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r.r.TnV Kir7T?MRPR 17. 1916
6 ST. HELENS Ml&l, r iuu i , 11 -
Wednesday, Nov. 1, 1916.
Journal rend, approved and
On tills day it appearing to the
Court that vacancies exist in the of
fice of Hond Supervisor for certain
territory recently set apart lis sepa
rate road districts, it is ordered by
the Court that the following named
appointments be, and the same here
by are made, lo-wlt: For Hond Dis
trict No. 2, W. C. Cooper; for Hoad
District No. 5. Fritz Anliker; for
Hoad District No. 10, J. M. l'ointer.
It is further ordered by the Court
that before assuming the duties of
ri.iuu, huiu lur Hliertu, fu.vw, uuwva
Livery llarn, uuto for sheriff, $7. BO;
Hattnn, Itessie, work for clerk,
til.2G; Harnett, A. F., post exp ,
I $20.00; Paulson, Mario, work for
1 assessor, Vi:i.75; Ashby, Gladys I-.,
! work for assessor, '$54.40; Doming.
! Kuueiiia, work for assessor, $0.26;
White, Martin, expense, $:l.U0; Hunt.
J. W., postage for treasurer, $.4o;
Columbia Herald, notice for lrei.s
lurer, $1.20; Clatskanie Chief, notice
for treasurer, $.80; St. Helens Mist,
i(otlce for treasurer, $1.40; Coustnii
: tin, H., rep court house, $22.15;
j llrown. Chas., wood for court house,
I $11.35; Harrison, A. S. & Co., sup
plies to janitor, $3.60; Kotger, K. A.
m. vj.,.u ' supplies to janitor, $4.50; Hoyal
. ,..'.!i i. . i. .n,".i ! Sweeping Co., supplies t
Ul a Email Utllll l.llVr IIIK iPlVBLllirvu i , .
.,ii, n.l ill.. .. l,.,,,.l l 11, u f4 oU; M.
approved by the ".' "J "' " , ',V s Y
1K i Judge, $5.00; Weed, Judson, com
missioner, $06.00; Harvey, A. k...
ipplies to janitor.
Helens Laundry, 'uuiiil 'y
sum of $200 dub-
County Court.
On this 1st day of November,
1916, the Clerk presents to the Court
his report of sculp bounties issued
during the month of October, 1916,
being as follows: Oct. 5, Warrant
No. 3717, in the sum of $1.50, In
favor of H. C. Core. Oct. 17, War
rant No. 3837, In the sum of $2.00,
in favor of T. W. Koleskl. Oct. 28,
warrant No. 3S41. in the sum of
$2.00, in favor of I.on Christian.
And the Court being advised in the
matter, it Is ordered by the Court
that said report be, ami the same
hereby is approved.
Thursday, November 2, 1916.
uu uus znu uay oi iovemuer,
1916, there Is presented to the Court j
an order of the Judgo of the Juveuile i
Court of this county, allowing Wld-j
ow's Tension in the sum of $40.00 j
per month, in favor of Mary John- j
son, in accordance with Chapter 90 ,
Ueneral Laws of 1915; and the Court
being advised in tho matter, it is
ordered by the Court that the Clerk '
lie, and be hereby is, instructed to1
issue a General Fund Warrant in j
I lie sum of $40.00 in favor of said
Mary Johnson, and a like warrant
on the ilrst day of each month here
after, until the further order ot the
Court. A
"Friday, Nov. 3, 1916.
On this day claims against the
County as heretoforo filed with the ;
Clerk ot this Court were examined i
and allowed by the Court in the vari- j
ous sums carried out by the Court j
on the face of said claims, being as
Witness before Grand Jury: Kib
lan, A. T., $2.20, Merrill Uonia $2.20,
Merrill, Alice L. $4.20. Laltare, A.
