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WVTVTVTVVVin'bi able to packand ship a quality of Clifford Fran Trlsco, grandson of
4 fruit second to none on tho market , Mrs. Kran Trlsco. died at sea while
CORRESPONDENCE j and would command prices thai enroute for France. Ills l.ody will
would pay them exceedingly well fori be returned to Corvallis and the fun-
ljjt.j.M.Ji.Ji.JLJJULlA4 tu.r T.pry I hope to see this object eral huld Saturday afternoon
accomplished in the near future as; The dairymen's league have re
the benefit would well repay the roiVPd two car loads of bay from
organizers." Idaho points this week and are dis
tributing it among the farmers. They
W. J. Fullerton Is spending the
week on a political trip through the
lower end of the county.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hyskell and
daughter. Miss Elizabeth, spent sev
eral days In Portland last week.
Judge Magnus Saxon, w!:o !s a
candid: te for Justice it the Peace in
District 1 lo succeed himself. Is a
former resident of theYa Ten neigh
borhood and has mai:y frlen .s here
who wish him luck on elec.ku day.
John Farr, who sprained his wrist
giving County Agricultural Agent
Howard's "tin lizzie-' a "sparking" Is
Don't be a party to the fight of expect more shipments to follow.
Boss Jackson of the Oregon Journal.
Vote down his measures. adv.
Mr Mildred Watts and son, Vic
tor; Mr. and Mrs. James Pomoroy.
attended the funeral of their cousin,
Kdwin P. Clay, in Portland. Mr.
Clay was found dead in. bed, duo to
' heart disease.
! Mrs. Alba Meyers Ehllers, who
Dr. Hatfield Is graduully improv
.1.- 1 .... 1, .... for
Work Is bo ng done on Scappoose, ,""'"-' 1 ,
jng four years, died in Albuuuorquu,
Th'e.e will be no church services New Mexico, whore she had gone for
next Sabbath. i I"", lleal,t,h- slie leaves a
Mnriorle Holloday returned to,and Bina" 80U-
roenverlnff from the effect of the kick : E.ieaiifi SnMinlnv. ! Mr. L. G. Smith on the Harry West
(dniinlstered by Lizzie for undue Siaa Roscoe has been in Portland ! farm had a narrow escape last Frt
familiarity. for a couple of weeks. j day. While he was filling the ncete-
Every social event Is at a stand- Ed Wist was on a business trip to . line tank with wator the tank ex
still in Warren. The "flu" hes not Raker, Oregon, last week. ! ploded, blowing out one end of the
taken any foothold here owing toj Frank L. Smith shipped in eight 1 building, throwing Mr. Smith aerosH
the prompt action of the residents; car loads of cattle this week. I the room, scuffing his f'xce and
in refraining from any gatherings! Helen Watts came home from U.I bruising him severely. The explos
or social functions. The Home 0f O., Saturday on account of illness. Ion was heard ut quite a distance and
Guards even postponed their regularl Earnest Smith is at his home re-ir.everal of the neighbors came to
drill. I covering from a spell of the grippe. I Mr. Smith's asslstr.uce.
Fruit Inspector A. L. Morris re-j Miss Heist from Salem, was the!
turned Friday from a trip to ern-, guest of Dr. and Mrs. Ulatchford last Vote 309 X NO and 311 X NO.
In i week. ' u'lii tim inrUumi imuMiir!. Leave
adv. ,
Columbia City. Is the new asBlstan.
paymaster for the Bommarslrom
Shipbuilding company.
Mrs. Hugo Sonim-irst.-om enter
tained Friday evening for ICis Helen
Olson, who loft Satun'-y for her
home In California. Aiionc the
guests were Miss OlHen, Alarlk John
son, Juhn L. Anderson, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Alex Anderson r.nd Paul Isaacson.
