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Ht from Washington, 1). C, whore
lllia VlSltOU I!1B UrOWlur, lieronn,
fho III In the service and who wan
B with lnflueniu. lie U much Im
iroveJ and hna been transferred to
Jo in p I,ewlH, where he In awaiting
demobilization. Ma antlclputes bo-
lOg home in a few days.
Bliould condition continue to im
prove Recording Jo present lndlca-
loni the achool will open a week
rom Monday, the 20th t:ist. Thlb
decision was reached by the cchool
card at a meeting hold enrly In the
feck. It was thought. bunt to keep
t cloned until tliut tluio In order to
H If any more cases of "flu" de-
t sloped.
Tho new city council were cfflclul
' r. inducted Into their various officii
, a Monday evening, with the excep
tion of Kliuor Culbertson. who fulled
to qualify iix clerk, leaving a vr.cun-
In that office which hat) not boon
t 'led an yet. Tho new council con
tn of J. II. Lewis, mayor; V. 8.
zrwlK, I,. t'ulbortsor., Krod Mann
jid it. McKlol, councilmeii, the let
Mr belli the only member of the
ouncll who Herved IiikI yenr. M.
MitrkhRin, treasurer, and lien
enfold, murHhal, nlno tcok their
of off Ich nt that tlnfo.
t iJirVnnco Koheknh Indgo listulled
the following officers to servo the
eoiulng term nt their regular moot
lug on Tuesday evening lust:
. Minnie CI. Hyde, noble gr?.nd.
t Kiithorlne Anderson, vice srend.
Tlllle Conynrs, secretory.
Irene Coutiinns, troa"urer.
I.ollu Campbell, warden.
Jonn'o I'ophnm, conductor.
Mabel I'nge, chnpl;iir.
Julia deary, H. 8. N. 0.
I.ucy llrlHtol, I,. 8. N. CJ.
Hesiilo Murn, it. 8. V. O.
Anna V-n, U 8. V. O.
Nevada I'urcell, Inside Kuailin.
Uoldle t'nniphfll, oiiuldo guardian.
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v NotwItliHtundlug the fact that sev
tfral of the mills In the lower C'olum
bla river district were preyed lutu
Cutting a vuHt amount of spruce tim
ber for aeroplane stock for the gov
ernment during the year 1918, still
in the past 12 months thouo mills
hipped 246,820,880 feet of fir lum
ber In cargoes to markets of the
' Tho great bulk of th:it lumber, oi
127,776,243 feet went to California
Or other domestic points, while 19,-
05.647 feet were sent to foreign
port. As this lumber Is worth an
avuniRo of not loss than $12 per
thousand feet, the shipments repre
sent a market value of approximately
, 001,849. 66. The largest ship.
Bents were made In the month or
August when 23.3S1.284 fnut ot
lamher and lumber products were
dispatched from tho lower river dis
trict. ;
'. In the same 12 months the up
chalnman, $3. CO; It. 8. Htratton,
chalnmun, $1.76; II. K. Abry, ex
penses, road master, $38.80; C. A.
Mills, car hire road master, $4.00;
Uutherford Keulty Co., premiums
on policies, $198.00; E. K. Quick,
premiums on policies, $99.00; Com
monwealth Ins. Co., premiums on
policies, $247.60; V. J. Vanorshoven,
work for county, $34.49; Gertrude
rhllllps, work for sheriff, .$76.00,
I. H. Ilumgnrdner, work for sherlfl,
$4.70; M. F. llazen, work for sheriff,
$2.00; II. K. 1 .a Dare, expenses deputy
sheriff, $4.02; Anna Quick, work for
clerk, $76.00; Olga Hellhorn, work
for clerk, $16.60; J. W. Hunt,
stamps, etc., $20.00; Clulskanle
Chief, publishing for treasurer,
$2.46; IIohsIo Ilattan, stamps, etc.,
$6.00; olumbla Herald i'ub. Co.,
warrant cull,-$2.46; Ilushong Co.,
supplies for treasurer, $62.60; Bus
hong ft Co., supplies to assessor,
$48.60; Ilushong Co., supplies to as
sessor, $17.60; C. W. Dlukesley, ex
pnnses. $7.90; Iluleah E. Smith,
work for assessor, $69.00; Ixiulsa
Illack, work for assessor, $39.00;
Kllham Stationery l'tg. Co., supplies
to officers, $26.61; Kalnlcr Kuvlew
publishing for county and officers,
$81.40; l'aclflc Tel. A Tel. Co.,
phonen to officers December, $38.00;
St. Helens Light Tower Co., No
vember light, $29.70; Ht. Helens
Steam Laundry, courthouse, $0.80;
I,. K. (Julkor, courthouse, $3.60;
Helen Larson, stenographer for dis
trict attorney. $60.00; T. 12. Hjghes,
witness circuit court, $6.00; K. U.
