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i. lid,
Stewart Phonograph for $72
Made by the Stewart Speedometer Corporation. Equipped with the
Stewart Universal Reproducer. Plays any type of record, any size,
any make, any price. Stewart instantaneous time control automatic
needle stop (prevents gouging records) improved Stewart silent mo
tortone arm and sound chamber improvements greatly increase vol
ume and tone quality of music.
The nrw Hlewart 1'honogrupli lirliirfa
within your rtwli nil the lcaNiirt,
iM-iii'fllN nml advantage of niuxlc.
Anil II lirlnK tlirm right Into your
own home.
It bring ( you anil your tint
iiifiuiN of enjoying tlio luteal
lIlllHTta lilt lllF IlllrHt MlllgS, It III-
trrpn'lN for you Dm grand oMrnn, the
niulr of nil the grrntfHt ori-liCKtra,
lni-r mill limlriimentallNt of tint
Willi II you rmi hear anil enjoy nil
the U-to-ilnt roiiilt' oMran, muNlral
romedie, favorite comedian and
Willi It you ran arrange your own
lanren, your own muHirale.
It bring niUHln U million, for the
moderate prlre Ix within the reach
of all. ,
It will brighten Ui your home,
the family together evening,
make your home the nodal renter of.
your whole neighborhood.
No home will lie a happy home
without one.
Call at our (ttore for denioiiHtratiou.
I fertilize will be tried out upon sev
j eral of the farms on corn, clover and
potuloe. Several of the farmer will
co-operate with tho county agent In
carrying ou lima demonstrations, pro
. vidlng the lime can bo secured.
I It wan shown thnt the moBt pros
jpnrouu funnel h in the community
wore tho dairymen. Mr. Howard Ik
, iinn In IiIb stand that where corn
' grows no well for allao purposes,
j und clover generally Is a mire crop,
I there can be no more profitable and
; permanent type of farming -than
i dairying supplemented with potatoes
, as a cash crop. He urged the furiu
! era to grow a moro regular acreage
'it different crops In their rotation,
itio' suggested a four year system
villi potatoos and corn as the culti
vated crop. The need for bettor sires
-o head the dairy hards was empha
ilz'.d and a community bull associa
ion will probably bo organized later.
As a means of showing up the board -rm
in the dairy herds, a committee
was.-ppolnted to organize a small
community testing club. W. S. Rob
erts has agreed to do tho testing each
!uT1l,TI ni- .
nam imuugHuurDaKery
iNoyes-iioliand Lagging c ompany, a
corporation (substituted as plaint-'
in In place of Portland Lumber;
Company), Plaintiff, vs.
Stlna Lotta Bergbom Pettersson, Ma-1
tllda JaHeflna GustafHson, Gustaf
Uustaffson, Adelina Maria KarlH
son, Anders Johan Karlsson, A1-'
bertina Christina Johanson, Carl
Johan Johanson, Vendla Enblom.i
PerPersHOn Lundberg, Svea Han-'
nania Selon, Olof Selen, Carl Her-i
man Lundberg, Frida Joseflna1
Linder, K E. Under, Naeml Svens-i
son, Emanuel Svensson, Eva Soder-j
gren, K. Theodor Sodergren, Alma!
Lundberg. Sven Johan Lundberc. 1
Johan Edvln liergbom, Carolina anl examine the way we do things,
Bergbom, Axel Herman Bergbom ,low we buy our flour, etc., tho kind
and Anna Sofia Jonsdotter Berg- " ls how we store it, handle it, mix
bom, also all other persons or par-! hake it. and then you will be con-
ties unknown, claiming any right, I mceu that thero is no more cleanly
title, estate, lien or Interest in the
real estate described In the com
plaint herein, Defendants.
To Stlna Lotta Bergbom Petters
son, Matilda Joseflna Gustafsson,
Gustaf Gustafsson, 'Adelina Maria
Karlsson, Anders Johan Karlsson, Al
bertina Christina Johanson, Carl Jo
han Johanson, Vendla Enblom, Per
Persson Lundberg, Svea Hannanla .1
Selen, Olof Selen, Carl Herman Lund-
uanery to be found. You will then
know that you can rely absolutely on
tho parity and wholesomeness of
every loaf of bread you buy here,
also rolls, cake, and fancy breads.
One visit will convince you.
