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L Helens Should Organize a Patriotic League. Now is the Time to Start
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NO. 17
AWT! '
I I Pin I r I V V II I X VV-. 'TiT i
n ir ilz.
jt m ma i a - i .w .v w
mr- . am m- mm mm
Lew management
FOR ST. HlL,liN5 iiu i
bo (ieorg ItrtlmiuMiee Manng
nrnl of Well Known iiuiei,
Oi Turduy Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
,erf. '"r successfully conducting
,t St. IWeim hotel for oloven year,
irntd or llio management to Mr.
d lira. E. A. Itotgor. who will here-
Jfijr conduct Hint populur hostelry.
Mr. and Mrs. George might pro
;f bt called tho ploneur liolol peo
tof the county, an they took charge
tho!d Ht. Helen hotel In 1892.
well remembered Ht. Helens fire
uraed (lie hotel to the ground and
,t norm to I'ortland. Aftor the
li and ('lurk fair they returned
1. iltdeu. aud. In 1906, took
iiirco of the now St. Helen hotel.
rno growth of the town and tho do-
ind fur accommodation caused
Leo to muHtt arrangements ior wm
aUriPintnt of tho hotel, and In
SOI an addition wm built. Durlns.
ie fsra that they have conducted
!i0 liolnl thousands of guoHta have
ma entertained, and by their courte
u treatment of the guata the repu-
titlon of the hotel haa apread far
nd wide.
Ur. and Mm. K. A. Itotger have
fjcderukcn to mnnage the hotol, and
li i fori'contt conclusion that the
ell established reputation of the
del will bo maintained.
ill Authorize Hid fur Klevea New
Improvement, j
Aatorla, April 12. (Special to the
Ml Illda for eleven aoparate Itu-
Irornionts to cost 1 8 5,000 are ei-
ll1cd to lie Biitliorla.nl by the city
auncll it an early date, which will
W Hi beginning of tho Improvement
protram for the year, which will be
karried on under tho direction of G.
McUun, city engineer.
A total of $250,000 will be ex-
indl In paving And Improving the
tmtaand $00,000 will be available
'or the construction of aewera.
Of tho flrat work to come up for
Lids, nine district will be for pavlnk
md two will he for grading.
Tli contractor who were given
'ontracta ItiKt fall for much oavlna
hr ar wniting for bottor weather.
nnl of the viaducts have ben
romploiwl und aro now Dlanked
fwdy to revolve the surfacing. The
(ViniiiirrrlMl (lull Tuknt Action and
Will Muke ItlK CelehraUon.
At a recent meeting the Bt. Helena
Commercial Club, by unanimous vote,
decided to make the duy 'of the
launching of the motor vessel City
of Bt. Helen a red-letter day In the
history of St. Helens. It was pointed
out that the vensel to be launched
Is the first and only vessel of Its
kind to bear the nume of St. Helens,
and the club members thought It
fitting to give a rousing celebration
on the occasion of the launching.
The Ad Club, Hotary Club, Elks Club
and other I'ortland clubs will be In
vited to attend. The governor of Ore
gon and Mayor Albee or I'ortland
will also be requested to be present.
I'laus huve not aa yet been fully
formulated, as the day of launching
haa not been definitely set, but the
committee that has arrangements In
charge states that even the launch
ing of the Multnomah, the first ocean
going vessel launched here, will pale
Into Insignificance compared to the
launching and celebration at the time
the City of St. Helens takes her Ini
tial dip.
for the purpose of raising needed
funds, the commercial club will give
a big dsn c at the city hall Saturday
night, April 21, and the proceeds de
rived will be devoted exclusively
toward paying the expenses of the
celebration. Mr. McCormlck has not
yet set the dato of tho launching,
though It I expected the big vessel
will leave the way about April 26
or 27. Tho commercial club wishes
to Impress upon every resident of the
county that their presence Is desired
on the' day. of the launching, due
notice of 'whlchywlll ie given at
later date.
