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The following report of the Gra
ham Columbia Slough Cow Testing
Association shows thut there are
some very persistent milkers In the
Association, fis these sumo cows have
already made the honor roll several
months before. There being only 28
days in February cuts down the num
ber noticably. One of the issues thut
the Grosham Columbia Slough Asso
ciation stands for is better feeding,
and five men here mentioned are
good feeders. The Question Is asked
does it pay to feed grain at the pres
ent prices, and the answer is found
by comparing the record books of
grain feeders nnd non-grain feeders.
It does pay, as this report shows us
there is only one cow thut lias fresh
ened since January, while several
freshened last fall.
In the ten months that the asso
ciation has been operating, 32 cows
havo been sold to the butcher because
for six consecutive months and bids
well to stuy at least two more mouths.
She Is a cow of unusual capacity and
carries a large, square udder.
C. II. Johanson has a herd of 14
cows, uud In January hud eight in
the honor roll, nnd six in February.
When asked the secret of bis ?ucce;
he sulci: "I bought good cows and
then gavo them good care and a bal
anced feed."
II. (3. MullenhoiT's ccw. Stanhope,
a 2-year-old heifer, has been on the
honor list for three consecutive
mouths and is still staying with her
pace. His grade Hclstoln, Josie,
mado $:t0.10 above the cost of hi"
feed in January. Her gross returns
for 2148 pounds of milk at J 2.10
were $45.10, and the cost of feed was
$15. That is nearly $1 a day above
and clear of her feed.
1'omeroy & Son, of the iMaplewood
Farm, at Scappoose, built a splendid
burn last fall and notice a marked
difference in the results of their herd
since they have bad the new quarters.
They buve some splendid young hei
fers coming to milk soon, and are
they were found to be "boarders.
Before the year is up there will be: looking forward to it with Interest,
several more go the same way. You , ns the foundation herd is one of the
wide or a gateway thirty feet wide. ARMY RESERVE
or both as may be found best by. OFFICERS WANTED
said Hoard of Head Viewers. hnv-
Ing regard to all surrounding clr- ,llsllieKM oiri.luN as Well an Trui I
cumstances and conditions of the soldier in llcnimid.
case, from the said farm of said
petitioners across the lauds of the ,l,.imrtiiieut
said heirs of Cuthbert Stump to the, The l ulled Sla.es war d. pnrtm.i t
nearest point practicable at some wants trained nic-i for reserve on i
steamhoat landing, and to assess thO'cn) , t,e lv,.nt 0f war, and many
damages which the said heirs of o trnlu,d ,,, may be
trT i --n"" ,u,"r
reason of the location of such road ;tntus should they be called to urms.
or gateway to the petitioners i Kver-; Kvorv qualified man can have h
ding and Farrell and K. l. Snider; f , ,,y tllklllg eamlua-
and that said Hoard of County Hoad b a,U8 " '.,, wllll.. hu iH
Viewer report their doings therein tiou for the position nun lie Is
to this Court on or before the next , )t.,,t qualified lo fill. 'I his. exanilna
session thereof. 1 ti(ll Can be taken beforo Col. V. A
And It further appearing that said ; commandant of the O. A.
Cuthbert Stump died intestate Janu- V "' . . , .. .,
:rv 0, 1916. in Columbia County.C. Cadet regiment, and I.leut. It. I.
Oregon, seized of the real property ; Johnson, who have been uppolnted
through which said roadway or gate-1 t,xlnK officers by the war depart
way will run and on which the "'ir-1 ,,.,,, Men proficient in any of lhe
est and only accessible stonmboiit ' i11.,ii1i.. if not
landing is located, with relation to f "owing lines are eligible, if not,
said farm, that said Mamie A. Steel- over age limit, to take the exuintnu
nian and Pauline Saxton are the sole .f,o-
heirs at law of said deceased, audi . service either with the
,hat.. h:y.bo,h '!!i"!l:!.-.,ed States army or national
quaiuieu ami acting ituiniuisiimi u--a
mik vor Titoriu.i:i WIT"
If so. you should try a bolllo of
Ml'Cl'-TONK. the great caturrh rem
edy. It conlalni no opiates or nar
cotics nnd the use of It will not
therefore produce the drug bahlt. We
recommend that all )nu who surfer
with catarrh try a bottle of th'a won
deiful remedy. It comes In r0c and
$1 sixes. Hold and recommended by
Plana Pharmacy, St. Helens.
drod und Hevonteen, and nt "... 1
.i i.. i ... .i... Ul J
,4,.u. ui urn lulled o, ,
1 1 1st."