L., $2 00, Bard, Earl $3.60, l'erklus,
Hen $3.60, Reelman, A. D. $4.00,
Dimmit:, T. H., $4.00; Normburgh,
.1. W., $4.00: Linden, G. ., $4.00;
Cotis. John, $2.00; Hendrick, J. J.,
$2.00; Grewoll, Truman, $S,00; Na
gel, Walter, $S.00; Bennett, Earl,
$5.20: Ilitte, F., $5.60; Peer, Jean
ette. $2.00; Peer, Dora, $2.00; Fali
rig, Katlierine, $2.00; Ticlienor, Geo.
('., $8.00: Fahrig, W. C, $2.00; Mc
f'onkey, C, $2.00; Kinney, Mrs. P.
A., $2.00; Wooden, J. L., $9.20;
Kinney, Nels, $2.00; Walker, C. C,
$2.00: Thompson, Frank, $2.00;
Stricklcvie.il, Jno., $2.00; Lovell, C.
L.. $3.00.
Trial Jurors: Hermo, Charles,
?9.20; Campbell, M. J $10.20; ller
gerson, Charles, $S.20; Hedges,
Forbes, $6.60; Lott, T. P.., $2.00;
I'slier, Perry, $2.00; Knowles, I. E.,
$21.80; Stevens, V. E.. $2.00; John
son. C. W., $18.00; Holstine, T. L.,
$22.20; Smith, J. S. L., $34.80; Steli
man, A. E., $23.80; Anderson, ('. A.,
$34.00; Clark, V. XV., $15.80; Saui
ser, S., $16.60; Holmes, J. R.,
$35.20; Erlckson. Andrew, $35.20;
Lillich. Guy E., $17.00; Staines, E.
I., $15.80; Thomas, O. J., $21.00;
Palm, A. J., $33.60; Phillips, H. H.,
$26.40; Kappler, It., $17.00; Han
y.p.r, "Peter, $12.60; Skuzie, Wm.,
$4.00; Lowe, James, $9.20; Hrower,
W. II., $9.00; Ayres, C. L., $9.20.
Grand Jurors: Holmes, A. It.,
$37.60; Parclier, Chester It., $26.80;
Franklin, 1!. II., $33.20; Nickerson,
Omer, $28.00; Nowels, J. W.,
$19.20; Knighton, S. C, $18.40;
Maelay. W. P.. $18,80; Independent
Auto Co., auto for Grand Jury,
$6.00; Jacob George, board for jur
ors, $3.25; Cooper, W. H., Exp. Dist.
Atty, $1.55; Phillips, Gertrude, work
for Dist. Atty., $11.88; Farnsworth,
G. E., Surveying, $100.00; Vinze Vic
tor, same, $23.15; SesHemun, Ed.,
same, $15.65; Duncan, It. W., same,
$2.50; Messing, Emil, same, $10.00;
Smith, H. G., same, $88.45; Van Or
shoven, L. J., same, $27.75; Paul
sen, Dan, same, $6.95; P.ronson, W.
It., same, $2.50; Middlebrooks, E. A.,
same, $110.00; Mann, Fred, same,
$2.50; ('ulhertwxi. Jack, name,
$27.50; ('Olivers, Kit, same, $62.50;
Meier, Ed., same, $55.00; Robert,
E. E., same, $17.50; Farnsworth,
G. E , surveyor's expense, $4.90; Van
Oriihoven, I,. J., surveyor's supplies
$6.81; Howe, ". ()., work for road
master, $80.00; Abry, II. E., ex
pense roadmaster, $31.10; Hinson
V I.arabee, auto for roadmaster,
$9.00; Clatskanie Livery Co., auto
for roadmaster, $5.50; Independent
Auto Co., auto for roadmaster,
$ .50; Duncan, H. J., auto for road
master, $58.20; Middlebrooks, E. A.,
expense for roadmaster, $3.80; Clats
kanie Chief, road notices, $13.30;
St. Helens Mist, road notices ami
proc., $52.45; McKay, J. D., super
visor No. 1, $91.00; Felton, Elon,
f.'o. 2, $91.85; Keelan, II. J No. 3,
$87.50; Lovelace, It. N.( No. A,
$96.25; liurnhani, F. A., No. 5,
$S9.25; Mills, T. IS., No. 7, $06.50;
Ke:ni(-y, R. L., register voters, $2.00;
Guittens, Jas., register voters, $6.20;
Watts, J. G., register voters, $11.00:
St. Helens Mist, election notices.
