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Canadian Officers Tell of the Great War at St. Helens Tuesday Night
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Off KM nW t
tn.il I "X. II
i ill i i i i i mi trAi i ' v'vzzz- j-afT i i i i i i i i i i . i i
mwr III
h, )ltrirt ami lwJ lltrl-l
tu UI' Money.
ounty AHor C W. PlakoHloy
compiled lint or in special tux
.,. In the county. Including thosd
In by tli varl'""1 Bcliiml districts,
n hlKl" w'10"1 l,r,cl. roud d1"-
W cltlot and town- TllB "M
t and Ccuti'.y. r.tc
ly roml
HMVll School
" .... n r
It B.3
. 3.7
. 11
.12 7
. 3 9
. 18
.10 2
. 2.
. 2 5
.13 I
.12 3
. 2 3
. (18
. 2.
. 6 5
. 6 6
. 4 3
27. . .
39. . .
40 ... .
42 Jt 1-
44 81
46 23
47 7.
48 .
49 Jt 2.
62 8 3
66 28
9 8
. 2.
. 37
. 3.6
. 8.
. 90
. 1.
. 6.2
. .7
addition to UiU the HIkIi School
It .04 mill.
Himiul Itoad Iltrlt Tax
No. MHI Dial. No. MIIU
1 6.6
4 10 .
4. 14 6.
aloa H lli MunA DUtrict No. I
morlnlnx 8chool Districts
Not. 14, 27, 4 7, 66 nd part
HimnIuI nty Tax
Inter H.G
Helena 143
The Beaver Drainage District tax
$2.88 pr acre, and tlie Mngruder
rainaia District la I I pur arre. t no
a Dutrot tux la a cents uer aim.
Portland. Ore. A sweeping change
the m.ithod cf couiDonautlnK mom-
in ot lucui urart noarus ior uinr
or In connection with tho aoloel-
aorvlcn law Iiun JuhI been ordered
tlio provoil run rulial general at
as htnitton.
Instead of belnir nuld tor their
ork at tlie rata of 21 ner hour, an
at ueon tno raso llinv are 10 us
aid on a unit hauls. That la. at a
ertaln sDeclflpd rata fur every man
whom a questionnaire haa been
tmt li v the hoard and whoa llnul
classification haa boon made.
Thirty cents por man claaHtned for
oacll hoard haa been tiled as the rate
In order In L- thin rlianirn In the
method of coiniiiiH;itlon. the uruvoet
marahul ei'imrul lm einiihuHland uar-
llcularly tho fuel that many board
membora. and In nimiv caaoe entire
uoardn. am vlvlnir Ihnlr mirvlrK to
goveriinitint without any com
pensation whataoi-ver.
To tlldKll nntrliitln nnlolala the EOV-
ernment Iiuh iixnreaHod lta dooo ap
preciation of thnlr Hnrvlciia.
Hut uiifortnnatnlv. It la nxnlutned.
Othor board iniunlutru linvn turned 111
Claims that' are fnlt In tie extrava-
Katlt. Ho blirli urn Minim rlnllllH til
ftRgrtKuto that thoy total more
monoy than cotiEreaa could be ex
pected to uiiiiriiorlntn. nr the nooulo
approvo, for that DurDoae.
The dflKlalnn in rluinira tlin moth-
ofcoinpi-nHutlon by pluclng It on
flat unit ImimU df nn rontu nor man
ClOHHlflotl for hilMi hoard van larvoly
Influimood. the nrnvont marahal Eon-
explulnH. by the urgent auggoa
tlona of nilitiv linni-rl ninmtinrH them-
oivea, who roll keenly th erroneous
poaltlon In which they were placed
by the heavy clalma of other board
Any board member who desires to
8lva li Ih uervlces to, the government
may atlli (0 B0 under the new regu
latlon. Furthermore. It la provided
that any board may, by unanimous
voto, arrange that one member, or
two motnbora of the board, may re
ceive the compensation, though In
uch case no two members may re
wive more than 26 conts per man
cldHHltlod, or If only one member Is
10 ne compensated, he shall not re
clve more than 16 cents per mun
!t might be stated, however, that
mis ruling was not made necessary
'niiniKti for Morv .Mi-nilii-in II.ih
The liiHtallutlon of tho nowly ict.
od olllcurs of the (jrange wait hold
Buturduy evnulng, K. F. I.uraon act
ing aa iiiHtullIng olllci-r. Me Imlucted
Into olllco Albert Frooniuii, inaMtor;
James A. llacoti, ovorni'i-r; O. I..