A Cruel iiw
ou have ymir .
"I reo
nllng," said the liniululil,,
H., . ,niiii, inn i it;-
"Yea, air," responded u,,
"Meet with nn accident
"No; hroka It while tryn, o
myself on the back."
"Ureal Hrott! What frt
"For minding my buliJ
fulled States army or
of the estate of said Cuthbert Stump. : guards; graduates of institutions
deceased, and that they both live In 4 witli prescribed military training
Columbia County. Oregon: ! such 'is the Oregon Agricultural Col
It is therefore further ordered that I , , ,
they the said Mamie A. Steelman and . " Kraduates are particular
Pauline Saxton, be each served wlthly detired; railway managers, suuer
a notice of the time end place of the' (ntendcnts of large supply and ware
meeting of said Hoard of County ! , H0 COIU.,.rI1Bi" animal buyers,
Viewers at least ten days prior there- ,
to. in their capacity as adm'nistra-1 wbolesale mere-handle managers, and
trices nnd Individually as owners of other highly trained specialists In
said lands, und that a ropy of this : similar lines; mechanical, mining nnd
order, certified to by the Clerk of I oU.c.trlt.al engineers; physicians, sur
tbls Court shall be sufficient notice . . ...
to be so served. ! I''0'"' l,-
On this day the Road Master pre-1 llequests for application blanks
ing more milk than she does, but Helens so that he could get the work 1 ,, , 1 ., ""","" "l''; ! -'
.,, , . . . " worh,fications for the following named ,., ore. -When these blanks have
I run us:
! II. W. Fowler Road In Road Dis
trict No. 5.
can not tell what a cow is doing by
merely guessing, nnd much less by
judging her by her looks. One ordi
nary blr.ck cow of no special brsedlng
belonging to Fred I'hlinan, of Scap
poose, milked 13,100 pounds of milk
in one year. She is not a perfect cow
best and the youngsters are well bred,
Many dairymen in Columbia coun
ty havo expressed the desire for u:i
association, and plans are now under
way to form one us soon as possible.
However, as Mr. Howard, our new
county agriculturist, is very busy, it
by .any means and he has several j would facilitate matters if those in
others that have indications of giv- terested would drop him a line at St
Ing more milk than she does, but j Helens so that I
when you come to keep nn accurate ! started quicker
record on them they are not her
J. Luscher's cow, Phoebe Heemun
Beryle Wayne, Is another remarkable
The following table gives thP rec
ords of cows In the association which
have produced more than 40 pounds
of butterfat during the 28 daya end-
one. She has been on the honor roll' ing March 1, 1917:
Name of Owner and Cow.
When Age Lbs.
Fresh. (Yrs.) Milk.
C. H. Johanson, Favenne, Jer Dec. 6 131.1
J. Lisher, Mickey, G. Hoi Feb. 4 1274
II. G. Mullenhof, Josle, G. Hoi.- Dec. 7 1792.
C. H. Johanson, Bessibelle, Jer Dec. 7 1240
C. H. Johanson, Bessie, Jer... Oct. 7 900
C. 11. Johanson, Carnation Giri, Jer. . July 4 filio
C. H. Johanson, June, G. Jer Jan. 5 93S
Ponieroy & Son, Foebje Dekol H., Hoi Jan. 7 1162
H. G. Mullenhoff, Stanhope, Hoi. . . . Nov. 2 1232
J. Luscher, Wapato Hyacinth, Hoi.. Jan. 3 1302
J. Luscher, Phoebe Neemun, Hoi... Sept. 11 1503
Fred ChlmiAi, Gensie, G. Jer Dec. 4 952
Fred Uhlman, Violet, G. Hoi Jan. 4 1154
Pomeroy & Son, Iwoua Springs, Hoi Jan. 3 1092
C. H. Johanson, Isabelle, Jer Aug. 11 80S
been tilled and returned, nppl'cants
will be notified of the time to appear
J. L. Wooden Road In Road Din- for examination. All who pass suc
trlct No. 7. ceasfullv will be entitled to eommls-'
Heaver Creek Road, above Brown , . ., , ,.,i.. .
