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New York Mlato cfuliw
onion, h-
Mi-llKHlNt Kptm-opal (liurrh
The Ki le idly Church
Albert 8. Illsey, Pastor
Ah health conditions continue to
seiubled n convontlon In New York Imurove w r I i . conunu to
ununlmouHly pasne.1 a n-nomJ wo,? Th?L?v7 in 1?, ?"'"? u.r
U'uHkl.m President Wilson to ..o;w,,;,VVT,1TVu0n oa'KTu?
,httt woimm wore adequately repro- day. With scarce! 'anew case of Z
,eled c t " peace tal. o. f ,,,, rPp0r!(1 YurtnZ this week
TIo National American Woman we feel that we may ir"e our chll.V
Buffn.Ke naHoclntU.il announces that ren to return to the Sunday Sciool
tba constitutional amendment to en-; our young people to I , C m '
,rui,iT...no v. . wnmiiumu: i.eimue anil everyone to the church
We will have our full schedule
next Sunday:
Sunday School, 10:00 a. m.
Morning Worship, 11:00 a. m.
Kpworth Lensuo, 6:30 p. m.
KvnnliiK Services, 7:30 p. in.
Subject for the morning sermon,
In Memory of Him." Kor the even
ing. "Our Next Ma Tank
Strangers and visitors are espec-
iiiTiiau 10 worship Willi UH.
imii passed ana now there are 22
itul.'n In tb. country whoro women
hire either full, I'reiildentlul mid
municipal or Presidential suffrage
alone. Women suffrage won In two
other HluteH, Michigan and South Da
kota, at the recent November elec
tion, lotting only one or the four It.
which the question went to the vot
,rn, tho IiiRt stute being Louisiana.
Thin mean that women now hpvo a
vote In the 213 electoral voten of the
23 state in which they may vote.
The vlc'.ory In Oklahoma In all the
iiinri) aratlfylllR to suffrnirn urni-ken
It U Htr.tod, hecaUHo of the difficult i I'ljniouth 'iigi-egul.uiil Church
condition there, It lining reciulre.l Kngular announcement of Horvlceh
inai i" """'' uiiieiiiimeni ii, "r ntinuay, December laf
order to lie passed, ahould havo-fl MOItNINU
plurality of nil the vote ciiHt f-ir any I Sunday School, 10:00 n in
candidate or any Ihhuo. I Morning Hour. 11:00 am
Two day aftpr the election the l Subject, "A Study from Nehemlah
Equal Suffrage I.ctiguo of Hou'.li Da-1 Chapter 1.
koln held It final meeting and ilia- i EVKNING
hnnilxd. Wl'li the pi'.HHUge of tho Htnln i Christian Kndeuvnr fi-nn n ,
cuiiiuk" iii"iiiiinii. i ii was leit Unit
juch an organization In no- lon-?ei I
nen'HHiiry. I
That employment of women In In-!
duiitry will IncreaHO rather than de-l
cream' during the rnndjcr.tnicnt ! people go to church.
terlod la tho liellef expressed by Mis. I you?
Mary Van Vlook. director cf the ' WEKKl.Y ACTIVITIES
wimeii In liiilur.try aorvlen of the do-! Male Chorus ItehearHal, Monday
pirtment of Ichor. Miss Va l Vleek's Night.
view was contained In n statement Mid-week l'raycr f'lrclo and Hlble
urging that In the readjustment of Study, Thuroday 7:30 p. m.
Inner from a war to a pe.ico I.uhIh ! Choir HehearHal, Friday, 8:00 p.
there hIiouIi! be no illacrlinltir.tloii ; ni.
fj.il.iHt women on the ground cf hoi.!
Miss Margaret Wllscn. daughter TflMMV? TIIAWWC
cf tlit I'rculdnnl. vlaliod Vurdun tne 1UIWB1
n;hc morning. Bho then wont to ,, , , "
MiintBervlllo. whore only bare walla 1 m """ik'"' for a lot of things,
remain. She panned Malancourt, i I'm thunkful I'm alive,
which for yeara waa In No Man land-." '" t,lllnkful tl't I'm six yoara old,
le a pile of crush '""T . on,y I,Vfi-
Lender, Mlxs Anahnlle IshlHter.
rMiiig service, 7:;iu p. ni.
Kvenlng Hour, 8:00 p. m.
Subject, "Dead or Alive."
r-veryiouy welcome. MoHt good
How about
TliHiikkglvng 1'r.Hli.mutb.nH Tliat
Have Come from White ItiiuHe
and now appear like
cil rock. She baa been Ringing for
the mildlera.
