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iTf PAMONA grange is
B, l. ' ",w
aril, Mwri'Utry
Th, Tcinlty of Natal In the No-
..-it... U fiimml!t for Ifn
Jem veh'v - . .
Uuiiful rlvnr, its ftiuni trees ana it
trtlH meadows, nut lla nntural
5uiii an curcu,y more t',un r,val
I hopl,K"1' 11 vr. rt linn
Ptnionu Grange assembled for
I qunrlorly dnlilnrnilon In the
gfortalil" """ 1 iiiBiuuiirH wen
, that a treat and a welcome
led them.
To bRl t,in fiV(,t the patron
mblcd at ""(in around Ilia moat
hountiful table nia ,. . ;..
lttd to n.lle u,.n ,Illce 00ver
came Into vogue. Bueh plate. 0f
fried chleken tt. to Blak, a wQn
d ' whether or not there , Rnotller
of he feathered kingdom loft tlal
vicinity to propugat. the plmter.
The,, there were the vegetable., the
olod., the fruit, and the pastries I,,
uch quantities that a beginning or
aiv ending wan obacure and aa dis
tant aa IIiomo aume elementa of thu
Nnhaleni river Itaelf. Tlien t tl,e
Quality, like, the quantity, when com
bln.d with over Indulgence cam
near b..g UlB cnUH8 for , noceHM14rjr
adjournment for the day. Certainly
Men's Dress Pants
We have just received a large shipment of
Men's Dress Pants. They are well made, of nice
materials and good colors. All sizes. Priced
from $3.50 to $7.50.
Men's Work Clothes
For clothes that will stand the hardest wear,
the common sense kind that are good honest
quality all through, give us a trial. No better
Overalls are made than Carhart's. We have them.
The Shoes for Boys
This is where we shine for we have the best
line carried BERGMAN'S. Get the boy a pair
of Bergman's. They are all leather and will last
z long time. For men we have JUST-WRIGI IT,
in several difierent styles, black and tan in all
widths. $6.00 to $10.00. The price jf leather is
corslantly advancing, so better look after your
tlioc needs now and come to our store for them.
The Home of Good Merchandise
Before You Start on
that Vacation Trip
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worry after you reach your destination. There are
tliiiigsyou'H need while away that cannot be found in
out-of-the-way places. Insure lite tomforts ami con-
venienees by stocking up before you go.
A List of Suggestions May Prove Helpful
l'ountiiin IVhh
Drliikliix Cup
Tliernm. Ilottlo
Nhuvliiu Hiipdlc
Cold (Veil in
''foiling l ack In
Start right ami write
Headache Remedy
Adhesive Plaster
Antiseptic Holutloiift
Tooth llruNlica
I'lnyliiK Cards
Mosquito lotlun
Hummer Remedies
lt litttK Ca
Hath Nupplie.
us while away for anything you
vuay need
Own Your Own Home
We have several good homes that can te had at
reasonable prices and on payments of $100 to $150
down and balance at little more than rent payments
per month.
Good 7-room house close in for $1 100. Easy terms.
Three room house and two good garden lots for
$550.00. A good buy.
-Three-room house and one lot for sale at $375. See
this. . ,,
A big 5-room boat house furnished, with 18 foot
gasoline launch and 12-foot row boat for $375.,.A
great bargain.
Two-room tent with floor and some furniture at
Columbia City for $65.
Rutherford Realty Co.
Opposite City Hall
the ludtes of Natal huv w n
honora Including tie Cro)x de La
Morsele'. Unglngly we nwalt our
return thereto.
The afternoon waa spent In regu
lar business with Mauter R. N. Love
luce nt the gavll. Owing to the har
vest season the attendance waa not
ho large as was expected and only a
limited amount of business was
transacted. Interesting discussions
wore entered Into, but owing to the
limited number of measures on the
Initiative ballot this fall, there wan.
li'tle buniness of str.te importance
to make decisions upon.