St. Helens Bakery
Itanwcy Phono 05
Tho organization of the potato l herK, Frida Joseflna Linder, K. E.
rrowers as a means of handling that I Jr,nder Naeml Svensson, Emanuel
, . ,,, 7 Bvensson, Eva Sodergren, K. Theo
H P to better advantage will follow jdor Sodergren Alma LuBabergi Sven
providing sufficient acreage is grown. Johan Lundberg, Johan Edvln Berg-i
A great deal of interest was shown i bom, Carolina Bergbom, Axel Her
;n the methods of diseaso control I man Bergbom and Anna Sofia Jons-!
with potatoes j dotter Bergbom, also all other per-
un potatoes. on or parties unknown, claiming
Indications are that the farmers of ; any right, title, estate, lien or infer
tile Mayger district Intend to get est in the real estate described In the
their money's worth out of the r.oun-' complaint herein, the above named
t . defendants:
i OF OREGON: You and eacb-and all
DIED 'of you are hereby required to appear
land answer the amended and bud-;
plemented complaint of the plaintiff
lego, will be present. In Ilia after
noon, tho farmers will havo on np
portuulty to study tho method of lay-
S.lrmlld Spirit of Interest and Co.; i out a system for draining a field.
i.- rli(.n Klioun. 1 '' Hi" evening nil Illustrated lec-
'luio will bo held In tho Watts K
A mtIi'h of limiting!) nii'iitlngn are ; I'rlcn ball In Scnppoore.
Iio coinliicted In illftYri'lit sectioiir. ! A riiuill conimuiilty cow test club
the I'uiuity as follows: ! will bo organlzi'd for tho bene lit o'.
Soiipnioie, April ID. j thu county and bank accounts of the
Warren, April 19. l:ilryinmi.
Clatnliiiiili), April DO. InterertliiK subjects followed oi.
Mr. Lurium, ilralniiKO spuclaltst, has j the Kuhjects of soil lime, i-ommer
.il i Kieat deal of experience along : rial fertllUem, ami crop rotations
llnm uf farm drainage and will i Tho need und kenetll of a co-opera
te omn vuluabli) Instruollon along jtlvo effort In growing, Htandardizlnr
lluca of laying out dValnago sys-! and marketing potatoes was shown
m ami methods of ditching.
by thu county agent.
In tint afternoons of the above! Mr. Howard expects to meet with
ilea a Held di'inoiiHlration will be the neoiilu of Dutch Canyon attain in
trti, nml in tho evening a Intitorn j the near future und work of a more
lu lecture. It n earnestly hoped i definite naturo will bo started.
mt lh (uriners will arrungo to bin
n Imnil for both tlio nftornoon and ' a solendld sulrlt of Interest and
imllig nieetlims. Liwitii.rnltnn w:i hIiowii at the meet-
I ing of the Scappooift! Community club
At an open meeting of tho. Arm-1 liuld In the Walla & Prlco ball on th'
rong Ki-iitiKi held Saturday, March, ' evening of March 21. About oik
Hie fitriners of Dutch Canyon i hundred people were present, ropro
"rtt Kiviti nn opportunity to moit sent Inn both farmers and tcwuxpeo
. Hd win. I tt,d talk over tho lines !ilo of tho vicinity. All are anxiout
Ufa left d In thnt part of the I to cc operate with the county ngri
'"lily. While the attitiidanco was i cultural audit in an effort to ini-
'"ill, good uplrlt was shown and prove somo of the local farm condl
Wynne W11H nnxloUH to gel together j tlon.
n nn effort to acknowledge needs, Following a short musical program
nit tuggest remedies. bv members of the club, council
member Hurry West mada a few re
nritks u.-glng tho fartnera to use the
efTorta of tho county agent as much
as his lime would permit.. Mr. How
ird then talked of tho possibilities of
his otrico and nuked that the farmer
of the community undo as much as
ossiblo In calling for service. By so
loing, many farmers could bo reached
s easily as a slnglo individual. Some
f tho moi't needed lines of work
wore the following: Co-operative
lelling and standardizug of potato
i op; line of lime and fertilizers to
inpiovo soil conditions; drainage and
:o-operative buying of tile; cow test
tsKoclutlons and better crop rota
lom:. The chief purpose of the meeting
vns to get acquainted and bring out
pme of the most needed lines of
vork, und Mr. Howard believes that
much will be uccoiuplUhed if tlilb
iinno good spirit continues.
March 29, at 386 Hawthorne avo
luo, Portland, Claudius Oivil Willln,
'grd 1 year 10 months; beloved son
f Orvil A. and Etta E. Willis; brou
.l.lal pneumonia.
Private funeral services were held
U P. L. Lerch undertaking parlors.
East Elcvonth and Clay streots, and
.he Interment was In Rose City ceme--er.
" hind In the crook bottom Is.
Il,illllJr I" "I I of drainage, duo tr. 1
""mo from tho hills on both sides.
ilriilniiKit ilemoiistratlon will bc!
'"I'l In the vicinity on April 18, at
liloh time j. k. Larson, drainage
'PoflallM from the ngrlcultural col-1
Phone 60
The Market of Purity and Quality
of Meats both Fresh and Cured.
