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. .. ST. HELENS MIST. FRIDAY. umci!,m).
----- - - - . -. i
rrt v I'M : I . n m a I T ho Ainu tit or hTA K AIUUl. UlllV'l .
i. J. I" IIIH'IU Ul IkUIUIVl . o" .
W. A. Holt, the proprietor of the i lnK on a large cargo of lumber for '" " L1';.. ,wool, ri.lurned Wednes
second hand store, was in Portland California delivery. .' .Jut ,, official visit l
Miss Anna Quick was a Portland
shopper Saturday.
Jacob George snd E. A.
were In Portland Monday.
John F. Johnson was r.
visitor in Portlaud Monday.
Tuesday on business matters.
Mrs. S. M. Wetgle. formerly o? St.
Helens but in recent years a resi
dent of l.ihhy, Montana, was hero
Dowey Harrison.
Ill tor several days
who has been I day night
' . i. v.. i. .. i ...... .tnt rtr
was unoa.jo a . , ,., ... scanDooso
. . . I m. r.rtTni'f am TVT 15 flP I Every member of tlm
P. Hellnmn of Portlami. is lirA. i w , . ""r.r.l commander down to tl Z V
visit to her sister. " IKANSfUKi otivu w, proud oI ,"'" Hoj,
great record. . , U9
Mr. lleucoclc linn ord. i
(Contlnuoa troni nrst page)
in .... ., ."": , The county court is m ""I'l"'", ,
Portland ftf??" "y'tY- today looking over some road work
nor- "' - - - ..
W This week looking after her prope-' l.UuVd Tuey and spent I ' ""V ".rk.
ly interests, rtt inu yirj-em duo v.tho aay Willi menus iil me uieirv.i
Business making her Home m rormr.u. . TUs,- -
Superintendent Clu-.s. Lope of tho
John Pitchnurn. a Portland nttor-i water board we:rs a smile that won't
ney, was here Thursday ou legal bus-lcouio off, for there is a fine b-by at
iness. . 'his home. The littlo miss arrived on
There are many good reasons whyi Monday nlpht and che end her ruoth-
you should trade at home and none
why you shouldn't.
Fred Herman, the Rainier attor
ney, was here the first of tho week
transacting legal 1)1:8111688.
Mr.- and Mrs. Von A. Gray and
children visited at the homo of Mrs.
Gray's mother in Portland Sundry.
Sidney Molhulsli, who is now em
ployed in a shipyard in Seattle, spent
a few hours here Friday, greeting
old irienas. I
Mrs. Ernes? Younger, Dr.
Fenton end Mrs. Fenton of Port
er are both' getting aloas nicely.
L. O. Herrold, the contractor who
has done so much work on the low
er highway, wes a bustaecs visitor
here Tuesday. When the highway
work opens up, M-. Herrold expects
to receive several large contracts.
Rev. H. F. Gelvin, pastor of the
Presbyterian church at Clatskanle.
i was Mere l nursuuy. Aiicr navuiK
! been largely Instrumental In putting
Hicks' over tne United War Work drive.
Mr. Vieivm is now uufj uu um
land, were Sunday guests of Mr. andt""" uuml rN'
Mrs. James Pet. j L. K. Thompson of Portland and
Representative-elect E. I. BallaghJ M. D. Hartmau of Stanton. Michigan,
was in Portland Saturday lining up! were guests at the homo of C. H.
on the sneakershln lob Ha refuses to Thompson Thanksgiving day. Mr.
say who he will support, but will i Hartiuan is first corueUst in the First
stand with the Clatsop county dele-! Regimental band at Vancouver uar
gation. 'racks. '
MeT-Arrtrllisey and family motor
i..,ir.. nml M A. Ii. Clerk, en-
rente from Rainier to ror.mnu.
. ...... i.u it. f'.i llelonl
... i i..,,, .sitiMeii lur ii'" ii-Miio .... -
I'ounty couri IS in sessimi nun "J Thursday x
ing a busy time grinding out county. n l ;u,t.ndmit Auto company
business and cleunlng up n111"'" ; llliv tak,, the sgency for the Veils
for the year. .rv.i i automobile and have one of theso
C. O. Howe, who formerly orked .
in Hoadmuster Abry's office, lias ; -
secured u house In Portland and will
home with a slight
bwttle of ( lmtcnu Thierry. It w
noticed that the number of wounded
sent back were larger than ever be
fore. Mr Heacock Htlmnted that In tho
10 round trips, the Great Norlborn
safely delivered. 33.0(H) troops and
some MOO to 8,000 wounded and
sick were brought back to th BUles.
vessel December 1 0th,
to sail Immediately f,,r rnw ti1?
brln buck the soldiers. Ti .M
naval ortlcer Is a son of Mr i J" 1
II. I'. Heacock and n counirot
It, Rutherford. His parents. ,l
U.. present, making 8t. Hcc
School election meeting
I'hII Haturdny night.
