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Itrillfl I)ful- K.. a i - -
(Continued from pago tlx)
,1 published a Iy law required.
Matter of Hpoclnl Ilond Meeting
(r lilHlrli t No. 5.
On tlil day there In prmnnlnd to
(ho Court a potltlon of tim friinhiild
rl) ,n,i Ii-kuI volnrii residing In Itouci
District No. 5 In Columbia County,
Orrunn, prnyliiK the 'ourt to fix a
llmu ") l'1"0" for lioldlng a incct
InK In milil I'lMlrlrt for the purpose
( vdlliix a Hpucliil lloud Tax anil thn
Court lining advised In the mutter It
onli'D'd that Huturdny, Nov. 23rd,
1918, he and the naiiifl I liuruhy fix
ed a the dute for tho holding of said
road iiixolliiK and that notice of such
pieotlnK )' posted and published a
by law required.
Mutter of Bpttclnl Iload Meeting
for IUHlrlrt No. 9.
On thin day thor la presmited to the
Court a petition of Mix frneholdera
and h'K"l votera residing In Koad
Dintrli'l No. 9 In Columbia County,
Ort'Kon, praying the Court to fix n
time and place for holding a meet
ing In said DlHtrlct for the purptmu of
voting a Special Hoad Tax nnd the
Court be I n k advised In the matter, It
la ordered that Suturday, Nov. 23rd,
mis, he and the name In hereby fix
ed hk the date for holding of mild
nipetltiK and Hint notice of such meet
ing lie pouted and publlHliod aa by
law required.
Matter of Hpeclul Head Meeting fot
Dlittrlct No. 10.
Ou Hi l day there lit preiimited to
the Court a petition of twenty-one
freehold' ra and legal votera rnHlding
In Hoad DlHtrlct No. 10 In Columhtu
County, Oregon, praying tho Court to
fix a time and place for holding n
meeting In wild DlHtrlct for the pur
pone of voting a Hpeclul Kond Tux
nnd Hi" Court being ndvlsod in the
matter It Ih ordered thnt Hnturdiiy,
Nov 23rd, 1918, be and the mime Ih
heri'liy fixed aa the dute for the hold
ing of wild road meeting and that
not Ire of such meeting be poHted and
puhllHhed aa by law required.
Matter of Hpticlal Itoui Meeting
for DlHtrlct No. 12.
On IhlH day there la preMonted to
the Court a petition of aeven free
holder nnd legal votera reading In
Kond DlHtrlrt N). 12 In Columbia
County, Oregon, praying the Court
to in a lime anil place or Holding a
meeting in Hnld DlHtrlct for tho pur
pimii of voting a Special I toad Tax and
the Court belnR divined In (he nutt
ier it Ih ordered that Suturday, Nov.
23rd. 1918, be and the aunie In hern
hy fixed n the (Into for the holding
of Raid road meeting and that notice
of such ineutlng he poHted and puli
lished nil by law required.
Matter of Special Hoad Meeting for
On this day there Ih presented to
I." Court a petltio,, of fly, ,Ve
holdera an, legal voter, reading I,.
CoJIoti ' nr'Cl N- 6 "' ulu"
out. ty Oregon, praying tie Court
to fix v tlino u, nrB fop ,10d
"eellng Httld District for the pur-
poae , ol voting a Kpeclnl Koud Tax ana
io (ourt heluK nilvlned h the mutter
V".'1"""1 tlmt Sa'umluy. Nov. 30,
1I8. ho mid the nmii Ih hereby flx.
ed riH the date fix- tl,. i.,,i.n.... .......
r"ui1 11 Ui'K and that notice of Much
meeting h pOH(ed and puhllahed an
by Inw roiiulreil.
Mailer of Hpeclul Itond Meeting for
Ilhitrlct No. 8, 8
On thla day there ig preaented to
he (ourt a petition of five free-
j"""''" """ voterH roHldlng 1l
!. I'lmrici no. n in Columbia
( ounty, Oregon, praying tho Court to
fix a time .mil iiifitt r,.- ...... ii -
iui i.iiii.iuK a
, meeting In aald Dlntrlct for the pur-
i voiing a special Itoad Tax
and the Court being advlaed In the
mutter It in ordered that Snturda
Nov. aoth. 1918, be and the stnio it
' hereby fixed an the date for tin,
, holding of mild road meeting ana
thut notice of auch meeting he ponted
I and puhllHlied an by law required.
