, Agnes Wlckn,
NVin;iiiili llnlKer.
Seventh Crude Dorothy Akin,
Naomi lluiinell, Nina Crouse, Olive
Dutiwimdy, May Ooln, Corlnno Hill,
Mildred Hyde, (iladya Lake, Itiith
LeMiinl, Hazel I,opo, Alice Loyd,
Katie Lynch, Currlo Makl, Rose
North, Athelono Chlttllil. Clen Fax
on, Alvln IIHl, Cordon Ishlstor. Ray-
nioml l.iindKren, Norman McCitllum,
ii.. ,,, ... . .
.-mi .inner, Merrlinan Rubens, Jolili
Sten, Carl Tucker, lien Leathern.
Percent of puplli; on the honor
roll, 7ii.fi.
Mlm Lllllo M. Lelth, Tencher.
Hlxth Grudo Margaret lloulby.
Bella fnnstiintlne, Marion Cox, Helen
Itndil, Charlotm Doncaslcr, Velnin
Kfl t mi . Ziih Cane, Annahellu tHhlster,
Christine Ltindgrln, Serena Malnilii,
I'ora Peer, FIohsIo 1'lorcp, Mue llu
I'ciih, Murjorln Specht, Helen Why
"". Opal Cladlmrt, Sylvia Johnson,
Itnhert Itlackhurn, Harold Corit
tliwalte, Milton Fnxon. ClIITord llerg
l"'id, Wlllard Howoll, Thomua Ket
I". Willie Lynch, I'aul NolT. Miller
Peer, vircil Tiuzy. Muurlce Itlchurd-
"oti, Harney HoHnnco, Arnold Snarl,
Junii-H Marks.
Percent on honor roll, 86.1.
I- II. McCoy, Teacher.
'Iftli tirado Uentrico Allen, Mar
Ula lllack, Gludyg llurton, Helen l)u
P"'il. Crnco FarnliiK, Audrey Cooloy,
Irene Jonea, Mary Lope, Nadlne
Mace, Marlon Morton, Harriot Kohr,
l'":ilrlio Luke, Lucille Lewln. Helen
lllceii, Edna Lynch, Tholnia Spncht,
Wlnuirrod WutkinB, Johso LbiihIiik,
Same Cunnparoll, UoorK Hosasco,
Ki'inieth Pratt, Norrold Hazen, Uon
Bll lllakoHloy, Thomas Rlchurdson,
lileii McCullum, Harry llydo.
Per cent on honor roll, 85.
H. U. Wilson, Teacher.
Koiipth Grade OoorKe lloll, Lll
" Cade, Noomi Chlttlm, ClIITord
'lilltlni, Muxwell Coutoa, Leila Hnr
ilmm, Kdwln Hollenhern, Grace Hor
''"i. Cernldlne Kotoll, Vernii Koshor,
Holierla Lour, llelon Loyd, Kvolyn
'''toiKon, Jtillu Rora, Marian Sten,
Harold White, Edith Lnko, Georgia
'"Mont, Loon Kitchen, JosHnmlne
"'own, May LeutliorB, Helen Illsey,
Dorothea Biiolllng.
I'cr cent on honor roll, 67.3.
Madeline Slothoom, Tencher.
'I'lilrd Grade Carl Gartnmn, Uoh
Brt North, Mlrle Ilronson, Hussel
Hoiilhy, Alfred Illackhurn, Eugene
t-'wrrle, Henry Dothmun, Willis Hen
(Conlluuod on I'ago 8)
KlK Motor Viwl No on ,,VH to
He (,hen Iniiiiil Dip.
The hlg motor vensel H. I. Allard,
now under const ruction at the ship,
yards, will In Ull prohahlllty he
launched December 'L. Work is pro
groHhlng very witlsfactorlly and un
les.l HMiietlilng unexpected hnppeus
the veKMc! ulll l,i. realy to take the
water on the dale mentioned nlmve
While rloiioly rexeiiihliug Iht hIh
ler slilp, the City of Portland, tli;
Allard Is tiomewhat larger and It I-
estlinati'd that hIiii will carry lUU.OOll
feet more lumher than did the fit
of Portland. Hit eiiL-ino room enulu
ment W about the same. Th-
ves: e has already been chartered foi
Hoverul round trips to Australian
pol.its. dipt. S. ('. Mitchell, former
ly m ti-.ter of the well known schooner
liene, lius been selected master o!
tho Allard and he Is now In St. Hoi
ens superintending Home of the work
on It l: new command.
