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Sidney Searlea, aged
.rl.'i. aged t;Bnni
alilt AftW t
lf the buyi enlisted In CMjCftry,
ii at a ......
hmrta. earij
25 and D. C.
dlnn veterans,
week on n vlitlt to
tn 116 unci were lent
mm tu A urn. mo wiiii mo
.'7r.H1 Canadian battalion. Arriving
in KnltlHiKl. the battalion waa broken
' '.mi they were assigned to the
"V " ....ll.. uhlrh mam limn l.n-
JlKt HSU""""" "M
, . tKnin recruited after having lout
.,, t of He officers end men.
Itoth of the boys w active serv-!
.... in fact, after hearing aome of
i.lr storl". very active service.
They were v v 1 iuij
Uldne anu wn i w
,vcr the top n w. .
iut the amnery nau wruunm inn
nsdlsns took the ridge and held it,
llhougn ai a greav com. "' ""'
in the great alruggie ai ipros
,M the battle of St. Riot, flldney re
ived wound in inia name anu i
pres. waa gassou. ma orunn'r mi
f,.ittr and lost only a part or a ring-
A Clime 'all
n. C. Searlos, the younger brothei
ad a very clone call at viuiy. vv nei.
barring a (Jerniun irencn, mere
iv an nanu 10 nu ui """
ml a "big husky uerman ununriooa,
1 put hlH nayonoi inrougn ma
Blind Inn soldier's head. Searles
Id a "quick duck" ai ha expressed
uiul the only wound he suffered
' a ! ' n,,rt ot e"r ""I
,.all wound. The German, when lu,
unfrfd at Bearlea, pitched forward,
11 4 before he could recover himself,
itarlcit had a bayonet between hi
lioulditrn. Thla waa the cluneal call
n had during me wnoie rigni.
Tim older hoy cannot recall much
t tint riclitlug. He aald that It
untied that he had loat hla memory.
(a attributes thla to ahell shock and
he long nurvlcn In the trenchea. Ill
lr han turned tray and a broken
Ight foot still botliora him. The
oungor soldier waa sent iiome a lew
inntlia before the armistice wai
lined, lie had a bud attack of
rmich fever and waa recuperating
hen peace came.
lki Not Tlilnk of Itaath
The aoldlera who had gone over
if top ao many times, were asked
hut waa the feeling just Derore
aklng a charge and at the time.
Americana Were Big Help
Both of the aoldlera give all credit
to the American troop. They Bay
that the American arrived Juat In
time and were good fighters. To a
certain extent, they were like the
Canadians because they fought "In
dliin style" and every man looked
out for himself. In thla respect, the
Kngllsh aoldlera were aomewhai
handicapped for aa the elder Bearlea
expressed It "they were always right
under the command of their officer,
and seemed to have no Initiative."
"The Canadian," he aald, "when In
battle, fought their own peculiar
style ot fighting and the Uermun
feared them more than either the
English or Australians."
Americans In Canadian Army
In their battalion were several
American who joined the Canadian
army just for the love of fighting,
and both ot the Boarle say that the
American cow-punchers from the
west were "some flnhters." It I
stated that almost 25,000 American
About 8:30 Wednesday evening,
a young mun came to the court
house and Inquired for the sheriff,
saying he had committed a crime
and wanted to give himself up. Tht
sheriff not being there, Harrison
look him to the jail, searched him
and locckd lilin up. - He said he was
hungry, so a lunch was procured
for him. After eating he sat aulet-
ly for some little time when he sud
denly got up from his seat and
started for one of the Inmates of the
jail, and a desperate struggle com
menced. It took the combined efforts of
four men to get him into one of the
cells. The struggle lasted tor fully
15 minutes and every little while
chapel which It Is planned to dedi
cate next Saturday evening, Febru
ary 6. at 7:46.
Thla congregation has overcome
many difficulties In order to obtain
a meeting place and it la with a feel
ing of no little aatlsfactlon that they
Invite the general public to come
and attend thene dedicatory exercis
es. O. E. JOHNSON.
For small cost and almost
tain results there Is nothing
equal a little Mist Want Ad.
