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iMued Every Friday by
Secretary Dan loin nf the nnvv lie-
THE M18T PI BLISHINO COMPANY artmmt (old niembprg of the Uouse
O. D. HEILBORN. . . .Vice President naval committee that the submarine
and Manager. ! raid was designed to frighten the
American people Into demanding the
return of war vessels from the other
One Year . . .' $1.50 , side. Ha said congress need have no
Six Months 75 ' apprehension as to protection of the
' : American coast, and that there will
Entered as second-class matter, be no recall of forces from the war
January iutn, is it, at tne rostoence
at St. Helens, Oregon, under the act
of March 3rd, 1879.
These assurances will carry weight,
for the conviction has deepened in the
public mind that Secretary Daniels
has grown rapidly in stature and is
an able and trustworthy secretary of
tiP navy.
Mr. Daniels began his service by
making a comprehensive study of the
navy, by taking counsel with officers
high In command and having ac
quired his bearings he wisely gave
the ablest men In the navy a pretty
free hand. Apparently he has not
played favorites nor vented any
DUKE AGAINST PERSUING ; grudges. He sought out efficiency
Duke Albrecht of Wurtenburg is!and Inspired the whole navy to the
In command of the German forces ! utmost endeavor all along the line,
facing the American ;roops who have! from the beginning of the war the
taken over a sector of the French ! nvy has been "on the Job" and ad
fr nt near St. Mihlel. j mlrnbly free from potty bickerlnss
Albrecht is one of the two Ger- r'n(1 scandals and for that fine record
mm generals of royal bload who ! Secretary Daniels is deserving of
have made reputations during thePr:l'Be Ex-
war. The other is the Crown Prince
Rupprecht of Bavaria. Albrecht; THE SCHOOL MEKTIXC1
was Inspector general cf the SIxMi i Don't forget the school meet Inn
German Inspection district when the! which will be held at t lie schoolhouse
war broke eut. He commanded the j Monday evening, June 17th. A di
Thlrteenth aimy corps at Stuttgart : rector is to be elected and other inl
and was one of the leaders of the 1 portar.t business transacted.
German drive through Belgium. The St. Helens school and Its con-
He commanded the German army ouct should be of interest to every
that subdued the great French fort- one interested in St. Helens and the
ress at Maubeuge on the Belgian meeting should be well attended,
border. It was the fall of Mau-! The matter of building a new
beuge under the unprecedented j Union High School will come up for
pounding of the new tyi e of German ' discussion and before any action is
siege guns that led to the r.bajdon-'taken, the matter should be thorough
ment of fortress warfare in the pres- j ly Investigated. The school Is int
ent struggle and the substitution of portant and It costs the taxpayer u
tiench fighting. Albrecht's selection ' lot of money. He should be, there
to command the German line op-j fore. Interested enough to attend the
posite the American trenches means school meeting and have a voice in
that he is to guard the road to Me'.z, the selection of a director who will
the great fortress in Lorraine. Under be one of three to direct the affairs
American hammering Metz may 1 of the school. Will you be there, Mr.
prove to be Germary's Meabeuge and j Taxpayer?
Albrecht may suffer the Dime fate
he Inflicted upon the French and the! SMOKE THE SLACKER OUT
British which gained him his repu- It Is quite probpble that Uncle
tation as the destroyer of modern i S.'m, In his next drn.ft, will take a
On the 24th of this month more
Columbia county boys will leave for
army service. The city fathers and
tho commercial club should note the
data and prepare to entertain tho
boys in a proper manner. The city
of Astoria, through Its council, has
appropriated money to defray the
expenses of entertaining the Clatsop
county men. It might be well for St.
Helens to follow Astoria's example.
The degree of doctor of laws will
be conferred on Prof. R. D. Hotzel.
former director of extension at the
Oregon Agricultural College and now
president of the New Hampshire Ag
ricultural College. President lletzel
Is widely known throughout Oregon
because of his work In organizing
and building up a live und effective
extension service.
Dr. W. J. Kerr of the Oregon Ag
riculture College has been asked by
the Government to continue his series
of war-and-food talks In different
sections of the country.
"No need to ask," said ho, "for
whatever iuterests are entrusted to
our charge we shall simply wire the
Government that we shall care for
them. No one claims to see where the
war will be won In a ye-.r or In five
! years, and we must go on building
' up resources and moralu to back up
I the boys now gathering at the front.'
In the Franco -Prussian war of
1 870. Professor George Steliert, now
a citizen of Danville, III., was wutind-
od by a shell r.pllnter in u i n'
northwest of Toul. The other day j
his son, an artilleryman with Hie
American fo.veit in Fravco, in a
fight over tin) same ground lie ir Toul
was wounded by a shell Hi'lliilor In
Mio same w; y mid :it almost tho same
1-ot, al.lioiir,h S years separated
the two occasions.
