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UjMafi Wand-If You Haven't Bought a Bond, Get One
mrnr Kn to Half Honor l-lag
tnrr tn
la accordance with the wUheii of
!bi Called 8tatoa government whose
Mcrtlirr, William MeAdoo, baa do
liini today a a legal holiday, Bt.
iuImi will celebrate for port of
to; of rent, recreation and patriotic
haltr to the natlqn'a call In support
,IUn Third Liberty Loan. All atorea
,111 cloas at noon, and beginning
prowptlr t t o'clock & program of
nrti will be Indulged In at the
Khool campus. After n program, a
taMball (ante will be ptr.yed between
iht married ami single men.
la the evening there will be a com
snalty aim In front of the court
bout, and a soldier recently returned
(too the France battlefield will de
llitt an address to the essemblage.
Tba Liberty Honor King which baa
beta awarded to Bt. Helena will be
nlied on the city hill at II o'clock
and Mayor Baxon wilt take part in the
iTtry atnre building nnd realdence
ihould dUplay the national colore,
tod Ihoie who can possibly apnre the
time ihould participate.
01 courie the first thought of tlila
Liber; r day ahould be to possess a
toad. It la the great American pass
aort to freedom. Get youra and aak
the other fellow If he baa ht.
Mayor Saxon, while not having la
tied i formal proclamation, requests
the ettiiena of 8t. Unions to take part
li Ihli Liberty Day celebration.
The Red Crone la Indebted to Mies
hula Hattan for the loan of her
wtlaf machine.
The baby Jacket donated by Mlsa
KMeathal waa raffled Saturday and
i won by Mre. J. W. Akin. ,
Tlia lad li of the Red Cross wleh
to thank J. II. Thatcher for hla uaual
ud thoughtful monthly gift.
A Red Crowi unit haa been organ
ic at Columbia City and will work
Hh the Bt. Helena auxiliary. Mra.
lommaralrotn was elected captain
ud ureral of the St. Helena ladlei
tot down Thursday to assist Id get
Ud a atart.
Th ai of captains for each day
irii the week at the Red Cross
n la Monduy, Mra. E. Dlakeeley;
Tly1 Mm. L. O. Rom; Wednes
V. Mra, J. McKle; Thuraday, Mre.
' W. Allan: Friday. Mra. T. A. Laws
i Saturday, Mre. W. H. Fogle.
lia Roaenthal donnted to the Rod
froai a beautiful hand embroidered
r Jacket. The Indtee are aelltng
tlckMa on It for 10 centa each, and
proceed dorlved from the aale
HI ba uiied to bu material for
dothlni for lioiginn bablea.
Ws.aad of havlnc the rea-ulnr sew-
lDl work hour Tueeday, the ladles
" the Red Cross will aUend the lee
of Mlaa Minnie Cnlbua at the
Mhodttt church parlora.
WlH D. Ilrrrlil wall Vnnwn In Ot
H'leni, wa hrnnrhf In thU filtv Sun.
r Sheriff Btanwood r.nd lodged
Jan. Hnrrla waa Dlalnlv unbnl-
"leed, and after exnmlnaHnn h To-
,or' Peel and Hone ha ni un( to (he
w hoapitai at Snlem. Harris for
B,y Waa engaged In flatting nenr
out recuntly lint, been living on
'"tie farm tn the n.mirA- Hill
Stry. He lu crazy nn rntlrlnn and
" nd when not delivering a aer-
" io an Imaginary '.udlence wna
"-"lowing the kaloer. It. In hoped
fveral months treatment In the
. fc VHtl4lUII V U
r" h0BP'al wilt reeult In hie dls-
urM 'fom that nBtltutlon.
The) ludiitu ne rAi....i. r.i. .m
vuiuniuid V'll Will
,ITbl Imnrf I. n.. . . -
iimiuiu lor me coiuui
? . y choo, Thursday night, at
,,5g O'clock M o i ,u .
elnl k , iii vim now. du-
Wl. There will be a fine mual-
PfOKram followed by a basket eo
h DQ "onclng for tlione who wish
lomi admlHBln Is 50 centa for
ltd i Tn ttnd 15 cenU for children,
who br,n basket will be
wwtted free.
t'oMly Miwuin In Klmt lnni,K h,
nhiiinIIiii fir ,.f,.Mt,
Bt. llolima loMt 8u::di.y' m ine to
the Corn foot team by n srere of 8 to
4. McKenno, the (lret man up, con
nected with one of Oavlu' fimt oiikh
and the ball sailed out to deep cen
ter, dynes, In running for the ball,
fell over a Inrge rock and the ball
went over his heud. and before It
could he recovered McKenna waa
comfortably settled on the third bane.
