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Mr. and Mrs. Sandstrom visited In
Goble on Sunday.
Burt Barnett Is visiting friends
and relatives in Scappoose.
Mrs. Holland of St. Helens, was
a guest of Mrs. Caples this week.
C. H. Kapper is home from the
hospital after having his tonsils re
moved. Mr. and Mrs. Metcalf and their
guests, spent Sunday at Seaside, en
joying the day.
We are very glad to welcome Mrs.
Cooper home and hope she will soon
. regain her strength.
Letters were received this week
from Guy Whitney, Herman Miller,
Fred Armstrong and Clark Grant.
Liberty chorus will be at 8:00 o"
clock Wednesday evening. Prayer
meeting at 7 o'clock before the
There will be a social at the
church Friday evening, February
7th. Everyone is invited to come
and enjoy it.
Mr. Ogle, Miss Keck and Miss
Bennett enjoyed the opera "Aida"
at the Municipal Auditorium Wed
nesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Watts enter
tained at a dinner Sunday to cele
brate the birthday of Mr. Watts'
mother. Mrs. E. M. Watts.
Mr. Sandon has moved, back on
his place in Scappoose and Mr. John
son, who was occupying the Sandon
ranch has moved in the West cot
tage. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Frakes re
turned last week from tholr bridal
trip to California. Mr. Frakes will
take over the Lakeside farm and
dairy ranch and be associated with
his father in this venture.
Congregation Church Sunday
School. 10:15; Morning Worship,
11:16; Christian Endeavor, 7:00 o'
clock and Evening Service, 7:45.
Rev. Geo. McClure will occupy the
The Lady Maccabees gave Mm.
J. D. McKay a birthday anniversary
surprise on Monday. They present
ed her with a pretty set of cups and
saucers. A delicious lunch was
The junior girls of the high school
gave Vera Price a surprise party at
her home Friday evening. Vera is
enrolled as a student at St. Helens
hall, Portland and will enter In a
week or so, when the Influenza ban
is lifted.
Eva Garrison has received from
France a nice neat pair of French
pomps. They are a charm and Eva
wouldn't take a mine for them. They
are of wood and leather construction
and Eva says "If I can make them
stick on to look out for me taking
i the prizes at the, next shine."
Miss Lucy Boesel received a let
ter from her brother, Louis, who u
at Belne, France, and he reports
that he hopes to be on his way home
soon. He is in the supply division of
the 364th.
The open season has started plow
ing operations by several farmers,
and all winter crops are looking well.
Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Hyskell of
Portland, have come to live and to
help manage the Oregon Berkshire
farm here. Mrs. Hyskell Just re
turned from a trip to San Francisco.
Mr. Walter Kellar was brought
home from his work at Trenholm
with a badly cut foot. He is able to
hobble around, however, and visit a
few friends.
W. L. Brown, who has had a bad
spell of exzema this winter, is able
to make his seral-weekly trip to
Rainier again. It looks good to see
Blllie on the freight wagon again.
Apiary has enjoyed her second
snow storm for this winter. A few
inches having fallen only to be
chased away by sunbeams early in
the day.
Lowman's sawmill has started up
after an idleness of about three
innnthsi Mr. Lowman has been
l.ont A Thrift Stamp book be
longing to Klclmrd White Hobbs, on
Wednesday afternoon. Kinder pleuso
return to postofflce. 8-tf
For Sain One team mules, 3
years old, $300; uIho one team mules
2 years old, $200. Both can be
worked this spring. James O. Wilson,
La Center, Wash, Inquire of N.
Sherwood, Warren, Ore. 8-9-2t
Robert McPherson has been dis
charged from the army and la visit
ing relatives here.
Chas. Hasbrook of Marshall, Okla
homa, was a visitor at the home of
his sister, Mrs. J. B. Wilkerson, last
Mrs. J. H. McDonald and chlldn-n
are visiting Mrs. McDonald's parents,
near Oregon City.
Scott Shannon, one of Uncle Sam's
soldiers. Is visiting at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. 1). Baker. Mr. Shan
non formerly lived in Canada.
Mrs. Keuhen Tipton, mother of
Mrs. W. L and Mr s. Bert Hall, pnss
ed away a nuJary2Ecorpr.AFhedeta
ed away aJnuary 24th and was bur
iod the following day. Mrs. Tipton
came with her husband to Oregon
from Kentucky about one year ago.
