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...... )
WWW Fred Olfwer of tioble wae it caller Mr; anil Mrs. Jack Anpluton of
4 1 at the Mist office g;.tnrtfay. Ho litis Door Islnnd were St. Helena shoppers
4 'recently Bottled In the Goble noigh- Thursday.
A-A AAAAA AAAAAi b'orhood, coming from Snohomish, , Mrs. S. E. Smith will loavo this
Mrs. T. Roy returned last Friday I Washington. He la well pleased with evening for Alumeilu, California. Mr.
from California where she had been tlie opportunities Columbia county Smith has employiuout In a shipyard
visiting for several months. ,
Mrs. E. G. Ditto and Mrs. J. T.
Taber were Portland shoppers Wed
nesday, Miss Gertrude Liggett, teacher in
the eighth grade, is at her home in
Kelso, while the school is closed.
P. C. Arnold is relieving W. P.
Fox as agent at the St. Helens depot
while Mr. Fox is absent.
Mrs., E. A. Rotger returned Wed
nesday from Portland, where she
spent several days with relatives.
Miss Lois Clear, who is now stay
ing in Portland, was here
and Sunday.
j offers and like tho Goble neighbor
A. L. Stone, cashier of the Col-
Koadmaater Al.rr returned from ! umb,a bounty Hank, who has beep
the Neh.ilom Wednesday night, lie
reports that the contractors are mak
ing good progress on the Pittsburg
Bluff end that the bridge across the
Nehaletn near Hirke'ifold was about
completed with the exception of plac
ing the steel span.
Judge Eakin lias appointed Wli
liam Miller, a lawyer, of Astoria to
investigate the charges filed by Han.
Kautzman against District Attorney
Metsker. Mr. Miller is expected to
Saturday, be in St. Helens this week to con
uluct the Investigation. He was form-
Mr. and Mrs. Holbert Sipple of , erly prosecuting attorney In Malheur
Portland were week end guests of i county. "
their friends Mr. and Mrs. E. G.
Ditto. ,
Gordon Isbister, who is attending
school in Portland, came down Frl-
Ensign E. W. Olson of the U. b.
merchant vessel, Western Plain, was
hero Wednesday for a few hours.
He was formerly mate on the
day evening to spend the week end : Broughton & Wiggins steamer,
, with home folks. j Ernest H. Meyer, but left .that ves-
Mrs. Frank Xewbold has received ' 81,1 t0 enter the merchant marine,
a postal announcing the safe arrival 1,6 expects to be on the way p.crosu
of her son, Archie Newbold, at atlle oiS POId in the very near fu-
foreign port. Arckle is cornoral in ! ture.
struggling with an nttack of grippe
for -the past week, is again at his
post of duty in the bank.
Mrs. Serena C. Morton and daugh
ters, May and Irene, accompanied bj
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Clnridge of Pori
land, were Sunday guest)) r.t the home
of Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Morton.
The county court will meet In spec
ial session tomorrow to tuke up some
road and brtge bids und transact
other unfinished business which was
left over from the regular session.
Dr. Thompson was forced to cancel
his last dato here on account of ai.
Injury received to his h:nd while
hunting, but will bo nblo to c-ntlnue
his regular visits two weeks hence,
on Friday, Novombor 1st.
Mr. and Mrs. , Roy Stewart liavo
bought the Central Confectioner)
j from Mrs. E. Thomas p. nil have taken
charge of the business. The Stewarts
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day afternoon and tho body laid to
rest in the Uattan lot In the Warren
cemetery. Ills fellow union workem
uclud ns pallbearers. On account of
tha Influenza epidemic, the fuuerul
was attended by only those niost in
terested. I4iter
Thursday afternoon, tho nurse at
Mrs. Nurd la's bedside phoned Dr.
Ifbss that Mrs. Nordln was Rinklnk
rnpldly and Lloyd llattau and Itosmfl
Hattati left Immediately for Port
land. At S o'clock lust night it wus
reported that the patient had rallied.
Further particulars uro not obtain
the 467th Engineers, Pontoon train
Miss Martuu McCauley, who has
been attending Franklin High school
in Portland, came home Tuesday, the
jg Dr. Lowe, November 1st.