A hit and several errors mi tie It port
able for the Cornfuota to chr.ee over
three runn In the first frame, und
they followed suit la the second.
Clynes, the new mnn secured from
Salt lnke. lived up to hln reputation
as a slugger. He gathered two hora
em, a three-base hit and a long sin
gle out of four trlpa to the plate, and
was responsible for three of the four
runs made by Bt. Heleus.
Roth Davis and Sutherland were
hit linrd, but the breaks of the game
were all with Sutherland. Kddlo
Monaor, formerly of the Oakland
team tn the Tactile Count League,
ployed second bane for St. Helens.
Hla fielding was excellent hut he
went hltless.
Davis, In heading off a runner at
the home plate In the ninth Inning,
wna badly spiked and was sent to a
Portland hospital Wednesday. It Is
unlikely he will be In the lineup
Bunduy when the fast Bupple-llallln
team will be here. Another good
pitcher la available, however, so we
may expect a fast game.
Here's the box sheet:
Corn foot
. AB. tt. II PO A
McKenna, a ... 5 3 8 4 4
Moore, lb 4 2 1 8 1
Colemcn, 3b . . 5 0 0 1 . 1
French, 2b ... 6 1 3 2 3
Qodard, cf ... 3 0 0 2 0
Fltcher, rf . . . 4 0 1 2 0
McNlchols, If . 4 0 1 0 0
O'Bhea, c .... 3 2 1 '7 0
Sutherland, p.- 4 0 0 1 1
Totala 37 8 10 27
AH. It II 10 A
Comprs, If . , . 5 0 0 1 0
Monitor. 2b ... G 0 0 1 4
Clynes. cf 4 8 4 1 0
Btevens, lb . . 4 1 0 12 0
Itynnlng. rf . 4 0 3 1 0
W. M'D'ld, 3b. 4 0 0 1 1
M'Intosn. c . .. 3 0.2 9 1
Davis, p 3 01 1 2
D. M'D'ld. a. . . 4 0 2 0 2
llrakke. 3b ... 1 0 0 0 0
Totals .....37 4 12 27 10
Oornfoot ...33000100 18
Bt. Helons..! 0 0 10 10 1 04
Hiinimarv Errors. Slevens2. D.
McDonald. Twolbase hits, Kynning,
Davis, McKenna, French. Throe-base
Mm i.Vnni-li McKenna. Shea. Ityn
nlng. Home runs, Clynes 2, Moore.
Btolen bases, French 2. Itnses on
balls Oft Davis 2; Butlierluml l.
im. nrr nuvla in Sutherland 12.
Bturck out Davis 7, Sutherland 7
Tassed balls Mcintosh 1. Wild
pitch Davis. Time of game 1:56.
Umpire liankin.
A review of the first year of opera
tion of the federal farm loan system
shows that 2,808 national farm loan
associations were Incorporated, rep
resenting about four associations to
each Ave counties of the United
States. They average 20 members,
or a total membership of about 86,
000 farmers.
The 12 land banks have received
appllcotions for over 120,000 loans,
amounting to about 1300,000,000.
About 80,000 loans, amounting to
over 1160,000.000, have been np
nroved. and on 30.000 of those loans
over 180,000,000 has been paid to
the farmers.
$A.O0,000 Structure to Be Krex-ted
as Soon as Site Can Ho Fonml.
Offices of tha shipping board In
Washington, D. C now scattered in
24 buildings, will be assembled in
.....,. which will be erected
UIIO Bliuvvwsw " "
ns soon m a suitable site can be
found. The building will cont $5,000,
000, provided In the board's appro
priation, which gave authority for
erecting a permanent home. It Is
planned to erect a five-story building
with 600,000 square feet of floor
spaco. ' ;
Four automobiles are now main
tained to take offloials from one
building to another for conierences
futility Agent Howard DixU-iltub
More Than H.IMIO INiunils.
Through the services r.nd energy
of County Agricultural Agent Dl V.
Howard, a number of Columbia coun
ty furmers secured their supply of
clover seed at a less price thnn Port
land wholesale seed merchants were
charging. Mr. Howard, through the
co-operation of the O. A. V. at Cor
vallls, wus put in touch with a large
deuler In clover seed and he ordered
four tons, or 8,000 pounds. The
prlco charged the furmers was 26
cents per pound, when retailers were
charging 34 to 37 cents per pound.
