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We are Now Showing New Spring and Summer Goods
i li
Think of Us
When You
Work Clothes
' &.harx
The Workingman's Standard
The Home of Hart Schaffner
i Marx Clothes
rx I
Big Variety Ail-Wool $15 Cashmere Suits Just Arrived
This is a
. .
The S. I'. & S. lias been putting a Next Sunday, May 6. f to be "Go !
new roof on the depot. tn-Sumlav Snu.t in.u t... .. :
J I HL- guttl-
Mrs. Crowley spent Saturday with "oru of Washington, Oregon und Ida-;
.Miss Kvelyn Grafton, of i'ortland,
spent last week with Miss Vera Price.
Mrs. F. Tolly has moved her fam
ily Into the Cleve Barnett cottage.
Mrs. M. Gordon, who has spent the
past several months with her mother,
Mrs. A. Lawson, has returned to her
home at Knappa.
J. S. Mann, of I-innton, was a busi
ness visitor here on Tuesday.
Alfred Lawson spent two days
visiting Ills homo folks heforo Koiire
to Timber, Ore., where he is now em
Mrs. James Leonard received a let
ter from her son Charles, stating that
he has been placed on the battleship
Pittsburg, a flagship of the Pacific
The choir mot Frldp.y night for
regular practice, after which the
young people held their monthly
party. The girls prepared basket sup
per, for which the boys did som
spirited bidding.
Arch Duncan left Monday to go
to Tacoma. From that place lie will
soon lr ave to begin his summer work
at Mt. Kalnler.
Mn. B. Scott mado a round of
vinitH last week, beginning with a day
in oPrtland, then spending two days
in Portland, then spending two days
r.inch by tho slough, and ended with
i few days at St. Helens, with Mrs.
Al. Harrison.
We noticed In tho St. Helens school
notes that we mado an error In re
porting the debate at this place be
tween Scappoose and St. Helens high
schools. Wo found that we did make
a mistake. We most humbly beg
pardon of our young friends, anil a.
nuro them It was wholly unintentional.
und we are glad we were called down.
The St. Helens girls won fairly, and
the debate was satisfactory to us
. Mrs. Ada Holnday and duughtor
Until cpent Sundr.y in Portland with
Mr. and Mrs. Washburn.
Mr. and Mrs. Crowley entertained
Mr. and Mrs. Nlblock and Mr. and
Mrs. James Pomoroy at dinner last
Mr. Lapham Is at tho Englert hotel
while lie Is making preparation to
open up mill operations.
May 9. The program will consist of
1 songs by tho glee club, choruses from i
each room ami Instrumental selec- j Mr, Morton
i i Peterson Sunday.
w.rKu nuue orange met 111 Mr anil Mr. IhiininM had lilt
visited with
' "mi " h iwu , "i i-ruii unu ma- j r icyu Duncan, of Newberg, was
her daughter. .Mrs. Force, of Vancou- o have given It their hearty approval visiting with his parents Sunday
. I ' . , " ; . . eX urB" """l"0 or a" -- The Chrlutlan Kndeavor will give
ni hi i c iiu nil ill :i r .i:inn in I trirt- uiLiiiiiH ill niir.ni I'l.mu I " - it r. mill .lira I hit 11 11 im null 11.
i " - a niirtv nl tin. I, .in,,, ,.t ui u Ia...i.. n i . . .. '
ton. madn in nr.r ..ii ....! ' ' " ' 1 " ,"' " ., diumv many are t- iruimlH 1...I R.in.lnv Mr nml Mn. A
..,.,,,,-, ..,., T ,,, . ...... , " '
northwest Inviting everyone to swell! . , .ruin num. rol, anJ mn Uurolti
mi r u-m y . , ""1U,,lr"" l lul MIhs llllma Morton vlnltod
v Ki , , , V lolej. were afternoon for the election of officers. ; rHn(lH , arelil,allI lll!(t Sund.,
VISItllll? nl Inn linnm ..r T v....ln 1 i. i, tt'iii ....
" ..w.., v. ....a, filing niuni:uit uilliuril was riellfle.l nr. in.
iMtr m u !. i..-. . , . .Ir. Kd Cnrlsoii. of Halnler. (r
,.,.0. rurr. r ruiuv eve- lil'MlL anrl Krnnk lt..nl.. ........
nlng and returned to her home In
Ooble Monday morning.
Miss Ilattio Urewellu lead the
Christian Kndeavor lust Sunday eve
Mr. and Mrs. Strauser snent a cou
pie of days In Portland.- Mr. Strau-'ll,e trow1 on tiiat duy ut the Sunday
ser wont to eastern Oregon to look '
after a homestead. j
The choral club has about 25 reiru-!
lar members and the work is becom
ing interesting.
Mrs. O. Garrison and Mrs. J. J.