Vacant Lots and Garden Spots Must Be Cultivated and In
crease Food Supplies.
is llrgun on (leering
0xnlnf or Quarry
Aa Indicated In the Issue of the
Mist of tho 6th Inst., the county
court haa bought from I. O. Wick-,
stroni two acres of rock land a short
distance from Scappoose. Mr, Wlck
strom bolug an ardent supporter ofj
good roads and anxious to lend aid
to road building In the county made
the reasonable price of $250 for the
With the idea of Increasing the !
production of food supplies and de
creasing the prices of the necessaries
of life, the co-operative extension de
ment of tho O. A. C. has sent out
the following bulletin:
"Corvullls, Ore., April 3. '
"To tho Oregon Organizations Inter
ested in tho Public Welfare:
"No phase of preparcduess for the
national crisis which we are now fac
ing is of greutcr Importance than
that of the food supply. The present
food shortage will be greatly intensi
fied by the withdrawal of many pro
ducer who aro being called luto the
military service. With our entrance
into the war, our obligations to fur
nish food to the allied nations will be
groatly Increased. We must meet
tho situation. This can be done by
Increasing production and by tho
more economical use of food.
"Vacant city lots and back yards
afford the best means for prompt re
lief In production. If these are prop
arly used for raising vegetables and
poultry, thousands of dollars worth
of food products can be added to the
uornial supply In few months. At
least 60 per cent of the city lots and
back yards now available are not be-
.ng used In the interest l-tue--na
Ion, Intelligent, sober and well or
tan lied efforts should be made to
:ld In Improving the situation.
"All organizations Interested in the
public welfare should get together
ind plan a cr.mpaign for their res
pective communities. A joint com
rultteo representing commercial clubs,
.vonicn's organizations, parent-teach
ers' associations, school officials, and
other organizations Interested In pub
lic problems should appoint repre
sentatives to serve on a Joint com
mittee, to be charged with tho direc
tion of the campaign. A survey
should be mado immediately to de
termine the r.mount of ground avail
able and the number of persons who
may be enlisted to put It to tli9 best
use. Encouragement and instruction
should bo continued in a systematic
way throughout the season. The
Oregon Agricultural College hr.s pre
pared a special serlos of pamphlets
on poultry keeping, vegetable gar
dening, the economical use of foods
and canning foods, which will be
ivallable to the people ct the state.
We shall be glad to send a supply of
these publications upon r3colpt of evi
dence that this work is being ef
flcleutly organized in your com
munity." Tliore are many vacant lots in St.
Helens on which vegetables could be
grown. Hundreds of thousands of
men will be in the government ser
vice and It will require an enormous
amount of foodstuffs to supply them
Also, many tillers of the soil have
answered the call to arms and have
loft tbadrfarojs uncultivated -A weU
organized branch of t?.e co-operative
extension work formed In St. Helens
will add materially to the production
of fruits, vegetables and other food
stuffs, and the production of such will
aid materially In supplying the wants
of tho citizens bf the town and also
have a tendency to reduce the present
high prices.
two acres, which was accepted by the
'eitrn I'avlng Co., of which the I county court. Road Supervisor Grant
already has a force of men cioortng
Areni brothers, formerly of Portland.
d Win. Duller are the heads, re
Ml'ed a number of paving contracts
men will ,e started soon.
Household (iiMMls Saved but Dwell.
IK In Total Uiu, y
Tho house in Columbia I'nrk nwneil
J Kev. Mowry nnd occupied by Joo
"OUben burned to thn trnun.t Ann.
iAT nltiht. The sunnosltlon Is that
J1" " "darted from a defective flue
" the partition of the house. Mr.