Mr. Howard had only four sacks of
seed left on hand, end fearing these
might not be called for he sold them
to a Portland wholesaler for one cent
per pound more than was charged the
furmers. Figured on a basis of (
cents per pound, Mr. Howard saved
the furmers of the county close to
$4 R0. He recently made arrange
ments for a large lot of seed oats,
nnd sold these to the farmers at abso
lute cost and at a great saving to
them. Bo during the paHt sixty days
the county agricultural agent has
saved the farmers of the county more
than one-third of the amount the
county Is required to pay him for sal
ary. Mr. Howard Is always ready to
help farmers who will accept his help
and is doing geat work in the agri
cultural development of the county.
The frequent and widespread pub
lication of statements concerning the
presence of ground glass in food
stuffs has led the committee on pub
lic Information to Inquire into the
authenticity of these reports. -It lias
been advised by the food adminis
tration that thorough investigations
of more than 200 of the cases has
disclosed only one instance In which
ground glass was found In the food
stuffn Inspected.
The cane in which glass wr.s found
occurred at Fort Smtlh, Ark. A ba
ker In that town had had trouble
wtlh his employes, one of whom, de
siring to destroy his employer's busi
ness, hud filled with glass a loaf of
bread which was to be delivered to
an orphanuge. When the bread was
Korved to the inmates of the Institu
tion several of them suffered lacera
tions of their lips. No more serious
injuries resulted.
Last Friday afternoon n Red Cross
program took the piece of the usual
last recitation period. The following
program was rendered: Bong, by the
school; reeding, Ella Hattan; read
ing, Mildred Marsh; recitation, Lucile
I.ymburner; presentation of the
American Red Crose certificate, Prof.
Raker; song, by the school.
Last Friday morning a pennant
from Camp Kearney, Linda Vista,
Cnl., was presented to the high school
br.scball team by Robort Dixon, the
athletic manager. . The pennant was
nent by George Walker, who Is in the
medical corps, stationed nt Camp
Konrney. -
, The St. Helens eighth grade team
defeated the West St. Helens grade
team last Friday. The game was a
one-sided affair, with the final score
19 to 0. The St, Helena high school
team has received a challenge from
the Scappoose team but the local
team has been unable to clash with
the Scappoose sluggers, as John Mc-
Vey, the pitcher of the St. Helens
team, now has the measles. :
i The steamer Hoqulam. carrying
760,000 feet of railroad tlos, sailed
Thursday for southern California.
i The steamer Daisy Matthews, after
taking on 1,100,000 feet of lumber,
sailed Thursday night for San Pedro,
i The steamer Wahkeena, after tak
ing on 1,000,000 feet of lumber.
sailed Monday night bound for San
Pedro. The vessol Is now under com
mand of Capt. O. Belleson, who suo-
cnBtlnd CaDtatn Reiner. Captain Bel
leson Is well known here and for
merly commanded the steamers J. B
Stetson and Klamath.
It Is reported thai the motor ves
sele City of Portland, 8. I. Allnrd
m... a a u..lAna ImvA hoon anlri
:nnu woi di. iioiDua
'to the French government.
Hevera! (jood MnU-lie Home llovs
Make (JfMd HhoHlng.
Secretary McCarthy of the St. Hel
ens Athletic Club staged the club's
initial boxing amoker last Friday
night at Moose ball. The attendance
was fairly good and all seemed to en
Joy the contests. The first exhibition
was a bout betweenVSnm Hattan of
St. Helens and Kid Schulti of Port
land. Sammy had all the best of the
argument and after taking two
rounds of good punishment Schultz
picked out a soft place on the floor
end refused to get up. The two
main events of the evening were the
matches between Smoky Hnum and
Carl Gabrlelson of St. Helens nnd
RlllX Ryan and Abe Gordon of Port
land. The two local boys went at It
hammer and tongs for four rounds, i
and the referee declared the bout a
draw, which seemed to meet with
the approval of the spectators. The
match between Ryan rnd Gordon was
a classy six-round exhibition. Both
are v good boxen, and showed some
nice footwork and punching.
Before the last bout George Mc
Donald, the referee, cr.lled for a con
tribution for the Hed(Cross, nnd many
pieces or money were thrown Into the
ring. It was turned over to a com
mittee, who delivered It to Mrs.
Thomas Isblster. The collection
('.mounted to $27.38.