$:::!. 00; Rainier Review, ballots
notices C. P., $203.65; Pacific Telp
K- 'I'elg. Co., telephone, $39.33; Dom
ing, A. J., suppliers, $3.00; Pluza
Pharmacy, supplies, $15.95; Dixon,
Koturuli, work for sherirf, $25.00;
Phillips, William, work 1 for sheriff.
fc:;5.00; lirown, Kftie, work for sher-
comiiiissioner, $62.70; Puzey
: Flynn, nuto for com., $10.00; Doan, ,
i J. 11., justice. State vs. Hurr, $6.50; :
Jesse, James, const. State vi. Harr,
$2.20; Morgan, J. M., juror same,;
;$ t.00; Darbey, C. A., juror same, j
i $1.00; Gallaher, M. J., juror same,'
;$1.00; Skean, J. C, juror same,
$1.00; Hall, Alfred, juror same,;
$1.00; Philip, John, Justice State vs. ;
'Tolz, $6.75: Jolin, C. 11 , const. State!
vs. Toltz, $2.70; O'Connor, Jas. !
I juror saino, $1.00; Sonneland, S. R.,
! juror saine, $1.00; Van Nattn, J. W.,
! juror same, $1.00; Jacobsen, P. C ,
i tnror Ksme. S 1.80 : KotiTT. E. A ..
juror same, $1.00; Stone, Peter, wit-:
ness same, $1.50: Watklns, H P.,;
(justice State vs. Stone, $3.80: Wat-.
! kins. H. P., justice State vs. Header,
i$4.65; John, C. 11., conat. State vs
1 Hender, $3.30; llackus, J. E., wit
ness State vs. Hender, $3.30; Wllhel,
John, witness same, $3.30; Neeve,
' W. C., witness same. $3.30; Dspatn,
i F. S., auto for J. P. same, $1.50;
Allen, J. W., exp. of school supt.,
1 $51.80; Allen, Madeline E., work for
school supt.. $65.00; St. Helens Mist,
supplies for school supt., $8.00;
Fowler, Cusaius, birth registrar,
j $.75; Jesse, James, birth registrar,
'$4.75; Wooden, J. L., birth regls
trar, $6.25; Vadnals, L. O., birth
registrar, $.25; Spencer, Israel, birth
j registrar, $.75; Hatfield, C. L., birtli
registrar, $1.25; Hoffman, Margaret,
board Jail & Puup., $14.50; Peel, A.
; J., care St. Jacques, $10.00; Ross,
j L. G., care of Schwearin et al.,
i $30.50; Wltten. F. M., supplies to
j Klock, $14.20; Mellinger, C. W., sup
j plies to Adams, $23.22; St. Helens
; Dairy,- supplies to Pease, $5.55;
Peterson's Cush Store, supplies to
! Pease, $5.55; Hall, W. L.. supplies
to Enneherg, $10.00; Harrison, A. S.
& Co., supplies to Anderson, $6.65;
j Ross, E. A., stove to Weatherby,
$12.75; llrown, Mrs. M. L.. witness
State vs. Girt. $5.10; Wortman,
Spenee, fruit inspector, $15.10.
Garrb-on, O. D., J65.00: Wlk
strom. Chas. E., $102.50; Duncan,
J. I!.. $122.50; Neuman, A., $130.00;
; Rhodes, G. XV., $127.50; Brown. L..