Matter of ClalniH against the Coun
ty lloud Kund.
On thin day claims against the
.iiuiiy nn uereioioro Hlei! with tilt
Clerk of the Court, were allowed In
the vurloua amoiintH on carried nut
on the fare of unlit fluimu m.,1 i,..i
! As followH'.
IUmt lfrlrt No.
Kred Crant, $13500; J. W. lloi
mnller, $92.00; Kd. Ilelmuller. $180;
f!. J. HandHtrom. $108.00; !eorge
lthodes, $.12.00; Hugh Nolan. $116.00;
I Anderson, II. J., $87.60. 1. Veazle,
I $5.00; o. I). Ciirrium, $102 00; John
II. Ilelmuller, $42.00; M. Miller. $4;
tieorge (irnnt. $105 00; IT. W. Clark,
I $12.60; A. C. l-opcjoy, $8.00; O. D.
i Clark. $14 00; J. I. U.we. $2.65;
i II. J. Anderson, $2.50; Win Hrasmer,
!$24 00; KcappooHfl Lumber Co.,
$3 I0; WattH I'rlce, Inc., $65.
'Hudson Kreennughty Co., $1.70; H.
j II. Mllloy. $16 20; Chna. K. WlkKtrom
$19 00; IdxlHon Kreennughty Co.,
t'lU Of. I It Ulii,l.l,.n t71 OK. IT 4
j Levi, $4.10; It. Conatantln, $.76; E
i (1. Ditto. 13.35: HodHon Kreenauirh.
Ivy Co.. $15 80; St. Helen Lumber
Co., $2.90; H. M. Terry, $6.75; II
IK. Ahry, $17.20. I.oomls Auto Ser
Ivlre, $1.50.
j Hoad Dixtriet No. 2
I T. K. (ircwell. $62 00; J. Van Der-
Bchere, $21 00; Kred Iledliinn.
$43 10; K. Out rum. $42 00; M. J
Devlu, (7.50; OeorKe Crant, $15.00;
O. A. KrirkMin, $5.65; California
Trolnn I'owder Co., $85.00; George
Grant, $2.38.
Itond DUtrict No. 3
U. V. Clark, V9.35; I'aul Paul-
uitej' .for lliniilspiiif
W'f wisli lo advise our customers that we have made
arrangements to have a nice stock of TURKEYS,
GEESE and FOWLS for ThanksKivin. Orders should
It placed now to insure delivery.
Our Grocery
We have a nice line of eatahles which you will need
for the hi'ir dinner. Vegetables, Fruits, Cranberries, etc.,
Nuts and Raisins.
Our MEATS are the best and our prices are lower
than some of the oilier markets. (live us a trial order.
The People's Market
On the Strand, St. Helens, Oregon
If Ho, Aak Your Grocer for Hreml from Our Modern ltnkery
are prepared in a rlran, modern, wuiltary bakery and out ever
Increasing I.unIiicsm In uii Indlnputahlo evklem-e thut we produce
S. HEUMAN, Proprietor
Phone B-114
West St. Helens, Oregon
How's Your Automobile?
Now, more than ever before, you must watch your
automobile and keep it in'perfect order. Automobiles are
hard to get, parts are getting harder to get every day. So
watch your car to see that it is kept in good repair. Don't
neglect the valves, don't run with an engine knock. Keep
the play out of the rear axle.
The St. Helens Garage is one of the best equip
ped repair shops in the county and special work is easy foi
us. We handle lathe work, make small parts, battery work
besides all automobile repairs.
Phone 57 H. M. TERRY . Prop. On the Strand
en , $100.00; Chna. Werlnga. $38.60;
$48 00 M. Ileynolds. 7.00; B. A
roMhy. $7.oo; (:. Cooley, $98.00,
Joe Hohletkl, $66.60; Setve Lampa,
&6.00; A. C. I'opojoy, $42.00; Wm.