Will He Great Convenience to Klvcr
I'.oat'i When I inpb tiil.
Th' port of Portl.-'.ud roiniulsslon
has ordered the suction dredge Tual
atln to St. Helens to begin work
dredging ii channel across the sands
from tho end of Sauvl-s Island to
the St. Helens docks. It is plcnned
to have thin channel at least 15 feet
deep. With the present stage of wa
ter In the river It Is necessary for
river boats to go down opposite the
St. Helens ijunrry before m; king the
turn to coni'j into St. Helens. With
the deepening of the channel acres:,
the suiiilu, boats can come straight
ncrosj what 4s now '.he shallow part
heforo they come Into the tlep w;.ter
along the water front. This will
save much 1 1 m and be a great con
venieiicn to rlverineu and rlverboat?
With I l.o water hovctt.1 feet higher,
Bto.: ill schooners will also he ah!u t(
cross Instead of taking the prevent
roundabout course.
1'iepninlli lis Ar lleing M lib for
Itililiclny l'int mill II ei'iilniii-.
The following wll bo of Interest to
the many Knights of Pythias and
Pythian Sisters in St. Helens, as the
Itidgelleld anil St. Helens lodges lire
on the most friendly terms and their
annual visits to each other are events
much looked forward to by niemberf
of tho respective lodges.
At the regular mooting of Lake
Klver Lodge, No. 124, Knights of
Pythias, of Itidgelleld, the following
received nominations for the various
George H. Thomas, chancellor
:oiiiiii niler; James II. Pearson, vice
diancellor; George W. Horn, pre
late; Stephen McAndrew, master of
work; Isaac Hughes, master at arms;
'harlea Itathhun, Inner guard; Fred
Horn, outer guard; George W. lin
ker, master of nuance; Frank E.
Pnsrmoro, Sr., master or exchequer,
and George Commodore Slilnii, keep
er of records and seals. In Decem
ber tho regular election will be held.
Tho new officers will ho installed
some time In January.
Tho lodge will celebrate Its 13th
nnnlvonmry some thud in December.
Ralph Alfred Soderborg, aged 4
years and (I months, son of Mr. and
Mra. W. A. Soderberg, died at a
Portland hospital Friday morning nt
(i o'clock, following nn operation.
Th-J little follow, on tho Saturday he
foro, complained of having a severe
pnln In hln ido. Physicians wore
called und administered temporary
relief, hut ho grow worse until It
wna thought advisable to take him
to tho hospital. Ilo never rallied
from tho operation, and died a few
hours afterwards. Tho hotly was ( . ;irB nt.0 It was moved out to Lott
hrought to St. Helens Saturday and j vlllo to make room for moro preten
Interred In tho cemetery nt Ynnkton , tloua buildings.
Sunday afternoon. Many frlonda at- .
tended tho funeral nnd burial serv- The Aid society of the M. 15. church
Ices, and extended sympathy to the, will meet with Mrs. Lo Hare Thurs
heroavod puronts. 1'. November 23.
Cf.iiiiuil (,. ..r I I a. .
v. ui i,iirai I'cmiie I'ltin
lol I'eonle
IUK Time.
If the plans of many people of St.
Helens mean anything, the town will
have u hlj; time November 21, 25
and 27.
It Is planned to hold St. Helens'
llriit annual lyceuin festival, which
will mean three days of music, lec
nren ai:d reliucd entertainments o
the highest type. The cominlliee h.n
been working hard and Is most n
'liuxh:itlc In the outlook for St. Del
ii . ne venture.
program to be given aficnoon
mil evenings on tho dates telected
has b,, :h:..n froIll tll0 K,1smi
w "in i iiinitainiu.. people. In all
imo ten programs will ho given
.iirniigiiout the three days and the
big feature will he the Chicago La
lies' Orchestra, the celebrated Maw
en Antarctic Motion Pictures, the
"oinus Players, featuring scenes from
Hinkespoars anil "Carson of the
North Woods," the Ad Club Quartet,
nd Dr. Hubert SiilclllTo, popular
'eeitirer and well known nn the ly
eum platform of tho west. All are
splendid attractions und will round
out a delightful three days for all
who attend.
