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tha? w(,ra "0('r' w"n t'lfl wound
j mil (hn doctor and nuriton work-
horolrully until they nnnrly
dropped fr,,,n 'l,KUO. Ho lay hero
ior two dny. before they could get
' ,i,n with th X-ray, nnd nil thl
tjme he anil the doctor, thought.
hf!t wan only one wound anil ho
couldn't IniuKlna wlir.t had become ni
lbbulli't. hut when they got htm on
ti tnl'lx they found I lie holn on Ihn
other uldn. Vou know a machine-gun
mikM tlm cleanest kind of wound.
oa trrnunt of the hitch inuzzlo velo
city tlicy ci rni bo nem a limit an tlio
tawalur could do. Tim IiIkIi velocity
lud seared the wound and It didn't
bleed a urop. juhi a tin; uara nolo
Ihe aire nf a load pencil, and nlmui
the laiiio whore It en mo out on tlm
other aldo. i nny couni ruin no Hinaith
ti bones or punctured viiiiim, ho
bundaie'd hl' up nnd loaded him In
I boicur nnd buck to Ituse Hospital
Ihry wilt, arriving tho next day,
October Glli. lln In getting every (rare
possible lire under the clrcum
ilanrea, nnd In tickled to d 011th to
think lie wm ho lucky. The bullot
went through hi liody at the hlptt
(ad now It tniKiieii tna noner, and did
not rut mmii) of the nervea or uiuhcIus
or cord, no 0110 can toll.
Roiivi-iilm Throw 11 Away
lln a:iy he h:i. picked up load, of
til kliiilx of Hiiuvenlra and after lug
fliiK I hem 11 dny or no would throw
them away to lighten hi puck. All
,a him now I hi Itnd C'rox kit hug
rod a handkerchief, that won In lilt
pocket. He In going to keep that a
It la quite a relic, lie did lint not In.
It until he got buck o the hotipltul,
when he pulled It out and found It
(tallied with blood and a neat hul
Irt hole clear through tho double
fold fo It. In addition to paiHlnR
throuKli him It went throiiKh IiIh
orarnmt, uniform, two flannel ahlrU
rid two aulta of unnerware. lilt or
the unilerwaro were In the handker
n.-",i.,Tili,".r" "TV1" hnen rrtad'b
the bullet a It left I, I ,()(1y
I Hpent the fi100 ,uy WU h
''nvliitc only lonit mourn to g" M
taff at the colonel' table. He wan
very kind to me nnd Inquired parti
cularly about Moyd and wanted to be
jure ho wa getting g()0( treatment.
I had to leave about 4:30 p. m to
catch my train. Jut had time to get
a hit to e:it at the Officer.' Club I.,
Purl., then rui:h to my train n
poured nil day nnd all I unw of the
wonderful city of 1'arl walkthrough
the wlndiiw of a ImI . 1 .. ..
one tutlon to the other. I rode ah
mill niiiiiiny niKiit anil arrived buck
In ciimp at 9:00 a. m., tired, but
rtlitfled with my Journey. Tried to
cull tho V. M. C. A. for Vernon, but
couldn't get them, and didn't have
time to mi them r nm
out, no good bye for thl time.
i.uvn io an.
I.t. Hoy W. I'rlce,
8th K. A., A. E. K.
Tint the boys of the 91t dlvUlon
which left Camp I.ewU a few month
ago. were In the thick of the bin
fighting, 1 Indicated In the follow
ing letter from Corporal Hheeley, won
of Mr. J. I, Bheeley of Vernonla.
In France. Oct. 6, J 9 18.
Dear Mother: We are now In
what wait a nart nf d.i m ,nv . rnul
Unya ago. We are noma four or five
nine iroui t no place where the line
wa when the pimh started. Thl..
ground all around u linn been taken
hy our dlvlHlon. We have been at the
drive for ten day, but I guea they
will give u g rent row. for awhilo.
We have moved back fur
riddance and other outfit that were
in rraerve, are in now In our place.
It I quite a relief to have nothing
to do even for a h nrt time. Vir h
hut thirty-nix hour I have been en.
deavorlng to catch up with sleep,
and I have pretty nearly ucceeded
in no uoing.
