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ill have to rearrange tlie pienw-'i
Issued Every Friday by
O. D. HEILBORN. . . .Vice President
and Manager.
S. C. MORTON Editor
One Year ' RU
Six Month! 75
Entered as second-class matter,
January 10th, 1912, at the Postofflce
at St. Helens, Oregon, under the act
of March 3rd, 1879.
"I pledge allegiance to my Flag,
and to the Republic (or which it
stands, one Nation indivisible, with
Liberty and Justice for All."
"Look at the map!" cries Presi
dent Wilson. "Look at the map!"
cries Cheradame. "Look at the
map!" cries Fraser, and "Look at the
map!" would serve as a preface to
Gurmbach. Geography, long known
to be the half of war, is a good four
fifths of this war. It explains how
Germany, having launched the big
gest get-rich-quick scheme ever
heard of, has realized enormously on
a comparatively insignificant invest
ment. Look at the map. The German em
pire now reaches from the North sea
to Persia, Belgium is German. A
strip of northern France is German.
Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and
Roumania are German. So is a huge
area of Russia. Au3tria-Hungary,
Bulgaria and Turkey are German
provinces. Mitteleuropa, some call
the present German empire. That
understates it. The present German
empire not only bestrides Europe, !t
bestrides western Asia. It is no ex
aggeration to speak of this war as
"the biggest get-rlch-quick scheme
ever heard of.
One still keeps meeting the Amer
ican who says, "It beats me to see
how their money holds out." Look
at the map. To an amazing extent, it
is not their money that holds out.
It is Belgian money and French
money and Roumanian money. Bel
glum pays $96,000,000 a year.
French banks in the invaded terri
tory are systematically looted. Buch-j
arest paid a tax of $380 per capita.
Says Cheradame: "Everywhere j
the Germans steal horses, cattle, do
mestic animals, grain, potatoes, food
products of all kinds, sugar, alcohol,!
all of which constitute the reserve
supply of the occupied countries.
Their harvests, too, are appropriated
through the cultivation of productive
lands by means of labor extracted j
almost without cost from the en
slaved peoples." i
Aboard the Prinz Hendrlck the
Germans stole $2,000,000 worth of,
diamonds from mallbags. A steady'
stream of jewels, specie, securities!
and priceless works of art has poured j
into Germany ever since the begin
ning of the war. We speak of "occu-l
pied" territories; they are methodic-!
ally despoiled. Everything capable!
of removal is removed if wanted. A1-;
most everything is wanted, even the
inhabitants. Either he goes to Ger
many or tolls for Germany at home.
As Cheradame putB It. "73,000,000
Germans have reduced to slavery
8!,000,000 Latins, Slavs and Sem
ites." Four years ago the Invaded
territories had an aggregate wealth
of $31,000,000,000. See them now!
Over and over again during this
war the optimists have said buoyant
ly, "What does the map matter? We
are not fighting to gain ground, we
are fighting to kill Germans. We can
kill them as dead In one place as In
another." Ridiculous! Territory
gained by German cohorts Is not
ground alone. It is banks. It is
town treasuries. It Is shops full of
merchandise. It is food. It Is loco
motives and machinery. It Is do
mestic animals. It is copper, Iron
and coal; the coal mines of northern
France yield 40,000,000 tons a year
It is human beings. When Germany
conquers a part of a neighboring
country, that part Is not only a com
plete loss, it 1b made to fight for Ger
many against the remaining parts.
With each advance Germany becomos
Look at the map! Console your
self, if you like, by tiusting that Ger
many will some day be forced to give
up Belgium, northern France, Ser
bia, Montenegro, Albania, Roumania,
and western Russia. It is a bit like
waiting for a fire to go out so that
you can recover the ashes. Console
yourself, if you like, by rolling as a
sweet morsel under your tongue the
phrase, "No annexations, no Indem
nities." Germany is fast collecting
all the indemnities her victims can
pay. And Germany has no intention
of relinquishing her gains. Read
Grumbach; go through "Germany's
Annexationist Aims" from cover to
cover; study the annexationist ut
terances he has collected. Reflect,
meanwhile, thnt not one official state
ment thus far issued tends to dis
count his conclusion that the leading
minds In Germany are overwhelm
ingly for annexations.
Germany talks "peace." Germany
does so In the hope or detaching
some member of the alliance and In
the hope of breaking down morale In
each of the allied countries while
stiffening German morale by con
vincing Germans that they are beset
by ferocious, implacable foes, on
whom lies the responsibility for a
continuation of the war. But al
ways the "peace" offers contain men
tion of "suitable guaranties," "pro
per securities." In official utter
ances there has been no marked
change since July 31, 1915, when
Wllhelm II. declared, "In heroic no
tions and sufferings we shall perse
vere without wavering until the ar
rival of the peace, of the peace which
Offers us the necessary military, po
litical and economic securities, and
which fulfills the requirements of an
unhampered development of our cre
ative powers at home and on the free
The pope, the Russians, the Social
ists at Stockholm may talk of a
"peace without annexations;" official
Germany never. By "guaranties"
and "securities" official Germany
means annexations. Not the erection
of buffer states. Not precautionary
measures. Not felicitous arrange
ments making for harmony, good
will, and lasting peace. Annexation
outright. Annexation In its cruelest,
most atrocious form. The theft of
lands. The expulsion of the inhabit
ants. Yes, even that! Read Grum
bach and see. Then, after recalling
what has hr.ppened during the last
three and a half years, look at the
The Uolsheviki plan (made In Ger
many) proposed an armistice; where
upon Lovat Fraser wrote: "Can you
conceive what the kaiser's, plenlpo- w
of the state. CorvallN
'tentiarles would say If an armistice districts
! were declared tomorrow? His spokes- j Courier.