The complete program of the com
:ng L) ecu m Festival Is as follows:
I rlduy Afternoon
3:00 Opening Exercises nnd An
nouncements. 3:30 Scenes from Shakespeare..
Comus Players
4:00 Lecture: "If"
Dr. Robert Sutcllffe
Friday Kvenlng
7:. '10 Presentation of the famous
play: "Carson of the North
Woods" Comus Players
Sul unlay Afternoon
3:00 Prelude. ... Ad Club Quartet
3:30 Lecture: "A Task".
Dr. Robert Sutcliffe
Saturday Kvenlng
7:30 Concert ... .Ad Club Quartet
8:15 Moving Pictures of the
Muwson Antarctic Expedition.
Monday .Afternoon
3:00 Prelude
. . .Chicago Ladies' Orchestra
"How Did You Die?"
Dr. Robert Sutcllffe
Monday Kvenlng
Grand Closing Concert. ...
Chicago Ladies' Orchestra
Among the local enthusiasts who
are working hard for tho success of
tho festlv,;: uro L. R. Rutherford,
A. S. Harrison, E. S. Snelling, A. S.
Ilh-oy, S. It. Iloskin, G. E. Chapman,
;'. II. Mann, E. II. Woods, John Sten,
W. T. HIiiKon, I. E. Dodd, C. C. Cas
satt, E I. Ilullagh, W.' E. Lldyard,
('. I). Sutherland. II. S. DeSpain, T.
S. White, Jus. S. Drown, A. O. Tuck
v, Harold I'. Ross. .
A more extended account of those
.it tract Ion s will uppear In next woek'r
issue' of tho Mist. You cannot nf
tord to miss these attractions, so
look up some one of the committee
.ind secure u ticket which will admit
you to each and every one of the
tierforniances. If you don't wish a
ticket for the whole, program, at
:end thoso performances which ap
peal to you. The committee has
nrd- the admission most reasonable.
D. Crowley, who occupied the
Oleen or Ilutls house near the laun
dry, had a narrow escape from burn
ing to death Thursday evening lust
week. Crowley went to bed about
9 o'clock and soon afterwards awak
ened when his room was full of
micko und the flames of the burning
building were coming into his room.
Ho had time only to throw out of
tho window a few garments and then
followed head first. All of hla per
sonal effects were destroyed, and he
Is thankful that ho escaped with his
An alarm was turned in hut before
tho firo department could reach the
scene the houso, which was a one
story frr.mo dwelling, was burned to
tho ground. Tho monetary loss Is
about $500.
The burned house, some 20 years
r.go, stood on 'what Is now tho site
of the Hewitt Ilulldlng, hut a few
i '
, I .. ... . . ...
Moiuluy KvciiIiik.
D.nlel Keller, a respected rancher
of Dutch Canyon, n;ar Scc.ppoose,
Hid Middenly near the residence of
Dr. lilatchford Monday evening. De
emed had been to Portland and, In
jompnn; with Dr. lilatchford, re
urned on the evening jitney to John
on'ti C;os':ing. Leaving the train,
he started walking up tho road
oiv.uds the doctor's placo and just
s they got to tho la no which leads
' :l.o doctor's houso Keller, who
: d i cn complaining of severe pains
n tli 3 region of his heart, stated he
ou'rl go no further. Ho laid down
n tl;o lane while Dr. lilatchford went
.o his house to st-curo relief. When
he returned a few minutes Inter Mr
Keller was dead.
Deceased had lived in Dutcli Can
yon for Romo time and was highly
oapected by all who knew him. He
leaves a wile and several children.
To lie KeIrcssel ami Kollel for Win
lc Traffic
According to Judge Hattan, the
Wurren road, from near McNulty
creek brldgo through Warren and as
far as ScappooEO creek, will he given
temporary improvements at once.
Tho crusher is now being set up
and will turn out inch rock and
screenings which will be used for
filling the many small holes and re
dressing tho road, and it will alsc
bo rolled.
At present tho road is in bad
shape, and on account of its having
had no attention for scmo time is
if.pidly going to pieces. Tho county
ourt thinks that the temporary im
provement to he mado will keep it
in fairly good condition until next
jummer, when somo permanent work
will probably ho dono.
Tl.o roller which has hosn in use
in the Deer Island road has been
nought back to St. Helens, work on
hut stretch of ro:d being completed
for the timo being. A small gang of
men Is still employed doing miscel
laneous necessary work.
