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Concert of S, H. S. Glee Club at City Hall Tonight. Be Sure to Attend
Klnd Ofriiein Approach They Hwiui
Nrliulrm Itlvrr ami hM'aMi.
h. Ouliior and Jim Jones, accused
,f imuDlux boa vera, made a hurried
Umwuy from tlmlr cabin near MUt
Wwlnesday noon, the 7th lust. Boe-
,,r unnuty Game Wardun Drown and
iwputy Kd (lurk approaching, the
men Blunged Ihto the awollun Hi ream
Lot) inado their escape. Thoy left a
IrMl nlro warm dinner on tlio tove,
khlrh (lie deputies confiscated for
lielr own use. Tim gamo official
d a (In that the men wore trapping
Lr beaver and went to make the
i.rrvMt, hut the culprlta muit have
had an Inkling that the officer were
n their trull, for, a atatml, they lost
o time In leaving the cabin. The
i:mo warden are still on the look-
ut fur the num.
Mmnii and NeU Capturtt and Con-
Karly Wednonduy mcrulng John
jircn, deputy fish wardun for the
Ltatn of Oregon, In company with a
xputy from Washington, made quite
k haul when they came acroaa a cache
r. aoma flHlivriuon near the mouth
If Lol rlvur which contained more
iuii 300 pound of anlmon. They
llio discovered aome neta, which, to
ttlier with the fish, were con f ta
inted. Tli not were sent to the
'urtlund headquarter of the gams
omtnlsnlcn nnd the flah dlapoand of
a lural denier. Tho parties own
ing the Hula aud auliuun did not show
p to clitlin tholr property, fearing
nett'l I .eft Honolulu on March 11
for ThU Port.
On thn hint leg of her voyage trim
lydney, Australia, tho motor vessel
Ityof I'ortluud Hailed from Honolulu
fared M, aud with favorable wea
ker condition I expected to arrive
li the Columbia river the latter part
I tho month. It took about ten day
line for tho vimaol to discharge her
largo of coal at the llawallun city
ad alio conies to tho river in ballnat.
aptaln JoliiiHon, bofore leaving
limoliilii, cabled tho McCormlck of
'o In Han Francisco they could ex
"ct bin nrrlvnl at Rt. Helen in four
'n clays from lila nailing time,
fliloh, If the captain' gueaa Is cor-
ct, would do March 29. The City
r Portland I chartered to carry an
Mln r cargo of lumber to either 8yd-
i or I'ort l'lrlo, Australia.
Heported by Columbia County Ab-
i'ract Company,
Murch 7 Adull Johnson' to Geo.
r'rakea; land in Boca. 13 and 24,
' N. 11. 2 W., $0800. '
Adell Johnson to Albert E. John-
p et ux; land In Boca. 13 and 24,
N. It. 2 VV., 6375.
March 8 J. A. Rennlson et ux.
! A. li. Wright; lota 4 and 5, block
"innchard'a 2nd add to Ilalnler,
Kloonora K. Hill et ux. to L. L.
ovlngg et al: Innil In Ran 13 T A
K 6 W.. 100.
James M. Hill et ux. to L. L. Lev-
ng et al f land in Soo. 13, T, 6 N.
5 W., $100.
Kloonora K. Hill to L. L. Levins
'I Ol.i Illlld ill Sinn 1 9 T II M 11 K
F- $10.
A' J- Clark to L. L. Lenin, nt nl
"d In Boo. 13. T. IN.H.5 W., $1.
Alfred O. I'eiirunn nl nr In An.
r'few M. Parkori Innil In Ann T
f N- K. 4 W $10.
K. Nnwanm l T IJ B
!. Wl MA IU f. U. w.
I'uurno; land u Soo. 23, T. 7 N. R.
V $150.
Geo, A. Slinim n, ... i u
L , j ut u a . ,u mi.,, IV, IV.
raatto; land in R,, i k t 9 v n
P W. .
March 1 1 i r,,,. ...