The I'nlted War Work Campaign
Committee of Columbia City had a
meeting Monday evening. Mr. and
Mrs. Whoever were present. Plans
were discussed to perfect the organi
sation. T'i-v expect to make a strong
cumpaigu it ml raise a great dual of
money for war activities.
Uepubl leans Don't be fooled by
democratic Boss Jackson. Do not
upheld his measures. Voto NO on
both of them. adv.
For Weak Stomach
As a general rulo r.ll you need to
do is to adopt a diet suited to yout
r.ge and occupation und to keep your
now els regular. When you feel that
you have eaten too much and when
constipated, take one of Chamber
lain's Tablets.
onta and the Nehalem country.
speaking of the fruit conditions he
said "the character r.nd quantity of
fruit in the Nehalem valley is sur
prising. The quality Is . f irst-cluss
and no scale or worms has yet in
fected this section. Apples are a
splendid crop and of frist-clr.ss qual
ity, but owing to lack of transporta
tion hundreds of tons are being fed
to hogs and other stock. The ground
Is literally covered with them. Ne
halem valley promises to rival, if not with her
surpass Hood River in the quality Mrs. Holland of Warren was visit-
and production of the apple crop. lhejing Scappoose friends
trees are clean with :he exception of Saturday.
moss which is easily eradicated, l tie
week. ' Kin the Jackson measures.
Roy Freeman, who has been very: the miltter to the legislature,
ill with the influenza, is slightly lm- ,
proved. '
Mr. Butler is ror.dmaster for the ;
S. P. & S., during the illness of Mr. '
!- T ' 1 . I . .1.1....!.. . 1,1..
,1ir. 1 lo BUIUU1MC BU1HC3 U 1 IMd , L-..1.I..,
cattle this week that were sold at, Lleutonant and Mr8. Marstrou
the salo. visitors In Columbia City Wed-
Mrs. Leonard is on the sick list. nes()ay
rier sou r-iaru uuu kiio are siayius , ,, M p f5nnrK,rnni went
Henry Osterberg was In Portland
: to Portland Tuesday to be cone sev-
Frlday nnd j jlrg Vester and Mrs. Hnese were
T . I.,,la ,,., o.w.o .
vm J 1 ncio- i ' 1 I. ,i- ,.r tr.t.i.,,, rn ..
only thing-1 could say to the termer. ; shipped from Scappoose to Svenson leave of absence Seattle,
was to prune and get the dead this week. ; Ab , hundred wore Eiven
branches cleaned out. If the farmers Our little friend Ardath (Mrs. ' tm Tu'Sda? to Srev eut the Soun
would form an apple-growers r.sso- Arch Duncan) is a little improved at ?U,"nT"y 10 Dreveut tl,e hptt"
ciation and standardize their app,e, thl writing ( Mr and Mrs. Hess were In Port
end pears, the raisins of these two Mrs. Caples was called to Corne-! ....... Frluny jIr HeBa received
fruits would become a paying propos- iiUs last week on account of the 111- j treytttmetfo; arms,
tion in the Nehalem .country nad I ness of her brother. . . Mr. and Mrs. C. A. liranch and son
look forward to able to got the ; Mrs. Laphan has returned from arrlved from Cn,irornn Tuesday to
people of that sec on organized into Washington after visiting her par-,8 d tlle wlnter wltll their daughter
such a body. Were the rpesjents. wo have both been 111. 1 and sister, Mrs. Frisendahl.
standardized es in akima or Hood; Dr Locke has been in tho village Mr8 M F Soniniarstrom. wlio lias
cs good if not better prices thr.a ln;fiuenza. Over 100 have been in
tljose districts v.a they are clean and 1 oculated.