Miller, witness circuit court, $6.00,
Paul II. Towers, copy of transcript,
$6.00; 8. C. Morton, expenses una
postuge, $16.00; A. E. Harvey, coun
ty commissioner, $72.70; Judson
Weed, county commissioner, $80.60;
J. II. Doun, Justice of the peuce, $26;
Mrs. J. W. Allen, work for school
superintendent, $66.00; J. W. Al
len, traveling, etc., $41.96; C. W.
Cbbelohde, cure of Kelbers, $60.00 (
Uood Samaritan hospital, care of N.
E. Ituy, IU2.80; N. K. baker, meals
to Mays, $2.40; Oread la hotel, boar a
to prisoners. $40.90; T. S. White,
auto to sheriff, $6.00; E. C. Btan
wood, stamps, $20.00; E. E. Quick,
i treasurer bond. $25.00; T. 8. White,
coroner, $6.20; Jep I Unit, work for
coroner, $15.00; t'l'Uskunle Merc.
Co., uld to II. Mollunnn, $20.86; J.
A. Large, courthouse, $196.46; J. W.
McDonald, courthouse, $1.60; St.
Helens Mist, printing and supplies to
county officers, $110.60; H. West,
right of way work, $138.00; H. K.
Abry, auto 'license. $96.00.
Claims Nos. 9900 to 9960 and
9969 amounting to $2,614.38.
Matter of resignation of M. F.
Ilazen aa Constahlo for District No.
On this 3rd day of January, 1919,
M. F. llaien presents to the Court
his written resignation ns Constablu
of District No. 1 and the Court being
edvlsed In the matter It Is ordored
by the Court that said resignation bo,
and the same is hereby accepted.
Matter of vacation of part of the
Meserve Koad.
On this day the report of the erts, $3 8.00;
County Hoadmustor. Mr. H. E. Abry, IJoIin Hachiuan
laillla alilntt,l HI 7111 1 A O n
til cargoes, making a grand total of i on vacation o. pan o. me me.
va,boi,u ieei or lumner mat led
ItoMl Dlstrl.-t No. I
Geo. Orant, $2 2.00; Coble Garage,
$1.60; Howard-Cooper Corporation,
$366.60; Loomla Auto Service, $3.00,
Watta & i'rlce, Inc., $8.63; G. U.
Mllloy, $17.82; Scappoose Lumber
Co., $6.88; Fred Orunt, $124.60;
O. D. Garrison, $94.00; Ralph
Thomas, $21.00; J. U. Duncan. $70;
J. II. Heimuller, $44.00; Orion
Clark, $40.00; W. II. Brooks, $76;
Ed Heimuller, $66.00; II. Neuman,
$60.00; Frank Novak, $40.00; C. J.
Handstrom, $128.60; G. W. Rhodes,
$36.00; J. Klum. $36.00; J. W.
Heimuller, $40.60; O. Hein, $4.00;
G. W. Grant, $116.00.
Itoail District No 2
Louis Snelder, $3.80; U. W. Clark,
$6.00; A. C. Popejoy, $4.00; H. II.
Hunting, $6.00; Gus Hegele, $4.00;
A. Van Dolah, $4.00; A. U. Knighton
$4.00; Orion Clark, $4.00; T. E.
(J re well, $40.00; II. Duncan, $11.25;
N. Olston. $7.00; G. W. Grant, $6.00.
toad District No. H
St. Helena Lumber Co., $1.00; H.