Dreadful Cough Cured
A severe cold Is often followed by a
rough cough for which Chamberlain'
Cough Remedy has proven especially
valuable. Mrs. F. W. Olsen, Marys-
ville, Mo., writes. "About two year
ago my little boy Jean caught
Hart, Schaffner $ Marx Clothes
joined the Canadian
were good fighters
army, and all
II hands would stop for a rest, and vere cold and coughed dreadfully
like the follow who ran from the or da'' 1 trled number of cough
ghost, as soon as they got their medicines but nothing did him any
breath, they would go nt It again. At;Kod unt" 1 Kave him Chamberlain's
i one time It seemed that he would ' tougn uemeay. it relieved nia cougn
get away altogether. right away and before he had flnlsh-
AfiAv I wan Bii UA. i. A ...- ' erf tftklnz one hott I a he was eiirftd.
That the Uormnn troonr. had heen u'a " 11 """r ""f."V "u .i.iu. u i. i... i. . i.iih. ..
,. . - . -ff. 1 I i iiiruugn laugning ai ine way , iun- w tiiun
lie came ror Kd
mislead by their officers as to Ameri
ca's sympathy and help for the allies
was established by captured Ger
man. Young Searle stated that lie
had talked with prisoners after bar
Ing assisted In capturing them, anu
they (the prisoners) thought Ameri
ca was coming to help the Germans.
When they found out that the dough
boys were on the ground and ready
to help the Germunsa the morale of
the kaiser's army was badly shaken
Htorles are True
The stories printed as to the
atrocities of the German soldiers,
both as to the military and' clvl.
population, are true and each oi
the soldiers told of Incidents they
had seen which would hear out tho
truth. Germans from the different
parts of Germany were quite dif
ferent, according to the younger
Searles. Homo of the "square hencln"
were "quite decent" he said. He had
known of many Instances when
stretcher bearers had not been
molnnted when bringing the wound
ed men in from No Man's Land. In
other Instances, he had seen the
stretcher Hearers shot down when
succoring the wounded, and in other
Instances, he had seen soldiers wear
ing the white band or the Ited Cross
bnnd around their arms, shot down 1
when helping the wounded.
(iliut War Is Over
Itoth of the soldiers are thankful
that the war Is over and they can re-j
turn to the atock ranch in Alberta.
Miller. Owen Carle
said "r ine, bring us a wild mau
every day; we need the exercise,
only next time put the gloves on him
so we can do It right."
The young man gives hla name as
Moacham and his people live at
Bprlngfield, Oregon. He haa been
working In the shipyard here.
Ifllio Bam lilui iiiv . v ww - . Vf.n.i or min la via I li mA tltm
mes aoldlors lost, all sense of fesi . . " . - A
nd went out and over with just the
mine feeling as one starts to work
fter getting Into the thick of It, he
nit all consciousness of danger and
out about the buslnent of killing
urniana. The younger brother, who
i a well educated fellow and a
iilundld talker, aald "It's no trouble
r bother to go over the top. A fel-
knows he s going over at a cer
In time and he wants the 1 1 mo to
me so he can start. Of course, a
in might get a little nervous before
ie start, but after he I started, ho 1
rgotn everything except to kill 1
nrmans and try to keep them from
tiling you." He said that the worst
rung that comes to a soldier Is to
lying In a "funk holo" or In the
i-tich waiting for the Germans to
large them and knowing that they
re coming. "A man can't help but
t a little nervous then" he said.
hut lie lunes It when he sees the
unr heads coming over and begins
o set buny with his machine gun or
experience, hut wants no more of It.j
end the elder brother says It "all i
seems like a dream to him." A thlri!
brother, who went at the same time.
Is In a convalescent hospital In Van
couver. He has been wounded severe-!
ly several times and will probably be I
an Invalid the remainder of hla life. I
All of the soldiers expect to go to
their farm and re-begln life.
Caiuida IVovlrie for Hold lira
The Canadian government, when
discharging a soldier, allows six
months "post pay" and the pay of a
private la about 135 per month. The
soldiers say this amount will keep
them going until they have ngaln be
come settled In their bcfore-the-wui
ocupatlons. Doth of the boys arn
happy that they played a part It.
conquering the world's men nee and
the hardships endured and the dan
gers faced are now almost forgotten
in the plans they have for the future.
The soldiers had a pleasant visit In
81. Helens and left for their north
ern home Thursday morning.
Reported by Columhlu County Ab
stract Company.
January 28
Emma V. Hurrlson et ux to
R. 8. Larson: Lot 3, Blk.
122, St. Helens $ 10.00
Junnory 29
Elmer Jolma et ux to Jack
i'enttlla: Land In Sec
tion 4, Township 7 North
Range 4 West
Tapp N. Nelson to John A.