very juicy. At present you 'can buy Jeff and Robb shipped three car
nnnlas for nhnnt Mirep-nimrters nf inula nf unwpH tlna tltlu u-aalr Tliuv
cent per pound, whereas, if they were 1 are making their delivery to the 8. i Soniniarstrom Shipbuilding company
well graded and known, they, would P. & S. railway. i has enlisted in the heavy artillery. 11,
readily command 2V, to 4 cents per Wilbur Miller Is working In the " ' -"
pound. The soil is admirably adapted i mill at Linnton and moved his fami- j r
for fruit raising. This may be readi-! ly to Linnton on Sunday. This leaves 1 The work hours In the shipyard
ly applied to all country back of the Eistenblautter place vacant. have been changed. Uy the new plan
Gobte, Rainier, Mayger and Quincyi Mrs. J. B. Duncan received word i they begin work at 7:30, have only
and embracing Clatskanie, Mist, 'on Monday of the illness of her ! three-quarters of an hour at noon,
Birkenfeld, Natal, Vernonia and on ! daughter, Mrs. Snow. She made a j ani' Qu't at 4:15.
to Timber. If the farmers of those ; flying trip to Portland after the' Mr. Ward Hallin, a very populur
sections would organize they would baby. man in the younger social set of
been in the Good Samaritan hospital
for several weeks, is Improving
; rapidly from the last reports.
Mr. E. E. Coad, paymaster of tin
And no Pig like a Berkshire
lor ca
a prof
it ow
No fa
w itho
or tw
Warren. Oregon
M!?X:h to be
' 7.; - , V ut one
Vancouver llks, Wn., Oct. 2S.
St. Helens Mist,
St. Helens Oregon.
T.umm Ul ULinua .1 1 iinmi 1 1 .1 A tuv
ndvertisoment as I havo disposed of
the bees. riiunKs lo your papor.
Yours very truly,
Vvieouvor llkn., Wash
The Loyal Order of Moose. Ht. Hoi- PROFESSIONAL CARDS 1
ens Lodge No. 1238. M"Jt the first j.---.
and third Tuesdays of each mouth. ""A4aAa
All visitor cordially Invited. L. A. ROSS I
II. K. COOPKU, Dlclalor. I'uneml Dlreeuir mb. I
VV. W. DLAKESLEY, Boo. Uuslue.. Phone 23 ltt.Id,?,,
lluuk md., Bt. llulsni. Of"11
MUpah Chapter . B. 8. meou In 1 '
Musonic Hall the second aud fourth DR. C. 12. WADE
Saturdays of each mouth. PliynliUu and HurnsCi
MRS. MARY E. CHRISTIE. W. M. phone it
JOHN PHILIP, Secy. Muckle Uldr Ht, IMn
Tllllcum Tribe No. 62. Improved p. A. LOWE
O. It. M.. of Yankton, Ore., meets at Drnu.t
its wigwam, second and fourth Sat- Office In Uank Duildtn.
urdavs of euch mouth. . St. llelans, UID
V. . O. 1IRANNON, C. of II. Ur
'. ', IMiysUlan and Hw-mua
St. Helens Rebekah Iidge. No. office lu liauk Uldg uTn .
217. meots second and fourth Thurs- ox- '"'u
day of each mouth In I. O. O. F. hall. nu AT IfU'n l rir,."
VlHltlng monibor. always welcome. iM.Vun . , J' PEEL
II KU LA 11 SMITH, N. O. ''nVl"
MRS. ELLA ALLEN. Sec'y. St. Helens.
; the second and fourth Saturday, of Howa Blhl
each mouth, visiting members are al- i.i.,,,,. n .?'.
ways given a Uenrty welcome. ' " Bt. mtUt fa
FRED W. CHRISTIE. Noble Grand. '
l Atttmtj
Avon Lodge No. 2 Knight, of VUoM?C ln "' "ulldla,
Pythias meets every Tiienduy even- ' 1 ' "t. lltlent, On
lug in Castle Hall. St. Helen.. Vl- .,,.