MorrU. lecturor; Frunk A. Iloyt,
tewurd; .'liarlo lliuiduro, guto keep
r; Frunk Honlor.'uHHlHtunt steward;
MIhh Fannie Cooper, lady UHxlHtunt
toward; Mian Anna llonaon, (i-rr-a;
Mlsa Kva Tarboll. roiuotia; MIbh Mlly
l.ammi, Flora; Mrs. N. Ilaki-r. chap
lain; Alpheus Wfllliorn, aorrotury,
and Arthur l.und, trouaurxr.
A vigorous campaign for a large
membership will be begun on the
evening of January 26, at which
time an open meeting will be held
to which all tho reslder.ta contiguous
to Warren and HL Melons and Rcap-
pooae are cordlully Invited. A fine
program with oratorical and musical
numbers will be given. W. I.. Jewel
of the state dairy Inspector's office,
and O. W. Rliupson, manager of the
Oregon Dairyman's KxchAnge, will
give talks on the be no fit of the
grange to the farmer. Luncheon will
be served and a good time la prom
ised to all. .
I'lu le Ham's Hi-ruritlt-H Are Iteuily
for You Now.
Cunilliliite for In I ted State Senator
(lutllm-H II In I'latform.
Meeting at (Ity Mali (Vindltlons on
lUUln l-'ronl to lln HUtrd.
I.leut. Col. J. M. McMillun, Major
Frank H. Kd wards and ("apt. K. J.
liook, tho throe Canadian o Ulcers who
are touring tho state under the aus
pices of the Stute Council of Defense,
will be In St. Melons Tuesday night,
January 22, and will toll tho atory of
the buttle front at the city bull.
Through tho efforts of S. C. Morton,
chairman of the Defense I.enguo, and
K. I. Ilullngh. asslstnnt chairman, the
Stuto Council of Defense has given
St. Melons a dute. It Is probably the
largest patriotic event that could
possibly bo given the county. The
otneors will bo accompanied by two
military orderlies and Hruco Dennis,
chairman of the State Council of De
fense. Coming from Astoria, they
will arrive In St. llolens on the l".
o'clock train, and Mr. llallngh has
made arrangements for their enter
tainment while here.
The first appearance of these ofll-
cors was In Portland on January 6.
at the public Auditorium, and a rec
ord breaking crowd was In attend.
anco. The effect of their tulk, ac
cording to press reports, was marvelous.
Every citizen of Columbia county
who wishes to know tho actual con
ditions that prevail on the blood-
soaked battlefields of France should
bo at the city hall Tuesday night to
heur theso ofllcers. who would now
hn fluhtlntr except for the fact that
thoy havo sustained Injuries which
prevent thorn from doing active duty
on tho battlofront.
Miss Mury Abry. daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. H. E. Abry, was married
Wednesday afternoon to Mr. V. L.
Stone, of Portland. The coremony
. nnrformnd In Groco Memorial
ohurch by Kev. Oswald W. Taylor.
rector. The bride Is woll known in
St llolens. having resided here for
the past two years, and Is vory popu
lar among tho younger sot. mio is
of the Honor Guard.
Tho groom Is a trusted employe of
tho O.-W. R. & N. Co. The happy
couple, after a Bhort wedding trip,
u,lll make their homo In Tormina
n:ilv the relatives and Intlmuto
friends of the contracting parties
were prosent at the coremony.