The couiDimy I at III fortunate
enough to be Intact; altho we have
nan a row tunning time, our major
A nice line of Chocolates, Bon-bons and tne
Iloovcrizcd Candies made with the least possi
ble quantity of sugar.
Save Money on
Your Meat Bill
Trade al Our Market and get
Low Prices and Good Meats
1'ioilinir I'.i-ff, per lb . . 14c
I'-d Ni.iisl. per lb 17c
kill knnst, per lt 25c
1'i'ik koast. per lb . . 3k
Side I'oik, per lb .... 25c
l'i'i k Sausage, per lb . 25c
Mutton Roast, per lb . 25c
Mutton Stew, per lb . 17c
Veal Koast, per lb 25c
Veal Stew, per lb 18c
I lanilutrj:, per lb . . 17'zC
l.ivcr, per lb 12c
We also have a nice line of
Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables
The People's Market
On the Strand, St. Helens, Oregon
Z.reK.hen W,rn(,Bd b"
pioaire .hell, it wa while we were
coiiicentod. 1,8 deuce Ik usually to
Pay when thl la tie caile
An obaervlng plttI1e (toe over, anu
'""minute, the .hell begin to
drop. UeinK that , "
mrV u!evVhey PW r lou'r
h r know everJf P'"t and
have the exact ranae
-,Tl,i7."Ur! do nlt tl19 cross-road
nd blah point on the rldae.
In our hiHt nniiuu. .
n.l ..n . i,7i were locat-
ti 1 or Bort ' ridge. There
" ' ' " IllilClllIin ITIlnai bmJ .
"ound u. and-hey-'were" .ur'e try
"it o aet them. Not more than a
rJi y,ar1" away ""mber o,
norae and nmn ,o i.i. .... .
tunatelv Bn. h u "1.1 .ror-
2t, m.Udl d:,n,!er- Tha "Kht we
' ". piBj, iney .helled the Tery
location we were In, heavy. We ju.i
pulled out ii time to ve our ou"
A number of aeroplane eneage
mi'iils occured over u. None of our
machine were lost, but I law two
nun machine brought down. It may
seem to you that the Uoche I put
ing up a strong realstance. Well, he
. But when our artillery turns
oose the ground fairly rock.. That
I what they cannot stand, our bar
rage. I had my tent a few hundred feet
one night. In front of a battery of
our 65 . They opened up about mid
night and I thought my houae was
wrecked. When all the gun are
blazing away It la quite light.
I have enjoyed the whole affair,
altllOUKh the wnrlr hi. I,i .
hard. We always have enough to eat.
Sometime meals are a long tlmi
apart, but we eventually get them.
receivea your two letter, of the
29th of Antrim! nnrt tha Rth o.
ember. It I. beyond my expreaslon to
tell how welcome they were. Even
though you feel tired out, when mall
arrive all that in inrmiion i
celved your letter, quite reguiar ana
i gei an or mem. Sometimes they do
not come In order, but I alway gel
them. Lately I haven't written very
regular, but I am fine and you need
n't worry about me.
I think ("Jack") Gen. Pershing
mine rigni wnen ne saiu, "Ho
boken or Hell by Christmas," except
he may have overset the time.
If It will get through, I'll send you
a few French coin, and a button off
of a Iloche's coat. We have German
guns, ammunition, supplies of every
description, and all sorts of articles
of clothing.
Their dugout, are very wel.
equipped structures. No doubt it
made them quite sore when they
were forced to evacuate them. It
was the same with the ("Frogs")
French; they had settled down for
the winter and were ousted out
when we came in. Believe me, tho
Yanks never prepare to settle down.
It la all nne hiir an
I Feeling fine, I remain as ever,
Your son,
Corp. Glenn D. Sheeley,
34 Field Hospital,
316 San. Train, Dlst Division,
Road District, No. 9, Columbia Coun
ty, Oregon.