Hilt Knights nlwnvs welcome A- i- WHITE
KCOKNE E. ULAKESLEY, C. C. I'utlerUker and Funeral Uirtctw
EDISON I. UALLAOH, K. of U. & 8. County t'oroaer
Phone 64 Residence phoai UM
A St. Helen. Lodge No. 82. St. Ileleni. Oregon
f V A- V A- M. meet. 1st r
V and 3rd Saturday In each CEO. IL SHINN
auiith. Visiting brothers cordially Attorney at Law
A. L. STONE, W. M. St. Helen, Orciun
E. E. QUICK, Secretary. i .
St. Helens Camp No. 10,999, Mod- Attorney at Law
ern Woodmen o America, meets the Bank Uldg. Bt. Htlmi, On
first Wednesday of each month In
the I. o. o. F. bun. FRED W. HERMAN
H. A. COLT. V. C. Attorney at Uw
H. E. LA HARE. Clork. Halnlor. Onus
Wanted Voters to kill both of
"Ross" Juckson's measures und leave
the matter to tho legislature. udv.
Pork for Sale On Friday,' Novem
ber 8th, I will butcher Bevoral young
pigs, weight about 100 pounds each.
These pigs will he dressed and ready
for market or pickling. Will sell half
pig or whole pig. Place your orders
now. N. Sherwood, Wurren, Ore.,
Phone 108F21. 4 3
P'C mrwi
Ml iL, V B-.i Jl JLiU
vv v--
Spreading Manure
Cultivating Gorn
Loadini flay
DifS,fin$ Potatoes
You can tr.ake more money with
the Moline-Universal than any other
tractor because it can be kept at pro
ductive work more days a year no
matter how large or small your farm
or what crops you grow. This is be
cause the Moline-Univcrsal is built to
fit the farm and every operation on
the farm. It is not limited to a few
operations, nor to certain classes of
The Moline-Univcrsal will do any
thing any other tractor will do and in
addition an infinite variety of work
impossible for any other tractor. You
can find work for it every day in the
year. If for no other reason than
the fact that the Moline-Univcrsal
will do more and better vork and
can be kept busier than any other
tractor, it s your best buy.
But the greatest advantage of the
Moline-Univcrsal is that one man
controls both tractor and implement
in all operations. You sit o:i the seat
of the implement, where you must sit
. in order to do good work, and con
trol the entire outfit. This means
that you can farm more hind than
was ever before possible, with either
hordes or tractor.
The wonderful versatility and one
man control of the Moline-Univcrsal
are due to its two-wheel construc
tion. It attaches direct to the imple
ment and forms one compact unit
with it the tractor the front wheels
and the implement the rear wheels.
Every control on both tractor and
implement is within reach, making
easy handling of the entire outfit,
which can be turned in a 16-foot
circle, and backs as readily as it goes
f onyard. A boy or woman can nan
die it as well as a man.
Due to its two-wheel construction,
which makes all its power available
for pulling and greater speed, tho
Moline-Universal Tractor will do as
much work in a day of ten hours
with two 14-inch plow bottoms as tho
average three-plow tractor.
The high clearance of the Moline
Univcrsal Tractor, as great as that of
tlie avcraRc cultivator, and its light
weight make it perfectly adapted for
cultivating. With a two-row cultiva
tor, it cultivates from 14 to 20 acres
a dav. There is hardly anything on
the farm that it cannot do. For odd
jobs it is converteil into a four-wheel
unit by means of a rear carrying
truck, to which any implement on the
farm may be attached in the ordi
nary way.
From a mechanical standpoint, tho
Moline-Univcrsal Tractor measures
tif to the very limit of modern engi
neering knowledge. Perfected overhead-valve
four-cylinder engine, com
plete enclosure of all working parts,
electric starting and lighting system
with electrical engine governor, and
differential lock are only a few of the
many improved features. It will pay
you to stoo and examine this latest
and best of all tractors the next time
you are in town.
1 have made arrangements so I can let you have one of these TRACTORS on very ad
vantageous terms. If you are interested, write or phone to mc at St. Helens.
