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jin Yon Purchased One of Uncle Sam's Baby Bonds? On Sale at Postofflce
W vvk. JZmJ J I I i II I r -z i ' z i f " 111 IV II II II
Volume xxxvii.
NO. 9
tpil of (immunity to Ikmk l,lf.
In Warfare.
Qtort Nelson Iljork, whose nil-
JrMi , given as mi. Minims, in llll!
Ml I fllll III If III WUtlW ww inn
. . --.....I upfini l lltk II....
ra in aciuKi ......
- I..ll.... ...I,.!., 1..
...t.mar-lflH UHMIIf Hill HI III II HllBlil IIU
rilled wwfur. Hvral other bojr
1ret of our toiuuTB 10 uo siueu ty
.i.. (lupniin ur niftr lilnoa. Not vrv
... iu n.i . t.ii..
. ... I.. . nr., liln. iin ik
tlia mills, on icmi)or z na ap-
at inn nnirn or inn rnunif
i..L lw.V mi lila Aral fltlvntt-
khlp pipers, Kmnjc mi aie an Zt;
nrUUUIIUll. llllHUnt.HHIIl . V. k.U VIMLV
... .I.L - O I III. II--
ul MB Dinn s nwruuu. mi BiiuiirK-
llon lor cmziinsmp paper siainu mai
he hid lived la America nine May 4,
107. Former County Clerk Harnett
end Dr. J. II. Flynn knew Iljork
.1.. ii i. - i.i i u i.i.i.
terms. It Is understood that ho
worked In either tlia mill or shipyard
or inon wnuo ueiore onusiing in
I lie nun of George Nelson, nnd It l
probshlo this Is the roasou t hut so
fur knew of Mm as Iljork.
Soreral olhur Columbia county
boys wore on tho torpodood vessel
but were saved. Oregon boya who
re known to have lost thoir lives
Tarry Tuttlo, KIkIii.
William P. Morln. Portland.
Theodore K. l.ewton, Forest Grove.
Percy A. Steven, Hum!.
Curtis A. Wilson, Salem.
Jsmos II. Ourney. Glide.
James L. Pierce, Creawnll.
Peter A. Agron, Jewell,
John A. Lanko, Astoria.
Klmor A. Houston. Iluld.
Illlny A. Murray, Eugnno.
Henry 0. Dato. linker.
How Our Hihool Are Helping U Win
the War.
A farewell reception wan given to
Prof, and Mrs. McCoy at tho city
hall Tuesday evenlg. Although the
reception was hurriedly planned and
many did not know of It, at least 100
people were In the hull to say good
bye to the McCoy and wluh them
good fortune In their new homo, nnd
to enjoy the musical program. A.
II. I-nko acted us miiKter of cere
monies, and MIhb I'hyllla llrown, MIhb
Laura Hteiinlck and Mrs. (hikes de
lighted the audience wtlh plnno and
vocal solos, as did Mr. JumleMon
I'rof. McCoy gave a solo and a read
ing and short talks were made by
8. ('. Morton and County Hchool Su
perintendent Allen. I'rof. linker, In
a few well chosen remarks, presented
I'rof. McCoy a handsnmo gold watch
and chain, and a beautiful lavaller
to Mrs. McCoy. Aftor tho program
light refreshments wero nerved. The
McCoys left for their new homo In
Cortland Wednesday morning, carry
ing with them the good wishes of
many friends hero.
Will lie Vnn In Itoad District Num.
her H and U.
Helens Man (Jets Communion
Joins dolors.
i nd
It. II. Itawson, for some years con
nected with the St. Helena Creosot-
Iiir Company In an tin porta lit posi
tion, tins tendered hla resignation
and received a lieutenant's commis
sion In the Unltor Slates army. He
Is attached to the npruco regiment
and bis headquarters are in Van cou-
ver, Waah. Mr. and Mrs. Itawson
left St. Helens Tuesday, Mr. Rnwson
reporting for army duty Immediate
ly. For the present, whllo the lieu
tenant Is stationed at Vancouver, the
Itawson family will make their home
In Portland.