Notice Is hereby given that In pur
unnco of a petition duly signed by
freeholder, and legal voter of
Uoad District No. 9, Columbia Coun
ty, Oregon, a District Road Meet
ing of the legal voter.-, cf aid Uoad
District will be held at the Andy
Parker Dlace near Vernnnfn Dmirfin
on the 23rd dav nf Nnvamh., ion'
at the hour of one o'clock p.'m., of
nom uny, aaia meeting to be for the
purpose of voting a Spocial Road Tax :
ii said diatrlct on not to exceed 10
mill, on the dollar of all taxable
property In .aid Road District.
19l8tel th' 8th ' NovemDer'
, 8. C. MORTON,
4"-9 Ccmnty Judge.
The Y. M. C. A. worker, with the
Ittlian troop, are getting supplies to
their stations in the mountain, by
using pack mule trains.
Ninety-three Y. M. C. A. hut. have
been destroyed by German shell fire
during the past month on the west
ern front.
The Y. M. C. A. hag .ent American
soldlerc four million packages of
chewing gum and 940;000 pounds of
chewing tobacco.
Mr. P. O. Sturhell Tell How She
Cured Her Bon of a Cold
"When my .on Ellis wa. sick with
a cold last winter I gave him Cbam
berlai i'. Cough Remedy. It helped
him at once and qulck'.y broke up h:s
cold," write. Mr. P. O. 8t ichell, of
Homer City, P.i. This remedy hr.3
been in use for many years. Its good
qualities have been .'ully proven by
many thousands of peor le. It. 1. pleas
art f.ud safe to tike. '
i 1
For Results Mist Want Ads.
In the Matter of the Estate of John
Frederick Dangerfield, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that the un
dersigned aa arimlnlutrntnr with mill
annexed of John Frederick Danger
field, deceased, has filed hi. final ac
count In the County Court of the
State of Oregon for Columbi?. County,
and that Saturday, the 23rd day of
November. 191S. at
o'clock In the afternoon of said day.
at me court Koom or said Court, at
St. Helena, Columbia County, Oregon,
has been appointed by said Court aa
the time and place for the bearing of
Objections thereto find tho aAlflomcnt
Dated and first published, October
25, 1918.
Administrator with Will Annexed of
jonn rreaencK Dnngerrield, Do-ceaaed.
J W, DAY, Attorney 45-49
Frank Wilkins
Hay, Grain, Feed
Building Supplies, Doors, Windows, Paints
Shingles, Brick, Roofing
Phone 86
Store in K. of P. Bldg Warehouse, . Sheldon Dock
St. Helens, Oregon
Road District No. 12, Columbia
County, Oregon.
Notice Is hereby given that In pur
suance of a petition duly signed by
seven 17) freeholders and legal vot
er, of Road District No. 12, Columbia
County, Oregon, and presented to the
County Court of Columbia County,
Oregon, a District Road Meeting of
the legal voters of said Road District
No. 12, will be held In the City Hall
in tne city of Helem on the 23rd
day of November, 1918, at tho hour
of one o'clock p. m., of said day, said
meeting to be for the purpose of
voting a Special Road Tax in said
District on not to exceed 10 mills on
the dollar of all taxable property in
said Road District.
Dated thl. 8th day of November,
47-49 County Judg
For a limited time only the sub
scription price of the Mist is being
held at $1.60 per year.
E. A. ROT GER, Prop.
dentin inning jS-. "'---M-tnAi ' ' "
American and European Plan
Kate All Basse Call at Hotel
Everything Modern Steam Heating Plant
Hot and Cold Water In Rooms
' Ho, AhIc Your ;nxcr for Hn-ail from Our Modern Uakcry
are iri'iarHl In a clean, modern, Muiiitury bakery and our ever
! mining buMiiiesa I nn iiuliiipiitnhlo evidence that wo iiroduie
S. HEUMAN, Proprietor
Phone B-114 West St. Helens, Oregon
How's Your Automobile?
Now, more than ever before, you must watch your
automobile and keep it in'perfect order. Automobiles are
hard to get, parts are getting harder to get every day. So
watch your car to see that it is kept in good repair. Don't
neglect the valves, don't run with an engine knock. Keep
the play out of the rear axle.
the St. Helens Garage is one of the best equip
ped repair shops in the county and special work is easy fo
us. We handle lathe work, make small parts, battery work,
besides all automobile repairs. '
Phone 57 H. M. TERRY . Prop. On the Strand
Recent surveys by the Red Cross
Institute for Crippled and Disabled;
Men have brought out that the field
open for re-estahllshment of such
men in industrial life is much wider
than probably Is generally supposed.
