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e a Member of the Chamber of Commerce-Aid in Upbuilding the County
NO. 6
r- T1 r . i a .b- a
-I 1 II II I 1 -
L - I I 1 I K 1 II I I I I
-f -
21 I
Application of 7,lpMTrr for IVani'lilse
In lld on Table
i. Tlio city council met In regular
settsUin Monday night at 7 o'clock,
With all in om burs except Chapman
IS attenilunce. The minutes of the
previous mooting were read and ap
proved. A refluent waa read from 8.
N. Cade, askfng '.lie privilege to haul
wood over certain lota. J. li. Ood
trey, owner ot the lota, objected to
uh permhmlon being given and the
council refuaed Cade's request.
Telephone Official HMaka
J. A. llalllday, dlatrlct commercial
rnt for the Pacific Telephone com-
ny addreaaed the council at Home
, oik Hi relative to the telephone
Uluatlon In Bt. Helena. He promised
Immediate relief from the doplorablc
Oondltlona which have exlHted. Thr
substance of hla remark! ami the
eauaoa of the wretched aervlce, lt
given In another column of the Mlm.
Councilman Allen aaked Mr. Halll
3a y aa to the ralae in ratea. He said
that the rate matter waa a matter
over which hi company had no con
trol, that I'oatmaiter General Hurlo
on would laaue audi ordera and the
company would have to carry the
ordera Into execution. Mr. llalll
day etated that the government hao
a, new achedule ot long dlatance rates
Which would go Into effect on the
1st Inst., but ao far aa he knew, no
tiange had been made In the local
te. nor had he any Idea, aa to when
tch change would be made. Alien
ten aaked "Are you ready to promise
i rrvlce for thla city no queatlon
i lout ltT" Mr. Hulliday assured him
at he could promiae audi and thai
crew would noon be on the Job, and
hat your councilman, McDonald,
' 111 alao have hla phone Inatalled."
1 eDonald, Inasmuch, aa he haa been
t tho waiting Hat for 18 montha,
iJttld not 'believe the atatement.
Many Licenses (iranted
Lice n He waa granted to E. C. Jef
f ' to run a skating rink, to the
' nmhla and Kelova hotela to oper-
' rooming houses, to John Cotls
i I N. V. llakor to run eating houaea,
t i the Liberty Theatre to operate a
i ring picture show and to Ed.
iDard to operate a tor-hire Jitney.
an motion of Allen, llcenaea were
t jred laauod.
W. II. Dlllard appeared In hehalt
' Mri. Cramer, who owns property
Wllltuiiette street near tho Con
I Confectionery, unking that the
iwalk assessment made agulnst
property, be reduced. It waa e
led to Mr. Dlllard that the slde
1 t wna built ou the grade eHtab
1 id by the city engineer and that
t assessment could not be reduced.
2 Ohjvt-U to Mail
- Cherman Mllea (who thla time waa
' iDiptly on hand when the councl.
wened) aaked the mayor that
re attention be paid to the clean-
ot the at rent a. He stated that
ry time an auto went by tho bank
ding, that the windows of the
k were given a bath of mud ana
j water. Tho mayor auggeated
t it would be a good idea for
M to have the mud holes filled
, Mllea retorted that he would do
t I and he glad to do bo, if the
I ror would have some of the streets
( 41 ed. The mayor aald there waa
t ) appropriation for Btroet cleaning
I 1 the inference he left was that
t l streets would have to remuln In
t anme unaightly condition tia haa
3tod for aoiuo days past.
Elpix-rvr KranrliUo IjmIiI Over
'he recorder brought up the fran-
granting to J. V. Zlpperer the
t to construct and operate a telo
e line In St. Helena. The mayor
stnd that the matter be laid
t I, McDonald did not think It
a... d, but auggeated that It be dla
pnsri of "in one way or another."
Allen said he waa willing to paas on
1' and Plummer did not object, bui.
I r a little undertone conversation
1 i mayor had with members of the
Bell, the matter was laid on the
. Juat why this was done, enn
; bo ascertained. It la true the re.
wntatlvea Ot the Pacific Telephone
many were present, but It is not
uglit that their presence would
caused the ordinance to, be
ived, bo It Is presumed that there
it. have been some other reason
holding up the ordinance grant
the franchise.
)ity Engineer Van Orshoven offer
s suggestion as to making some
ht changes In the plans of th
f dock so as to provide more
Be for traffic. His suggestion was
Drably acted upon and he was In
icted to superintend the building
the dock.