$61.25; Novak, F., $63.75; Neuman,
H.. $62.50: McKay. Gilbert, $56.25;
Villa P., $4.50; C.ilmore, J. E
: $20.00; McKay. N. H., $42.50; Clon
Inger, D., $IQ 00; Hangerud, E.,
$4.37; Neuman, H., $10.00; Wik
strom Liimbr. Co., $22.61; Olds, E.
D.. $352.64; Huszjaka, S $20.12;
, Watts & Price, $5.45; Howard-Cooper
Cor., . $192.25; Pure Oil Co.,
$11.45; Howard-Cooper Cor. $9.00
' Wheeler, J. S.,' J6.00; Sorber, D.
V., $5.00; Gray, J. T., $5.00; Tuck
er, I., $8.15; Independent Auto Co.,
$359.15; Constantin, R., $5.20; Har
rison, A. S. & Co., $3.15; Howard
Cooper Cor., $15.87; Howard-Cooper
Cor., $5.75; Howard-Cooper Cor,
$1.75; Grant, Geo. W., $5.00; Stand
ard Oil Co., $32.85; St. Helens Wa
ter Com., $6.25; Howard-Cooper Cor.
$47.75; McCalliBtor, H., $8.10; Hod-son-Feenaughty
Co., $16.40; She'
, man Bros. Lumber Co., $61.86; Hall,
G. K., $88.00; Walters, II.. $45.00;
Richardson. D., $43.13; Cooley, II.,
$37.50; Davis. XV., $72.50; Olds, E.
D., $10.00; Christie, II. W.. $.90;
Olds, E. I)., $348.88; E. Erickson &
Son, $13.80; St. Helens Lumber Co.,,
Keelan, Ed., $113.75; Anderson,
Ram, $12.50; Loyd, Elmer, $7.50;
Piollman, C. A., $2.50; Maxwell. Vic
tor, $31.25; Hrockhaus, Otto, $25.00;
; Nilson, Frances, $22.50; Neep, J. II.,
$6.25; Brown, M. XV., $1.75.
.Terzyk, John, $77.56; Flannlgan,
S. L.. $85.50; Bryson, Chas., $89.00;
Brant, C. K., $59.62; Alston, Chas.,
$53 95; O'Connor. M., $44.67; Bays,
C. W.. $42.50; Spry, Charles, $40.31;
Vogelsang, II., $48.75; Carlson, ('.,
$38.43; Ferran. N.p $47.68; Hanzer,
Claude, $70.62; Moeck, George,
$20.00; Cole, C, $80.00; Lovelace,
W. D., $42.50; Biimham, II. W
$20.00; Stehman, P., $16.25; Steli
rnan, Lorun, $18.75; Swager, J. C.
$47.17; Lester, $37.50; Itryson,
('has., $81.25; Rudding, J., $31.87;
' Lamberson, (',., $7.50; Hackenherg,
Jos., $3.75; Ciftls, George, $28.73;
Ingram, ('has., $7.17; Molarle, John,
$6.25; Alston, Erton, $5.00; John
son, J. E $60.13; Schcltes, Wm.,
$47.81; Girt, D. L., $35.31.
Stehman, Dan, $34.36; Ilurnliam
B. S $10.00; Johnson, J. E., $18.75:
i Hurnham, Floyd, $2.50; Yanz,
; Samuel, $24.36; Melde, August,
$27.17; Zimmerman, Ferdlnund,
j $14.37; Stehman, A. E., $28.50;
Rucker, II. I)., $21.86; Banzer,
Claude, $24.37; Ferran, N., $.93;
'Stehman. Roy, $12.81; McCarthy,
.Harry, $6.55; Dwyer, Wm., $15.00;
! Hooker, Jake, $3.00; Combs, J. 1!..
