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Nortli Hxiiil Comon labor gets
w8Ie raised from 3.00 to M OO
per da)'-
Sawmill established In Polk county
to in hardwood chair material.
Portland Slnco December 10,
191(1, 137 wooden Rhlpn liuvo been
launched In Oregon yards mid those
,t Vancouver. Wash., ttavlnn a capa
city of 4 83,300 toim, according to
figures of Portland Chamber or
Commerce. Thirty-four tool hulk
,o launched during HiIh period.
Killing tlio Bulinou cunning liulun
try on tlio Rogue river a proposed
by a Trunk law at com Inn election l.i
s dlxftrncn to any Hluta oiid Hliould
b rejected by the puoplo.
Prlnevllln $18,000 voud nhov
Ornclio dam complntod.
Portland 700 nhlp carpuntora and
wood workers to bu laid off.
t'unyonvlllo Work started on 11.
mllii link Pacific highway.
Gold Hill Mines association ton
itamp mill ready November 1
Hrtli'm Journal "Tlio voters of
Oregon w'11 '8 ltlIJ wluely If they
iwat nniHt of tlio Initiative Mils on
the ballot Kood nnd lir.nl."
Coon Hay launched two Ferris typi.
wooden vossola liiHt week.
Iloavcrton Potato flour IndiiHtry
tuffers for lack of labor, Help U
carco, wagos digit. Potato grower
harvesting crop with women aim
Ralfin NlRbt shift tnl(o:i off b
Spauldlng sawmill for Irck of laboi.
Vancouver Government unalilti to
lecirn sufficient nurses duo to labor
Culd Hill sawmill that ban thut
dcwu for lack of labor, resumes.
Cranberry crop grottest In hlH'.ory
of Pacific coasl.
Jord: n Volley Irrigation develop,
mmit project well under wry.
Lebanon Lebanon Cunning com
pany purchases 25-ucre trcci In San
ll.im valley for development of a
racdi'l bovry farm.
Canby Oregon City bus line now
In opori'tlon.
Florence Hun of salmon on Slu
ilaw continues good.
Eugene Fruit Growers association
tin ml 1 1 ii k largest tomato crop In hls
tory. Ilosehurg KoodHport Lumber
company to Install 1 00-liorHpower
bailor and D0-horsepowur engine.
Oregon- H,mt,.h, i,M.rty tMUU
I)rlv ' Wl u-Hm,n
A slrlklng illiiBtratlon of the valuo
of publicity has romo to llKbt In tl.
pat lliroo weeks. Tl, llluHtratlon
bears a morul which ,i,0Uld bo of In
terost to evory voter.
Tlio Htato Liberty I,oan sent out
pledKB cards broadcast over the state
to notify patriotic citizens to como Ii,
Uli il w
fold a hot cloth around the mould
and Jolly will leave the mould with
out sticking or breaking.
A pinch of salt thrown on eggg
will make them beat lightly In about
half the time usually required.
' Eggs will keep fresh several days
If burled In wet salt and set in o
box or crock on the cool floor of a
Holding a fruit Jar over bolllna:
nnd volunturlly nurehn i ! 1 r ,H 8 K00d wny to P It. as
Uuml .1... i . .. ' : II
nuiior week" ornrnn
i"K uiu erncieut ci-.mpalgn.
imii mo voters respond? They dl.l
lemon thor-
sponge and
lie steam softens tl.n
makes It easy to open.
liy rubbing a fresh
oughly into a soured
rinsing It several times In lukewarm
water It will becomo as good as new.
When your broom gets shorter oi
one side than the other dip It Into
hot wr.tcr, trim It evenly with the
shears and you will have an Im
proved broom.
10 Keep uncooked meats fresl.
In fact no attention was paid to the
cards by 0 per cent of the people.
The situation became desperate when
on tkn evening before September 28.
the state wns short about five million
dolluru In bonds.
Then a new plan was tried. Tlio
loan organizations sent "uersonm ! nvnrnlirl.i r..i. .i. .. ..
