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i The Spanish Influenza has closed
the schools here and been the cause
of discontinuing all social functions.
The W. O. W. social and dance, tin
Home Guard drill, churches ami
other meetings scheduled to have
been held are all held In abeyance
for the time.
Miss Anna Chase, teacher, ii
spending the time of closing the
schools with her people in Portland.
H. O. Morris is at home again after
a three weeks treatment at St. Vin
cents's hospital for his injured hand.
He will be unable to resume work for
three weeks or more.
L. Hall of Vernonla spent Suudaj
with Mr. and Mrs. John Farr.
John Farr is suffering from a
sprained wrist.
The farmers are all busy seeding
fall grain and a much larger acreage
will be sown this year in Warren than
ever before. The growing of root
crops is gradually being supersedes
by grain growing, as that line of
farming is found to be more profit-
able than any other crop.
Miss Blossom Garrison, Oscar Tuck
er, Mrs. Cora Allenbaugh and John
ny, motored to Portland Sunday.
Miss Hattie Grewell of Portland
spent Sunday with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. T. E. Grewell.
P. P. Grewell is confined to his
bed and is quite ill.
The organization of the local War
Work board will be consummated in
a few days. W. J. Fullerton, the
chairman is absent on jury duty at
St. Helens and will call his co-workers
together as soon as possible.
The grange basket social schedul
ed to be held on Saturday night, has
been postponed owing to the preval
ence of the Spanish "flu." A future
date will be chosen.
This speech on Liberty Loan bonds
was delivered at the LuUierau church
meeting at Warren, Sunday evening,
Octr jer 12, by Miss Tyra Rylcndcr.
: Miss Rylander is 11 years of age nad
: the speech is entirely her own effort
and thought.
American Citizens: We are again
called upon in this great hour of
need to serve our country ,vnd we
can do this by buying Liberty Bends.
Liberty Bonds mean more fighters,
more guns, more ships, more am
munition and a better equipment for
our soldiers overseas. It means a
speedier victory and a world free for
The government calls upon every
loyal American citizen to buy bonda
and to loan our money on safe in
vestment to help win this war. The
soldiers and sailors are doing thel.
bit. What are you doing?
The United States Liberty Bonds
t are the safest and best investment
in the world. If you buy a Liberty
Bond you will receive four and one
fourth per cent Interest per year and
they are redeemable in gold or
silver at the end of twenty years.
The Liberty Bonds are Issued in do-
nominations of fifty dollars and up,
co there is a size suitable for every
one. They may be secured at any
bank or poBtoffice.
Now it is our duty to buy them ana
urge all others to buy them, and let
us heed our nations call for money to
back up our soldiers "over there."
A bloody tyrant has lifted the iron
hand of war. He Is trying to tea.
the torch from Liberty's hand, but
let us hold Liberty's torch still high
er than ever before by our aid.
What has your country done foi
you? Has it not fed, clothed ano
sheltered you under Liberty's rays,
and should we not now just loan our
money to our government to help
win this war. America gave you all,
you have to loan it; she needs it now.
Should we not buy bonds Just a.
willingly as our soldiers and sailors
sacrifice their lives for their coun
try in order to preserve democracy.
When the soldiers are over there the)
are always wondering about home,
wondering if we appreciate their sac
rifices, wondering if the nation is go
ing to back them up, whether thu
Liberty Loan will go over the top,
whether the people make real sacri
fices too, and keep sending across the
ocean that continuing stream of met.
munitions and other supplies whtch
must flow in unbroken current if w,
are to win this war. America is
proud of her soldiers and sailors ant.
their unselfish sacrifice for Liberty,
but let America be just as proud. 01
her bond buyers as her fighters.
As we are now In war we must
save and conserve such as to help wlu
the fight, so let us save and produce
all possible-to aid In this great strug
gle for democracy. Every dollar you
loan Uncle Sam will be returned with
Interest. Buying Liberty Bonds is t
privilege every American should take!
advantage of for it not only helps
our government, but also ourselves.
We no longer say we must win this
war or we will win, but we aay wt
are winning, for there are four mil
lion , men ready to help drive the
Kaiser to Berlin. We will die but
Liberty shall never die!
Dr. Lowe, Nov. 8.
School closed on Wednesday as a
precaution against the influenza epi
demic. Floyd Grewell came home from
Kerry and spent Sunday with his
Esther Lynch left on Sunday for
O. A. C. She is taking a course of
study there.