Julte a few minor matters wore
iuglit to the attention of the coun
and acted upon promptly and the
inoll had the docket clean (ex
it the Zlpperer franchise) and ad-
tied at 8:30 o'clock, Just one hour
80 minutes after the meeting
e to order.
Iiere were a number of Interested
l Xators In attendance. . s .,
Apply Only to Iong Illatanrc Nervloj
KfffM'tive January 2 1 at
The new telephone toll rates as
approved by the 1'ostmaHtnr General
wont Into effect on the 2 lit Instunt.
The rates are entirely different from
those now In effect, and while on
the face ot the achedule It looks like
a saving, it la a wife guei-ji that the
postmaster general has not lowered
the rate and the subscriber will find
at the end of the mouth that li'h
phone bill la Juat as big If not a lit
tle bigger than heretofore.
"Htutlou to Htatlon llatfl"
When a person makes toll or lone
distance call without specifying that
conversation la desired with a parti
cular person, and 'connection la es
tablished and the conversation held,
the "station to atatton" rule applies.
The rate Is determined by the air
line distance between the toll points
and la computed on a basis of 5 cents
for each six miles up to 24 miles and
b cents for each eight miles beyond
that distance. The "person to person
rate" la a little higher rind the mini
mum charge la 20 cents.
Mglil I Lutes t lnaHr
The postmaster genoral has made
It an object for persons to use the
phone at night for a reduction is
made In thla as against the day rate.
From 8:30 p. m. to 12 (midnight)
the charges are about one-half ot
the "station to station" rate. From
12:00 (midnight) to 4:30 a. m.. the
rate Is about one-fourth of the "sta
tion to station" rate. The minimum
night rate, however, is 26 cents. This
night rate la a saving if one aits up
late In order to take advantage of It,
or gets up before four o'clock In the
morning In order to get hla conver
sation across before the "station to
station" or "person to person" call:
begin to warm up the wires.
1 he circular letter sent out states
"a more detailed description show
ing actual ratos to certain toll points
unci Including Information with re
gard to talking periods, overtime
charges, etc., will he found In th
next Issue of the Telephone Dlrec
tory," ao at the present time, oim
cannot do much figuring. That
trouble can be spared, however, for
the postmaster general has done some
wonderful flouring for many months
past, and the figuring always runs
upwards. All that the tlephone user
can do Is to pay the hill and wait
until the "next telephone directory"
to find out how the total of hla bill
was arrived at.'
That Orplrnn'n liotul.l(nrt linn imna
to work with a ruuh, la Indicated In
the number of bills Introduced. On
Wedneadiiy afternoon 17 new uills
made their annenrnnre wMeh hrtnffu
the total up to 138, with tho session
onty rainy started. A number of
bills have Introduced Increasing tho
flnlnrlen nf cnnnlv ftfflfnm Tl.
Columbia county budget meeting ap-
proveu or increuHos in the salaries of
county officials and It la supposed
that llenrftMflntnl Iva llullnirli u.iii
soon Introduce a hill In the legisla
ture, providing for these Increases.
The bills Introduced V
afternoon are:
II. ft. 122 Wnnilunn- Plv'lnir nl.
arles of officials of Morrow county.
II It 19 3 -Holt!' IVnnlln. a 1..rr
Islativn committee on committees.
H. H. 125 Wright: Fixing salar
ies of officlalo of 8herman county.
' II. U. 126 HiiRhna: Unlntlvo In
graduated tax on lands
H. B. 127 Edwa-ds: Fixing
salaries of officials of Tillamook
H. II. 128 Edwards
protection for workmen
II. 11. 180 Edwards
fuctory Inspection law.
Relative to
Relative to
H. 11. 131 Roman. Relative to
John Jacob Astor exnnrlnmnr ...
H. I). 132 ,Miirtln: Relative to In
sure nee.
H. U. 133 Martin: Relative to In
II. 11. 134
-Martin: Relative to in-
H. li. 135 Martin: Regulating
supervision of Insurance.
H. 11. 137 Mnrtln- rtolitlvo In
officlnla of Insurance denartment.
h. a. 187 Martin: Helntive to
examination of Insurance compan
ies. H. II. 138 Joint ways and means
committee; Rebating mileage to leg
The strike situation, so far as the
Mist can loam; remains unchanged.
