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Miss Helen Watts was a Portland
hopper on Tuesday.
The meat market ha a sign up,
"Closed for repairs."
Douglas McKay Bad wife motored
down from Portland Sunday.
Mrs. J. Frederlekstn will visit
home folks for several days.
Frank L. Smith is continuing to
ship potatoes by the carload.
John Rusk shipped three hives of
bees to C. A. Morden, at Mosier, Ore.
Little Lowell Washburn had ade
noids removed successfully last
James Leonard has erected a new
flagpole upon which to unfurl Old
Mr. and Mrs. Price were Portland
visitors on Tuesday (that was cir
cus day).
Mr. Goin and sou Clarence, of St.
Helens, was a Sunday visitor with
friends here.
Mrs. Horen and children, of Cuhle,
Bpent Sunday with Mrs. Charles
Mrs. Marie E&kridge, of Sheridan,
spent a few days visiting her mother,
Mrs. E. M. Watts.
James Leonard took in the circus
Tuesday. He just went to take his
grandson Ronald.
Rev. Johnston is planting rose
hushes and other shrubs and flowers
in the church yard.
Watts & Price shipped three car
loads of fence posts which were sold
to the S. P. & S. R. It. Co.
The chorus class has changed the
date of rehearsal from Wednesday
to Tuesday evening, at 7:45.
Mrs. Goshner and children moved
to Frank L. Smith's ranch, she tak
ing charge of the coo house.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Cioninger and
baby have been visiting Mrs. Clou
Ingcr's mother, Mrs. Rose Me'zer.
Mrs. Mary Copel:nd has received
a letter from her son Hen. who is
now at Houston, Texas, In the avia
tion corps.
C'hauncy end Ell.-.reo Ilutler, Al
Hackett and Miss Lu'bell Kingsley,
of Portland, spent Sunday at the
home of M. J. Butler.
The furniture of S.G. Lapham Is
being moved into the Robert McRay
house. Mrs. Lapham and children !
are expected soon.
Mrs. Chas. Sandstrom received n
letter from her brother, who is at
the front in France. Ho has been
wounded but is improving.
Watt Price, of O. A. C, was a
home visitor over Sunday, and re
turned to school to pack up and
come home for the summer.
Mrs. C. W. Weaver (Millie Grant)
has returned to her home at Mc
Cleary, Wash., after several weeks
spent at home assisting in the care '
of her brother, who now is nicely Im-;
The senior class held a slumber
party at the home of Eva West las'
Wednesday night. As near as we
can remember such parties, a few
years ago, turned out to be mor?
giggle than slurfrber.
The baccalaureate sermon was de
llvered by Rev. Johnston last Sunda;
night to a large congregation. The
senior class was all present. Miss
Taylor sang a solo and the choir ren
do red two beautiful anthems.
We noticed Tom Roy and T. J
Peters, of Clackamas, and Miss lies
sle Adams and Martin ('rouse roam
ing about town on Sunday.
Carl Heimuller rushed away from
work at tho store Monday, making
the excuse that he was going to set
a doctor about his lame hands, but
when he returned he was able to
clap his hands and say, "I went to
the circus."
Mr. Garrison caught 88 trout and
Charles Wikstrom caupht 87 in tin
'Scappoose creek. A great many peo
' pie arc having good luck catching
catfish from the lakes. The higl
water Is spoiling the lake fishing and
people are commencing to move the
cattle off the low lands.
N. C. Marls, of the extension de
partment of the O. A. C, addressed
a good audience in Watts & Prict
hall Saturday evening on "The Ne
cesslty of Producing More Food and
Preventing All Waste." A round
table was also conducted, after whlcr.
this precinct was organized with Hon
II. West, chairman; Mrs. Mary E.
Getchell, secretary; publicity com
mittee, Mrs. May Getchell, Mrs. Jes
sie McDonald, Mrs. Mildred Watts;
canning committee, Mrs. E. Adams,
Mrs. J. W. Pomeroy, Mrs. C. L. Hat
field. Literature has been ordered
from O. A. C. and efforts will lie
made to conserva the supply of fruit
and vegetables this season.
Miss Crow entertained the senior
class at the home of Mr. Crowley.
Those present besides Miss Crow and
Mr. and Mrs. Crowley were Misr
Helen Watts, Miss Eva West, Miss
Ollie Stoltenbcrg, Miss Gertie I'hl
man, Miss Bertha Uhlman, Miss Nel
lie Shatto, Miss Hazel Wikstrom,
Miss Daisy Wikstrom, Miss Marjorie
Holaday, Miss Vetma Lynch, Joe
Novak, Mr. Ogle, Mr. and Mrs. Dod
son. Miss Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Burt
West. The front rooms were deco
rated with dogwood and maidenhair
fern. The dining room decorations
were carnations. Dainty refresh
ments were served.
A "backward party," where you
were your coat buttoned up behind,
including your collar and vest, wsb
given Saturday afternoon at the resi
dence of Mrs. Elizabeth L. Adams.
