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Mrs. E. G. Ditto was Portland
shopper Wednesday.
H. M. Knighton was a business
visitor in Portland Monday.
J. E. Ramsey transacted business
In Portland Thursday.
rr. E. Abry returned Monday even
ing, after a short visit to Sclent.
J. F. Dopplm.Mer transacted busi
ness in Portland Wednesday.
Mrs. A. F. Barnett is in Portland
for a few days visit with friecds.
E. I. Ballagh was a business visi
tor to Astoria the first part of th
Mr. and Mrs. David Davis of Port
land were guests of Mrs. Annie Cox
Dr and Mrs. L. G. Ross and Miss
Dora Shaffer motored to Portlanu
Captain and Mrs. Watts of Port
land spent Sunday with relatives in
St. Helens.
Mrs. John Buchholti of Centralia,
is here on a visit to her sister, Mrs.
T. H. Roy.
Charles Woolpert and wife of
Michigan, are here on a visit to their
daughter, Mrs. C. E. Lake.
There will be service in the Epis
copal church next Sunday evening,
November 24th, r.t 7:30.
Charles R. McCormick, of San
Francisco, was he-o this week look
ing over the properties of which he
is the head.
After spending several weeks with
her daughter, Mrs. P. H. Brakke tu
Portland, Mrs. W. J. Muckle has re
turned to St. Helens.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Makay of Port
land, were here Sunday on a short
visit to Mrs. Makay's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Jacob George.
The county court will meet in
special session on Monday to preparu
County Surveyor L. J. VanOrshov
en returned from Clatsop Saturday
night. He has been in the employ ot
a contracting firm who have been
building a railroad to a big body of
spruce and fir. The order of the war
department occasioned the shut down
of the building program and Van will
again take up his work here in the
The Ladies Aid Society of the Cou
gregational church, having been pre
vented from holding the regular
meetings on account ot the influen
za ban, requests members and their
friends to make and donate articles
for the annual Christmas sale, which
will be held about the middle ot
December. As it is probable no sup
per will be held, puddings, miner
meat, cake, etc., will be acceptable
for the food sale held in connection
with the bazaar.
Rees Hall, who has been working
for the Standard Oil company at
Kalama, Wash., since he resigned
the office of county clerk, has re
ceived a promotion and is now spec
ial agent or the company at Harris
burg, Oregon. Both he and Mrs. Hall
like their new location very well.
Sergeant Knute Bjorkman was
down from Vancouver to spend Sun
day with home folks. Knute cays
that now the war is over, he is
anxious to be mustered out and to
come back home. The spruce mill at
Vancouver is still being operated,
but is only doing some "flnishing
up" work.
James O'Connor has a partner in
his meat market and butcher busi
ness. The partner hadn't taken
charge of the business, but Jimmy is
ready to turn over the market to him
whenever he comes down town. The
young man arrived at the O'Connor
home early Saturday morning and
tipped the scales at pounds.
A pretty military wedding took
place last Saturday forenoon, when
Rev. A. S. Hlsey united Miss Floella
D. Hewitt and Corporal John M.
4 ...w.v fr,.lclit service has boon
started between Portland and Stlem.
A car of I-ane couiuy pears sold in
Chicago for MM4.
Shop eerly and shop In St. Hel
ens Patronize the home merchants.
Lost Between tno posiuuuo
!f vehihas been discover, the IH-Spaln hill, a Yale lock keri
oxanne district near Med- Had white string on tt. H
at Mist office and 'ecolve rewnra.
Dr. Emil Enna of Portland was in
St. Helens Thursday.
Mrs. C. L. Wheeler is in Portland
on a short visit to friends.
Mrs. S. C. Morton and daughter.
Miss Marion Morton, were Portland
visitors Tuesday.
A big coa
in the Hoxanne
ford. . ..., ,niiiilHiliin has
The Multnomah couuty roao; 1 , B , T. i i ,,n i nr lernii.
VuT&ir ,or an expe,,d,ture "'IS'
M Ida Fox was up from Coble , needed to carry o- the work under.
Thursday, looking after business af- contemplation.
fairs of her late husband, W. P. Fox. Preparatory to erecting Jielr nana
Robert J. Upton, a prominent law-! building, the First National hank has
ver of Portland, was in St. Helens on 1 a force of men drilling and blasting
ihursday, transacting legal business. I B0 that the building will be on
Mrs. A. T. Laws has received wordjcra(e with the street. A. S. Ilorrl
from her son. Lieutenant Roy Laws, m,ni cashier of the hank, informs the
that he has arrived at Camp Fre- Mist that the wo k of consfuctlnn
niont, California. He w.-s one of fouri T.-ju beitin within the next two week
that were sent from West Point to jn laill 81tue cf (ha Mist it was
the Pacific Coast. The remalndor ot , , . Ih , inck Harrison plead
the large class were sent to places. , , hom, intoxicated. This
was nn error The young man pleaa
Buster, the beautiful Collie dog be-jnot guilty and was turned over to
longing to Mrs. Bertha Woods, hi the Juvenile court, and Judge Mor
dead. Buster got hold of some poison ton hns not yi luv.rd the case,
which some one not friendly to dogs! The Mist cheerfully makes this cor
had put out, and although all ef- rectlon. 1
forts were made to save his life, the! , ,
poison had fatal results. rv Dr. Lowe, Friday.