W. P. Fox, agent for the S. P. &
S., at St. Helens received a wire
To the Editor of the St. Helens Mlut:
After reaJl.ig tho nrtlclo In the
Mist describing the present condition
of our temporary school rooms (ami
by tho way, does temporary mean 6
i months or 6 years?) I find that
nave many friends in St. Holer.s who! ... ...
vii, m,a. ..a. . i .!,, cumului.ou of thourht on o:r c ty's
wish them success In their busluoss , ,, '
venturo , public affairs and I must commend
The motor vessel St. Helens ar- you; AnA aml vluw-l',l"t
rived In San Francisco this week, 4V UMI,t'?.f." ., ,
days out from Manila. This Is con- , " V" ,u" CJU'l r
sldered a smart nnR..1CB ni;t,n.,i, n!oU,cU"1 8d,o1 Erectors and county.
nuuuui u(Jt'riiiif miL'ui., who mv.y iw 1
Edward Cookinglium, state chair
man of the Fourth Liberty Lotn Com
mitten for Oregon, has sunt tho fol
lowing telegram to H. C. Morton, the
county chairman:
S. C. Morton, St. Helens, Ore.
The good work or yourself aim
your loyal associates In putting your
county over the (op has been splen
did and 1 extend my heartiest con
gratulntlons. Tho principal metropoli
tan centers In tho Twelfth Federal
district and elsewhere are facing ex
treme difficulties In making quota
because of the strain of prevloui
loans und of heavy (axes on larger
corporations and capitalists. There
is Imperative necessity for our con
tinuing active solicitation and rais
ing every dollar possible In order Ihnt
the loan ns a whole may surely be
subscribed. All those who have not
subscribed or have mailt) Inadequate
subscriptions should be vigorously
There are many In St. Helens a tin
Columbia county who are financially
ablo to buy morn bonds nnd It Is to
bo hoped that Columbia will not lie
satisfied with having subscribed Its
allottment, but additional subscrip
tions will bo made.
...... . i ma uu.wuru irin ninv 4.1 rinvn wnra
loruanu cnoois Having been closed . stating that his brother, who was! -..,-,, , ,,,.', ' present be In a quandary with their
on account of the "flu." 1 in a cantonment in Georgia, was ser- T Z . " " ? 16 rlp' . nroblem. I .v. tell .!, .,n..l l,
Lloyd Carmick, former president iously ill nnd left immediately torL"
of the Christian Endeavor societies1 Georgia. Enroute he was advised f whicHa.
til'! Tt 'I0".' ,Wh.,S -...that the . brother had passed wa!: -tUc, matters relative ,o!
.a ntl, IB in uie army, ana me remains woum De shinned . .-,. ... .. ... . school affa it. ltn frank: wn nil
..a a.uuo nuu uiu a, lueiuuer 01 ine : 10 t leumoni, soum DnKOta. Mr. fox
staff of "The Stars and Stripes." I is now in that city and will return to
Miss Marie Walker is no,w attend-! St. Helens as soon as possible,
ing college in Berkeley, California, j X. E. Walker is quite positive that
Some months ago she enlisted In the j his son, Geo. C. Walker, is on the
navy as yeomanette, but not receiving' way to "over there." Young Walk
a call for immediate duty, she decid-!er, who has been stationed at Camp
. ed to attend college while awaiting j Kearney for the past year, sent home
government instructions. . his gold watch for safe keeping.
Mrs. J. T. Teher received a postal! He had previously written his par
card Monday stating that her hus-jents that he was expecting to go, and
band had safely arrived overseas. It : before . leaving camp would send
was a great relief to her as he was some of his personal belongings, j
oupposeu 10 Da on ono of Me vessels therefore.
of the deck machinery and ship fur-j
nislilngs have been saved. There!
was no loss of life
want to help. Present this data with
a report, if you wish, or thru your;
J. F, Dopplmalor informs the Mist I cl,al,m.:m Bt tt mo,tl,'B "
that he and Sherman Miles mm.r ' nnu nl nie,,t'nK K'vo
formed a partnership to hundlo trao
tors. Mr. Dopplmaler, who has se
cured the agency for several welt
known makes of tractors, will look
after the selling end.
Frank Wllklns Is lu receipt of a
letter from E. I, Ballagh, who was
at his old Iowa home. Ed says he
was suung up m bed to write, which
to the '.axpayers and Interested ones
your Information firs', hand and
abolish for this ono time tho old
antiquated way we receive our
public information with all its attend
ing discrepancies (Mr. So and So said
he thought that It was abnut so and
so) we want It cold nnd absolute
and surely some good will reault and
the Darents take It for I . .. " . """'', "'en ' , "
r.r tha .... ,,., . . , . i . . .. - rr.aicates that he too inl Wn .t..b ' ' """.iubhjii win ue arrived
.mc vuu.u. Llie 11UKSI11D 01 wnien ernntprl t int nanrca hna laf, i.t - n
was recently lost.
I California camp.