& Seidelman mill, Road n,8tr(.t ; l l the regular army, effective
,'o. 9. for a five-year perlodlth rights of
Pet. Lbs.H't- Heaver Creek Road, below Hrown renewal. Then, should the call lo
of Fat. terfut. & Seidelman mill. Road District ,, Cuor he sounded, each reserve
V, Q
60.39 And the Court being advised in mcvr wil1- wlu'n a,k',, know vn'
56.56 I the matter, it is ordered thut said elsely what bis status and duties ure,
55.40 plans and specifications be accepted each in a position to serve his coun
52.0Sinnd approved and that a call for try ,st'ln the capacity to which he
" jj iiius lor mo improvement oi me said
47.28 i roads be published In two issues
46.90 each of the St. Helens Mist and the
4 5.;! 2 I Rainier Review, said bids to be
44.35 i opened In the County Court Room In
President Wilsons proclamation,
calling nn extra session of congress
for April 2, Is us follows:
"Whereas public Interests require
that the congress of the I'nlted Stilton
should be convened In extra session,
at 12 o'clock noon on the second day
of April. 1917. to receive a com
munication by the executive concern
lug grave matters of national policy,
which should be taken immediately
under consideration;
"Now, therefore, I, Woodrow Wil
son, president of thu I'nlted States
of America, do hereby proclaim ami
declare that an extraordinary occa
sion requires the congress of thu
I'nltid Slates to convene In extra ses
'slon at the capltol In the city of
Washington on the second day of
April, 1917, at 12 o'clock noon, of
' which all persons w ho shall at that
time be entlllol to act nn members
: thereof are hereby required to take
I "Given under my hand and the
real of the I'nlted States of America,
the 21st day of March, In the year of
our Lord, On-i Thousand Nine Hun-
Be Fair to Your
Save lirr tli U-...1. t
.... 1111!! Jy
Drutltiery. Let us call f0,
your laundry.
Our work will satisfy you
St. Helens Steam
Geo. Watkins, Prop.
is best suited.
the City of St. Helens, on April 4th,
1917. at 2 o'clock P. M.
Whereupon Court adjourned fo ,
March 24th, 1917.
Virile I'll luct Inn Full of 1 1 n until
Interest and Iteulistlc West
ern Atmosphere.
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$1.30, E. A. Itotger supplies to court
house $1.35, Coast Chemical Co. sup
plies to court house $16.05, M. H.
Aloord work for dist. utty. $30.00,
Hushong & Co. supplies to dist. at
torney $10.31, Rainier Review prtg.
court proceedings and notices $50.65,
St. Helens Mist prtg. del tax & co.
proc $507.05, Rainier Review prtg.
del tax & co. proc. $440.50, Judson
Weed Co. Com. $87.00, R. S. Hattau
Judge stamps $5.00, A. E. Harvey
Co. Com. $34.50, II. P. Vatkin3
drawing jury list $3.00, J. W. Mc
Donald drawing jury list $2.00, C.
H. Thompson drawing jury list
$2.00, E. I). Tichenor drawing jury
list $2.00, W. E. Convers drawing
jury list $2.00, Geo. B. Conyers
drawing jury list $3.00, H. P. Wat
kins J of P State vs. Lewis $5.60,
T. S. White cor. exam Bayer, $13.40,
St. Helens Mist supplies lo school
supt. $30.00, Madeline Allen work
for school supt. $65.00, J. W. Allen
expense as school supt. $15.80, J.