$22.00; Holmes, Lester, $17.50;
Thurston, J. W... $20.00; Keller, 8.,
$60.00; Kllby. II. P., $35.75; Mllde,
August, $5.00; Boysen, Paul, $26.25;
Lovelace, W. I)., $32.50; Hays, K.,
$5.00; Roberts. Wm., $30.25; Lake,
$5.01; Nut brown & Sons, $10.70;
Hoenlngor. Fred, $1.35; FUihrer,
Louis, $7.90; lluddee, R., $19.25;
Hanklns, 11. W. H., $17.56; Oregon
Lumber Co., $6.08; Lowes Livery
Barn, $24.00.
Coleman, A., $6.25.
Iloberg, C. M.. $15.00; Py.in. D.
T., $15.00; Berli, R. L., $30.00;
Mills. A. R., $30.00; Peterson. Anton,
$20.00; Calmberg, N. A., $20.00;
Hoberg, E. K.. $23.75; Cox, Hurry.
$13.00; GIsselberK. A., $12.50; Berg,
Russell, $9.00; Berg, A. M., $18.00;
Peterson, Anton, $5.00; Iloberg, C.
M.. $5.00; Ryan. D. T $5.00: Berg,
R L., $10.00; Mills, A. R.. $10.00;
Peterson. Anton. $10.00; Calmberg,
N. A., $10.00; Cox. Harry, $6.50;
llerg A M., $6.00; Anderson, Carl.
$2.60; Hoberg, E. E.. $10.00; Peter
son. Anton. $5.00; Berg, A. M.,
$6.94; Beermail, Geo., $93.75.
Baker. Wm., $11.50; Chiliitlensen,
V.. $5.00; Adams. J. T., $7.50;
Smith. Cluis., $10.00; Smith. Kdwln,
$2.50; llergerson. Cass, $2.50; Bev
geruon, Victor, $2.50; North, E. B..
$2.50; Christensen, Roht., $5.00;
Blaker, A. G., $2.50; Christensen,
11, $1.37; Christensen. M.. $2.50;
Pringle, Win.. $27.50; Pringle, John
R., $5.00; Allen, W. W., $21.25; .Mj
Graw, F. C., $1.00; Sessenuiii, E. C.,
$14.37; Counts, A. B., $15.00;
Malmsten. E E.. $15 00: Ens', -om.
C I'., $15.00: Ray, Sam, $18.75:
Parker, A. L.. $47.50; Malmsten
F. E., $12.50; Edens, John, $12.50;
Parker, Geo., $4.37; Sesseinan, R.,
Kelley, E., $127.50; Seralln. P.,
$107.50; Roberts, J. S.. $57.50;
: Uranium. XV., $7.50; Newman, K. M..
$55.00; Joseplison, (!., $30.00; Ben
son, A., $30.00; Grewell, T. F...
$10.00; Hav, E. C. $10 00; Duncar,
Dennis, $10.00; Iledliind, P.. $15.00;
Anderson, E., $5.00; Duncan. II.,
$7.50: Stanley, J.. $7.50; Larson, K.
P., $t5.00; Lund. P., $15.00; Kall
lierg. John. $15.00; llei.i'iireltter,
H.. $15.00; Rennet, H. T.. $23.75;
Bever, Joe, $1.25; Chitteni, J. I,.,
$88.50; Rhymer, J, $15.00; liar
ford. Pay. $79.50; Felton, Pete.
$51 85; Popejoy, A., $66 25; Smith.
J., $30.65; McCallisler. J. XV..
$60.05; McCalllster, H. J., $66.65;
Buccinl, It.. $60.65; Fowler, D. It .
$61.90; Lankrkron, N $28.15;
Kowelskl. T. N.. $28.15; Shaw. J .
$88.00; Stevens, Joe. $77.25; Nich
ols, T. N., $77.25; Anderson. 11. J.,
$106.00; Kversaul. E., $26.25; Kel
lev, Geo., $50.65; Johnston, R. It.
$11.25; Newman, E. M.. $20 00;
Morris, E., $57.50; I'rh", J . $82.50:
Robey, C... $57.50; Woodard. J.,
$130 00; Lampa, S.. $S7.50; Sohies
ki, Joe, $57.50; Bruester. J , $15.00;
Pringle, John, $75.00; Allen. L. K.