F. Ktlby & W. Keller, $637.60; E.
G. Ditto, $1.25; Coast Culvert ft
Flume Co., $22.67; U. W. Irrk. $76;
A. C. Popejoy, $40.00; H. H. Bunt
ing, $30.00; Frank Johnson, $4.00;
Otis Hegele. $46.00; Orion Clark.
$28.00; A. Van Dolah, $42.00; E. O.
Htewnrd, $3.50; W. E. Eversaul,
$24.00; Mode Griffith, $20.00; A.
II. Knighton. $26.00; H. R. Smith,
$12.00; F. 11 Taylor, $4000.
Komi DM r let No. 4
It. F. Miller, $76.60; Wm. Renzel-
man, $69.50; Joe Keelan, $80.00; V.
Hunr.ll. $24.60; Wm. Johnson, $28;
E. Dodson, $28.00; 8. 8. Crr-.ig,
$24.50; John Hums, $90.00.
Itoail District No. If
E. G. Jones. $11.94; Coast Cul
vert ft Flume Co., $35.86; J. E. Tru
man, $60.00; O. J. Link. $40:00; II.
Wasser. $13.00; Julian Wasser, $12;
J. W. Itnnes. $10.00; Calvin Ranes,
16 00; G. It. Anllker, $8.00: John
Ueckner, $31.60; F. Anllker, $25.00.
Kuntl District No. 0
J:icobsen-Re!d Lumber Co., $40.24;
LouIb Fluhrer, $4.75; Ellis & Co.,
$4.90: II. JasperBon, $61.20; Fred
Hnonlnger, $4.76: John S. Johnson,
$37.60; Wm. Roberts, $19.60; Henry
llelmo, $7.50; W. S. Roberts, $11.26,
A. P. Combs. $9.40; Wm. E. Holden
$5.66; U. 8. Galdcn, $30.00; Dewey
Galdon, $75.00; Mnx Walters,
$23.40; John Jossl, $18.75; M. H.
Hutchinson, $11.76; Henry Johnson,
$11.75; Oman Ege, $11.76; T. J
Fllppln, $66.00.
Itoad District No. 7
Coast Culvert ft Flume Co.,
$.16.69; John Lampsa, $12.21; Has-
per Kohersteln, $13.60; J. T. Keaton,
$13.50; L. R Park, $13.50; . Ed
Rnelder. $16.87; Lee Hall, $20.00;
John Kobresteln, $9.60; Hughes
Murray, $18.75; Lester Holmes,
$33.76; W. H. Brooks. $14.40; Y
Unicorn, $8.00; Adolf Player, $4.00;
Frank Dixon. $8.00; C. 8. Potter,
$13.43; H. Rlcltman, $55.00; Wil
liam Dixon, $30.00.
Itoail District No. 8
J. O. Libel, $16.49; John Foster,
$16.00; J. W. Brooks, $14.00; Ira
Klock, $40.00; A. Gesselberg, $4.00;
Geo. Turner, $8.00; Tom Brewer,
$800; W. II. Rose, $36.00; E. Rob-.
W. Klock, $36.00;
$29.00; W. Smith,
th Columbia river by water during
th year of 1918. During the same
f sriod 443.726 bundles of box shooks
e shipped, fully half of them go
ing to the Hawaiian Islands.
serve Road was read in open Court
for the second time.
Matter of Resolution for Count
Road to bo known ns ('. M. Moffard
On this day the County Court
adopts the following resolution for
the establishment of a County Road
being ns follows;
Beginning at a point In the Neer
City Rond, from -which the Southeast
corner of Section 12, Township 6
Tin lull u It U ...... t.' . . .... n t . MA
. ...... . u, i,i.!8uu, oukciiu : rsortii, itiinge 2 est nears rvorin ou
Til summer session of tho I'nlver-1 degrees East 895 feet;, thence run
r'tjr of Oregon will extend for 12 nlng In a Northwesterly direction on
ks this year. Instead of six as ,n mo,,t Pr!tcal,le i-0"'" t'r Sec
; 'tofore. Acting Dean 11. U. Shor-lon" 2-6-2 ftn1 Dnr,H of Sections 84
I announces. Tho regit lur session ""d 35-7-2 u 8 ,,lnt the Nor,h:
wit open June 23 and continue to 1 weHt, cornor ,of lhe Northeast quarter
uui t 1 tn tin fll.,l i,v n .i. i ' of tbe Southeast quarter of said
lx weeks' nerlnil fnr n,l,,rH i Section 34-7-2. It is ordered that
lx weeks' period for advanced
tudents. Dr. Sheldon expects an
enrollment of probnbly 500 in the
doable session. This would set a
Daw record.
the Roadmaster he instructed to post
true copies of the above resolution
as required by law.