Among the matters of agricultural
Importance waa the passfga of the
following resolution relative to the
California Tuber Moth, the pest that
bids fnlr to ruin or rreatly hamper
the California potato Industry:
Whereas; There la a great
danger of having the Potato
Moth introduced Into Oregon,
through the Importation of Cali
fornia Tuber Moth Infected Po
tatoes; Therefore, Be it Hesolved by
this Columbia County ' Pamona
Orange In cession on this 3rd
day of August, 1918, demand
that the Btate authorities en
force the quarantine laws
against the Importation of Tuber
Moth infected potatoes In order
that those pests be kept-ou' of
the State; and thnt a copy of
this Resolution be sent to Hon.
James Wlthycambe, Governor,
and the Btate Food Inspector.
Approved by Committee.
W. J. Fullerton,
J. M. Roddick,
Mrs. E. A. Gessell
Submitted by L. Slegert.
Following another most generous
repast In the dining room which nec
essitated a .two hour recess, the
evening session waa begun at 8 o'
clock. Work in the fifth degree was
put on with Mrs. Hattie Burke and
Mr. II. Heeler, both from Clatskanle,
as candidates. A short program was
given, the principal feature of which
was a round table discussion led by
W. J. Fullerton and the County Ag
ricultural Agent.
livery granger present expressed
his or her sincere grnlitude to tin.
people of Nattl In the unanimous
vote of thanks tendered them. The
next I'ainona meeting will be held at
Vernonla and the representatives in
ittcndance have extended a mos.
hearty welcome to the grangers of
the county to be present and we feel
Mire thnt another rare treat is await
ing us on the flrBt Saturday in November.
Holds Three Itrit IhIi Honor Medals.
' Including Victoria Cross
Private MIcTiael J. O'Rourke will
speuk at the City Hall Monday night,
August 12th. Ho comes under the
auspices of the Association of Fatli-
e.g of Soldiers and Sailors, V. 3. A.,
and the Hires of t'nele Sam's fight
ing men in St. Helens, are especially
urged to attend. An itdmlnelon charge:
of 60 cents will be made. I
You'll be wanting to know what'
kind of a lad is this O'Rourke. j
For why should you quit the com-1
forts of home, after a hard day's!
wcrk, to hear a private talk? Are
there no generals or leastways colo
nels, or even majors Uiat could say
a word?
Is St. Helens of so kittle conse
quence that they send Private This
and Corporal That to bring us news
of the great war?
You Won't Ho Going
Sure, not a step will you go from
the house this night. f
'Tis wrong you are! There are
J ' ri 1
ft& ft
Pilvata "Mickey'' O'Rourke-
Mrs. U. L. Baker of the State
Council of Defense has received the
following letter from the food ad
ministration, which Is self-explanatory:
My dear Mrs. Baker: In the ab
sence of Dean Milam, I am taking
caro of the food administration
work. Recent instructions from
Washington make It necessary for ua
to emphasize the following points In
tlio presont Bugar situation:
1. Save all fruit and conserve
, 2. Dry as much fruit as possible.
3. Can fruit with a minimum or
no sugar, more sugar to be added
when plentiful.
4. Reduce the sugar in preserves,
Jnms and marmalades.
B. New sugar regulation is two
pounds per month instead of three.
6. Reduce sugur for all genera,
While there is nothing particular
ly new except the reduction in the
sugar ration, still the sugar situation
la becoming more serious all the Urn?
or.d we must appeal to patriotic
housewives, making thl3 r.ppeal just
as strong as possible.
Trusting that your work is going
well, I am
Very sincerely yours,
Professor of Household Administration.
The annual picnic of the Iowa as
sociation of Oregon will be held Sat
urday, August 17, at the Btate fair
grounds, Salem.
All former' Iowa people from all
parts of the state are urged to be
present on that day. The business
meeting is scheduled for 2 o'clock In
tho afternoon. After the buslnesa
meeting there will be sports, speak
ing and a musical program. At 6
o'clock all will alt down to an old
fashioned Iowa supper. Everybody
should bring well-filled baskets, as
everything will be spread on a large
table where all will bo accommoda
ted. Coffee will be served by a com
mittee of women from Salem. Af
or supper a program will be given
consisting of speaking and a musical
program arranged by the entertain
ment committee. Talk this (over
among your Iowa friends in your lo
cality and lay everything aside for
one day and come to Salem. There
will be no program in the mornlne-
privates and privates, and generals
and generals; but in all the allies
there's nary a man, from Foch nnn
Pershing down, that's more worth lis
tening to than th:s same "Mickey
O'Rourke, private in the Canadian
army. '
For one thing, he's a coward.