$78.00; Faxon, W. II., $57.75; Ken
nedy, W., $48.75; Akin. J. W.,
$66.50; Veazle, P. II., $103.00; Prlu
Kle, Geo.. $62 50; Drew, Win..,
$58.38; Beaver, J. A., $65.00; Craig,
S. S., $110.00; Cram, E.. $40.l)U;
Hooper, H. N.. $89.25; Makinster.
F. W $78.00; Ramhalski. Alex,
$60.00; Dodson. Jack, $16.25; Dod
Ron. Elmer, $60 00: Keelan, Joe,
$62.50; Davis. E.. $20.00; Dodson,
1 Dan, $60.00; Lawrence, Geo..
$22.50; Dodson, '.. B., $55.00; Liihtl,
Gust, $37.50; Welter, Frank, Jr.,
$30.00; Miller, Roy, $117.50; Wlck
ersham, James, $72.50; Voss, Aug-
; list. $125.00; Burns. John, $111.25;
Makinster, G. W., $ 1 8 75; Welter.
i Henry, $27.50; Blake. K. II., $27.50;
Jennings. M. A., $39.00; Woodhous,
i Fred. $45.00; Htockdale, Geo.,
$35.00; Comba, L. 11., $75.00; Beck
ner, Loul, $21.25; Brasncr, W. M..
$47.50; Holbeck, O., $22.50; Mal
colm, S. L., $50.00; Makinster. Bert,
$10.00; Archibald, J. P.. $50.00
Holhrook, J. S.. $45.00; Smith. D.
C, $78.75; Smith, Henry, $13.75;
Spaeth. Fred, $30.00; Truman, J.
E., $22.50; Malcolm, O. J., $15.00;
Smith, J. ('., $40.00; Bollman, C.
A.. $9.00; Ranes, J. W., $27.50;
Smltli, G. W.. $50.00; Link. O. J.,
$20.00;. Lindsay, Elmer, $25.00;
Fowler, George, $18.75; Nt;er, Loyd,
$25.00; Jordan, G. W., $32.50; Tan
dy, W. P., $12.50; Grubb, Jas. A.,
$17. 8T; Toll, William, $2.50; Wright,
J. W., $5.00; Wright, J. W., $3.00;
Wright, Geo., $2.50; Hearing, J. L.,
$30.00; Carlisle, R., $22.50; Pratt.
Bert, $68.25; Fclkel, Jack, $78.00;
Washburn, C. P., $65.00; Orwlg,
E. L., $58.75; Howatson, W. G
$63.75; Cotl, John, Sr., $57.50; Cotl,
John, Jr., $56.25; Hall. S. M..
$25.00; Hayne, Ben, $64.38; Frank-!
lln, Val, $55.31; Eagleston, James,!
$19.06; Johnson, J. J., $21.25; John-..
son, J. J.. $50.00; Holding, Reed,
$120.00; Williams, R. II., $90.62;
Van Orden, W. J., $126.87; Cravens,
Jess, $101.87; L'sher, John, $25.00;
Usher. John, $25.00; Van Warren,
$67.50; Tuomanon, S., $62.50; De
vine, J. C, $45.00; Holmes, C. W.,
$7.60; Orwlg, Lowell, $20.00; Buck,
W. O., $36.75; Roddick, Loran,
$15.00; Dye, George, $19.25; Rob
erts, Wm., $36.00; Erlckson, Chas.,
$52.50; Erlckson, Emll, $25.00;
Lake, Jacob, $25.00; Nlemlnen,
Oscar, $31.25; Forsbcrg, Gus,
$32.60; Anderson, Alf, $20.00; Tol
va, Jacob, $6.25; Hoeninger, Fred,
$1.35; Spencer, R. L., $52.60; Dent,
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It is not too early to begin seh'rt
lug the breeders for next season from
among the young stuff. While you
are about It. It l jost us well to begin
studying the older birds that will go
Into the breeding pens. It Is In the
mating of tho birds that the breeder
shows his real knowledge of the lus
nes!'. Ho must, tlrst of all. have H
fixed Ideal 111 mind. There "Hint be
nothing haity about this ideal. H
must stand out. as clear cut us u(
iio;u-rly-tiini'd photograph. He inust
Know his breed and tho points where:
It Is weak and which, therefore, must ;
In Ireuglhened. I
Wo have llltlo patience with the
the.uy that mm should avoid the
heavy layers for the breeding pen,
in the ground that their eKK i"'''
liable to be productive of weak!