Matter of Claims against the Road
rtn .1.1.. A .t 1. n 1 .. 1 ... ., nnn,,a, I. A
. f V.,M.,, ron(, J,,,,,,,, ,er0tof0r0 fUc1 wU
Watch for the first symptom, j the Clerk of the Court wero allowed
7Jarseno8 nnd give Chamberlnln'sl in the various amounts as carried out
ough Remedy at onco. It Is prompt on the face of Bald claims and being
md effectual. r8 follows:
X Buy an Automobile Now
I am Columbia County Agent for
the following well-known cars
iiThe Maxwell
i The Handsomest, the Most Durable and Econo-
, ; mical Moderately Priced Car on the Market
f The Hudson
The Car of Quality and Performance
jThe Chalmers
1 Everyone's favorite in the medium priced car
I can give quick delivery on any
2 of the above mentioned cars
$20.00; Earl Ruddlman. $22.00; H
Ruddlmnn, $22.00; A. J. Van. $4;
Tom McMullen. $16.00; J. M. Hill.
Kiind District No. 0
Const Culvert ft Flume Co.,
$25.62; A. Alsleben, $131 04; J. W.
Rose, $4 6.60; Vernonla Lumber ft
Fuel Co., $3.61; T. B. Mills, $72.60;
Wm. Prlngle, $10.50; P. Bergerson,
$7.00; C. C. Kenoey, $14.00; Elmer
Bergerson, $1.75; A. Parker, $3.60;
Alvln Mills, $1.75; W. F. Placke,
$17.60; R. L. Spencer, $28.00; Les
ter Sheeley, $11.37; Israel Spencer,
$5.25; Erick Erlckson, $10.60; A.
Alslehen, $10.60; V. Bergerson, $7;
P. O. Mellinger. $3.60; 8. A. Wilk
inson, $3.60; Geo. Engelke, $8.75;
A. Burt, $3.50; C. Roed. $3.60; R.
L. Spencer, $7.00.
Itoiu! District No. 10
L. R. Link, $12.00; Pete Jensen
$4.00; Geo. W. Grant. $5.00.
Road District No. 12
J. W. McDonald. $0.60; St. Hel
ens Lumber Co., $3.76; U. W. Clark,
$46.00; A. C. Popejoy, $36.00; H.
II. Bunting, $37.50, Frank Johnson
$6.00; Gus Hegele, $40.00; Orion
Clark, $28.00; A. Van Dolah, $32;
A. B. Knighton, $12.00.
Itoml District No. 1.1
Beaver Lumber Co.. $132.71; R.
G. Grlmshuw, $31.87; G. W. Jordan,
$3.75; J. E. Truman, $15.00; O. J.
Link. $8.00; E. II. Blake. $8.00; F.
Anllker, $20.00.
Itowl District No. 14
Beaver Lumber Co., $216.14;
Beaver Lumber Co., $334.70; Lowes
Livery Barn, $20.66; C. W. Smith,
lanlgan, $78.00; John
Jerzyk, $64.40; Clips. Furer, $28.15,
C. Colo, $26.26; E. V. Cook, $3.75;
Jns. Fowler, $5.00; W. T. Hicklln,
$7.60; R. Hendricks, $18.75; T. J.
Fllppln, $40.00; W. L. Marshall,
General Road Fund
Howard-Cooper Corp., $1856.00;
Good Roads Mnchinery Co., $4660;
Hodson-Feenoughty Co., $2496.00.
Kitorlal Road No. 0
Geo. J. Williamson, $33.75; Gus
Cnrlson. $33.75; O.IV. Girt. $48.00;
Oscar Barendts, $44.05; Clifford
Girt, $3.76; F. A. Wilson, $39.40;
Charles Larson, $46.90; Claude Ban-
zer. $71.26; Geo. McCollr.m, $20.65;
T. A. Parcher, $7.50; Jed Wilson,
$20.66: W. P. Mclntire. $46.90; J
Schrelbor, $7.60; N. A. Mclntire.