Investigation of 542 factories since
January 1 laBt have revealed 1,20b
kinds of Job. open to leg cripple, and
27 open to arm cripples. Careful
attention was given sanitary condi
tions and precautions for safety.
The report describes in detail the
processes Involved In each Industry
Investigated; the advantages and dis
advantages of each for arm and leg
ripples, respectively; the wagek
paid the organization of the tradw,
and the general provision, for the
safety of workers. The following In
dustrie, are included: The piano In
dustry, the leather industry, the
rubber Industry, the paper-goods In
dustry, the shoe Industry, sheet-metal
goods, the silk industry, cigar manu
facture, drugs and chemicals, the
candy Industry, the celluloid Indus
try, optical goods and the motion-!
picture industry.
Agreeable Coincidence
Creditor "Ycu couldn't ride
pround in your fine automobile if
you paid your henest debts."
Dobtor "That's so. I'm glad you
look at It In the same light that I
do." Boston Transcript.
The Mist I. still $1.60 per year.
mtam m
U1 I jail I M 11 m
CuItiVhtin Gorn
ir i
i iifiiw riY rfi iw
Rings! Rings!
We have just received an
assortment of beautiful
Our stock of jewelry is
complete and our goods
are the reliable kind
St. Helens, Ore.
c s
Loading Hay
You can make more money with
the Moline-Univcrsal than any other
tractor because it can be kept at pro
ductive work more days a year no
matter how large or small your farm
or what crops you grow. This is be
cause the Moline-Universat is built to
fit the farm and every operation on
the farm. It is not limited to a few
operations, nor to certain classes of
The Moline-Universal will do any
thing any other tractor will do and in
addition an infinite variety of work
impossible for any other tractor. You
can find work for it every day in the
year. If for no other reason than
the fact that the Moline-Universal
will do more and better work and
can be kept busier than any other
tractor, it is your best buy. .
But the greatest advantage of the
Moline-Universal is that .one man
controls both tractor and implement
in all operations. You sit on the seat
of the implement, where you must sit
in order to do good work, and con
trol the entire outfit. This means
that you can farm more land than
was ever be fore -possible, with either
horses or tractor.
The wonderful versatility and one
tnan control of the Moline-Universal
are due to its two-wheel construc
tion. It attaches direct to the imple
ment and forms one compact unit
with it the tractor the front wheels
and the implement the rear wheels.
Jivery control on coin wus aw
implement is within reach, making
easy handling of the entire outfit,
which can be turned in a 16-foot
circle, and backs as readily as it goes
forward. A boy or woman can han
dle it as well as a man.
Due to its two-wheel construction
which makes all its power available
for pulling and greater peed, tha
Moline-Universal Tractor will do as
much work in a day of ten hours
with two 14-inch plow bottoms 83 the
average three-plow tractor.
The high clearance of the Moline
Universal Tractor, as great as that of
the average cultivator, and its light
weight make it perfectly adapted for
cultivating. With a two-row cultiva
tor, it cultivates from 14 to 20 acres
a dav. There is hardly anything oh
the farm that it cannot do. For odd
jobs it is converted into a four-wheel
unit by means of a rear carrying
truck, to which any implement on the
farm may be attached in the ordi-.
nary way.
From a mechanical standpoint, "the
Moline-Universal Tractor measures
up to the very limit of modern engi
neering knowledge. Perfected overhead-valve
four-cylinder engine, com
plete enclosure of all working parts,
electric starting and lighting system
with electrical engine governor, and
differential lock are only a few of the
' many improved features. It will pay
you to stop and examine this latest
and best of all tractors the next time
you are in town.
I have made arrangements so I can let you have one of these TRACTORS on very ad
..n4.nrr.n,,e tarmc Tf vrn at- in tprpstpH write "or nhone to me at St. Helens.
VCUlUlUUS tvil.io. j " 1 f
$1620 F. 0. B. St. Helens, including two plows

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