The freshman class of the high school
entertained the teachers, the alumni
and the other classes of the high
school. About forty attended, all en
joying the games and dancing. Nice
refreshments were served, and all
voted this one of the nicest entertain
ments of the year. Miss Addie Adams
and Miss Ella Ilattan, of St. Helens,
were among those present.
Al j i
f: I V? , "
(Nee Miss Hazel Watts of Scappoose)
Miss Hazel Walts, daughter of Mr
and Mrs. J. G. Watts, of Scappoose.
was married Wednesday, May 16, to
Rev. Vernon W. Cooke in New Haven.
Conn. The ceremony was performed
by Dean Drown of Yule College. The
bride is well known in St. Helens
and Columbia county. She grudu
ated from Portland Academy in 1912
and from Wellesley College in 1916
While at Wellesley she attained
much promlnenco as a musical com
poser and pipe organist.
Mr. Cooke is also a graduate of
Portland Academy In the class of
1907; Whitman College, 1911, an I
Yale Divinity School, class of 1914.
They will reside at Wlllimantic,
Conn., where Mr. Cooke Is pastor of
the First Congregational church.
The last meeting of the parent-
teachers' association for the year was
held last Friday. The following pro
gram was given: "Food for the
Child," Mrs. Washburn; "Health of
the Child," Mrs. Blatchford; "Sani
tary Conditions," Jlrs. West; "Need
ed Improvements to Our Building,"
Prof. Dobson. The following officers
will serve next year: President, Mrs.
Crowley; vice president, Mrs. Nib
lock; secretary, Mrs. J. G. Watts;
treasurer, Mrs. Charles Bushman. It
was voted to engage in some form of
Red Cross work during the summer.
On Monday, May 21, we will open the
doors of our store, and we respectfully invite
the inspection of the public.
Every article in our large and complete
line has just been bought and is strictly up-to-date.
We have a large line of Dress Goods in the
latest patterns. Summer Goods and Wash
Goods in endless variety and at reasonable
Men's Furnishing Goods
Shirts, Neckwear, Underwear, Socks, Sus
penders, and in fact everything in Men's
Wearing Apparel.
Dress and Work Shoes can be found here.
No old stock. Watch for our next week's an
nouncement, but in the meantime visit our
store and see the well assorted stock we have.
Dr. Wooden was called from Clats
kanie to attend Mrs. L. Hickenbot
tom, who is very sick.
Mr. Blaker and family moved into
tho valley Tuesday and will spend
the summer and fall on their home
stead near Rocky Point.
Nehalem has made a good record
in supplying recruits for the navy,
as twelve of our boys have enlisted.
We wish them Godspeed and good
luck. .
After several days pleasantly spent
with her mother fn Cornelius, Mrs.
Tom Anderson has returned home.
Elder Cottrell of the Seventh Day
Adventlst conference, was with us
over Saturday. He preached Satur
day morning and held baptismal ser
vices in the afternoon, and- gave a
stirring sermon in the evening, on
"War" and the present condition of
the world In general.
I The death of one of the little twins
Guy Edward Throop cast a gloom
over the entire community. Rev.
Wilhelm conducted the funeral ser
vices from the Evangelical church
May day exercises were to have
been held .Friday but was postponed
till Tuesday on account of the rain.
We discuss the weather over hero
for and' against, but moBtly against.
No danger of tho few hills of early
garden drying out yet awhile.
Mr. and Mrs. Faulkenberg, who
have been looking after the work of
the Seventh Day Adventista at Ver
nonla the past winter, went out to
the annual camp meeting to be held
In Portland May 29 to June 11.
Everyone welcome. Tents on the1
grounds can be had at reasonable!
prices. Grounds aro located at Anna-'
Del station, Mt. Scott car line. We
have enjoyed Mr. nnd Mrs. Faulken
berg'a stay with us and shall, miss
them greatly.
Insure lives of recruits.
Assume personal debts of recruits.
Purchase space In your local news
paper to lnfbrm the public what you
are doing.
Orgr.utze groups for prayer at
noonday or sonic other hour for tri
umph of right.
Make it possible for good preach
ers to- go as chaplains, to visit army
camps, or to give series of talks to
Women's societies should follow
suggestions of Red Cross and organ
ize groups for training, making sup
plies, etc.
Keep a careful record of your
members who enlist. Follow them
with letters and encourage them In
any way possible. Do not help them
to magnify their discomforts hut ap
plaud their endurance.
Organize groups of women or
young folks to collect magazines and
books for use in the Y. M. C. A.
work In the army. Such papers
could be sent by the uoclcly taking
up tho matter, and arrangements
should be made for a regular servlc-i
not a sporadic one, as Is so likely
! to bo the case.
Thts rich can Invest in United
States bonds, and give to the Red
Cross either money or Bervico. For
men and women allko tliero is the
admonition to "keep cheery under
any hardship or loss." For men in
Enlist for military or naval ser
vice. Observe personal and household
I oconomy.
j Join the home defense league If
there is one.
j Increase farm and garden acrengc
, of food crops.
j Relate yourself to somo estab-
lished organization if possible, thus
i avoiding waste .effort and dupltea
I tlon.