;oatler. $1.76; Orion Clark, $49.00,
Oeorise Armstrong, $24.60; Earl
( lark. $8.76; II. J. Anduraon, $1.25;
I'aul 1'auUen, $8.60; J. L. Butta.
;,m ?.: " H""ln- 116 00 : Standaro
OH o., $6.20; California Trojan
'owdcr Co., $86.00; California Tro
jan I'owder Co., $102.30; Ward New
ll, $1.76; U. W. Clark, $1.39; E. 0.
Ditto, $8.00; It. ConBtantln, $1.26.
Itoad IMslrirt No. 4
It. V. Miller, $108.00; Wm. Tlanzol
man, $71.75; C. E. Mohlnr, $8.00; F.
Krancll, $73.60; John Heaver,
80.00; Chaa. Kredln, $45.60; Kred
CHI, 120.00; 8. 8. Craig, $31.60;
lion Hunter, $17.60; John Hums,
Itond DlNtrlet No. B
Coo. Smith. $97.50: Krlli Rn-olh
$39.40; 8. L. Malcolm. K2 KO? Jnllnr.
WaHier, $36.00; h. Marcoti, $39.00;
wm. Freeman, $37.50; J. P. Archl
hald, $16.00; II. Wan8er, $13.00;
Emll NauKhauner, $5.00; John Ilal
heck, $5.00; John Grlrnahaw, $5.00,
John Tlomaa, $7. CO; John llecknei,
$21.00; K. Anllher, $121.25; K. L.
Clark, $83.40; W. P. Fuller & Co..
$26.40; Hodaon Foenaughty Co.,
$9.60; HoiIbo.i Feenaughty Co.
Hoad DlHtrlct No. 6
John McAdani, $60.00; John Mc-
Adnm, $32.00; O. C. Frlcit, $16.00,
llerhert Eilmonda, $12.00; T. J. " llp
pln. $80.00; John Mayea, $4.00;
Ixionard Itarnes, $5.65; Wm. Mor
rlaon, $33.76; H. F. Kllhy. $20.00:
M. L. Joiinaon, $11.25; C. M. Hcinzer,
.iuuu; ueo. Mct'ollam, $15.00; N.
Mclntiro, $15.00; W. P. Mclntlre, Jr.
$30.00 ;ltohrta. Win., $108.40; Bert
llralm, $154.60; Mat Jacobaot.
$103.00; Henry llolma, $102.00; E
OIhoii, $72.00; Conrad Benaob,
$100.00; Geo. H. Holdorf, $84.00,
Waller 8. Ilolilorf, $24.00; Mlachel
Amuto, $68.00; Amato Michel,
$40.90; S!g Franaoii, $110.25; W.
I). Ilrr.dy, $87.60; G. K. Benson,
$780.0; O. A. Hackstrom, $105.75-
A. llralm, $51.00; W. 8. Roberta',
$118.15; A. Selfert, $97.50; J. E.
Carlton, $101.25; B. B. Franklin,
$65.00; Geo. McCollam, Sr., $24,
A. W. McCollnm, $12.20; W. F.
Baxter, $250.00; J. J. Braim, $4.50.
( harlea T. Brosg, $5.36. Rainier
llardwaro Co., $12.30; T. J. Fllppln,
$1.78; Jacohaen Held Lumber Co.,
$1.73; Rainier Pharmacy, $3.85.
Li. L. Ilerrold, $11.87; Hodson Fee-
naughty Co., $18.52; Marine Iron
Worka, $9.60; Clyde Equipment Co.
$10 25; Hodaon Feenaughty Co.,
Itoad DlHtrlct No. 7
A. E. Harvey, $.62; Puzey &
Flynn, $20.60; Columhla River
Powder Co., $34.25; H. Rickmann,
$24.08 . J. I. Case Co., $4.65; Stand
ard Oil Co., $21.05; St. Helena Lum
ber Co., $.40; Coast Culvert & Flume
Co., $27.98; Clatakanie Transporta
tion Co., $1.67; John Lake, $38.60;
Erick Pyykkonen, $31.50; Henry
Wahianen, $19.25; Lee B. Hall, $30;,
W, G. Howataon, $114.80; John;
Lampsa, $98.28; Henry Howard,!