chicks. Our own experience is the
rowiv.e. Good layers are Invariably ;
strong and vigorous, If they ure not:
forced too heavy for egg production,
mil when they coiuo anywhere near
tli- desired typo they will be selected
for our breeding pens. Our experi
ence has been that It Is easy to cor
leit the shape of u bird throu,;h
I, reeding, but It Is Impossible to tit -oiease
tho laying capacity, except by
breeding good layers. Wu would
miner Introduce blood from a hen of
unusual capacity tor luylug ami run
the chance on breeding out her un
devlr.'.hle shape. In picking the
heavy layer, wo would lint make Ur'
mistake that our ancestors did wllli
the dairy cows. The cow that wouM
s-ive a lot of milk at freshening time
was most eagerly nought ami a gre.it
many consistent straight through tlio
enr milkers were unappreciated,
when Ihlr yiirly production would he
twLu that of tho heavy milker ul
freshening. It is the pullet that Im
gins laying ill October or November
anil keepB at it st raight'throiigh the
winter that Is most apt to develop
Into (lie tong-dlstuni'o laying lieu. -Exchange.
on November 9. 1916. a very gen
eroua gentleiniin' was passing tho St.
Ileleni schoolhoilse when ho stopped
hla wagon mid began kWIuk tipples
to ull of the children who were pres
ent. After he had given apples to
all who oared for I hem he drove on.
Thanks lo you. Mr. Larson.
To tho many klmi f.i
,,. . . ""11(11
" unit aided
t.l'H HAM1 ADS lUtlNO ItFHl l.TS
ii i- .
' of bereavement, wo wh
our heartfelt ,,,,,. j'
beautiful itowi.ru which eov,)rwi
little olio's grave l" 0u
,,. .. "I'M
me friend. ,
so kindly ren l,r, Ua w"
MR AND MRS. W. A. 8t)).;,
I:;, $05.00; Phillips, Gertrude, work : Jacob, $20.63; Lake, Henry, $13.13;
. f r sheriff, $53.12; Ilurlburt, T. M., : Olson, Ole, $12.50; Jacobsen, Mat,
work for sheriff, $1.25; Bennett, II. $ 1 1.88; Durerikamp, O., $7.60; Rob
T., work for sheriff, $3.00; Wlk-!erts, W. S., $5.00; Carlton, J. E.,
Strom, ('. E., work for sheriff, $1.50; ! $22.50; Campbell, II. C, $27.20;
Knowles, I. E., work for sheriff, Tompklnp, L. A., $1.00; M. Ellis &
$5.00; Stanwood, C. E., expense,
$42.70; llrown, Chns., postuge,
$25.00; Brown, Chas., Telg & Expr.,
$1.25; Kilham Sta & Prt Co., sup-1
plica for sheriff, $9.66; Puzey &
Co., $3.15; Purcher, F. E., $37.00;
Columbia River Meat Co., $3.60;
LlRgett, A. A., $17.25; Phillips, If
11., $12.00; Trow, Fred, $11.60; Pur
cher, C. R., $.91; S. P. & S. Ry. Co.,
Mortgage Loans
On Improved
at the lowest rates and
on long time. Repay
able in such installments
as the borrower may
wish. Liberal prepay
ment terms arranged. No
commissions charged.