Mr. Tipton wai so 111 for several
weeks that his life wis despaired of.
but he is, perhaps now out of danger.
ruADMtM For Sale Gold Dollar otrrwbor
jry plants, early variety. .Plants will
t.i i it,, fhni.ninn mprpluuit. ; beur thlo spring. 100 plants. $1.0u
made a trip to Portland on business: by mall nnyfhere. Paul C. Adams,
last Tuesday. I " . Warren. Oregn. Phone
Mm Kramer returned home Frl-! 105-r -15.
For Pale One Monduy donkey
engine, xl0. nnd all equipment for
logging. Inquire Sherman M. Miles,
Columbia County Dank. 8-11-41
For Salo 40 acres level lund in
Yankton, good buildings, running
wati'r. near school, on county road,
land In high state of cultivation. U.
Karth, Yankton, Oregon. 7-ll-4t
day after spending 10 days vtsltliiK
her daughters and friends In Port
For Sale 10 cows ar:d r. 2-year-cld
Holstoln bull. K. O. Ostron, War-
Mr km Uiimriv on of our Dloneer m 7-9-3t
down to Crow, Oregon, for awhllt.1 geUier8i wno has been away fori
on some timber deals. Mr. Lowman gome t(Uie pat returned to his home Hupp 20 Roadster. Juut over
Is talking of moving his mill to that ! lBgt Tuesday. i hauled, special body, now gourlng.
vicinity to operate u. we nope no Theodore Thun of Underwood. fvo R00,i tires, fast and economical.
has rented the place formerly owned will demonstrate $260 cash. Box,
by Wm. King on Cedar Creek. Mr. (442, Tel 133J. St. Helens. 7-9-3t
Thnn lu vrv fuvnr:ihlv lmnrosst!)!
...11. .l.la nnnli nf hu u'nnHa mill 111:1V t Wanted Man with cayune to
decide to purchase a home. j luild fence. Apply to John Dowd,
ti, n,w,in wPHlhpr nr t ie oasi ' lanaiuu. urrauii. 1 iiuiio io-r-
few days has sot every body busy -
-lounfn- nn tnnrfl l:ind nnd the com-
i. snrlne will see less stumus and I Wanted 200 cedar fence poBta.
more irAund under cultivation. ! Apply W. W. Blakesley, St.
Miss Martha Reyser of Portland,
. left for home on Sunday after
spending three weeks with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Boesel.
A great deal of discontent ana
complaint is being very forcibly ex
pressed over the action of the S.
P. & S Ry. Co., In taking f way from
Warren and closing the depot of the
agent. This leaves Warren no.thing
more than a flag station. The' com
pany claims the business does not
warrant the paying of wages to an
agent, especially the amount now al
lowed by the secretary of the treas
ury of the U. S. The agent here foi
the last year has been drawing near
ly double the amount paid in former
years. The right-of-way at this place
contains more land than any other
point between Portland and Astoria
and the amount of shipping is great
er now than in the past. Some of
the assistants to tho head "pu3h"
claim that the action is taken be
cause some of the people patronized
the truck for freight and the bus for
. passenger traffic and this action is
taken as a retaliatory measure to
endeavor to freeze out the trucks,
but as the freight by truck is lesb
than that by rail, little effect wil.
be gained by the action and the mat
ter will, be threshed out In the meet
ing of the grange to which nearly
every live larmer or Warren belongs
The Misses Nora and Myrtle Lar
son spent Saturday and Sunday In
Portland. They attended the per-
iormance saiuraay night at the
Helilg theatre, listening to Josef
chances his mind, however, as
Apiary cr.nnot affordto lose any of
her industries and citizens.
Mrs. Ray Clark, teacher for
Aplnry, spent the week end with her
family at Rainier. Mrs. Clark says
her visits shall be few and far be
tween to Rainier, because she is
rtarid of losing all her teoth on the
way, but, oh! the roads are not
Some very mysterious trips have
been made to Rainier by come of ourj
boys and large loads of furniture
brought out. It looks very suspicious
and, as nothing has been said about
wedding bells, we are watchfully
Miss Thersa Remy entertained a
few of her friends Thursday evening
and although it was quite stormy, a
delightful time was had by all.
Clyde Hansen made several busi
ness trips to Portland this week.
Mrs. Albert Adams went to Port
land Sunday evening to remain two
Harold Nicholas and wife motor
ed down from Portland Saturday
evening, spending Sunday at the
Chas. English home.
John Galttens, in the medical
corps at Vancouver, Wash., has been
visiting home folks.
A letter received from Elmer Loyd
by his mother states, he is recover
ing from his recent illness and will
probably be home soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ketch re
turned from Portland Sunday.
S. B. Butler has been appointed as
"speed cop" in this locality.