At Its special meeting Wednesday
the county court entered Into a con
tract with the Portland Motor Car
Company for tho delivery of a Pack
ard C-ton truck. Last fall the court
practically bought the truck, or con
traded for It because of the raise In
prices on all auto trucks' bo that the
truck to ho delivered was bought at
last year's price, a saving of several
hundred dollars over the present
price of the truck.
In the near future the truck will
bo taken out to the Nehalem country
and will bo used there In Hoad Dis
tricts No. 8 and 9. CommiHsloners
Harvey and Weed think that by hav
ing a truck, road building In the dis
tricts mentioned can be done at a
lesser cost thnn by using teams, bb
they state It will be a difficult mat
ter to obtain labor on account of the
various logging camps in the lower
Nehalem necurlng most of the avail
able labor nnd at wages hlghor than
tins been paid by the county.
Iloth of the Nehalem districts are
large ones, and only one good rock
quarry has thus far been located, it
being In District No. . The long
haul to District No. 8 makes It Im
practicable to use teams, as the cost
is prohibitive. The truck has a ca
pacity of five tons nnd cost around
At tho spoclnl meeting, the court
went over tho list of those golectej
as Judges and clorks of election
hoards, filling the vacancies caused
by refuBuls to serve or requests for
Following s a report of tho
mount of Thrift Stamps, War
Stamps and Liberty Honda purchused
by the (illTeroiit classes of tho pub
ll school:
Mrltrlil.i Hchool
Flmt (irado, Miss Matthows'
room 9
Second Grade, Miss Taylor's
room 225
nurd and Kourth Grades.
MIhS Arnistrcinir'u rnnm 19.1 2fj
Plfth and Slith Grades.
Mm A r " 1 r.n
Seventh and Klghth Grades.
r. i.uko s room 17 . u
John (iunim Hchool
First Crndo, Mrs. Ilnrnott'a
First (Jrndo, MIhb I'orry'a
8ocond (Jrado, MIhb ilall'a
Third Grade, Mrs.' Lake's)
Fourth Crude. MIh ll-
Hare'R rnnm
Fifth tirade. MIkV 'l'llVk'n-
thlor's rnnm ' uh nn
8lh Grade. MIhb ' Rt'nn'-
tllck's rnnm Kft 7B
Seventh Grade. Mra. Wil
son's rnnm 9A0 An
Eighth Grade, 'air.' u'rowii'i)
room 639.60
II luh Hchool
Freshmen 160.00
Sophomores 106.60
Juniors 338.00
Seniors 100.00
This report does not Include tho
Investments ot the teachers, but we
"ono to Includo them next woek.
L. L. 13AKEII.
In addition to the dudUb who en-
'rwl high school from the St. Holona
eighth grade nt the beginning of this
omeator, thoro are two now members
' the freshman class, Oscnr Morton,
o' tlncholor Flat, and Gilbert Coopor,
t Deer Island.
On Thursday afternoon Dr. Emll
Enna and Charles South, of Portland,
entertnlnod the high nchool with a
'ew neloctlonn. Mr. South la Btarting
violin class In thla city.
Instead of the usual course of bot
Rny. tho phynlology graduates are
taking up the study of biology for the
second someHter.
The Junior class lias a new mem
ber, Laura Whitney, of West St. Hel
Tho Indies of tho lied Cross wish
to thank the captains and members
of tho teams for tho oxcellent work
they have done during tho past
month. Tho third shipment is now
being Drepnred. Following Is the
output of the ptiHt month. Two
dozen nightingales, 2 dozen cleaning
cloths, 10 dozen bed shirts, 6 dozen
arm nllngs, 1 dozen tray cloths, 2
dozen suits pnjnmns. 2 dozen bands
10 sweaters, 10 pair socks, 2 hairnets
and 2 pnlr wrlstlota.