W. Allen supplies to school supt.
$5.40, J. W. Allen postage & ex
pense $6.80, II. J. Southard truant
olticer $11.50, L. G. Ross county
health officer $42.40, Margaret Hoff
man aid to poor $9.50, Watts &
Price supplies to Morgan $28.10,
Mrs. Cade work for poor $22.00,
Willis Deal care of co. charge $20.00,'
Mowers J. S. care of Weatherhce
$30.00, Good Samaritan Hospital
care of co. charges $152.00, E. A
Ross supplies to St. Jacques $8.0o
Good Samaritan Hospital care of co
charges $184.10. Morgan & Son sup
plies to Roy $5.50, II. R. Cliff M. I),
aid to poor $25.00, Fred Trow sup
plies to poor $15.00, Harrison & Co
A. S. supplies to poor $11.85, H. V
Hrown aid to Tando $20.00, A. J
Peel aid to poor $2.50, Rainier Phar
macy aid to Hall $6.45, M. Rosen
thal supplies to Brady $21.41, st
neiens uairy supplies to Pease $2 25
Clatskanle Drue (
There is never a dull moment In
---- - ; the punchy western production "Im-
por month be increased to $30.00 ; M, Ti'J n 'orf X, 0KCn ,lml 0I! mediate Lee." It Is a splendid bit of
per month and that a warrant in the : ,,on(ll,V. APr" 2nd. 1917, a general .. ... ......
amount of $30.00 per month be 1 nty elePtion ,,e ,,el(l ' llle City r,,ttliBm P'cke 0,lt of " P'uwuB
drawn in favor of J. F. Hicks on the ; ot St' "p,'"s' Columbia County, Ore- 'lays of the west when might ruled
first day of each and every month I for tlln (l,!CtiHn nf follow- with nn unscrupulous baud,
hereafter until the further order of ! 'ty Officers: ; ..immpiljulB . .. lho ,.. , F,.allk
the Court. 1 Two City Councllmen to serve two imiueuiuie i. e, tne nero ( r rank
On this duy Mr. J. W. Allen, Sec ! 'eura- Horzagel, gains his picturesque nume
of the Columbia County Fair Asso-i Ono Water Board Commissioner , from the fact that ho Is n sure shot,
elation, presents to the Court a fin- j ,0 fve five years. ; , nH fuar,.B1) Ilg hc llt Hllrp ,,
ancial statement of the Celuinliij AISO 'or 1,10 adoption or rejection , ... .
County Fair Association In words of 11,0 '""owing proposed Charter " Homi aln a PUlon of pec!ir
and Hgures as follows: Amendments submitted to the voters , reHl"'''1 Bt ,IB E-liur-K ranch where
Dc 19 laic ,)y t1le (,l"ioii Council. i he Is employed as foreman.
, ' l3ln- An act to amend section 95 of the' ,, , , ...
., , . . I:ecefPts- Charter of the City of St. Helens. In I,,'ull1' a Brl f "'8 le
Hal. rrom last year $ 16.69 Columbia County, Oregon, entitled! A" Mule), unusually attracted by
Cu"ty 1,000.00 . "An Act entitled An Act to lncor-the honest stranger, grows less nt-
su-e ticket :::::::::::: at otZ I l?T l"naT T "T"?
Concessions 99.70 gon." filed In the office of the Secro-'"1 11,0 T H"!. know-;
Auvertlslng g.50 tary of the Stale, February 25, 1889, le('K "Immedlato" lias already
- - as subsequently by the "Legislative! learned that he is a brand blotter,
9 IZt Zf. ?8'n""y an" a nmended by certain ! and In order to stave off the omits!,.
meat thut he knows Is sura if I,ee
Watch (or Posters and Announcement of our
Anniversary Sale
Some Big Bargains Offered
$1.25 Bib Overalls 92c
5 Bars Laundry Soap 15c
And many others just as good.
Tabor's Variety Store
Dry Goodr.
22o.OO charter Amendments made by the;
Total .
Checks out
voters of St. Helens, nt eleetlnna l.nl.l
.$2,646.49 August 2, 1909. April 4, 1910. April ! rc,"al"" at tlio ranch. Hurley suc-
i 7. 1913, nnd July 2, 1915, relative to caca In getting him fired.
.$2,620.47 j the SCALE OF PRICES FOR THE a it i i . .,. ,,
9.75 I USE OF WATER AND FIXING Ai AfIalr8 """""""te." Heu-
i MAXIMUM RATE FOR ONE FAI'- ,a" n'"' ,l,,rlcy shortly lifter reuch
$2,610.72 I ( ET AND FOR HATH AND TOILET ! a climax, when tlie girl of the dance
5,?JJ,22:.'.. .OI' S'KINKI.INO OF: halls openly deserts the dishonest
Hal. on hand ,
And the Court being advised in the
matter It Is hereby ordered that said
Shall said prososed amendment be
: bully for the deposed foreman.