It la understood Mr. McCarthy will
soen stage another exhibulon, and
the two St. Helens boys, Baum and
GahrlelHon, will ngnin try conclu
sions. '
The official review of the flrst year
of war Issued by the committee on
public Information contained the fol
lowing description of the work of
American engineers in France:
American engineers have gone Into
French forests and done the work of
the pioneers of our new northwest.
They have frequently been under fire.
One of their first tasks was the re
construction nnd extension of a rail
road 600 miles long to carry our pro
ducts from ports of disembarkation
to general bases of operation.
The First Engineer troops, 1,100
strong, arrived in France about three
months after war was declared.
Since then the number has been
greatly augmented. These troops
have been constantly engaged in gen
eral engineering work, Including the
construction of railways, docks, can
tonments, wharves and hospitals.
An American army locomotive was
built In this country in 21 days and
slipped to the expeditionary forces.
Many other locomotives, cars, log
ging trains, trucks, dissembling
buildings and other equipment have
been shipped to augment the output
and facilitate the construction opera
tions of American forces abroad.
General condemnation, as slackers,
of the men In army or navy uniform
who are stationed at Washington or
at some of the other army or navy
posts and stations about the country
ought to be tempered by considera
tion of the fact that not a tew of
them came Into their respective
branches of the service by general
or direct governmental Invitation.
Undoubtedly it Is true that to a large
extent the places of non-combatant
men in uniform can be filled, by men
who are outside of the draft age, but
whatever shitting of men may be
deemed necessary, credit ought not
be denied to those who, called or en
listed for a speciflo duty, have been
doing It faithfully. Philadelphia
The Ladies' Aid of the Houlton
Methodist church will serve an old-
fashioned Methodhit .dinner at the
Odd Fellows hall next Wednesday,
May 1, beginning at 6:30 p. m. The i children who live here, two sisters
proceeds will be used to purchase a who live In eastern states and a bro
Ltherty Bond. The public is cordial- ther who resides in Los Angeles, Cal.
ly invited to come, have a meal to be Funeral services were conducted
long remembered end incidentally j Thursday afternoon at the Portland
help tbe ladies tn their commendable crematorium, and a number of St.
work. Remember the date, next Helens peopla attended the last sad
Wednesday, May 1. irltea.
Mayor ('alia on Citizens to (lean l'p
Their Premises.
ayor Saxon and the council have
designated the week beginning Mon
day, April 29, clean up week, and
every citizen is requested to aid In
cleaning up the ,clty. All persons
who have rubbish laying around are
requested to place tt In some proper
receptacle and piece It where the
garbage man can easily find it. Other
towns in Oregon and Washington
are observing the clean up day or
clean up week, nnd the mayor hopes
the people of our city will aid In the
necessary work.
Miss Minnie Calbus, of the domes
tie science department of the O. A C.
will opend a portion of the coming
week in Columbia count7 ehd discuss
the various phases of the world's
food situation. Experts claim that
the ultimate outcome of the war de
pends on the food situation and Miss
Calbus will tell the women of the
county how to help the nation along
the food conservation line. The fol
lowing will be schedule of the meet
ings over the county:
Scappoose, April 29, 10 a. m.
Warren, April 29, 2 p. m.
Yankton, April SO, 10 a. m.
St. Helens, April 30, 1p.m.
Deer Island, May 1, 10 a. m.
Goble, May 1, 2 p. m.
Rainier, May 2, 2 p. m.
Mayger, May 8,' 10 a. m.
Qulncy, May 3, 2 p. m.
Clatakanle, May 4, 2 p. m.
Mist, May 6,' 10 a. m.
Blrkenfeld, May 6, 2 p. m.
Vernon la, May 7. 2 p. -m". '
At Scappoose the lecture will be
given In Jhe Congregational church;
at Warren in Erickson's hall; In
Yankton at the Grange hall; In St.
Helens at the Methodist church; at
Deer Island in the Grange hall, and
at Goble tn Red Men's hall. County
Agricultural Agent Howard will ac
company Mlsa Calbus In her speaking
tou.. . "
District Forester George H. Cecil,
Portland, has compiled a directory
giving the mail addresses of forest
service, men from this district who
are In the army or navy and sent a
copy to all forest officers In the dis
trict, with the suggestion that they
write letters, to their friends , at be
. This directory shows that one hun
dred and seven members of the for
est service In the north Pacific dis
trict have answered their country's
call and joined some branch of mili
tary service since America entered
the world war. Seventeen other for
mer members of the forest service
have entered the army or navy from
private employ. Two have already
sealed their loyalty with their lives.