A. Llndgren: Land in
Section 8. Township 7
North, Range 4 West . .
Uonj. W. Lowman to
George Forster; Land In
Section 3, Township 6
North, Range 3 West . .
January 30
John V. Logan to Leroy L.
Lcvlngs; Land In Town
ships 7 and 8 North,
Range 5 West
A. Ilergman to K. O.
Nilson; Land In Section
36, Township 8 North,
Range 4 West
G. Nilson to J. A. Berg
man; Land In 8ection 36
Township 8 North,
Range 4 West
January 31
Columbia County Invest
ment Co., to H. F. Dunn,
I'art of Tracts 126 and
128 Beaver Homes ....
Columbia County Invest
Co., to C. J. Dunn; part
of Tract 117, Beaver
J. E. Kllhy to E. W.
Kearns; Lot 12, Block
Illanchards Addition , . .
Kebrunry 1
W. Boyce. et ux to
470.00 !
Mary Stock, Plaintiff,
William S. Stock, Defendant.
To William 8. Stock, the above nam
ed defendant.
In the name of the State of Ore
gon: You are hereby required to ap-i
pear and answer the complaint filed
against you In the above entitled i
suit on or before the 22nd day of!
March, It 19, said date being more
than six weeks from the date of the
first publication ot thlc summons,
and if you fall to so appear and ans
wer said complaint, for want thereof
plaintiff will apply to the Court foi
the reliet prayed tor In the complaint i
to-wlt: I
That the marriage contract and j
bonds of matrimony heretofore and ;
now existing between plaintiff ana
defendant be dissolved, ' cancelleu
and held for naught, and that plain
tiff have such other and further re
lief a to the -court may seem just
and equitable.
This summons Is served upon you
by publication thereof, in the St.
Helens Mist, for six consecutive
weeks, the date of the first publlcu I
tion being February 7, 1919, and the;
date of the laBt publication being:
March 21, 1919, In pursuance of the
order of the Honorable J. A. Eakin,
Judge of the above entitled Court, 1
and which order Is dated February j
6 1919.
Attorney for Plaintiff. :
31 3 H Washington
Street, Portland,
Christ Can; Land In Sec
tion 18, Township 7
North, Range 4 West. . . 950.00
Adallne Tyler to Lewis Ty
ler; land In Section I,
Township 4 North,
Range 2 West 250.00
H. P. Barrlck to Geo. W.
Smith et ux; Land In
Tract 91 Beaver Homes. 1100.00
Help to Help the County
The St. Helens Chamber of Commerce was organized
and is for the purpose of developing Columbia County.
The capitalist, the banker, the merchant, the farmer, the
laborer and other men who are interested in Columbia
County are invited to become members of the organiza
tion. Full particulars may be obtained by addressing :
St. Helens, Oregon
Note : If you live in St. Helens, make your headquarters
at the quarters of the Chamber. If you do not live in St.
Helens, please feel at liberty to use the rooms. The secre
tary will be glad to see you. Th door is open during all
the day.
Reliable Merchandising
It has now been tust one vear since we located in St.
Helens and began to serve the people at our store. Dur
ing that time our business has increased and the customers
of the firm have increased in number.
n -
Our Policy
Of selling only merchandise of recognized quality and
treating our customers right ia responsible for the large
business we have enjoyed and we thank you for your con
fidence and patronage. Beginning our second year in St.
Helens, we wish to inform our patrons and friends that the
same policy we have practiced will be adhered to.
Thank You!
Larsen & Co., Grocers
Tlephone No. 27 Free Delivery
Plymouth Congregational Chnrch
Willamette and Columbia Streets
Rer. A. R. Spearow, Pastor
February 9, 1919.
Sunday School, 10:00 a. m.
Morning hour, 11:00 a. m.
Subject, "What the Lr.w Could
Not Do."
Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p. m.
Lender, Mr. Kenneth Howell (a
returned soldier).
Song Service, 7:30 p. ra.
Leader, Mr. Olenn Wood Gelvln.
Specials Choir. "I Saw the Holy
City;" Orpheus Club. "Returning
Faith;" Solo. Mr. 8. B. Ingham. "
Evening Hour, 8:00 p. m.
Subject. -The Knot-hole In the
Are you getting the best out ot
life? .If you aren't you are cheating
yourself. We are at your service to
Bee that you do get the best. Come
and enjoy our services with all the
other good people who are enjoy
ing them. Ask someone who at
tends the church It they enjoy tt and
net upon their answer. Our aim la to
please God by doing the right thing
by the human beings that It ple?-:ed
him to create. You're one of them.
