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Mrs. J. L. Morgan is again on the
Bick list.
Ernest Johnson Is building a lino
new silo.
Miss Vera Tipton, of Portland,
spent Sunday with her sister hero.
Miss Irene Stoltenberg has gone
to Portland to attend business col- j
lege. ' !
J. B. Thorp and family, who have:
lived near Parson's Crossing, moved I
to Portland. !
M. Kelso, of Milwaukie, Ore., Is j
spending the week at the home of
Victor Johnson. I
Mrs. Mildred Watts Is quite 111 at j
the home of her sister, Mrs. C. Hart-1
ness, In Portland.
Mrs. E. D. McKay and daughter!
Eva, who are now living at Warren, j
spent Tuesday with friends here.
Miss Athline Tolly stopped over
here on her way to Portland to visit
her mother, who Is now living there.
Marjorle Holadi'y, Helen Wutts
and OUie Stoltcnberg havo gone to
Eugene and entered the university.
Valdez White, who is home on a
15-day furlough, has been visiting
Portland relatives and friends a few
A letter received from Hen Copo
land states that he is now driving an
auto truck in the rear of the fighting
line in France.
Mrs. A. D. Holaday accompanied
her daughter Marjorlo to Eugene, j
and they spent the week end visiting
relatives there. (
The "lure of the wild" has again
called R. F. Nibloek and M. J. Butler )
to the woods, whore they are spend-;
iug a few days hunting. i
Many farmers are busy cutting,
corn. During ihe past week Fred j
I'hlman, J. W. Pomeroy and G. He-
gele have made ensilage. j
Frank L. Smith is preparing to
harvest the largest acreage cf pota
toes ever grown in Columbia county.
The quality is good and yield heavy.
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Milloy will soon
be living In their new house, which
Is being erected back of their store
on Mrs. T. A. Cloninger's property.
Harry West met with an accident
with his auto when it overturned
while he was on his way from Salem
to ihs home. He suffered some minor
The choir mot et the home of Mrs.
J. G. Watts Thursday evening. This
was the regular party night and a
getting together of tho young people
Contest open to all
Three men to com
pose a team, six In
Pull to be made as
shown in the Illus
tration. Trousers to be held
near the crotch, by
the first man in
each team.
Test to be a steady
pull. No jerking
If the seams are rip
ped, the names and
sizes of the con
testants, together
with the pair of
damaged trousers,
will be forwnrded
at onco to 8WEET
ORH & CO., Inc.
for the award of
the trousers.
swr ft. riDo :iii iA. e
before Helen loft for school. Ke
fresliments were served.
Mrs. Francos Gochnour has re
turned home after a stay at the
Good Samaritan hospital, where she
went tor rest and medical treatment.
She is Improving in health.
. Mrs. Francis and daughter Palsy
have gone to Portland for the win- ;
ter. i
Remember tho Hod Cross sewing '
Friday afternoons, upstairs in the
Grange hall.
Mr. and Mrs. John Saxon were
visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Kitcli
last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Butler and Mr. ,
and Mrs. Jack Appleton spent several
days at the Salem fair. ;
Mrs. Tidwell has returned from j
Portland, where she has been re
covering from a serious operation. '
Miss Elizabeth Caldwell and Miller
Hill, who have been visiting their
aunt, Mrs. Hen Hunter, left for their I
home in ltutte, Mont., last Thursday. '
A letter from Nelson Francis, Co. j
B, Engineer Corps, dated New York, t
states he Is In the best of health and !
expects to be somewhere In France .
botoro snow files. j
A merry crowd of young people
gathered at the home of the Misses
Rose and Ernie Gill last Saturday
evening. Games and music made the
evening pass all too quickly, while
refreshments added to the pleasure
of tho occasion.
The spirit of thrift and economy
seems to have taken a firm hold on
the housewives of this community.
