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Dr. S. B. Hosktn was tn Portland
H. S. Mason was a business visi
tor in t OrUHIIU lucouaj.
A. B. Lake was in Portland Tues
day on shipyard business.
Fred Wat kins transacted business
matters in Portland Thursday.
Fred Sferman. the Rainier attor
ney was in St. Helens Wednesday.
T O Tlnhho loft TllPsdaV for
1T1IO. If.
Portland where she will spend few
A. S. Harrison returned Tuesday
night from a short visit in the
D. R. Fowler of the Trenholm
neighborhood, was in St. Helens on
Madeline Allen, accompanied by
Mrs. J. W. Allen, were Portland visi
tors Monday.
Frtts Anliker of Goble was here
Wednesday in attendance nt the
county court.
a i nrt Mrs Deming returned
Monday after several days spent
. with relatives In Seaside.
Miss Gertrude Blackmore of Port
land was a week end guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Phillip.
m T M K.i elf la in Portland
visiting her sister and Incidentally
taking in the grand opera.
Mrs. Jack Althouse returned thl3
week, from an extended visit wun
relatives and friends at Seaside.
Mm Rnrthn Woods left Wednes
day for Portland where she will
,nAln uva,al H rt VO with fAlnHvPfl
There will be an important meet
ing A (ha l?nnn Hnnrd tnnlphf
All members are requested to be
Mr. and Mr. H. J. - Caples of
Caples Landing, were recent visitors
at the home of Mr. and Mr. J. W.
Mr. Charles Hermo, a prosperous
farmer of Qulncy, was in St. Helens
Monday on business, returning via
Portland. , ,
Walter Blakesley has bought the
Crouse ranch in Houlton and expects
to move to the. place and become a
regular farmer.
L. Rosasco, manager of the rol
unibla River Canning Company, was
in Portland Wednesday transacting
business for his company.
h 9 Hudson, manager of the
Columbia County Lumber company,
was in Portland Tuesday In the In
terest of his company.
County court is now noimng
Ar.ito mnniiiiv MsHlon. Commis
sioner Weed is not in attendance as
he is slightly indisposed.
Paul C. Morton, representing
c.n chrmon it- rn . wholesale
grocers of Portland, was here Mou-
dav. calling on tne wane.
The steamer, Celilo, after taking
n mla and font of lumber, sailed
Sunday night for San Pedro. Her
passenger accomodations were all
The Beaver Homes community is
undergoing a bad seige of influenza
and has closed school. So far as Is
known the general health condition
is much Improved throughout the
W. M. Green, who has been here
for some month and associated
with Architect Bailey in the build
ing of the many cottages in the flat,
aft Mnnrinv fnr fanner. Wyoming.
That town, Mr. Green says, often,
many inducements for business op
portunities. A few years ago oil
urn atrnrlr and the town has KTOWn
from a village of 2000 to a city 01
20,000 people.
Boys' Suits
We have a nice line of BOYS' SUITS, sizes from 4 to
16 and priced from $6.00 up. Better outfit the boys now.
House Dresses and
- Aprons
We have just received a nice lot of HOUSE DRESSES
and APRONS. The quality is good, the styles attractive
and' the prices most reasonable Would be glad to have
you call.
Taber's Variety Store
Liberty Theatre
The following is the bill selected for the "LIBERTY"' for
the week ending Thursday, February 16th. Every day a
feature with the leading roles by our best screen artists.
with Peggy Hyland as the star; and a two-reel Tom Mix Comedy, .
"The Woman and the Beast"
If you like sensation be sure to see "The Woman and the Ileast."
Also the two-reel comedy "ALL FOK IIEB"
We will have with us the mo3t popular screen favorite
Doug. Fairbanks, in "Reaching for the Moon"
Also a splendid two-reel comedy, "THK MAGIC VF.HT" and a
PICTOGKAPH Eight full reels of real entertainment
We have secured tho wjjll known artist GEORGE IIF.BAX, whom
everybody loves, In his remarkable success
This will sure keep you keyed up to the highest pitch and Max
Hennett's very best comedy, "BEWARE OF BOARDERS"
and the 6t!i Episode of "THE WOLVES OF KT'LTUR."
This is a 5-reel Comedy drama and will keep you in convulsions
from start to finish. What would you do if you had a million dol
lars. You think you do, but do you. See "SNOBS."
Farm for rent. Addresa J. A.
Uushong, St. Helens.
Mrs. Annie Cox is visiting with
friends in Portland for a few days.