I. t.vninbw u .
; Arclidlocoae of Orogon City; lot
" u"ck 123, st. Holena, Ore., II.
'''lie Slltrlolln mnslln. In II. flllv
ltt" Wedneiday waa tho mnnn- of
runvnrtlng mnnv nt iini.n. nmnia
ttn , , -
I - '"o princlpioa of proparedneaa.
rmtldmit (illinHn Hay Miiller Will
Itu l.iveii 1'oiiMlilrriitioii,
While not making any definite
promU rrealdent Ullman of the 8.
P. & B. K. II. Co., when Interviewed
by a MUt ropreHoutatlvo, promised
thut hi company would give aerlou
ccnHidorntlon of tho necoaHtty of a
now depot at fit. Helen. Mr. Oil
man Hinted that on account of the
car vhnrtngii the IncrouNed coat In all
nupplle which a railroad ha to have,
and a scarcity of material and men
hi company, n well a all other rail
road vyatem had been handicapped
He also atuted thut he appreciated
tho uttltude of tho people all along
the line of the vyntem of which he Is
tho head In giving thorn a chance to
work out no in o of the probleiiiH with
which they aro confronted.
It wa auggeated to Mr. Oilman
thut If a new depot wa to be built
it be coiiHtructoil of St. 1 1 id en rock,
thn advertialng one of the city'
valuahlo aixcta, and It wa a I no lug
guated that the cltixen of St.. Helen
In all probability would give aomr
financial aid towarda the erection of
uch a station. Mr. Oilman auggest
ed that tho matter be taken up bofore
tho commercial club and a definite
Rtalemont be made to hi in and he
would then lay the matter before hi
chief engineer and uporlntendunt.
He acknowledged that St. Helena wa
entitled to a butter depot and appar
ently looked with fuvor upon the
iiiggciitlon that a now and modern
depot bo built.
Simon DeiiHon ha boon aolected a
chairman of the atate highway com
mlaHlon. He la a former resident of
Columbia county and well known in
the county. LaM Saturday Mr. Ben
aon atated to a Miat reporter that hi
being a atate orrtcial prevenieu mm
from giving any information a to
ul.nl lha hlirhwnv board would do
for Columbia county but that the
county would undoubtedly receive Its
full Hhure of the state roaa lunun.
Klxly Couple Attend the Moat Kn-
joyalilo Affair.
Tho d'ince given Saturday night by
the Himalaya Club waa a moat en
lovablo affulr. a the 60 couple who
attended will teBtlfy. The hall wa
taatefully decorated with the color
of tho club, and Uowker'a orchestra
of Portland furnished the music. The
mombera of te chlub are Miss Holon
Duns. M1b lies Hnttan, Miss Made-
Una Allen, Miss Clr.ra Ketol, MIbb
Helen Larson, Miss Viola Lymburnor,
Mrs. C. E. Laws, Miss Gertrude Phil
ips, Miss Mario Paulson, Miss Alice
Quick, Miss Jessio Stokos, Miss Mer
na Yoomano, and the patronesses
were Mrs. W. A. Harris, Mtb. L. R.
Ruthorford, Mrs. J. W. Allen, Mr.
Win. Philips and Mr. J. T, Taber.
Tho club mombora and patronesses
wore a corsage bouquet or woot
poas. The club la to be congratu
lated on tho success of the dance.
United State torpedo boat Gold nbo
nn leei iodr, hi loot 7 Inch beam, and draws 10
feet Of wator when carrvnr a full nai mnni. di,. u..n. , ona
. i. , : " w"
at rortlana. She has four C-nnundnr
torpedo tube. Her speed Is 27 knots and her horeenower la KRfin
The government paid $211,600 for
Branch of Naval Militia ii Advo-1
rated for Kt. Helena.
Several hundred St. Helens peo
plo gathered at the city hall Wednes
day night to Join in a patriotic meet
ing and hear talk by naval officers.