On every sldo you hear of canning,
drying and otherwise taking care of
everything possible. Even the wind
fall apples are being dried, whereas
other years they havo mostly been
allowed to go to waste. Of course,
the same splrtt of thrift is every
where and perhaps this great world
calamity will be the means of chang
ing the most wasteful nation in the
world into a thrifty and saving na
tion. WARREN
Our high school is having very Ir
regular attendance this mouth on ac
count of the scarcity of help, but most
of tho boys will be back next week
and begin their bit in making the
student doings this year better than
At the last meeting of the active
members of the student body, Martha
Ityser and Hildur Peterson were
elected as correspondents to the best
paper In Columbia county, the St.
Hulotis Mist. Watch for news from j
Warren. '
The Warren School Glee Club held j
weekly practice last Thursday and
the members aro taking hold with
more energy than usual since being
awarded the loving cup as the cham
pion school glee club of Columbia
Mr. Muhr, who until recently was
in the barber business In St. Helens,
has returned to his company at Amer
ican Lake after visiting with Mrs.
Muhr and his parents here. J. C.
Boke left Wednesday morning with
the last quota for American Lake.
Warren hopes to receive visits often
from these boys before they take the
trip across the big pond.
Fifteen new actlvo members of the
student body were initiated last meet
ing, tho initiating program consisting
of innking a throe-minuto talk before
that august body. Some were terribly
afflicted with paralysis of the tongue
and will he given another opportunity
next Friday. More power to the
tongue We would rather they wore
afflicted with verbosity.
The people of this town and com
munity have been so busy since the
fair, getting in the corn and spuds,
that they haven't had time to tell us
who Is sick, whether son John got
St. Helens, Oregon
We have the largest and best equipped Garage and
Repair Shop in Columbia County. Our service is
always satisfactory.
Agency and Service Station for
Goodyear and United States Tires
&ll I 1 I J
J. II. FLYNN, Manager
Get busy. Come and bring your
Three Men to a Side
A chance to win a pair of
yourself famous besides.
We are selling agents fur the celebrated SWEKT-Okk union made trousers
known as the best wherever trousers are worn. SWEET-Okk & CO., Inc. guar
antee that the seams of these trousers will not rip, and have made special ar
rangements which enable us to offer
6 Pairs of SWEET-ORR Trousers Free
to anv six men in this city who can rip apart the seams of iheir Special "Yellow
Ticket" Tug-of-War Trousers in a pulling contest. "Yellow Ticket" Trousers
arc the best and strongest working garments in the world. They sell for $2.50.
Coats to match at the same price. Examine them at our store.
Tell your friends about this offer and get up a- SWEET-ORR Tug-of-War
Team. You may all win a pair of these serviceable trousers, made by 'the most
reliable clothing manufacturers in the world. SWKKT-OKR & CO., Inc. also
make high grade Dress Trousers which have no eipial for attractive appear
ance, comfortable lit and long wear, and don't forget SWEET-ORR Overalls
when you want the biggest value for your overall money.
married last week as per arrange
ment, or If that new silo Hank was
building Is finished. However, every
body Is busy and wo understand the
crops are a little better here than
anywhere else in tho county. So
County Clerk Harnett and wife
were visitors In Uouhon Thursday.
Mrs. Mlnnlo Burgess ami son, of
Itainler, spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Lindsay.
L. It. Chappoll, principal of the
Qulnoy school, visited over Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Brakley.
After u throe months visit with
their son, Smith Wagner of Olalhat.
Colo., Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Wagoner
ure again In Itouben.
Kxra Popplolon. an uld schoolmate
of T. C. Watts at Scappoose from
ISM to 1S2 and now a prosperous
fruitgrower In California, was a vis
itor at the Watts home Friday and
Saturday of last week. The school
mates of half a century ago had a
pleasant tlmo In talking over old pio
neer times In Columbia county.
F. A. Lymhurner, of the Mist of
fice, visited in Portland Sundr.y.
- ORR Yellow Ticket Trousers,
LiBt Twelve ducks, from my
place on Sauvlos Island. Ileward
ChrU Malhloson. 41-2-X
For Sale Sldclmrd, toablos and
other household goods. Apply Im
mediately to Mrs. C. II. John, St.
Helens, Ore.