More than 2.000.000 soldiers and
sailors have taken out 1 16.r0,000.
000 of iMverniueitt nr Insurance.
Tho average amount applied for Is
$S00, which Is not fur below the
maximum of $10,000 permitted by
law. About 11,000 applications are
received dally. Since hut October
the war risk bureau has written more
Insurance than 20 of the largest life
Insurance companies have on their
A means of making use of the elec
tric magnet under water has been
devised 111 Japan and it promises to
be of great assistance) in locating
sunken vessels to recover which s;il
vago operations on a big scale are
expected after tho war.
! A coat of paint would much lir.
1 prove the npearance of the city hall,
i and at the sc.me time keep the build
ing from deteriorating. Paint is
j high nnd so is labor, but there Is no
j economy in letting the building 30
1 to ruin.
There seems to be much ado be
cause the administration has seen fit
to assign eGneral Wood to duty in
the United States instead of sending
peep Into the bomb proof dugouts
of tlis shipyards and will call on
many of the husky c'hletes who ere
hiding in this refuge, to get out and
really do their part In the war.
There's a whole lot of difference in
holding down a soft job at $6.60 per
him to France, and the general's . dr.y and in a safe place compared
friends nre loud In the protest of with the other fellow who left a good
what they term the discrimination j job and good prospects to go to the
against the general. Those samei first line trenches at $1.10 per day
and board and at the same time
place his life in jeopardy. The ship
yard slacker should be smoked out
and Uncle Sam is going to do it.
friends who are doing the loudest
shouting, might remember that Wood
was promoted over the heads of many
officers who had seen longer service,
t Certainly the administration should
know best where a man can serve, While LaFollette has some follow-
where he will be of the most use to ing In his state, Wisconsin, in justice
the government. If every man's idea j to that state's loyal cltizens.it should
as to where and how he should serve i be stated that they do no uphold him
should be considered, then we Vould in his German sympathy The follow
liave no war department nor ormyj i:irr editorial which appeared in the
but instead, a howling disorganized Rucine Journal News Indicates the
mob. Wood and every other officer j feeling towards LaFollette:
must serve where the government I "The position occupied by Senator
says serve. ' LaFollette regarding the war is not
I shared by our people. The senator
Congress has relinquished so much I doesn't represent Wisconsin sentl
of its powers, that it is getting hard j ment. He stands alone In his op
to see where any Is left. There must I position to the war. He is without
be some, as occasional discussions In i support among the people he should
congress show. I represent."
Hoover Says Save Food
You can help yourself and the nation in food saving by
We will sell you an Ice Ticket and deliver the ice as you
wish it. By buying a ticket you save money as you
get $5.00-worth of ice for $4.50. Kvery little saving
helps, so if you are an ice user, you had better buy an
Ice Ticket.
Fish, Groceries and Vegetables
Our stock might not be so large as others, but we have the
QUALITY and the PRICK. Give us a trial order.
The Kaiser called the Devil up,
On the telephone one day,
The girl at Central listened la
To all t'.iey had tc say.
"Meilo," she heard the Kaiser's
"Is old man Satan hon e?
Just .ell him It Is the Kaise.- Bill,
That wants him on the phone."
"What can I do," the Devil crld,
"My dear old Kaiser Hill?
1' there's a thing that I can do
To holp you, I sure w il."
T':.e Kaiser said: "Nowlisle:i,
And I will try to tell,
j The wny that I am running
On earth a modern hell.
"I've saved for this for many years,
And I've started out to kill,
That it will be a modern Job,
You leave it to Kaiser Hill.
"My army went through Ilelgium,
Shooting women und children
We tqre up all her country.
And blew up every town.
"My Zepps dropped bombs on cities,
Killing the old and young,
Anr those the Zeppelins didn't get,
Were taken out and hung.
"I started out for Paris,
With tho aid of poison gas,
The Belgians, darn 'em, stopped me,
And wouldn't let me pass.
"My submarines are devils,
You ought to see them fight,
They go sneaking through the ocean,
And sink a ship on sight.
j "I was running things to suit me,
' Till a year or so ago
1 When a mun caled Woodrow Wilson,
i Wrote me to go more slow.
"Ho said to me: T)enr William,
We don't want to make you sore,
So bo sure to tell your U-boats,
To sink our ships no more.
" 'We have told you for the last time,
So, dear Hill, It's up to you,
And If you don't stop It,
You'll have to fight us too.'
"1 did not listen to him,
j And he's coming after me,
1 With c million Yankee soldiers.
From their homes across the sea.
. "Now, that's why I called you, Satan,
I For I want advice from you,
j I knew that you would tell n.e,
I Just what I ought to do."
"My dear old Kaiser William,
There's not much for me to tell,
; For the Yanks will make It hotter,
Than I can here In hell.