35.77 adopted ?
100 Yes.
1 0 1 No.
All of the unscrupulous bale and
: venom In the nature of Hurley is
report be and the same is accepted ! j brought t0 tho surface by this act,
nils matter coming now on to be ACl 10 amend chapter VIII of and in his revenge be traps Leo alono
heard on the verified petition of ll,e Charter of the City of St. Hel-; a room, ties him up with ropo and
Everding and Farrell, a corporation, ! cn. 'y inserting therein Section i riltH ,,. ',. ... ' ' , ,po ,
and R. D. Snider, for an order ap-l81'. authorizing a bond Issue of!'U "ls n,ou"1 a "''aKtly gusli
pointing a Board of County Road $28,000 for refunding existing In- lo Klv0 "Im a "permanent d
Viewers herein and directing said debtedness of the City of St. Helens, ; wldo Binlle."
Board to meet, view out and locate I consisting of outstanding sewerage "i,!PIii,1,.. , , , , . ,
either a suitable nul.He rn.l ,.r , ! District Wurrunts heretofore iKsne,! I """H'diate is found by Houluh
I also carry a full line of Stationary Wash Tubs and
Bath Room supplies.
One of my specialties is Steam Heating and Fitting.
St. Helens,
gateway as therein petitioned for
from t ho farm of Everding & Far
rell described as Lot 11, In Section
20, and Lots 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, In
Section 21, all in Township 3 North,
Range 1 west of the Willamette Mer
idian, in Columbia County, Oregon,
MtlH tn nuuouu tlta rl .v. r... 1
. -- - - - - " - wn, unmakes uvcuniull-
wus i. supplies to poor ea thereby; and it appearing from
Shall said proposed Amendment
he adopted?
102. Yes,
103 No.
Which Election will be held at 8
o clock In the morning and will con-! 1 hero commences a desperate
tinue until 8 o clock In tho afternoon , chase from town to town from
of said day. . " "om
The uolline iilace. for .nl.l l,n : ' -". iy iieeing ior ihh
and carefully tended and inirsed to
recovery, but tho cruel scar remulns
to dlaflguro and to urge Leo on to
vengoanco - .
$7.85, O. A. Erlckson supplies to said petition that said farm of petl-!tln are as follows: j llfo ttl"1 knwinK In his heart that If
poor farm $30.39, Dr. J. L. Wooden j tloner, Everding & Farrell and now1 Ward No. 1, at the City Hall In ' (ll!ul11 cornea to him at the hands of
rent to Pese vZ, "p.."; " L" i . Ji"d per"ed.by.th I '"U, S'8'' "T . ' M P"r"r H will be his Just desert
aid to co. charge $7.00, St. Helens i conveniently, or at all, by any pub
Hardware C o. supplies to poor $2.90, He road provided by law, that It is
mtei'iSOn. 1' , Sl.re M5 :i0' T- M !"cessary that the public and the
liurillllrt hnn nl nf nplur,m.Un tn i.n .... 1.1 .
i t ir tia.uu, Dam puiiuoners, tneir agents, serv
' iearney sealer of W M ant nH onmio i,n i i
.00, Cr. W. Grant sun r? n m,. ' i, t.ar.. i.i . .....
1 $45.50, W. ('. ('doner inn n n ii,,,, u ,.,:ii i. .' . iVMien ... ,,...,.,..., loves from committ Inir innrrl...
r r . "" " nT.-ct,niiry, in laying " " m roi.xi.iir,.vi "
West St. l.el,nsalO VZ' , Hard, seared of all hu-
Dated this 22nd day of March A ' immediate Lee"
D. 1917.
City Recorder.
bunts him down llko a rat. Hut when
be finally meets him face to face,
lleululi Is tliero to suve the man she
Ci0' ,? J.50, U s- (:lurk S1'P' It. I. out a suitable
necessary. In laying!
public road or gate-
Stump, deceased,
v' n J."'m Burns sup- n- way- aH tlic cae may be, to
r. v l Anllker sup. to It. the lands now owned by the
U. I0. 6 $36.75, T. J. Flllinin mm at hiw nf C, ,11, 1, nr. a ,i
,m nn ? 6T,,3,8.l;0., P A' ""i-n- viz., Mamie A. Steelman and Vaul
ham sup. to It. D. Nn 7 in ic in u.,in ii .