For Sale Two fresh milk cows
Dave Coons, Warren, Oregon. Plume
108 F-ll.
For Sale At Oak Grove Creamery.
Scnppooso, 10 high grade Shropshire
bucks, price $10 ouch; 2 high grade
Jersey heifer calves, 6 days old, nl
$& ouch. O. A. Gegelo, Scuppoose,
1-ost or Strayed One dark brown
yearling heifer. Hit 0 In. horns. He
ward for Information leading to re
covery. Notify Mist office. 41-X-3
Pusturuge close In to St. Helens
for rent. Inquire of Bert llofrinun,
ut Ircudla hotel. 41 -It
For Sale Wheat und votch. also
Pure Bluestem and Hod Russian win
ter wheat. A-l for seed. C. J. Lar
son, Warren, Oregon. 8-lf
For Sale Wheal r.Td vetch mixed (
and wheat and rya mixed. Also one,
fanning mill. II. W. llelronielter,
Wur-oii, Ore., or 401 Grahum Ave.,
Portland, Oru. 3K-4-X
I buy fat cattle, milk cows, nny slxe
of Block cuttle, calves from 3 days
old and up, sheep, hogs, pigs and
goats. Good weighing scales on ,
ranch. Frank L. Smith, Stultbshlru,
Scappoose, Ore. Ju-tr
For Sale Vutch, oats and wheat
ready mixed and ready to sow. Als.
roclounud vetch. J. M. llurkheud,
Warren, Ore.. It. F. D. 1. 38-4 xj
4 I
Ten dollars roward for one three-,
year-old red and white cow with Ayr- j
shire crop on eara, und young Hoi-1
stelu cult. Jack Appleton, Door Is-1
land, Ore. 33-tf1
I have SO choice lots to soil. Will
ell all to one person r one at a
time. Harold P. Boss, Bank Bhlg ,
St. Helens.
Wanted Puoplu to know I am
running a car for hire. My motto Is
safety first. Phono A-32 or 64. H.
J. Southard. 14 tt
For Sale Cheap A number of
work horse aud milk cows. Address
Jack Appleton, Deer fsb.nd, Oregon.
21) -If
We have a second-hand Maxwell
car which we will soli at Cd0. Has
been used very llttlo and Is in Al
shape; fully guaranteed. Indepen
dent Auto Co.
For Sale A house and three lots
In West St. Helens. The property Is
worth $1,200. We will sell It for
$ti00. This la a snap. Inquire at
Columbia County Bank. 37-tf
and make
Urtt "5 b -t
i n Mlut frl.... " "r Ca Una
Telephone (J. I). uichcy Tr
land (or prompt and reason, ,
service. u'uio
For Hull Light iottm andl
and dollvery wagon. Price vr .
Honablo. Thus. Hoy. Hi ,,J.lt.r !.
Fur Hula 111 tP.v..l
Holsteln cow and helfur for ,! T1
to be fresh this winter;
jersey sow tor sa n.
numn-Jeriuiv lump .
:.".......:" "... "" to rmu.
tratlon; young HoIhIoIu bull calf
Kiuiu reginiranou, u. I), iii.i '
Huvotuwood Hnnch, Deer Island, 0r
For HaleSmall ViK, 2o7TT
ptiond. live, weight. wm. 8kur;
Wnrren. Ore, Phono 10H-K-3 4j
For Halo Young Jersey helfc,
10 to 10 month, old. ClovS
Farm, Peer Island, Oro.
Eight weeks old pigs for snlo
. Butler, Gobi. Oregon. 45..
George's Market
PIIONK4H Prompt Ner.uV
It's a Pleasure to Carry
our Bread aud Cake and we ctrry It
for tho benefit of the eating commun
ity. We receive dally conipllintnli
about our Bread and Cake and it
serve them because we do our utmwt
lo please patrons. We are citrcmel;
careful In our clean, model bskrrr,
and we use only the purest of m
terlals In muklng our bread, rolling
cake. But we do not charge you I
our carefulness.
St. Helens Bakery
J. K. ItuniHPy
J 1

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