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tsh empire will be broken up and
Germany will be master of the Old
World. "Then we will not take any
nonsense from the United States,"
was the kaiser's statement of Ger
many's position after it should have
O. D. HEILBORN Vice President
8. C. MORTON .Editor! accomplished Britain's defeat
I Germany would not seek to continue
SUBSCRIPTION RATES . . If ,, , w , , .
One Year $15ol or. It would seek to make a
8U Months !!!!.'!"!!"!!!.'! '.IS i bargain with the United States. "We
are now masters of the Old World,
Entered as second-class matter, I and you are masters of the New," lo
. o, Tl , ' ,l , ro"olnc? i Germany's line of reasoning. "Take
at St. Helens, Oregon, under the act . . . , ,, x. ,,. . .
of March 3rd, 187. at 5U 1
rake tanaaa una an omer uriiisn
and French possessions. Assert your
overlordshlp over Central and South
America. We shall leave you alone,
if you will leave us alone lu Europe.
We can trade across the Atlantic
with great mutual benefit."
Germany's masters actually be
lieve that Americans could be bribed
Into making peace. The prospect of
spoils, Germans believe, would prove
too much for Uncle Sam's ltchln?
palm. This estimate of the Ameri
can character is as far wrong as the
former American opinion that Ger
many was a nation jealous of Its
Americans know that if such a stu
pendous catastrophe as the downfall
of France and Great Britain should
occur, the United States would reply
to Germany, "We have just begun to
Americans know that thereupon
the spirit that made this nation free
would transform the Union of these
states. Instead of 1,000,000 or 2.
000,000 men ready to bear arms,
15,000,000 or 20,000,000 would de
mand the opportunity to kill Ger
mans, and would not take No for an
answer. Instead of imperceptible
moves toward a hypothetical air
fleet, America would commandeer the
skies above Germany. Gigantic wea
pons, even now foreshadowed, would
be forged by the Cyclops of Ameri
can industry. By machinery of war
vaster and more destructive than
anything ever before conceived, the
American nation would destroy Ger
mans, and if necessary Germany. One
has but to glance back over the
achievements of American genius to
be assured that these statements are
not boasts. The genius that produced
the telegraph, telephone, airplane,
submarine, tractor, machine gun and
other agencies of warfare Is capable
of Improving upon them and devising
other weapons.
It Is literally true that America
has not begun to light. The hard
ships of the allies are serving to
arouse America to its duty. Every
thing that has been done to date is
but a hint of what is to be done. The
Americans at the front are but the
spatter of drops before the deluge.
France will stand. A thousand
years of struggle has tested her met
tle und found her proof against de
struction. The French nation is im
mortal. Great Britain will stand.
The swarms of enemies that dash
against the bulwarks of England are
attacking that stronghold In vain.
The French and British armies are
the French and Brltinh nations in ac
tion. They may be bruised, but they
cannot be killed. The foe attacking
Uiem bleeds, and before the war is
ended he will seek to escape death.
Behind these two glorious and in
vincible gladiators stands the ma
jestic figure of the United States,
whose power is the power of a planet
and whose resources are the treasury
of the New. World.
God lives, and therefore It is writ
ten in the book of the destiny of .nnn
that these three defenders of liberty
and civilization shall strike down and
destroy the German empire and its
works. Washington Post.
The following stirring appeal by
the lr.te Edward Everett Hale was
written In May, 1861, soon after the
outbreak of the Civil War, to urge the j
people to buy government war bonds:
Come, freedom of the land,
Come, meet the great demand.
True heart and open hand,
Take the lorn !
For the hopes the prophets saw,
For the swords your brothers draw,
For liberty and law
Take the loan!
Ye ladies of the land,
As ye love the gallant band
Who have drawn a soldier's brand,
Take the loan!
Who would bring them what she
Who would give the soldier food.
Who would stanch her brother's
Take the Io n!
All who saw her hosts pass by,
All who joined the parting cry,
When we bade them do or die.
Take the loan!
As ye wished their triumph then,
As ye hope to meet again.
And to meet their gaze as men,
Take the lorn!
Who would press the great appeal
Of our ranks of serried steel.
Put your shoulders to the wheel.
Take the loan!
That our prayers in truth may rise.
Which we press with streaming eyes
On the Lord of earth and skies,
Take the lorn!
In the first Liberty Loan our coun
ty, especially thfe country districts.
responded but poorly, nnd while I lie
response on the Second Loan was
more gratifying, generally Bpeaklng
it was a little disappointing.