Ruby Tipton and Goldie Grewell of
Hillsboro spent the week end with
Mr. Matt Grewell.
Louie Kontek was out of the ston
lust week, picking apples at home.
M. B. Grewell left on Monday for
Hillsboro to be gone 10 days or two
weeks. He Is painting there.
Mrs. M. E. Shr.lto Is on the sick
Mrs. Harrison and daughter Ethel,
of St. Helens, were in Scappoose ou
There will be no church services
next Subbuth.
The hay barn of Frank L. Smltii
caught fire on Tuesday, from spon
taneous combustion and burned be
yond control. No other buildings
were in danger.
The Red Cross workers finished 7u
garments for the Belgians this
A quilt donated by Mrs. W. E. Wes
ton to the Red Cross was sold at Mr.
Frakes sale last week for $11.00.
Mr. Frakes' sale of cattle last
week was well attended and stock
brought a good price; one cow
brought over $460. Over 70 hoau
were soiu. Air. praxes donated a
bull to the Red Cross fund; aftei
buying It for 1105, Mr. Frakes re
turned it and bull was resold for
$130 more. The goneroslty of Mr.
Frakes Is much appreciated.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Butler enter.
tained at tholr home. Mr. and Mrs.
N. A. Emmltt, Mr. and Mrs. Alvln
Hackett. Mr. and Mrs. John Gilstrap
and R. N. Buchnnnan and wife.
Mrs. J. E. MUlor, who has been ill
with typhoid, Is able to be about the
room. Her daughter, Opal, is still
confined to her bed.
Helen Watts has been ill at the
University of Oregon. Prof. Podsoi.
went out after his son who Is also Hi.
Lyle Jabln came home after having
the grippe and Marjorle Holloda.)'
came home before the epidemic
caught her.
Dr. Hatfield became seriously ill
on Saturday, but is betier at this
writing. We hope ho will soon b.
among uh again.
vord has been received that
Lieutenant Douglas McKay, son of
E. D. McKay was wounded In France
Lieutenant, McKay was a graduate of
O. A. C, and was stationed at Camp
Lewis until last spring.
hcappoose district raised $37,000
tor-me Fourth Liberty Loan the
quota for this district was $23,697.
$13,500 was raised In the camps. C
H. Kappers raised over $5000 oi,
Monday. 464 people subscribed to
the loan.
TI - 1 .
me mumers, wives, sisters an
sweethearts of our boys In service are
requested to share little notes of In
terest with the public, who have t
Keen Interest In each and all. Please
leave the items with Eva Garrison at
me store or H. F. Niblock at the
station, as it is impossible for thx cor
respondent to cover the territory each
Mrs. Arch Duncan (nee Ardath
Hagey of Tacoma, Is very ill. Her
mother was telegraphed for and Mrs.
Sandstrom left Immediately.
Winter Furs and Muffs
We have just received a large shipment of FURS,
SCARFS, NECKPIECES and MUFFS. There are some
beautiful pieces in the lot and the prices are reasonable.
Children's Coats
A nice line just received,
excellent materials.
Latest styles and made ot
Larsen & Company
We. are Here
to Fill Your Orders. Give
Us a Trial
Larsen & Company
St. Helens' Leading Grocers '
Si'uiHMiNt I.ilx-rty OioriiH
Whet a splendid thing it is for the
young people of Scappoose to have
such a musical organization in their
midst. Tears came Into my eves unci
a queer lump rose In my throat as I
sat listening to the songs which I was
hearing for the first time outside of
city concerts of high merit. The stir
ring "Marsailles," the national
withem of Italy, the grand old "Rule
Brlttanla" of England and our own
"Hall Columbia."
And how the modern spirit surged
through that stately church as "We
Don't Want the Bacon" was shouted
in wild definance to Kalserlsm and all
it Implies.
Liberty Chorus yes liberating
us from the plane of medicore music
to the heights of the best music of the
world. Too much cannot be said In
praise of, nor in gratitude of Mrs.
Varnon Cooke, formerly Miss Hazel
Watts, who Is respcnslble for the ex
cellent work being done.
Owing tc the "flu" school has been
cloned indefinitely. Miss Brown and
Mrs. Koberdlng will visit relatives In
the meantime.
Mrs. Minnie llollln. who his been
visiting Mrs. Will Clark, left for her
home Wednesday mornl'ig.