Captain Blair, of the Oregon Naval
Militia, and hla officers, Captala
Scran ton of the torpedo boat Golds
borough and his officers, and aome
twenty-five members of the Lawyer's
Auxiliary to the naval reserve came
down from Portland to participate In
the meeting. Ralph Dunlway waa
chaliman of the meeting, and after
a few appropriate remark as to the
crisis which the nation now .'face,
Introduced Captain Blair, who
was the principal speaker of
the evening. The captain has re
cently returned from a conference of
naval officers and officials held in
Washington, and he gave Intereating
details as to the condition of the
levy and it needs. Captain Scran-
on told of his experience In the navy
nd tho advantages this branch of
Jie government service offers to the
young niun. Both of the speakers
dvocated the establishment , of a
brunch' of the naval roserve at St.
Helens and intimated that if this
was done the government would give
he St. Helens branch a training ves
sel for the use of tho reserves.
J. W. Allen was tho Inst speaker
in the program and be gave a stir
ring address as to the relation of
he public school Instruction along
military lines. His address was at
tentively listened to and heartily ap
plauded. Selections by LeBaro'a orchestra
Hd the St. Helens High School Glee
la added much to the entertain
ment and pleasure of the meeting.
After the meeting adjourned mem
bers of the commercial club and the
visitor went to Guild hall, where a
n I co lunch awaited thorn. At tho
luncheon many St. Helens people
spoke on the subject of a naval re
;orve and the necessity of establishi
ng that reserve In St. Helena. The
visitors left at-11 o'clock, much Im
pressed with the enthusiasm mani
fested by the citizen of St. Helena
ind the cordial reception given them.
Will Work Towards KstbllHliment
of Flour Mill.
The St. Helens Commercial Club
met in the library room Thursday
night. After routine matters were
dlsposod of the matter of aiding In
the establishment of a flour mill was
discussed. D. M. Buck was In St.
Helens Thursday morning and gave
assurances that he wished to estab
lish such a plant provided a suitable
location could bo obtuined. The
prostdont of tho club appointed a
committee to see what could be done
In the matter.
The club was favorablo to the es
tabliBhment of a branch of the naval
reserve In St. Helens and a committee
waa appointed to investigate the
Other business of minor Import
ance was disposed of and the club
adjourned to meet next Thursday
rough which waa at St. Helens Sun-
" t' 1 oiitj was uuiii, ill i o a a
mnin ri i
the construction of the vessel.
Tornla Hunt 'KHaiI Ht ll..l,..,u u.
day WlUi Oregon Naval itenerve.
For the first time in its history
St. Helens had a real war vessel come
to the city docks and tie up. It was
the torpedo boat Ooldsborough, and
on board were borne sixty members
of the Oregon Navul Militia In addi
tion to the regular navy crew which
mans it. The Goldsborough arrived
at 1 o'clock and tied up at the mill
dock. Captain Blair, who was In
command, gave tho sailor boys an
hour's shore leave and invited resi
dent of the city to vitlt and inspect
the veaael, and more than three hun
dred took advantago of the oppor
tunity. The officers of the boat were
greeted by the city officials and mem
bers of the commercial club. The
United States navy crew was com
manded by Capt. E. E. Scranton and
consisted of twenty men. On ffie
down trip J. Malono, chief master
at arms U. S. N., gave a lecture to
the men on life bout drills and hand
ling, and on the return trip W. A.
Morgan, chief gunner's mate, in
structed the men in the use of the
torpedo tubea and explained the for
mation and operation of a torpedo.
Pilot C. J. Anderson of the Col
umbia River Pilot's Association, vol
unteered his services for the cruise,
which waa much appreciated by the
officers and men of tho reserve Ac
cording to Captain Blair, it is plan
ned to have these river cruises fre
quently and In all probability the
Goldsborough will again be at St.
Helens In the near future. At that
time the officers plan on having the
members of the resorve come ashore
for a drill and the little war vessel
will remain here several hours.