He thought that he would bo ablo to nt tlmt wUl fulfl" tho n""u- T,1
Cold Weather Comfort
Winter is now here ami you should prepare for your
personal comfort. To he warmly clad is the greatest com
fort. We have a large line of
Mens and Boys' Mackinaws
.Priced from $9.25 to $14.25
We have recently received a large line of
Our Special Value Sweater $2.25
is a great bargain -and if you need a SWEATER better
take advantage of this special. We have them for young
and old in many sizes and colors. Get the bov or girl a
Rainy Weather Necessities
UMBRELLAS, $1.50 and up. RUBBERS for Men
"Women and Children, RAIXV WEATHER SHOES
that will last and keep, the feet dry.
Taber's Variety Store
fact that tho shipyard men, and In
ifact every other able and capable
, man in St. Helens, would hrvo and
j still will, assist in re.iablll'.;ng the
existing old buUdlng Is truo.
j Many truly bulleve and I too, that
our schools come first und other pub
! lie conveniences :'nd necessities later,
: ..n M 1 ...i.i. ., .
gs was the m.lv St ntn. """" win, u,o present na-
among the number who left . j 'nUl pollcy of dBV''P'!? and build
Robert M. Weidemann of Monomi ! in,nly ,tl,OH0 pr,01JocU "r-U
nee. Michigan, a cousin of H. p. Mc-! . ovu?'lhl'"- eVRr '"
a n i ,ilueu UV" aooui city iiockh und
Art C. ,nr, ,
'me Michigan town. , V,. 7. ... !rKy'
were in St. Helens Wednesday, the , , ""illlc" lowar" t,,n
guests of Mr. Mccormick. Mr Wei Is ,00,', 8om,,,nlnR that Is necesaury
is a son of John C. Wells. for Jhom I n f T n r lWe"ty f'd mora
one of the McCormick motor lZ ' Til t , M M
is named i magnitude l lumber aud that Is
According to a recent ruling by thJ JlT' th" Lu,wb,,r mW
Emergency Fleet Corporation aU , ' 11 city dock at pros
Class 1 shipyard workers who hav"' 0"1 T " 8UI"!rflu'""'- "r our
been given deferred class flltln on ! via wa Tn T"" ,rUff'C
account of their work In the ya rd. I T? T"' " I"" ""ckR- ,f
will be p.aced In Class 1 un.ess lto"ULU""
orrtctals of the shipyards personally
js;ari lor St. Helens in a few days
as Mrs. Ballagh and childreh were
til getting along nicely.
All of the men instructed to re
port ut the courthouse for Induction
Into the army, reported this week,
except Harold P. Uoss and he was
transferred from Seattle Fred Mor
cormlck, accompanied by
Wells, of the
Nut butter made from vegetable oils
Save 29 cents
, per pound on Butter
Fall Butter Can
ning Pears, box -
If you don't trade with us we
both lose money.
St. Helens
Mercantile Co.
Phone 80
. St. Helens, Oregon
upbear, ana establish the fact that
such men are essential to the conduct
or the yard. This ruling will uffeci
quite a few men in the local yards.
Miss Arllne liotsfcrd, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin It. liotsfcrd and
Valentine Brown, Jr., woro mr.rrlod
at the homo of the birde's parents In
Portland Saturday evening, Hov. Wli
liam Wallaco
j Methodist church, performlue the
: ceremony. The bride formoi ly lived
In St. Helens, hor father for some
lima bel.ig connected with tho Mist.
miss ucrtrude Phillip was one of the
I a'.tondM.ts.
The funeral of the late Carleton
Uwls, who died at his home near
Warren early Monday morulns. .
(held from Finley's Undertaking Par
lors in 1'ortland Wednesday after-
. "uuh. i ue uouy was placed In
and clean bo na to be sanitary, are
quite sufficient. E. A. KOTUKK.
The annual convention, of Union 7
comprising the societies of Clutsnp
and Columbia counties, was hld nt
the Congregational church on Oct. 11,
12, 13 and was a success in splto of
tho Influenza epidemic. The seenlons
were held In the church up to Sun
day afternoon when the cojveutlon
adjourned to Godfrey park for Its uf-
ternoon session.- On Sunday even
ing an enthusiastic meeting was hold
in the Plaza. After a song service of
patriotic songs and hymns, lod byi
Rev. Sp'narow, Rev. Gelvln of Cluts- j
knnlo, gave a putrlotlc address, Kev.