Mr. snd Mrs. Elmer Cnncl re
turned from Portland Saturday.
The muny friends of Harold Eng
lish will be pleased to learn he has
completely recovered from a Bovere
case of Spanish "flu.'.
Mrs. George Wells entertained a
number ot friends at a luncheon on
A patriotic sing was held at tin
schoolhouse Friday, which was well
The family of Harry Foley has
moved into tho house formerly oc
cupied by N. Murphy.
Misses Ellzaboth and Fay Larnntl
who have been visiting their aunt,
Mrs. Aduh Adams, left for Portlana
Mr. and Mrs. Hutterfield, ac
companied by their daughter, Mrs
Dr. Allan Noyes of Portland are now
upending some tlmo at their countr)
home. Hill Croat.
Will Meehan will leave on the 23rd
for school at Benson.
The L. B. and B. W. WIckerahiMn
families have returned to their homes
after spondlng the summer with
their parents at the Clover Hill Farm.
Ed. Murphy of the Peer Islana
Logging company is reported Im
proving from a severe caso ot Span
ish influenza.
The funeral of Russell Butts was
held Sunday afternoon at the Yankton
cemetery, Rev. A. S. Hlsey of St.
Helens conducting the Inst sad riles.
Deceased contracted the luflueuzo
while attending the army school at
Corvnllls. He was 18 years and six
months of age and is survived by hi
parents, two sisters and a brother.
Mrs. Steve Lampa, who has been
quite ill is now much Improved.
The Yankton school, following 'the
order of tho state board of health,
has closed unUl the Influenza epi
dcmld has subsided. Church meetings
have also been discontinued.
Mr. and Mrs; R. Kappler of Port
land came 'down recently to visit
tholr old home here. Mr. Kapplui
has accepted aposllton with (ho
streot railway company in Portland.
Mrs. Johnson, one of the leuchort
in the Yankton school Is reported to
be quite ill.
Mrs. Thomas was In Portlund lust
Suilday to visit her littlo daughter,
who la sick at the St. Vincent hospital.
The Loyal Order of Moose, Bt. Hel
ens Lodge No. 113 1. Meet the first
aud third Tuesdays ot each month.
All visitors cordially Invited.
B. K. COOPER, Dictator.
Mlspah Chapter O. E. S. meets Id
Masonic Hall the second and fourth
Saturdays of each month.
Tlllleum Tribe No. (2, Improved
O. It. M ot Yatiktou, Ore., meets at
Us wlgwnin, second and fourth Sat
urdays ot each month.
W. O. 1IKANNON, C. of R.
E. L. HYDE, Suchotn.
St. Helens Jlebnkah Lodge, No,
217. meets second ana" fourth Thurs
day of each month In I. O. O. V. halt.
Visiting members always welcome.
St. Helens Lodge
No 117. I. O. o. r.
meets la the 1 O.
O. K. bulldln. on
the second and fourth Saturdays of
each month, visiting members are al
ways given a hearty welcome.
FRED W. CHRISTIE, Noble Grand.
Avon Lodge No. 62 Knights of
Pythias meets ovory Tuesday even
ing In Castle Hall. St. Helens. Vis
iting Knights always welcome
Uusluess Phone U ji.TT"1'
DR. C. E. WAnT"""
Phone t
WUCR" "'.d' 8U1U..- J
, - .
rhyMclM and Hur ,
niflKi In II... L. ... .
- "'". v at. ii.,J
IMiyaiel, and -yja
ri iti., 0,0 uta
MRS. Ill!KHi.:i i. ,
Mow ilold Cabinet mm
llnura B a ... .... "1
"""!- ' ' M llA
A St. Helens ldge No. 12,
yfr A. F ft A. M. moots 1st
A and 3rd HiilurWar In aah
mouth. VlsKlng brothers cordially
A. U. STONE, W. M.
E. B. QUICK, Secretary.
8t. Helens Camp No. 11.999. Mod-
ern Woodmen ot Amerlca,meets the
first Wednesday of each month In
the I. O. O. F. hall.