Sixty days from November 17 it
will be unlawful for stock to run at
largo In Columbia county. I!y tlu
;cant majority of 36 votes, the peo
ple of Columbia county have willed
that stock must bo kept in some in-
clcsure. Tho penalty for tho first
offense is $10, and $20 will l:e the '
flno for each subsequent offenso. In
the election returns the Mist gave
tho ma.'crity as two votes, but when
tho county clerk car.vassad the votes
ho found tho stock law had passed
by 36 majority. The difference in
-ho f.gu.es is on account of errors
made by several election hoard
1 !
-.tlerks. Remember, from now on i
keep your cattle tied up or in a
fenced pasture, else you will bo sub
'ect to r. fine.
County Judgo Hattan returned
Tuesday from Portland, where he has
':een attending a conference of offl
ials of Clatsop, Columbia and Mult
nomah counties relative to road work
proposed for tho coming yenr. The
United States government's appro
priation for Oregon this year is about
$78,000, and this amount must be
duplicated by the state before the
government amount Is available.
Should the state or counties raise a
llko fund. Judge Hattan states that
during the next three year $800,000
will be contributed by the govern
ment with the idea of making per
manent roads. Senator Houston, of
Multnomah county, advocated the
doubling of the tnx on autoniobllo.3
as ono way In which more road ; for the Increased co3t of pr.per and
money can he raised. No definite material, but the federal commission
plan was arrived nt and at some fu- apparently does not think a raise of
tuve dalo another conference will be pome 400 por cent Just or reason
held, able.
VYiijiHina ami Coaster lial I, timber
and Ia-hvo Iluhy Now ut Sea.
Tho steamer Wapcma, Capt. John
Foldat, arrived In Sunday morning
ind after taking on 989,000 feet of
lumber left out Wednesday night,
bound for San Pedro and other Cali
fornin ports.
Capt. 11. T. Groves, who for the
past 18 years has been connected
with the port of Portland, will leave
thai service in the near future. In
tho interest of economy the commis
sion has abolished that office and the
manager will attend to the duties
formerly looked after by Captain
Groves. The captain is well known
'nd has many friends in St. Helens,
who wish him success on any enter
prise ho undertakes.
The steamer Coaster arrived in
Wednesday evening and Immediately
bigan- taking on a consignment of
150,000 feet of lumber far California
delivery. She left down river early
Thursday morning.
The steamer Celilo is the next ves
sel expected here. After taking ou
."argo, she will tow the lumber-laden
l argo No. 40 to San Diego.
All hopes of salvaging the wrecked
Hear has been given up. A salvaging
company headed by R. T. Claverdon.
who recently salved the wrecked
iteamer Shna-Yak, was about to
undertake tho work but the recent
gales have broken the vessel In two
and all that can be saved Is some of
her equipment and engine. room ma
chinery. A delay in securing cargo prevent
ed the motor vessel Ruby from leav
ing Portland last Friday. She left
down early Wednocday morning and
passed St. Helens t 9:30. The trim
little vessel was making good time.
As she passed St. Helens the mill
whistle gave her a farewell salute
Tho Ruby is now at sea on her long''
trip to Balboa.
Attorney General Makes Killing to
This Kffet t.
Tho "hone dry" constitutional
amendment will not go into effect in
Oregon until the legislature acts, ac
cording to a ruling of Attorney Gen
eral Brown. Until the legislature
provides laws to go with the amend
ment, tho present law which permits
the importation of two quarts of
whisky or 24 quarts of beer every
four weeks will bo in effect. Mr.
Brown said tho issuing of a proclam
Jtion by the governor early in De
jember, declaring the result of the
election, would not affect the sltua-
l,on- The legislature will meet Janu-
ary 8, and it will probably take sev
eral days to enact a law providing
regulations and penalties to carry out
the amendment adopted.
CJovernmeiit Trade Commission Will
IVobo Matter.