McKay visited Mrs. Freeman at the
hospital Saturday and found her im
proving nicely.
Edward Leonard has moved bib
family from Astoria to tho Chapman
D. W. Price made a business trip
to Portland -Tuesday.
Mr. Rappers, Miss Eva Garrison,
Arcli Duncan and Miss Ardath Haecv
had a round of pleasure Sunday. They
first visited tho Columbia Highway.
then made a trip over the German
town road.
The young people gave Miss Hazel
Watts a surpriso party on Wednes
day evening in honor of her birthday
anniversary. The evening was soenl
in games and music. A delicate lunch
wan served.
A dunco was hold at Frank Wlk-
Strom's place in north Scappoose last
Saturday night. The usual neighbor
hood crowd was present. Danclni?
was Indulged in and refreshment!
wero served.
A nuptial shower was held at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Metcalf lat
Saturday afternoon, In honor of their
daughter, Leonore, who was recently
married to Rellan Duncan. About 40
of her friends gathered, carrying
many beautiful and useful presents
Tho young people remained till eve
ning and were Joined by their young
men friends and a social time was
spent In dancing.
On lust Monday night In Filers
hall, Portland, Miss Haz.el Watts ac
companied Mrs. Colo of Seattle, so
prano soloist, at a concert given by
Mhm Frances Sheehy. Tho friends
of MIhs Watts who attended wore
Judge and Mrs. T J. Cleelon, Mr. and
Mrs. Wni. Slaughter, Mr. and Mrs.
iV. A. Perry, J. It. Purcell and J. G.
Walts and family.
cliools. We would like to bo "In (he
sw im," so we wish to urge that every
body 'come out" at 10:15 a. m. and
enjoy the day with us. The occasion
for it Is that It Is the lOOtli tnniver
:ary of the American Sunday School
I iilou, which was a pioneer mission
ary society, not only in the establish
ment of Sunday schools and churches
mt In the publication of good litera
.uro for our boys and girls.
I'aclo Si lias a few words to say
ibout the school. 1(2 says ho can't
understand why tho board hired a
man for principal who hs no whis
kers. He says he can't see how a
man kin look dignified without a
ond krap of whiskers. When he
went to school tho skollers didn't
think they had to mind a man that
wasn't old enough to raise whiskers.
Then ho says ho notices that the
ikule mums aro un Improvement on
the ones they used to hire. Ho says
they are mostly wldders, neer wld
Jers, wish they was wldders, or old
maids. ' Now, SI says ho had one eye
ju the professor and the other eye
(well, never mind about tho other
ayo 'cause ho don't want Nancy to
.icnr about It) but anyway ho savs
he is going to fertilize his chin and
raise some whiskers like ho saw In
town one day when he brought some
;eese to market. He says for us m
l.ln..t I li
in .'ill aim r rnn u iwn nr turrnhicu ,
m rutit line. tt. uiuifitiff ii
ning. There wero quite a number of I Hturt,!1 ' u "'al Interesting and ex
I. . I l. I .
iriiHHiirir ittwi m un iiii.t.. n..i.-
. .. .... U11I , f , ,,.,,,, (!uv v i mi
re ecicn r un n.iviu.ir n.l ... i - -
thin week on business.
Mm Coin ami d u iic liter. Ad
at arms
Tho high school
baseball team
the young people present. Frank
Heeler was selected to lead next Sun
day and Kev. Ilowersox la expected to
be present. A program will be given
Sunday, May 13, and all the mem-
hers are requested to attend and take
part if possible.
Miss Stella Ilendure, of St. Helens,
was visiting Sunday with her friend,
MIhs Hnttlo Grewello.
The Dorcas of tho Swedish Luther
an church will . hold Its monthlv
meeting Saturday afternoon ut the
homo of Mrs. John Kalberg.
Kalph Spaulding Is now employed
as station agent hero slnco II. Thomp
son's resignation.
Tho girls' basketball dub mot Fri
day and elected officers. Miss Carrlo
ItOHsel was reelected captain; Llllie
Larscn wan elected secretary-treasurer,
succeeding Incss Grewello, and
Hilda Muhr was reelected manager.
Miss Madeline Thomas, of Bachelor
'lnt, and her sister Mary, of tills
place, spent Saturday and Sunday
visiting with their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. O. J. Thomas, In Goble, return-
take our brush, and paint whiskers ! Ing Mond.iv mr,rni.,
on his picture like tl,llg strokes' Mr. and Mrs. Fred Uhln.an and
of black, some short strokes of gray, daughters, Laura, Hilda and Lott e
then boiiio Just like the first and limt ! of Scum,,,.., '. i . e'
- - mm. OUIKIHV VlKlr-
keep right on stroking ,8 whiskers j In with Mrs. Louisa Boesel and F
till you make them 6ood and thick, j W. Boesel and family
and bring 'em to a pint about 1 Tim I.mhi. ....... . ..