"I've been a mean old Devil,
1 But not halt as mean as you.
And the minute that you get here,
I will give up my Job to you.
"I'll be ready for your coming,
And I'll keep the fires all bright,
And I'll have your room all ready,
When the Yanks begin to fight.
"For the U. S. boys will get you,
I have nothing more to tell,
Hang up the phone and get your hat,
And meet me here In hell."
By W. E. Curry.
Notice Is hereby given that the
undersigned bus been appointed ad
ministrator of tho estate of John W.
Patrick, deceased, by the County
Court of the State of Oregon for Col
umbia County ami Ikih qualitied. All
persons having claims against said
estate are hereby notliled to present
same duly verilied, as by law re
quired, to the undersigned at Iteu
ben, Oregon, within six mouths from
the date hereof.
Dated and tirst published June 7,
19 IS.
Ail in In tut ra tor.
Attorney. l5-&
Peninsula Lumber Company, a cor
poration, PU'.intlff, vs. Jesse Leroy
Wright, Defendant.
To Jesse Leroy Wright:
In the Name of tho State of Oro
gon you uro hereby required to ap
pear nnd answer the complaint filed
i.gainst you in the above entitled suit
within six weeks from the IMtli day
of May, ID IS, the date of tho first
publication of this summons, and If
you fall so to answer, for want there
of the plaintiff will apply to the
court for the relief demanded In Its
complaint, to-wit:
For a decree of strict foreclosure
against you of tho land contract de
scribed In tho complaint whereby you
cgrecd to purchase the following de
scribed premises in Columbia Coun
ty, Oregon, to-wit: Tim Southwest
quarter of tho Northwest quarter of
Soc. 16, Tp. 5 North, Range 2 West,
and described in said contract ns
Lots 30 and 33 In Tract Unit A of
lecr Island Farms, nccording to an
unrecorded plat thereof, unless you
puy the amount dun upon said con-
I tract, together with Interest ns there
in specified nnd a reasonable sum
for attorney's fees, together with
costs and disbursements of said suit.
This summons Is published by vir
tue of nn order of the Honorable
James A. Eakln, Judge of the above
entitled court made on tho 20th day
of May, 1918, directing tho same to
be published in "Tho St. Helens
Mist" a newspaper of general circula
tion published in St. Helens, Colum
bia County, Oregon.
Date or first publication: May 2 !
Date of last publication: June 21
1918. j
, It. SLEIGHT, !
Attorney for Plaintiff. I
roslofTlce address 1S21 Yeon I
Hldg., Portland, Ore. I
uenlnsula Lumber Company, a cor-1
poratlon. Plaintiff, vs. W. E. Smith !
Defendant. '
To W. E. Smith:
In tho Name of the State of Ore-1
gon you ure hereby required to up-1
pear and nnswer Dm .,,,i i. I
against you In the above entitled suit
within six weeks from the 24th day
of May, 1918, the date of the llrst
publication of this summons, and ir
you fall so to answer, for want there
of the plaintiff will apply to tho
court for the relief demanded In Its
complaint, to-wit:
For a decree of strict foreclosure
against you of tho land contract de
scribed in tho complaint whereby you
agreed to purchase the following de
scried lirnmluuu l ..,.. .?
... ,, " '"mum I llllll-
ty, Oregon, to-wit: Tho North .
'"Hri'-T Northwest quarter or Sec
10. Tn. 5 North liut,a i ur...
,i ,. . : a u t'Hi, anil
described In said contract ns Lots 1
.. iraci unit A or Door Island
Farms. accnrilini in
..i... .i . " " "oieconei
plat thereof, unless von ,,
amount due upon said contract to-1
R"v..r wiui inierst as therein sped
fled and a reasonable sum for attor
ney's fees, tnirnllw... .i.i. .. . ullor.
disbursements of said suit l"
This summnnu u ,.i.n..i.. . .
'iHL0,"""16'.'". ' Honorable
Xr.iVi i "UR1"' JKO of thr, ubovo
entitled court i,,.in .... . "
" u,.-u ii me St. Helena Mist "
a newspaper of general circulation
published in St. Helens, I'olum) "
CotintV. Ornirnn ' """'""Il
County. Oreeon
''o ot "rHt Publication
1 " I 8.
Data nf lnuf .o.bii,..!!.
Postoff.ee JSTiS'l1'"
Uldg., Portland, Ore
May 24,
Juno 21.
i m Ti ms i r i w few w
How to Open a
Bank Account
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bank aiToiiuts because ihev imagine
il involves a lot of buther ami
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open a Choikinv; Account at the t'ohnnliia
County I'.anfc. Kither briuir or svu in ui;r
first ileposit. We will have you fill mil ;l rw
Account Card with name, address and signa
turethen hand you a passbook showing
credit for tho amount you have deposited
and a checkbook for your eonymiouce in
making withdrawals. Isn't that simple?
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ummer is
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