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Issued Every Friday by
' Tlie council will build a city dock;
11.- - i i.,,.ai u-m i.,t n mntract
llllO KLltuul uvni .. v - -
I for a now schoolhouse. In coming to
tlwu.. rinMuinna. theae two bodies
THE mST rrBLISIIIQ COMPAXT wh,ch ll0 M ,nuc, gratuitous work
' for the cltv, have acted wisely. They
O. D. HEILBORN Vice President are looking ahead and taking up the
and Manager. 'slack which will be caused by the
8. C. MORTON Edltor lending of the war.
Each day labor Is unemployed
SUBSCRIPTION RATES I there is an economic loss to the com
One Year . .
Six Months
$I.!W: munlty. for every man not employed
.78 1 U either a public charge or an iuw
Inroducing unit, and since n is cer
Entered as second-class matter.1 tain that a return to a peace basis
. .a.i. nit .iik.Pniintni'iiiv tn u Rome lime nuu mui mv
at St. Helens, Oregon, under the act after-war period of
of March 3rd, 1879.
The suggestion made at the bud
get meeting Saturday that the coun
ty court buy a paving plant and be-
and stability will entail thought ana
1 nrennrntion so that no stagnancy In
I business will occur. It behooves those
I In charge of public works to lay
! aside the Idea of waiting for a fall
I In nrices of labor and material, start
In NOW to make the improvements
which are NOW necessary. Even If
we have to pay a greater price for
the new dock or the new school
house, the placing of and employing
of labor, from an economic stand
point, it is far better than to have
unemployed labor, which is a lqs
due to the fact that it is Idle man
power. As demobilization progresses and
men who have been in their coun
try's service are once again returned
to their homes, preparations should
be made to give them employment.
Much public work Is needed through
out this city, county and state, ami
there should be no delay in prepar-
gin the construction of hard sur
faced roads, is a wise suggestion andjing plans and executing the work
opportune. There are certain sec-
Such a course means permanent and
substantial returns and the main
tlons of the county, the south end es-itennnce o( meni wno after serving in
peclally, which should have hard tne army or navy, are entitled to re
surfaced roads. Take around St munerative employment when they
Helens, Warren and Scappoost - return home .The Mist congratulates
where traffic Is very heavy, automo- tlie city government and the school
bile traffic particularly, and each bo.,r(1 on t)ie conimon sense and
year nnd all of each year is required practicable plan they have adopted,
to keep the macadam ror.ds in a i'hey did right,
fairly good condition. Thousands of j
dollars are spent each year to keep: ,
up the road, and then the results are! The telephone ccmpany has had
far from satisfactory. The money! printed and Issued to Its subscribers
expended has purchased nothing1 a telephone directory of ( olumbia
which Is of permanent nature. For, county. The book is very handy, and
this section, hard surfaced roads arein decided improvement over the old
the only logical solution of the road , one which had Portland, Salem. As
question. It would be far better to iorla, St. Helens r.nd other impor
build just a little permanent roau't-t towns listed In the one book",
each year, than to keep on spending. The only fault the Mist has to find
money for maintenance, which, iui 1 that the officials of the company
fact, is not a maintenance. idid not Blve any of the printers in
In many other sections of the"' Columbia county an opportunity to
county, the building of hard sur-lti(1 on the Jb- u seema tllat tlle
faced roads is not necessary nor are company Is perfectly willing to take
those sections of the county ready;811 the money possible away from
for such roads. In many localities,! Columbia county, but when it comes
the roads which lead to the sparsely jt0 "Pending money for supplies, etc..
settled communities, are hardly pass ln th town or county from which
able in the winter time and are-tHey draw a considerable portion ot
"rough going" even in the summer! h,e,r income, it Is another matter,
time. These communities need pass- T',e Phon? company should realize
able roads which will be passable ,llat ln orler to "Pbulld Portland, it
the entire year. A farmer is a heavy necessary to develop the country
loser when it takes him all day to! 11 B,m "- iruum
New Year's resolutions are in
order. Too often a resolution lb
made end thought of only at tho
time it is made. It Is not broken, it
Is only forgotten or made as a
resolution and not a resolve.
There Is ono resolution which
every business man and every otht
man who Is interested in the growth
of St. Helena and Columbia county
should make and keep, nnd tin
resolution should be something like
this- "1. a business man or a resi
dent Of the City of St. Helens. Col
umbia county, Oregon, do hereby re
solve that I will Join the St. Helen.