$77.60; E. T. Spnngler, $26.00;
Kaaper Koberateln, $94.60 . Ed Sni
der, $123.12; Clarance E. Coatea,
$4.00; C. L. Potter, $72.50; J. h.
Sullivan, $2.00; W. P. Robinson,
i 92.50 ; Leater Holmes, $36.00; W. F.
j Sheets, $5.00; Matt Aho, $20.00,
i John Kobersteln, $49.25; Claude
lltllabury, $4.00; M. E. Erickaon,
i $14.00; E. J. Smith, $5.50; H. Rick
man. $105.00. H. Rickman, $31.60;
Hughes Murray, $135.00; Elmer El
iwell, $62.00; W. H. Brooka, $173.10
jAdolph Plr.yer, $30.75; P. E. Lot
gren, $6.50; Kasper Koberstein,
; $46.50.
Itoad DlNtrUt No. 8
ClatHkunie Tranaportatlon Co.,
$2.26; J. O. Libel. $7.86; A. E. Har
!vey, $1.52; Marshall Wella Hard
Jware Co., $1,23; Oregon Lumber
I Co.,' $5.19; Cliauncey WhlUig,
$3.50; John Bnckman, $21.00; I.
Knowlos, $21.00; H. Magnussen,
$91.00- Al Melis, $21.00; J. H.
Meier. $21.00; Joe Banier, $21.00;
Ain Walace. $21.00; E. Wallace.
$21.00; Wm. Keller, $21.00; P. Hed
Jlund, $22.60; J. W. Baldridge,
! $97.25; A. Gesselberg, $61.60; Geo.
Beorman, $43.00; M. Aamodt,
$17.60; A. H. Mills, $3.50; A. Nel
Uoi. 17 nn I.. M.ilpnm. $26.25 . B.
i Pratt, $32.00f W. M. Flnley, $84;
C H. Porter, $110.00; Tom Brewer,
$4.00; Ira Klock, $20.00; J. A. Van,
$..00; Earl Uuddlman, $26.75;
i Henry Ruddimp.n, $38.75; J. M.
Hill, $137.60; HowardCooper Corp.,
inn- llndann Fennnushtv Co..
: $25.26; J. W. Baldridge, $3.08 . Tom
Brewer, $3.36; Cor.Bt Culvert Flume
Co.. $112.21; J. J. Purney. $5.60.
! Hoad District No. 0
I G. H. Sltts, $17.60; H. O. Parker,
$3.50; Theo. Erlckson, $1.75; Wil
lie Erlckson, $1.75; A. L. Parker,
I $350; P. Bergerson, $2975; 'B,
BerRerson, $8.75: V. Berserson,
i 7 00 : E. B. North. $14.00; Geo.
i Olson, $3.06. Jas. Hershey, $19.25,
O. R. Mills, $20.00; O. G. Weed,
$10.00: M. J. John, $12.25; T. B.
Mills, $55.00; Lester Sheeley, $14;
H A. Wilson, $14.00; Wm. McDan
lei, $14.00; Geo. Tr.-.geser, $40.25;
Quodo Hess, $14.00; Leslie Floyd,
$6.52; J. D. Hess. $10.60; C. C.
K.easey, $38.50; T. Pettljohn,
$16.75. Clarance Reed, $26.26; W.
C. Etchmnn, $13.12; J. W. Reed,
$13.12; M. M. Johnson, $6.12: A.
Schuleplt. $13.12; W. J. Reed,
m h. p n Mnlllnaer. $35.00: H.
L. Spencer. $35.00; Omer Nicker-
son, $35.00; ueo. raraer,
..i.... Hurt tlinfl: Erick Erlck
son, $15.75; W. F. Placke, $4.81;
Curtis John, $28.00. Wm. Pringle.
ii r.n. ii r riirk' tlE.00: Chas.
a ...i. i, '(vi'nn- wm. Roberts. $10.60
Olllllll, Y ."- t .. . .
E. A. Gessell. $356.5 C A. Aisieoen,
$246.43; Judson weea, iio.z; j.
$26.66; Millie Trumbull, $31.25.
Road District No. 12
A. C. Popejoy, $16.00; Earl Clark,
Road District No. 13
Frlti 8paeh, $7.60; Beaver Lum
her Co., $46.37.