Triunv In1 l, .... .. .
i""5i, iiih mine ciiorus
rendered a couple of numbers and
Miss Edna Whipple of the Eugene
;-vault and at a Ir.ter date will bo tak-! U"''6 coII!Be an,, Htate university, dn-
iireieu mo closing address of the
On Saturday night a banquet for
the convention was held at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Southard. In
addition to the local society and the
visiting delegates there were present,
Mls:i Edmv Whipple, Miss Efflo Tor
gersen und Miss Laura Sherwood,
state officers of the society und Rev
and Mrs. McClure.
B io sir. uewis'. former home In
Maine. The news cf Mr. Lewis' deal!
waa a shock to his many friendn here
and the sentiment is expressed that
Columbia county lost one of Its most
valued citizens. A more extended nc-
count of Mr. Lewis' illness and death
is in the Warren correspondence.
For justice of .the peace in Justice
D.'strlct No. I It seems probable them
will be a little race. The candidate.
are Judge Magnus Saxon '.and ex-
uuage M. F. Hazen. The office U
now held by Mr. Saxon, who wag ap
pointed to fill. the unexpired term
of J. T. Taber, who resigned to en .
ter army service. A few of Judge'
Hazen'a friends wrote his name in on i
the primary ballot undhe was nomi-
nated. ' After Saxon' was aDnolnted I
he decided, to Imake the race for th
position ,&nd - fed his- petition with
the county clerk. At the present
time Hazon Is constable in the dis
trict. Both he and Sa"xon are Repub
licans. There is no Democratic can
didate.' : i
are you holding a sack?
a boy wan sent to market
with a sack of rabbits,
at night he came home with
out having disposed of them.
when questioned by his dad
as to why ho had not sold them,
he said that no one had asked
him what he hud In the suck.
some merchants are like this
little boy.
. they have something for sale
but don't let folks know what
- they have in the sack.
the way to open the suck Is
through the advertising
columns of the newspupors.
are you holding a sack?
Carl Chrlstensen, superintendent
of the St. Helens Shlplnll llng Com
tiany, was In Portland Moutlcy und
aboard tho guverniiieit stmMiior, la
saquena, when she mudo her trim
trip. He cume ns 'ar as St. Helens
on the boat and was well pleased
with the behavior of this product of
the St. Helens yard.
nru p. uuhinnky of s.
who was here Tuesday on7P
Jr.y. Is veteran of th, V
PrurHh.n war auj Ulk . "Ut.
f the time wl,,,,, J ""
quered the Freiw l, , i
nd Lorral.,,, , ,T J fcn
Luon (where the recent
Ing has been) w
tie there. The Oou.r,
thought the allien woul"
Kolng to make much r . . ,h
t M,, w,lon Z C
was urrendern.i ' lon"
'H said w. al,Hl
three big lakes and u a
bio fortress. l ,h'
ami ii
tlermun. did not makt w.ron'.
en nml rlill.i. . " ""I
,; ,7 : ' "' "Domini to II
UabliiBky and li u i .
umt tho atr,,..,,.,;: :rn:0.
- "mi wnich ti
German soldiers are charged
Il.l,,., I, ..I . .'""u
thinks It will int.. . i u
.. 'inn to lii
tho Germans, but eprcw blnil(
ns hoping the war would won i
over. Mr. itnbliikk. . 1
age when he was ln the uaj
came to tho HeuppO0liB n,,hbofh
30 year. ago. Ills , Frita ro,
toered In the Atuerlcun nr
served until discharged for shut
disability. rm
The St. Helens Shlpbull,n, fol
pany has been given contnictj
build two muro government 6tjB,
of the Ferris typo. vork odom,
the steamers will begin ci coobbh
other boiA Is but.lmd which v
Ipgo one set of ways Vr.cant.
MEN: This Is t lie season when ymi uciM goi.,1, reliable
Footwear ami we have a big Mock for ymi to select from
"CUT'TPR" PACS arc ,,,c bcst ,n lllc'
IL,1V market. We have them calked
r plain sole. We earry a l.i assortment regular liciirlit
WORK SHOES. Sizes. (,,!.'. Come in anil see.
Oil Clothing
' The prospects arc that OIL CLOTHING
will le very scarce w hen present stocks arc '
sohl out, as the Cov -eminent is taking the en
tire output for the Army. We have a khM
assortment ami atlvise yon to Imy now heforc
we are out of sizes.
Our present stock of MACKINAW SHIRTS ami COATS
was lionet last season, w hich insures yon a hetter quality
"f material than is hein niaile now. ;
Our Prices are Right
St. Helens, Oregon
Our Show
Cheerfully complying with the orders of the Board
of Health, we have closed the Liberty Theatre on ac
count of the epidemic of influenza and the theatre will
remain closed until further orders from the authori
7-We Wiu show some o thc" BEST FEATtjreS
made at the same old price 1
Liberty Theatre

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