But all of that is changed now,
and generally speaking the country
Is shaming the cities und sustaining
the Mist's prediction that the rural
districts would come in strong when
those dstrlcts were more fully in
formed of Liberty Bonds and the no
;esslty of purchasing them. The ap
parent apathy In the country can he
ittrlbuted to the fret that, to n cer
tain extent, he populnlon is widely
scattered and has not the opportunity
for quick assemblage as do the cities
and towns. But in this Third Lib
erty Loan drive Columbia county had
a good organization ar.d in every or
ganization there were willing work
ers who went out Into the country
and preached Liberty Bonds, The
response was immediate, and even
nerore the tirst week of the cam
paign had passed, Columbia county
had attained Us quota. After the su
perb response made by the people of
the rural districts probably we shall
hear no more of the unfounded as
sertion occasionally made by persons
who do not know the real spirit of
our people, that farmers nnd busi
ness men of the rural districts are
less patriotic than their city am'
town friends.
"That new recruit must have been
a bookkeeper."
"Why so?"
"I just noticed him trying to put
his bayonet behind his oar." Boston
Itlifunmtic PiiIun Relieved.
"I have used Chamberlain's Lini
ment for pains in the chest und lame
noss of the shoulders due to rheuma
tism, and am pleased to say that It
has never failed to give me prompt
lellef," writes Mrs. S. N. Finch, Ba
tavla, N. Y.
Reports nre received every two j
weeks by the food administration I
from the 19 hinder twine establish-1
ments of the country. According to!
a receut stutement there will be .-n j
ample supply of twine for the 11118
Political Announcements
I hereby announce myself us can
didate for the republican nomination
as county coroner. If nominated and
reelected I will give the olllce the
same businesslike administration
that I have endeavored to do during
the past two year3.
The crisis through which the
French and British armies are pass
ing Is the direct cause of a profound
stirring, of patriotism among the
American people. The patriotism was
there all the time, but it needed to be
stirred. Germany's monstrous energy
and savagery, striking squarely at
the heart of the United States, first
appalled and then set fire to the tem
per of Americans. The setbacks suf
fered by the allied armies have
served as trumpet calls to the people
of this country.
It would be well for Germany If
she could peer Into the heart of
America. "We have misjudged
America from the first,'.' bald one of
the most intelligent German papers.
America misjudged Germany, also,
but it recovered its sense of propor
tion and its accuracy of judgment.
It now has Germany properly esti
mated, while Germany is utterly un
aware of what U going on in the
heart of America.
The German idea is that if the
British army can be beaten the Brit-
To the Voters of Columbia County,
I hereby most respectfully an
nounce my candidacy for County
Representative subject to the will of
the Republican party at the coming
primary election. If nominated and
elected, I hold myself duty bound to
use my best efforts to secure the
much needed amendment and revi
sion of the existing tax laws of this
state so that no one could afford to
allow their taxes to go delinquent.
"Obedience, Punctuality and Dili
gence" shall be my slogan.
Respectfully submitted,
To the Voters of Columbia County. I
I hereby announce my candidacy j
for the olllce of County Clerk, on the
Republican ticket, at the coming pri
mary election. If nominated und ;
elected, my policy will be for re-i
trenchment In county expenses with I
no patronage to relatives. I will not1
favor any increase in salary during
my incumbency. I have no corpora-'
tlon, clique or coterie to Berve, but1
will serve the people. If I receive
the nomination and am elected, I will
not hold the olllce for more than two
tonus. !
Respectfully submitted,
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate to the oitlce of County Judge
at the coming primaries, to be held
May 17, 1918, subject to the deci
sion of the Republican voters of Col
umbia County, Oregon.
Very respectfully,
The Third Liberty Loan campaign
!s well under way and many districts
have already doubled their quotas,
but it must be borne in mind that the
goal set by the government for the
whole country is still a long way off
While It Is true that Columbia coun
ty nnd every hamlet within tho coun
ty has gone over the top, It should
not mean that we should slacken our
efforts. There are many of us who
have not yet subscribed to the Lib
erty Loan. It might be thoughtless
ness or because someone hasn't
spoken to us about it, and it might
be because the county has already
passed Its quota that we are satisfied
to leave It as It Is. This, however, is
not the Idea. The government has
called for not less than three billion
dollars and would like to make it
five billion. Simply because we have
won oirr' first victory we shoud not
rest on our arms. You would hardly
expect any of our soldiers to cease
their efforts because of one victory
won. Come on, people of Columbia
county, and make Columbia one of
the banner counties of the state.
Show the people of the state that
within Oregon's borders there does
not live more patriotic people than
those who live in Columbia. One
thousand per cent is far better than
200 per cent, so let us keen nt work
until May 4, and make the victory a TTthu vterB ot Columbia County.
urn-Buy announce mvneir n
candidate for the olllce of Countv
To the Voters of Columbia County.