Tho Columbia County Hank tins re
ceived from the treasury department
In Washington tho Liberty Ltmn
Honda subscribed for by the peopl
of Kt. Melons and surrounding terrl-,
tory, and the bonds are at the bank
for delivery to the bond suacrlber
The bonds draw 4 per cout Interest
slnco November ID, and the liferent
Is payable semi-annually. ,'.',,'
During the second Liberty iLnan
drive, citizens of St. Ilolenn and terrlj
lory nearby subscribed for S4,000
of bonds, which was the quota, al
lotted to them, consequently tho
bunk has received bonds for this
amount. The olllrlals of the bank
wish It known that the bonds are on
hand for distribution to tlie sub
scribers to the loan.
Ootids for I .ate Ouyers
According to Sherman Miles, presi
dent of tho Columbia County Oank,
ninny Inquiries for bonds came In
after tho subscription was closed.
Anticipating this, the bank sub
scribed for a large block of bonds
and has a limited number that they
will sell. So, If you want a bond,
or If you have. subscribed for a bond,
don't lose any time getting to the
bank. If you are a subscriber and
have paid your sever.il payments,
pay the balance and take your bond.
If you are one of those who waited
too long but litlll want to share In
the defonse of this country (und It
takes motiey to keep tho Huns at
home) come to the bank and buy a
Liberty Ootid. The money raised by
the bond Issue, the money you have
subscribed, Is to be expended in arms,
Miimunltlon, pny of soldiers and
their sustenance so as to protect
those left at homo from the atroci
ties of the blood-thirsty Huns.
Call and get your bond.
Eighth grade examinations are be
ing held throughout tho county to
duy. In St. Helens the examination
Is being held by Mrs. Jiiniea Ellison,
und at Deer Island Miss Mnrcella
Hlchards, private secretary to the
county school superintendent. Is con
ducting the examination.
School Superintendent Allen re
turned Saturday from a visit to the
Kehalom schools. A local Institute
was held ut Mist and several teach
ers were present as well as many pa
trons of the schools.
' Tho school at Prescott is growing
rapidly, according to J. V Allen,
who was In Prescott Wednesday. The
number of scholars have Increased
und It bus been found necessary to
employ two teachers so that tho 50
scholurs In attendance may obtain
tlie host results.
"I pledge myself, If elected
United States Senator, to re
spond to every appropriate call
upon me for Borvice to my coun
try, and similarly pledge my-
M!lf, if defeated, to perform to
tthe best of my ability and op
portunity every task which may
be allotted me as a citizen."
Address of Robert N. Stanfleld
at Pendleton January 10, 1918.
At the annuel Community Meeting
of the agricultural and dairying In
terests of Umatilla county, held at
Stan Held, Ore., Jnnuary 10, R. N.
Stanfleld, republican candidate for
the nomination for United States
senator, was the principal speaker.
There were hundreds of his neigh
bors and life-long friends and ac
quaintances present, and In the
course of his address he stated the
principles upon which he would
stand In his campaign, which are as
1. To support the national admin
istration and the heads of the gov
ernment with all my ability and en
ergy ih the speedy and vigorous pros
ecution of the war to a peace sutls
nactory to the democracy of the world
nnd compatible with the highest
Ideals of our civilization.
2. To a selective draft In practice
as well as in theory, which shall In
sure organization of the national
army and at the same time reserve
the necessary labor and supplies for
the continuation of our Industrial
pursuits and commerce.
3. To an equitable control and
regulation of food supplies, com
merce and Industry, and the estab
lishment of a primary market In
Tho I. O. O. F. lodge Installed Its
olllcors for the coming term Sunday,
January 45. The Installation was
conducted by District Deputy Grand
Master t'ther W. Clr.rk. Tho officers
Installed are as follows:
Noble Grand Fred V. Clirlstlo.
Vice Grand Ira Suurer.
Secretary C. W. Olakesloy.
Trousuror W. A. Harris.
Wardon Norman D. McCollum.
Conductor John McKle.
Chaplain C. M. McCauloy.
R. S. 8. Percy H. Veuzle.
L. S. S. Victor Anderson.
R. S. N. G. Jesse Lansing.
L S. N. G. L. E. Allon.