II. A. COLT. V. C.
H. E. LA BARE. Clerk.
Office In Bank Hulldi.
l U0M " St. um,
vuiiuruurr anu runersj
County CoroBM
Phone 64 Residence phone I J
di. nomas, urcfot
Attorney at Uw
St. lleloui, Oregon
Attorney at Uw
nan aidg. at. Heleni, o,1
Attorney at Uw
taiuier, qt
For RnlA T.nt .nil .nt ,
room house and 1916 Maxwell touring
car. Inquire at Mist office. 4G-tf
For Sri 1 A t tidnnnt.i -.1 .
leather upholstered oak davenport In
first class condition. Particulars at
Mist office. - 4i..f
If You Want to Sell List Your Land
With Me for Quick Results
I represent twenty-three Standard Fire Insurance Compan
ies, including Phoenix Assurance of London Agency,
formerly held by the late Wm. M. Ross and Harold P. Roa
300 Close-in Lots at Low Prices and Easy Terms
Rutherford Realty Co.
For Sale John Tiiw !.,.....
disc, new last cprlng for sale or will
trade for good wood. C. Hancock,
Crouse Place, Houlton. 44-46
For Sain Hr1 hm. .
Uluestem whnM n i i nr..
ren, Oregon. 42-tf
Young Pies Fnr Rnla liar. u
man, Houlton, Oregon. Farm on the
uuniuu roaa near rerry place. 44-tf
For Sale New 7vn,,A v..n.i..i.
Giant Rufus Red pedigreed rabbits.
Send stamps for prices. H M
Knighton, St. Helens. 44.47
j Mr. F. L. Peterson was In Portland
i last Thursday.
Albert Butts, who was employed
at the hotel for three months and
j well known by all the boys, passeu
laway last Saturday at his home In
j Yankton. His brother Ralph, who has
(been employed in the yard Is also
confined to the bed.
Mr. Power arrived from Portland
j last week with his assistant caulk.
I ers, after spending several months In
I Portland.
Fifteen machinists arrived to Install
the shafts on our ships.
j Mra. Stewartwlfe of Sergeant
I T. W. Stewart, arrived last Satur
day from San Francisco. They are
living in the house formerly occupied
by tallyman, John Eastman.
. The sudden deatli of Betty Coan.
daughter of E. E. Coad of the office
etaff, came as a shock to all. She
passed awuy last Friday evening ano
was the little sunshine of the home.
Last, Saturday noon Mr. Charles
Wheoler and Mr. C. C. Cassett of St.
Helens assisted In the Liberty Loan
drive. Something like $13,000 was
raised from boys In the yard.
Mr. Miller was In Portland Monday
on business.
For Sale House and lot In St.
Helens, $1200; $200 down; balance
20 per month. Inquire of Columbia
County Abstract Company.
In order to settle an estate I
offer for sale $2600 stock In St.
Helens Lumber Company. w J
Muckle, Executor. 43-46
For Sale One Model 75 Overland
automobile, In good condition. Au
tomobiles are going up and will soon
be unobtainable. If you need a car
see W. J. Mucltle, St. Helens, Ore-gon-
.?tf?0I hove a 800(1 8afIdle Pny,
gentle In every wav which 1 n.m 1
to any one who will give him a good
m. n Z pai l0T tnlB advertisement.
Mrs. O. Garrison, Warren. 44-47
For Rnla n.i. ... .
rhin. t.. V ou roiana
L.nins nrnnrl mnvim f a ti ...
. 7. . uucoa, war
ren, Oregon. S2-tt
Pnp a mnnA , l. .
- - b,v juu 01 masonry or
Dlastarlnv u. t m -i..n .:.
- . uuiaer. fnone
"u'"i iuoia. ll-3m-
saM by
28 tf
The Government Says Save
This applies to your house as well as any other
property or article. You can save and conserve
by having
Your House Painted
We do first class inferior or outside painting
and finishing work. Also decorating. Estimates
gladly furnished.
The Maxwell
Fnf Oalo V.,- -1 m .
J. A. Bacon ot Warren.
We Want Sales Representatives In
Every Town in Oregon We prefer
men who have sold stock, Insurance,
real estate, books or who have had no
sales experience but would like to
develop into salesmen. We train
every applicant accepted and provide
a system that will enable anyone who
works from I7R nn "
wee?' can also use women of ex
ceptional ability. Position perman
ent. In Aim v nn
business experience, number of years
you have lived in community and re
ferences. Address in
Kane Manufacturing Co., 1626-27
U C. Smith Building! Seaitle, wish!
The Handsomest
The Most Durable
The Most Economical
Automobile on the Market
Quick Delivery
t Agent for Columbia County
Office at
Independent Auto Co.

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