For Sale Youns gentle ieim. Also
I harness and wagon, only been used
a few ti nes. P-lce $200. Call at or
wrlto to II. M. Reynolds, Warren,
Oregon, HI. Ilox 82.
Winter Furs and Muffs
Wn have lu.it received a liirge shipment of Kl'RS,
SCARFS. NECKPIECES and Ml'FFS. There are mini
beautiful pieces In tho lot nnd the prices are reaHunalile.
Children's Coats
A nice line Junt received. I-ntent style, and made ot
excellent materials.
j For Salo Small white pigs, $5
j each. Wm. Skuzlo, Warren, Ore.,
I Phone 108F13. 46-47
For Salo 20 tons of No. 1 timothy
and mixed clover hay, baled, per
ton ut barn. Located on Peter lllom
gren place near Warren. Address
Dave Coons, Woodland, Washington.
E. A. HOT Glut, Prop.
For Salo Lot and a half and 4
room liousu and 19 IK Maxwell touring
; car. Inquire at Mint office. 45-tf
j For Salo At reasonable price. A
! leather upholstered oak davenport In
1 first class condition. Particulars at
! Mbit office. 44-tf
1 For Sr.le John Deere 2-horne
: dl.-.c, now lust i;prl:ig for sain or will
: trade for good wood. C. Ifortcock.
Crouue Place, lloul'.o-;. 44-46
j For Salo Red Russian Wheat
BlueHtem whop.t. C. J. Lursen, War-
, ren, Oregon. 42-tf I
! Young Pigs For Sale. Itert Hoff-
man, Houlton, Oregon. Farm on thol
Yankton road near Perry place. 44-tf
I For Sale New Zealand Flemish
! Giant Rufus Red pedigreed rabbits.
Send stamps for prices. II. M.
Knighton, St. Helens. 44-47;
I For Sale House und lot In St.
Helens, J1200; $200 down; balance
$20 per month. Inquire of Columbia
( County Abstrnct Company.
. 1
In order to Bottle nn CHtato I
offer for sale $2500 stock In St. ;
.. Helens .Lumber Company. W. J.
Muckle, Executor. 43-4 6
i For Sale One Model 75 Overland :
i automobile, In good condition. Au-'
tomoblleo are going up and will soon I
be unobtainable. If you need a carj
see W. J. Muckle, Si. Helens, Oro-!
gen. 43-46:
I ,.
f Notice I have a good saddlo pony, '
gentle ln every way which I will give'
1 to any one who will give him a good
home and pay for this advertisement !
: Mrs. O. Garrison, Warren. 44-47 j
i For Sr.le Reigstered Poland
: China brood sows. J. A. Dacon, War-:
. ren, Oregon. 32-tf '
j For Sale Young pigs fo. sMi by
J. A. Bacon of Warron. 28 tf
We Want Sales Representatives In
Every Town in Oregon We prefer
men who have sold stock, insurance,
real estate, books or who have had no
Bales experience but would like to
develop Into salesmen. We train
. every applicant accepted and provide
; a system that will enable anyone who
works from $75.00 to $150.00 per
: week. Can also use women of ex-!
;ceptlonal ability. Position permnn-i
:ent. In applying, state ago, past:
business experience, number of years
you have lived ln community nnd re-!
teronces. Address in confidence.!
I Kane Manufacturing Co., 1626-27
IL, C. Smith Building, Seuttle, WaHh.
' 46-46
Anierlcun aud Kumnean Plan
Kates , A durkps Csll Hl
Kvcrythliic Modern (ileum Heating Plant
Hot aud Cold Water In Itooma
QUALITY Groceries are the cheapest in the
long run, and always give uniform satisfaction.
It follows then that you should purchase your
Groceries from the store where the standard of ex
celence is maintained. This store prides itself on
maintaining euch a standard.
This store also keeps in season the largest variety
of Vegetables and Fruits the market offers. Call and
examine what we offer.
Larsen & Company
St. Helens' Leading Grocers

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