A unit hns been urgr.nlznd nt Houl
ton nnd Mrs. Mclntiro was appointed
clmlrmnn. The old city hall war
Hocured. and the new unit Is now
comfortably located there and hni
(lxod up very nice roonm. Tho ladle?
meet on Tuesdays nnd Fridays In the
afternoon. It Is hoped thut tho ladles
will turn out In force, for the chair
man Btatos there Is plenty of work
i.i lie dune and the help of nil is
Tho chairman wishes that all who
took out yarn during tho month of
December to report In regard to It
The Mint has received the follow
Ing letter from a porson who pays i
largo amount of tnxon. The ldoa as
to tho further development of tho
farm is a good ono nnd Is shared in
by many other taxpayers of the coun
ty. The lotter follows:
"To the Editor of the Mist:
"As Columbia county owns a very
valuable tract of land between War
ron and Iloneyman, why would it not
be a good proposition for the county
to spend a reasonable amount In nx
ing up the prosont buildings and add
in new onos? There no better
ploco of land In Columbia county thnn
the noorfarm. and If our pooplo wore
sent there In place of to Multnomah
county thoy could soon have the
whole tract cleanod up nnd In a high
Btate of cultivation, and thereby make
It as attractive ns the other farms In
the ylclnlty.
"The highway will noon be fin
ished and thousands of pooplo will.
pass tho placo each sonson in ma
County Court Advertises for Bids on
Heverul Job.
IlldB nro oskod for by the county
court for road work in several dis
trict a of tho county. Among the
roads advertised are tho Pittsburg
St. Helens road, miles 13 and 14, nnd
tho McCalllHter road, which is In
District No. 3. The Marttl road In
DlHtrlct No. 6 nnd the Heaver Slough
OnwHlnir In District No. 7 also are
Included in the work outlined, nnd
for which bids nro nsked. In DIs
trlct No. S, lowor Nehalem, bids are
mhIiriI for on the Lon Van road. The
Columbia Clty-St. Helens road plane
have been prepared and bids are
aked for on this piece of work.
Plans and specifications covering
all of tho work are on lllo at me
road master's omce. Tho bids will be
opened nt tho March time of court.
Deputy Htato Marshal and
InvestigaUi Mutter.
After two days Bpent in Invcstigat
Ing the Are which destroyed the hotel
building at the Sommnrstrorn ship
yard, II. H. Pomeroy, deputy state
tiro marshal, and Sheriff Stan wood
have positively established the fol
lowing facts and reported them to
the proper authorities:
That the fire was not incendiary.
That the fire was caused by a de
fective oil stove.
That thero was but one fire.
That two occupnntB of room where
in fire originated are loyal to the
United States In this war (one is an
Englishman, the other a Scotchman).
That a most friendly feeling exists
between employer nnd employes.
Thot the employes deserve great
credit for the manner In which they
fought the fire, thereby confining the
loss to the one building.
Important ItcMilution Are Adopts
by tho Assemblage,
Ilirths Exceed Deaths In Columbia
County by 142.
According to the nnnunl report of
tho Oregon stnto board of health,
Columbia county has a very low
denth rate, for during the year end
ing December 31, 1916, only
ilentlis occurrod In tho county. Of
thoso 69 wore males and 36 femnles.
During this year there were 236
births, 122 males nnd 114 females.
Thoro wore 66 marriages in the coun
ty during the yoar. For the entire
stnte, thero wero 7,107 deaths and
12,690 births. On an estimated popu
Intlon of 848,886, this gives a birth
mt of 15.27 per thousand and a
death rate of 8.37 per thousand.
A careful Investigation of the fire
which occurrod nt tho Dlllnrd rest
denco last week by Sheriff Stnnwood
and a deputy from the office of the
state fire marshal In Salem, has thor
oughly convinced the officers that the
fire was set. It Is understood that
strong circumstantial evidence has
been secured and the officers are still
at work on the enso.
The meeting of the Grange which
was held at Heaver Homes February
2 was a very Important and enthusi
astic one. It was called to order at
1 p. m. In open session and the fol
lowing spoakers were heard: Mrs.
Kemp, Mold agent of the food ad
ministration; Prof. Hoquet, of the
O. A. C, and D. C. Howard, county
agricultural agent. After a short
recess the meeting was opened In the
fourth degree. A vote of thanks
was tendered the speakers. Three
resolutions were read and made a
special order of business for the eve
ning session. The session was called
to order at 7:30 p. m. The commit
tee on resolutions reported the fol
lowing resolutions, which were read
and adopted:
"He it resolved, That, whereas the
government has taken upon Itself the
duty of fixing the prices of farm pro
ducts sold by the farmers, that it Is
the sense of Columbia County Pomo
na that It should also regulate the
prices of all staple articles bought
by tho farmers; also, be it
"Resolved, that one copy of this
he sent to Senator Chas. L. McNary.'