S. E. Lynch has heard from hisj
friend, Louis Muhr, a member of the George Potter, city marshal, says
ambulance company attached to the: that from now on he will strlrMy en
91st division. The 9tst had been in ! force the ordinance which forbids
the thick of the heavy fighting and! dogs from running at large. Ho snys
had given a good account of them-1 many complaints have come to him
selves. I because there are so many dogs on
Many of the road districts in the I the streets, and hereafter he will
county will hold special meetings to-j take up and Impound dogs founo
morrow at one o'clock for the pur-(running at large. The dog owner.
r.nm nf vniini? siixrlnl rmd tes. ; therefore. If he values his dog, had
The meeting in the St. Helens dis- better keep the animal at home, else
trict, No. 12. will be held In the! Potter or Blakeslny will have thu
council chambers at one o'clock. i unfortunate canine in the "tolls of
the budget ot expenses for the en Bean in holy wedlock. The young
suing year,
Glen R. Metsker. Dr. J. H. Flynn.
Dick Lidyard and J. K. Thatcher
were a party of St. Helens men
transacting business in Portland on
Fred Morgus came down from Van
couver barracks Sunday to spend thu
day with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
H. Morbus. Fred is looking well ana
the soldier life appa-ently agrees
with him.
people were accompanied by their
friends, Miss Harriet Hansen and
Private J. H. St. Germaine. The
bride was handsomely attired in an
appropriate traveling suit and car
ried a beautiful bouquet of bride
roses. The happy couple returned
at once to Vancouver, where they
will make their home for the pres
ent. Mr. Bean hopes to be mustered
out of the army at an early date and
return to his home in Ohio.
The government has extended the
the law.'1
Saturday, Nov. 23
Matinee at 2:30. Evening Show at 7
Only the Best of Pictures Shown
date of sending Christmas packages' Frnnk Elvin, the V. M C. A. work
to the boys overseas to Novembei ! er who is now In St. Helens and who
30th. Every postmaster in the! recently came from the French but
country will give information rela-' tleflelds, has been ordo-ed to report
tive to the sending of packages and I In New York, December 1st and will
the laales of the Red Cross will be sail for France to continue his work,
on hand to Inspect and seal the pack-1 Before entering the Y. M. C. A. serv
ages so they will conform to gov-lce, Mr. Elvin was pastor of tlm
ernment regulations. j First Congregr.tlor.al church In
Mrs. L. Decker hao received a let- Salem
ter from her son, Harold, who Is In I
France. The letter was dated Octo- i NEWS ITEMS OF
ber 12th, and Harold said big OUR ?OT niFR ROYS
things were doing, but at that time UUK 6ULU1LK
ha wna oil rth Via an .I lmarl.1 " ' " '
cans hod the Huns on the rim And (Continued troia first page)
were keeping right after them.
A. J. Doming has leased the quar-
I ters in the Masonic building now oc-
cupled by the creamery end as soon
as the latter concern get into their
Atlantic, he was aboard the ship
which was about ready to sail, when
one ot his squad came Into the mesa
l hall and said his brother wished tu
new building, will move the stock of8fe h,m- "e ''Tle.d '? L,,B d,'.c.k,?.'!1rt
the Plaza Pharmncy to the recently
there on the dock stood Kmmett Wll-
4 .C
acquired location. The Columbia 1 " "
,,, hi, .in ., .,.. i ten together before the boat sailed
vacated by the Plaza Pharmacy, .. Emmett had Just come In from b trip
their rapidly growing business makes!'"08," t,,e. U?nc.an,,d t0T m"n"
it necessary to have additional office ! ner fund ou' ,haltI M? Mother was
and banking space. ,.. lu,l,.,.-u
F. A. Lymburner, who for several ; lunllc and likes the navy service very I
years was the foreman In the Mist! much. I
mechanical department, is now work-j oienn says thut France Is quite llke
ing on one of the big dailies In San Oregon, it rains often and without
Diego, California, and is doing well, j half trying. He had seen a Houllon
The budget of city expenses is boy, Herbert Connor, who Is also on
published elsewhere In the Mist, duty In France and stationed near the
i nose interested in city nrtairs and j place Glenn makes his headquarters
me iaA tu u jcYieu tfiiuuiu caret u I-
(Continued from pago one)
ly study the budget and then attend
the budget meeting.