Kltner tlhniimuu. of the St. Helens
. . .it.. n..,.,nr..,v la rmtflned to
soon move his lamuy to un i. ... , . wllh . .,.(.. !lUack of
O. W. Freeman and A. uok- ,.nnm nr . ,,. .. ii iH uolting along
.-V T" " . " "
... . n til V
were here weunes- ....-- hu souear-
e.l In tho Vernottla neighborhood.
sou Timber company ' biiui
their camp last week, and will, ac-!
cording to Mr. O. J. Evens''!!, mana
gor of tho company, remain cioseo
berg, well known residents of
I.ower Nehalem
day and yesterday on court matters.
A. K. Harvey stales tnar i ue urn- - rnmnilKaloner Weed.
down, . , , .. iD ,,
llioilgll lie suym. iur- in mu.ii . ...
domic of mumps out there.
The county court on Thursuay
, u-itlt. I'rHtiriiill
until market nnd labor con.ltt lons ohvT lo 0!t,M,rl lho books of couu-
improve. . 0f rtctikln This firm has done Urn
J. 11. Price was hero Sunday greet-; n "h ,,,., yoari, ull,i
Ing friends. Price recently had a very rk foi tl e pa y
severe attark of influeiua- and WSs :
reported to be on his death beit wc . Cn ,,a been appointed
is not so awful glad he Is a Ive. bu ! Illr-U,r of ., ,mrtn of the
he appreciated the Joke he played on 1 , ' T i ilrenon of his
the undertaker At least, that la his ; hh I s J' 1 u
way ot expressing ... . . . .,,..,. ,i,. the widow wilt
have charge of the administering of
and one of those 2-Reel
Sennet Comedies, The Kitchen Lady'
A great feature A well known cast
One ot the GREATEST Pictures
EVER SHOWN' on any screen
The Claws
of the Hun
and a 2-recl
Ilou't misH nur Sunday and
Monday prtiKfam, as it Ls the
best to he l.ud.
will not be pulled off.
which ho could ttlve
J. W. Kay
the deatn ot Aiiurew j. uupen. '.,,,.,i, ,., i u Mi,intn
Tormer resident of St Helens who ' MrrrXHTy ot th Ulg
died on ecemoer L-n. iu n.s ..... Uihorers union Is hopeful
near Portland Mr. Rupert was o f threatened strike on fccoiu.l
or tii ownora in in unuirnjr un . .
1 ...l.fl. itia li'inlr im "
?:rj " " T ' . He had no news
UVOll m neieus or u v. ,,,, llt ,mil.
3?CaI8mlth nr.. assumed the tors wd .r. ft. oble.
VllJ, 11 II , im ..
In a showhouso. Ho Is favorably im
pressed with the outlook for St.
Helens and intends to make this his
ueuiouuir.aiion oi um wnm-.. ... .. . , Akkh- iir.keslev
the spruce camps and spruce division 1 ,Af ,"',k,',"y
Ig now under way. mere are severa:
St. Helens boys m tne asnmmor.
era Weed and Harvey will attend
tin tho 8;;me dates, tho convention of
district attorneys, county clerks and
assessors will be held and it Is prob
able that Hls.rlct AUoriey Metsker,
v.'lll attend the sessions.
The steamer Cellllo, l.'.den with 1,
,c,e " f "7J "7 e 000,000 feet of lumber and carrying
camps.and quite a n n;inil)er f pssKengers. sailed Wed-
?lyni.Cr",LUL ,fnUHVlU',r' ' nosday night, hound for San Pedro.
Is exuected they will be discharged
from army duty and be at home with
in the next few days.
Dr. Tliompco:-., Friday, Dec
ember 13:!-., Orcndia Hotel.
Patrick ('rongin Is now purser of thu
steamer. having succeeded Joe
-Adams, who Is taking a vacation
Purstir Creugln Is now a benedict
having been back to Horn on. Mass.
lust month and married tho sweet
benrt of his boyhood days.