TJie men who loft the yard are firm
in their contentions and none' of
them hnve returned to work. The
160 or more men who remained nt
work, seemingly pay little attention
to the matter, going ihout their
business as usunl. The hope li ex
pressed that In the course ot a few
dnys matters may bo shape them
selves as to have a settlement of the
titnlie, though at the present time,
there seems to be no Inclination on
either aide ai to giving In. '
Officers of the Legislature
W. T. TinNw (left), who prem over the state senate, und Seymour
Jonea (right), apeaker of the house of representatives.
Dork to hei KOx70 With a 2.0-Foot
Itoad Way ,
Work on the municipal dock Is
begun. Monday Contractor O'Con
nor with a pllo driver, plenty of good
and long piles and a crew of capable
men began work. On account of the
high stage of water In the river, the
pile driver was enabled to get close
lo the shore, consequently little dif
ficulty was experienced In driving
the flrat few bents near the rock
Muff. At noon Thursday, 14 bents
had been driven and better progress
Is made as the driver works furthei
out In the stream.
Dock to Cost $.VHH
The contract which the council
awarded to O'Connor calls for a deck
P0x70 with a roadway 250 feet long.
The roadway starts at a point near
the Doming residence and extendi
to the boat house now used by
Ilroughton & Wiggins. The dock will
extend Into the stream 60 feet furth
er and the water at thla distance la
IS feet at low water. This dopth Is
fulflclent for steam schooners unless
they are heavily loaded, and drawing
more than 18 feet.
To be Completed Koon
The contractor states he does not
Intend to lose any time in prosecut
ing the work and that as soon as the
piling Is driven, he will have a force
of men laying the dock and will see
that the work Is rushed along. The
.rouncll has engaged City Engineer
Van Orshoven to superintend tho
work and boo that the dock Is built
according to contract and specifica
tions. The building of the dock
means the expenditure of not less
than $2500 for labor alone, which :
thla enpoclal time, will be of great
benefit to the merchants of the city.
More Than $4MI,MH Raised In the
Count) A (rood llm-ord
Columbia "county contributed
$406,700 to the grand total of $38,
162,550 of the Fourth Llherty loan
In Oregon. The number of subscrlb-
jers In the county was 4,097. The
over-suhscrlptlon was 94.68 per cent.
These figures have just been received
ruin mo Hiiiie ueanquariers. rue
official compilations do ntt show
the quota of non-banking centers.
In tho newspapera outside of Port
land 87,384 column inches of space
was used in paid and free publicity
I in aid or the loan.
I Following is the statement of the
communities of this county:
No. of
Quota Sub. Sub's
St. Helens ..92,400 202,800 2,000
Scappoose ...22,932 29,300 389
Rainier 30,828 95,160 973
Clatsknnle ..62,748 79,460 860
Sheriff Stanwood, who returned
Wednesday night from Blrkenfeld
I and Mist, reports that the Nohalem
: river la on a rampage. He says thai
he has never Been It so high as it is
! at the present time. The roads art
. in fairly good condition considering
the heavy rains that- have fallen.
The Mlst-Clatskanle road Is good ex
' cept there is indications of elides.
The highway Is fairly good except
that portion ot it known as the
"Rainier Hill." On this, section ot
the road there have been quite a few
slides, but traffic has not been In
i terfered with to any great extent.
? - 1 ri
Itepresentative of Ptionc Company
Promises Ilefter Hervlce Here
J. A. Halllday, district commercial
agent for the Pacific Telephone com
pany promised the city council that
! St. Helens shall have better service
. He made this promise at the council
I meeting Monday night. Mr. 'Halli
; day explained that his company had
In mind the extension of the tele
phone system In St. Helens and haa
considerable supplies on hand foi
such extension, but the government
took over the supplies, part of them
were sent to Camp Lewis, a consid
erable portion to San Francisco and
the Lord only knows and they were,
therefore, unable to make the ex
tensions planned.
Arrange With Light Company
He said, though, that his company
had recently made arrangements with
the St. Helena Lumber company, who
operate the electric light system, so
that light poles would carry tele
phone wires and that In the near fu
ture, all applications for phones
would have prompt attention. H
said his company was operating Up
line as a business proposition ano
did not care to sell it, but on the
other hond, wished to develop the
business so that the revenue of the
company would be more.
Local Manager Scott of the phone
company Informs the Mist that u
quantity of material, wires, insula
tors, cross-arms, etc., have been re
celved, and in a few days, he expects
n force of workmen to Install thu
phones, applications for which
(some of them) have been In for
i more than a year.