Meet us half way.
Weekly Activities
Orpheus Club, Monday night.
Bible Study, Thursday night.
Choir Rehearsal, Friday night.
Methodist Episcopal Church
Albert S. Hlsey, Pastor
Services for Sunday, February
will be as follows:
Sunday School, 10:00 a. m.
Morning Worship, 11:00 a. m.
Combination service at Houlton
2:00 p. m.
Epworth Lengue, 6:30 p. m.
Evening Services, 7:30 p. m.
Suhiect for tho morning ser
mon. "First Things First." For the
nvenln-. "A Reasonable Religion."
The four fold objective of the
Centenary continue to be the goal
toward which we are moving. Our
aim Is that every communicant Bhall
be a praying, paying, loarntng serv
inir follower of Jenus Christ.
No place shows more clearly than
any other the growing Interest In the
program of aggressive Interest more
than the prayer meeting. Come
once. You will want to come again.
Booster Club boys and girls, will
meet Saturday, at 2:30 p. m.
A cordial welcome awaits you at
nil the services of
"The Friendly Church."
Annie Payne, Plaintiff
B. R. Rlchter and Bertha S. Richtei,
his wife, O. W. Stubblebine. H. M.
Seivert. W. B. Shively and Pearl
Shively, his wife, P. E. Alvord
Company, Inc., a corporation, and
Everdlng & Farrell, a corporation.
end J. F. Card, Defendants.
By virtue of an execution. Judg
ment and order of sale Issued out of
the above entitled court in the above
entitled cause, to me directed and
dated the 29th day of January, 1919,
uoon a Judgment and decree render
ed and entered In said court oh thn
24th day of aJnuary, 1919, in favor
of the plaintiff and against the de
fendant, B. R. Rlchter, for the sum
of $24,903.90, with interest there
on at the rate of six per cent pei
annum from said 24th day. of Jan
uary, 1919, for the further sum ot
113.40 coBts and disbursements, and
tor the costs and expenses In this
writ, and decreeing foreclosure or
plaintiff's mortgage described In the
complaint in said suit against all the
defendants herein, said execution.
Judgment, decree and order of Bale
commanding me to make sale of the
real property, Bttuated In the County
of Columbia, State of Oregon, to-wlt:
All ot lots numbered one, two,
three, four, five and ten (1, 2, 3, 4,
6 and 10) In Section 20, In Town
ship 3 North, Range 1 West W. M.
in Columbia County, (save and ex
cept, however, from said Lot One (1)
in said Section 20, a 5-acre tract in
the extreme Northwest part of said
lot, rectangler in form measuring
209 feet easterly and westerly on
Willamette Slough, and 1045 feet
North and South.
Now Therefore, by virtue of said
execution. Judgment, decree and
order of sale, and In compliance
with the commands of said writ, I
will on Saturday, the 8th day of
March. 1919, at the hour of 10 o'-i
clock a. m., at the front door of the:
County Court House In St. Helens,
Columbia County, Oregon, sell at.
public auction (subject tc redemp-:
tlon) to the highest bidder for cast.
In hand, all the right, title and In
terest which the within defendants
and each and all of them tn the
above entitled suit, had on the 28th
day ot November, 1915. the date of
the mortgage herein foreclosed, or
have since acquired In and to the
above described property, or any
part thereof, to satisfy said execu
tion, judgment and decree, interest,
costs and accruing coBts.
Dated this 6th day ot February,
First publication, February 7tn,
Last publication, March 7th, 1919.
Sheriff ot Columbia County, Oregon.
of :X
There is more
in buying
clothes herS
than just the'
clothes them
selves. There
is that after sat
isfaction which
brings a man
back again and
again as a regu
lar patron of
this store
Overcoats and Mackinaws
Loggers' Shirts $6 to $ 1 2.50
"Dick for Duds"
Clothing and Furnishings
St. Helens,
Seventh Dav Adventlst Church
The loiial congregation ot 8. D. A's
with the assistance of their friends
have nearly completed a neat little
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Prices Reasonable '
Photo Gallery next to Colom
bia County Bank
St. Helens, Oregon
Give Us Your Trade and
We Will Save You Money
Others have learned this and
that is why we enjoy the
patronage of a large number,
all of whom are SATISFIED
Phone 42 , St. Helens, Oregon
. T i. A J r . D Ui.
mist vv ant. rius lur rveauns

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