Damages of J 25,000 are demanded
by Ell"n Murphy from Elide M:irlt't
In a suit before Circuit Judi:n Kava
naugh. which wus begun Monday
Mrs. Murphy eh'.lms Miss MiTlot with
the Indian Film Actress
In person.
Charlie Chaplin v
Quite a number of the mumbers
of the St. Helens borne guard met
at the courthouse Monday evening,
pursuant to a call by Captain Mason.
It was decided tli:.t the orjanliatlon
remain Intact, but further activities
will be held in abeyance until the Ht,,a'uR Charles Murphy's affections.
spring, wnen anoiuer mne.iiir win Murphy, says Mrs. Murphy, was an
!be held to decide if the organization ,mi huaband unlll MIhs Mariet en
!shU disband. . .. , tered her lift). Sho ullegus that since
Marshal ' Potter and Deputy Mar- 0cU,lt.r of last year his affection foi
shal Hlakesley arretted six norr.es ,,r has rown coui auo lo Miss
Sunday and Impounded them. Afier Mr),,t-8 proff(,rs of love. Portland
paying Impounding fees, teed inn Telegn-m. The Muruhys, until re
and the several Hoys tor caicning me con-y ve, st. Helens. At tho
horses, $6.00 w:-s turned Into the city , conru,lh 0f t,B trial of Ml: Mariet
treasury as uei receiuia in tnu i.nn. an j,lrphy, both of whom were
A bill for rope for j.la win lie pain r,nrcnd with being Intoxicated and
from thia-amount. ' : Murol-y with h.-vlng Honor In his
. JJTs. George tVIlson received a lei- poiwenslon, tho (lounge suit papers;
ter from her son, Harry, slating he were served on Miss Muriel. Mur
had been assigned to tho cruiser phy's case Is still pending In the
Pittsburg. The cruiser was ut Mare court.
Ismnd. haying Ice breakers put . ,
around her bow. From this It Is rprm ppnCC rTIPTCT
presumed that the destination of the i a o iAi t r a t t
big fighting ship is Siberia and that' MAS KULL LALL
Harry, who is a second class yeo
man, ..ill soon see duty In a foreij;n
l-nd- .
Merchants feport that C'hrietmas
trade has started and the volume of
business Is quite satisfactory. Tho
stores have put on display their
Christmas wares and some of the
Appointments a;-o !,elng m: ''o for
.i ll of the most Imnnr'nnt districts in
, Cclumblr. county oi cliilrmen, v.'lio
ce to have clr.i-re of tlio next big
lied C".iss meinhersl'ln drive, run
ning from December lfi-23. These
chairmen are to appoint the teams
n:id organize tlielr respective districts
nrisinias wuiuows, iwpeuiuuy u. for ,IB HO! citation of memheishln
Toggery, present creditable appear-; rbKcrlptlons for tho year 1919. On.,
ance. The merchants have large, do..r , tll.,, nnvonB ,H , ,,
well selected stocks from which to aake(I to pay ,, lt , pxrit.t.,j lhllt
make selections and are propared to -t )f!lHt vlt nilllU I11(!ml),.r f ,hn
serve their customers and friends. family will secure a memhershl,
The Library ladles feel grateful to button,
the Standard Oil company for their, ' The Nation:' I Tuhcrctilos's asso
thoughtfulness iu donating to the i cir.tlon is co-opera' Ing In this Red
library a 5-gallon can uf floor oil. Cross Christmas roll call nml no
Mrs. Owens, the librarian, reports cenls will be sold by them this year,
that tho attendr.nce at tho library, Is , but ten seals will be given with each
very good and new books and period- Red Cross membership but 'on.
Iccls havo recently been recived. The Columbia county has mudn an
library ls now open on Sunday after-, enviable record In every tormei
noons, which Is quite a convenience 1 drive and she will not full to mnko
to many.
Make Your Own Christmas Happy
Do Your Gift Buying Here
'us good showing for memberships In
me greatest numanltarlaii organl.a
lion in the world. I.. R. Rutherford
has been npopinted county chiilrman.
8. C. Morton Is coun'y publicity
I chairman.
above all Christmases should be made a. bright, cheerful and happy one. . All
. America should rejoice and be glad at this, happy Yuletide; season. . Our store
- is prepared to meet your every want. '' rr .
; . ' "" .,-... ..... m ..... '-'.'