$18.75: Andrew Herman. $37.60
Ira Parcher, $16.00; Donald Parcher,
$7.60; A. J. Burns. $1.85; John Lar
son, $1.60; H. Jr.sperson, $41.25.
Special Road No. 0 .
California Trojan Powder Co.,
$334.43; J. W. Rose, $166.76, Tre-
horne, Mills & Parker, $586.92
District Road Funds
Claims Nos. 1276 to 1457 inclusive
amounting to $6,242.51.
General Road Fund
Claims Nos. 1457 to 1460 Inclusive
amounting to $9,001.00.
Hitccial Rond Fund
Claims Nos. 1461 to 1483 Inclusive
amounting to $1,625.61
Matter of resolution for the vaca
tlon of part of the Meserve Road.
The report of the County Roadmaa.
ter on the resolution of vacating, part
. 1. XV .... . A t.n,.lnW
ferent days of this term of Court.
and the Court having taken the same
under advisement now on this 4th
day of January, 1919 the Court be
ing fully advised In the matter, and It 1
appearing to the Court that no re
monstrance or petition in arrest of
said resolution has been filed herein
and the Court being satisfied that
the public will be benefited by such 1
vacation, It Is therefore ordered that
the portion of the' Meserve Road as
described In the resolution be and
tbe same is hereby vacated.
Matter of appointment of secre
tary of board of health. !
On this day it is ordered by the !
Court that Dr. L. G. Ross be, and he
Is hereby appointed Secretary of the I
Hoard or Health, and the salary of
such office be $20.00 per month pay-
auie as ty law provided. 1
Matter of appointment of Roaa
Patrolmen for the year 1919.
On this day it Is ordered by thr
Court that the following named per
son tie ana they are hereby ap
pointed Patrolmen for the following
road districts for the year 1919:
Nos. 1-2-10 and 11 George Grant:
Nos. 3 and 12 U. W. Clark; No. 4
John Burns; Nos. 5 and 13 Fritz
Anllker; Nos. 6 and 14 T. J. Fllp
pln; Nos. 7 and 15 J. L. Hearing .
No. 8 James Hill, and Nos. 9 and 16
T. B. Mills.
It Is further ordered by the Court
that before entering upon their
duties they shall file with the Clerk
of the Court a bond In the amount
of $200.00 duly approved by the
On this day the following named
officers elect present to the Court
their certificates of election, togeth
er with their respective Oath of Of
fice, duly subscribed as by lew re
quired together with bis Official Un
dertaking in the amount fixed by
law or by order or the Court, hereto- i
fore filed with the Clerk of this I
Court, being as follows: j
J-. W. Hunt, County Clerk. Under
taking tn the amount of $10,000.00
by New Amsterdam Casualty Co.,
of New York.
Bessie Hattan, County Treasurer,
Undertaking in the amount of $5,
000.00 by United States Fidelity ft
Guaranty Co., of Baltimore, Md.
T. 8. White, County Coroner, Un
dertaking In the amount of $3,000.00
by Fidelity and Deposit Co., of Balti
more, Md.
L. J. Van Orshoven, County Sur
veyor, Undertaking in the amount of
$6,000,00 by Fidelity and Deposit
Co., of Baltimore, Md.
And the Court being advised In
the matter, it is ordered by the Court
that all the said Undertakings be and
they are hereby approved.
Matter of fixing Bond of E. C.
Stanwood as Tax Collector.
On this day it is ordered by tbe
court that the amount of the under
taking ot E. C. Stanwood. as Tax
Collector, be and the same Is hereby.
t iiea in me amount or tzu.uoo.oo.
Matter or qualification of E. C.
Stanwood as sheriff and tax col
On this day E. C. Stanwood. sheriff
elect, presents to the Court his cer
tificates of election, together with hi?
Oath of Office, duly subscribed as by
law provided together with his Un
dertaking in the amount of $10,
000.00 by American Surety Co.. to
gether with an additional Undertak-:
ing as Tax Collector, in the amount
of $20,000.00 by Fidelity and De
posit Co.. of Baltimore, Md., and the
Court being advised in the matter. It
Is ordered by the Court that salo ,
Undertakings be and they are hereby
approved. J
Matter of Qualification of Marie
Paulsen as Deputy County Clerk.