A ChlueHO woman aurgeon. Dr.
Pang Yuen Tfieo, baa been HHlgned
to the ambulance ataff of llellcvue
liOHpltal, New York. She Imlda de
gree from throe American unlvernt-
tli', and when ahe completeH hov
term a Interne In llellevue ahn ex-
I'm thankful for my top and tov.
And for my Kitty Oray.
I'm thankful for the big outdoor
Where I ran run and play.
I'm thankful for the thing that grov
Tho apple aren't they good?
Tho corn where we played hlde-and-aeek
Am in a hit In wood.
ic(m to return to China to teach and.' I m tbonkful for the pumpkin round !
nnpl n mni i ha U i l ,l. ! uni linn n Kiiliicn nail.
of Dr. and Mr. Mng Han Taeo. f And Jack-o'-lantern, big and queer
Treaident Lincoln' last Tbankaglv.
)"g proclamation, net for the laHt
Thurib.y In November, 1804, exprea
ih bia tlu nkfulne for the vIhIoo of
victory which Ih In view, but Rtlll
contain nn bumble auplleatloa for
peace. What u glorloua ThunkaKlv-
ng he would have aent over the land
had be been apared to Unue thnt
which begged a nation' thank of
fering for pence!
Thl privilege denied the great
Lincoln was granted to the acKrea
Blve Andrew Johnson ar.d the aome
what cold and huckneyed tr.eHHane he
lued upon an occuHlon bo full ot
cauae for gralkuilo la charac'.erla'Jc
of tlie man. In that nieHHiif;e he aald:
"Whoreaa, It ha pleaned Alnilrhty
Uod during the year which In now
coming to ao end to relieve our be
loved country from the fenrful
Hcourge of civil wur, ar.d, to permit
iik to necure the UeHslngz of peace,
unity and harmony, with a greet en
largement of civil liberty. , tin,
therefore, be It k-own that I, An-d-ew
JoluiHon, prexldent of the Ui:it
StateK. do hereby recommend to ths
people thereof ;hct they do net cpnn
ai:d ot.iierve tho first Thur;1:iy In
December next a a d;;v of ti" hn.il
thnnkHglvIng to the C.-eator of the
t:nlverH for these Brent deliverance1
mid blcBKlng:!." 1
"The Spunlsh-Amerlcan w:-.r wai.
of audi Bliort duration that It re
Hiilted in few proclumatlona," Raid a
librarian at Washington, a be turn
ed the page of one of hla big red
volume to the year 1918. "Here la
I'reHlilent McKlnley'a proOlamatlot.
dated April 2, hearing the simple
Htatement that war cxIhIb." The
TbankHglving proclumntlon for the
name yenr recommnded the giving ol
thank In the following word:
"The akle have been for a time
darkened by the cloud of war, but aa
wo were compelled to take up the
aword In the cause of humanity, we
are permittea to rejoice that the con
flict hns been of abort duration. Wo
may In mi and magnify His holy name
that tho cessation of hostilities came
ho aoon, ho as to Bpare both aldei,
the countless Borrow and disasters
that attend protracted war.
"I do, therefore. Invite all my fel-
low-cltlzen. bIeo those who may be
at sea or sojourning In foreign land
a those at home, to net apart Bnd ob
serve, Thursday, the 24th day of No-
vemher. a a day of notional Thanks-
NOTICE 13 HEREBY GIVEN To the legal yoter of School District
n?2,' . tolumbla County, State of Oregon, that a School Meeting of said
District will be held at the City Hall, on the loth day of December 1918
ct 7:30 o'clock in the afternoon to vote nn h nmnnitinn i..i '
I-.-I,,. . r.r..w v iotjiuj a
The farm bureau in Columbia!
rOlintV f'nnn H iuPAIAroH llirnllirh Ita I
mrrleiillnml nurvov li Mu..l. I Bpeclal district tax.
the spring planting of small grains1 Z , f amount of money needed by the district during the fiscal
would be greater than usual, but lV?eB,tT. DeK'nnlnK on June 30, 119 and ending on June 30, 1920, Is estimated
was found also that the town oi I m . 0l'0W'nK budget and Includes the amounts to be received from the
Columbia owned no threshing ma-?'unt3r BC.h?1o1 'und; lHte Bcllo1 fund. special district tax, and alL other
chine. At a meeting of farmers called Rloney" of t,le dlBtr,ct:
by the county agent a committee wasl
appoiniea to inuuce, ir possible, a
man to buy a threshing machine and
do the work. A man was found. He
bought a new machine and declares
himself ready to begin. The farmers
agreed to let him thresh all their
grain at 7 cents a bushel, the farm
ers furnishing the power. The ma
chine followed an itinerary mapped
out by the farmers' committee, in
stead of visiting farms at random,
as ha been the custom In that state.