V. G. W. A. Levi.
V. G. Carl A. Hellonberg.
I. o. Percy W. Harrison.
O. G. Uther W. Clark.
A Hoovor lunch was Indulged In
aftor Installation
R. S
by the action of the Columbia county
board, for It cost the government
only $12.20 to examine the first ,208
drafted men called In Columblu. It
was necossary to secure the services
of an additional physician to old In
the examination, and he charged 10
centB per man on 122 men he ex
amined, t
ALLIES $4,000,000,000
War credits extended to foreign
governments slnco the United States
entered tho war total $4,236,400,
000. Of this Great Britain received
$2,046,000,000; France, $1,286,000,
000; Italy, $500,000,000; Russia,
$325,000,000; Belgium, $77,400,
000; Serbia, $4,000,000.
L . 1
Music, Speeches, Lunch and Dancing
A ff ord I'leaxure.
The entertainment given by the
Shipwrights local No. 1838, at the
city hail Saturday night was a very
pleasant affair, and a -large number
of people wer In attendance. Musi
cal selections nnd speeches added
much to the entertainment of the
evening, and the speech by Major
Tllden, president of the Sommar
strom Shipbuilding Company, was a
patriotic and eloquent address. The
feature of the evening was the pre
sentation to Secretary Mclnnls of a
beautiful gold watch by local No
1838. The members of the local
felt that Mr. Mclnnls, as secretary,
had done much to aid them and ex
pressed their f.ppreclMlon In this
way. A nice lunch was served at the
Guild hall, after which the dancing
started and continued until the
morning hour.
Funds to He Raised for Work in
Army Camps.
The drive to raise a certain amount
of money In the state of Oregon for
use by the Knights of Columbus In
establishing and maintaining recrea
tion camps for the use of the United
States sailors and soldiers is now on.
Portland's share of this fund is $50,
000 and all of the money raised goes
for war work. No expense is charged
for the handling of the funds, the of
ficers of the comnfittee, national and
local, volunteer their services and
the books are open to investigation.
The K. of C. Is working with the
Y. M. C. A. in tho v..-louj camps of
the government and each has all It
can do. They are co-operating to
strengthen the heart and arm of the
United States soldier and sailor, and
to make him happier In camp and
braver In the field.
The work of the K. of C. has the
endorsement of Newton D. Baker,
secretary of war, as well as other
prominent government officials.
It is expected that at least $1,500
will be raised in St. Helens. The'
general committee, composed of Will
iam Russell, Rev. Wm. Hampson and
Sherman Miles, is busy appointing
sub-committees and canvassing com
mittees so that everyone will be given
an opportunity to contribute to the
Avon Lodge Entertains Highest Of.
flt-ials in Oregon Domain.
Portland on equal basis with Chica
go and eastern ports.
4. To a nation-wide prohibition
and to all mousures which shall make
it practicable and operative and not
6. To permanently establish equal
suffrage In both state and nation.
G. To establishment by the federal
government of a naval base at the
mouth of the Columbia river. .
7. To effective rural credit legis
lation and administration with a par
ticular view to its adaptability to the
needs of Oregon.
8. To construction by the federal
government of a military highway
along the Pacific coast,, and federal
aid in the construction ot permanent
9. To see that Oregon participates,
all things being equal, in national
trade, commerce nnd industry, and
that our state is given recognition in
the federal expenditures made ne
cessary by the war.
10. To legislation which shall
bring to a settlement the public lands
quostlon, and the greater develop
ment of Oregon's natural resources,
including the development of water
power, reclamation of arid, swamp
and logged-off lands.
11. To the organization and mob
ilization of all industrial forces, with
a just and proper consideration of
the rights ot labor, which shall gunr
(Contlnued on Page Five)
H. O. Paddock, who Is connected
with the office of the collector oi in
ternal revenue In Portland, Is in St.