I respectfully announce myself as
candidate on the Republican ticket)
for State Representative from Coluni-1
bla county. If nominated and elect-j
ed, I promise to faithfully look after'
the interests of the county and state
and support only such measures as:
In my Judgment will be of benollt to
the people. i j
Respectfully submitted, ;
notable one.
Is Your Name
On the Honor Roll?
If not, put it there today by subscribing tor
a LIBERTY BOND. You are not asked
to give your money; you simply lend it to
Uncle Sam at 4 XA per cent, on the best
security in the world, and you can get it on
easy payments as follows: 5 per cent down,
20 per cent May 28,35 per cent July 18 and
40 per cent August 15.
Coupon Bonds $50, $100, $500,
$1,000 $5,000, $10,000.
National Resources . . . $240,000,000,000
Annual Income $ 40,000,000,000
Purpose To make the world safe for Democracy
Space contributed 'fy
XThe political bee has been busy
with the newspaper men of Oregon.
E. H. Flagg, formerly editor of the
Mist but now with the Warrentoti
News, aspires to be representative
from Cratsop county. Bruce Dennis,
editor nf the T.n r.mnria ni,.n...
wants to be national committeeman Vt J..,
Elbert Bede, the witty editor of the dacy for County Judge subject to the
.in ui ma uepuuiicans at tnu coming
prnuury election
Clerk of Columbia ( )ountv. Orearn'
on the Republican ticket at the pri
mary election, to be held May 17,
I make no "CAMOUFLAGE"
.Cottage Grove Sentinel, wants to be
state senator, nnd the editor of the
Tillamook Headlight is candidate for
. representative from Tillamook 'coun
ty. All of them are able men and
would make splendid officials.
Our esteemed contemporary, Mr.
Ham Kautzman, editor of the Col-
. umbla Herald, has made It known
'hat he would like to receive the
democratic nomination for state rep
resentative from Columbia county.
Mr Kautzman Is a staunch democrat
and his nomination would be a de
served compliment and recognition
of the work he has performed In the
party ranks.
If soldiers are willing to serve In
the trenches, to dig ditches, build
railroads, and risk their lives, many
cvilians can well afford to spare a
part of their time to serve in the fur
rows and in the hnrvest fields.
Secretary of Agriculture.
it my administration as County
Judge meets with your approval, I
trust I will be favored with your sup
port. Should I be nominated and elected
I will give the countv a clean. hnl.
nessllke and progressive administra
tion ana lavor no one section of tho
county over any other section.
To the Republican voters of Colum
bia county:
I hereby announce my candidacy
for the Republican nomination for
County Commissioner, second terra.
If nominated and elected I promise
to give to the county the best servlco
I am capable of rendering. This, I
think, is all that any man ought to
Very respectfully,
To the Voters of Columbia County:
I hereby announce my candidacy
for the Republican renomlnatlon to
the office of County Surveyor at the
primary election to be held ay 17,
1918. If nominated and elected my
policy will be always to exercise care
For Bread from our modern, cleanly bakery. You
will like it and continue to use it.
Cream Rolls, Cream Puffs, Doughnuts, Pies and Cakes
S. HEUMAN, Proprietor
Phone B-l 14 West St. Helens, Oregon
In Norway, where no gasoline 1m
been obtainable for many monthn nmi
automobiles have practically ceaselifnd my .bo8t Jud8ient In all survey-
. running experiments are being mad, mJy "come "unrmrdirecur8 ""t
UVB.ia moiur cars wun acetyleu.j Respectfully submitted
The medical officer given six
months for neglecting sick soldiers
In zero weather will complain If
there's a draft in his cell.
The only way to tench the kaiser to
; wage civilized warfare Is to give him
a touch of his own methods.
It Isn't enough to be busy, you
must be busy on the right thing.
I hereby announce myself as can
didate for Republican nomination of
County Clerk at the primaries to ho
hold May 17, 1918.
I hereby announce myself n can
didate for the Republican nomina
tion for sheriff. If renominated and
elected, I will give the office the same
businesslike administration I have
done In the past.
Tender, juicy cuts at the lowest
market prices. Give us an order
A full line of staple groceries.
The stock is fresh. Prices low.
People's Market
On the Strand, St. Helens, Oregon
Now is the time to buy your
Garden Seed
We have a special line of all varieties, just
fresh arrival. Fine Onion Sets, at 5c per
pound. Better get in a supply before they
are all gone. Also have land plaster and
We are now ready to make contracts
for this season's produce. We pay $50.00
fcer ton for Kentucky Wonder beans, and
fruits and cabbage accordingly.
Columbia River Canning
& Produce Company
Plenty of Money to (j
Loan on Partially A
Improved Farmsat J
Room 11, Bank Bldg. Phone 50
i misLi v rwj vwL
Take your place as a real Amreican
L Liberty Bond
nu., ..
iuCSl m bounty , St Heiens, Oregon

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