According to this directory. 22
men went from the district forester's
office, eleven from the. Olympic na
tional forest, ten each from the Ore
gon and Snoqualmle forests, eight
each from the Washington and We
natchee forests, six from the Col
vllle, five each from the Rainier and
Whitman; four each from the Che
lan, Columbia, and Ochoco; three
each from the Cascade, Siuslaw, and
Umatilla; two each from the Crater.
Minam, Santiam, Umpqua and Oka
nogan; and one each from the Mal
heur, Siskiyou, Wallowa, and We
Robert S. Danforth, assistant busi
ness manager of the St. Helens Lum
ber Company, died Wedceaday morn
ing In a Portland hospital, after an
Illness lasting several weeks. Mr.
Dr.nforth came to St. Helens a year
ego and accepted employment with
the lumber company and durlug his
residence here made mr.ny friends
! He is survived by a widow and two
Metttker and Allen Kngage in Blood
ies Duel Ordinance Pawed.
Perhaps It was because the council
knew, and the outsiders guessed that
an ordinance would be passed last
Monday night prohibiting fireworks,
that they wanted to Indulge In them
to tbe last minute, for there were
certainly some verbal bombs let loose.
dayor Sr.xon, after the usual pre
liminaries and without thinking what
he was going to start, cleared the
decks for p.ction whea he aaked N.
O. Larabee end H. 3. Southard If they
had anything to say to the council.
Well, both of these gentlemen had
something to say and it was about
the small matter of charging their
Fords a jitney license of $30 per
year - and rot making proportionate
charges on other vehicles. Council
men Allen and McDonr.ld tried to ex
plain the ordinance and its justness
but' the objecting gentleman could
not see the point. About this time.
District Attorney Melalier came to
the rescue of the jltneymen. Coun
cilman 'Allen started to explain to
him, but M tsker wouldn't listen, and
proceeded to tell Allen what he
thought of him and ended the sermon
by Inviting him outside for a fistic
contest. Allen protested that he was
not a prizefighter, and just at this
time Marshal Potter called Metsker
to order and the proceedings were
continued with some degree of dig
nity. Tbe council finally agreed to
consider a readjustment of the jitney
''"Two ordinances were Introduced
nnd IMBflAil rinA ni.nhlMtln , V. a a n
purchase or use of fireworks tn the
city limits, and another prohibiting
chickens, ducks and geeee from run
ning at large. Inasmuch as people
are now raising war gardens, the
council placed an emergency clause
on tbe ordinance, and tt is now ef
fective. as a matter or information to the
chicken owners, It Is thought best to
give a few clauses from the ordi
nance. Section one reads "If any chicken, '
duck or goooe, or any number of
either of them shall be found running
nt large within the city of St Helens,
It shall be the duty of the marshal of
the city to take up and Impound such
fowls. If the owner of the captured
fowls Is located he shall pay the city
a $1 impounding fee.' When the mar
shal or marshals capture the fowls
it shall be their duy to notify the
owner or person in charge of the
fowls, and it after three days the
fowls are not claimed, then the mar
shal shall proceed to sell same, but
before so doing shall post notices
that he has Impounded such fowls
and state when the sale shall be
made." '.
Section six creates numerous depu
ty marshals, for it states, "Any per
son upon whose premises any such
fowls shall trespass, Is for the pur
ple of this ordinance designated and
appointed a special deputy marshal
fcr assisting In catching any such
fowls," but even then the catcher of:
the fowl does not get the fowl for
keeps, for the ordinance sets forth ,
very plainly "that every deputy mar- '
shal shall Immediately turn over to '
the marshal such fowl or fowls, to be .
by him disposed of as hereinbefore
provided." -;
It therefore appears that If one of '
these deputy or special marshals '
c:. tenesmi chicken he must lmmedl
ately notify Marshal Potter or Depu-
ty Blakesley, who, It appears from '
the ordinance, have been designated ''
as the official chicken chasers In St.
Heietis. Of course this applies to the
feathered chickens .only.
As stated, the "chicken ordinance"
carried the emergency clause, so it Is
now unlawful for them to run at
large. Councilman Allen voted
against the measure' and Barton and
McDonald voted for it, and the mayor
nlun vntnd In the affirmative, so the
ordinance is now a cl.y law.
The new council haa been In ses- '
slon twice and each time haa had to '
consular legibiuuuii wiiiuii wuuiu
knock out proceedings of the pre
vious council.

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