men cringe and whine a little in thei
'reichstag Just now. In order to de-IOUi ALLIES' 1'1'IM'HASKM II Kit K
!celve us. but their demeanor would' Mt of the money advanced lv
! change In an instant If we were fool- the United States to the nations In
Ish enough to direct our guns t.v Krpe engaged in war with C.or
' cease firing. They have trump cards ""my Is spent In this country for the;
! In their hands." So this Is how Fra- products of our furms. mines and j
I ser concludes they would talk : factories. (
"Beaten? The mere suggestion is I'nder the arrangement made by
: ridiculous. Why. we have won! You ! the secretary of the trcusury and ap-j
jonly consented to talk about peace proved by the president, these allied,
because you could fight no longer. ! governments communlcato their re-,
j You have boen fighting before Ypres qulreiuonts for materials .and sup-
on the very ground where you fought l"es to a United States commission;
! three years ago. The French Hue be. through tholr own doslgnuted pur-
'fore Verdun Is not evon where It was chasing agonts In this country and J
in January, 1916. Frnnce says she the commission then renders Its best!
! wants back Alsace and Lorraine. We efforts, to obtain advantageous terms
won them with the sword; has sho ! which are submitted to the purchus-,
'been able to win them back with. the i"K ugenta. I
sword? You talk of reconstituting ' By theso means competitive bid-,
i Serbia. Have you recovered a yard blng against the other allies and !
iof Serbia? Italy wants Triost amli against the United States Is avoided!
I the Trentino. Then why did she not and the same terms and tho same
I conquer them? Your talk of Poland . treatment our own government re
mand western Russia Is nhsurd. Po-jcoives is accorded to our ullles.
land his disappeared.' How can you j It is expressly stipulated that no
'claim to sottle the futuro of Con-'obligation or liability upon tho I'jilted
'stantinople when you could not nd-'States .shall bo created by this or-1
ivance five miles toward It? Then . rargemont. Our government U slm
.why didn't you turn us off the Heldy londlng Its assistance to our al- j
glan coast? We have invaded lm-lies' in the spending here of the I
mouse regions, and I three years you ImSnoy we loaned them. The protec- j
have not wrested from us much uiflre 16u thus granted them Is deserved,!
than the area of a single English for they are doing the work which,
county. We are the victors, and thfMf they do not do, must bo done by j
.solid proof of It lies In the ground , Amarlcii at the expense or American
;-e continue to hold, although th lives iind American money.
1 whole world Is arrayed against us.'j i '
, Look at the map. In certain res-' 'fMV WK MUST CONSKItVF.
pects Its most Interesting disclosure: .Millions of men have been taken
!are not those relating to conquered ! fronl wliel raising nud have gone
terrltorv, they are those relating to!lnto ,he trenches. Fields havo been
, bamboozled territory Austria-Hun-; IllU1 W1,8le ,,v the enemy Food Biip-
er.rv Rulearia. Turkey. A continu-! P'' IP ro ,,B'nK ,,v
ous block they form.
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a Start
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All are now '"urines. Crops in other countriea
German. They have helped to pro.
mote Germany's biggest
quick scheme ever heard
content with skinning the vanquished
she skins her allies.
Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and
have been poor. These are some of
get-rich- the reasons why there is a shortage
of. Not ' ' w'ieut and why we aro asked by
Mr. Hoover to conservo In our kit
chens and at our tables.
Four hundred million bushets ot
Turkey have drawn on the credit of wlieal 18 a ",rKe amount, nut we must
Berlin. But what have thoy drawn? j supply It- In one way or another wt
Gold? "In reality." says Charadame. ! mU!,t Bpt H together here and send
, "Germany, merely by keeping a 11 "cross the water to those asso
printlng press busy turning out Ut- . elated with us In this war. We can
tie stamped slips of paper, has oh- not do this unless we are willing to
tained troops, foodstuffs and raw ma- UHe Bonle other food for a part of
iterials which were indispensable to1 tlie wheat we would ordinarily con-
'her In avoiding defeat, and nt the ."" That Is why we aro urged.