George Dommeyer ' returned on
Thursday from a Bhort business trip
to Portland.
Rev. A. R. Spearow, pastor of the
Congregational church, visited wltli
his friends In Portland Monday.
The Seventh Day Adventlst church
is about completed and will' be de
dicated Sunday night. The public Is
cordially invited to attend the dedi
catory exercises.
Fred Trow, a prominent merchant
of Rainier and C. A. Nutt, editor of
the Kalnler Review, were here Wed
nesday on business matters.
Von A. Gray motored to Portlnno
Thursday. He wan accompanied
home by his father, Mr. John Gray,
whn will snend several days here.
The driving of the piling for the
new eitv dockhas been completed
nrt Contractor O'Connell and hlif
force of tuen are now busy placing
the caps on the stringers.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wellington,
who are at the r summer home in
Seaside, are expected to soon return
to St. Holens and make their resi
dence here.
The schooner Golden Shore, which
Is loading a lumber cargo for de
livery at an Australian port, will
have the cargo completed the first of
next week and sail for the Antipodes.
Emmett Stevens of Scuppoose was
here Wednesday. He stated that
mnnv ScaDDOOse people took the
same view of Rallrgh's Bi-.lury raise
bill as did the Mist.
Mrs. Ray Gill of Hood River, ar
rived Wednesday to Join her hus
band, who is employed In one of the
local industrial plants. The GUIs
will make their home In St. Helens.
The Woman's club will meet at the
public library on Tuesday. February
11th at 2:30 p. m. A study of the
lives of the pictures, recently shown
in the library will be mude, by the
ExtoiiHlve Plans Being Miule
Enuvtaln Hoys Feb. 14-liVltt
(Continued from page one)
Every day adds to the evidence
that St. Helens will make a splendid
record In showing Its hospitality to
the coming Older Iloya' Conference.
Not only will the citizens entertain
the delegates In thulr homes, but
practically cvory boy of the neces
sary age will be enrolled. The com
mittee consisting of Rev. Hlsey,
chairman. Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Casnatt,
Mr King, Mr. Rutherford and Rev.
Spearow, are all working diligently
and the effect of their work la al
ready evident. The Chamber of
Commerce Is fully alrve to Its Im
portance and have given It their
cordial support. Many are lookln
forward especially to the Fellowship
supper on Saturday evening, ai
which each boy will be guest of some
man. With this, of course, there
will be some speaking, music and
stunts of various kinds.
It Is to be regretted that the com
plete program is not available, but b
glnnce at the following numo iukuu
at random, gives an idea of the char
acter of the meu on the program: ;
Harold Humbert, song loader, gen-,
oral secretary. Oregon Sunday school
association; Frank Moran, V. 8.
Hoys" Working Reserve. Dr. E. H.
Pence; J. C. Moehan, secretary Iloya'
Work. Portland Y. M. C. A.; Paul
Newmeyer, Interstate lloya' Secre
tary; Dr. Elliott, director Oregon
Hygiene society; T. H. Oawley, phy
sical director. Portland Y. M. C. A.;
President Levi T. Pennington, Paci
fic university; Marshall Dana, well
known newspaper man.
Several local men are also
scheduled to appear in various
capacities, as are some of the lorai
boys. Judge Fullertoh will give th
address of welcome and Sherman
building In order to accommodate
the postofflce department and T. A.
Baker asked permission to erect
frame building on the paved road
near the Canning company'! build
ing. The council granted the pet
mtts, but after enquiring Into the sit
uation, found that the repairs In the
bank building had already beun made
and Dakar's building it 1 most com
pleted. The building permits were
signed, nevertheless, presumably as
a matter of form.
The representative of Long &
Company, who sold the fire truck to
the city when K. I. Ilullagh was
mayor, was present and Informed the
council that he had the truck r,
for delivery. The mayor demur
t signing the acceptance for
until he saw how It acted. Tin ,
ell, thereupon, fixed. Tuesday at i
o'clock at the day and hour to
out the truck. Thla part of
program was carried out and thi
ceptance signed which binds the ,
to pay $3760 In exchange fur'
Fire Department DlwiiMied
It was the opinion of the bt
and the council that the firs lr,
would be of little use unless a
department could be organlted i
someone appointed to run the tr
The matter was loft In the my,
lunula to select suitable chief ,
get some one to look after the $3'
machine, now the property of
Miles, president of the Columbia
i. h. frnm Camn County Bank, will officiate aa toast-
Lewis to spend a few days of leave
of absence with his mother, Mrs.
Fannie Ross. He is in hopes thai
he will soon receive his discharge
from the army.