(, - " ' viio DUIIdbQ WCJI1 Willi
.otl,eU mil throughout the news-) mixed oil and vinegar and set In a
papers, by publishing the names of i cool place covered lightly with
c few Portland slackers and some damp cloth.
others ov, the state. To keep vegetables fresh eoak
Within three days Portland ami them In cold wmr ...m
the state nt large slid over the top. loosely In wet cheesecloth and lay
The mall notice It can be seen, Is noij In a draft of nlr, or place In a tin or
..)! viiecuvo.
Tim Portland Journals campaign
to eliminate the publication of the
delinquent tax lists Is not meeting
with the approval of the taxpayers
of Oregon. In tho first place ii is a Surprising how much you can
cainp.il.s'n of malice, of spltework,! '"to a small closet,
against tho pror.s of tfte state. In j Ureat saving of time and strength
the second place tlio existing tax j ' washing may be found In the usi.
publication law of Oregon Is fash-j f tho small B-cent vegetable brushes,
"lied to serve the tixpayer nnd notTbey arc Just the thing to rub soiled
tlio tltlo grabber. The presont law nock bands, wrists and all badl)
provides piibllcaUon, but only nflei j aoiled garments with.
mall notices have been sent out and
The llattle Fleet
The moment we have waited long
Is closing on us fast.
When, cutting short tli turret gong,
We'll hear the cordite's battle sonh
That baila the Day at lait.
The clashing rams come driving forth
To meet the waiting shell,
And far away to east and north
Our targets steam to meet thy
And dare the gates of hell.
We do not ask thee, Lord, today,
To stay the sinking sun
Hut hear thy steel clad servants pray
And keep, O Lord, thy mists away
Until the work Is done.
"Klaxon" In Blackwood's Magazine.
earthern container with a tight cover.
If you are scarce of closets Just
have a pole or old piece of gas pipe
long enough to reach from one side
to tho other and sse coat hangers.
saving and
wasting sugar
Si-.vo by I'bIiir:
Dates, raisins, fli;s to sweeten pud
ding:! nul cereals.
Kiul'. and nut confections for
Honey, sirups, mr.plo sugar and
molaKHog In cakes, cookies end alt
Less sugar In beverages.
Thinner si.-ups or no sirups In can
ning. No frostlngg u tilers inado without
Waste by Losing:
Sugar dregn In coffee cups and
lcid-;oa tumblers.
Sugar loavlnits In cereal bowls
tnd saucers.
Rugar spilled in little lots In cook
ing. Sugar iipeut to mnko caramel fo
flavor or coloring.
Hood sugar spoiled In scorched
food or by cnrelusn cooking. .
Pieces of enke or cookies or any
weetened dessert loft to be thrown
have failed to notify. . Publication la
not for '.hose who pay, but for those
who have failed to receive propel
notice. Could any fairer scheme be
Let the present law alone. It works
"Keep the air moist,' Is the advice
of the fuel administration In sugges
tions for warming houses. Just cs on
a summer day, beat Is more notlct-
to your rdvantage even If It docs not able when the r.tmosphere Is heavy
ploaso tho title grabber.
Heiiiembor: 120,000,000
must oat with us.
"Every air pilot bt.g to learn 'safe
ty first,' " writes Louis Albert Lamb,
In the safety bullentin of the Illinois
Steel Co. "It Is ot a matter of per
sonal caution merely. The air pilot
r willy expects to be killed sometime.
The chances nro moro than 50-50
that he will be killed.
"Safety first with the nlr pilot,
and with everybody else Just as
much, Is In the Interest of patriotism
nnd perfect service. I
"Tho man who Is killed la of no
more im to bis country. The man '
who Is blinded, loses an arm, band
or foot, or even a finger. Is to thai
extent useless to his country. j
"Evory time an nlr pjlot tr.kcs u
chance, be does more than take u
chance for himself. Ho takes a:
chance that be will deprive the I'ni-,
tod States army of a necessary fight- j
Ing or bombing plane. The loss of on !
alrnh'.ne may mean the loss of a bat-1
tie; the loss of n battle may mean
the loss of a campaign, or even defeat
In the war. Safety first, therefore,
meanii more than the personal pro
toctlon of tlio pilot or workman. It
means a decent respect for the rights
of other airmen, coldlers rnd work
men. "Any soldier who tnkea unneces
sary rlnUs brings danger to lilmself
and to his comrades. Any workman
who thinks safety first second. In
stead of safety first, does an unpa
triotic as well as a foolish thing.