I Maintain accustomed giving to es
: tabllsh benevolence,
j Urge individuals In private con
versation to be patriotic.
! Help organize Red Cross chapter
If thero is nono In community.
Co-operate In surveys under state
auspices to discover available re
sources. j Use influence to suppress cruelty
and anlmoaltles against innocent
lie willing to permit sons and
daughters to enlist where service
lire most needed.
iiiirnl iinutiirs can well umo farm
ers to plant all nvailnblo space' to'
food crops.
Don't bo slow to cxpresH your
loyal sentiments. Everybody Is either
loyal or not loyal In a time llko this.
Don't get overexcited, hut, on tho
other hand, don't be too unxlous to;
suppress your enthusiasm. It helps
others. . j
Volunteering III church work
where regular workers liavo either
gone lo tho wr or ere called to re
lief work.
City pastors can urgo vncunt-lot
gardening. Eiicourugo tho younger
boys and girls to work In your vege
table garden.
IKin't give up recreations, but keep!
tlicm from Interfering with your ser-
vice -ttils is serious business in
which we aro Involved. j
Keep your flag displayed from day
light till sunset-but don't let It be
come bedraggled. The Hag Is what '
you help to mnku It.
If you volunteer, whether In tlmj
military arm or elaewhere, plan to
do some religious work conducted i
along with tho army nnd nnvy
Literary Digest.
Woods has a .fine line of
Tobacco and Cigars, also
Fruit and Candies.
Good fast tables and a
clean place. A pleasant
way to spend an idle hour.
E. B. Woods, Prop.
Phone 96
The Ijjdl1 ChTTl
auxiliary to the Hod iv 1
land, and has ,,. . ."M
workln. f..,.. " T
- -" " uruor
Mrs. Kulan Will ftfill.i .
lato Saturday ev,.n
on Joo. who .....
appendicitis, hi.. m
and ranorta n,,. .. . 'I
nicely." U
Miss Mnrmierliu v. I
n. Li.-., u. " ?uniH
Miss Kenrns Is trlii, f
wuuie ior next year.
Mrs. McCnrtnev
Him r j
have been training ,0,, ,J
uw iun7, lu drive, but R
made up her mlini w
iraincu, rrotn the louV, 0(
nnd liamci.i.
Mrs. Ilonser returns
visiting Willi mends ln pt
three weeks.
Mrs. Mary llnmlll. i.. ...
a very serious operation it &
ceni nuspii:i ias Saturday,
covering raoldlv niit Hni .
----- -Ml
be at htnio ngalu in a few w
Mr. T f M.. .1
'"" was I Poi
Visitor for thn
Mrs. K. Thleeff, of PgrtlwJ
rruiny with her hrotkr
' 1
CWlkin.l Vlaw)
This Washer Furnished Free
Wouldn't it be a pleasure to have the only
Separator whoso bowl can be washed clean,
sterilized and dried in less than live tiunutosf
Wouldn't it be a pleasure to have'thc only
Separator that is truly sanitary from top to
Wouldn't it be a pleasure to have the only
Separator that retains these, qualities aJfcr the
tenth year, tho same as after the first or tilth
yea is.'
The mere turning of a rrink ctenim llie U.S. sanitary
nickel silver hkmiiiirr iui.J ;n no other iK-painlor) no
easy a UuU can o.i it.
See if Yeni tan fm. I u !i smh'iI ('leaning and lamlai?
iiui)im'ut in any ih. r t .i N-..ir.H.,r. It m.ii laiumt,
then buy a I...S.-Hil V, .,iid' lU-cord cicMi'slimmiiiui
Complete demonstru ion gladly iliven.
I'Olt H.U.H HV
Congregational fhureli
Bible school, 10 a. m.
Morning worship, 11 o'clock.
Y. P. S. C. E., 7 p. m. Leader,
Gordon Isbister.
Evening service omitted on account
of Baccalaureate sermon.
J. W. Palmer, of Portland Y. M.
C. A., will preach in tho morning.
Its Our
Mi'tiiodiHt CpiM-opal iliurch
"The' Friendly Church," Albert S.
Hlsey, pastor.
Sunday school, 10 a. m. -Morning
worship, 11 o'clock.
The subject of the morning sermon
will be "The Most Wonderful House
Ever Built."
Subject of the class sermon, "Your
Life Capital."
Special music both morning and
You will receive a most cordial
welcome at all the services of the
Railroads give Indirect employment
to industries that employ four mil
lions of operatives. It Is estimated.
that you buy St, Helens real m.
tate now. In the light of recent
developments price are likely to
advance Immediately.
We have a few good iiixide lot
which we Mill sell at reamtnable
prlcett, and many good loU suit
able for home building.
A Miiall payment down and a
little saved each month will soon
make you the owner of a . desir
able lot.
Save Yourselr
The Wash Day Labor
liny a package of
It Ih a real help on washing day.
eLa,s,elling GOOD groceries at prices consistent
with QUALITY. We will not raise prices wntU? .
forced to do so.
Succtuors to
'Phone 80
If you don't trade with us we both lose money

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