The Columbia River Packers' as
sociation is having their dock re
built. Manager Ballash. says it Is
probable that the warehouse facili
ties will be enlarged. Two tanks each ; were unknown, both the plans unl
having a capacity of 650 gallons, wilt the p:rty borrowing them being
be put under ground, and connected , missing. Each of the councllmen,
with the front of the dock by a pipe- and also the m.-yor, wes appointed a
line, so fishermen can obtain then committee of ore to locMe the dock
supply of gasolene. Recently the plnns, end In this wo k they will
council passed an ordinance renulr- have the assistance of Marshals
ing all gasolene tanks and filling Blakesley and Potter
stations to be put under ground and ; Several building permits were
the company, is complying with the granted nnd other matters were
.....,. n.iiruis uuuer discussed. The only motion, except
way will cost about $2,000. that ona cancelling the library war-
Mr. rrEnk Elvin tlm Y. M. C. A. rant. made during the two-hour's
worker, who has been here In the session, was a motion to adjourn and
interest of the Allied War Drive, , this was carried,
met Rev F J- Meyers, formerly the; The council will meet again rext
Huaiv, v. ,,.v3 ... iiciciib i.uiircKa- week
Itional church, shortly before Mr. El-j
vln left France, about a month ago. i v tot CV TPAMTUPdc
Mr. Meyer arrived In France about! i KANa JiKa
July 15th and was Immediately dis-
patched to the front and was in the i Reported by Columbia County
big doings at Chateau-Thierry. His ' ADsiract i ompany.
first duty was to assist the army November 12 John Adolph Palm
chaplain In the burial of American10 A- J- 1alm et u: 'and In Sections
soldiers who fell In that memorable
Where Your Dollars Buy the Most
W lien you buy a MACKINAW this year you have a choice that may never come
again, as wool is scarce and the needs of the Government are growing greater.
In fact, all through our lines of Clothing for men and boys are better quality for
less money than you may ever be able to buy again. To be a consistent clothes saver
buy what you need now, but buy what is lasting and of good quality.
Careful buying well in advance of the season enables us to give you the best
of wear at the very lowest prices you can pay.
Special on Mackinaw s and Rain Shirts
. All-Wool Mackinaws, former price $14.25, now $12.00
All-Wool Rain Shirts,
14.25, now 12.00
Crepe de Chine and Georgette
Crepe Waists, beautifur shades, plain
and satin collars 25 PER CENT DIS
COUNT, ending November 30th.
Just received A nice line of separ
ate Skirts in Serges and Novelty
W eaves, including navy, black and
brown. Prices from ..$5.00 to $10.00
Holiday Goods arriving daily. "Shop Early" and give us a call
6 and 7. Townsliln 7 North. Itanen
4 West, $1.00.
Lois Reed et nl to William Dut
son et ux; land In Section 28, Town
ship 8 North. Range 3 West.
A. H. lioesel to John E. Hilher et
ux; land in Section 19, TownBhlp 4
North, Range 1 West, ISfiOO.OO.
November 14 Anton Novotny to
Samuel T. Rea et ux . Truct 4 Val
ley View Acres, $25.00.
James Dart et ux to Fred V.
Floeter et ux; Lots 0 and 7. Itlock
6 Columbia Park, $900.00.
L. R. and M. A. Rutherford to
Arthur F. Miller et ux; Lot 18, lllock
47, St. Helens, $1000.00.
November 15 W. B. Dlllard et
ux to Lou A. Puzey; Lots 9, 10 11
12, 13, 14 Block 99, St. Helens;
November 16 Thomas C. Median
et ux to Albert Adams; land in Sec
Hon 1, Township 5 North, Range 2
Joseph Van Volkluburg et ux to
J. O. Libel; land In Section lo
Township 6 North, Range 5 West'
November 18 Ida Vosburg
Hugh Henry: land In Hnxiinn
Township 6 North, Range 3 West!
Hugh Henry to Benson Timber
Co., land in Section 9, Township t,
North, Range 3 West, $10.00.
Peter Ruddlman to Allice Ruddl
man, land In 8ectIon 28, TownshlD
v iiunii, iiangB t west, 110.00.
Boblskl Redzenskl et ux to George
J. King; land In Section 4, Town
ship 3 North, Range 1 West, $1400.
AlKut Ooup
If your children are subject tu
croup, or if you have reason to fear
their being attacked by that disease,
you should procure a bottle o.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and
study the directions for use, so thut
in case of an attack you will know
exactly what course to pursue. This
Is a favorite and very successful
remedy for croup, nnd it is Impor
tant that you observe the directions
This winter
good wool
for warmth
Nat GaaulM VmUm Mcawf
Union Suits
St. Helens,
v5i T
it v X7s
W . tJ
23rd, 1918S
Matinee, 2 p. m. Evening, 7 p. m.
This show house has been thoroughly re
novated and new appliances installed. Proper
ventilation, steam heat, comfortable arrange
ments and in a FIRE-PROOF BUILDING.
A Good Program for
Every Show
Anticipating that the "flu" ban would soon be raised
we made arrangements to have the BEST of the
We want you to come and see them and also see our
showhouse which is one of the best in the Northwest
and a credit to our good city.

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