On this day Marie Paulsen pre
sents to the Court her appointment
to the office of Deputy County Clerk,
together with the Oath of Office duly
subscribed by her as by law provid
ed and the Court being adised In
the matter, It is ordered by the Court
that said appointment be nnd the
same is hereby approved.
Matter of Qualification of II. E. La-.
Bare as Deputy Sheriff.
On this day H. E. LaBare pre
sents to the Court his appointment
to the office of Deputy Sheriff, to
gether with the Oath of Office duly
subscribed by him, as by law provid
ed and the Court being advised in the
matter. It is ordered by the Court
that Bald appointment be and the
same is hereby approved.
Matter of appointment of Janitor
for the Court House.
On this day it is ordered by the
Court that Mr. P. W. Harrison be and
he is hereby appointed Janitor for
the Court House for the year 1919,
and that the salary for said janitor
be and the same is hereby fixed in
the amount of $100.00 per month.
Matter of appointment of fruit In.
On this day it is ordered by the
Court that Mr. A. L. Morris be and
he is hereby appointed Fruit Inspec
tor for olumbla County for the year
Matter of Transfer ot Road Funds.
On this day it is ordered by the
Court that the Treasurer be and she
la hereby authorized and instructed
to transfer $687.71 from Special
Road District No. 7, 1914 and 1916
to Special Road District No. 9. 1918.
Matter of ash reports of Road Pa
On this day certain Road Patrol
men's cash reports were examined by
the Court, being as follows:
Frltx Anllker. Patrolman of Road
District No. 5.
Cash collected from
all sources $99.25
Cash paid out,' vouch
ers attached $75.13
Cash to Treasurer to .
balance 24.12
If So, Ask Your Grocer for Bread from Oar Modern Bakery
are prepared In a clean, modern, sanitary bakery and our ever
Increasing business Is an indisputable evidence that we produce
S. HEUMAN, Proprietor
Phone B-l 14- West St. Helens, Oregon
E. A. ROTGER, Prop.
i p - -
& ' Wrjy 6 titit
I- v "
American and European Plan
Everything Modern
Hot and Cold
All Basse Cull at Hotel
Steam Heating Plant
Water In Rooma
How's Your Automobile?
Now, more than ever before, you must watch your
automobile and keep it in'perfect order. Automobiles are '
hard to get, parts are getting harder to get every day. So
watch your car to see that it is kept in good repair. Don't
neglect the valves, don't run with an engine knock. Keep
the play out of the rear axle.
The St. Helens Garage is one of the best equip
ped repair shops in the county and special work is easy f9
us. We handle lathe work, make small parts,' battery wrk.
besides all automobile repairs.
Phone 57 H. M. TERRY . Prop. . On lhe Strand
$99.26 $99.21
U. W. Clark, Patrolman of Road
Districts 3 and 12.
Cash collected from
all sources .. ......$ 1.00
Cash paid out t 1.00
Account balances . ..$ 1.00 $ 1.00
Above accounts stand approved by
the County Court.
Matter of Transfer of Road Funds.
On this day it is ordered by the
Court that the Treasurer be and 'she
is hereby authorized and Instructed
to transfer $1739.10 from Special
Road District No. 6. 1914 and 1916
to Special Road District No. 8, 1918.
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Two nice HEIFERS, bred to Villager Sultan 2nd, which
are priced right.
A. H. TARBELL, Proprietor
Warren, Orejoa
There was
a Crowd in
the Store
end they were trying to josh the Tobacco Man
"Have a chew on so long it costs noth
ing extra to chew
this class ot tobac-
me,"says he."Break
off just two or three
squares. That's a
man's size chew of
Real Gravely. It
holds its good taste
Real Gravely Chewing Plug
each piece packed in a pouch "
It got fitrthtr that's
why you can gt thtgood
tastt of this clou of tobac
co without extra cost.
Ul lilt) niuDQi ro luuu, uu.ttiB uuuu
heretofore publicly read on two dlt-
f-;.-7,vr, - "i .v -J
(Continued on page seven)

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