You'll see for yourself Monday night
the cold sweat of fright on his brow.
There's more than one kind of a
coward and Private O'Rourke's the
kind that laughs at death and shivers
in the presence of a dre6sed-up
You'd set him down for a surly
man, on meeting h:m the first time,
! hut he's not. It's only the way of
j him; taciturn, soft-spoken, with cold
I grr.y eyes. We do not tread on the
tr.ll of the coat of such a man. We'd
I speak to him politely, softly ai
watch him If he were our enemy
One queer thing about O'Rourke
you do not understand. He'd kill a.
boche as soon as look at him. But
when he finds A wounded man he's
all tenderness and nothing'll do but
he must be carried away to a hospital
to have his hurts mended. Comrade
or boche, it's the same to O'Rourke.
We'd hesitate to tell you how many
Germans O'Rourke has killed
hundreds! And how many scores v
wounded men he lir.s succorea, u.l
how many times he has risked his
life, and how many times he has used
his wits to good purpose.
Is Thrlco Honored
Twould take a book to tell the
whole story.
We told you enough the rest is up
to sample. For Private O'Rourke is
tl.e only man In the Canadian army
who has all three of the British honor
medulu, including ihe Victoria Cross.
So you'll not lie wasting your tinu
at the City JIcll next Monday nlghl.
even if the speaker Is a prlvete In the
The speaking starts at eight o'
clock sharp.
Hundreds of American horses werr
bought back from the French when
the first forces from the United
States landed on the other side, and
the drivers had much trouble with
them. At first they couldn't under
stand the reason. As one of them
said, "When I yelled glt-up, they
Just looked around as If they thought
I was foolish and Btood still, and when
I remembered! heard a French driv
er yell 'p.llez' nt his horso, I yelled
'allez' and away my tenia went." The
American ' horses had learned
Chronic Constipation
It is by no means an easy matter
to cure this disease, but it can b
done in most Instances by taking
Chamberlain's Tablets and comply
ing with the plain directions that ac
company each package.
Attention Please
We have just received an article which you should have
in your kitchen. It is a
; Fruit and Vegetable Cooker
It is the latest thing for cold pack canning. Conserves
food and will cook an entire meal on one burner. You can
rot overcook, dryup or evaporate the foods or vegetables.
Will you please call and let us demonstrate this wonderful
household necessity to you.
We have recently received another shipment of vacuum
washers. No better washer is made. It cleans the clothes
without rearing or wearing them out. You'll be money
ahead by buying one of these and it makes the wash day
drudgery a thing of the past.
Another shipment of this popular ware has been re
ceived. Baking dishes, glass baking dishes, etc. Watch
our show windows for display.
Telephone No. 97 St. Helens, Oregon
We aim to carry in stock all the auto supplies
you are likely to need. And we know our
prices are lower than you would oftentimes
pay if you sent away. Besides, we save you
the high express charges you have to pay on
small orders.
We carry a large line of high quality tires
in all popular sizes. And you can always
be sure of getting good, live, fresh goods
when buying here.
Spark plugs, dry cells, horns, lamps and all
standard supplies at prices that please.
Independent Auto Co.
St. Helens, Oregon
Special for Saturday
Seasonable Things
for the Table
Lettuce, New Cabbage, Carrots, Ripe Red Tomatoes,
Cucumbers, Wax Beans, Celery, Green Onions, Sweet Po
tatoes, Fresh Raspberries- Peaches, Green Apples, Canta
loupes, Watermelons, Oranges, all sizes, Fresh Ripe Bana
nas, California Grape Fruit. Corn, Egg Plant, Pears,
Plums and many other good things which will help you
make a good meal. . , " , .
In Our Grocery Department
You are assured of securing only the best. Our Quality
Canned Goods, the Red Ribbon brand, have a high reputa
tion to maintain and their excellence is not surpased. We
carefully avoid handling the poorer grades of canned goods
and groceries for our trade, though we might make larger
profitr. by stocking them. , , .
Prompt Service is Our Watchword
If you don't trade with us we
both lose money.
St. Helens
Mercantile Co.
Phone 80 St. Helens, Oregon

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