Investigation of the advance In
price of news print paper has been
started by tho government trade com
mission and a report will be rendered
?oon. The advance in news print
paper began early in 1916 end has,
continued to climb. The contract
price beforo tho beginning of the
raiso was about $2 per 100 pounds
at the factory, and now it Is hover
ing around tho $7 mark. The com
mission has found that tho average
cost of manufacture of news print
to bo less than $33 per ton, or $1.65
per cwt. Market pricas on somo of
tha materials used have been ad
vanced to quito nn extent, but not
so much so that the manufacturer
can demand $7 for what he formerly
sold for $2. The question applies
not only to the newspapers, but to
the whole public, since the cost of
wrapping paper, bags, paper nap
kins, etc., have gone up by leaps and
hounds. Everyono is willing to pay
Majority of Council Favor 12 Mills
to Cover F..Venso.s.
The city council, pursuant to an
adjournment Monday night, met
Tuesday afternoon. Several permi's
for repairing and constructing of
bulldingr, were granted.
An ordinance vacating certain
streets in Rose Hill addition was
lead tho first and second times.
A delegation from the Woman j
Club requested the council to mal.i
some appropriation towards the e:
penee of the city library. On motion
of Councilman Ballagh the council
voted to contribute $75 per year and
also furnish lights and wood for the
library room.
Claims against the city for lights,
labor, etc., were taken up and after
investigation were allowed.
As to the rate of assessment to
cover city expenses for the coming
year, a majority of the council
thought 12 mills would cover the
expenses, and voted in favor of this
amount. On the assessed valuations,
12 mills will raise approximately
$8,000, which is about the same as
was raised last year.
The budget of expenses as submit
ted was not adopted, but laid over
until next meeting, when the council
will see what can be done towards
a retrenchment in city expenditures.
Tho matter of buying an inexpens
ive fire truck was taken up and dis
cussed, but no definite action was
The ordinance calling for a special
election for the adoption or rejection
cf """endments to the charter was
j lald ovor untu next meeting,
Tlle recorder was instructed to
again write Frank L. Smith relative
to the claim the city had against him
for services of the firemen and dam
age to fire apparatus at the time his
barn at Scappoose was on fire, and
demand payment of tho bill.
It was the sentiment of the whole
council that in order to keep city
expenses within the amounts pro
posed to be raised by taxation, that
much pruning of expenses would be
The council adjourned to meet
Monday night, November 20.
Reported by Columbia County Ab
stract Company.
Nov. 8 Albert Lauri et ux. to
Matt Erickson et ux., $1000; land
in Sec. 10, T. 7 N., R. 4 W.
Jesse R. Sharp et ux. to Ellen C.
McCord; part of tract No. 26 and
tract No. 27, Apple Valley, $10.
Col, River Door Co. to Grove Sum
mons; lots 20 and 21 in blk. 3, Flor
ence Add, $10.
Nov. 10 Kerry Timber Co. to
Yerrck Logging Co.; land in Sees.
9, 15, 16, 19, in T. 5 N., R.v 5 W.,
also hinds in Sees. 2, 3, 8, 10, 11 and
29, T. 6 N., R. 5 W. and lots 1, 2,
3 and 4 of Sec. 6, T. 7 N., R. 5 W.
A. S. Kerry et ux. to Yerrek Log
ging Co.; land in Sec. 6, T. 7 N., R.
6 W., Sec. 30, T. 6 N., R. 5 W., Sees.
9 and 16, T. 5 N., R. 5 W Sees. 18
and 20. T. 6 N., R. 5 W.. $1.
Nov. 11 Geo. F. Moeck et ux. to
G. A. Robinson; land in Soc. 16, T.
7 N R. 2 W., $300.
Nov. 13 Elizabeth Neuhau3en to
John Netzer; tract 23, Clats. Heights
Nelson P. Wheeler et al. to C. O.
Johnson; land in Sec. 24, T. 5 N., R.
2 W., $10.
C. O. Johnson et ux. to Scandlna-vinn-Amcrlcau
Realty Co.; land In
Sec. 24, T. 5 N., R. 2 W., $1.
Nov. 14 M. E. Miller ct al. to
Cora Rupert; lots 1, 2, 3, blk. 43,
St. Helens, $2450.78.
Frank Barringer et ux. to Harold
W. Thayer; land in Sec. 22, T. 7 N.,
R. 2 W., $75.
J. P. Gaskell to M. J. Sllverthorne;
Innd In Sec. 2, T. 4 N., R. 2 W. and
Sec4 35, T. 5 N., R. 2 W., $1
The regulur monthly business
meeting of Christ Church Guild will
be held in the Guild hall on next
Tuosday, November 21, at 3 p. m.

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