Mrs. Helga Freeman has been en
tertaining company this week from
Mrs. Mary Burns is on the sick
Word has been received from
Portland that the infant child of Mr.
and Mrs. H. F. Lowe, who was taken
to that city to recive treatment for
influenza, is out of danger.
A large number of friends of Mrs.
Clyde Hansen, surprised the family
Saturday night, in honor of Mr..
Hansen's birthday.
Mrs. Anna Nicholas, who has been
with her sister, Mrs. Mattie English,
during her recent illness, returned
home Sunday.
A car of alfalfa was purchased b
Clover Hill Farm, from Shipley &
Butler, arriving on Tuesday and Is
of a splendid quality.
Don't forget about the ministrel
show for the benefit of the school.
Most any evening you can see tall,
short, lean and fat "colored folks"
on the streets of our city.
The Deer Island auxiliary of the
Red Cross meets every Friday and Is
very proud of the fact of turning out
the same amount of material as be
fore the armistice.
For 8ule Plymouth Hock setting
hens. Mrs. C. M. Heeler, Box 210.
St. Helens. ,-10-3t
Lost A gold handli-d umbrella.
II. M. Knighton written on Inside of
cover. Please return to constable's
office at courthouse. 8-lt
Oood milk cow for sale, or will
trade for beef cattle. Central Moat
Market, St. Helens. 8-tf
For Sale
Pure Bluostem Spring Wheat.
Bhadeland Challenge and Hhado.
land Climax Oats.
Ilenchen Barley.
HuIIohs Barley.
Early Rose, Hlx Week, Earliest of
All, American Wonder am!
Join Heed Potatoos. v
Also Yellow Dent Heed Corn and
Wiilte Navv Beans.
8tf C. J. Larson, Warren, Ore
Funeral lla'tr Knibaliu
Business Phone 23 Residence ll.it
Bank liltlg., Ht. Helens, Ore.
I'liyalt'lM and Nurgeoa
Phane 9
Muckle Bldg. St. lleloas, Or
Office In Bank llullulni
Netted 1 St. Ilelous Or.,,,
That Tvrrlhln Hi-mUrhe
Do you have periodic attacks 01
headache accompanied by sickness 01
the stomach or voViltlng, a sallow
skin and dull eyes? If so, you can
get quick relief by taking Chamber
lain's Tablets as directed for bilious
ness, and you may bo able to avoid
theso attacks If you observe the di
rections with each package.
The Loyal Order of Moose, St. Hel
ens Lodge No. 1238. Moots the first
and third Tuesdays of each month.
All visitor cordlully luvllud.
II. K. COOPER, Dictator.
riiyalrlaji anil Hurg no
Office in Bank Bldg. St. HM
, I'hyali'Utn am! Hurgeon
Masonic Building
St. Helens Ori
MUH. Itl'HNKLIi, lAdlea' Mm,
Moornem l abium Hteara Bath
Mourn v a. m. to 6 p. ni
Phone 120-J Ht. Ilelous, Oregon
Chapman is proving to be a place 01 j Oregon
real home builders. -
The local grange hold tholr re-1 tor Sale A few extra choice
in. n.nnti.iv moniiiiir taut Satur-1 Rhode Island Red roosters. Also
- "... ' t !... XI f l
day Mrs. Howard Miner, vernen-KK i"r
Miller. Wm. Gilbert and wife, O. F. I St. Helens.
Anderson were Initiated In the niys-
Mrs. J. W. Allen.
terles of the order, after which a
$25.00 rewa-d for lnformntioi.
not so bad.
pooKe, Oregon.
For Sale Burbauk seed potatoes.
, , ., 1 Yielded Inst year 125 sacks per acre.
Miss Madeline Thomas, one of the Wm 8kuzl0i warren. 6tf
teachers In the Yankton school, was
recently united In marriage to Ed
ward Ketel of St. Helens.
The Yankton grunge me t on Sat
urday evening, February 1. New of-
For Sale I have somo good land
near St. Helens, for sale. House,
garage and two lots In St. Helens for
hnnua nnil lnt In lnrltn1 .1 11
ricers nave neen recenuy insiuiieu. Godfrey
Mrs. Joseph Sobaskey Is secretary, - '
Guy Tarbell. grand master and Mrs. For g,,,,, cl,eapTwo degraule
jaryis ijbvw, lecturer. j lots In Zelgler's Addition. Easy
mrs. tneve iBinpa ii.ib uvea iim- , Address Cearue W. Grant
ing in Portland.
Lester Stewart, who was one ol
the sui'vivors of the Tuscania, has ar
rived safely home from France.