! same time she lias so established s a patriotic duty, to observe wheut
herself as a creditor as to give her ,css uaV8 strictly, and on other days
the right to exact final payment io t0 use onlV the minimum amount of
jher allies for advances which were ! wheat foods, wasting absolutely
primarily made to them in Germany's ! nono- The aid of every Individual Is
own vital Interest." , needed. Are you saving your Bharc
j What follows? Obviously, the com-' of that 400.000.000 bushels of
iPlete dependence of Germany's allies ! wheat?
upon Germany a Pan-German cus-! ;
toms union, a Pan-German ngricul-j ('ros rkr who ad-
iturnl control, a Pan-German banking' audience in the
control, a Pan-German canal contml . city hM mUHt l,ave thouht St'
iall designed to take orders from Hor-eM 1"Ckel '" P""-'"118"' r thul-
!Hn. The Pan-GermKn drer.m Will 88,11 08 10 P"triotlc work' . had
have been realized-as the Pan-Ger-1 Just C""6 from Halnl,,r un,i n"u-
'mnnlsts themselves state It, "a terrl-! kanl' where' Bhe Btat0ll "B,ie Hl1
tnrv larire enonirl. n lnrl.,ri mutrV"iTe'ie'i enthusiastic meetings and
and economic resources entirely suf-!pucke1 1,0UHfi"-" In st- Helena only
1 ficlent In time of war and to assure
to its rulers in time nf nc-pi. ip
domination of the world war." j lhe fact ,)Ut unioubtedly she must
1 Look at the map. Read Cher.v haVe n,entalIJr compared the attitude
dame. No one has given us a clearer of 11,0 St' ,,olon'' peo',le ,0ward tl,is
account of the Germany we are fight-igrCat work wlUl the nltltu,l of the
' ing. No one has done more to bring C'1""' of the a"r !ml of tl,e """'J'
home to the American people some;Wllat ls tlie "lat,fir wlt" U8? Are
realization of the appalling task we! we to 1),,8y to (l anything In this
have assumed. Every advantage al- WOrk cxc'!pt ,0 occasionally throw a
'most, is on the German side econ-1 (1""ar ln the ,,al wllHn il- C0,n0K
omy, union, position, Initial success. 1 ar0UmI' aml take 11 for Kran,e'1 wo
We are in for a Inn, w,r i.u , , ,,llve done or duty? In't it time
Room 11, Bank Bldg. Phone SO
K. A. UOTOF.lt, I'rop.
American and Kuropean l'lan
All IlUKMNt Call at HoUl
Kvcrythlnu Modern Kit-urn Ilratlug Tlnnl
Hot and Cold Water in Itooma
houses." In !
a handful turned out. The sooaker
; was too polite to make reference to
Stationary Wash Tubs and Bath Room supplies.
St. Helens, Oregon
j we should wake up r.nd do our part I
of the wheel work?
The careful man asks you
are you thinking of after earning money for
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Put your money in OUR bank.
Oldest and Strongest in the County
Columbia County Bank
the map! Let us make the stern
choice now of dealing squarely with
the stern truths. We shall win this ;
war, hut only by calling Into play ouri UNCLAIMED
utmost energy, our utmost endur
ance, our utmost courage, our utmost
capacity for devotion and self-sacrifice.
Hollln Lynde Hartt In Chicago
In 1916 the voters of Oregon adopt
ed a useless and confusing amend
ment to the state constitution pro
vldlng that all city elections muat bo
held on the same day as the state
Letters unclaimed at tho St. Hel
ens, Oregon, postofllce for the woeU
ending January i'l, 1918:
Wm. Archer, Mahell Bezen, ..Irs
Anna Cott, H. A. Davidson, G. A.
Downing, Vun Klerney. I). J. Giorn,
Mr. and Mrs. Dol. Unicorn, Mrs Mag
nus Hill, Mrs. hv. Hammer, Mr:,.
Stella Morris, Mrs Dorothy MfOln
ley, Bess Pungbrn (2), Wayne Por
ter, Mrs. F. G. Uobloy, Harley Van
Letters unclaimed by January 26
Agency for
The Chevrolet
Sold on easy terms
Hupmobile Service Station
Keep a Full Line of Firestone Tires
est equipped Machine Simp in the town for Auto
ami Marine Work
and county elections In NnvemW t
each year, says the Coqullle Sentinel. I w111 be Bent to tlie olvlHon of dead
The sole thought of the author off '
that amendment and of the voters IVA E- I501. Postmnster.
who made It a part of our const.lt n-
St. Hklkns,
Battery Recharging
Hon apparently waB to save expense
and make the election boards which
conduct the November elections take
over the work of the city elections
In addition.
But next fall, while the city elec
tions will be held on the same day
as the county and state elections, they
will have to be held at different
places, with different election officers
and separate and distinct ballots tho
same as before.
The reason for this was that, bo
far as this amendment was concerned
the legislature that met In January
of the lakt year slept at the switch
and made no provision whatever for
oarrylng the provisions of that
amendment Into effect.
In order to make the amendment
effective except nj to the day of
holding the elections, the legislature
! will have to enact a new law and the
cities will be obliged to amend their
I charters and then the county courts
Priority orders must bo Riving a
lot of people writer's cramp.
Our work and service "is
as good as you can get in
Portland. Let us call for
1 your laundry.
St. Helens Steam
Geo. Watkins, Prop.
St. Helens Lumber Co.
Wood and Lath
Electric Lighting
Lumber Manufacturers

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