Itoad DlatrU t No. 14
S. L. Flannisnr.. $46.00; Lowes
Livery Barn, $13.60; John Jeriyk,
i n a a . nunt. Williamson. 122.10:
C H Breezer, $5.66; Chas. Logan,
$46.00; T. J. Fllppln. $46.00; M.
Ellis & Co., $358.
Road DlHtrlrt No. 15
Lester Holmeo, $22.60; E. L.
Spangler, $40.00; Hughes Murray,
$22.60; Henry Howard, $12.00,
Aodlph Player, $24 00; Elmer El
well, $14.00; CI; ude Hillsbery,
$12.00; H. Ricl:inann, $40.00; h.
Rlckmr.nn, $10.60; Portland Motor
Car Co., $59.60 . Puzey & Flynn,
Road DlHtrlct No. 10
J. J. Purney, $3.50; B. F. Lane,
$8.00; R. Seuseman, $10.50; O. 1.
Malsten, $10.50; J. Roberts, $1.76;
W. F. Placke. $8.75; II. C. Clrrk,
13. &u; ll. I,, van HIiirlcora, $10.60,
A. Sword, $21.00; J. W. Rose. $21:
B. J. Cram, $21.00; C. W. I.lellin-i
ger, $8.76.
General Road Fund j
Elvood Loglng Co.. $61.84. Stin-:
dard Oil Co.. $3.45: Louis Fluhrer.1
$105.32; Clyde Equipment Co..;
$38,25; B. A. Eldred, $40.00; H. B.
Abry, $34.61; Co.-.Bt Bridge Co.,1
$1000.90. j
HMtIuI Road No. 3
D. R. Fowler, $14.00; Mode GrlrJ
flth, $18.75; G. L. Tarbell & Sot.,1
Heelal Howl No. 5
W. Fraser, $132.00; J. W. Ranes,:
$106.25; C. M. Mofford, $87.50; O.
J. Link, $96.75; E. H. Blnke, $69,
Jas. Codd, $50.00. W. Hunter, $67;
L. Archibald, $55.00; C. A. Russell,;
$74.00; John Becltner, $45.00; Wm.
Fr?emr.n, $40.00; F. M. Murray,
$77.00; Ed. Perkins, $66.00; Joo
Oolst, $47.00; Chas. Link, $129.60;
J. E. Truman, $95.00; C. W. Jordan,
bz.oo; it. Aniiker, $61.90; Jf.
Stockdale, $49.00.
HK-clal Road No. 0
H. L. Atkins, $201.65; C. Nelson,
$78.75 . H. F. Kllby, $56.00; C. W.
Banzer', $163,75; Gee. McCodlam,
$50.60; N. Mclntlre, $80.60; W. P.
Mclntrle, Jr., $116.25; C. L. Atkins,
$31.90; S. L. Flanlgan, $42.00; John
Jerzyk, $37.60; H. C. Mowrey,
$37.60; Ira Parcher, $24.00; Earn
est Parcher, $46.90; W. Kellar.
$33.75; Martin Stennick, $78.75;
Mrs. W. M. Robording, $93.75 - Wm.
McCollam, $78.75; Jake Van Swoll,
$22.50; Al Burns, $22.50; R. N.
Lovelace, $5.65; M. A. Lenhart,
$50.00; P. H. Lenhart, $15.00; Gust
Carlson, $60.00; Geo. Williamson.
$35.65; Jan. Fowler, $2.35.
Hecial Road No. 9
T. B. Mills, $70.00; F. E. Malm
sten, $58.00; E. B. North, $68.75;
G. R. Mills, $35.00; A. P. Willing,
$56.00. C. C. Bergerson, $41.12; P.
Bergerson, $91.00; V. Bergerson,
$46.37; E. Bergerson, $46.37; O.
O. Weed, $65.00; John Wunderllch,
$177.60; Braun Bros & Setdelman,
$367.06; Otto Seidelmnn, $146.82;
J. W. Rose, $250.75; Hodson Fee
naughty Co., $38.40; Hodson Fee
naughty Co., $383.88; TTenhorne,
Mills & Parker, $302.82; E. I. Du
Pont Co., $373.04; Millie Trumbull,
Hpeclal Road No. 10
Walter Bolton, $30.00 - Sam
Laube, $18.00; Otto Rudloff. $34:
i'i K,onFr,Dk' 34 00; Ge0rge Grant.lhave received by using
District Road Fund
Clalma N'os. 691 to 993 Inclusive
amounting to $11,696.66.