Mr. P. Tyler has sold his farm and
expects to leave for Michigan. Mr.
Tyler received an Inheritance from
an uncle.
Scappoose, Oregon.
3 tf
Dry cord wood for sale.
Laronn, Warren.
Mrs. Harry Wilson, who was very
111 from an attack of the Influenza,
is much Improved at (his writing.
Floyd Leslie and sister. Miss Stel
la Mae Leslie. havA rppoverprl from
miss Myrtle Larson resumed her I their recent Illness,
position In the school after an ab-i Bartley Cram is able to be out
sence caused by the "flu" of nearly after having been confined to tht
four weeks. I house for several days on account ot
For Sale Single Comb White Leg
horn eggs for hatching. The kind
The Yankton school has now abcut i that lays, the kind that pays. $1.60
the average attendance, although per setting, b. E. Wilson, lankton
the school was closed for over two . Oregon. 62-tt
months. The children are getting on
well with their studies. The teach-1 Came to my pasture, two months
ers have worked hard to obtain good ago, three grade Ilols'.eln heifers
results. I 6 to 8 months old. Owner can have
same by paying for this ad and pas-
CLATSKANIE iturage. A. L. Lurcon, Warren, Oro.
Phone 101-F-ll. 62-tf
A much needed new walk Is being j
laid along Water street and across, The Oregon Nursery Co.. are ore
the fill to the foot of the. hill west pared to give quality service In ail
. - . 1. - i.i 1 mi.. . .
ui lowu ou urn 1'iiirsiiiaiiu ruuu. i no , nursery siocks. Noarly everyone
expense is being met by those who needs a few ornamental trees. Have
win oe uioiit directly nenetittea iy : you everything you want in fruItT
the Improvement. How about planting some of those
itev. a. uariow jonnson was in famous Vroonian Frnnquotte wal-
Kamier on Monday attending a nut trees here and thore on your
meeting which had been called for waste land? Talk It over with the
the purpose of effecting an organiza Oregon Nursery Company. Oronco,
iiuu oi me uiiurciies 01 me county j uregon, or with the local agent
ior co-operauve worn aiong moral , John Dowd, Yankton, Oregon, tele
lines. A temporary organization was phone St. Helens 118-F-2. 60-tf
made with Rev. Hlsey of St. Helens, j-
as chairman and Rev. Howe of Rain-i Special Owing to crowded condl
ler as secretary-treasurer. I lona we place on privute sale, 8 bred
Capt. L. B. Hanna, of Farno, N. J sows, 10 open gilts, 25 growthy
D., interested In the Benson Tlmbei weanling sow pigs, 10 weanling
Company, accompanied O. J. Evenson boars; all these weanling new weigh
home from San Diego, the last of the ling 40 to 76 pouds. Tho brood saws
week, and was a guest at the Even-1 are. priced from $60 to $90 for quick
son home over the week end. He sale. The gilts at $50, or will Iw
hr.s Just returned from Franco, j held and bred for $10 additional,
where he was connected with tho , Theso animals carry the blood ol
American Red Cross. He was , Masterpiece, Laurel Champion, Har
stationed at one of the flrHt alct ry Lee, a wonderful young boar of
camps directly back of the firelng our breeding; Lord Premier and
line. He had charge of 6,000 beds others of the Berkshire world's most
designed for wounded soldiers. He famous families. Your stock for the
has had many wonderful and thrill- coming Benson Bhould be securod
ing experiences at first-hand right! now, and there Is no better founda
at the heart of the situation. Hejtlon stock in the United States than
left on Monday,.Mr. Evenson nccom- this herd. Write today for our list
panlng him to Portland. j Oregon Berkshire Co., Warren, Orn-
Chief. 1 gon. 7.if
Mlzoah Chapter O. E. S. meet in
Masonic Hall the tecoud and fourth
Saturday of each month.
Tllllcum Tribe No. 62, Improved
O. It. M . ot Yankton. Ore., meets at
It wigwam, second and fourlu Sat
urdays of euch mouth.
V.. O. BKANNON. C. of R.
E. L. HYDE, Sachem.
8t. Helen Rebekah Ixidge, No.
217, meet second and fourth Thurs
day ot each month In I. O. O. F. hall.
Visiting members always welcome.
Ht. Helens l-odge
No 111, I. O. O. K
meet In the I O.
O. F. building, on
the second and fourth Sulurday of
each mouth, visiting members are al
wsvs given a hearty welcome.
i Office In Bank Buildln
Phono 17 Bt. Helen, Or
Undertaker end Funeral Director
County Coroner
Phone 64 Kealdence phon 11$.
dw iieien. uregon
Attorney at Iw
Bt. Helen, Oregon
Bank Bldg.