Saftey first Is good senso nnd j
real patriotism too." I
with moliiture, so Is the warmth more
perceptible within doors lr. winter If
the air Is damp rather than dr
When the air Is dry, the heat from
stove, register or radiator, striken
through this dry air readily without
being absorbed and rises quickly to
the ceiling, whereas in a moist room
the beat Is absorbed and the general
temperature raised perceptibly.
A bowl or open Jar ;? fresh water
In each room will suffice to give the
air a chance to absorb moisture.
Politeness Pays
"Eliza," said the mistress, "please!
go next door and ask them if they
will kindly stop playing for awhile.
Mr. Humphrey has a bad headache.
But be polite about It be sure to be!
A minute later Eliza wag admitted
next door.
"Missus' compliments,'' she said,!
"and she'd be obliged If the person:
tryln' to play on an out o'tune planna
would darn stockings or something."!
"But this is our house," returned j
the mistress of It, "and we are no. :
debarred from choosing our own !
"It's a pity you ain't," cr.me from j
the top step. "When any one ain't!
satisfied with two hours plckln' out
'Keep the Home Fires Burnin',' with
two fingers on a planna that ain't;
reliable, It's hljl;h time Bomebody i
Interfered an' told you them fires
had got to be dampened down a bit.
And you are Jolly lucky I was told
to do It polite."
The Maxwell
The Handsomest
The Most Durable
The Most Economical
Automobile on the Market
Quick Delivery
Agent for Columbia County
Office at
Independent Auto Co.
"Guard against waste of wild
meat," should be the slogan of every
hunter this year. All edible por-;
Hons of the animal killed should be i
utilized. Good sportsmen will ob
serve conservation as well ns game
For Results Mist Want Ada.
Glycerine Mixture for Appendicitis
St. Helens' people can prevent ap
pendicitis with simple buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc., as mixed in Ad-ler-l-ka.
the ENTIRE bowel tract so complete
ly it relieves ANY CASE sour stom
ach, gas or constipation and prevents
appendicitis. Tho INSTANT, pleas
ant action of Adler-1-ka surprises
both doctors and patients. Leaves
stomach clean and strong. A. J.
Doming, Druggist.
Our Una of Overalls and Work Shirts is giving exceptional
ly good satisfaction this season and our prices are reasonable.
A fine new line of Dry Goods lias Just reached ns and will
be offered at particularly attractive prices for the next few days.
Footwear for all purposes and all purse can be found
in our up-to-date Shoe Department.
We want you to inspect our stock of staple and fancy
Groceries. Prices that make quick sales.
Phone 35
(Houlton) St. Helens, Ore.
Free and Prompt Delivery
For results Mist Want Ads.
all you that labor and are weary and I will give
you rest.
Curled Hair Matresses will do it. -
Other Mattresses from $6.00 up, priced right, and
according to Quality.
War Emergency Course and
Owing to the scarcity of teachers the Oregoa Normal School
will offer a War Emergency Course of twenty weeks outlined
by the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The course will
begin with each of the terms, commencing Nov. 16, 1918; Feb.
8. 1919 and April 12, 1919. The Superintendent of Public In
struction will consider l: equivalent to the Teachers' Training
Course and lscue a certificate upon its completion valid to
teach in the elementr.ry grades for one year.
This Course will be open to those who have had two years
or more of high school work or its equivalent. No age limit Is
required for entrance, but before a certificate can be issued ap
plicant must be at least eighteen years of age.
All regular courses will be offered as usual.
For detailed information address,
A National Demand Especially Applicable to St.
Helens, where Industries are Hampered by
a Lack of Sleeping Accommodations
The Government Says Save
This applies to your house as well as any other
property or article. You can save and conserve
ty having
Your House Painted
We do first class interior or outside painting
and finishing work. Also decorating. Estimates
gladly furnished. .
Roseburne Stock Farm Shorthorns
Villager Sultan 2nd
Young Stock of both Soxes
for sals at all times .
Warren, Oregon
Quick Results-Mist Want Ads

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