Fdlln Vor..,. .. A ,,m,b u (. rul Hn ., ,,nrtorlinml l,oU V,.. ...
: -.,;...vm oui,. ii. ift v r,ast OI said farm nwnpH ,v Pv., . . " ..,. nH'nnuu
29.00, T. II. Mills sup. R. D. No. 9 ding and Farrcl and kfased bthe ! .'''"'"'f ' tba, T',0' JttCob
54.2fi. inetitloner Hnldpr-Tn,i u , I I'C'iKachor, deceased, by tho Coun-
Saturday, March 10th, 1917, 4t.,iCM Oregon for
Judicial Duy. i i.p ,,!. B ' n l Bnoul1 1 Columbia County, and has qualified.
In the Mutter of the Estate of Jacob
Lengr.cher, deceased.
On this day tl ordered by the Now, therefore, it Is ordered the , , prr.Bon'' having claims against
Court that a County (iet.eral Fund U J. Van Orshovin, H E Anry and e"tf1t0 Pre ,l.oro,)y notl,le'1 to
Warrant in the sum of $15.00 be J. H. Duncan, all o 1 Columla Coun- EI";?1 "e,.?ame ? m.e nt 1225 N'
"1. . . J- "'"'nas as ty. Oregon, be, and they hereby are.!:;,',,, BV , .V', ur"K.n'
llfinrri nf r-..n.u j " "U17 yeriueil, Wllllin
county aid and thut a Ike warrunt
in the amount of $15.00 be drawn
In favor of said R. J. Thomas on the
first day of each and every month
hereafter until the further order of
the Court.
Oa this day it is ordered by the
Court that a General Fund Warrant
In the amount of $15.00 be drawn
in favor Of J. P. Hicks as Countv aid
nnd that the old heretofore allowed
Dcto of first publication March
appointed a Hoard of County Road 'Zr ' ,. , " vermca.
Viewers horpin n,i ,i, I "lx months from dato hereof.
directed to meet, as such' Board on 21rd 1017
t in Rli ii-tr f u.i. - Jro, nil,
O'clock A. M. of said dav n Ij 1 1
111 said Section 20, Township 3 North
lt:-.ngo 1 West of Willamette Meri
dian, Columbia County, Oregon,
And said Botr Is further direct!
nnd ordered to thereupon proceed to
Last publication April 20, 1917.
For Bale Bluestem wheat and
view out and lecate olther a suitable vetcl'- w- Helsenrcter, Warren,
J. F. Hicks in the amount of $15.00 public road not exceeding sixty feot'Orogon.
14-2 tell."
Hurley Is killed later in tho strnir.
glo thut placjs tho bund ot brund
blotteru In the hands of the luw,
and Houluh and "Immedlato Leo"
are married in tho littlo western
dance hall, which tho cowboys havo
changed Into a chapel for tho occa
sion. Anna Little and Frank Horznge aro
supported by a splendid cast in this
striking druma of a dying west.
"Ah," sighed the ooaraer who was'
bi.uu iu rnapsodies, ns they sat down
to the Christmas dlnnor, "if we could
have ono of those turkeys that wo
used to ralso on tho farm when I was
a boy!" "Oh, well," said the pessl
m.lsfboarder, "perhaps this is one of
your uoyiiood pets. You cun
Your Clothes
"re tin4 oiiiward siuti of y.itir prrsonalit y and position
in life.
I he mm- oinsdniistirss of hd-io; well dressed will
'v.!.1,VU'!.v'am.',;s1 in tI,c Presence of "ilier.
",';!, yr" u,iM ,V"k :,s '' want to look. Thev are .U
s uh.i1 and tailored will, full recoK.iition of the ,arl
v ..rc to ,,lay ,n tltf xvearcr's personalis. Our
I'liiet, are reasonaMc. u,
vZ'.T ,fn'k'rnu'l! fully suited in our larp
-'iich of pal terns and satisfaction is Ktiarantee.l.
1,U1KU1AN 1 TAILOR St. Helens, Oregon
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
All Buainen Promptly Attended Tc
f WM. H. DAV I Fx

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