Attorney at Iw
Bt. tUlent, Or
Attorney at Iw
lalnler. Ortgoi
NoUry Public Convrysjiruii
. tf. UUJJrKEY
Forms llouura
City l-ot UV, $na, 75 and apf
Home Trade (Wo In and awl
umce wim Columbia County AU
st r act company
Avon Lodge No. 62 Knight of
Pytlila meets every Tuesday even
ing In Castle Hall, St. Helen. Vis
iting Knights always welcome
EDISON I. BALLAGH, K. of It. ft 8.
Atttirory at lw
Hewitt Building Tolephci 7M
hi. Helena, Oregon.
8utte 306 Spexarth Bldg
Phone 497 Astoria, Orc0i
A t. Helm
XX A- K 1
V and 3rd
lens l-ortirfl So. 82,
ft A. M. meet 1st
Saturday in each
nvjuth. Vlsl'.lng brothers cordially
A. L. STONE, W, M.
E. E. QUICK, Secretary.
St. Holms Camp No. 10,999. Mod
ern Woodmen of America, meet the
first Wednesday of each month In
the I. O. O. F. hull.
H. A. COLT, V. C.
H. E. LA BARE. Clerk.
301, 4th Ht. Portland. Or.
Designers and Manufac
turers of Monuments
Deal with tis direct anil
thus save agent's commis
sion. For (lood Work, always
the cheapest.
We'U-V.r! Lef.::'ou,.hav? ,""" " . -r .am Bom. Orchard.
fvr mi mm a nvn
We'll Send Twelve Grafted Apple Trees, Postpaid
Each little tree Is produced bv tiraftlmi i.th., (k....i. ' t
cropping record, to a healthv one-Yea, "ro? Finh nZ T." I'Z'ZZ " . "i" .VSS tree ?"ivy-
once. make raDid Growth H w. , i ,hV. , .: r" "." . WKe i
i root at
r.nn. 'j . - '. . -xi uuuui
1aT: ISl " r .T "nu r ,Br8 crP" OI cnoice apples even eooner than lariier treea olant-
V VV QCUUO uiiio. -
Two Stavman Winesao Dr,p' rick ni
lirlltr tram u4 ta abusdut buttr. "
Two WwltT i i"TmM 'hCT k i i
" Tiforou ul prodnnln. T Irak k ol
M M4 am iralialnapla mm. ""
Two .Winter Butu XtZ'u.l'T . ..
WaaUtal aaalaa. tolaea rdl , wkk a M..aTS Ti
aank.ua alUl(aaalltr. A goo aetaer.
mW m a
. . ., fr. Vrr lrc. I.raul peat,
ahaaa. Colo, iuk r4, aailla, lapldaa rdl nr 4 Ik. da. Ate
keepa, im aaa Juicr. Taa ma k ana. Ui4t. aa4 acodacdra.
Two Yellow Ti-upaKnt LT'1 r f -
' BCrcr. ORca bean temm ummim
Ifca ftnt rear, m i tea aaraa law. A aaaaan apala. Ilarar acta
aa4Tarroa4. Ula deaf vaka, tarala( a aal relkrarVT
Two Jouthaa t r"!.!uA."4 lw,n '
. at laacr aricea. Of aMdhaitlaa. roaadM- akia
urll ej-..a tk a. rW,4 m4m. Hi SiSJu.
Wb Ttaa alaaa as adlar. t--
Our 12 Grafted Apple Tree Offer
On any renewal o subscription or new subscrip
tion, if 50c is added to the subscriotion mice of Sil
iper year, The Mist will send postpaid, this collection
oi Appie irees. Deliveries begin February 1st and
end June 1st. Send in order and subscription now.
Taka artunnlma Nn J
fhir riffar lialiM nnrf
hart time YOU will hove
arm noma Orchard
A Money
Saving Plan
We have inaugurated a new policy in, our
store which will save money for our custom-'
ers. Our plan is to sell coupon books; they
are in $5, $10 and $20 denominations, and
when our customer buys a book, he receives
a cash discount of 2y2 per cent. On all cash
purchases over the counter our customers are
allowed a cash discount of 22 per cent. Every
little saving helps.
Special Price on Matches
While they last Saginaw Non-Poisonous
Matches, 4 boxes for 25 cents
We will appreciate a portion of your
grocery business. We make close prices and
prompt deliveries. Give us a trial order.
St. Helens
Co-operative Union
Store, Inc.
, -
Successors to
Phone 80
St. Helens, Oregon

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