. - -i v..... ..vukuu ui me L.uther-
K.:, .!h;" ,"p.l,n.Bomo.yci,owir ci,urch ,iui"
nunoay evening. Several good selec
tions wero rendered by the orchestra.
Mr. and Mrs. Pern Grewello and
daughters, Gladys and Holon, were
visiting In tho lloso City over Satur
day and Sunday with friends.
Puronts and friends are cordially
Invited to attend tho flnni ,.
Klvcn under the direction of Emll
citing gumu IuhI
with St. Helens, but rain stopped tin
IV ..ut Ut ll..l.,..u vlulr...l ill tlithoL
". ui leruiHlll l
or Mr. and Mrs. Hmer lirimoii
..n . .. . Snlnriluv
uiiiiK men oi I lie ruin.
tnuiillv u...p.. ... ... I)livn rrinn Imiiirlil M flllfl llOfK
, , u unu wnnessed , ' "
rew fin vii fiirii
I Mr mid Mm Vxwell HhlTWOOO,
, ni. nolens, ore moving -
tho game. Games havo been nrn-.niri.il
with Scappoose at Unit place Wedues-
flnv nml tvltl. u II.. I .. . .
, i. ,,,,,. ,,, lr )L.I.I ;
r riday. t pince again, we are gum m
ai .i... . (them homo.
.... urn Kmiigo meet iig Saturdiiv' ... . u.i.
Dm trtnnnnnA . . "",,,r,"ly. Earl Saxon Is homo from W
bell, and tho subject was discussed
by several enthusiastic members
among whom were W. J. Fullerton.
K. F. Larsen, Albert Freeninn, A. L.
Morris, A. L. Larson and A li t.
boll. A declamatory contest wii-i...,.i I 1,r0Hl"
-d Prizes given, UM for first I'V tV- u,bJ
i tor second prize. Those who took 1 ' 7 n nlu"wou"
part In tho contest wero Mr. !...., I vlH",,r 1 "'"I"-
"o Spaulding. Albert Freeman Ml . Mr, K' T' CmnH ! .
Kannl, tWr, MIh. M'! "' '' dub Wednesday. Aft
and Miss Eleanor Lurs,... . .. . lnol pro ,'"ltt J(,ln ",0
wus won by Mrs. Hr,i,ii.. l.. ..... i Crom Moclatloil In I'ortland
...... I.. rnr
i. i. iiuwiey win km"
.... . ti . . ... t tvln ut
vuu luniiiiij (inn, (u in
ink. hold the h.-iml hiuii u...i
down with soma force and there
well, now I know Uncle- Si never saw
myono uround our town with whis
kers like that, but anyway ho says
'Into our skulo board is composed of
ill men, except one woman (r.nd ho
!)0llnves she admires whlskors) he is
about ready to apply for tho persltlon
of principal for next year.
u won uy Mrs. Spuiildinrr. IOv..,J
"..joys Hearing the grange lec
turer s selections. Second prlzo was
won by Miss Conner. Tim ,ii
tlons of tho Misses Larson and Mr
reaman were also well given. Judges
of t io contest wore C. J. hu1,h,(1Ii a
U Morris and Mrs. N. F. Baker. Tl,
Warren Grnngo Orchestra r
-vera, good selection,,. At tho close
of the meeting light lullc, was served
Friends of Bortha Beam worn 8r.
prHl to hear of her nmrrlago last
Wednesday near Greshnm to Mr Cul
I"n Motter. of Cr,,a. Cai. Mrs M,.,.
tr lived several years hero nnd later
wen t ,,ullf()rrilii tQ ()o
unt and her parents moved to
Oreuham ubout a yonr ago.
White celluloid salt shaker cans
may now bo purchased u,i.i
. - I "1111,11 Will
Enna at tho schoo.houso VrtMlZS "
'"IO. ii. , II II I WBU U"
up the past ten days wit li a sprlf'
ii it LI..
Tho little dnughtor of J.
hiiB buou (julto 111 tho past two wco
but Is much Ininrovod the Inst I"
Harold English nnd Eugene KM
lun spent the.weok end with tielr
parents near Orogun City. HaroM h
a senior ut Lincoln high In 1'ortlanJ
Tho Puclllc Tel. & Tel. Co. I 10V'
llIK Its wire. In I tin new Doles.
Mrs. Knrr n St Helens vl'"0'
Scvorul cases of mouide-i hove ln!en
leoprted this wook.
('. H. English has ft 50-foot fl
polo to erect, and will Boon huv 01
Olory at the top.
Mrs. Mary Humlll linn boon
poorly tho lust two weeds und wll
probably go to the hospital for "
operation soon.

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