Grain was threshed much moro
quickly and at a cost much less than
heretofore. This plan Is thought to be
a good example of efficient co-operation.
Niinrhiing, China. Her fatheer Ih
They don't scare me at all.
Jnrlt and former Chinese education-, rm thankful for TbankHglving day,
itl commissioner to Japan. i or pies all In a row;
ii..uf nnn nn.. n i ' m thankful Grnndmu made them
How the 8,000,000 llrltlnli women sweet
will cast their first parliamentary s)l0 kno'wll t iik, them'so
"I?"" U rm uZvZ lr I. , turkey ioo-
T Mni . " 'i1"" mCn !".V rlB An' "' v"y thankful, please,
b,. n added to the polling llts since For onl fflnB nlorB
, ,'ml,el"tll"n' , T'.'8 ? RIlMboth II. Thomas, in Youth'
purty line have been smashed by tin. j companion
nr. and tho attitude of labor cause! '
the government concern. So polltlca,' .
cimdltloii wore never before as cha- CO-OPERATIVE MAR-
otlc a they are today.
Dietetic HabltM
A nnfnvtitittii.lir t 9 1 Ri t av
Some people eem to think that h; ,., r 1 1 a -,.' ...,,! nn L
" tUlliiltliJ. IX lUUHi: Mr nfl. f wnn wua anun. I.V li
rnlruhitlon show that the popula
linn or the world now estimated ap
proximately at 1,600,000,000, i aald
tu be divided a to dietetic tin tills
limit p. follows: Strict vegetarians,
J50.000.000; practically vegetarian,
but eating a little HhIi or flesh, 4r0,
000,000; eating meat about once a
ek (on high days and holidays),
too, lino, 000; eating meat dally and
iiinetlmes more than once a day,
Oregon Workman's Minimum
Oregon baa a workman's minimum
of $11.61 for factory workers
farmers of Wayne county, N. Y
through a co-operative arrangement
started by the Wayne County Kami
flureau. When the co-operatlvo en
terprise was undertaken last spring
the farmers were paid 67 V4 cents a
pound. An addition dividend of $1.
C2S.01 has JiihI been received from
the buyers, which brings the average
price of the wool a pound up to 73. s
cent. When the Interest Is received
the farmera will have been patd 75.3
cents a pound. The farmers of the
county seem to think the farm bu
reau is responsible for a very suc
cessful undertaking.
The bureau of chemistry, through
the food research laboratory, has
been assisting In reducing the
damage to eggs in transit by giving
practical demonstrations at shipping
point in loading cars of egg or
mixed egg and dressed poultry.
Much of the damage 1 directly due
to faulty methods of packing egg In
cases and atowing the cases In the
car. Four meetings held recently in
Iowa were attended by over 100
practical shippers who send cars
weekly, at least, to eastern markets
and who expressed great interest In
the methods which the department
has worked out for the conservation
ot this valuable foodstuff. They and
many others have found the depart
ment's folder, "How to Load Cars of
Eggs," of assistance. Copies of this
folder can be had by writing to the
Bureau of Chemistry, United State
Department of Agriculture, Wash
ington, D. C.
(Estimated Expenditures)
1. Teachers' salaries
9 I.' urn lln,a
3. Apparatus and supplies, such as maps, chalk,
erasers, stoves, curtains, etc
4. Library books
6. Flags !!!!!!!!',
6. Repair of schoolhouses, cutbuildings or
9. Transportation of pupils . !.!!'!'.'.'.
11. Janitor's wages "
12. Janitor's supplies ! .
13. Fuel
14. Light .'.'"
16. Water '
16. Clerk's salary ,
17. Postage and stationery !.!!!!'.!
18. For the payment of bonded debt and interest
thereon. Issued under Sections 117, 144 to
148, and 422 of the School Laws of Oregon,
mi . . . .
19. Insurance . . .
20. Miscellaneous
21. Outstanding warrants
200 00
24. Total estimated amount of money to be ex
pended for all purposes during the year ...