As a means of co-operating with
tho county agricultural agent in
tackling some of their local problems
the (urmers of tho Qutucy district
have organised the "Farmers' Im
provement Club." The club held lta
first regular meeting Tuesday after
noon with about 60 farmers and as
many school children present.
County Agent Howard talked to
the people on the need of a com
munity program and the value of co
operative effort. . He then urged the
club to use his office, and outlined its
purpose and how It should be used.
Following hla talk Mr. Howard
carried on a discussion with the
farmers on the subjects of cow-testing
associations, pure bred sires,
drainage, ground lime stone, and
various farm crops.
Several farmers placed order for
lime to be used as trial demonstra
tions, and a carload will be ordered
at once.
Later on cow-testing association
will be formed and a cleanup of the
boardor cows will follow.
The spirit shown by the farmers
at Qutncy was very pleasing and the
county agent Is looklug forward to
good results there.
Tho big railroad strike that is
threatened in tho east will tend to
paralyze trade in this section. The
president and Secretary of Labor
Wllsou are doing ovorythlng In their
power to avert the strike.
Nomination) for City Officials in Or
derNot Much Interest Taken.
A maBs meeting of the voters of
St. Helens Is scheduled to bo held
In tho city ball Tuesday night, the
20th Inst. It is for the purpose of
nominating two candidates for coun
cilmen and a water commissioner.
The retiring councilmen are E. 1.
Ballagh and J. W. Allen, and friends
of these two city officials are bring
ing pressure to bear upon them ask
ing that they run again. John Prln
gle is the retiring water commission
er, and it is not known whether lie
will accept a nomination for another
term, so J. L. Williams of West St
Helens is being spoken of as a can
didate to succeed Pringle. Neither
tho position of councilman or water
commissioner carries with it any re
muneration, and are, at the best,
thankless jobs, so not many candi
dates are entering tho field. Neither
Allen or Ballagh have positively de
clined a renomlnation, but both ex
press a wish to let someone else try
the job, but it is believed that If their
friends insist on their serving they
will accept the nomination. The call
for tho mass meeting, as ordered by
the council, is published elsewhere in
thli IsBue.
The girls' basketball game between
Scappoose and St. Helens was en
Joyed by quite a number of our root
ers on Friday night. The large red
bus and two other cars were hired
by the student body to make the trip.
Although the score was 10 to 12 in
favor of Scappoose, our glrU played
a very good game, and the uncertain
ty of the outcome served only to
heighten the excitement of the on
lookers. Our girls were much handi
capped by not being used to the ball,
:o they were not able o overwhelm
Scappoose with defeat as they did at
the gmuo played here. Next Satur
day night the two teams will play off
tho tio, and enthusiasts predict a
very exciting game. Everyone should
oome to see what a fine team we
have,, and to help us yell.
Acting upon the suggestion of Prof.
Schlsler, the student body voted to
have an athletic council which was
to bo uppointed by the presideut. The
members of the council are Edrie La
Bare, Myrtle Larson, Prof. Shlsler,
C'aly Stanwood (chairman) and Dew
ny Smith. This plan was formulated
for the purpose of saving time and
unnecessary discussion In dealing
with athletic matters.
Lucile Lymburner dislocated her
arm at the elbow last week while
playing drop the handkerchief. II
gentle game' like that could cause
uch devastation, what will happen
at the basketball gamo on Saturday
Tickets are now being sold for the
glee club tfoncert. There Is an un
limited seating capacity and every
one should attend.
The sophomores were very much
shocked on Monday when Miss Dun
called them ltttlo boys and girls. She
attacked their selection of books and
referred them to aome simpler tales
in which the element of love is not
co prominent. Wo think the Kewples
might be beneficial to our wise sophs.
A debate will take place on March
SO with Rainier. Our negative team,
Edrie LaBare and Fannie Cooper, will
journey to Rainier, while Ralnier'e
negative team will debate here with
our affirmative, Lawrence Davies and
John Southard.