Ensign and Mrs. J. J. Delaney,
who have been the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. H. F. McCormick for the past
few days, left Wednesday for Brem
erton, Washington, the enBign hav
ing received orders to report to his
Walter Gage, who was In a spruce
regiment and stationed near Tacoma, I
returned home lact Friday. Walter;
enlisted, and was assigned to the
r.oruce division, although he
master at the Fellowship supper.
Give Interesting Detail of Army
Life in a Foreign Country
hard to get into a division that was
;;o lug overseas. He was In the serv
ice about seven month.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. E. LaBare are
happy over the arrival of a baby
girl which the stork left at their
home Tuesday morning. Mr. La
Bare wears a smile that won't come
off and Tuesday morning was pamt
Mrs. Richardson has furnished the
Mist with the following Interesting
notes from letters recently received
frmo her son, Harry:
Proven. Ilolglum, Dec. 24. ,
This has been the first Christmas
I have spent away from home.
trledj Nevertheless I thought of you and
home, and hoped that you were en-
Joying the day. It snowed and hail
ed yesterday, but soon melted. We
sure had a wonderful Christmas din
ner, considering how difficult it is
to get things out of the ordinary.
Our dinner cost about 1200 francs
or nearly J200. We had turkey ano
chirken, dressing, mashed potatoes
ing cigars to everyone he met, olthcrj and gravey, salad, olives, cautlf low
friend or stranger. er. apple dumplings, grapes, candy
Eddie Benson arrived Saturday i and coffee. It was certainly good,
from CamD Meade. Maryland. Hei I have had no "Mists" for a long
enlisted in the service eight months , time. Louie received one yesterday
ago and received training at Nai.
Francisco before being sent east. His
I .1 ,n n Vw. t r fn-
rcKllucill was icau; lu ciiumn 11,1 .
overseas when the news of t tie (
armistice came.
Robert S. Payne, a prominent!
citizen of the Quincy district was in
St. Helens Thursday. Mr. Payne has,
been living in Columbia county for
the past 35 years and is intimately
acquainted with all of the '-olu
timers. He is of the opinion that
the county officers should be con
tent with the sulary Increases as pro
vided in the budget and approved at
the budget meeting.
Peter Corls returned to St. Helens
last week, coming from Camp Lewis.
With a large contingent of American
soldiers, he embarked at Norfolk,
Virginia, for France. hen two days
out, news of the armistice was re.
ceived and the convoy of 11 vessels
December 31st
We are to leave here In two or
three days for LeMons, Franco. From
there we expect to sail for home
about January 17i.li, and I nm sure
we will soon be on our way home. I
took a trip to Ypres nnd No Man's
Land yesterday. It Is a torrlblo;
sight. Skeletons, decomposed bod-!
les of soldiers, and every kind of
destruction Imaginable. Will tell
you about It when I get home. We
had a dandy Christmas dinner, and
I am feeling fine.
Ceton, France, Jan. 6th.
We left Belgium on the 2nd and
after traveling two days and two
nights we landed at a place called
l.o Feste Bernard, and walked G'V
miles out into this country town. U;
is a real quaint little village. b:
expect to be here until January 17th,
then we go to Brest, and from there
turned around and came back to the ' e expnet to sail for home, January
United States, (.'oris said all of the
boys were disappointed in not hnv
ing the opportunity to continue thu
The run of smelt in the river, Is
increasing and fishermen are milk
ing good catches. So far, the little;
specimens of the finny tribe have:
20th. I have seen no official date
for sailing, hut the talk of the entire
division Is that we sail on that date,
so don't be surprised to hear frotu
me in New York soon. Enjoying
life as usual, with oi.ly one hour
drill a day. Beginning tomorrow
we are to get better rations and con-
not reached the Lewis river, but It 'Ui, mure jam .an jove. you
Is reported that across from Rainier. ,ave dea how a fellow cravea for
ih . .ni.H.. it.. rm. T,,-! Jam and anything sweet. A number
price for smelt, in the local market,
huB dropped to 8 cents per pound,
and it is expected that before the
coming week, the price will he
of our fellows have come hack to
the company. They were sick with
'flu" and about all diseases known.
We have not lost a man through
around 5 cents per pound.
A delegation of 23 of the promin
ent business men of Rainier called!
on the county court Wednesday af
ternoon. They were after an appro-'
prlatlon of $5,000 to be drawn from
the general road fund, for the repair
and maintenance of the road between
Rainier and the Reed-Jacohson mill,
which is about five miles west of
Rainier. The lumber company has
been operating the mill and hauling,
by wagon, their output to Rainier for
shipment, but the road has gotten In
Buch a bad condition, that it is n
longer possible to haul the lumber.