TOYS FOR. THE BOYS AND GIRL'S:' Unbreakable Dolls and Dishes,
, Cfiiltlrcn'ii Furniture, Doll Beds, Trains, Automobiles, j'ile Drivers, Machine
.Guns.'SanilToys, Mechanical Puzzles, Magic Toys,' Books, etc. :
FOR OLDER. PEOPLE: Uand Painted China, A handsome new line of
Stationery. .-Pictures and Books of all kinds for young and old. Pyraliti and
French -Ivory in -ail kinds of Tpilet Articles and Picture F'fanicsy Leather Goods.
. etc. Handkerchief,' Aecktics, bmbcrlias, JJed-room . .Slippers, bWeaters
Cops and other, seasonable articles,
Plynioulli ('onKrcKMt.-oiial ('liurrli
Regular ansicuncement of ser
Ives for Sunday, Dec. 8th:
j Morning
- Sunday School, 10:00 p.. m
j ' . Mcrning Hou-, 11:00 a. m.
' subject, "With Christ in Oall-
iee. f.
! Kvenlng
! Christian Eidcpvor, (!:30 p. m.
. Lee.dnr, Mr. Roy liliihop.
Song Service, 7:30 p. m.
. Tho Male Chorus will ing sev
eral selections. Ccrr.et Duet, Vell-
iurn u-oiners.
I Kvenlng Hour, 8:00 p. m.
I Speaker, Rev. Geo. V. Mc
ji lure, rn. l). Mr. McCluro Is u Y.
M. C. A. worker and comes to us with
a mess',r;e from tlio gOHpel. Do not
tan to near mm.
Weekly Activities
Mciie Chorus Rchoarr,:'.!, Mon-
nay lNicni.
,. , mm-weeic Prayer Circle and
dumb muuy riiil-Eilay, 7:30 p. m.
i ncir iienearsal Friday, 8:00
The Gifts that Men Choose
for themselves at Clirut-
mas Time
O MEN cr Women Shopping tor MenMay Safe
1 Buy Now Here where Pricer are Low. Tht
Gifts that Men like best at Christmas time are the
gilts tii they can wear the many fixings of which a man
nevei litfu quite enough. And since these are the kind that
men choose for themselves they may be safely bought by
any woman. ''.
Handkerchiefs what man has enuf?
CIJIOrpC Our stock or SIIIRT8 Is evenly bnlutired mm It
Ollllv 1 O offer wide choice for Clirlstmus buying Tlitrt
Is no better gift for a man than a box of Hire icood-looktni 81IIKT8.
C""V Cotton. I.IkIh. part or all Hllk. . 'It tnatteri not liow
k-J V ninny pairs of HtiSH a man has, lie. ran use plenty nor.
Our stock Is thoroiiRiily complete and lite value ar excellent.'
Now in the time when Men want CLOVES
most nml you can buy hers at prion to matt
any requirement
I?fYIT",C All tlio other FIXINC.S a man niwd-CoI.
1 IA111VJO hirs, Ties. Scarf Tins. Cuff Unk, Arm Bands.
und the like are here for Christmas cIioohIiik at prices to meet ht
ever you have expected to puy.
Gem Theatre
I itin tv, ii:ci:miu:k ui.
Norma Talmadge in "Social Secretary"
and a Comedy. Alxo WILLIAM Dt'Nt'AN with KDITII
"A Fight for a Millions-Episode 4
S.TH.Y, lK K.MIIKH 7lh
"STOLEN TREATY" with Earl Williams
AND a dr;kv comedy
"Vengeance and the Woman"
WM. S. HART in "The 'Hell Hound of Alaska"
Stupendous -If you like Alaska
Matinee at 4 :30 p. m. t '
I'lctures Hee It. AIM
Dandv 2-reel Comedy
MOXDAV, Hi t KMIlKIt fltli '
"WOMAN AND WIFE," with Alice Brady
Also a Comedy. A 8EI.KCT PICTURE.
Ti i:si).v, dkc
:miu:u loth '
nnd, RIDNKY DREW Comedy
vki.vV:hi.v. ik K.ViHKit nth
Roy Stewart with Fritzie Ridgeway
IN '.
J 500.00 Reward for the (Capture of the Mnn With Scar on
Arm, Also a TRIANGLE Comedy.
wiui I'.lll l II ROBERTS tt lJlff
Comedy Dr..mn. Also a
Gem Theatre
4444 l

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