Uy not having to go to the expense
of setting poles on account of using
the electric light system, the phone
company can make rapid progress In
stringing wires and it is possible
that within the next thirty days, the
40 or 60 Dhones for whieli would. ho
subscribers have been crying, will
nave Deen installed.
MrR. Alice Merrill of ' Houlton
died Monday, January 20th, after a
lingering Illness. Deceased hadj
lived In Columbia county all of hei j
life except for a short period when ;
she resided In Portlnnd. For tho
past five years she had resided In I
Houlton and vicinity. j
Deceased leaves to mourn her loss I
six children ranging in ago from 't j
to 19 years; her mother, Mrs. A I
Player, who resides In Clatskanlej j
tour sisters, Mrs. H. E.LaBare Of St.
Helens, Mrs. O. C. Tlchenor of Port-'
land, Mrs. J. M. Burkhead of War
ren and Mrs. A. Sanberg of Nehal
em and one brother, Charles L.
Lovell of Yankton.
Funeral services "were held iu
Clatskanie Wednesday and the In
terment was In the cemetery at that
! The heavy rains. In fact, down-
I pours, for 'the past several days has
had quite an effect on the Columhln 1
; river and It has raised rapidly, and,
there la a strong current. In St.;
Helens' scow town, the scows which
1 10 days ago were high and dry. are
I afloat with plenty of water to spare
and have anchored closer to the
1 shore. i
All the small streams have been
transformed Into small rivers,
though no damage has resulted so
I far as the Mist can ascertain. ,i
llcrt Beffert Sustains Wounds in llig
Iluttle Other Soldier Notes
The Mist has received the fol
lowing short, but Interesting note
from liert Seffert, Jr., son of Bert
Seffert of Deer Island:
Llmoge, France, Dec. 20; '18.
S. C. Morton, Editor,
St. Helens Mist.
I take the liberty of writing you
with tho hopes that you will publish
this letter so my friends will know
I am still in the land of the living. I
know it is a lazy manner of wishing
my friends a Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year.
Am sorry to say that I am In a
hoapital at the present time, the re
sult of being wounded the closing
day of the scrap up there. It is the
third time I have been back to the
It certainly was a great scrap
while it lasted. I am very proud ot
the fact that I went through all the
big scraps, Cantlgny, Soissons, Si.
Mlhlel and the Argonne and was
lucky to get off as well as I did.
It was certainly an experience that
I wouldn't miss for worlds. Well, I
must close with the wish that you
will have a happy and prosperous
New Year.
, Sincerely,
Co. C, ICth Inf.
lBt Div., A. E. F.
Kenneth Howell, who has been In
the navy since Ap-ll, 1917, arrived
home Saturday, having received his
honorable discharge from Uncle
Sam's fighting force. Kenneth,
along with other St. Helens boys,
enlisted when the first call was
made. He was sent to Mare Island
for training and in September sem
aboard the U. S. S. Albatross. The
vessel proceeded to the Atlantic
coast via the Panama canal. Ken
neth says the canal is a wonderful
work and he enjoyed the trip
through it. The Albatross never got
across, as the vessel waa in the
coast patrol fleet and was constantly
on the lookout for submarines. It
a Wo did considerable convoy, duty.
Kenneth was discharged at Norfolk,
Virginia, and made a bee line for St.
Helens, which he claims is the best
spot on earth.
C. E. Sparks, of the Mist mechani
cal force, has received a letter from
his son, Harold, who is with the
American soldiers and Btationed in
England. Harold enlisted with tin
Oregon boys and saw service on the
Mexican border. Returning to Port
land, he was mustered out, but re
enlisted when the war was declares
against Germany. He was sent to
France and after months of active
service, sent to England and is there
on M. P. duty.
Harry Thorp is in Toul, France,
according to a letter received recent
ly by his father. He was in the en
gineer's department and probably
has his part to do in the reconstruc
tion work in France.
S. E. Smith writes the Mist to
discontinue sending the Mist to
Dewey Smith, a member of the 13th
Aero squadron, on account of the
fact 'hat Dewey is on his way back
to "the states."
Arrangements are being made for
holding an Older Boys' Conference
lu St. Helens on Friday, Saturday
and Sunday, February 14th, 15th and
16th. These dates coincide with the
Fathers' and Sons' week, which is
being observed all over the nation.
These conferences are being held
in increasing numbers all over thw
United States and reports are unani
mous as to the good accomplished.