Loans closed promptly.
Mortgages purchased.
701 Corbet t Itldg.
Portland, Oregon
The degree of civilization cul br
reckoned by tho degree of humuult)
towards animals. Pierre de Coule
VII in.
Dr. Stone's
heaves. Price
Heave Drops cures
$1; for s;-.lo by all
St. Relent, Ore.
Oliient Work a Specially
Phone Connection
Be Fair to Your
Save her the Wash Day
Drud-try. Let us call for
your laundry.
Our work will satisfy you
St. Helens Steam
Geo. Watkins, Prop.
Painters and
All our work Kuarnuteed and k
none but Hie best of materials
For Hood, honest work, come
to us.
St. Helens, Oregon
Children Cry for Fletcher's
- - - i. x.iw-viT0;
Tho Kind You Ilavo Alwny JJon(;fit, nnd whU li has Imwh
in iino lor over .') j muh, Iiuh bortio t!io tl"mitur nf
'' ' miulo under Id. LJ:
awW';, mmnl uiiimtvInIoii flneo it lnfuJwT
WCtTS Allow no oho to tU-Wlvo j" t
All C'otiiiterlcllH, Imitation mid .IiiMt-as.;MHt,oroi.J
l:p rlnients Hint trlllo ltli nud li(luiigep tho health of
luluiits anil t'hlldreu-lixperleneo tigulnst JLxiK;rliuent,
Cnstorln Is n InirmloM unhstlttito for Cimtor Oil, pBMl
porl, ltropn nud Nootlilnir Hyrnps. It u pleasant. It
t'ontuliiM neither Opium, Morphine nor other NarcotM
Kuhstiiuec. lis uko In Hh Kiiaruutoo. It destroyn Worrni
nnd allays 1-YvorlNhiioHS. I 'or more than thirty yean It
lias Imm'ii In constant uso for tho relief of Constipation
l liitnlenr) , Wind Cnllo, ull Toellilmf Trouble Mi
IHarrlmu. It regulate tho Ktouiatlt nnd ltwli.
ussliiillateH tho i'ood, Rlvlnir liealthy and natural klcen!
Tho Children's lunuctu-Tho Mother' Trlcud.
Dears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years
Tho Kind You Have Always BouQht
u: iiwi: iwTi.i.i:i .x i r-ro-
l.lt; PLANT. II'' oV IIAVI'.
I I UK TUlll I.I.I S Illtl VO Till M TO
I S. PI NITl IILK, Itl.OWOt is,
IIIK'K Cl'TH A Nit ,i;i;il AL TIIlK
p.i i'AiiiH. .mam: thi m
i im; m.w.
a; !-:vrs roit tiik i:li:ukati:i
t.UOIltllAK Tlltl H
piiiini: 71 ht. ih:i.i:ns, our..
Confidence in Your
Ymir il.H-Kn-'s iircscriptiuii will Ijc tartf nil v ami
rali'ly coiiip. .iimlcd whvw linmulit t' ""' sl"r:' jLt
spffialty is tin- liost of Drills cinniiiinli'l just j
pliysiciaii wants il.
Bank Building;
St. Helens, 0rcg
Wc carry a full line of Toilet Articles. Perfumes.
Druggist 's Sundries and Candies
E. A. Grouse
I Architect and Contractor
I'luim and IlHtiniateN I'nrnlHlied
Now In a K' time to l.uilil.
vi;ht ht. iiklknh, okmion toVoi'
will di:i.ivi;h hukad hot i ikim tiik ovh
ANt fr pm ., itroad at the leadlnn K"M i'.rMiiii.nn
A. T. Kllditn, Perry & (iruliiini, A. H. llitrrlMon, """"" Jlrf
Co., Italian ImpoMinu Co., Omar KrlekNon, Warren
i iiHiry, rem i ul ( (infevtl ry, XV. II. worn-

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