"Relieving that a commission
house in Portland conducted by the
State Grange would be of great In
terest to all farmers of Oregon
therefore be tt
'Resolved, That our delegate to
the next State Grange be Instructed
to work for the establishment of a
commission houso in Portland nnd
run by tho State Grange."
'Whoreas, tho appeal has been
sounded by every government official
from president down to save every
thing possible, give everything pos
sible and subscribe as heavily as pos
sible, to the end that America shall
do nobly her part In the world war,
'Whereas, our sonators and con
gressmen have been foremost In urg
ing this threo-fold service upon all
our citizens, nnd
"Whereas, we learn with surprise
and regret that when the opportunity
to show by deeds their like willing
ness to give, our national legislators
forgot and carelessly allowed a con
ference committee to slip Into the
recent revenue bill a provision ex
empting government officials from
Its provisions, thereby relieving
themselves of 22S5 nnnuul income
tax, therefore bo It
"Resolved, that we condemn this
action as unwise, unust and unpatri
otic and call upon congress to repeal
this exemption section nt tho conilnn
The committee on resolutions was
composed ot E. A. Gessell, H. Wns
ser and Wm. H. Rose. K. D. Raker
acted as secretary.
A quorum not being present, no
meeting of the city council was hell
chines, besides tho thousnnds that last Monday night. SevernI Import
soe the place from the trains, ond If
the farm Is made more prosentnhlo
It will be a good advertisement for
our county as well as being a saving
In actual cash to the taxpayers, now
is the time to get busy.
ant mutters are before the council
nnd will be acted upon at the next
regular meeting,
Manager Scott of the local division
of the telephone compnny was In
Portland Wednesday in consultation
with officials of the company.
(By J. W. Allen, County Supt.)
(IntHkanie Hchool
Since the fall term of school
opened In Clatskanie there have been
many Improvements made. Some as
follows are to be noted:
The lighting of the high schol was
very poor nnd was remedied by rear
ranging the windows and In some
cases doubling the lighting space.
Obstructing trees on the east side of
the building were cut down. The
rooms were then repapered and
One room was fitted with new stu
dent chairs, which made the taking
of notes In class work more easy.
The high school books have been
catalogued and card indexed.
Extra apparatus has been pur
chased to make the school standard.
The school has purchased and paid
for a projection lantern.
The high school has a bust .of
Riley, a picture of "The Old Swim
ming Hole," and our allies' flags,
gained by selling Riley buttons.
A course In SpanlBh r.as been sub
stituted for German.
One-liaif hour a day is devoted in
the high school to music, during
which time sight reading is taught
Penmanship and spelling are com
pulBory the first two years in high
All high school pupils must gain
fifteen points by participation In high
school activities before credit will be
given them In second semester Eng
The whole school is expecting to
Join the Junior Red Cross soon and
devote some, of their time to pa
triotic work.
A committee in the high school
has a service flag In the making.
P. M. Stroud has been appionted
agent to sell Thrift Stamps in the
Tho grade teachers cm taking the
free Palmer method of instruction in
writing by mall.
A lunch and play room has been
provided for the grade children.
An Industrial exhibit Is on view in
the principal's office. Among the ex
hibits are those of the Crescent Manu
facturing Company, Cheney Silk Co.,
Hbrllck's Malted Milk Co., and many
others. Additional exhibits have
been sent for, and it is Intended that
the pupils may learn by actual con
tact what he has read from descrip
tions. January 11 was devoted to a school
exhibit given in the gymnasium, to
which the parents were invited. A
program was given, after which the
teachers served light refreshments.
It Is expected by the teachers to give
another exhibit later In the year that
the parents may note the progress
The upper grammar grades are be
ing organized Into societies for the
development of debate, public speak
ing nnd athletics.