Tho purpose is to bring to the adoles
cent boy messages of instruction anil
inspiration for right living from rec
ognized leaders in boys' work. Thus
thev co-operate with school, homo
and church.
The age limit has been set to in
clude hoys from fourteen to eigh
teen or all who are In any high
school. Any group of boys may send
their representatives. High schools
and Sunday schools naturally belnfc
the more usual groups.
An attractive program is being
prepared of which announcement
will be made later.
The St. Helens postoffice will be
moved next month to Its new quarters
In the he r.k building. The lease be
gins on Kebrunry 6th, but It was im
possible to get the new quarters
ready by that time end it will prob
ably be the fifteenth of the month be
fore moving day.
As the postoffice Is moved from itb
present quarters E. A. Rosa will mov
to the ouartor3 vacated by the office.
The henk has purchased from the
Masonic lodire the postoffice fixtures
a:id they will be installed In the new
quarters. ,
Much Interest Centered in Outcome
of Itecount of Votes
Circuit court will convene Mon
day, January 27th, and Judgi
Eakin will take up the White-Ful-lerton
contest. The ruling that tho
judge made is practically an order
for a recount, so it is presumed thai
he will not waste any time iu
formalities, but try to get the re
count started as soon as possible. The
official canvass of the vote by th
election board gave Fullerton the
scant majority of three votes ovek
his republican opponent, Martin
White, and the letter Instituted a
contest claiming many Irregularities
in the polling and swearing in of
Fullerton Also Makes Claims
It is understood that Judge Ful
lerton and his attorneys are fully
prepared to combat the statements
cf White and his attorneys and that
they have been able to dig up many
Instances In which irregularities oc
curred and that such Irregularities
were In Fullerton's favor. It is to
be expected, therefore, that the re
count will proceed with much caution
and that opposing attorneys will
contest every Inch of the ground.
The coming recount has been the
cause of much comment and mud.
interest is manifested. Both of the
parties have made friends through
out the county end it Is expected
that a number of them will be on
hand when the recount starts. Each
ballot cast will have to be checked,
but the Mist is unable to find out
what will be the procedure. It is
presumed that the court will appoint
tellers and that each ballot will bt,
gone over in tho presence of the
court and the attorneys.
The Mist has heard it hinted that
several surprises are liable to be
sprung, as each side has had ample
time to investigate certain rumor:,
ana probe into alleged Irregularities.
It is probable that the recount wll.
occupy several days and in the event
that White would establish his
claims, he could te sworn in and
meet with the 'county court at their
next meeting, which is on February
6th. Friends of Fullerton and tht
judge himself, profess to be quits
confident that the recount will be iu
his favor and he will continue in of
fice. . At any rate, next week will
tell the tale and It will be decided
who is who In the county judgeship
Her Itun Taken by Launch Rutlt
Service Maintained
The steamer Iralda, which piles
between Rainier and Portland and
which usually is so regularly on
time at each landing that the people
along the rivsr tell the time of day.
and set their clocks by the arrival
j and departure of the boat, is layed
j up for needed repairs and overhaul
ing. While she is on the way, the
' ...... l.n.,nnn C Unlnnn T) . 1 ,1
luu ucimcuu si. iidciic auu ru: iiauu
is being taken care of by the Hoven
launch, the Ruth, which while not so
speedy and comfortable .is the Iralda,
is safe and sure. No boat could be
secured to look after the business
between Rainier and this place, so
the Ralnierltes and those down the
j river, will have to depend on other
boats or rail lines until the Iralda is
1 again in commission.
Sommurstrom Yard Launches Their
Slvth Ves.se! for Government
Weduesday afternoon at 4:45 o'
clock, the government steamer.
i Dagls, was launched at the Sommar
; strom yard. The launching wai
: without mishap and the big hull took
to the water like a duck. Mis. K.
j L. Bosworth christened the vessel as
I it left the way.
. The Sommarstrora people have two
more government vessels on the
ways. It is supposed that as soon
as they are completed the company
will look around for private con
tracts. The Dagis is one of the Ferris type
of vessels and will have a carrying
capacity of 3500 tons. .
! At their regular meeting Tuesday
: night, the school board heard the
j report of Architect Tourtelotte rela
jtlve to the preparation and plans for
the new schoolhouse. The architect
! Informed the board that the complete
, plans would be ready in about ten
i days and that bids could be called
, tor. The board is anxious to start
j work as soon as possible so that the
I building will be ready for occupancy
I In the fall.. . . . . . . . .

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