Greatest assortment of Lunch Meats in town.
Highest cash price paid for Hogs and Veal.
A trial will te appreciated.
Prompt Delivery
Sjring Goods Are Arriving
Dainty and seasonable patterns in all Dress Goods.
Shoes for each member of the family.
Children's Middies and Ladies' Lingerie Waists
Tlio needs of tho farmers In the
Icinlty of Cedar Grove grunge, six
titles southeast of Clatskanie, were
brought out in a mooting with Coun
y Agent Howard on March 29.
The problems as found here differ
from HioBO of the more open com
iiiuultes. Generally opoiiktng, the
farmers do not have largo enough
icreage cleared to engage In any form
if systematic crop arrangement and
js the district Is very sparsely settled,
july by co-operative marketing of
omo ono or two products can this
Jistrict be successful. One man was
ieen to drive in flvo miles with one
.mall can of milk, when lie could
havo as well hauled for the entire
If the farmers bore will agree as
t community to soma certain type of
farming und then arrange their farm
ind crops to meet it, groater profits
will result, better methods follow and
a better reputation for tho community.
With this reputation will come
moro settlers.- This Is the first and
greatest need. With only a mere
handful of peoplo the district can not
have on influence nor accomplish
The county ngout believes that the
farmers should borrow money aud
clear up more laud, thug tho land
would bo at work, grow more feed
and keep better cattle. If any one
or two farmers near together are
making a success they aro certain to
bring In a new neighbor as a com
netltor or co-oporator. Thus the
community la built up and tho size
and strength of tho commuulty In
creased. Could ono farmer In the
Hood River district ship apples to
London? Could five or ten do It?
No, it requires probably the united
effort of at least a hundred farmers
to ostabliah the reputation and carry
out the deal.
There Is undoubtedly some splen
did land In this part of Columbia
county. Settlers are needed to de
velop It. The sottler who develops
thlu land Is the man who deserves all
tho reward, from an Investment
standpoint, from a community stand
point and for the good of the state
'and county. The value of the land
when cleared and tho cost of clearing
leavos uo room for tho speculator.
filed against you in the above en
titled cause on or before Thursday
the 31st day of May, 1917, the date
prescribed by the court In Ha order
of publication herein, said date be
ing more than six weeks after the
date of the first publication of this
summons, and If you fail to appear
and answer on or before that date,
for want thereof, the plaintiff will
apply to the above named court for
the relief prayed for in its said
amended and supplemented com
HIMMONH plaint, to-wit: For the Judgment and
IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE decree of said court quieting It" title
STATE OF OREGON, FOR COL-1 to the land therein described, and
UMBIA COUNTY ; adjudging that it Is the sole legal
W. A. Harris, HalntifT, vs. Howard , and equitable owner of said land and
V. Bailey, L. M. Bailey, A. A. ! premises, and every part thereof. In
Brower, L. M. Brower and ; fee simple, said real property being
Edwin Oakes; Also all other ; situated in Columbia County, In this
persons or parties unknown j state, and described as follows, to
claiming any right, titlo, estate, j wit. :
lien, or Interest in the real estate! Northeast quarter (NE) of Sec
described In the complaint herein, i tion six (6), in Township Beven (7)
Defendants. ! North. Ranee Three 3l Went Wll.
iv nit, auuvB unnieu uuieuuauis.
Kvpert Machinist. Bring your
unto troubles to me. Murine work
a Kiechilty. Shop at St. Helens
Phone 57
Howard V. Bailey, L. M. llalley. A.
A. Brower, L. M. Brower, and Ed
win Oakes, Also all other persons or
parties unknown claiming any right,
title, estate, Ilea or interest in the
real estate described In the complaint less;
herein :
In the name of tho State of Ore
gon: You are hereby required to
appear and answer the cdtaplaint
filed against you in the above en
titled suit on or before six weeks
from the 2nd day of March, 1917,
the date of the first publication of
this summons; and if you tail to an
swer, for want thereof the plaintiff
Mortgage Loans
On Improved
at the lowest rates and
on long time. Repay
able In such installments
as the borrower may
wish. Liberal prepay-,
ment terms arranged. No
commissions charged.
Loans closed promptly.
Mortgages purchased.
701 Corbctt Rldg.
Portland, Oregon
lnmette Meridian being Lots num
bered one (1) and two (2). and the
south half of the northeast quarter . rlu! D,,TC , .