""ismson, who Uvea in the same
"ock, noticed the reflection of the
name, tl0 wlnQOW ,,B1- Mi g0
out on the back porch of her
residence saw thn ll.mu .nnln. m,t
of tho roof. She cava the nlarm to
nearest nelrlihur J l. rhiii.m
Kenhen family being absent at
'"o umn, HM.,,,
ji w wvyni IHIHI BM
V uea Promptly but the fire had
, c" t that It was impossible
io save tho building. . Many of the
""'Minors turned out and wnrknd in
the household effects, and tuot
vorything was saved except the con-
wilts of one room m, n,ie.m u..
""'"n 25 feet nf lha hit.niul huI
"- ana it ltAn r mn i,.v
fire hose to koep his residence
jj"m bu"'l"g. It Is understood that
M"ry had some Insurance on
" bu'l'llng, and the Reubens had
um,,co on their household goods.
"'8 amount n I-... j
w. mnuiuiivw varriuu was
i ascertained.
the ground and tho county court has
advertised for bids for f oyote holes:
for tho purpose of blasting, ltoad-
astor Abry stutes that work on the
opening and operation of tho quarry
will begin at onco and in a short
tlmo rock will bo furnished for the
mprovement of roads In the Scap
poose district. Tho molhod of hand
ling tho output of the quarry woi et
forth lu our last Issue.
Tlie stoamer Willamette arrived In
"sany nlKht nnd hv wnrklnv mnnh
"ortlme was loaded late Thursday
"l ani "allod for San Tedro with
-v,uuv feet nf liint..r nnil a fulr
Ker Hat,
8 Sawmills, shipyards, manufacturlnK plants moro of them.
T Taiea and valuations placed at a reasonable amount so ns tj
eneouraffo such Industrie.
II Harbor Improvement and waterfront.
K ICvery citizen to do his share for the whole town.
I, legitimate business and industrial enterprises.
K Knergetic but careful boosters.
JJ New municipal dork.
8 Streets oaved.
All Chun-hew Appropriately Observe
Raster Day.
The churches of St. Helens appro
priately observed Easter Sunday by
special services. Notwithstanding
the inclement weather, all of the
churches were comfortably filled at
both morning and night service.
At the Methodist church the Sun
day school took charge of the morn
ing service. The church was taste
fully decorated with flowering plants
and trailing vines. Tho program.
"Joy of the Morning," was a com
bination of speclcl music by the
choir and orchestra, and numbers
prepared by the children of the
school. All records for the year.
both for attendance and collection,
were broken. The subject chosen by
tho pastor for the evening sermon
was "The Risen Christ." Good music
and a large attendance seemed to
stimulate the pastor, and his dis
course was well received by the
many who heard It.
The Methodist sunday school at
Houlton (West St. Helens) remem
bered tho day and occasion. The
"liurch was decorated with flowere
ind shrubbery and mottoes. A short
program was rendered.
At the Congregational church the
morning hour of worship was given
over to music and exercises by the
children and young people of the
Sunday school, seven classes com
prising about 75 members, taking
part. Perhaps the most impressive
exercises ever given in the church
was the playlet given by twenty of
'.he high school students. The church
was beautifully decorated and was
crowded ' with Easter worshippers.
The evening-services were" very in
structive, the pastor taking for his
heme "Knowing God."
At the Catholic church solemn high
Qinss was said by Rev. Father Hamp
ion. A special feature of tho service
.vas the rendition by the choir of
"Roeewig," In G. The father. In hie
sermon, dwelt upon the fact that
Christianity must either stand or full
jn tho establishment of Christ's hav
ng risen from the dead. During his
iblo discourse he presonted many
facts to substantiate this. '
The church-going people of St
Helens had the Eastor spirit and the
-o'.ebration of the rising of Christ was
most appropriate.
Arriving at 9 o'clock Monday
morning, tho new McCormlck steam
er Wahkeena successfully completed
her maiden ocean trip. Though a
northwester was encountered and a
heavy heady sea running, without
forcing the engines the vessel reeled
off about 10 knots. Captain Rei
ner was highly pleased with her per
formance and says that as soon as
the machinery gets Into real smooth
working order the vessel will make
2 knots and pass any other of the
McCormlck fleet.