The court promised to aid in tins
matter of repairing the road.
i death, and only five were woundea,
! and they not seriously. A pretty
, good record, considering the nurrow
escapes and dangers we were in,
I With love, HARRY.
Lillian E. Jackson, Plaintiff,
F. C. Jackson, Defendant.
To F. C. Jackson, Defendant.
In the name of the State of Ore
gon: You are hereby required to ap
pear and answer the complaint filed
against you in the above entitled
mi It nn rt r Imfni-a lm 9tat M. 1.
Lieutenant S B. Hosklns returned lSl9( tnat beng tn0 1lgt day c'f
to St. Helens Monday, from Camp; Ume prescribed In the ordor of Court
Lewis, Washington, having received rr i. r,t,nH....
and If you fall so to appear and nns-
hls honorable discharge from the
army. He made the trlD in his car
and says the worst road he found
on the 165 mile trip was between
Deer Island and Columbia City. The
doctor, after eight months service
in the army, will resume his dental
practice here. He stated that about
wer, the Plaintiff will cause vour
default to be entered and apply to
the Court above named for the re
lief demanded In said complaint, to-
wit: For a dissolution of the bondn
or matrimony existing between
plaintiff and defendant end for the
. A nrin -. t .1 1 .11. . . t 1 " "'"
jv.vvv .w.u.co w. uii wump; CURtody of the minor child. This
Lewis but many of them were appl;. BUmmoiis is published by order of
cants for a discharge from the army, the Honorablb W. . J. Fullertoi,
as the army life was not attractive JudK9 of the County c t frj
to the majority of the boys, during 8tale of 0raKon for Columbia Cou"
"-"v ty, made and dated February
1 nig. which oraer nrcftrrihuo
"Anything I can do for you?" ask- service of summons, In this suit, be
eda surgeon as he passed the bed of
a smiling but badly wounded soldier.
"Yes, doctor; perhaps you can tell
me something I'd very much like to
know." "Fire away," replied the
doctor. "Well, doctor, when one doc
tor doctors another doctor, does tho
doctor doing the doctoring doctor the
other doctor like the doctor wants to
be doctored, or does the doctor doing
the doctoring doctor the other doc
tor like the doctor doing the doc
toring wants to doctor him?"
made upon you by publication once a
week for six consecutive weeks,
which time will begin to run frnn.
the date of the first puhllc'ntlnn horo
of, to-wlt: February 7th, 1919. Last
publication, March 21, 1919
R. W. HAGOOD and J. W. DAY,
Attorneys for Plp.intlff.
Post Of Ice Address of It. W Hagood
311 Journal Building, PortHnd'
Oregon. '
Residence and Postofflce Addres-j of
J. W. Day, St. Helens, Oregon.
We Have Just Received a
Shipment ol
for Spring and now have a
complete line of Hats in the
latest colors and shapes.
YOU know there is none
better and that the price is
right, so why not let us fit
you with that new lid. They
are Union Made.
Take a "Hunkedori" for
that next pair of work shoes
and your shoe troubles will
end. We have one with an
8-inch top that is a dandy.
Gem Theatre
Carmel Myres
In a Paul Powell Clever
Episode No. 13
"The Kuglne of Terror;
and a "Current Kvents"
Gladys Leslie
A love drama of sunshine n
Episode No. 4
and a Big V Comedy
Hl'M.Y, FF.ll. tt
A Lyons-Moran Comedy and
Charlie Chaplin
Charles Is a convict and
hn Mntlnen, 4:30
Norma Talmadge
adopted from novel by Wt
Dana Orcutt. The story
a moth blinded by the socl
scandal. . A Select Plctu
Tl'KHDAY, ' FF.II. 1 1
Mary Allison
Also a DREW Comedy
A Metro Picture
WkllNKHUAY, FKll. 1
Gloria Swanson and
J. Barney Sherry
and 'a Max Sonnett ('Oni
The Dog Catcher's Lo'
A drama 'with a few t
and a few smiles, ending
the vllllan In tho bastlle;
a comedy to make It even,
good, way to apend the ev
with Jolse Sedgwick. Neigh
bors Iron out their difference
with shooting Irons.
Also a Max Sennett Comedy
"Pearls and Perils"
by Zuno drey, with IH'ST
FA It. NUM. Watch for It CU
Gem Theatre

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