(SV4NE) of said Section six ( 6 ) . ! sT "5V. RSUT5
In said Township and Range, and; rn npk mat Nr"
containing 157.46 acres, more or' THE PEOPLts EOAT -
That by said decree it be adjudeed Olll, V ilLJZIV IVil
that you, and each and all of you,
have no etsate, right, title or inter
et whatever in or to said land? or
That by said decree you. and each
and all of you, be forever enjoined :
and debarred from asserting any :
claim, estate, right, title or interest
whatever in or to said described land
will apply to the Court for the re- or premises adverse to this Dlaintiff.
lief demanded In plaintiff's complaint, ' and for such other and further relief
to-wit: That the plaintiff bo ad- as to the court mal seem Just and;
Judged to be the owner In fee aim- equitable, and for Its costa and dls
ple of the following described real bursements herein. j
estate situate in Columbia County, ! This summons is served upon you ,
State of Oregon, to-wit: j by publication pursuant to an order
Lots One, Two, Three, Four, Five, of the Honorable J. A. Eakln, Judge
Six, Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve of the above entitled court, made '
In Block Three; Lots Seven, Eight, ' and entered on the 19th day of,
Eleven and Twelve in Block Four; March, 1917, which order requires
Lots One to Six Inclusive Block Five; ' that said summons be published once'
Lots One to Six inclusive Block each week for six consecutive weeks '
Seven; Lots One to Six Inclusive , Tho first publication Is on March 30, j
Block uignt; Lots uno to Twelve in- 117, and the last on May 11, 1917. i
Leaves Portland d illy - -2:30 p,
(Sunday 1:30 p. m.)
Arrives St. Helens - - 6:00 p
(Sunday 3:30 p. in.)
Leaves St. Helens - - - 6:15 a. m.
Arrives Portland - - - 10:15 a. m.
H. HOLMAN, Agent
Makes all way landings. Wharf foot
Alder street. Phones: Main 8323,
FRANK WILKIN'S, St Helens Agent
elusive Block Twelve; Lots One, Two, 1
Three. Four, Eight, Nine, Ten, I
Eleven and Twelve Block Fourteen; )
Lots Three, Four, Nine, Ten, Eleven
and Twelve Block Fifteen; Lots!
Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven and ,
Twelve, Block Sixteen; Lots One to I
Twelve Inclusive, Block seventeen; l
Lota Ono to Six inclusive. Block
Twenty; all in the First Addition toj
the City of Vernonia as appears by :
the plat thoreof of record in the of
fice of the County Clerk of said Col-
Attorney for Plaintiff.
1220 Yeon Building, Portland, Ore.
Mae Crook, Plaintiff, vs. Charles
Crook, Defendant.
named defendant:
In the name of the State of Ore-
umuia county; iois une to iweive K0 you are hereby reauired to sd-
inclusive, Block One; 'Lots One to near and answer the enmnlnlnt filrl
Twelve Inclusive. Block Two; Lots . against you In tho above entitled suit
Three, Four and Nine Block Three;
all In the Second Addition to the
City of Vernonia, as appear by the
record thereof in the office of the
County Clerk of said Columbia Coun
ty; Also the South Fifty acres of the
West half of the Southeast quarter
of Section Five, Township Four
within bIx weeks from the date of the
first publication of this summons, to-
wit, the 28th day of April, 1917, and
If you fall to appear or answer for
want thereof, the plaintiff will apply i
to the court for the relief prayed for
In her complaint, to-wlt, for a decree
dissolving the bonds of matrimony
North, Range Four West of the Wil-: heretofore and now existing between
lamet.te Meridian; that tne aorena-1 plaintiff and defendant, upon tho
ants be doclnred aud adjudged to
have no Interest or estate whatever
in or to the above described prem
ises or any part thereof, and for such
further relief as to the Court shall
seem meet and agreeable to equity,
and for his costs and disbursements.
This summons Unpublished pursuant
to an order made'and entered by the
Honorable J. A. Eakln, Judge of the
above entitled Court on the 28 day
of February, 1917. The first pub
lication of this Summons is the 2nd
day of March, 1917. Last publica
tion April 13, 1917.
Attorneys for Plr.lntiff.
Mr. Howard was given an enthusi
astic wolcome by the farmers of the
Mayger district on Wednesday, March
28. Although King Jupe was there
with his usual best, about 30 farm
ers wore present and some useful
work started.
Much of the soil of this district Is
new and the farmora aro not satis
fied with the yield of all crops. As
a result of this condition commercial
grounds of cruel aud Inhuman treat
ment, and for such other and further
relief as to the court may seem Just
and equitable.
Service of this summons Is made
by publication thereof In pursuance
of an. order of the Honorable J. A.
Eakln, Judge of the above entitled
court, directing publication thereof
In the St. Helons Mist, and which
said order was made and entered on
the 9th day of March, 1917, In the
above entitled court.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
First publication March 16.
Last publication April 27.
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'1 vfixrT.a 5. a
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radium. And this glow con
tinues as bright as ever for
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"RADIOUIE" dial. ,
St. Helens, Oregon

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