The Wahkeena, though exclusively
freighter, is finely fitted out. The
crew has comfortable quarters and
fine large mess room. Aft are the
oFicers, wireless and steward's quar
ters and the galley and dining room.
M. Helena lloyn Who Have ltesKHid.
rd to I'ncle Sam's Call.
51. Xlc-L.riiNO ftofttw
Oregon Patriotic Service !aue Asks
HL Helens to Particulate.
J. II. Wellington, enlisted In Naval
Uoi erve.
Warren Sonneland, enlisted In U.
O. J. Prlngle, enlisted In U. 8.
Kenneth Howell, enlisted In U. S
Wnldon Dlllard, enlisted In O. N
Q. Coast Artillery.
Virgil Hattan, enlisted In O. N. G.
Coast Artillery.
I Harry Wilson enlisted In navy.
Ilerlln Yeomans onllsted In nary
Miles Gonuman, U. 8. Cavalry.
Avory Goncmnn. U. 8. Navy.
To the above names might b add
ed Harold Deckor, who presented
himself for enllBtmont but on account
of a slight defect was advised to ap
ply lutor.
Sovernl other boy from St. Helen
will go to rortland Saturday for the
purpose of enlisting. Mc.ny navo
gone from Rainier, Clatskanlo and
smaller town In the county, and
whon wo can ascertain their names
thoy will be added to the roll of
The executive committee of the
Brecon Patriotic League ha mada
ilan to have a big patriotic parade
ind meeting tu the city of Portland
r.n Thursday. April ll. The league
Is anxious for St. Helens to partlcl
ua the following letter Indi
cates :
"April 12, 117.
"S. C. Morton, Mayor, St. Helens
Dear Sir: The executive commit
tee of the Oregon Patrlotlo Service
League ha directed mo to Invite you
and your citizen to participate in a
oatrlotlc parade and meeting to oe
held In thl city on April 1. detail
of which will appear In the press of
this city.
"Marching bodies, accompanied by
bands, are particularly desired. We
are exceedingly anxlou to make this
the largest patriotic demonstration
ever held In Portland.
"We would be glad to assist you
I., ihn organization of a Patriotic
Lnncua In St. Helena. Ploase call on
us at your convenience.
"Very truly yours,
"H. 8. HUDSON.
Men and women of St.- Helens
should by all means participate in
this and show to Oregon that our
city is a patrlotlo a any city within
the boundaries of the tato.. Many
have already signified their Intontlon
of attending and participating In the
parade, which will start at 3 o'clock
1n the afternoon. Secretary Hudson
phones the Mist that the parade com
mittee will reserve a good space for
the St. Helens contingent. All those
who wish to participate will please
inform E. I. Ballagh, who has charge
of the arrangements tor the St Hel
ens contingent, and don't -wait too
long, for Mr. Ballagh wishes to in
form the parade committee Just about
how many can bo expected from St.
Helens. Dr. L. G. Ross, H. P. Ross,
E. I. Ballagh, Sheriff Stanwood, Fred
Morgus, H. J. Southard, E. A. Rot-
ger and Glen R. Metsker and other
patrlotlo auto owners have offered
their cars for service on the 19th.
Those who do not wtsh to go by auto
Can go up on the ll o ciock train
and meet at the Imperial hotel tor
further formulation of plans. In or
der that this will be a success, phone
Ed. Ballagh today oT your Inten
Reference to the proceeding of the
county court, it can be ascertained
that the contract tor the improve
ment of the Mlst-Clatskanle road has
been let to A. L. Clark, of Rainier,
for the sum of 119,649.16. The
next lowest bid was that of Keating
ft Jamlbson, their bid being 119,
192.70. ' A we understand It, this
improvement is on what Is known as
the Clatskanle hill on the road men
tioned. The two miles of road is in
two separate road districts and they
have special funds for the construc
tion of the road, but according to one
of the commissioners who was Inter
viewed, oevernl thousand dollars
from the general fund will also be
usod on the road.