On Arbor day there were appro
priate exercises in the rooms, after
which the pupils made a general
cleaning up of the school grounds,
burned trash and cut down brush,
Logs rolled together made glorious
bonfires. No trees were planted, as
there is talk of graldng the school
grounds and making various Improve
It is being planned to use the gym
naslum to better advantage by in
stalling a reading room, too. The
stage is to be fitted up, according to
the plan, with accessories that may
be advantageous to the work or a
dramatic club and such school activ
ities. Some improvements have al
ready been made since the opening
of school.
The high school basketbnll team
played the Lincoln High School team
of Tortland In the gymnasium Friday
evening, February 8. The visiting
team won but Clatskanie proved
themselves good lorers. Preceding
the game the C. H. S. held a big
rally with plenty of noise and pep.
McBrido School
Arbor day was observed by carry-
(latnlutnie Has First Honors in
Amount HubHcrlbed in February.
The sale of Thrift Stamps through
out the county Is progressing quite
well, but not as well as the cam
paign managers had hoped for. To
date $6,293.50 of stamps have been
sold. This covers December, Janu
ary and includes the first thirteen
days in February. For December,
the amount of sales at the different
postofflces as reported to St. Helens,
which is the central station, was
$1,157.66. January showed a marked
increase, $3,136.77 being reported,
and thus far this month $1,999.07
has been exchanged for these little
securities of Uncle Sam. From the
showing made, it is apparent that
February will eclipse the mark set
In January. However, the goal Is a
long way off for the apportionment
for Columbia county is $270,000, or
in other words it will take $264,000
more subscriptions to fill the appor
tionment. The offices reporting and
the amounts subscribed at each of
fice this month are:
Clatskanie $
St. Helens
Total $1,999.07
Secretary Houston Announces Policy
of Department
Ship IdUiiiched. YcwtorUity
Without coremony or christening,
the big lumber vessel which the St.
Helens Shipbuilding Company built
for Balfour Gul'.irlo & Cn. was sue-! members of the seventh and eighth
cessfully launched Thursday after-1 grades volunteered to furnish choice
noon at 3:30 o'clock. TVe vessel. r0se bushes, which were planted with
will have a lumber carrying capacity great care
of 1,600,000 feet. I'or the pro.jen:, Hiss Armstrong has led the way
Secretary Houston, of the depart
ment of agriculture, In a communi
cation to the American Association of
State Highway Officials, has set forth
squarely the policy which he thinks
should be followed in highway con
struction during the war. Secretary
Houston says:
"So far as it is practicable to d'
so, this department will urge the
maintenance of the highway already
constructed; the construction and
completion of those highways which
are vitally Important because ot their
bearing upon the war situation or for
the movement of commodities; the
postponement of all highway con
struction relatively less essential or
not based upon important military or
economic' needs. The department is
preparing to suggest to the state
highway departments the preparation
ot a schedule of work for the federal
aid projects for 1918 in line with
this policy."
In carryng out the policy thus an
nounced there has teen sent out by
the office of public roads of the de
partment of agriculture, schedule
forms on which the states are request
ed to set forth their porposed federal-aid
work for the 1918 working
season. These schedules call for a
description of each road; the charac
ter, quality, and rati haul of the ma
terials to be used; the probable cost;
the amount of federal funds deolred;
the speclflo purpose of the improve
ment; its bearing upon the war situ
aiton; and what effect a delay of the
Work until 1919 or later would have.
With the Information thus assembled
and classified, an efficient road-construction
program is assured. While
it is impossible to make any definite
statement regarding the transporta
tion of road materials, the expecta
tions are that the transportatlou situ
ation will be improved and that the
shipment of such materials for es
sential projects can be made.
Road construction and mainten
ance in the United States involve an
annual expenditure of some $300,
000,000, and there is scarcely a sec
tion, of the country that is not seri
ously affected by a marked disturb
ance in road work.
Ing out the state program. Several "" -
There was a heavy fall ot snow
Wednesday night, but In St. Helens
and vicinity it melted about as fast
as it fell. Dr. Cliff, who motored
down from Portland Wednesday
she will be operated as a sailor, nnd (n the collection of cancelled postage afternoon, reported the snow was sev
later on have auxiliary engines in-1 stamps in the past week, and at eral Inches deep in the Scappoose
stalled. (Continued on Page 7) neighborhood.

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