General Itoad Fund
Clalma Nos. 994 to 1000 Inclusive
amounting to $1,283.47.
Hpeelal Road Fund
Greatly Benefited by Cliamberlaln'a
I am thankful for the rood I
Iain's Tablets. About two years ago
when I began taking them I was
suffering a great deal from distress
after eating, and from headache ai..
a tired, languid feeling due to In
digestion and a torpid liver. Cham
berlain's Tablets corrected these dis
orders in a short time, nnd since tak-
inz two bottles of them mv health
Claims Noo. 1001 to 1071 Inclusive has been good." writes Mrs. M. P.
amounting to $6,497.11. Harwood, Auburn, N. Y.
Frank Wilkin s
Hay, Grain, Feed
Building Supplies, Doors, Windows, Faints
Shingles, Brick, Roofing
Phone 86
Store in K. of P. Bldg Warehouse, Sheldon Dock
St. Helens, Oregon
E. A. ROT GER, Prop.
I?: '-JUifiM IE;
, : J
American and European Plan
Kates All Basses Call at Hotel
Everything Modern Steam Heating Plant
Hot and Cold Water In Rooms
Cultivating Corn
Loading ffay
$i'nj Pbtatoea
You can make more money with
the Moline-Univcrsal than any other
tractor because it can be kept at pro
ductive work more days a year no
matter how large or small your farm
or what crops you grow. . This is be
cause the Motine-Universal is built to
fithe farm and every operation on
the farm. It is not limited to a few
operations, nor to certain classes of
The Moline-Univcrsal wilt do any
Sthinpr any other tractor will do and m
addition an infinite variety of work
impossible for any other tractor. Ypu
can find work for it every day in the
year. If for no other reason thai
the fact that the Moline-Universaj
will do more and better work and
can he kept busier than any other
tractor, it is your best buy.
But the greatest advantage Of the
Moline-Univcrsal is that .one man
controls both tractor and implement
in all operations. You sit on the seat
of the implement, where you must sit
in order to do good work, and con
trol the entire outfit This nieuns
that you can farm more land than
was ever before possible, with either
hores or tractor.
The wonderful versatility and one
tnan control of the Moline-Universal
are due to its two-wheel construc
tion. It attaches direct to the imple
ment and forms one compact unit
with it the tractor the front wheels
and the implement the rear wheels.
. a ttl Awnotna anfl
pvery control on uoiu uv.iu.
implement is within reach, making
easy handling of the entire outfit,
which can be turned in a 16-foot
circle, and backs as readily as it goes
forward. A boy or woman can ban-
die it as well as a man.
Due to its two-wheel construction,
which makes all its power available
for pulling and greater speed, the
Moline-Universal Tractor will do as
much work in a day of ten hours
with two 14-inch plow bottoms as the
average three-plow tractor.
The high clearance of the Moline
Universal Tractor, as great as that of
the average cultivator, and its light
wciqht make it perfectly adapted for
cultivating. With a two-row cultiva
tor, it cultivates from 14 to 20 acres
a day. There is hardly anything oil
the farm that it cannot do. For odd
jobs it is converted into a four-wheel
unit by means of a rear carrying
truck, to which any implement on the
farm may be attached in the ordi
nary way. , ,
From a mechanical standpoint, the
Moline-Universal Tractor measures
uu to the very limit of modern engi
neering knowledge. Perfected overhead-valve
four-cylinder engine, com
plete enclosure of all working parts,
electric starting and lighting system
with electrical engine governor, and
differential lock are only a few of the
many improved features. It will pay
you to stop and examine this latest
and best of all tractors the next time
you are n town.
I have made arrangements so I can let you have one of these TRACTORS on very ad
ti :...,.rt. .r t nr nhrme to me at St. Jtielens.
vantageous terms, ii you iic uuwivu, i
$1620 F. O. B. St. Helens, including two plows
S i

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