Helens for the purpose of aiding
those subject to the income tax to
prepare their reports. It should be
remembered that all single persons
receiving more than $1,000 annually
are subject to this tax, and married
persons receiving more than $2,000
must also pay a tax. The penalty
for failure to make report Is very
severe, so It will be to the Interest
of those subject to this tax to call
on Mr. Paddock at the Columbia
County Bank and see just how they
stand In relation to this tax. After
banking hours, the government man
may be found at the St. Helens hotel.
Avon Lodge No. 62, Knights of
Pythias, had as their guests Tuesday
night Grand Chancellor Leslie E.
Crouch, Grand Keeper of Records
and Seals Walter Gleason, both of
Portland, and Grand Vice Chancellor
Fred J. Johnson, of Astoria. Gus
C. Moser, past grand chancellor, ac
companied the officials who arrived
on the evening train. They were met
by a committee of lodge members
and escorted to the lodge hall where
a duck dinner with all the necessary
trimmings was in readiness. The
visitors and the 25 members present
did justice to the dinner, and after
a short social session the lodge work
was taken up.
Grand Chancellor Crouch made an
address which made a great ImDres-
slon upon the lodge members. The
aadress was ringing with patriotism
and fraternalism and will be lone
remembered by those who heard It.
Speeches were also made by Mr.
Gleason, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Moser,
and all were enjoyed and appreci
ated. Responses were made by sev
eral of the lodge members.
The Knights of Pythias haveTe
gun the raising of a $500,000 war
fund for use among the members of
the order and their families as the
necessity arises. So far, the re
sponse by the Knights throughout
the United States has been such that
the officials feel highly gratified and
believe the amount will be raised
without the least trouble. Grand
Chancellor Crouch stated that the
Oregon lodges ranked first through
out the United States in contribu
tions per capita to the fund, and, as
he expressed it, is "Just another inci
dent of Oregon being first." His home
lodge, Ivanhoe No. 1, of Portland, la
at the top of the list.
The grand chancellor is a com
paratively young man, but a very
able one. He is enthusiastic as to
Pythlanism, and the precepts of the
order radiate from him. The mem
bership of every lodge he has visited
since assuming his high office has
taken on new life, and it is predicted
that he will eclipse the records of
11 former chancellors.
A pleasant feature of the evenlns
was the installation of Prelate Robert
Dixon and Master at Arms Rees Hall.
These officers were not present at
the last meeting, when the other offi
cers were Installed, so the officers of
the grand lodge installed them, an
honor both appreciated very much.
It was In the early hours of the
morning when the lodge came to a
cIobo, and all voted it one of tho
most pleasant and Instructive ses
sions ever held. The visiting officials
left for their homes Wednesday
' At the meeting of the city council
Monday night the question of grant
ing a franchise to Frank Shepard for
the operation of his auto bus In the
city limits came up for discussion.
The council decided to grant the
franchise on a payment ot $40 per
year, payable quarterly. The coun
cil had a tie vote on the matter and
it was up to Mayor Bullagh to cast
the deciding vote. Counctlmen Mc
Donald and Kelly voted against the
granting ot the franchise, and Coun
ctlmen Allen and White in favor ot
It. The mayor also voted "yes,"
which gave a majority in favor ot
the measure.
Mrs. A. W. Muchow, of Portland
was here last yeek on a Bhort visit
to her daughter, Mrs. Von A. Gray
Following the meeting of the
stockholders and the election ot di
rectors, which was held last week,
the directors ot the Columbia Coun
ty Bank elected the following ofllcers
to serve during the ensuing year:
President Sherman A. Miles.
Vice President Martin White.
Cashier A. L. Stone.
Assistant Cashier Gladys Ashby.
The report submitted by the offi
cers of the bank showed that the in
stitution was in a flourishing condi
tion and the deposits, which approach
the half million mark, were the larg
est in the history of the bank.
A. H. Tarbell left last Monday tor
the central states to examine, with
the view ot purchasing, a Shorthorn
bull ot high record stock for his
herd of Shorthorns which he is se
curing. High grade and registered
stock is being brought to this district
very rapidly. Much credit is due
County Agent Howard for this improvement.
Rev. A. S. Hisey left Monday for
Sllverton, Oregon, where he will aid
In a revival meeting.

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