Our affirmative team will again
Jebate here, and the negative team
will travel to Scappoose. We are
very hopeful of a largo crowd to en
courage our debaters to victory.
The school board has Informed the
ilgli school boys by a letter that any
student who desires to enlist at the
present tlmo will be given credit to
?ull year's work, and if a senior he
vlll be allowed to graduate at once
s a result of this letter Robert Har
rison, Dewey Smith, Danny Faxon
Mhert Faxon, Harold Decker, Ken
loth Howell and Harry Wilson are
.hinklng seriously about enlisting,
The program given last Friday
morning In t)o assembly was an es
teclally enjoyable one. The first
number was a selection by the orches-
'ra. After this the boys' quartet fa
vored us with two songs. Adelaide
Vdums closed the program by speak-
ng a medley composed of five dlf-
.'eront poems.
The program today will be a do
mte by members of the Junior class
The question Is: Resolved, that
Lady Mucbsth was morally responst
ble for Macbeth's caraer of crime
The negative team Is composed of
Adolalde Adams and Madge Morrell
and tho affirmative debaters will be
Arllno Paulson r.nd Edward Mal
nion. The English III class has Just
completed reading Shakespeare's
"Macbeth," and consequently aro
eager for tho debate.
N. C. Marls, of the department of
Industrial Field Workers, spoke to
the students of the high school and
the seventh and eighth grades this
morning. He spoke about the In
dustrial Club work which is being
conducted for the benefit of the
girls and boys of Oregon. His talk
was enjoyed very much, and after he
finished speaking Supt. Allon spoke
for a few mtnutos.
'iiptain ('buries Itchier iu Command
.Make Quick Trip. '
Master of the Steamer Wahkeena
Convenient lavatories and a shower ,
bath are at the disposal of the offi-
era, and their quarters are most
,-omfortable and roomy. The vessel
s provided with a wireless outfit
nd also has its own refrigerating
plant, and room has been made aft
jo that a towing machine can. be in
stalled if necessary.
The Wahkeena was built by the
Wilson Bros, of Astoria. She is 220
feet long, 40 foot beam and will carry
1,100,000 feet of lumber. Cargo gears
torwurd and aft makes it possible to
iipidly load and discharge tho vessel.
It took only three days to load the
teamer, nnd she sailed Wednesday
light for San Pedro. Whilo In St.
Helens many people visited and in
spected the vessel, and It Is the gen
eral opinion that she is the best
jquipped freighter yet to visit this
No Disrespect for the Flag Will Be
Allowed Heavy Fines Provided.
The council met tu regular session
Monday night. J. W. Allen and E.
I. Ballagh, elected as councilmen.
took the oath of office and entered
upon their second -terms as officials
of tho city. The mayor, with the
consent of the council, postponed tho
appointment of city attorney, mar
shal and recorder. Tli'.s matter will
probably como up at the next meet
ing of the council..' .
An ordinance "prohibiting utter
ances and actions of disrespect tow
ards the American national flag and
the government of the United States
of America and providing a penalty
therefor" was read twice and tho
emergency clause being attached, th
ordinance was placed on its final
passage and carried by unanimous
vote. The penalty for the violation
Is not less than $10 fine or more
than $99 for each offense, or a term
in tho city Jail and work on the
Upon resolution by tho council,
the mayor was Instructed to Issue a
proclamation calling on all patriotic
citizens to display the national em
blem and aid tho government of the
United States in every way. Both
the proclamation and ordinance ap
pear elsewhere in this Issue, and it is
hoped the people will abide thereby.
The regulur monthly bills were
taken up and after some corrections
were allowed. Many other routine
matters were disposed of before the
council adjourned.
The honor roll of the boys answer
ing the country's summons will be
continued next week,

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