Chamber of Commerce. That in Jolu
ing such body, 1 have resolved that i
will put my shoulder to the wheel
and do my utmost to further the In
terests and development of my homo
town and my home county. That per
sonal grudges and Jealousies shall
not enter into Buy consideration ot
the affairs of the body, but on the
other hand they shall he eliminated
for community good. I further re
solve that when joining this body,
that I will take Interest in its meet
ings, its work and its plans, nnd I
will do my part toward making the
St. Helens Chamber of Commerce u
body which will stand pre-eminently
for the good and for the advance
ment of the Interests nnd develop
ment of tlie community."
If those six Swedes who gave
their residences rs from Columbia
City when they voluntarily gave up
their first citizenship papers in
order to escape the draft, still live
In Columbia City, a delegation
should wait on them nnd politely,
but firmly request them to move to
another place. If they are not pa
triotic enough to serve this country,
and do not wish to go back to their
own country, they do not fit In any
where or any place. They certainly
do not belong in tills community and
are not wanted here. Their names
are published elsewhero In this Is
sue of the Mist.
Superintendent King is to bo con
gratulated on the good work he ha?
done for the St. Helena Bchools. He
has worked under great difficulties
and handicaps which would make
most men despair of success, l'rot.
King, however, notwithstanding
the difficulties which confronted
him, has kept right on with the
work and if he was discouraged, he
did not let the fact be known. The
schools are now beginning to run on
schedule time and do scheduled
work and much credit Is due Trof.
King and his able corps of assistants.
To the Editor:
Regarding the present campaign
for Ited Cross funds, my remarks In
your last week's Issuti huve boon V.k
en as personal by :. number of people
who declined to subscribe, and It
seems advisable tint I go a bit fur
ther In the matter.
I wish to st. te f-ankly tint I re
gret having said onythlng to offend
a woman. What I said was not
meant as personal to my iiillvlilunl.
but to describe a type of slacker.
Anvone who may feel V.'H ho or she
Is true to that typo will apply "''
views as they see fit. When n s-ihjecl
like the "Ited Cms" Is considered
what do our perso-ml feelings amount
to, anyhow?
The Ited Cross. I would like, If
possible to get this thought over. The
term "Ited Cross" really menus serv
ice to the stricken and the suffering
nil the destitute. It Is synonymous
with the Golden Kule, "do unto
others ns you have them do unto
you," If you were the stricken and
thev (he fortunate.
We who have our little farms or
stores or shops, ns the case may be,
here In Columbia county, and who sit
by our comfortable, firesides, and
-end the newspapers, should be able
to visualize thoso wretched women
and children In llelgium and Kranee,
who nfter four years of war come
hack to the places that were their
homes places that are now ashes or
wreckage, fields that .ire ragged
shell holes half filled with tho win
ter's rains. How many of these wom
en come back with more than the
dress on their bodies? How many of
these children come bnck with shoes
mil stockings? Cod knows. Am!
manna does not fall from lleavei,
nowadays. Somebody or some organi
zation haB to supply the breed for
hen horror-stricken peoplo and
look after them through the long
winter or they will die In tin
wretched shelters that are now be
ing erected around their ruined
Of what consequence, then, nr
our personal feellngo when we nre
br.wled out for refusing to give tho
naltry dollar wo are asked to give to
keep the Ited Cross organization to
gether and continue Its work In
stricken Krance, llelgium, Poland.
Armenia, Hussla nnd every land
where tlie Hed Crops brine; succor to
these destitute and suffering people?
1'nder tlie conditions that we know
exist, the honor of a memhnrnhlp In
the Ked Cross, and tho grace of giv
ing a dollar, are privileges that we
Each and everyone of the Mist's i should ptrlvo for. The niehershlp of
advertisers report exceptionally good I the lied Cross In Columbia county
Christmas business this season. The' this winter ought to be ;ho sum total
American public is quick to follow of Its population, men, women ann
the advice of the government. When children. Tho campaign Is not yet
A. M.
Lv. St. Helens 7:30
Warren 7:46
Scappoose 8:00
Ar. Portland
Lv. Portland 10:00
Ar. St. Unions 11:60
Nntiirtlityn mikI Humliija
Special trip leaving St. Hulons 0 p. in
Leave Portland Up m.
P. M.
Tho Mist Is still $1.60 per year.
All Hum Cull at Hotel
Courteous Treatment
Cli li ken IMimcr, fiO rente
lUtea $l.2!3 r Uy ami up
HMi lnl lUtea Ut Iteft-ular Hoarder
-"( ft Jufcramw
should be made in several hours. He
Is also, a heavy loser, when the
roads are ln such condition that he
cannot get his produce to market.
It would be good business if the
county court would buy a paving
plant and in a community which now
has fairly good macadam roads, start
the laying of a hard surface road, n
fslr rental for the use of the plant
should be charged to each district ii,
which the work is done, and in this
manner, the cost of the plant would
be gradually absorbed by the dis
tricts which the plant has served.