From county school fund during the coming school
year I 6,984.00
from state school fund during the coming school
year j jg
Estimated amount to be received from 'all' other
sources during the coming school year .... 600.00
Total estimated receipts, nol Including the money to
be received from the tax which it is proposed
to vote (
ioui estimated expenses for the year $24,842.86
Earth's Population '
In 1787 the population of the
earth, according to Buchlng war
alout 1,000,000,000; 111 .1800, ac
cording to Fabrf and Stein, only 900,
000,000. In 1833, according to Stein
and Horschelman, 872.000.000. In
1858 Dietrich estimated It at 1,266,
000,000 and Kilb, in 1865 at 1,220,
000,000. According to the latest
calculations the earth is Inhabited by
1,400,000,000 human beings.
Total estimated receipts not Including the tax to be
Br.lance, amount to be raised by district tax
Dated this 26th day of November, 1918.
District Clerk.
Chairman Board ot Directors.
In 1802 the country had an In
come tax with a fixed rate of 3 per
cent on nil Inonmes between $600
mid $10,000 and a fixed rate of 5
per cent on Income In exceos of $10,
000. In 1864 this had been increased
to a rute of 5 ppr cent on Incomes
bptween $600 and $5000; 7 per
cent between $5000 and $10,000 and
10 per cent on incomes over $10,000.
There were few great incomes then,
hut there was relatively less revenue
to raise. Uncle Sam In the present
war is Hpending every two months a
sum equal to the total cost of the
four years of civil war. There were
rt a nip taxes for almost every con
ceivable kind of husliiPRs transaction,
while practically all products were
taxed. Any drafted man could escape
service by producing a substitute, or
by paying $300, another form of
Tho Welbinil Canal
The Wellnnd canal, in Canada,
cirriPH navigation around Niagara
FallH and connects Lakes Erie and
Ontario. It is 27 miles long, was
built by Canada and was opened in
1883 and cost about $30,000,000.
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In the Matter of the Estate ofj
Johanna Welnshenk, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that the,
undersigned ha been appointed ad
ministrator of the estate of Johanna
We'nshenk, deceased, by the above
entitled Court, and has duly quali
fied as such. All persons having
claims against said estate are here
by notified to present the same dul)
verified as required by law at the
office of Charles J. Schnabel, 600
Chamber of Commerce Building,
Portland, Oregon, within six months
from the date hereof.
Dated and first published Novem
ber 29th, 1918.
Administrator of the Estate of
Johanna Welnshenk, Deceased.
Charles J. Schnabel, Attorney,
600 Chamber ot Commerce Bldg.
Portland, Oregon. 60-2
State of Oregon )
County of Columbia ) sa
School District No. 2 )
Notice is hereby given that a spec
ial school meeting will be held nt the
city hall In said school district on
Saturday, the 7th day of December,
1918, at the hour of 7:30 o'clock P.
M., at which meeting there will be
submitted to the legal voters of said
district the question of authorizing
the directors of said district In the
name and on behalf of their district,
to contract a debt by borrowing
money In the sum of Twenty-Five
Thousand Dollars ($25,000) for the;
.. I. .. 1 1 .4 I . .. i 1 .1 '
lurpueo ul uuimiUK h nvuuuj uuuu-
ing and for the purpose of authoriz
ing said directors to Issue nesotiablo
Interest-bearing warrants (and fix
the time of payment of the same) of
their district evidencing such debt,
the warrant so proposed to be is
sued to be authorized, sold and la- J
used under and pursuant to sub-division
6 of Section 1 of Chapter 17
Generr.l Laws of Oregon, 1913.
By order of the District School :
Board of School District No. 2, Col
umbia County, Oregon, made the
22nd day of November, 1918.
Attest: H. E. LaBARE,
ELLA C. GEORGE, Chairman.
, District Clerk 60-61
Good Work is our Specialty
Hazle McKlllen, Plaintiff,
Nell McKlllen. Defendant.
To Neil McKlllen, the above named
In the name of the State of Ore-
1, 1... a.AA..I-.AJ , n n
gun yuu aio uoicu iciuucu iu j
pear ana answer me compiaini men j
against you In the above-entitled ;
suit on or before the lltlj day of
January, 1919, and ir you ran to
answer or otherwise appear, the
plaintiff will apply to the court for
the relief prayed for in the com
plaint, which la for a decree dl
solving the bonds ot matrimony
heretofore and now existing between
plaintiff and you.
Service of this summons Is made
upon you b'y publication thereof in
pursuance of an order of the Honor
able J. A. Eakln, judge ot the above
entitled court, made and entered on
the 26th day ot November, 1918,
ordering such publication In the St.
Helens Mist once a week, for six
consecutive weeks, the first publica
tion thereof being on the 29th day
of November. 1918, and the last pub
licatton on the 10th day ot January,
Attorney for Plaintiff, Poatoffice
Address, St, Helens, Oregon.
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