. Tho Pacific University Quartet will
give a concert at the city hall Mon
day night, under the auspices of the
high school. The quartet Is well and
favorably known here, and a large
crowd Is expected.
The Guild of the Episcopal church
met Tuesday afternoon to elect
president to succeed Mrs. M. E. Mil
ler, who for some time has been act
ing in that capacity and resigns be
cause of her leaving St. Helens. Mrs
Jucob George was elected to fill the
vacancy created by Mrs. Miller's
resignation. After the business ses
sion was finished refreshments were
fcorved and resolutions of regret were
unanimously adopted by the Guild
on account of losing Mm. Miller as
a member. .
When Willamette la Disabled W ire
lews Culls lirinft Klamath.
The steamer Klamath of the Mc
Cormlck fleet arrived in Thursday
night and Immediately began taking
on a lumber cargo for delivery at
southern California ports, and will
sail Saturday night. By reason of
the Klamath being called to assist
the disabled steamer Willamette, she
was several days behind her schedule
time. The Willametto either lost her
wheel or broke the tall shaft, off
Point Hueneme, Cal., last Thursday
night, and tho Klamath, then 100
miles from San Francisco, was or
dered to the assistance of the dls-
bled steamer. After fifteen hours
fast steaming the Klamath reached
the Willamette and placed a tow line
aboard. The Willamette was in no
immediate danger, as she waa six
miles off shore and had both an
chors out, though they were dragging
tho face of the brisk northwest
wind which swept the lower Pacific
coast. The Klamath towed the Wil
lamette to San Francisco, where the
latter vessel will go on dry dock to
ascertain just what happened.
New Lines and Cables Are to Be
Tho local manager of the Pacific
Telephone & Telegraph Company has
received information to tho effect
that tho budget of estimated expense
for the Improvement o the pbona
system within the city has been ap
proved nnd has been authorized to
proceed with the work. Many poles
ire to be removed to the proper dis
tance from the sidewalks, in accord
ance with the city ordinance; cables
will take the place of the single lines
so that more telephone connections
can be had and better service ob
tained. The cost of the improvement
Is estimated at $3,000, and will be
completed on or beforo July 15.
Tho Woman's Club met In the li
brary room Wednesday afternoon,
Mrs. L. L. Baker presiding. Mrs.
Brown called the roll and ten mem
bers responded with quotations from
Carlyle. Only one paper was read,
that being on the latter part of Car-
lyle's life. It was decided that from
now on the program should precede
the business of the club. Arrange
ments were completsd for tho Silver
Tea which will be given Saturday,
March 17, in tho basement of th3
.Methodist church. The subject for
next year's study was selected, viz.,
i study of South American countries.
The club adjourned to meet in regu
lar session March 28.
Congregational Church
10:00 a. m., Church school.
11:00 o'clock, Morning service.
Theme: "Questions Asked by Jesus."
6:30 p. m., Christian Endeavor.
Topic, "The Curse of Cowardice."
Jn. 18:15-27.
7:30, Evening worship. Theme,
"You Shall Know the Truth and the
Truth Shall Mako You Free."
"Know tho World."
The Pacific University Quartet will
furnish special music Sunday eve
ning. After the church service they
will give a program to which all are
cordially invited.
Union services will be conducted
April 3-6 in preparation for Easter.
Let us make Easter mean New Life
In St. Helens.
Methodist Episcopal Church
"The Friendly Church"
Albert S. Hisey, Pastor.
March is Go-to-Church month. Did
you attend last Sunday? If not,
why not?
Sunday school, 10 a. m. Lesson,
John 8:12-69.
Morning worship, H a. m. Ser
mon subject, "The Heart of the Di
vine Law."
Epworth League, 6:30 p. m. Topic,
"Regalvanlzlng tho Indifferent Mem
bers." Evening service, 7:30. Subject of
sermon, "The Withered Hand."
"Conio with us." The blessing will
bo mutual,

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