It would not be fair to the road dis
tricts In which no paving is done, to
make them pay (out of the general
road fund) a proportion of the cost
of a plant which will not serve thai
The hard surfacing of roads ln
Columbia county is a good idea, but
it is a question which requires deep
study, so that justice may be done
to all, and at the same time,
economy and permanent roads wilt
be linked together. The suggestion,
however, shows that the people ot
the county are awake to the fact
that good roads are necessary for
the development of the county, and
instead of being a tax or expendi
ture, are an asset and a good investment.
the over. The committees are still recelv-
. ill nivr.i.i,.
"ST. ."Zt lL IL ? i home wl h their home patrons ; nro I the authorities said "retrench.'
Zm u 117 I : itlded coniMtlli nlte. en e met. Piiu'U: did it. nnd when they said Ing money
is good business. Some of the high ; "''uy all you ordinarily would at
officials of the phone company should i -nristmas time, they did that, too. n honest man Is truly honest who
learn this.
The Mist has received an an
nouncement to the effect "that the
first book on reconstruction has just
been published, and it is by a west
ern man known all over the world
Dr. David Starr Jordan. There
is nothing which savors of 'pacifism
in this book the book li.
courageous from start to finish
sanely optimistic." If the Mist
remembers rightly. Dr. Dpvld Stan
Jordan was an ardent pacifist. As
the prospectus of his books states,
he is famous, but to our mind, the
opening stanza should be changed to
Infamous. Jordan was a pacifist, but
not so radical as some of the other
One hundred per cent efficiency Isjdenies thnt ho ever made a fool of
tne American public.
In biblical days, a man sold his
birthright for a mess of pottage.
Benedict Arnold betrayed his coun
try, but he received a price. Those
six Swedes who betrayed both Swed
en and America when they gave up
their citizenship in order to escape
serving in tlie U. S. army are about
on a level with, or possibly lower
than was Arnold.
"If you intend to work, there Is no
better place than right where you
are; if you do not Intend to go to
work you can not get along any
where. Squirming and crawling
misguided bretheran. If the eminent! plaPe T'p eVdo S gSod
iiciir..yima tounow i,e cu,r.ageousAbI.aliam ,jncoln. voa-
no iiiiint nave uiiangeu considerably . m
since the time he was so outspoken T. c. ,, , . , .
as to the United States entering the1 ,Tlle,st- Helens Mist Is getting
war. Dr. Jordan's book should haveiclon8 'ears " completed thirty
no more nf a nio.Q i h ai ! seven last week. From tlie start it
nan ii a kuuii ioc.il paper anu ns
name peculiarity of the Columbia
Valley gives It distinction. Ore
gonlan, December 28th.
home than he should have harl nt
the time he was working for "peace
at any price."
Many a man's originality is due to
a defective memory.
It Is The Time
For Good Wishes
on Heaters
This is the time of year that you need a good heater. ':
have several of those good UNIVERSAL HEATERS in
stock, and we are going to sell them to you at a special
price, and just at the time when you need a heater most.
Special Prices
Regular $20 Heater, Special price $18.00
Kegular $18 Heater, Special price $1600
Regular $16 Heater, Special price $14.00
Vou can't afford to he without one of these heaters. They
are economical on fuel consumption and make the house
warm and cheery. e have only a few of these in stock, so
and make the home comfortable.
you had better take advantage of the reduction in price
France Is now producing about
one gallon of milk where two nnd
one-half were produced before the
war. Available milk in Paris has
been lately selling fcr 32 cents per
quart, but its use is limited princi
pally to young children and the sick.
The success of the Chamber of
Commerce means success nnd devel
opment of St. Helens and surround
ing country.
In the Hd Cross membership I
drive Columbia county Is again ;
among the first counties of tlie Btate.
The Coming
St Helens. Oregon
when everybody turning
over a new leaf, or think
ing of doing so. If you are
making any new resolu
tions let one of them be to
ileal with us in the future,
for ' hat is one of the surest
wavs to have cause for
gratitude at the end of the
coming year. Here we
give you (lie best values
obtainable, the most super
ior service and charge the
lowest prices.
sey s
We cairy a nice line of
Drop in any time ant try
a cup of our
Thank You
A Clean Slate
WII'K off the worries and cares of P'MS and
start anew. I'M'' is going to be just what
we all can make it. Let's gel together and
keep together here in St. I Icletis jni as we've been
doing si long.
With your initiative plus the incentive the
Columbia County Hank lends we wager the New
Year will be l'luspiron- as well as Happy.
MAK'I "IN WIIITK. Yicc-l'iesiilcnt
A. L. ST(.)NK, Cashier
ti. M II'I KS. Assistant Cashier
' ST HRt.PNrt .irCT V- OPf CON
IN coi3f loU CuJn t V
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The Best
of fleats
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